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Reply #165 on: June 05, 2024, 12:31:40 PM
This dream I had is from 2 months ago.

In the dream, I was wearing a fursuit of my werewolf Cody (normal form) to school for some reason. Thing is, nobody in school seemed to mind, spit or bully me for revealing my furry identity in front of everyone. They just accepted the fact that I was wearing a Cody fursuit and that's that, I felt happy. I sometimes took off half of my suit, probably to avoid further weirdness should it ever happen, I stayed on guard, yet nothing spiteful ever happened to me at all.

It's the first time I dreamt about Cody in a more accurate depiction, it had his purple shorts and everything. Although the mane was not accurate, it looked more like a small fox tail with the white tip.

I very much remembered other parts such as that the classroom, which for some odd reason, was in my kitchen. And as part of the school day, I was cleaning the subway trains from the outside (again, nobody seemed to mind that I was being a complete stranger wearing a wolf costume with pride, it felt too perfect to be real). I could also see very clearly behind the headpiece as if I was fused with the costume itself.

Anyway, after that, I was heading for home (still in my costume), then the dream shifted to a random clip from a modern SMG4 episode that was completely non-existent.

Finally, it shifted again, this time I was on Discord, looking at a server where a bunch of achievements "I made so far" were being recorded and catalogued. Among these was the day I dressed as Cody at school. The log said what I think was "Aquatified Dreams complete!" and it had an icon of a drawing depicting Cody in his aquatic form stretching his arm normally in front of the lime green background I usually use a lot.

I felt very happy in my dream for the first time because I finally got to be Cody Wolfman without anyone judging me, and I was disappointed that the dream didn't last longer right after I woke up. Honestly, that reality in my dream felt too perfect for my taste, it's kinda eerie. Keep in mind that one of my goals in life as a furry is to buy a fursuit of Cody Wolfman (both in normal and aquatic form if possible). The fursuit will only be for times when I feel like being my favorite werewolf for a while.

Funny now that I think about it, because it vaguely predicted the day I confessed to my father that I'm a furry and he accepted it for who I am. It was also the same day when I travelled to Romania for the first time.

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