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Rain Burn / Re: Rain Burn, page 141
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If your cave doesn't have glow in the dark mushrooms... yes it does. It always does, especially if it's a video game.
Art Gallery / Re: Cartoony Drawings
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Yeeees now Tiana can be a hot raptor heroine~~~~
Art Gallery / Fae\'s Blessing, page 2/2
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Luckily they set Tomek on the right path.
Art Gallery / Fae\'s Blessing, page 1/2
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Is Tomek lost? They don't think so.
Rain Burn / Rain Burn, page 141
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The most convenient way to explain ambient lighting in cave systems.
Virmir-World Comic / Time Egg, page 10
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Hate it when this happens.
Virmir-World Comic / Time Egg, page 9
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It wasn't even that serious of a wound.
Writer's Guild / Re: Solar Forces
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Solar Forces NE



Petty officer Aireon McCoy battles his way through the crumbling station as he attempts to get Kilobyte to D.S.F. Endeavor, and away from the enemy admiral, Vola

Date: Sep 27, 2332

Space near the Maroon system

Alarms and gunshots echo throughout the station, a single USO officer is fighting off an entire invasion force on his own

Aireon: Targets in the west wing have been eliminated. I'm seeing signs of extreme battle damage to the exterior of the station.

1st officer Exodus: Roger that, I'm sending men to secure the sector, Hang on I'm getting a high priority hail from captain Reff, Patching him through

Reff: Officer McCoy meet me on the bridge asap

Aireon fights his way through the crumbling station, explosions rock the outer hull. Aireon enters the elevator and heads up to the command deck where he enters the bridge

Aireon: Officer McCoy reporting for duty!

Reff: Knock it off, Things aren't exactly going to plan here.

Reff looks out the Cupola

Reff: I was expecting a small invasion force or even a lost scout fleet. It appears I was wrong. Fighters have reported to me that there are over 100 attacking cruisers, as for the attack shuttles in dry dock many are undergoing software reworks, or being refitted

BOOM! a large explosion rocks the entire station

Reff: Kilobyte! Damage Report!

Kilobyte:  It was the weapons center, 3 rockets from a light fighter craft detonated near the area rendering the weapons systems inoperable, Whomever commenced the attack knew exactly where to hit us.

Reff: This is why I contacted you officer McCoy I need you to get kilobyte off this station, you already know the risks of what a captured AI could do, Kilobyte are you ready for transfer?

Kilobyte: Affirmative

Reff Pulls a data card from a control panel and hands it over to Aireon

Reff: Kilobyte is experimental AI, don't let it fall into enemy hands, Shuttle endevor is preparing to leave, now go!

The station shakes as another explosion occurs this time coming from the mainframe, Aireon makes his way to the elevator when he's stopped

Donn: I wouldn't take that if I were you, No doubt there will be GCS troopers coming up it

the elevator suddenly starts moving up floors

Donn: Speaking of which...

The elevator opens and GCS troopers open fire, Donn Dodges the fire and fires back at the troopers, and throws Aireon his O2 respirator

Donn: Go out the airlock!

Aireon takes the respirator and heads into a airlock and puts it in

Computer: Cycling airlock

The area goes silent, and Aireon moves to the exterior hull, the HUD on Aireons tracker updates showing his rotation, heading and speed, fighter craft speed by, Aireon hangs low, Aireon jumps to another section of the station, the station shakes again...

Aireon gets an explosion warning on his HUD, he looks up to the bridge area and sees that part of the station that the explosion came from, up in the breach Donn is fighting Vola, Aireon decides not to stick around and finds a hull breach were he enters, Aireon finds a closed bulkhead and activates the panel... After a few seconds the door doesn't open, Aireon rolls his eyes and takes out his rifle

Aireon shoots the bulkhead open and it is suddenly forced open by rushing air, Aireon lunges into the interior and hits the activation pannel for the inflatable blockade, the blockade fills with air and reseals the room. Aireon looks toward the drydock and sees DSF Endeavor.

Aireon Runs down the hall leading to the ships entrance, but a shuriken fighter rises up and revs up its heavy machine guns...

Aireons lays down bellow the glass part of the hull and bullets shred the glass in the hall

Computer: Warning! Rapid Depressurization Detected! Please head to the nearest O2 station!

Aireon puts his resperator back on before he can suffocate and aims his rifle at the fighter, with a pull of the trigger the gun refuses to fire, Checking the ammo Magazine Aireon See's that it's empty, so he whips out his pistol and fires at the fighter, the pistol isn't strong enough to damage the fighter, suddenly a incoming message alert appears on Aireons hud

"You may want to duck"

Aireon, confused, looks over at Endeavor and sees some of the point defense guns beginning to target the shuriken, Aireon quickly ducks down as a mass wave of bullets and plasma shells speed by and hit the shuriken, the pilot loses control of the fighter and the fighter starts spining out of control RIGHT TOWARDS AIREON

Aireon jumps off the station and onto Endeavor, towards an open launch tunnel as he lands inside he quickly makes his way toward the bridge where he meets captain Xander

Aireon: Captain! I have kilobyte

Xander: Good, Navigation full reverse on all thrusters

Brigde Crew: Hang on, revesing thruster flow...

the ship begins to move but then the dry-dock's docking mags lock it in place!

Xander: We don't have time for this, Jump to slip-speed!

B. crew: Sir we could risk damaging the...


B. crew: Understood, Jumping to slip-speed

The ship jumps to slip-speed tearing the stations lower section off, Aireon places the datachip containing the AI into the user interface...

Xander: Kilobyte, access application DSR dot exe, run damage report...

Kilobyte: Hang on looking up file... aaaaaaaaaand.... found it! multiple areas have lost their armor paneling, however the hull paneling remains intact, I've decided to add the damage report to the event tracker and I'm creating a repair request, Would you like me to stop?

Xander: Negative, please proceed... and while you are at it plot a course to the nearest friendly spaceport
Aireon watches as the station disappears into the distance, Who was it the started this attack? what did the AI, Kilobyte have that he wanted? and will they get it?

Find out next time the USO is featured in ep. 9
Rain Burn / Rain Burn, page 140
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Time to get to the root of the problem.
Art Gallery / Re: Magic Keys by a fox
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A key far from the eastern country of China. The Zodiac key goes to the Jade Door, imbuing one with great power and the form of their Zodiac animal.