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on: August 10, 2022, 06:09:13 PM

"Rising tensions"

Tensions are rising faster than the morning sun between the federation and the galactic powers, after more then a decade of peace could war once again grip the galaxy?

Date: Sep 03, 2332

Fairont - Rural planet
population - approximately 27 million
The Carson residence

Smith Carson: Javaleo I need your help! The tractor got stuck in a ditch again!

Javaleo: Hang on pa! I'm almost done reading the weekly news!

Smith Carson: Javaleo! Get over here and help me!

Javaleo drops the newspaper and swipes a strand of white fur out of his eye's way before running over to Smith to help him with the tractor

Javaleo: Did you hear? the leader of the retribution republic is going to be visiting Venus  to discuss increasing tensions between the federation and the galactic powers.

Javaleo helps Smith lift the tractor out of the ditch

Smith: Boy, you can't believe everything you read on the paper, even if the GCS the the Croyain Empire started a war why would they ever attack Fairont? there's nothing here but farms and a few small cities, the USO doesn't even pay much attention to the outer colonies

Javaleo: I...

Smith: Look your the only help I have on the farm, and when I adopted you I didn't know what happened when you fled your home world, I get you are afraid of the GCS taking everything from you again, they're done, they've been done for over a decade, so please just stop worrying so much...



Smith: Javaleo can you put the tractor back in the shed for me? I've been out in the heat all day

Javaleo: Yeah I can do that

At the dinner table

Vannie: So Javaleo

Javaleo: Yes?

Vannie: Any luck finding a collage?

Javaleo: not yet... all the colleges here are either full or off planet

Smith: USO still isn't improving the infrastructure here, what a surprise, probably still using it to build more combat shuttles

Javaleo: The USO does like their combat shuttles

TV: Hydrogen prices have once again doubled, now coming in at 50 CP per liter

Smith: The hydrogen shortage as of lately makes no sense, Fairont is home to the largest hydrogen producer in the USO!

Vannie: Speaking of hydrogen we need to have the Van refilled, I had to get it towed back here after I ran out on my way to the market

Javaleo: Well that's going to be fun, the nearest hydrogen station is over 5km from here, not to mention I'm pretty sure they're out of hydrogen

Smith: thank god the tractor is Electric... the city should have hydrogen, Javaleo you want to come...

Javaleo: I dunno the city can be quite the mess at times

Smith: We'll pass by town, maybe we can get that SD reader of yours working again

Javaleo: Why didn't you say so?

Javaleo goes to his room where he looks out the window to the sky where he notices something off

Javaleo: A shooting star?  here? on fairont? we only have a hand-full of  asteroids and all of them have a stable orbit such a thing shouldn't be possible. 

The next day

Smith: We're coming up to town now

Javaleo: Yeah I see it, nothing moving though

Smith and Javaleo stop at town to see what's up

Smith: Where is everyone? the town's usually full of life

Javaleo: The Relay station is still open maybe somebody there knows?

Smith: Yeah go check it out I'm going to see If I can sell any produce on the market

Javaleo enters the Relay station

Operator:  Sorry we're not streaming any more news, grids been down  since last night, and everyone's been leaving for the city, If you were smart you would be doing the same Kingjarin

Javaleo: Huh? what do you mean?

Operator: you mean you haven't heard the rumors?  Coms stations have been sabotaged planet wide and we've lost contact with multiple satellites,  including HPS and DPL

Javaleo (Thinking): Why would somebody take out the deep space link satellites? that would just cut off Fairont from rest of the USO.

Operator: Hey look if you want to stay here be my guest, I'm heading to the city they're forming a local militia to defend it from any attackers, but they arn't going to be defending anything outside the city line


Javaleo: Yeah?

Smith: the online markets down! no contact with DPL

Javaleo runs out

Javaleo: Smith I mean dad I mean pa, We should head to the city and take mom with us, and grab your shotgun

Smith: What? why?

Javaleo: Rumors have been going around that the GCS is here, on fairont

Smith: Impossible the USO would be aware of that help would be here within less then a week!

the relay station operator climbs into a truck


Smith stops to think for a moment...

Smith: Javaleo, go with that man to the city. If they form a local militia they are going to need all the help they can get

Javaleo: Wait you're not coming?

Smith: I'm too old and I have to make sure Vannie's safe

Javaleo's ears drop

Javaleo:  Okay...

Smith: We'll be fine Javaleo, as long as you win any battles for us, just promise me one thing

Javaleo: What?

Smith: Promise me you'll come home, you're the closest thing to a son I've ever had.

Javaleo: I'll win the battle for you... and I will come home, I promise


The galaxy stands on the edge of war once again, but this time with Stephan, Corv, Deck, and Steel being either dead or retired who's going to rise to the occasion? Will Javaleo ever see his human parents again? or will it just be the invasion of Kingjario all over again?

Find out next time the USO is featured in Solar Forces Ep. 3!"

Stay tuned for more!
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Reply #1 on: August 11, 2022, 07:20:36 PM
Solar Forces NE


"The drop"

GCS ships are having trouble capturing the city due to a pesky Ground to orbit cannon, due to the inaccuracy of planetary bombardment  a team of "Drop troopers" are preparing to drop in from orbit

Date: Sep 15, 2332

In orbit of Fairont

Marx: Alright Men... Commander is counting on us to take out that gto gun, because of the nature of such a weapon using a drop ship is out of the question

Paris: Don't forget, you want to slow down in the upper atmosphere, go too far down you'll lose consciousness or burn up

Drop station Op: Make sure your heat suits are sealed, last check... dropping in 3...

Marx: last one to land pays for the drinks when we get back!

Das: ha ha deal!

DSP: 2...

Vex: I still ain't used to this!

DSP: 1...

Marx: ear plugs and oxygen masks on!

the floor below the drop troopers opens up and are pulled out by the rushing air as the silence of space takes over with only the light of their visors hud to guide them

110km and dropping

100km and dropping

85km entering planetary atmosphere

Marx slows himself down in the upper atmosphere

50km... 30... 20... 5...

1000 meters activate chute

Marx touches the ground only after 5 minutes, he takes off his drop gear,

Marx: This is dragon 1, I have landed

Paris: Dragon 2 checking in

Das: Dragon 3, I'm still here

Vex: Dragon 4, just touched down

Marx: we'll speak again at the rally point, stay low but move quick, dragon 1 going dark

Marx begins running for the rally point while staying low, he spots multiple abandoned vehicles, destroyed buildings, and many many dead bodies, no two look alike, GCS troopers, USO personnel,  local militia, civilians, he can hear the crackling of radios, bringing a quiet sound to the silence of war, war is best not thought to deeply but this isn't the first time Marx has seen this

???: Where do you think you're going!

2 plasma shots miss Marx, Marx quickly reacts to see the culprit, a USO soldier crippled but still confident, the Soldier tries to reload his gun but with a single shot Marx hits him right in the head killing the wounded soldier instantly

Marx: Should have just played dead... what a waste.

Marx continues to make his way to the rally point where he arrives

Das: There you are dragon 1, we're only waiting on 2 now

A large missile flies toward the GTO gun but the gun targets it and blows it out of the sky without effort

Vex: Jesus...

Das: No wonder we need to take that thing out, It packs one heck of a punch

Marx: That's the thing, that shot wasn't even fully charged, those things can punch through 10 km worth of lead at max power, however that can take a whole week of charging up power

Paris: I'm here! Got into an encounter with a mounted gunner... it wasn't pretty, I had to dump my helmet

Marx: you still have the charges?

Paris: Of course

Vex looks through a scope

Vex: I spot 3 snipers, a mounted gunner, and more local militia

Marx and his team approach the weapon and eliminate it's defenses and plant the charges

Paris: Hey Marx we have a problem

Marx: What?

Paris: These charges don't have any timers on them, in fact I don't even think they are explosive

What kind of trick is Marx and his team in for? Is this simply an accident, or is there something more to it?

Find out next time the GCS is featured in Solar forces Ep. 4!

stay tuned for more!


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Reply #2 on: August 17, 2022, 07:17:40 PM


"Hydra Attack"

A hydra is a 1-2 man Vtol aircraft deployed by the USO in 2276 designed for high maneuverability and high speed

Date: Sep 15, 2332

New Luxembourg
Largest city on fairont

Local Commander: In Patterson park we were preparing to launch a rocket with a new DSL satellite to call for help things didn't go to plan, the GCS have taken the launch site and retaking the launch site on foot would be suicide, we've sent 10 hydras designated eagle 1-10

Eagle 1 Pilot: as soon as we enter downtown we're going to be lit up, switch to Attack mode

the hydras engines flip forward and fling out their wings each hydra has it's own gunner

Eagle 4 pilot: Guess you're my gunner mr. Javaleo, Keep an eye out for enemy...

Eagle 2: EMP flak! Evade evade!

Most pilots manage to avoid the flak however 5 and 8 are caught in the pulse

Eagle 1: Eagle 5 and 8 come in!

Eagle 9: 5 and 8 are toast sir!

Eagle 1: Crumbs... Everyone split up! let's see if we can separate their fire! the troop transport won't be able to fly in until all EMP launchers are down, good luck, Eagle 1 out.

Each of the hydras leave formation

Pilot: Keep an eye on your gun Javaleo, I have to focus on flying so we're not shot out of the sky

Javaleo: EMP rounds to our 6, Evade

the pilot banks heavily to the right to avoid the EMP pulse

Pilot: We aren't gonna last long against that thing, we need to take it out now, unlock the heat-seekers!

Javaleo enables the heat-seeking missiles

Javaleo: Heat-seekers online!

Pilot: Hold on tight!

the pilot lines right up at the emp launcher

Javaleo: They're taking aim!

Pilot: fire! fox 1!

Javaleo: Fox 1 away

A missile launches toward the Emp launcher but fails to hit the target, GCS troopers fire at the hydra with their plasma rifles, one even manages to clip the wing

Computer: Right wing damaged, Short circuit detected

Pilot: review wing systems

Computer: Fox 3 and 4 missiles not found, hydraulics pump leaking

Pilot: Wonderfull... Javaleo we only have one missile make this one count

Javaleo: heat differences between the air and the buildings are confusing the heat-seeking system, I'm going to have to switch it to non guided, problem is were going to have to get close

Pilot: How close?

Javaleo: Within 75 meters

Pilot: That's cutting it really close!

Javaleo: I know but I don't think we have a choice

Pilot: Okay swinging us back around

GCS troopers set up a high caliber tracking gun, and aim it at the pilot

Pilot: here we go! fox 2!

Javaleo: Firing fox 2!

The second missile launches at the same time the GCS troopers fire the gun, The EMP launcher is destroyed

Javaleo: Hit confirmed!

The pilot doesn't respond

Javaleo: Oh no...

the hydra is thrown off balance and spins out of control towards a building the high g-force causes Javaleo to lose conciseness


Computer: Warning, aircraft condition red, Warning, aircraft condition red

Javaleo Wakes up and looks around him

Computer: Warning, aircraft condition red

Javaleo: Korso why...

Javaleo looks for the emergency canopy release and activates it causing the canopy to become detached allowing Javaleo to push it to the side

Javaleo: I need to figure out where I am...

Javaleo follows the hole that the hydra punched into the building until he comes to a stop where the building ends

Javaleo: Yikes... I have to be at least 50 floors up, I bet the elevator doesn't work either, Guess I'll have to take the stairs

Javaleo makes his way to the ground floor where suddenly the warm barrel of a plasma pistol is placed against his head

USO soldier: State your name and your postion

Javaleo: Javaleo, local militia

USO soldier: Militia huh? how did you get inside this building without anyone in this building seeing you?

Javaleo: I was a gunner in a hydra, we crashed, pilots dead

USO Officer: What's going on?

USO soldier: Found this guy, says he's local militia

USO officer: Let him go, we're going to need all the help we can get

The soldier releases Javaleo

A little while later

USO officer: We have this whole building on lock-down, I'm currently in command

USO soldier (background): My leg! It burns! All I feel is the burn!

Medic (background): Calm yourself! I can't help you if you keep moving around

USO officer: We were preparing to launch a new DSL satellite when a GCS attack cruiser descended on the city and started bombarding it, my best guess, they destroyed the anti ship gun outside city limits, if we don't get help soon we may be forced to surrender the planet
Is fairont lost? have the GCS outnumbered and outgunned the local forces on the planet and will high command ever receive the call for help?

Find out next time the USO is featured in Solar forces Ep. 5!

Stay tuned for more!


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Solar Forces NE



Marx Realizes that his mission was one way and now seeks revenge on the one's who left him for dead

Date: Sep 16, 2332

Gun wreckage
9 hours after landing

Images flash though Marx's head

USO medic: CLEAR!

Electricity Shocks through Marx's body, causing him to jolt up

Marx: Where...

USO medic: Take it easy I've already contacted a GCS recovery ship

Marx: The GCS?


Marx (flashback):  None of the gear you gave us is explosive! How are we supposed to Blow this gun with this stuff!

Vex (flashback): Guy's USO heavy armor is approaching us and fast!

Radio (flashback): Sorry Marx, but I'm not planning on sending a shuttle to recover your team, it was a one way mission.
should have read the fine print, Valo out

Paris (Flashback): I'm getting a large heat singiture coming from right above us


Marx's Flashback ends


Marx picks up his helmet off the ground and pushes the medic out of his way

USO medic: Hey where the heck are you going! You're supposed to rest here so nobody tries to kill you!

Marx Picks up an abandoned motorbike and starts it

Marx: As far as anybody is concerned I'm already dead

Marx Drives toward New Luxembourg

USO medic: well... I'm going to end up losing my job...

Marx puts on his helmet and realizes that half the visor has broken off
He takes a deep breath

Marx: Assistant, open the GCS battle-map

Assistant (AI): Opening battle map, Marx be aware that your helmet's visor is broken broken shards can get in the eye's and cause irritation, I recommend Retracting it

Marx: I don't care, are there any missile sites nearby?

Assistant (AI): 3 km to your north east, it is currently under GCS control. Marx, what are you planning?

Marx:   No, just keep me pointed at that missile site.

Assistant (AI):  I will have to inform your command as to your choice

Marx: Engage AI deletion protocol.  code 56614

Assistant (AI): are you sure you want to delete your AI?

Marx: Confirm

The AI deletes itself

As Marx enters the county the usual green grass becomes a mix of dirt, debris, and abandoned buildings he see's multiple firefights in the distance, he finally spots what he's looking for, the missile site! there's a large firefight taking place at the main entrance between multiple GCS tanks and USO Ground units, neither side appears to be making any ground

Marx thinks "If I stay out of sight I can avoid any unnecessary engagements the problem is, that appears to be the only entrance there must be another way inside"

Marx sees a collapsed  building that could ramp him over the fence

Marx: this is a really dumb idea

Marx accelerates the motorbike

The bike ramps off the collapsed building and over the fence and crashes to the ground below,

GCS trooper: Unidentified Contact just breached the perimeter!

Suddenly a small squadron of GCS troopers open fire on Marx, Marx flees to cover

Marx thinks "Why am I not marked as a friendly on the battle map?"

GCS Trooper: grenade out!

The thrown grenade lands next to Marx


Marx scrambles to the next set of cover as the grenade goes off, sending shrapnel flying, Some of it hitting Marx tearing his Military jumper and further damaging his helmet, A message flashes on the visor it reads "WARNING HEART RATE EXTREMELY HIGH"

Marx: Ugh... I need a way to get rid of them

Marx checks his utility belt for anything of use "Plasma clips, useless without a gun. combat knife, you know the saying. radio, who am I going to call for help? flash-bang, assuming they don't have their sun visor active that would be one heck of a surprise"

GCS Trooper: throwing another grenade!

Marx thinks "Here's my chance!"

Marx tosses the flash-bang and evades both the flash and the explosion


Another GCS Trooper: I LOST MY GUN!

Marx sees that one of the troopers dropped their weapon, not missing the opportunity Marx dives and seizes the weapon for himself, while the effect of the flash-bang begins to wear off

Marx fires off the weapon on the troopers, killing or disabling all of them giving him time to escape, after escaping he finds entrance to the facility, the door is still intact, however it's protected by a key code, however with a shake of the door it flies open, but he see's something terrifying...

Stairs, Marx thinks "WHO STILL USES STAIRS IN THE 26TH CENTURY!" Marx with not many other choices makes his way down the staircase he hears people talking

GCS demolitionist: I ain't  so sure about this, them missiles are designed to take out star ships!  and we're gonna just blow this place up with them in here? I'm telling ya, it's a bad idea

Another demolitionist: Well it's either these missiles or our ships, come on we still have other rooms we have to set up to blow. according to our sources we may have less  than 3 hours to set everything up

Marx steps on a broken light making a cracking sound the demolitionists turn toward where the sound

The demolitionists look over toward the area where the sound came from

GCS demolitionist: Ay, whomever's over there better come out now!

Marx See's some loose side paneling and hides inside a hollow crevice

Other Demolitionist: I'm checking it out, watch the area

 The Demolitionist travels up the staircase with visor in infrared mode, the metal plating on the walls is playing havoc on the sensors, as heat from wire's behind the metal plates causes the whole area to turn red in short bursts

Demolitionist: I can't see anything here... Guess I'm going to have to look around the old fashioned way

Marx sneaks out of his spot and behind the demolitionist

Marx: No need to look

Demolitionist: HUH!?

Marx hits the Demolitionist with his gun knocking him out, the other demolistionist comes around the corner but Marx fires the rifle, eliminating the threat before him, Marx rushes down to the control room to find all the electronics smashed

Marx: DARN! these guys are much smarter than I thought, I'm going to have to hot wire everything... there must be a emergency handbook around here somewhere.

Marx looks around the entire room finding nothing, the emergency handbook appears to have been torn apart, in anger Marx slams his fist down on the control panel, where a small booklet falls out from a hidden compartment, Marx picks up the booklet, it's labeled "Just in case", Marx opens it and reads it

Marx: God bless whoever wrote this book

Marx rewires the targeting systems and the firing panel. Then he hears something from up the stairs

GCS officer: The Demolitionist's should have blown this building by now

Marx locks the control room's door, and boots up the control console, with a light buzz it comes to life, The door to the control room is banged on

GCS officer: WHO'S IN HERE!?

Marx tries not to worry about it and focuses on getting the missile to launch

the officer sets up a breaching charge on the door and sets a 30 second timer to take cover

Marx locks the missile on the GCS attack cruisers thruster's, and hit's the launch button, the window pearing into the missile silo show's mechanical parts moving the missile into position and opening the blast door, the loudspeakers begin playing a prerecorded message

Site speakers: Missile Launch confirmed, beginning countdown, T minus 5 minutes to launch

Marx Being sure that the troopers who break into the room can't stop the launch shoot's the control panel with his rifle making it catch fire and burn out the electronics, being quick Marx see's that the only other door in the control room is locked hearing a beep from the breaching charge Marx decides to jump out the window

The breaching charge detonates allowing the GCS troopers to storm in they find nobody inside


The troopers  search the area for the control panel

GCS Trooper: Control panel is disabled!

The officer uses his communicator

Officer: I need a detonator down here now!

Radio: we can't help you! the USO has us surrounded and has cut off entrance to the Site!

Site  Speakers: T minus 30 seconds, Opening silo cover

the door covering the missile slides out of the way, Marx has landed on a catwalk and starts moving toward a exit out of the silo before the engines of the missile cook him alive

Marx runs toward a blast door

Site Speakers: 15 seconds beginning engine ignition

Marx makes it trough the blast door and shuts it, before collapsing onto the floor, where he says something to himself

Marx: Next time Vola... if you try to kill somebody, make sure they're actually dead

Site speakers: 10 seconds, Beginning final countdown

10... 9... 8...
The GCS Personal leave the control room fleeing to the surface
7... 6... 5... 4... 3...



With the countdown complete the missile takes to the sky heading straight up
For the GCS personnel trying to escape they run into multiple USO squadrons

USO Soldier: Drop your weapons and put your hands behind your head! You're outnumbered and outgunned!

Marx Returns to the surface with a    Medical kit using a flesh stapler to close up his wounds, As he arrives he sees the planet's home star begin to rise bringing light among the battered landscape

Marx: Guess I'm the only one left to pay for drinks... Paris... what do you think? you think I did what was right? or am I a traitor?
With the missile heading for its target, and the USO retaking the county of New Luxembourg the GCS's grip on the planet is beginning to weaken. Will high command be informed of the attack?

There's only one way to find out, and that's to stick around for episode 5!
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