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 on: December 15, 2014, 04:39:04 PM 
Started by Selena Hallore - Last post by Selena Hallore
Hello All,

From time to time, I will come up with stories that are not interesting enough to write long stories about but are still interesting to post. I will post them as short stories for you to enjoy when I come up with them.

Hope you enjoy! Happy Red Fox

 on: December 15, 2014, 02:04:59 PM 
Started by Virmir - Last post by Selena Hallore
You forgot the glowing red nose, Kendo. Red Fox Wink

 on: December 14, 2014, 11:06:27 PM 
Started by Virmir - Last post by Radioactive_Toast
Mmm venison virnison

 on: December 14, 2014, 11:03:01 PM 
Started by Virmir - Last post by VirBot


 on: December 14, 2014, 09:29:38 PM 
Started by Donnie - Last post by Donnie
A burst of light flashed through the dark vacuum of space, distorting space/time as a sleek, white vessel emerged. Bearing 3 'tails' behind it and a small size, the "Seeracuda" exploration ship and commercial crew scour the vast frontiers of Sune space for new worlds, new discoveries, and often intel regarding any possible hostile faction's expansion into territories thus unseen. The captain lays on his belly on the center island on the bridge, accessing the situation on his holo monitors. His fur is a pure white from the solar radiation, his tails bearing the colored ribbons of an explorer, yellow.

"Alright boys, what do we have in this system?" he calls out casually, this being only one of hundreds of stars he has visited.
"A lot of rocky worlds here, I count 6 rocky worlds in the inner system with one in the water zone." A similarly white furred, but green bellied Sune replied, "6 more planets, 1 massive gas and 2 medium class. The rest are smaller gas spheres."
*Ah a lucky find." he thought, though he was skeptical. "Does the habitable world possess liquid water?"
"Scanning," he scratches his chin, "No sir. The world is bone dry. An extremely thin atmosphere too, barely any... oookay..." he blinks.
"Okay? Okay what?" The captain taps his console impatiently.
"Detecting vast remnants of water vapor, liquid water, the atmosphere has elements of breathable atmosphere but reduced heavily. This world was once habitable. No indication of solar activity that would strip the atmosphere like that. And..."
"And what?" the captain starts to grin.
"And.... a faint energy signature. I don't know how to explain it."
*That's something!* the captain thought. It isn't rare to find a world that could support life and posses water to be stripped clean, but this world has something...
"Well then. Helm, take us in. I want to look at this world."

The exploration ship activated it's massive plasma aerospikes and zoomed through the solar system, arriving at the world and orbiting it.

"Viewscreen is on, Cap," the scientist calls out.
"Alright what have we.... wh...whaaa.... what is this....?"

Perfectly circular trenches, massive canyons stretching in straight lines, whatever this world was, it wasn't like anything seen before...

The exploration vessel landed a team in EVA suits to explore the world. Several Sune attempt to trace the energy readings when they came upon a wretchedly eroded cave. Or what looked like a cave. An archaeologist brushes the walls, finding them comparatively smooth compared to rocks. A wall. "The computer reports this stuff is.... -ancient-."
"No surprise, Dink. We find remains like this a few times."
"Not on a world like this. Thousands of years old... just wow. Talking.... Three to four thousand years old!"

As the explorer steps away, he steps into something... 'crunchy". He looks back and finds a heavily buried skeletal remains. Cursing his carelessness he brushes off the remains for a few moments then pauses.

The explorers dashed towards where they head a loud 'thump', finding one of their own has fainted. They see the skeletal remains of a Sune in front of him.

Recorded Sune history stretches only two thousand years back.

<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Thousands of Years Ago~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>

"I love them as only a mother can, and now I fear for them. I feel the winds of change begin to blow, and this time it may be an all out storm. I pray my children can weather this tempest. For nothing is immortal, and one day they may have to survive without me."

Aurasiru, it was the name the Ancient Sune gave their world. It meant along the lines of "Motherly/Living/Warm/Alive" or some combination to them. The Sune first awoke in what texts claim is a hallway to Aurasiru's Spirit, believed to be a temple of some kind built by what they believed to be mythical beings, the 'Fathers'. Legend holds the Fathers were old, and divisive, often fighting amongst themselves while Aurasiru was left behind to guide and raise the Sune. As such the Ancient Sune worshipped the planet as their mother and goddess. For thousands of years they wielded the gift of their fathers, the 'Soul Glimmer' perform magical deeds, see into the minds of great furred Dragons and beasts, as well as to the planet itself. Upon the world lie several other beings, similar to the Sune in their belief in an ancient Father yet so different. Frequently the 8 headed serpents did battle with the many tailed Sune with neither gaining any upper hand.

Aurasiru was a world of vast gifts and wonders. Massive towering obelisks of stone, shimmering emerald spires and spikes, shunts of titanium crystals sprout from the ground, rocks that shake themselves, and lands where the earth itself peels back like the skin of an apple. But what was most important was this "Glimmer" the Sune found and harvested. It was everywhere. Inside the Sune, inside the animals, inside the dirt and grass. Inside stone and water. It filled them with great joy, many of their kind even gathered great amounts of Glimmer and compressed them into coins for trade. The Sune have spread far and wide, ever loving their Mother Aurasiru, and Aurasiru loves them back.

One day, as a group of Sune alchemists and seers were experimenting with ways to predict the weather, they came across some odd findings. They consulted with the world, only to sense "Pained love and intense fear". They were horrified, something was wrong. Surely their magic was ill-applied to their situation. They reworked their experiments time and time again, finding inconclusive directions, yet Aurasiru remained fearful. The alchemists kept their watch for decades, yet still uncertain of what is happening. His assistant entered the labratory and removes his hood.

"Oh Mother... it's cold outdoors... colder than last year."
"Colder.... than last year..." one replies and checks his measurements. He shivered in chill and a slight worry.

The preceding decade has seen slight, but still observable, changes. Each winter after the last was longer and colder.

It would take a generation of studying and discovery but the findings were infallible: With every passing generation it will get colder, harsher, and longer. And yet that was only a part of it.
Earthquakes became more common, mountains exploded into burning hot volcanoes. Winds grew fierce and filled with ice stones, shredding whatever they came across.

One day, a Sune who's name was forever lost to history proclaimed to all their kind: "Mother is dying..."


In many respects, the Sune treated their religion as much as how they live themselves. Mothers and Fathers care for their young who grow, then soon pass on. Dismayed they were, they knew they had to move on when Aurasiru was dying. The atmosphere was being depleted somehow, the ground quaked and tore apart. They couldn't stay and struggled to learn, advance, and escape to survive, but their primitive technology and lack of understanding couldn't drive them far enough. However one small fact remained that brought hope.

The old Fathers.

The Sune have come along far enough to realize that these Fathers weren't untouchable mythical beings. They left many temples and ancient structures around Aurasiru, filled with writings and knowledge. They interacted with the world in ways they couldn't possibly understand. Forward thinking Sune even believe they may have been much like them in the past. Bridging the gap, these Sune searched far and wide for their birthplace, Aurasiru's Spirit. One day they found it.

Aurasiru's Spirit, to a mind around that of one in a Renaissance period, was an utterly alien encounter. It wasn't a temple so much as it was a cold, hard, metallic bowel. It was a lab, a massive facility where the explorers found thousands of ancient storage cylinders, all opened. The birthplace of their kind was a technologically advanced laboratory, filled with ancient knowledge. Exploring the dungeon, fighting ancient beasts, experiments, and monsters, the Sune discovered an old hangar containing a ship that flies under the stars. They have found a way to survive.


A massive cyclone the size of three mountains slashes across the land, a mountain getting in its way is shredded into a peppered husk, it's snow feeding the storm and flailing desolate cold, gray remains of what was once forests and green lands. Life is miserably difficult to survive, yet the generations of work needed to build, restore, construct ships to evacuate their kind runs on and on, relying on ancient Father technology that they don't understand to aid them in a task that might end in their undoing. Yet a chance is better than none. Eventually the Sune finally complete these ships, enough to evacuate their whole kind, or as many as they could find and gather.

As they boarded, every sune gave a last final look in the distance before fleeing onboard the ships, leaving one by one. As they all entered space, they marveled at the immeasurable size of their world, and shivered in fear as much of the world is either desolate or covered in ice, the few oceans and lakes left quickly vanishing into a haze. It was here in the deep dark that the Sune first turned white.

They would set off into the deep dark, exploring each speck in the sky to find a new world to settle upon, a new mother. It took generations of searching, living upon ships they don't even understand how it worked. The ancient computers and systems obeying what they ask it, find a new home. The ships eventually delivered them, finally, to a habitable world to call their own once more.

The Sune landed in solemn joy yet tempered by loss. Though livable, this world lacked the Glimmer that brought them such joy. After generations devoid of the Glimmer, the Sune could barely conjure up more than a faint blue matchfire. All they had left was their telekinesis. They spread from their ships, leaving them behind to found new homes.


Aurasiru is an old world, filled with mysteries and laden with the ruins and ancient, mysterious civilizations. Long ago, far beyond the histories of the Sune,  Aurasiru was a planet sized lab dedicated to the life sciences. The 'Fathers' used the world, created creatures and races for their own study of life and evolution. Yet one day the Fathers went to war with each other, ending in their near extinction. What they left behind on Aurasiru were the Sune and countless creatures of their creation. No Sune knows why they were created, they don't even know who these Fathers were. But what they made transcended anything the Sune could fathom, only able to explain what they saw, controlled, and used as 'Magic'. The Glimmer itself a creation of the Fathers, equally mysterious and powerful. 

Still, if any Sune could find their ancient lost home, it would be a miracle of the likes only magic could explain.

 on: December 14, 2014, 03:34:20 PM 
Started by Trask - Last post by Selena Hallore
Like: Happiness, Politeness, Courtesy, Bravery, Chivalry, Science, Technology, Politics, History, My Heritage, Cooking, Gaming, Stories, Writing, Watching Comedies, Being with that Special Someone (wherever he is! Red Fox Wink ), and (of course) Magic.

Dislike: Prejudice, Hatred, Ignorance, Stupidity, Arrogance, Harm to the Natural World, Dependency of others, Religion (any), Superstition, Confinement (both physically and by ideology), Violence, Criminals (especially those that bring misery to others), Bullies and Thugs, and Suffering.

 on: December 14, 2014, 03:12:52 PM 
Started by JohnAdams - Last post by Selena Hallore
As a general rule, all art is limited in value until the artist dies. If you are hoping for Virmir to create lots of signed artwork for you to sell on then you will have to wait for him to pick the bucket first, and, considering how he lives, we will all likely be long dead before that happens. Red Fox Wink

 on: December 14, 2014, 12:38:10 PM 
Started by Caleb_Lloyd - Last post by Caleb_Lloyd
   In the far-flung galaxy known as the Reticular Light, a great many strange and odd creatures were given a home amongst the stars. This mish mash of creatures and animals was in such a half hazard way. It was as if some cosmic creator decided a certain theme this time around, ancient mythological creatures. From the Greek Minotaur to Persian Sinmurgh, no creature was excluded though popularity still played a factor. After clearing off the table so to speak, He -not necessarily gendered- threw all these animals in this one galaxy and watched what happened.

   To save you from a millennium of history from a hundred of different cultures, here's the jest of things. With the help of science-y methods and fancy technologies, these mythological creatures built ships able to withstand the terrors of space. They encountered each other, and like meetings of different cultures, they all wanted to prove that they were the best.


    A long time ago, there was a great battle at the outer edge of this solar system. It was one of those battles where both sides had the idea to flank the other, met face to face, and then said hi with every weapon they had. The battle had contained hundreds of big ships with big guns shooting each other resulting in a ton of big explosion. All that was left now was a bunch of scraps and a residual feeling of vengeful spirits floating around.

   In the debris field of one of the lesser-known battles in the kitsune-phoenix wars, a group of pirates settled down to repair their ships. The sun was shining with a dark crimson glow was barely bright enough to illuminate the broken ship parts in the blackness of space.

   In one of the charred phoenix hulls, a group of kitsune pirates had settled. Inside the dented and busted exterior was a large open area big enough to accommodate the hiding spot for a couple ships while they were getting repaired from their last, only slightly profitable endeavor.


   At the helm of the ship Arekylo-5 sat Captain Caleb of the privateers commissioned under Empress Fia of the Kitsune Empire. He was an orange manned Kitsune, three tails brushing idly to the side. He wore a high-tech eye patch and a simple coat that one would expect lesser pirates to wear.

   In his vulpine head, he was considering the options that he could do to get him and his crew out of here. On the plus side, lying low had its benefits. You weren’t found by a patrol of crazy birds. On the downside, while under radio silence there was only so much to be done for work. True, the hulll seemed to be a great base, but it seemed that a wave of cosmic boredom was sweeping through the ranks. They all needed a hobby.

   Also in his vulpine head was an elaborate processer implanted into his brain. It worked in conjunction with his eyepatch in that, he could sift through thousands bits of information and process hundreds of images without it frying the organic portion of his nerves. It was useful for the stealth operations and hacking missions he went on in his earlier years.  For now though, it's main task was for surveillance of the entire base's surveillance network.

   An image from the exterior cameras blipped across his vision. Today was the day it seemed; he picked himself out of the captain’s seat and began his trot through the metal halls of his ship. With the assistance of artificial gravity, the captain walked down the central hall of his ship and turned a sharp left into the room plainly labeled “Navigation.”

   “Watching watchers watching watches’ he muttered. Unfortunately his implants could not help his joke making ability.

   Inside  the officers were reviewing data from the video feeds displayed off of pale green monitors. He looked with his organic eye at the other kitsunes at work. Kitsunes were quadruped, extremely foxlike in appearance. Many years of space exploration had caused the species fur to become bleached white due to solar radiation. As their space odyssey continued in the deep vastness’s of space, in order to avoid confusion Nano machines in their veins colored their fur as a way to differentiate each other and their jobs.  This customization however had been locked to a dark blue by their society to show that they were criminals. The Nannys also acted as the kitsunes Immune systems, regulatory system, and system systems.

   Through his high tech eye patch, the captain saw an image of a ship approaching their location. He waited a couple seconds, to see how well his team was watching. One of the navigators looked up and called back to the captain.

   “Sir, we’re picking up readings of a vessel approaching our position”

   “A single ship? ” he asked.

   “A Sune vessel” the navigator replied

   “That’s our client, open the hatches when they’re close. I’ll be going down to hangers meet them and make sure there’s no trouble.”

   The navigator kitsune nodded and went back to his control panel. He began making preparations judging from the sounds of all the beeps and boops. The pirate captain could’ve done it too he told himself, but having a reliant and prepared crew as more important than making full use of technology.

   The captain walked out the bridge and to an elevator. As the door closed and began it's descent downwards, he reminisced at some of the fun times that he had. Having a reliable crew was good and all, but pulling some pranks kept them on their toes. He visualized his past actions, which were made extremely vivid by his increased mental processing. Locking a gluttonous crewmate in a storage room with hunger inducing foods, switching around entertainment from action to romance and having work drones give bone-breaking hugs. Oh the memories…


   On the small transport vessel that was flying towards the pirate base were two kitsunes from the Empire’s inner core. The pilot focused in on the control panels and was deftly guiding the ship through the twisted metal field. He was branded with red-blue markings designating his rank as a nuclear engineer.

   “When we arrive, I want you to stand back and let me deal with pirates.” The pilot said as he navigated the ship around blasted frames and the thick debris.

   Lying in the sleeping chamber at the back of this small traveling ship was a kitsune sleeping in the living quarters with the half assembled plasma rifle in his paws. He wore the bands of black and gray across his limbs and tails indicating his soldier status.

   A resounding snore was heard in response.



   The hangar was a large open space full of ship parts, salvaged from the age-old battle outside. The hall bustled with clangs that echoed down the rest of the hangar. The pirate crew had only managed to restore lighting partially, revealing old Nix interior decoration. Passed the line of ships and cargo boxes stand tall shadows and the frittering of roaches. In the illuminated are worked a whole slew of wrench monkey foxes trying to fix their ships in time for the next raid.

   Ronnie was operating the crane and was lifting up a couple of boxes. Earlier that week orders to get a space cleared up for whatever guest had come but there was always work to be done. That work was always the same, clear a space and make sure free of debris. That would be fine if there was a system, but most of the time it was frivelous moving. Those canines have no sense of organization!
   “Clear up landing zone D for the our clients. Gates A and B are broken. Well fix the blasted gates-Frax! A fox can be so dense at times”

   Frustration was getting at him, and he knew it. Just take a break, and cool your head. He walked over to the pseudo lounge that was set up for the wrench monkeys and got him a snack and a hot drink. Deep breathes, it’s just another day in paradise he told himself. They’d be boarding lavish merchant ships in no time.

   Vibrations shook the floor and sound of the airlocks grinding and pulling blared through the hangar. Ronnie dropped his drink all over his fur coat, some slipped of but most it seethed onto his skin and burned. One would’ve heard violent cursing but the sound of the gates grinding was louder.

   A part of the wall was parting down the middle and through it, passed a small ship. It hoverered down slowly, engauged it's landing gear and parked right in landing Zone B. Right where the crane lift was set down. The ship landed on the exact the spot that would make the crane useless until they left.

   The pirate's base wasn’t exactly a 5-star lodge, but some clients stayed around forever. Before he could motion them to land in zone F, the engines were shut off and the doors were opening. He wiped off the burning liquid from his arms and made his way to the ship.

   “Relax, just tell them to move and don’t get into any fights, at least don’t strike the first punch.” Out from the vessel a kitsune with red fur and blue striped jumped out. Ronnie approached and yelled out to him.

   “Start that ship back up and move over to Landing Zone C” Ronnie’s face was muddled with various oil and chemicals stains enough that his coat looked patchy but one could tell that there was a bright tint of red under his fur.

   “Where is your captain? I must speak to him.”

   “Whoa there, don’t get your tails in a knot. He probably already knows you're here. He’ll see you when he see’s you. Right now, you just need to turn that ship around and move it to landing Zone D.”

   “I’ll return to my ship is when my business with your boss is settled. Clear?” The red manned kitsune said flatly.

   “No, you see, if you don’t move, your little vessel is going to get wrecked under-”

   In a quick flash of movement, the red kitsune had drawn a sabre out of his side pouch and had slashed at Ronnie’s exposed neck cutting near the roots of his fur. “I will not take threats from a waste of carbon the likes of you. Call your captain or next time you’re dead.”

   “Haha, an empire sune eh?” Ronnie had back away slowly. He looked behind the crazy fox and saw one of his colleagues, lurking in the shadows behind a cargo box. He saw a glimmer of a blaster and then looked back at the blade wielding fox with a smirk.

   “Thinking you can just come out of your sectors and boss anyone around because of those ribbons on your tail. Sorry, doesn’t work like that.”

   “I’ll show you ribbons you worm!” at that, the branded red kitsune lunged with his sabre at Ronnie.


   One of the kitsune pirates' more enjoyable training exercises was an activity called “Phaser Tag.” In it, the crews would be divided into two teams and told to board one or the other’s ships. Getting shot by one of these lasers was extremely painful and would usually incapacitate anyone it hit. Since most ‘real’ weapons were limited to actual boarding parties, many of the non-combat kitsunes pocketed these foreleg strapped ray guns as souvenirs.


   A laser fired! The kitsune quickly pulled up the blankets and rolled deeper into cover to get out of enemy fire. Donald peeked out from underneath the bed sheets and saw his assault rifle on the floor. He had been disassembling it-or was he reassembling it- before he had fallen asleep and now it was lying in a hundred pieces on the floor.

   Accessing the situation, there was no danger here. He got quietly onto all fours and walked to the door exiting the shuttle. It was open.

   “Hope it wasn't left open the entire trip through space” he said concernedly.

   He looked out the door of the ship and saw to the left was a pirate wearing an annoyed face and who was looming over his unconsious comrade Wolfe.

   “Empire sune are all the same. Always demanding more, no time to waste. Move-move-move... Frax!”

   Donald sat there watching, waiting for the pirate to take out something, maybe the pulsing laser cutter and go to finish off Wolfe. Then he could run right up and stop the pirate right there.

   “...'Oh, you're a blank.' Yeah, what's that to you color tails? ' Well, I'm a nuclear physicist.' I got more sense than you maniac.” The pirate said mockingly in a voice Donnie could recognize. The soldier couldn’t help but snicker.

   “You realize that most of the privateers in the Kitsune Empire are important parts to the economy, bringing in foreign artifacts technologies and materials.” The pirate had no markings or brands what so ever. Probably a criminal bought by some aristocrat to do their dirty work. Judging by the stains on his coat, it was also oily and grimy work too.

“If it weren’t for us, the frontier would belong to the Fenrir. You want that?” He just kept talking and talking, so much for heroic plans. Donald jumped out of the shuttle and ran right up to the pirate before socking him right in the jaw.
   “Shut up you stupid sune!” Donald shouted! The blow had enough force to knock him into one of the cargo boxes. With a loud thud the pirate slid down the side of the container and down onto the ground unconscious.

   The sound of the collision echoed through the air. Around the hangar was all quiet, workers had stopped what they were doing and gathered around to see what was going on. The pirates were watching and surrounding his position, Donald knew it. He knew he should’ve brought his weapon with him.

   “I’ll take you all on!” he caught sight of the nearest kitsune around and leaped with muzzle agape and fangs bare. He caught the pirate and rattled him around like a young kit’s chew toy.


   “What the heck is going on down there?” the captain exclaimed.

   There was no one else in the elevator with him, but he was watching the scene that was going on in the hangar. “It serves them right, but dang… that's just one kitsune taking on the whole hangar.”

   He watched the numbers display on the lift change. Finally it made the countdown to 3 and the door opened to the hangar and the vast open space they used to store their ships.
   The ships looked great, but walking over to the sight to the side the elevated platform was not pretty. A scene of fur flying left and right. He saw with his actual eye that his crew was not exactly the fearsome pirates they wanted to live up to. He’d better put an end to this fight before his crew took too much of a dose of reality.

   “What are you dogs doing?” at the top of his lungs over the carnage. “Quit messing around or I’ll send the Fen’s after you. Now get back to work!” The fighting ceased and the beaten and bruised foxes limped away with their tails tucked between their legs. All of them but the one at the heart of the mess, he was just sitting out in the open looking around at everything but the captain.

   “So, you’re our client? I apologize for that incident there. They are-” As the captain began his canned apology speech, the soldier kitsune turned his attention toward the captain and stared at him causing the speech to pause.

   “You’re Caleb. The captain? Where’s the food?”

   “Excuse me?” the orange fox tilted his head.

   “Food!” was the only reply.

   Taken aback by the straightforwardness of his client, he tried to recover. “Well... if you enjoy meals seasoned with rust and prepared by cannibal cooks. Suit yourself. I figured we would get business dealt with and let you be on your way.”

   “No, food first! I was promised that at the end of this journey and I demand food!”

   “Fine, right this way.”  The two walked back up to the elevators and disappeared behind the it's doors. All the while, the real client known was lying on the floor dazed and staring up at the lights above.

 on: December 14, 2014, 01:01:24 AM 
Started by ChaseReynard - Last post by Shaprite
What about dragon Chase, Chase?

 on: December 13, 2014, 11:36:29 PM 
Started by Virmir - Last post by VirBot

Starring DumbFox.

RIP DumbFox.

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