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on: August 10, 2022, 06:09:13 PM

"Rising tensions"

Tensions are rising faster than the morning sun between the federation and the galactic powers, after more then a decade of peace could war once again grip the galaxy?

Date: Sep 03, 2332

Fairont - Rural planet
population - approximately 27 million
The Carson residence

Smith Carson: Javaleo I need your help! The tractor got stuck in a ditch again!

Javaleo: Hang on pa! I'm almost done reading the weekly news!

Smith Carson: Javaleo! Get over here and help me!

Javaleo drops the newspaper and swipes a strand of white fur out of his eye's way before running over to Smith to help him with the tractor

Javaleo: Did you hear? the leader of the retribution republic is going to be visiting Venus  to discuss increasing tensions between the federation and the galactic powers.

Javaleo helps Smith lift the tractor out of the ditch

Smith: Boy, you can't believe everything you read on the paper, even if the GCS the the Croyain Empire started a war why would they ever attack Fairont? there's nothing here but farms and a few small cities, the USO doesn't even pay much attention to the outer colonies

Javaleo: I...

Smith: Look your the only help I have on the farm, and when I adopted you I didn't know what happened when you fled your home world, I get you are afraid of the GCS taking everything from you again, they're done, they've been done for over a decade, so please just stop worrying so much...



Smith: Javaleo can you put the tractor back in the shed for me? I've been out in the heat all day

Javaleo: Yeah I can do that

At the dinner table

Vannie: So Javaleo

Javaleo: Yes?

Vannie: Any luck finding a collage?

Javaleo: not yet... all the colleges here are either full or off planet

Smith: USO still isn't improving the infrastructure here, what a surprise, probably still using it to build more combat shuttles

Javaleo: The USO does like their combat shuttles

TV: Hydrogen prices have once again doubled, now coming in at 50 CP per liter

Smith: The hydrogen shortage as of lately makes no sense, Fairont is home to the largest hydrogen producer in the USO!

Vannie: Speaking of hydrogen we need to have the Van refilled, I had to get it towed back here after I ran out on my way to the market

Javaleo: Well that's going to be fun, the nearest hydrogen station is over 5km from here, not to mention I'm pretty sure they're out of hydrogen

Smith: thank god the tractor is Electric... the city should have hydrogen, Javaleo you want to come...

Javaleo: I dunno the city can be quite the mess at times

Smith: We'll pass by town, maybe we can get that SD reader of yours working again

Javaleo: Why didn't you say so?

Javaleo goes to his room where he looks out the window to the sky where he notices something off

Javaleo: A shooting star?  here? on fairont? we only have a hand-full of  asteroids and all of them have a stable orbit such a thing shouldn't be possible. 

The next day

Smith: We're coming up to town now

Javaleo: Yeah I see it, nothing moving though

Smith and Javaleo stop at town to see what's up

Smith: Where is everyone? the town's usually full of life

Javaleo: The Relay station is still open maybe somebody there knows?

Smith: Yeah go check it out I'm going to see If I can sell any produce on the market

Javaleo enters the Relay station

Operator:  Sorry we're not streaming any more news, grids been down  since last night, and everyone's been leaving for the city, If you were smart you would be doing the same Kingjarin

Javaleo: Huh? what do you mean?

Operator: you mean you haven't heard the rumors?  Coms stations have been sabotaged planet wide and we've lost contact with multiple satellites,  including HPS and DPL

Javaleo (Thinking): Why would somebody take out the deep space link satellites? that would just cut off Fairont from rest of the USO.

Operator: Hey look if you want to stay here be my guest, I'm heading to the city they're forming a local militia to defend it from any attackers, but they arn't going to be defending anything outside the city line


Javaleo: Yeah?

Smith: the online markets down! no contact with DPL

Javaleo runs out

Javaleo: Smith I mean dad I mean pa, We should head to the city and take mom with us, and grab your shotgun

Smith: What? why?

Javaleo: Rumors have been going around that the GCS is here, on fairont

Smith: Impossible the USO would be aware of that help would be here within less then a week!

the relay station operator climbs into a truck


Smith stops to think for a moment...

Smith: Javaleo, go with that man to the city. If they form a local militia they are going to need all the help they can get

Javaleo: Wait you're not coming?

Smith: I'm too old and I have to make sure Vannie's safe

Javaleo's ears drop

Javaleo:  Okay...

Smith: We'll be fine Javaleo, as long as you win any battles for us, just promise me one thing

Javaleo: What?

Smith: Promise me you'll come home, you're the closest thing to a son I've ever had.

Javaleo: I'll win the battle for you... and I will come home, I promise


The galaxy stands on the edge of war once again, but this time with Stephan, Corv, Deck, and Steel being either dead or retired who's going to rise to the occasion? Will Javaleo ever see his human parents again? or will it just be the invasion of Kingjario all over again?

Find out next time the USO is featured in Solar Forces Ep. 3!"

Stay tuned for more!
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Solar Forces NE


"The drop"

GCS ships are having trouble capturing the city due to a pesky Ground to orbit cannon, due to the inaccuracy of planetary bombardment  a team of "Drop troopers" are preparing to drop in from orbit

Date: Sep 15, 2332

In orbit of Fairont

Marx: Alright Men... Commander is counting on us to take out that gto gun, because of the nature of such a weapon using a drop ship is out of the question

Paris: Don't forget, you want to slow down in the upper atmosphere, go too far down you'll lose consciousness or burn up

Drop station Op: Make sure your heat suits are sealed, last check... dropping in 3...

Marx: last one to land pays for the drinks when we get back!

Das: ha ha deal!

DSP: 2...

Vex: I still ain't used to this!

DSP: 1...

Marx: ear plugs and oxygen masks on!

the floor below the drop troopers opens up and are pulled out by the rushing air as the silence of space takes over with only the light of their visors hud to guide them

110km and dropping

100km and dropping

85km entering planetary atmosphere

Marx slows himself down in the upper atmosphere

50km... 30... 20... 5...

1000 meters activate chute

Marx touches the ground only after 5 minutes, he takes off his drop gear,

Marx: This is dragon 1, I have landed

Paris: Dragon 2 checking in

Das: Dragon 3, I'm still here

Vex: Dragon 4, just touched down

Marx: we'll speak again at the rally point, stay low but move quick, dragon 1 going dark

Marx begins running for the rally point while staying low, he spots multiple abandoned vehicles, destroyed buildings, and many many dead bodies, no two look alike, GCS troopers, USO personnel,  local militia, civilians, he can hear the crackling of radios, bringing a quiet sound to the silence of war, war is best not thought to deeply but this isn't the first time Marx has seen this

???: Where do you think you're going!

2 plasma shots miss Marx, Marx quickly reacts to see the culprit, a USO soldier crippled but still confident, the Soldier tries to reload his gun but with a single shot Marx hits him right in the head killing the wounded soldier instantly

Marx: Should have just played dead... what a waste.

Marx continues to make his way to the rally point where he arrives

Das: There you are dragon 1, we're only waiting on 2 now

A large missile flies toward the GTO gun but the gun targets it and blows it out of the sky without effort

Vex: Jesus...

Das: No wonder we need to take that thing out, It packs one heck of a punch

Marx: That's the thing, that shot wasn't even fully charged, those things can punch through 10 km worth of lead at max power, however that can take a whole week of charging up power

Paris: I'm here! Got into an encounter with a mounted gunner... it wasn't pretty, I had to dump my helmet

Marx: you still have the charges?

Paris: Of course

Vex looks through a scope

Vex: I spot 3 snipers, a mounted gunner, and more local militia

Marx and his team approach the weapon and eliminate it's defenses and plant the charges

Paris: Hey Marx we have a problem

Marx: What?

Paris: These charges don't have any timers on them, in fact I don't even think they are explosive

What kind of trick is Marx and his team in for? Is this simply an accident, or is there something more to it?

Find out next time the GCS is featured in Solar forces Ep. 4!

stay tuned for more!


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"Hydra Attack"

A hydra is a 1-2 man Vtol aircraft deployed by the USO in 2276 designed for high maneuverability and high speed

Date: Sep 15, 2332

New Luxembourg
Largest city on fairont

Local Commander: In Patterson park we were preparing to launch a rocket with a new DSL satellite to call for help things didn't go to plan, the GCS have taken the launch site and retaking the launch site on foot would be suicide, we've sent 10 hydras designated eagle 1-10

Eagle 1 Pilot: as soon as we enter downtown we're going to be lit up, switch to Attack mode

the hydras engines flip forward and fling out their wings each hydra has it's own gunner

Eagle 4 pilot: Guess you're my gunner mr. Javaleo, Keep an eye out for enemy...

Eagle 2: EMP flak! Evade evade!

Most pilots manage to avoid the flak however 5 and 8 are caught in the pulse

Eagle 1: Eagle 5 and 8 come in!

Eagle 9: 5 and 8 are toast sir!

Eagle 1: Crumbs... Everyone split up! let's see if we can separate their fire! the troop transport won't be able to fly in until all EMP launchers are down, good luck, Eagle 1 out.

Each of the hydras leave formation

Pilot: Keep an eye on your gun Javaleo, I have to focus on flying so we're not shot out of the sky

Javaleo: EMP rounds to our 6, Evade

the pilot banks heavily to the right to avoid the EMP pulse

Pilot: We aren't gonna last long against that thing, we need to take it out now, unlock the heat-seekers!

Javaleo enables the heat-seeking missiles

Javaleo: Heat-seekers online!

Pilot: Hold on tight!

the pilot lines right up at the emp launcher

Javaleo: They're taking aim!

Pilot: fire! fox 1!

Javaleo: Fox 1 away

A missile launches toward the Emp launcher but fails to hit the target, GCS troopers fire at the hydra with their plasma rifles, one even manages to clip the wing

Computer: Right wing damaged, Short circuit detected

Pilot: review wing systems

Computer: Fox 3 and 4 missiles not found, hydraulics pump leaking

Pilot: Wonderfull... Javaleo we only have one missile make this one count

Javaleo: heat differences between the air and the buildings are confusing the heat-seeking system, I'm going to have to switch it to non guided, problem is were going to have to get close

Pilot: How close?

Javaleo: Within 75 meters

Pilot: That's cutting it really close!

Javaleo: I know but I don't think we have a choice

Pilot: Okay swinging us back around

GCS troopers set up a high caliber tracking gun, and aim it at the pilot

Pilot: here we go! fox 2!

Javaleo: Firing fox 2!

The second missile launches at the same time the GCS troopers fire the gun, The EMP launcher is destroyed

Javaleo: Hit confirmed!

The pilot doesn't respond

Javaleo: Oh no...

the hydra is thrown off balance and spins out of control towards a building the high g-force causes Javaleo to lose conciseness


Computer: Warning, aircraft condition red, Warning, aircraft condition red

Javaleo Wakes up and looks around him

Computer: Warning, aircraft condition red

Javaleo: Korso why...

Javaleo looks for the emergency canopy release and activates it causing the canopy to become detached allowing Javaleo to push it to the side

Javaleo: I need to figure out where I am...

Javaleo follows the hole that the hydra punched into the building until he comes to a stop where the building ends

Javaleo: Yikes... I have to be at least 50 floors up, I bet the elevator doesn't work either, Guess I'll have to take the stairs

Javaleo makes his way to the ground floor where suddenly the warm barrel of a plasma pistol is placed against his head

USO soldier: State your name and your postion

Javaleo: Javaleo, local militia

USO soldier: Militia huh? how did you get inside this building without anyone in this building seeing you?

Javaleo: I was a gunner in a hydra, we crashed, pilots dead

USO Officer: What's going on?

USO soldier: Found this guy, says he's local militia

USO officer: Let him go, we're going to need all the help we can get

The soldier releases Javaleo

A little while later

USO officer: We have this whole building on lock-down, I'm currently in command

USO soldier (background): My leg! It burns! All I feel is the burn!

Medic (background): Calm yourself! I can't help you if you keep moving around

USO officer: We were preparing to launch a new DSL satellite when a GCS attack cruiser descended on the city and started bombarding it, my best guess, they destroyed the anti ship gun outside city limits, if we don't get help soon we may be forced to surrender the planet
Is fairont lost? have the GCS outnumbered and outgunned the local forces on the planet and will high command ever receive the call for help?

Find out next time the USO is featured in Solar forces Ep. 5!

Stay tuned for more!


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Solar Forces NE



Marx Realizes that his mission was one way and now seeks revenge on the one's who left him for dead

Date: Sep 16, 2332

Gun wreckage
9 hours after landing

Images flash though Marx's head

USO medic: CLEAR!

Electricity Shocks through Marx's body, causing him to jolt up

Marx: Where...

USO medic: Take it easy I've already contacted a GCS recovery ship

Marx: The GCS?


Marx (flashback):  None of the gear you gave us is explosive! How are we supposed to Blow this gun with this stuff!

Vex (flashback): Guy's USO heavy armor is approaching us and fast!

Radio (flashback): Sorry Marx, but I'm not planning on sending a shuttle to recover your team, it was a one way mission.
should have read the fine print, Valo out

Paris (Flashback): I'm getting a large heat singiture coming from right above us


Marx's Flashback ends


Marx picks up his helmet off the ground and pushes the medic out of his way

USO medic: Hey where the heck are you going! You're supposed to rest here so nobody tries to kill you!

Marx Picks up an abandoned motorbike and starts it

Marx: As far as anybody is concerned I'm already dead

Marx Drives toward New Luxembourg

USO medic: well... I'm going to end up losing my job...

Marx puts on his helmet and realizes that half the visor has broken off
He takes a deep breath

Marx: Assistant, open the GCS battle-map

Assistant (AI): Opening battle map, Marx be aware that your helmet's visor is broken broken shards can get in the eye's and cause irritation, I recommend Retracting it

Marx: I don't care, are there any missile sites nearby?

Assistant (AI): 3 km to your north east, it is currently under GCS control. Marx, what are you planning?

Marx:   No, just keep me pointed at that missile site.

Assistant (AI):  I will have to inform your command as to your choice

Marx: Engage AI deletion protocol.  code 56614

Assistant (AI): are you sure you want to delete your AI?

Marx: Confirm

The AI deletes itself

As Marx enters the county the usual green grass becomes a mix of dirt, debris, and abandoned buildings he see's multiple firefights in the distance, he finally spots what he's looking for, the missile site! there's a large firefight taking place at the main entrance between multiple GCS tanks and USO Ground units, neither side appears to be making any ground

Marx thinks "If I stay out of sight I can avoid any unnecessary engagements the problem is, that appears to be the only entrance there must be another way inside"

Marx sees a collapsed  building that could ramp him over the fence

Marx: this is a really dumb idea

Marx accelerates the motorbike

The bike ramps off the collapsed building and over the fence and crashes to the ground below,

GCS trooper: Unidentified Contact just breached the perimeter!

Suddenly a small squadron of GCS troopers open fire on Marx, Marx flees to cover

Marx thinks "Why am I not marked as a friendly on the battle map?"

GCS Trooper: grenade out!

The thrown grenade lands next to Marx


Marx scrambles to the next set of cover as the grenade goes off, sending shrapnel flying, Some of it hitting Marx tearing his Military jumper and further damaging his helmet, A message flashes on the visor it reads "WARNING HEART RATE EXTREMELY HIGH"

Marx: Ugh... I need a way to get rid of them

Marx checks his utility belt for anything of use "Plasma clips, useless without a gun. combat knife, you know the saying. radio, who am I going to call for help? flash-bang, assuming they don't have their sun visor active that would be one heck of a surprise"

GCS Trooper: throwing another grenade!

Marx thinks "Here's my chance!"

Marx tosses the flash-bang and evades both the flash and the explosion


Another GCS Trooper: I LOST MY GUN!

Marx sees that one of the troopers dropped their weapon, not missing the opportunity Marx dives and seizes the weapon for himself, while the effect of the flash-bang begins to wear off

Marx fires off the weapon on the troopers, killing or disabling all of them giving him time to escape, after escaping he finds entrance to the facility, the door is still intact, however it's protected by a key code, however with a shake of the door it flies open, but he see's something terrifying...

Stairs, Marx thinks "WHO STILL USES STAIRS IN THE 26TH CENTURY!" Marx with not many other choices makes his way down the staircase he hears people talking

GCS demolitionist: I ain't  so sure about this, them missiles are designed to take out star ships!  and we're gonna just blow this place up with them in here? I'm telling ya, it's a bad idea

Another demolitionist: Well it's either these missiles or our ships, come on we still have other rooms we have to set up to blow. according to our sources we may have less  than 3 hours to set everything up

Marx steps on a broken light making a cracking sound the demolitionists turn toward where the sound

The demolitionists look over toward the area where the sound came from

GCS demolitionist: Ay, whomever's over there better come out now!

Marx See's some loose side paneling and hides inside a hollow crevice

Other Demolitionist: I'm checking it out, watch the area

 The Demolitionist travels up the staircase with visor in infrared mode, the metal plating on the walls is playing havoc on the sensors, as heat from wire's behind the metal plates causes the whole area to turn red in short bursts

Demolitionist: I can't see anything here... Guess I'm going to have to look around the old fashioned way

Marx sneaks out of his spot and behind the demolitionist

Marx: No need to look

Demolitionist: HUH!?

Marx hits the Demolitionist with his gun knocking him out, the other demolistionist comes around the corner but Marx fires the rifle, eliminating the threat before him, Marx rushes down to the control room to find all the electronics smashed

Marx: DARN! these guys are much smarter than I thought, I'm going to have to hot wire everything... there must be a emergency handbook around here somewhere.

Marx looks around the entire room finding nothing, the emergency handbook appears to have been torn apart, in anger Marx slams his fist down on the control panel, where a small booklet falls out from a hidden compartment, Marx picks up the booklet, it's labeled "Just in case", Marx opens it and reads it

Marx: God bless whoever wrote this book

Marx rewires the targeting systems and the firing panel. Then he hears something from up the stairs

GCS officer: The Demolitionist's should have blown this building by now

Marx locks the control room's door, and boots up the control console, with a light buzz it comes to life, The door to the control room is banged on

GCS officer: WHO'S IN HERE!?

Marx tries not to worry about it and focuses on getting the missile to launch

the officer sets up a breaching charge on the door and sets a 30 second timer to take cover

Marx locks the missile on the GCS attack cruisers thruster's, and hit's the launch button, the window pearing into the missile silo show's mechanical parts moving the missile into position and opening the blast door, the loudspeakers begin playing a prerecorded message

Site speakers: Missile Launch confirmed, beginning countdown, T minus 5 minutes to launch

Marx Being sure that the troopers who break into the room can't stop the launch shoot's the control panel with his rifle making it catch fire and burn out the electronics, being quick Marx see's that the only other door in the control room is locked hearing a beep from the breaching charge Marx decides to jump out the window

The breaching charge detonates allowing the GCS troopers to storm in they find nobody inside


The troopers  search the area for the control panel

GCS Trooper: Control panel is disabled!

The officer uses his communicator

Officer: I need a detonator down here now!

Radio: we can't help you! the USO has us surrounded and has cut off entrance to the Site!

Site  Speakers: T minus 30 seconds, Opening silo cover

the door covering the missile slides out of the way, Marx has landed on a catwalk and starts moving toward a exit out of the silo before the engines of the missile cook him alive

Marx runs toward a blast door

Site Speakers: 15 seconds beginning engine ignition

Marx makes it trough the blast door and shuts it, before collapsing onto the floor, where he says something to himself

Marx: Next time Vola... if you try to kill somebody, make sure they're actually dead

Site speakers: 10 seconds, Beginning final countdown

10... 9... 8...
The GCS Personal leave the control room fleeing to the surface
7... 6... 5... 4... 3...



With the countdown complete the missile takes to the sky heading straight up
For the GCS personnel trying to escape they run into multiple USO squadrons

USO Soldier: Drop your weapons and put your hands behind your head! You're outnumbered and outgunned!

Marx Returns to the surface with a    Medical kit using a flesh stapler to close up his wounds, As he arrives he sees the planet's home star begin to rise bringing light among the battered landscape

Marx: Guess I'm the only one left to pay for drinks... Paris... what do you think? you think I did what was right? or am I a traitor?
With the missile heading for its target, and the USO retaking the county of New Luxembourg the GCS's grip on the planet is beginning to weaken. Will high command be informed of the attack?

There's only one way to find out, and that's to stick around for episode 5!
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Solar Forces NE


"Operation Breakout"

Following the destruction of the GCS attack cruiser above the city, local forces plan to retake the city of new Luxembourg, One street at a time, with the GCS dug in  for defense the battle won't be easy, but many Allies are trapped within the city and need help desperately

Date: Sep 18, 2332

New Luxembourg outskirts

Commander Harrison: All Units report

Radio: I'm counting 5 armadillo tanks and 15 bobcat tanks at our disposal commander

Harrison: That's it? I thought we had more?

Harrison opens up a radio channel to  the ground units

Harrison: All Ground units move to cover your tanks, 4 men per armadillo, Bobcats Cover the armadillos at close range 3 light tanks per medium tank, we will be entering through tunnel 46 east, We're expecting high resistance on the other side, Commander Harrison staying on station

The tank squadrons begin to move into the tunnel along with their supporting foot soldiers

Inside the armadillo tanks Harrison puts his headset to speaker and climbs down next to the rest of the crew

Harrison: Alright boys I can guarantee that as soon as we leave this tunnel the GCS will be right on top of us

Driver: Yeah yeah I understand that

Gunner: I'm ready when you are

Engineer: I expect nothing more

The Driver uses his hand to signal to the bobcat tanks nearby, The bobcats move closer to Harrison's Armadillo, outside the Armadillo foot soldiers sit on the side of the tank ready to defend against anti-tank squadrons, another tank officer calls in

Officer: Commander. I'm seeing civilians. I thought everyone was evacuated

Harrison puts on his headset

Harrison: That was the plan, however when that attack cruiser appeared everyone was to move underground  or to safer spaces, I have a feeling we're up against Vola or Fashu here, Other GCS commanders would allow evacuations to take place before trying to flatten a city

Another tank Officer: We're approaching the end of the tunnel!

Harrison opens up War-grid where it displays the position of all allied tanks and a map of the local area

Harrison: Everyone prepare for battle!

The tanks exit the tunnel into the outer downtown area where they stop in the middle of the intersection, The infantry on the side of the tanks look around for enemy units, checking for heat signatures

Infantry man: Sir there's no sign of enemy units in the area, no heat signatures or sounds

Harrison: how peculiar, where have I seen this before?

Officer: Sir is everything...

Harrison cuts off the tank officer


Multiple explosions are heard in the distance


Hundreds of self-guided artillery shells slam into the ground exploding, many hit allied tanks causing them to pop like balloons, killing or severely injuring those inside

Driver: Brace yourself!

The tank crashes through a wall and the engine dies as the entire interior goes dark

Driver: Crumbs I can't see anything!

Harrison takes out an unlit glow stick and cracks it before shaking it up...

Harrison: Engineer, what's our status?

The engineer opens up the engine access and shifts through it

Engineer: The safety lock activated I'm going to see if I can shut it off

The engineer rests the Safety lock and the tank resumes operation, Harrison picks opens a channel to the other tank operators

Harrison: Everyone! Regroup at the parking garage to the north

Officer: I'm afraid that isn't possible, We've been engaged from all sides, Enemy Armor has been marked on the Wargrid

An explosion is heard from the other side than the Coms go silent, Harrison activates the Wargrid, Dozens of enemy tank markers enclose the area

Harrison: Get us back in the fight, Gunny get us loaded up we're about to be busy The tank rolls out of the rubble and is imminently engaged by 2 Wolfhound class tanks, they fire at the Armadillo the shells bending and deforming the front armor

Engineer: forward Armor deformation at 16% Harrison Switches over to the main gun and enables the targeting computer Harrison: Keep us moving! I'll focus on blowing them down

Driver: Roger that I'll keep us


Engineer: ricochet!

Harrison Aims at one of the wolfhound tanks and fires The Armor on one of the wolfhounds is deformed by the shell, however it just fires back this time hitting a weak spot on the armor

Engineer: ACK!

Harrison: What happened?

Engineer: A piece of metal just pierced my leg!

The engineer has a pea sized hole in his left leg where blood is pouring out

Harrison: There's nothing we can do right now until those wolfhounds are disabled!

Gunner: Let me handle the gun, you see what you can do for the engineer

Harrison and the gunner swap places,

Harrison sits right next to the engineer and takes out a first aid kit Harrison: Sit still The gunner fires another shell once again it barely damages the armor on the wolfhound

Gunner: DARN IT! these shells are too weak! they're doing nothing!

Harrison: Put us in reverse, full retreat

The driver throws the tank in reverse, the tank moves down the city streets moving deeper and deeper into the city one of the wolfhounds line up it's turret and fires, the results would be catastrophic The high explosive shell pierces into the inner armor



 The inside of the tank is completely wreaked instantly killing the driver and the gunner

Engineer: This is it! The wolfhound lines up it's killing shot when suddenly an Anti-tank rocket pierces it's armor and blows the thing inside out, I would appear that the operators inside where so focused on dealing the finishing blow that they didn't see the anti-tank squadron move in from behind them

USO Officer: Direct hit! move in GO! GO!

A group of USO soldiers rush out from a building towards the crippled Armadillo tank

USO officer: Javaleo, I hope you know how to use the medical tools

Javaleo: I'll give it a shot A soldier tries to open the hatch to Harrison's tank but it appears to be stuck, the soldier bangs on the hull

USO soldier: IS ANYBODY IN THERE! Harrison bruised and covered in  scars from flying shrapnel lifts himself up

Harrison doesn't say anything not knowing if this is an ally or an enemy

USO soldier: I need a drill! Another soldier hands him a drill and he proceeds to drill into the hatches hitch from the outside, when the hatch is loose they lift it off the tank, the soldier climbs in

Harrison: oh thank god... Harrison's vision fades away as he loses consciousness

USO soldier: We have wounded in here!

2 hours later

USO officer: Our only hope is the rocket in Patterson park but we would be outnumbered and outgunned, with most the citizens out of the city now we probably have only days, no hours before the GCS begin leveling the city

Harrison: Yes that is true, but what if we were to rally all the troops in the city

USO officer: Are you insane we only have access to open radio! any kind of rally would be completely destroyed!

Harrison: Not if we lie, I have an idea, according to other military bases across the planet the Attack cruisers are over 9 hours away, we could lie... force the gcs to go after a phantom target, we could even use multiple radios to make the signals much harder to track

Harrison looks up at a group of satellite dishes on a building

Harrison: And I know just how to do it

After broadcasting for multiple hours over 2,000 some units managed to make it to the rally point

Harrison: Within 20 minutes we are to attack the GCS troops guard

USO sniper: Sir I hate to interrupt but I'm picking up heat signatures

Harrison: How close?

Suddenly A rod surrounded plasma drops from the sky and a loud boom is heard in the distance


Harrison: We need to get to Patterson park, NOW!

Another rod falls from the sky flatting everything in a 2 kilometer radius

The small army of 2,000 arrives at Patterson park and a  large firefight ensues

After about 5 minutes the GCS are pushed back, then another rod from the sky this one was only a kilometer away

Harrison: We're running out of time. Everybody, retreat out of the city! I'll finish the job...

Harrison opens the launch terminal as the allied units quickly begin to move out of the city

the GCS attack cruiser begins to block out the sun as it moves over the park

The terminal flashes green as the clamps release and the rocket goes up into orbit, Harrison looks as the rocket as it takes off, he realizes he won't have time to get away from the attack cruiser

Harrison takes out a radio and uses it

Harrison: Well boys we did it... the USO will know Fairont is in trouble, they will send help

Harrison takes a deep breath as he sees the plamsa from the rod falling from the sky

Harrison: This is commander Harrison, Signing off


At the same time the rocket deploys the DSL satellite and  begins broadcasting

Meanwhile at the Home system, planet Venusaria (Venus)

The high commanders are speaking with the president of the USO

Monitor (AI): High priority message arriving from Fairont

President Allerin: Monitor I told you not to bother me during meetings

The high commanders continue to talk about there plans on how to improve life on their represented planets

Monitor: Sir this is a priority X1 message

The entire conference room falls silent

Allerin: X1... play it now!

Monitor: Playing

Recording (local leader of Fairont): If you are hearing this then my planet is under attack, We suspect that the GCS are here for the resources, all air units are down and casualties are high, Send impediment backup.

Somebody is heard talking but it's hard to make out what they say

Recording (local leader of Fairont): WHAT!? there is a GCS cruiser over the city?

there are sounds of panicking and the recording device hitting the floor, then a massive explosion is heard

Monitor: The rest of the recording has appeared to have been corrupted, Would you like me to try to recover it?

Allerin: No, I've heard enough, Monitor inform the rapid response fleet and the deep space fleet! this is a declaration of war. Monitor Contact all USO allies if we're being attacked it's likely that they will be too
The USO now knows about the attack on Fairont and help is now on the way although a bit late, The destruction of New Luxembourg marks the beginning of a New war, and old enemies will clash once again, A new era has begun and only one side will emerge victorious, what happens next?

Find out in the next episode of Solar Forces the New Era!


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Solar Forces NE


"Shipyard Scramble"

The USO has 20 shipyards, the smallest of which supporting over 100 star-ships, the loss of one could heavily damage the USO's fleet logistics. many ships are undergoing refits for the new war and with many still docked at there stations, chaos is sure to ensue

Date: Sep 27, 2332

Space near the Maroon system

Fleet Admiral Vola: I need everyone, at their battle-stations, We will be within enemy range within 20 minutes

around 75 ships under Vola's command are rapidly approaching a USO shipyard

Commander Apollo (communicator): Vola I do hope you understand that I will not take the sacrifice of over 200 ships over Fairont lightly, This attack of yours is highly unlikely to go unnoticed, and sacrificing 200 ships for 100 is not a even trade off, HEY! are you even listening to me?

Vola: Mute the long range communicator.

Crew-member: Muted

Another Crew-member: Sir we are being hailed by the USO shipyard, They will likely identify us soon

Vola: Scramble fighters, ALL SHIPS ENGAGE!

 Vola: Ready my personal ship for departure

Vola heads down to the hanger bay and enters his fighter, he activates the engines

Vessel Carrier Command: Admiral, Launch tunnel Six is ready. Prepare to launch In 5.





The shuriken fighter is launched out of the ship at approximately 60 times the speed of sound it slows down as it approaches the station  A group of Dragon class fighters aprouch head on but are quickly dismissed by vola and a few other shuriken class fighters

Vola quickly approaches a specific part of the station and fires a volley of missiles, and watches closely as it would be impossible to hear the explosion

The missiles detonate destroying a  part of the station, at the same time the stations weapons go offline

Vola: Enemy weapons center is destroyed, Move in and destroy everything  that stands, Squadrons 6 and 4 your with me, we're heading inside the station

Squadron 6/4 leaders: Roger that Admiral!

A hanger door into the station starts to close but a volley of missiles blow the blast door open and Vola's squadron rushes inside, Turrets set up by engineers are used to shoot down multiple of Vola's ships but Plasma cannons tear them apart, Most of the USO forces in the hanger surrender. Vola lands his ship and steps out arming a plasma rifle


A group of USO soldiers move to exit the hanger, Vola rushes over, a buzzing noise is heard on the other side. Vola activates the door panel but it doesn't budge

Vola shouts as loud as he can
Vola hits that door as hard as he can, leaving a small, but otherwise noticeable dent

A group of GCS troopers rush over

GCS Trooper: they just straight up welded that door on us!


Shock: I know what you're gonna ask

Shock takes the rocket launcher off his back

Shock: Stand back!

Shock pulls the trigger *BOOM!* the door is badly deformed but doesn't open, shock loads another rocket and fires again *BOOM*

The door blows open USO troopers on the other side begin firing Vola stands still and just shoots them down like an auto turret

Vola: All ships move in to engage! the rest of you stay here and guard this  hanger

Vola moves to a elevator and heads to the lowest level, the AI mainframe, the entire station shakes as the ships bombard it

Vola steps out of the elevator and sees the mainframe. he takes out a data card

Vola: Now you will serve me, AI.

the station shakes again

USO officer: I don't think so, Kilobyte isn't in the system anymore... and I've rigged this entire mainframe to blow

Vola: Oh please... you wish it were that easy


The entire room is filled with explosions that engulf Vola

The officer opens his communicator

Officer: I got him Vola is dead, I repeat Vola is...


The officer's communicator is shot clean out of his hands, and he turns to look behind him. Vola is still there, covered in 3rd degree burns with a strange cheeky grin. it appears as if the explosion failed to even phase him

Officer: You... you should be dead... or at least in pain

Vola: Oh I am in pain... very much so... I just choose to ignore it, and soon you will be in pain too

Vola shoots the officer in the arms, legs, and stomach multiple times, but does not kill them

Vola: Let this be a lesson to you, that is, If you get off this wreak alive.

the entire station rumbles as Vola enters the elevator hitting the button to go to the command deck, Vola receives a signal from his communicator

Communicator: Admiral, The corridor to the command deck is guarded by a member of the USEF, we tried to get through. But he just mowed us all down

Vola *Sarcastic*: Great... just what I needed an actual challenge...

The elevator stops and opens its door but when Vola Tries to peek his head out, A HAILSTORM OF BULLETS FLY BY!


Vola Rolls out and fires his rifle at Donn, Donn rolls out of the way and opens fire, Vola turns to hide behind a support pillar, the pillar is shredded

Vola: The only you elites are good for is getting on my nerves!   

Vola sprints out of cover and shoots at Donn, The Plasma hits directly into Donn's protective vest, Donn fires back at Vola Striking him in the leg while pulling the pin on a grenade

*BOOM* The station is hit by another volley from the GCS fleet, Attack Shuttles break off from the dry dock, some even explode from the inside out, Donn Losses his balance and throws the grenade before it detonates, the grenade lands right by a bunch of pressurized hydrogen tanks...

Vola and Donn: OH NO.

The depressurization alarms sound as a hole is ripped into space, Donn grabs hold of a cable hanging from the station and equips his respirator Vola Gets behind a crate that has been anchored to the ground, Vola jumps into the open from behind it and hits Donn's Assualt rile out of his hands. watching it get sucked into space but he also loses his own rifle in the process

Donn kicks Vola causing him to slip further down the cable, and rushes back up it, as soon as he reaches the top he takes out his knife and starts to cut the cable, Vola Jumps up and grabs onto a loose piece of metal, and lifts up and pushes Donn, Vola uses his claws to attack Donn, Donn Counters with his knife, Vola struggles to land and effective blows but than he sees a metal rod, the end of the rod is increabably  sharp, Vola picks it up and jabs it as hard as he can into Donn's head, To say the least the aftermath wasn't pretty

Vola gets up and picks up Donn's body and throws it out the hole that leads into space, Vola goes up to a panel and activates a button, Suddenly a large balloon fills up, cutting of the outside area, the room Vola is in re-pressurizes, and he takes off his respirator


*BOOM* the station shakes again

Cpt. Reff *Intercoms*: attention all personnel, proceed to abandon station.

Vola Enters the Command deck and shoots the soldiers guarding it, he looks at cpt. Reff and points a rifle at him


Cpt. Reff: We both know I can't do that.

Vola Shoots one of the bridge crew members


Bridge crew: Sir. I'm not ready to die here, tell him, please

Reff looks at the crewmember and sighs

Cpt. Reff: Even if you did tear this station apart, you wouldn't find it. An attack shuttle is preparing to leave as we speak.

Vola: ?!WHAT!?

Vola shoots all the remaining bridge crew and proceeds to kill the captain

Vola stands up and looks out the windows and see's a shuttle beginning, It's the attack shuttle Endeavor! and it's move out of it's dry dock Vola activates the dock clamps locking it in place and opens up his communicator


*Zip* The shuttle goes to slip speed, the resulting force of the jump tears off the lower half of the station

Vola Slams his fists into the control panels, Shattering screens and bending the whole panel box his eyes filled with hatred

Vola watches furiously as his target disappears into the distance, what did the AI, Kilobyte have that he wanted? and will Vola get it?

Find out in next time the GCS is featured in ep. 8


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Solar Forces NE



Petty officer Aireon McCoy battles his way through the crumbling station as he attempts to get Kilobyte to D.S.F. Endeavor, and away from the enemy admiral, Vola

Date: Sep 27, 2332

Space near the Maroon system

Alarms and gunshots echo throughout the station, a single USO officer is fighting off an entire invasion force on his own

Aireon: Targets in the west wing have been eliminated. I'm seeing signs of extreme battle damage to the exterior of the station.

1st officer Exodus: Roger that, I'm sending men to secure the sector, Hang on I'm getting a high priority hail from captain Reff, Patching him through

Reff: Officer McCoy meet me on the bridge asap

Aireon fights his way through the crumbling station, explosions rock the outer hull. Aireon enters the elevator and heads up to the command deck where he enters the bridge

Aireon: Officer McCoy reporting for duty!

Reff: Knock it off, Things aren't exactly going to plan here.

Reff looks out the Cupola

Reff: I was expecting a small invasion force or even a lost scout fleet. It appears I was wrong. Fighters have reported to me that there are over 100 attacking cruisers, as for the attack shuttles in dry dock many are undergoing software reworks, or being refitted

BOOM! a large explosion rocks the entire station

Reff: Kilobyte! Damage Report!

Kilobyte:  It was the weapons center, 3 rockets from a light fighter craft detonated near the area rendering the weapons systems inoperable, Whomever commenced the attack knew exactly where to hit us.

Reff: This is why I contacted you officer McCoy I need you to get kilobyte off this station, you already know the risks of what a captured AI could do, Kilobyte are you ready for transfer?

Kilobyte: Affirmative

Reff Pulls a data card from a control panel and hands it over to Aireon

Reff: Kilobyte is experimental AI, don't let it fall into enemy hands, Shuttle endevor is preparing to leave, now go!

The station shakes as another explosion occurs this time coming from the mainframe, Aireon makes his way to the elevator when he's stopped

Donn: I wouldn't take that if I were you, No doubt there will be GCS troopers coming up it

the elevator suddenly starts moving up floors

Donn: Speaking of which...

The elevator opens and GCS troopers open fire, Donn Dodges the fire and fires back at the troopers, and throws Aireon his O2 respirator

Donn: Go out the airlock!

Aireon takes the respirator and heads into a airlock and puts it in

Computer: Cycling airlock

The area goes silent, and Aireon moves to the exterior hull, the HUD on Aireons tracker updates showing his rotation, heading and speed, fighter craft speed by, Aireon hangs low, Aireon jumps to another section of the station, the station shakes again...

Aireon gets an explosion warning on his HUD, he looks up to the bridge area and sees that part of the station that the explosion came from, up in the breach Donn is fighting Vola, Aireon decides not to stick around and finds a hull breach were he enters, Aireon finds a closed bulkhead and activates the panel... After a few seconds the door doesn't open, Aireon rolls his eyes and takes out his rifle

Aireon shoots the bulkhead open and it is suddenly forced open by rushing air, Aireon lunges into the interior and hits the activation pannel for the inflatable blockade, the blockade fills with air and reseals the room. Aireon looks toward the drydock and sees DSF Endeavor.

Aireon Runs down the hall leading to the ships entrance, but a shuriken fighter rises up and revs up its heavy machine guns...

Aireons lays down bellow the glass part of the hull and bullets shred the glass in the hall

Computer: Warning! Rapid Depressurization Detected! Please head to the nearest O2 station!

Aireon puts his resperator back on before he can suffocate and aims his rifle at the fighter, with a pull of the trigger the gun refuses to fire, Checking the ammo Magazine Aireon See's that it's empty, so he whips out his pistol and fires at the fighter, the pistol isn't strong enough to damage the fighter, suddenly a incoming message alert appears on Aireons hud

"You may want to duck"

Aireon, confused, looks over at Endeavor and sees some of the point defense guns beginning to target the shuriken, Aireon quickly ducks down as a mass wave of bullets and plasma shells speed by and hit the shuriken, the pilot loses control of the fighter and the fighter starts spining out of control RIGHT TOWARDS AIREON

Aireon jumps off the station and onto Endeavor, towards an open launch tunnel as he lands inside he quickly makes his way toward the bridge where he meets captain Xander

Aireon: Captain! I have kilobyte

Xander: Good, Navigation full reverse on all thrusters

Brigde Crew: Hang on, revesing thruster flow...

the ship begins to move but then the dry-dock's docking mags lock it in place!

Xander: We don't have time for this, Jump to slip-speed!

B. crew: Sir we could risk damaging the...


B. crew: Understood, Jumping to slip-speed

The ship jumps to slip-speed tearing the stations lower section off, Aireon places the datachip containing the AI into the user interface...

Xander: Kilobyte, access application DSR dot exe, run damage report...

Kilobyte: Hang on looking up file... aaaaaaaaaand.... found it! multiple areas have lost their armor paneling, however the hull paneling remains intact, I've decided to add the damage report to the event tracker and I'm creating a repair request, Would you like me to stop?

Xander: Negative, please proceed... and while you are at it plot a course to the nearest friendly spaceport
Aireon watches as the station disappears into the distance, Who was it the started this attack? what did the AI, Kilobyte have that he wanted? and will they get it?

Find out next time the USO is featured in ep. 9


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NOTICE! Read first:
This Edit of Ep.8 has been rated PG

Solar Forces NE


Vola Is Demoted to vice-Admiral by Commander Apollo after refusing to follow orders, Vola shows who is really in charge and uses his skills to help a trapped GCS fleet, to prove his worthiness

Date: Oct, 3, 2332

Planet: Amber
GCS capital
Population: 11 billion

 Vola shifts through a well decorated hallway

Capital Guard: Commander Apollo has been expecting you Admiral, Please follow me

Vola: Hpmh...

The Guard opens a door

Capital Guard: Inside

Vola enters the room, the room has a old fashion style to it with a touch of modernity

Apollo: Vola, Please take a seat

Vola walks over to a chair on the opposite side of the desk and sighs

Apollo: Watch your attitude Vola, your lucky don't just force you to resign right here. now I have a question

Vola: What?


Vola: That would be none of your concern

Apollo: It is very much my concern, Everything that happens within the GCS's military is my concern, I just got a report that you lost 25 Destiny class cruisers and a Zinnoth class carrier from your foolish attack! now yes you did devastate an entire USO station, But my reports say that multiple ships. Had in fact, escaped...

Vola Scratches at Apollo's desk, which is quickly met with Apollo hitting Vola's hand with a book

Vola: Don't we have funds for recovering lost ships? What happened to all that, commander? Did you waste our money again?

Apollo: Maybe you would know if you would read the monthly report...

Vola: The monthly report is none of my business, I'm the one fighting the war, all you do is sit on your behind all day and do nothing

Apollo Staggers back

Apollo: Excuse me? My job may not seem like much on the outside but it's very important, much more important than yours. Do I need to remind you of what it is that I do?

Vola Snarls

Vola: You manage the details, the statistics, manage ship repairs and all the stuff involving recruiting.

Apollo: That is correct, what you have just done has cost us almost the entire remainder of our yearly funds, do you any Idea have expensive a destroyed ship is?

Vola rolls his eyes

Vola: 30,000,000 CR for recovery, 1,000,000,000 CR for funeral expenses, and 37,500,000,000 CR for a new ship.

Apollo: And that's an average! A new ship can cost up to 100,000,000,000 CR to build alone! the loss of 25 ships is expensive! around 31% of our yearly funds! and having to open emergency funding hurts other parts of the GCS's government!

Vola rolls his eyes

Apollo looks a Vola with intense anger

Apollo: Vola what you have done is absolutely unacceptable! under any circumstance! Charging into the middle of enemy territory to destroy one enemy station is not a good plan! This is not something I can put up with Vola!

Vola: That's not my problem. It's yours.

Apollo: Vola, You've been demoted

Vola: WHAT?

Apollo: I'm demoting you to Vice-admiral, and I'm taking your ships. You work under Admiral Locks now. Now get out of my office.

"You have no idea the mistake you've just made" Vola thinks to himself


Admiral Greep Fashu: Let me get this straight... Apollo demoted you? I always knew that guy was a moron...

Vola Squeezes a glass until it breaks in his hands

Bartender: Excuse me but you're gonna have to pay to replace that

Vola Picks up the bartender by the throat


Admiral Locks: Vola put him down

Vola throws the Bartender on the ground

Admiral Locks: Vola Make your way to the transport craft,

Vola, Scoffs as he leaves the bar...

Admiral Locks helps the bartender up

Locks: Sorry About that I don't know what's wrong with him, he, has some strange quirks for a Kingjarin...

Greep Fashu Watches admiral locks while drinking a cup of water

"So this is who they're replacing Vola with? At this rate we'll lose this war in months"

Bartender: So, what can I get you

Locks: Just some biscuits for the road.

Vola Enters the transport craft and sits down

Pilot: Launch pad is clear, destination L.R.F. Dominion

A few days later

Admiral Urek (transmission): We've been getting beat up of us out here! We thought we could hold Fairont until reinforcements arrived but when the USO's 1st Defense fleet arrived, We evacuated everyone we could from the surface


Interference causes the signal to go haywire before it recovers a few seconds later

B-Crew (Transmission): Sir long range weapons have been disabled, they are ordering us to surrender.

Urek: Oh no, GET HERE FAST! we need to get our ships out of here now, and we're gonna need a safe place to conduct repairs, jumping back to friendly territory isn't an option!

Locks: We'll be there in 5, I have over 100 ships and a vice admiral with a really bad attitude, we'll handle this.

Vola: Pathetic, can't even hold his own against inferior USO ships...

B-Crew: Didn't you lose 25 of our ships in your last battle?

Vola snarls


Locks hits Vola in the back of the head

Locks: Vola you're dismissed, go back to your quarters.

Vola "leaves" the bridge

Locks Sighs

Locks (Coms): Attention all crew, report to battle stations

The ship comes out of Slip speed and Locks sees the disaster that's happening in front of him...

Locks: Holy cow...

around 200 USO ships are attacking a fleet of GCS attack cruisers

Urek (Transmission): We need cover to jump, and fast, ship condition is red

Locks: I'm not sure we can help... that's a lot of enemies to handle

Vola: Move aside...

Locks: Vola I told you to return to your quarters

Vola: I'd like you to know that you make a pathetic excuse for a admiral

Vola sits down in the command chair

Vola: Listen up! This "Admiral" wants to abandon our men, I don't want to...

Locks: Vola, First off I never said that, Secondly get out of that chair

Vola: MAKE ME.

Vola: I want all ships to form a defensive perimeter around the disabled ships, If we focus all our fire on anything that gets too close, move in, destroy any ships that attempt to breach the perimeter, Admiral Urek, I want your ships to jump to the nearby Maroon system, there's an abandoned USO station there, a destroyed dockyard, It's in pretty rough shape but I assume you'll take it over nothing

Locks: VOLA! I will have you dismissed for refusing to follow orders

Vola: I'm sure Apollo will like the fact that you tried to abandon an entire fleet

The GCS ships begin to move into position

Vola hears the sound of a plasma pistol charging up

Locks: Vola... This is treason, as an admiral I demand you to get out of the chair and return to Amber to face trial.

Vola gets out of the chair...

Vola: I'd like to see you try

Vola slides below the shots Locks fires at him and trips him over, taking his gun in the process...

Vola: I can't even be charged for this, it's self defense

Vola fires the gun into Locks's head, instantly killing him.

Vola: Get this body of this bridge, I want a full report of what happened sent to Apollo, DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR!?

B-Crew: YES SIR!

The GCS ships defend the other fleet long enough for them to make their way to slip-speed and escape

Vola: Get us out of here

The rest of the fleet goes to slip speed and escapes


Apollo (Transmission): Well, I hate to say it Vola but. I'm impressed. 1 ship lost, 14 rescued, It's unfortunate that Locks decided to go rouge... Vola While I can't give you your old fleet back, I will allow you to command Locks Former fleet, Please for the love of god... don't do anything stupid

"Who am I kidding? we all know you will." Apollo mumbles to himself
Vola proves himself as the superior leader, and regains control of a fleet. for the GCS this is a massive advantage, for the USO. this is a Disaster, what does this mean for the USO, and how will it affect the war?

Find out next time the GCS is featured in ep.10


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NOTICE! Read first:

This is the PG edit of epsoide.9



Solar Forces NE


The GCS retreat marks the possible end to the battle of Fairont, Javaleo is offered to join the USO forces, Marx is arrested by Local forces after hijack a hydrogen tanker

Date: Oct, 5, 2332

Fairont - Rural Planet
Population - approximately 24 million

Ruins of New Luxembourg

Javaleo, and other local militia hand their weapons over to an officer

USO Officer: Good job out there, all of you... I'll see If I can get ya'll paid for your service.

Javaleo climbs into the back of a Griffin Drop-ship which flies him back to the town near his home, as he hops out he realizes that the war was a lot bigger than he thought, some buildings have been replaced by craters, and some store owners are moving sandbags out of the front of the doors

Javaleo: At least it isn't Pancaked like New Luxembourg was...


Random Person: HEY! GET OUT THE ROAD!

Javaleo steps over to the sidewalk, and starts walking towards his adoptive parents home...

When he arrives the area is quiet and the fields normally filled with Corn and Cratia, is filled with craters as Javaleo approaches the house he wonders, what if the people who raised him didn't make it, he knocks on the door

Knock Knock Knock

Shuffled Voices: Somebody's knocking on the door. Shouldn't you go see who it is? It's probably just the Insurance company again. Smith, just go check. Fine, fine, I'll go see who it is.

the sound of the lock on the door shifting is heard and the door creaks open

Smith: I told you already I'm not interested in your customer benefits

Javaleo: What...?

Smith: J-Javaleo!?

A big cheeky smile appears on smith's face as he hugs Javaleo, Javaleo smiles in embarrassment...

Smith: I missed you boy!

Javaleo: Hey, I made a promise, and I kept it.

Smith: Javaleo, you don't have to play hero with me, Come on inside... Sorry about the mess, powers been out and bombs that hit the field have from stuff everywhere

Javaleo: Huh... you think this is bad, wait until you hear what happened to new Luxembourg.

Smith: I've heard rumors that most the city has been flattened

Vannie gasps at the sight of Javaleo and runs up and hugs him tightly

Javaleo: GAK

The guest in the building looks aside, he's dressed professionally, wearing a jet black but somehow still shiny, uniform. the P.A.D.F. (Planetary Assault and Defense Forces) emblem is clipped on his uniform.

USO Recruiter: I would hate to intrude but, If Javaleo won't be joining us I will be on my way

Javaleo: Huh? Oh, that would be me actually

USO Recruiter: Well if that's the case this is for you

The Recruiter hands over a letter and prepares to leave

Smith: leave it to the USO to still recruit people by hand, It's a wonder why we don't get many recruits coming in...

Vannie: Well the USO's Interstellar commutation lines aren't as advanced as others...

Javaleo looks at the letter

Smith: You're not actually thinking about signing up are you?

Javaleo: Maybe...

Smith: Boy, I still need your help on the fields! what about these craters? I need help filling those up!

Javaleo ears drop

Javaleo: Dad... I mean... Smith, As a Kingjarin I feel as if I'm responsible to make sure that the GCS pays for what they did to our home world

Javaleo sits down on the porch stairs outside

Smith sits down next to javaleo and rubs his back, Vannie sits next to Javaleo too...

Smith: If that's really how you feel, then do it. I'm not going to stop you from doing what you think is best. Even if it means we won't see each other again for a really long time

Vannie: If you do go... Please remember that we love you

Smith stands up and stretches

Smith: Anyway, I got a bunch of holes I have to fill in now...

Javaleo heads inside and opens the door to his room in the house, he's just been in here for the first time since the GCS attacked, the desk is a mess, the moniter to the computer has toppled over and snapped, and the desk is covered in debris and junk, Javaleo Picks up a tipped over trashcan and uses a book to push everything off the desk into the can

Javaleo sits down and places the letter on the desk, with a sigh he opens it and begins reading


Interrogator: Multiple charges, welding a weapon without a permit, Shoplifting, use of military weaponry, Destruction of private property, trespassing, attempted hijacking,and assaulting an officer. I'm most curious about the weapons, who are you? an arms dealer? smuggler? how did you get in possion of military grade weapons?

Marx: that would be Classified information

Interrogator: CLASSIFIED!?! you want me to add obstruction of justice to your charges?

Marx: You think I'm kidding?

P. Officer: Sir... um do you have a second?

Interrogator: I'm busy can't you see? unless it's about our friend here, please leave

P. Officer: that's the thing... the database has nothing on this guy

Interrogator: What?

The Interrogator looks at Marx

Interrogator: Who are you?

Marx: All you need to know is that I'm not a local.

Interrogator: Well I can't just let you go... the way I see it, you could go to court and wait for a judge to decide on your sentence or you could pay the fine

Marx rolls his eyes

Marx: What's the fine?

Interrogator: 1,700,000 CP with a maximum payment time of 5 years

Marx (Quietly): darn... How am I gonna make that much THAT quick?

Several Days later

Austin Shipyard, City of Austin, Fairont

Javaleo walks through the busy area, hundreds of workers work on ships, and approaches a stand.

Javaleo: Um hello? I'm looking to speak to a Star Scape Representative?

Representative: Ah yes, are you looking for transport to another planet?

Javaleo: Yes.

Representative: Alright... I'm going to ask you a few questions please be honest and answer to the best of your ability. Can I get your first and last name?

Javaleo: Javaleo, Carson, I'm heading to Venusaria.

The Representative types something into his computer

Representative: Have you ever flown with us before?

Javaleo: No.

Representative: Have you ever been to space?

Javaleo: Not since I was young

The Representative types more stuff into the computer

Representative: as for protocol for interplanetary travel you're going to need to take the latest Vaccines as well as a mussel tensing serum, I'm going to call our doctor and inform you that your heading up there now, Return to me when your done.

Javaleo heads through a door and follows a sign

"Medical Room"

Javaleo opens the door

Doctor: ah, I've been expecting you Mr. Javaleo

The lights in the room flicker...

The doctor looks around

Doctor: Darn, I thought I told Dave to replace those lights, um sit down and just hang on

The doctor uses his datawatch to contact maintenance

Doctor: We need a replacement light in room 23-O-1, alright sorry about that I assume you're here for the Vaccine and the Mussel tensioner...

The doctor puts a set of 4 small tubes under some cylindrical containers and fills them

Doctor: So do you want to hear what the side-effects are for each or do you want to skip that?

Javaleo: uh...

Doctor: I'm joking. I have to tell you either way, So we're going to start with the Zentec-1 the only noticeable side effect is a fuzzy feeling in the injection area, but that's the only noticeable side effect. Bellax - 4C can cause small amounts of dizziness, and a slight loss of smell, though the sense of smell is only noticeable in humans. 3rd we have Palaho - 3, This one can cause nausea if anything is consumed with 2 hours of injection, as well as a vision loss in the left eye, this is only temporary though and goes away in about 10 minutes

The doctor Injects the Vaccines into javaleo's left arm

Javaleo: Was that it?

Doctor: no we still have to do Vaskell, I will warn you, with this one, try to stay calm, this one can induce a lot of pain and if you try to move too fast you may tear apart one of your mussels, so take it easy, and when the pain goes away you may feel stronger, but please keep in mind that you are in fact not

the doctor injects it into Javaleo's right arm

Javaleo: That's not that ba... KORSO RALO! (KORSO WHY!)

Doctor: Yup... that's pretty much what I expected, alright. I'm going to help you up, remember to take it slow

The doctor helps Javaleo out of the chair and helps him stand

Doctor: alright we're done here.

Javaleo heads downstairs to the Representative

The Representative prints out a small piece of paper and hands it over to Javaleo

Representative: your Shuttle is in dock 15, Have a nice flight!

Javaleo heads over to dock 15 and enters the shuttle

Attendant: Your room is room 12.

Javaleo enters the room

Javaleo: Okay wow... I thought my room in the house was small

the room is 5 by 6 feet with a video screen and bed, a small shelf of Video Cards with different movies from the era are present.

Intercom: attention, We are taking off now

Javaleo looks out the cupola and watches as the planet disappears into the distance
Javaleo makes his way to Venusaria to join the armed forces, Marx now having another problem to solve on his already busy hands needs to find a way to pay off the fine, What happens next?

Find out next time the USO is featured in ep.11


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Sorry about the delay I promise Solar forces is still in the works and new episode will be out soon -PT


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After all the delays here we are! Episodes 10 and 11
NOTICE! Read first:

This is the PG edit of epsoide.10

A Non-PG version of this episode doesn't exist


Solar Forces NE

"Front line assault"

The GCS Plan to start attacking deeper into USO territory however, the USO has detected a large grouping of ships near the Pallvox systems,  since it would take months to redeploy all ships the GCS plans a full force assault

Date: Oct, 5, 2332

Interstellar Space, near Beta Pallvox
GCS Strike fleet

A group of GCS Admirals are meeting with each other...

Greep: The USO has multiple planets they are terraforming in the Pallvox systems, however 2 of them have caught my attention, Guidance, open file Assaultplan.3dl

Guidance (AI): Opening...

A 3D halogram of the Beta Pallvox system renders in the center of the table, Multiple red/blue dots appear

Guidance: According to recon forces, 2 planets Capable of sustaining life have been sighted, however the planets appear to be sufficiently lacking in biomass, suggesting they were terraformed by the USO, such planets could make a excellent location for forward base,

A cluster of red dots appear around the planets

Guidance: It would appear that the enemy already has several ships in orbit around the planets, the ship's class is currently unidentified

Admiral Woolf: How are we going to set an outpost with enemy ships above us?

Admiral Daze: Simple, We eliminate them

Admiral Woolf: How as soon as we move in there we'll be in range of their shot range scanners, sure I will take around 20 to 30 minutes before they detect us, but in war every minute counts!

Guidance: Vola suggested that we draw out the enemy ships to the Pallvox debris field, the Pallvox Debris field is battle remnant of over 150,000 ships of varying sizes, any useful technology has been stripped from the vessel millennia ago, the age of the oldest...

Vola interrupts

Vola: I asked you to share my plan, not for A HISTORY LESSON!

Guidance: Understood, However I ask that you speak calmly to me so I can understand you better. Continuing where I left off, Vola wants to use the abandon vessels as cover for the assault force as a full assault would be foolish

Admiral Daze: I understand what you are trying to go for here Vola, but large ships and debris fields do NOT mix well, anything larger than a Heavy Gunship will be torn apart very quickly

Admiral Woolf: What if we were to lure the enemy into the Debris field?

Greep: the reason I think we should go with Vola's plan is no matter what we do we still have to push through the debris field

Admiral Iskyee (is-sc-key): Arugh! this is pointless! every second we wait the USO gathers more ships! If we attack now we can take them by surprise!

Woolf: Iskyee, I understand we have the advantage but if we attack now, sure we may win, but the amount of ships we would end up losing would be a complete tactical loss!

Daze: I say we wait... Guidance begin reassigning all gunship class vessels into a new assault fleet.

Greep: Agreed... Everyone is dismissed

2 days after the initial meeting

USO Coms: This is the recon vessel Nederland we've detected Movement within the Pallox Debris field, we are going to go check it out

USO coms: Afirmative, we recomend taking Scout picket 3A in case of enemy presence


USO coms: Recon Vessel Nederland are you there?


USO coms: No response, I'm engaging protocol 15A6, everyone report to your battle stations, All ships move in to attack

Onboard the GCS gunship Csillag (That's Hungarian btw)

Captain Merlo: Admrial Vola, Short rang scans suggest that the USO fleet is moving in to attack, We still have around 5 hours before the bulk of the GCS fleet can navigate though the debris field

Vola: Move to the debris field, keep us steady

Merlo: Keep your eyes open navigator, Radar can't pick up everything in this mess

Navigator: Aye.

Collision alarms begin to sound in the bridge

Computer: Attention an Object is on a collision course

Merlo: Silence the alarm... Hows the radar looking?

Crew: Based on current velocity we will be within the USO's attack range in 13 minutes... wait no that can't be right. WE'VE GOT FIGHTERS INBOUND!

The Gunship is suddenly shaken by an explosion


Merlo: Point defense cannons?

Crew: PDC's are at maximum capacity sir

The gunship shakes again and a fighter flies past the bridge and falls apart

Merlo: Jesus Christ, computer how much battle time do we have?

Computer: Estimating... current tonnage should last 4 hours

the sight is something to behold, the debris field is being lit up by explosions and different types of rounds, Despite the chaos occurring the space around the battlefield remains totally silent, this goes on for hours, and the amount of debris is only being added to

GCS Coms: this is the GCS heavy cruiser Paladin reporting in

USO coms: GCS cruiser spotted, Concentrate your fire!

GCS Coms: This is light Gunship Clear skies, we need to pull out! we need to pull *Static*

Vola: Scan for an opening, find a way through this front line

Merlo: You must be joking, a ship of this size would be obliterated trying to break through the front line

Vola: All of the larger enemy ships are focused on fighting our larger ships, It's highly unlikely that we would even be spotted

Merlo: I'm not one to back down, open coms

Crew: coms open

Merlo: Light gunships Atlas, and Juniper requesting support

The Csillag, Atlas and Juniper break through the frontline and make their way towards Beta Pallvox II, the planet itself is remarkably un-remarkable, the planet is mostly blue and grey, with tiny patches of green where plants have only just begun to spread

Crew: Fighter squadren coming from behind the planet, approaching fast

Merlo: Ready the point defense cannons! Atlas, Juniper, prepare to fire!

Crew: Too late, they're here!

A volly of rockets is released at the Ships and all 3 are rocked by explosions, the Atlas is blown into pieces, the Juniper suffers a large hull breach and losses control, the Csillag with it's tougher armor holds together

The Brigde of the Csillag suffers multiple failures, most of the lights shatter, the navigation panel explodes and kills the navigator by decapitation

Merlo: Ugh... Medical team to bridge... Engineering... D-Damage report...

Vola dusts himself off and stands up

Vola: Well... that hurt

Enigneering: We've been hit pretty bad, we should be able to recover though

Merlo activates the emegency lights and the bridge is lit by a red dim glow

Computer: Attention! Power fulxation de...

The lights flicker

Vola: Oh wonderfull


Merlo turns on a monitor and looks at the text on the screen

Vola: If you're trying to figure out what's wrong hurry it up, those fighters are looping back around.

Merlo: Thanks for your confidence

Vola: Fine... I'll handle this...

Vola leaves the bridge

Merlo looks through the system diagnostics

Merlo: Hydrogen tanks and batteries are leaking... no... empty...

E.F.S.(Emergency Fail-safe System): Attention Engines offline, cannot maintain orbit

Vola arrives at one of the guns and opens a panel a lever is behind it he flicks it down and the area to access the gun opens up, Vola grabs a control stick and holds the trigger, the fighters break off and stop going off the ship

The Gunship enters the atmosphere, the entire ship begins to rumble, vola runs to the bridge

Vola: Everyone in a chair and buckle up

as soon as Vola buckles in the ship shakes like it's been hit by magnitude 12 earthquake the Cupola shatters, and  air rushes out but a few seconds later it rushes back in as the vessel plunges into the atmosphere , the turbines in plasma coolers speed up to unsafe levels and explode further damaging the vessel, the vessel crashes into water and skids into a beach

Vola: Anyone else with me?

No response...

Vola: Looks like they didn't survive the impact... Unfortunate.

Vola Looks down at captain Merlo, Merlo's eyes are fixed forward in a permanent gaze his face straight as ever, Vola grabs the captains Emblem on Merlo's uniform and pulls it off and recovers the Data-tag

Vola: Now that I'm here I have to find a LZ on my own

Vola forces the armory door open and heads toward a rifle still in its holster, with a tug he pulls it off, He grabs rifle ammo of various types. Vola makes his way back to the bridge and checks the com's frequencies, After a bit of searching Vola finds a Broadcast on the high band, With a bit more adjustment the message is clear

Coms: This is the C.S.V Juniper. We've regained control of our vessel but Our heavy damage has forced us to land. Currently We are under attack by USO forces... Hello? Atlas, Csillag, Please respond! I'm going to set up a distress beacon, We are unsure how long we are going to be able to hold them off

Vola looks up and sees multiple USO drop ships heading towards the source of the signal

Vola sighs

Vola: Looks like I'll have to teach some idiots what happens when you mess with my men

Meanwhile in orbit

Greep: The USO is doing a horrendous job defending

Captain Eirk: Bring us to a halt

Greep: What? why? We're winning!

Eirk: The USO is planning something they don't just fall back like that for no reason, I've seen it before. They're up to something sneaky... Admiral I request that we hold the line here

Greep: Fine. Request Approved

 Crew: Frigates inbound!

Eirk: Maintain orbit, let them come to us
The Attack on the new front line continues, and the USO regroups to begin a counteroffensive but this time with help from a formitable force, what is their plan?

Find out next time in ep.11!

Solar Forces NE

"Release the BattleCarriers "

A week after the creation of the Pallvox front, BattleCarriers, D.S.F. Endeavor, D.S.F. Yellowstone, and D.S.F. Alpine. Have been deployed to break the front, H.A.F Anchor watt is still not battle ready

Date: Nov, 7, 2332

Sol System, Venusarian orbit
Anvil Station

USO Officer: We apologize for the quick end to your training but the president has issued a "All hands on deck" approach to the current war and that means even trainees like you are going to have to be put on the front

Coms: Attention Shuttle craft 7 this is HCSC for D.S.F. endeavor, you are clear to dock at pad 15

Pilot: Roger that, entering launch tunnel now

Javaleo Studies the helmet he was given at the armory

The shuttle craft lands and outside the shuttle craft hanger-bay is bustling with activity, workers are moving karts of large Caliber ammunition, fighters are being loaded into landing pads

Speaker: Attention, Please Clear pads 12 through 18, shuttle craft inbound

Ship Officer: Thank you for your assistance Officer but you are not required beyond this point

USO Officer: Understood Good luck out there

Ship Officer: If I call your name you are to report to your assigned position immediately, Names, Andrew, Chuckles, Denray, Forest, Maron, Stallfan, Telfry, Umbron, Zeu, Report to A deck sector 3, Alex, Belfring, Bacco, Carson, Easik, Parsly, Quarret Report to C deck sector B

On the bridge

Capt. Xander: Kilobyte Report

Kilobyte: Well I've just been Organizing the ships data files. Whoever set up the database needs to see a therapist, I've cleared up at least 15 Petabytes on the vessels storage alone

Capt. Xander: Kilobyte, update from command you are now to serve as a ship-born AI aboard D.S.F endeavor

Kilobyte: How nice... I'm just updating the vessels Software while I can, Some of this stuff is really outdated. did you know that the targeting software for our guns is from 2212? it's no wonder we can't hit anything.

Capt. Xander: Mhm... Just keep doing what your doing

Xander Opens a com channel

Xander: We're currently missing a good number of fighter pilots so volunteers step up! as an update we will be heading out within the next 3 to 4 hours, final preparations have begun

Aireon: I'm here, By the time I'm done the GCS won't know what hit them

Xander sighs

Javaleo Makes his way through the twisting hulls of the vessel, Engineers are seen performing inspections on wiring behind panels, after what felt like a eternity walking Javaleo makes it to his destination... The medical bay.

Coms: Attention all crew, We are preparing to jump...

D.S.F. Alpine is the first to jump followed by Endeavor, and then Yellowstone

around a week later.

Coms: All crew report to battle stations, Pilots to your fighters

Javaleo is working with a medic to carry an unconscious person

Javaleo: Korso! why do people keep passing out?

Medic: Some people just snap under the pressure, but enough from me, as a combat medic you better get to your post

Javaleo: Yeah

As the battle carriers exit slip speed they are imminently under attack, A high explosive rocket explodes on Endeavor's Bow, another rocket pierces through one of the closed jump tunnels on the Yellowstone,

Xander: Were we hit?

Status Monitor: Affirmative, but the damage is nothing severe.

Xander: Reports on Yellowstone?

Coms Operator: They took a rocket down one of their jump tunnels, damage is bad but they are still functional

Status Monitor: Another missile just hit us, This time on the stern, Thruster 4 is overheating. I'll tell engineering to shut it down

Xander: Navigator Position us horizontally with the enemy, I want them hitting us where the bulk of our armor is

Navigator: Roger that

Xander: Tell onboard gunships they are clear for launch, Now where is Alpine? they should be coming in from CC orbit.

Hanger Command: Gunships. Alpha, Beta, Crimson, and Epsilon, You are clear for launch

Javaleo Makes his way into a griffin drop-ship...

Pilot: prepare yourself we're going to see what happened to D.S.F Alpine

The Transport craft lifts off for the Alpine

Deloxo: First time javaleo?

Javaleo: Somewhat

Deloxo: Don't worry, worrying leads to panic

As the craft gets closer to the alpine a mess of different attack craft are engaging the Alpine

Pilot: I've got fighters inbound

Allied fighter pilot: We'll cover you. This is gonna be a bit messy

The transport craft accelerates and they are spotted by the GCS vessels who open fire with their point defense cannons

A fighter covering the transport craft is blown to pieces by a shell another shell hits the transport craft and the whole thing rumbles and shakes some of the lights shatter

Pilot: Attention Alpine open jump tunnel B16 we're coming in hot! everyone hold on to their helmets!

the craft enters the jump tunnel and clips against the walls and crashes into the hanger bay, a firefight is taking place in the hanger GCS troopers are attempting to shut down the hanger and are meeting heavy resistance from USO forces

Officer: No time to sit around let's move

Javaleo Unbuckles and grabs a plasma rifle fixed on the wall next to him, Behind him Deloxo grabs an assault rifle, the transport craft's door is kicked open and the soldiers inside open fire on incoming GCS troopers. The GCS troopers fall back for now, the hanger bay is heavily damaged, the deck is lit by dim red lights as well as the flicking flames of fires which are being extinguished by crew

Officer: Currently the GCS are trying to tear the ship inside out, aseptically in engineering. Carson, Micky, Darrik, Valley, and Valogo. go assist anyone you kind find, Deloxo, it's likely that they are damaged I hope you're ready for some repair work, alright let's move

Suddenly a massive explosion rocks the Alpine


Crewmember: an explosion just occured in engineering!

Officer: Engineering squadron double time it!

Meanwhile Aireon Flies a dragon fighter into the upper left starboard hanger through a jump tunnel

Ship officer: Welcome aboard Officer Mccoy, Things aren't going well, the starboard hangers are being beat to hell, And I belive we have one of those mongrels onboard

Aireon: Thanks ma'am, that's why I'm here. where were they last seen?

Officer: Engineering

Aireon Grabs a rifle from his fighter and asks two soldiers to follow him

as Aireon runs down the hull he comes to engineering but the door is sealed

Aireon: GREAT! the control panels have been damaged!

Soldier: Stand aside

the soldier takes his sidearm and bashes the control panel into, the door suddenly sides open, a rush of burning hot air rushes through the door

Aireon: Huh... not bad...

Soldier: I was always told I was a wizz with electronics, but we should push on before the GCS damage anything critical

As they enter they are suddenly under fire from GCS troopers, one however bears the GCS special forces insignia

Trooper: Hostiles 4 o clock

Saber: I see them!

Soldier: What the heck... OH DEAR GOD!

Aireon: what!?

Aireon says as he returns fire to the GCS forces

Soldier: I think they've blown up the Plasma turbines!

Aireon looks around his feet and sees a colorful goo, spreading around. the heat spreading around is immense, as Aireon backs away from it

Saber: Come on! and get the bomb ready as soon as we blow it we can leave this tin can!

Demolitionist: almost there, Done!

as soon as the Demolitionist finishes he's shot by a plamsa bolt and killed

Saber: Game over! let's move!

When the engine explodes the GCS troopers begin their escape

Aireon: OH NO YOU DON'T!

Aireon shoots some of the GCS troopers before he's cut off by saber who returns fire...

Saber: The USO's days are over, It's time the GCS reunites the Human race

Aireon: You stand no chance

Saber: I'd like to see you try

Saber Fires at Aireon while Aireon aims at him, Aireon is hit in the chest and drops his weapon into the pool of plasma bellow the catwalk

Saber: Now, who are you. I like to know who it is I'm about to kill

Aireon: Officer... *Cough* Mccoy

Saber: Ah a member of the Mccoy family... This will look good on my record. I'll make sure Stephen receives your data tag

A door opens up near the catwalk

Javaleo and Deloxo as well as the group of soldiers rush in and open fire a saber, saber not appreciating the sudden change in the odds, flees with the rest of his unit

Deloxo Rushes over a computer terminal

Deloxo: Asoso... (Crumbs...) all the turbines are offline. ships running off of battery power only

Javaleo: We've got another problem

Deloxo: what is it Carson?

Javaleo: Injured officer here! 6mm plasma bolt pierced the chest...

Deloxo: We're gonna want to get him out of here there's plamsa leaking all over the place and soon this room will reach a critical temperature
While endevor and Yellowstone are holding their own, the alpine is running on borrowed time, and Aireon is wounded. what happens now? and who will gain control over the front?

Find out next time in ep.12


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Solar Forces has moved too For those whom are wondering, and will no longer be updated here.

Hope you understand - PT