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on: December 14, 2020, 01:33:27 PM
Iíve had some ideas for some scenarios that might be fun regarding Chaseís world, Casarok. I donít know whether to turn these into stories that I can write or get together some folks for an RP scenario of some kind. I donít know anything about D&D and the like though, so I donít know how something like that would go. Iíd like all your opinions on my thoughts regardless:

Scenario 1:
You wake up face buried in the snow to a strong blizzard, mountains one one side of you and a complete whiteout on the other side. Not only is the cold and snow unbearable, but you are at a loss for how you ended up here in the first place. A large, looking figure beckons you away from the mountains. There seems to be little choice but to move toward it. As you travel, however, the figure fades away. In its place is a silhouette of a polar skunk, who has come across you in this frozen tundra.

Welcome to the Snowscape, the northernmost continent of Casarok known for its denizens adapted to the perpetually cold climate. You have come across a small polar skunk village near your starting location. They have welcomed you as their guest, and itís your job to adapt to their ways of life and help defend the village. Many other clans exist in the snowy landscape such as the hardy polar bear tribe, the silver-tongued arctic foxes, and the sneaky ermines. Apart from surviving daily life in the village and the external threats of the Snowscape, you will find out some of its closely guarded secrets and ultimately discover why you were brought here in the first place...

Scenario 2:
You stand upon a dune before Hieracine, the goddess of the desert. She seems infuriated by your presence for some reason. Unsure of your location or the deity that stands before you, you attempt to flee, plead, or fight back at her. Your efforts are futile before those of one of the gods of Casarok, however, and she summons a wave of sand to bury you within the dunes forever. You have to believe you are surely dead and fall unconscious to the depths of the desert.

Soon enough, a young fennec woman comes across your body half buried in the sand. She brings you to and escorts you to a small market town near an oasis. You find yourself in the Sandsprawl, a vast desert in southern Casarok. This is now your base of operations within the desert as you seek to rebuild your strength, discover your reason for being there, battle against the harsh elements of the sands, and finally bring yourself before the goddess Hieracine once more to exact your revenge. Perhaps she is your only means of returning home...

Let me know what you all think!  {:)

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Reply #1 on: December 15, 2020, 03:11:21 PM
Depends what you are going for, Scenario 1 seems better for a adventure full of mystery and trials for the gaining of knowledge/power and choosing your own tribe to work with, the second scenario seems more of an action adventure than the other as you take on a deity to find your lost powers and memory, both are very close but could be very separate stories, for choices I would pick number one, I would choose the second I would chose for a good plot, but the I would go with would depend on my mood.


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Reply #2 on: December 17, 2020, 10:28:07 PM
Both Scenarios sound like really fun plot hooks that could lead to expanded stories. Really neat chase.

On D&D: In the end, if you have a story built, stuff like that is largely for the crunch and to deal with the more random aspects Freeform RP can't do easily(ie who hit who first or trying to show a characters "quality" in a deal when describing can't help). On it's own, especially if it's one on one as this are set, you could probably get away without it.