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 on: June 22, 2015, 09:30:11 PM 
Started by Medik Jackal - Last post by Stormkit
Mike finds himself outside, rather dazed and also confused. At some point he also probably ate that coin. As the tritons move out, Mike sniffs at the partially conscious things left behind. They smell... different. But they are definitely those people he was with earlier! And hey, the inept mage is now easier to sit on! Mike will attempt to sit on the inept mage now while the rest of them figure stuff out. He likes this group and has now decided to actually stick around to see what interesting things they make happen next.

((Honestly Medik, Virmir has a point. Our characters have very little reason to stick together when most of them have been loners a long time before they got captured. You are also kidding yourself if you think Mike is wise enough to make a long term plan like that. XD. That said, this is why I started by very specifically asking you if you had something to give Mike motivation to join the group before I even started playing this character. Because I foresaw that this would happen without such a reason. We're still coming together, but more slowly than you may have counted on. I think we'll be able to get there however since we didn't split up by this point.))

 on: June 22, 2015, 07:39:36 PM 
Started by Medik Jackal - Last post by Medik Jackal
(I suppose my hope was that you all would be PEOPLE and decide that you should stick together for the sake of this and so you can better survive ((in character)) but I guess you're all not that wise!!! Plus I didn't want to force you all into a certain line of action because I thought it would be boring and linear. I wanted to allow you guys to choose what to do. I thought keeping you as prisoners together, putting you in a party together, forcing you to fight together would help you to choose things together but I'm wrong >.>)

While Yilin passes out, too, his body twists and practically wrings itself out. His arms, legs, body, and head all condense into a sort of tubey-rope-length, with long fins and, thankfully, new gills. It's possible to grasp with short claws and segmented, frilly fins, but it'll take some practice. His maw reshapes, losing a nose of any sort, and his eyes move to the side of his face. His ears pull back into his head and his mouth opens wide, wide, wider - until it's the widest part of his face and his teeth grow in a circle around the entire interior of the "lip." His spine lengthens enough to have a short tail that ends in a bunch of frills, too, and his organs reshape to have more simplistic functions, sort of like a tube-worm. Pink, fleshy skin wouldn't be fitting for his new form, so it darkens to a sharp brown with occasional white or gray spots. The new eel-vorzh looks to not be having any issue with the electricity anymore, but he is most definitely still unconscious.

Shocked and disturbed, and rightfully so, the soldier and his CO decide that now would be a good time to leave this odd scene behind. They'll just make some report to cover up for the weird crap that just happened, and the tiny skum otter that barely impacted their mounts wouldn't be worth capturing - it's probably just some pet anyway.

When the two idiot mages come to, they can attempt and readjust to their new forms. The thick scales and new fins on Virmir could be helpful once he really learns how to use them, and the wiry and spry form Yilin has would help him slither throughout the water. Maybe he could even coax the ability to electrocute the immediate area around him out of nothingness. (There are a lot of stat things to mention here and I think I should have hit them earlier, so rather than naming off everything I'm just going to give a quick list and if you need justification you can challenge it)

-1 STR
+2 AGI
+1 MAG
+1 RES
-2 CHA

+1 STR
+1 AGI
+1 RES
+2 CHA
-2 INT

It's probably worth mentioning that sea horses don't really know how to speak, so that could cause some problems for Virmir in the future. HOWEVER, he was the only one with a real goal, and it did seem to make sense - seeking out why in the world fatal blows have instead been causing transformations would probably be a good idea. You're still around a tavern, which would be worth investigating (though a seahorse mount might have to wait outside) and there might be some reliable source of genius magickery in the noble houses of the merfolk. Maybe there are some hermit mages out in the ocean, or perhaps a surfacer would know what's going on. It could be due to that first fight and that giant tentacley thing above you that's responsible, but you get the feeling that you wouldn't be able to challenge it or even find it again without some grievous harm.

 on: June 22, 2015, 05:50:43 PM 
Started by Medik Jackal - Last post by Radioactive_Toast
Cornered from all sides, any one of the attacks could have done Yilin in, but it turns out that a properly applied electric zap CAN fry you underwater, despite what the mage thought.  Briefly he tries to reply that he can't cease and desist if he's in the process of being fried, but he's too busy blacking out and going completely unconscious to summon such a response as his body crackles with electricity

 on: June 22, 2015, 11:42:25 AM 
Started by Medik Jackal - Last post by Virmir
Virmir blubs a bit, occasionally.

(Pssst...  A plot related reason for four random strangers to stick together might help, especially for characters who by definition avoid people. Gray Fox Wink I think you finally got the point with Virmir and Yilin, but I think everyone else is just waiting around for the crucial plot hook. Parenthesized yelling isn't going to work--you need to do it through the story! Otherwise we are all just wandering around aimlessly doing in-character things.)

 on: June 22, 2015, 09:31:38 AM 
Started by MisterBackground - Last post by Shaprite
E: Elk
F: Frog
H: Hedgehog
K: Kangaroo
S: Squid. You're a kid now. You're a squid now.

 on: June 22, 2015, 12:32:54 AM 
Started by Medik Jackal - Last post by Medik Jackal
(Man you guys are terrible mooks, you could use a Chris Pratt to turn you idiots into a useful team)

Despite missing any readily available nads to aim at, the ice at a merfolk's tail could hurt all the same, especially since Taj seems to be missing armor there. Maybe their tails are so thick it doesn't matter, but it DOES seem to be at a possibly precarious spot to hit...

The attack connects, but it doesn't do as much as Yilin was probably hoping for. It hurts, but he doesn't go down. And now... four enemies are staring at him while he's still quite pinned to a spear. They don't waste time in going to work on him, the soldier trying to finish him off with another impale. The seahorses try to move in to stab at him, too, but Mike's form is tossed on top of them by the patron he stole from with promises of more pain to come... but upon seeing the stabbed human and beasts circling said homosapien, he swims back into the bar readily and allows himself to lose one coin. The bouncer wisely decides not to intervene any more now that the rowdiness has been moved outside.

Even without the help of his seahorses, Taj again tries to fry Yilin up like a shishkebob with his electricity. "CEASE AND DESIST!" he yells maniacally, though saying such a phrase as a finishing move seems pretty poor form for a guard of the law.

 on: June 21, 2015, 11:47:16 PM 
Started by Medik Jackal - Last post by Radioactive_Toast
Well, the bad news Yilin noted that he was now impaled on a spear.  The eviceration of his gut and vital organs may have seemed to be a fatal blow that should by all rights have completely knocked him out for the count, but after having *already* been impaled once earlier today, the shock value seemed to lose its power.  Though unfortunately the biological shock hasn't quite got the memo and is already making things difficult for the mage.

The good news is, that blasted cocky merman is now bleeding from his eyes quite profusely.  Not enough to take out his vision, but dang if he won't have a couple of swollen useless eyeballs tomorrow and for the next several days.

Alas, this seems to have put the officer in question into a might heightened fight or flight mode, beyond the mere "crush the annoying loud mouthed pissant before him," and now seeks to fry him with electricity.  At first this doesn't seem to make much sense to Yilin, but before he can comprehend this the ugly seahorse comes at him, pointy ends barred.

Sneering, Yilin brushes aside the effect of the electric zap.  He'd mock the officer for trying that UNDERWATER where it can disperse everywhere and where he's not on the surface to conduct it INTO the water below, but such rhetoric is choked off by the stabby stabs from that ANNOYING excuse for a horse!

With one final shot left, the mage summons all the strength he has!... and summons an ice blast directed between Officer Taj's legs

 on: June 21, 2015, 05:16:28 PM 
Started by Virmir - Last post by Virmir
A few weeks ago I started playing the unreleased prototype of Earthbound on the NES (the prequel to the SNES one).  It's pretty hilarious and fun!

 on: June 21, 2015, 03:02:40 PM 
Started by MisterBackground - Last post by ChaseReynard
I keep completely forgetting to do this. So here we go now:

E - Earthworm
F - Flamingo
G - Goose
H - Hummingbird
I - Iguana
J - Jaguar
K - Kamaitachi
L - Lemur
M - Mosquito
N - Newt
O - Owl
P - Praying mantis
Q - Qilin (Kirin)
R - Roadrunner
S - Skunk (duh!)
T - Thylacine
U - Unicorn
V - Viper
W - Wildebeest
X - Xerus
Y - Yak
Z - Zorrilla (just in case)

 on: June 21, 2015, 01:52:12 PM 
Started by Virmir - Last post by Virmir
That is interesting because I did have a strange episode of numbness in the right arm about one year before this happened although that just went away after a week or so.  This does suggest some sort of injury causing it though and nothing traumatic has happened, so I'm a bit doubtful there.  Still, good to keep in mind, though!

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