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Title: Weird Dreams
Post by: PrincessHotcakes on January 14, 2010, 03:12:52 PM
I'm surprised no one has made a topic about this yet, especially Kit.  

One of the weirdest I had recently involve climbing a mountain range looking for some kind of (army?) camp.  Why an army would be camped on top of a mountain, I have no idea, but as I climbed it went from snow drifts and rocks suddenly back to trees.  I peeked over a ridgeline which was now more like low tree covered mountains than snowcapped, and suddenly behind me was a giant county fair/bake sale.  

As several vendors tried to accost me with their various homemade foods I declined as I had to be home in time for breakfast (and it was in the middle of the day).  So, I turn away from the giant fair and begin walking down the mountain as slowly the context begins to shift and I'm running and scouting for AT-AT's from Star Wars.  Suddenly the dream's perspective switches to a roughly 3rd person and I'm watching things like snowspeeders do their tripline thing against the walkers and what not, and something about the greater war against the empire.

And then... everything switches to Han Solo.  Except Han Solo is not fighting the war or flying the Millennium Falcon.  No, Han Solo is in a college dorm on a computer dressed like a girl and chatting online with some chick trying to make her believe that he is girl.  For whatever reason this other girl is somewhat suspicious of this idea, and in true dream fashion she's both chatting through the computer and looking at him square in the eye.  She then bluntly states that she believes that he is lying.  Han Solo freezes and shifts embarrassed, and tries to salvage the situation  by responding, “I’m really a girl.”

Then the girl goes berserk and screams at the top of her lungs “No you’re not!!!”  The girl then spontaneously changes into a pregnant chimpanzee and begins thumping her rotund belly shouting “You’re not a girl, you won’t ever have to deal with this!  Oh noooo, you stupid pretender!”

And then I wake up.
Title: Re: Wierd Dreams
Post by: KaiAdin on January 14, 2010, 03:26:39 PM
Haha I can see any dream posts people make here ending with "And then i wake up"

Edit: Somewhat relevant,  How to tell someone about your dreams ( Dont take it too seriously ];)

Title: Re: Wierd Dreams
Post by: Lopez on January 18, 2010, 07:12:25 AM
I had the weirdest dream last night and I NEED to write it down somewhere before I forget it.

Ever wonder what it's like to be an immigrant? Well, that's how I felt, getting off the boat, with a few of my classmates from school. Everything was boats, here. Reminded me of the piers I see while I'm on the train coming home from school. But there was something a little different.

THE boat.

THE boat was off in the distance. It was massive. It must have been 90 stories tall, and a mile long. Bigger than any cruise ship. It was always being built. Again, it was massive.

The city looked like New York City, but I knew that it wasn't; it couldn't be. George Bush Jr. was still president (I had seen him on TV on Saturday.) But it also reminded me of Oblivion, or Morrowind.

So, this came to that and us classmates had to stick together. But we needed supplies to have a boat of our own.

My job was to collect screws and bolts. No, I don't know why these were suddenly rare commodities, but that was the truth. I tried drawing a bolt, but failed epically.

At first, it was easy. Pick a few pockets for screws, (When I say "Screws and bolts", you might try putting "Money" to have it make more sense,) Shoplift a little. Found someone from a rival group and beat them up for their screws and bolts. I usually got 36 out of them.

Then, there was the girl.

She was loaded, we heard. I went with a partner. We tracked her down to an alley and cornered her. My partner took her inside, and I kept watch on the street. He started to question her. Tough questions. Where's your group's hideout?, ("was she from a rival gang?" I thought, "She's only nine, just grab her bolts and get out of there.) I watched the street, and got more and more nervous. People walking by. People I knew. People I loved. People I respected. I saw the president (Bush) walk on the opposite side of the street.

Then he shot her. With a silencer, of course. I winced multiple times, for each and every shot. I could hear it, but no one else could.

My partner came out, "Come on, let's go."

Later, I was walking by church, and heard a service being performed. That was strange, since it wasn't a Sunday. I decided to walk in and see what it was all about.

It was her funeral. Everyone was there. Bush, the rival gang, my gang members.(Was she the mayor's daughter; the president's daughter?) The organ music was beautiful. I saw one of my classmates standing outside the door to the chapel, and I started crying. Then I ran.

I ran as fast as I could. But no matter how fast I ran, I never seemed to be able to escape the boat. But then, I ran so hard that the overhead map zoomed out, and I saw that I was on the West Coast.

I saw how big the map was. I would have to do this for every single location that was highlighted on the map. It was a map of the United States. I knew with every location I went to, there would be more people I would have to kill.

Then I woke up.

((Wow, I hope I never join a gang. Must be terrifying.))
Title: Re: Wierd Dreams
Post by: Fen on January 18, 2010, 11:20:59 AM
I had a multi-dream night recently (I kept forgetting to write it in here) but only one of them managed to stick. Being multi-dream, they were pretty short, about five of them. Anyway, it began with a person (if any of the people had names, I don't remember 'em.) who was not very intelligent, and got a surgical brain implant to give him a computer in his noggin to help him out with that. Skip ahead awhile, and he's gone and lost it. It is inferred that it is inside of an old spaceship out in the middle of nowhere, which three enter, one being the guy who lost his brain computer, the 'main character' of the dream, and someone else. They entered from the top, through a large stubborn sort of panel-door. It was dark, and despite the age, the ship's on board computer was still on. A brief conversation happened between it and the main character as the group crawled through some extremely dusty tunnels (by extremely, I mean like a constant anthill mountain range, only with dust), but all I could remember were the last three lines:
"There is a lot of dust in these tunnels."
"Yes, I like dust."
the main character suddenly stopped, saying "We need to get out of here."

dream terminated, consciousness achieved.
my guess was the computer would lure people into the ship, close off the exits, and wait for them to turn into dust, and that this had happened a lot of times.
Title: Re: Wierd Dreams
Post by: Virmir on January 18, 2010, 12:12:22 PM
Lopez: Whoa.  Epic.

Hmmmm... last night I dreamed I turned into a foxtaur. [;)

It was just the lower half, but still surprisingly realistic.  It started with a fairly realistic tail, then nice digitigrade footpaws.  And then all of a sudden I was on all fours. (Whoa!)  I think it might have continued up my body more, but after a few seconds the changes went in reverse and I woke up. (Blast!)

Anyway, the best part was it was all correct Virmir colors. [;)  The proportions were fairly toony too-- very much like I draw Virmir as a foxtaur.  I could feel all four limbs fairly well.  Though the front two, which mapped to my normal legs, came in a bit better.

This is the second lower-half foxtaur dream I've had.  (The first was probably about two years ago.)  I usually have a transformation dream once every couple of months or so, probably because I spend a lot of time thinking what it feels like to be the critters I write and draw about. [;)

(And yeah... GREAT topic. [:))
Title: Re: Wierd Dreams
Post by: PrincessHotcakes on January 18, 2010, 03:43:13 PM
Gah.  I've had semi lucid dreams where I tried to turn myself into something else, but it's one things that never seems to work.  It's somewhat frustrating...  Seems if I can't get a good grasp of what it physically feels like, I can't make it happen.  I remember one dream where I tried to make my stomach explode.  Failure there too.

Also, I forgot to mention the dream I most remember.  It's sketchy, but many many years ago I had a dream where my brother was too stupid to die.  As in he was given a can of baked beans and a flamethrower and we threw him at some bad guys in space and a nuclear explosion resulted... and a minute later he just walked up to me in this giddy stupid laugh saying how awesome it was.
Title: Re: Wierd Dreams
Post by: Stormkit on January 19, 2010, 12:08:55 AM
Yeah, I actually rarely do these anymore cause the net result is I always end up being the only person talking in the end and it gets weird.

Lol at pregger chimp

I've tried to make my stomach explode too! I've even gotten it to work once or twice, though it was more a disembowellment that resulted in a tail coming out of the fish variety.

And yeah, I can't ever seem to get TFs on purpose either. During all my lucid dreams I can't make dream powers work, but I can apparently control the setting if my most recent lucid dream is anything to go by. I will have to experiment next time (assuming a next time is anytime soon).
Title: Re: Wierd Dreams
Post by: KaiAdin on January 19, 2010, 01:56:45 AM
@ Kit: well were all patiently listening... (or not.. who knows)

ANyway I figured I should post this:

( (

Something from when I was on...Grade...8? or something.. and I don't remember much, but I do Know it was Inspired by one of the rare dreams I had.

I remember being an anthro Cat on the rooftops and there was this girl, as depicted in the picture.. (or was that me.. AS a girl.. I dunno time and the whole weird dream thing blurrs things) and obviously as a cat you get better night vision, able to see into the shadows better yet able to see the bright moon light too. So there I was standing on the rooftops seeing deep into the country side as the full moon glittered on the landscape with a silvery glow.

Alas thats all I remember of the dream. I made it with these awesome Fan Brushes I was given as a present, and some black fountain pen ink. I believe the white glow on the girl was made with a white colour pencil.

Edit: hehe thanks you guys for reminding me about this piccy too! ]:)
Title: Re: Wierd Dreams
Post by: Fen on January 19, 2010, 07:37:54 AM
I'll share another of mine now!

At first, it took place in a sort of festival, primarily around a building based off of Greek architecture. One of the participants came down off the stage the building had become and asked me to escort her home, though I'm not sure why. My brain kicked into quest mode and I immediately accepted, asking her to show the way. We went along a polished white marble hall, and when we had reached a certain point, she revealed a secret passage, which we entered. I remember it being a sort of library, and I went over to a small stand which had coins with skulls on them, a bit like Halloween-based poker chips. She urged me to hurry on, forcing me to abandon further inspection of them, and as we continued we nearly fell into a pit trap! It was at this point she kindly told me this shortcut was trapped. That portion went on without incident, and the marble halls faded away into the scenery of what I would call a haunted house. various decapitated appendages, brains in jars, dark, spookiness, the whole lot.

For no apparent reason at all, we walked into one room and encountered mummies. You'd think I'd have the intelligence to give up by then, but nope.. we rushed past them, as mummies are rather slow things. Mummies were really all we found, until some hulking... figure of some sort got in the way. I pointed a flashlight I conveniently produced out of nothing at him, and the area around his eyes lit up like a Las Vegas sign. he stopped attacking, just staring into the flashlight. I edged over to a closet and tossed it inside, locking him in when he went for it.

At this point we (finally) reached her father... while still in the haunted house area. apparently she lived there. He was playing with a knife, lounging in a chair. When he noticed us, he began to give a speech, playing with his knife the entire time. Multiple times, he threw it at me, just close enough to not hit me and imbed itself in the floor. When he was finished, he threw it in my left shoulder, said a few more words, and shooed me off. I returned to the festival, a good deal more grumbly than before...

that'll show me to accept escort missions. I wish I could remember what he said, though. The knife distracted me quite a bit.
Title: Re: Wierd Dreams
Post by: KaiAdin on January 19, 2010, 12:17:19 PM
Random thought: are theese dreams 'especially' weird or something, by default I would think dreams are weird... sooo a better title for this would be 'normal' dreams ]:)

Title: Re: Wierd Dreams
Post by: Virmir on January 19, 2010, 09:29:17 PM
Wow, Kai.  That's really cool.  The accompanying picture makes it awesome. [:)

True, most dreams of note are "weird". I don't think we bother remembering or telling other people about the boring, normal ones. [;)

I remember my first "furry" dream, I was the leader of a pack of four-legged feral, but sentient, talking wolves.  There was some dispute in the pack of some sort, and some of them wanted to mutiny.  But I yelled at them and made them listen. [;)

This was way back in middle school, in the 7th or 8th grade.  Up to that point I had never even considered the fantasy of being something other than human, and it really blew my mind.  I think that was probably the first step in my current direction. [;)
Title: Re: Wierd Dreams
Post by: PrincessHotcakes on February 11, 2010, 03:30:05 PM
Ack, odd one last night. 
Started I was naked... in a walmart restroom.  Only the restroom lacked walls and was at best obscured by a counter from the rest of the store, and the toilet was located UNDER an alcove and you couldn't get to it.  Fortunately there was no one else in the Walmart, so my worries weren't too bad after all. 

I decided to move on, (of course completely forgetting about the clothes issue) and the Walmart it turned was connected to a mall, which was connected to a Mass Relay (can anyone tell I've been playing a lot of Mass Effect recently?).  I end up on a ship and we're heading toward a spatial anomaly of some type and as we approach it turns out to be inhabited by spirits or noncoroporal life forms or some garbage and they periodically posses the crew and have small snippets of conversation with me. 

We approach the big extra-spatial anomaly and for whatever reason the ship is headed straight in and we can't go with it, so we hightail it to the escape pods... only to immediately decide to leave the whole anomaly and promptly head BACK to the ship so we can make our getaway.  Of course the baddie... things decide to start shooting at us.

As we try to gun it we realize we can’t get away, so somehow I get the bright idea that the only way to survive is to toss an old lady out of the airlock to distract our pursuers.  I approach her to start the… rather odd request, but I wake up before anything can happen.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Geary on February 11, 2010, 04:03:28 PM
And you were in the nude during the entire duration of this dream?
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: PrincessHotcakes on February 11, 2010, 05:09:15 PM
That would have been hilarious but no; when my dreams change context usually everything else changes with it like it was never even a factor.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: PrincessHotcakes on April 04, 2010, 12:37:55 PM
   Somewhat odd one last night; it started in some kind of shrine that also housed a military complex and we were trying to unlock some great big secret sealed behind this big stone door.  Well, it turned out there was a fairy that was supposed to control this door, but somehow it contracted the ebola virus and died (and we all promptly forgot about the ebola virus afterword…).  So we were left with no fairy and no way to get through this door, till I suddenly get the idea to steal some stone artifact locked away in one of the base’s vaults that might open up a back way.  I end up travelling alongside this Chinese guy whom everyone is convinced is a spy.

The sentry guarding this stone artifact turns out to be no problem as the Chinese dude turns out to know the Vulcan nerve pinch, and stealing this MacGuffin I bolt for a security door that only the base’s commanding general has access to, but for whatever reason as I go through this big high tech metal and glass door no alarms whatsoever go off.

Soon I find myself in great big temple room with an altar up front and suddenly a hundred people are gathered around wondering what’s going to happen.  I touch a glowing blue glass dome on the altar which apparently represents the happiness and goodwill of the universe as everyone agrees that we have to use this at the 2012 London Olympics, it being such a good beacon of international harmony. 

So, as we set that up a bunch of people leave through a narrow hallway which unfortunately turns out to be Indiana Jones temple-trap laden and they end up crushed and roasted to death by various ancient traps.  I run and try and escape from the temple but just as I hit day light I find myself in custody of the police for the murder of politician.  And then it just ended.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Kasimir on April 04, 2010, 05:56:40 PM
That's awesome. {:P
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Fen on April 17, 2010, 02:39:38 AM
two days ago I had a dream. It took place in a white facility akin to a school. Though, it was kind of older so it wasn't really pristine white, but not really dirty either... anyway, the dream involved me going to the bathroom, then walking out and pas two or three people.

that's basically it- the only weird thing about it is how un-weird it is compared to my other dreams...
I think my brain is going meta on me in my sleep.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Fen on April 17, 2010, 10:30:05 AM
right then, got another one today.

this once took place in a spaceship under attack from hostile aliens, and all I can remember of them was that they were dark and had giganormous claws, and naturally spewing hallucinogens as well as being intelligent to some degree. At the start it's mid-way through, and it turns out the aliens have hijacked the ship's artificial gravity and made it go sideways, forcing the crew to painstakingly crawl up the walls of the ship to try and stop them. During the process for this, the aliens kept making it harder and harder to climb, until they're just going straight up the flat wall, but then rather stupidly keeps going, allowing them to drop down to the opposite  wall and walk on ahead.

The next portion was a larger room compared to the previous hallway, with a room between the one the crew (including, apparently, myself) were headed for and the one we were in. While we were safe where we were, the aliens tried to coax us out with hallucinations of things we very much wanted, and I was the only one who didn't leave at the sight of them. I knew they were fake, but more importantly it pissed me off that the aliens were doing this. For me in particular, they showed the TARDIS, sometimes more than once. It actually led to me having a bark-off with a hallucination of a dog, the breed of which I am not sure.

Fast forward again, and we got to where we were going, but I'm badly injured and have to go back to the other room to get healed up with magic space technology. An alien stops me and we both wind up killing each other, and the dream ends.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: PrincessHotcakes on April 19, 2010, 03:13:38 PM
‘Nother one last night… It was the 1856 US presidential election, and for whatever reason I was attempting to convince this printer to go out and vote.  The guy had a really really shaggy beard and kept on trying to blow me off, so I told him that if he didn’t go out and vote I was going to convince his wife to divorce him.  Inscenced at this he tried to pull a gun on me to I (without wondering how this was possible) grabbed a cow from a barn and beat him over the head with it.  Now the dude was dead and I realized I was covered in blood so I decided to grab a garden hose and spray the area with bleach (both of which were mysteriously now available in 1856).  It started well enough but then I realized that if I was running bleach through the hose it was also running through pipes and suddenly worry gripped me that it might be corroding them. 

Thinking quickly I went over to tell the neighbor who was pulling weeds and I asked him for help with the pipes.  He agrees and the dream starts shifting to a urban slum and as we’re walking back to my house I’m worried that we’re going to get mugged.  The neighbor is edgy and decides to take no chances and starts preemptively shooting everyone he sees so they won’t be able to shoot us.  I rather worriedly ask him to stop but he responds that if he gets three more points he’ll get a high score.

Cue another dream shift in which I’m playing a game of Space Invaders except there’s a glitch involved that keeps on spontaneously making my barriers disappear causing me to die close to a dozen times.  Finally I get fed up and go get make myself a pizza only to find the kitchen door is inexplicably blocked by hundreds of boxes of Wheat Thins.  Immediately I scream upstairs demanding to know which incompetent member of my family is responsible for the deed.  My dad and mother both call down saying they don’t know, and suggest I eat my way through the Wheat Thins.  Naturally I start grumbling and moaning about how I wanted frozen pizza and not snack food and just start pacing through the downstairs.  I come across the computer and find it inexplicably dead. And that’s when I wake up.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Fen on April 26, 2010, 04:18:27 AM
last night I got two, which both took place in the same world, I guess. Sort of medieval times, I think.

The first of the two revolved around three parties: myself, a woman from a royal family, and a wandering rogue-ish swordsman. There was conflict over a large amount of land and who should own it and we all had sort of an argument-off to present pros and cons of eachother and have it be decided that way. Over the course of it, numerous facts were written down on papers and eventually it was discovered that the man and woman came from the same family, and thus got the land.

I went off to who knows where and wound up in a forest of sort-of were-creatures. Sort of in that they stack in one form but can transfer it. I decide to join them and as it turns out to become one you have to kinda "die" and they need your signature, and as I'm talking with one while writing my signature (on the very paper I wrote in the argument thing, which for some reason they had) I accidentally mis-write it as someone else's who is famous, and told I should show it to people afterwards... then I cross it out, and re-write it as my actual signature while explaining, and told to hide it from people because they might get pissed. After that, sort of death thing happens and wake up with options! As it turns out, the people get two options which are a randomized combination of one male something and one female something. For me it was squirrel and cat. At this point, though, I guess a part of my brain said screw the universe, I have the power, because I went wolf anyway.

TL;DR- random squabbling over dirt, first TF dream. Huzzah!
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Virmir on May 10, 2010, 11:14:13 AM
The other night I dreamt I was MK Virmir ( (meaning I was a good deal grumpier, and charged with a LOT more fire magic) escorting two humans (possibly kids, though they were taller than me), through some sort of gothic stylized, cartoonish nighttime city and ultimately through some dusty old house where they were looking for something.  As they rummaged through rooms of the house they used flashlights, but I helped them out (begrudgingly) with my shining orange witchlight to help illuminate what they were doing.

When we got to the even dustier attic, I opened a closet and suddenly a midget Batman villian Bane ( leapt out and tried to stab me with a kitchen knife as epic orchestra music began to play in the background.  (I say midget because, while he was bigger than me, he was only about a foot taller, so naturally he must have been a midget version due to my shortness).  Of course, I retaliated by sending a number of fireballs (which looked rather Earth Eternal-ish) into his chest, which he mostly shrugged off, but they did cause him to drop his knife.  He then resorted to trying to punch me, but I grabbed both his fists as he pushed back.  Of course he was way stronger, but as he pushed me to the ground, I lit him on fire and pushed back.

To his credit, him being on fire didn't slow him down at first, but he eventually got weaker and I was able to push back.  The amount of fire magic I had to pour into him was substantial though, and it lit the entire place up in a raging inferno.  (No idea how the kids I was supposed to be protecting possibly could have survived that, honestly.)  He withered and died, and then I woke up as I crouched in the sea of flames, rather exhausted.  Phooey. [;)
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Stormkit on May 10, 2010, 05:20:19 PM
Interesting... I dreamt of an artifact that is painfully hot to touch if you're unpure of spirit (or something. I found it warm but tolerable), but then I put my palms on it and froze it in a outspreading frost sort of way. Kind of like this window ( but with a different frost pattern. I then proceeded to freeze the entire room I was in. I'm not sure what happened in between but I also remember standing outside my house at night while I shook my hands (in a jazz hand sort of way, but both in front of me palms down) and snowflakes fell out. Their size was proportional to how wild the shaking was.

Also recently I had a dream where I found a magic book with incantations, a dream with royal twins on vacation, another with two people who inherit a prank from their dead uncle, there was a canal with pirates on it, and yet another dream where I fought someone in a duel of summoning monsters (and also we fought ourselves) and every once in a while something would repeat but go a different way.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Jonas on May 12, 2010, 11:52:24 AM
I dreamed that I was playing in a field with Jonas, who I think was my pet in the context of the dream. We were playing fetch with a ball and then he tackled me and gave me a nuzzle. I nuzzled him back, having turned just then into an anthro version of Jonas. Something happened (don't remember) and then we were both sitting on a couch watching tv, and I think Jonas was wiggling his paws a lot. I remember trying to see what I was wearing but wasn't able to see because my vision was first person and I was constantly trying to switch it to 3rd person unsuccessfully.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Digital Vulpine on May 15, 2010, 10:05:52 PM
Had a rather odd one, at least in my opinion.  Started off talking to several people on a dirt road in front of a museum, apparently we were going to get paid "several million" to steal a painting or something from there.  (what we would be getting several million of was never specified) We go in, buy tickets, and it turns out that it cost over four million of the local currency (never found out what it was) to get a museum ticket, and we talked about how we better not be getting payed in that.

Inside the museum is a theater, and some kind of band was playing in there.  Couldn't hear any music at all though.  We all go into the theater, except for one guy who's apparently going after the painting.  We all stand near the various doors, when suddenly someone dressed like a clown jumps out from back-stage and attacks the band.  We all make our getaway in the confusion, while the security guards detain the clown. 

We got the painting, and I seemed to have gotten a L85 from somewhere.  For some reason it had an ACOG instead of a SUSAT scope.  I hear noise behind us, turn around and see something running at us.  I look through the scope, and it's just some kids and three dogs.  I lower the rifle and they run past.  Out of curiosity I examine the gun more closely and fire a couple shots at a tree, and it turns out to be fake anyway.  It sure looks real enough, but it's fake. 

I see a group of people acting suspiciously, then walking into a field (wheat, I think, some sort of grain), and decide to follow them to see what they're up to (as if my group doesn't look suspicious enough).  Eventually the field comes to a place where the grain has all been cut down, and the group we're following randomly drops down on the ground, crawls a bit, then stands up again to continue walking.  After repeating this a few times we come to a road with a wooden watchtower by it. 

The group we're following climbs up into the watchtower, and a large truck drives by with a bunch of people in the back, who have a bunch of random old weapons.  The watchtower and the truck shoot at each other as it drives past, I run across the road after it's gone, hide in the woods just beyond it, and attach a bayonet to my fake gun for some reason.  The truck drives by a couple more times, and three people in black combat gear with MP5's show up in the woods and walk right past where I'm hiding.  I threaten them with the fake gun and ask them to identify themselves, apparently I liked what they said, and a fourth guy shows up who's apparently in charge.

I tell him about the fake gun, and he goes into the woods and uncovers a stash of tommy guns.  I take one, and some helicopters show up.  At first I think they're on our side, but the sergeant guy says he didn't call for any.  Sure enough they start shooting at us, and we shoot back.  One of them crashes and... I woke up there.

My overall impression was... "What was with that? O_o "  Also interesting: other than the crashed chopper I never saw anyone get killed.  A-Team shooting I guess?
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Stormkit on May 21, 2010, 03:01:58 AM
Interesting about the fake gun. I remember I had a dream once where my grandmother had a stache of guns in case of emergencies. And when we found ourselves on an island with dinosaurs that seemed to qualify, but all the guns just shot nerf bullets. Twas weird.

Okay, so I had a dream last night that I was trying to invade some complex or other (I think by the name of Williams). At first it was in third person and I think I was trying to attract attention by teleporting us up the line. I don't remember quite where that went, but next I remember was just outside the actual complex. I was waiting for a break in the incoming members so I could sneak to the side and get in through a window, but someone actually came from the other direction and I had to hide. However there was no where to hide and I ended up trying out an 'ignore me' spell and lay down in the grass next to a hedge. (tiny hedge, no way you could hide in or behind it) The other fifteen or so people ALSO trying to sneak in did a much worse job than I did but the passerby didn't notice any of us. That didn't say much for my spell, but the other 15 not noticing me did. One of them even lay on top of me.

So of course I realized I didn't need to bother waiting for a break in onlookers and just walked over, somehow acquiring a partner on the way. Inside were a whole lot more people looking for an actual way in. After a bit of exploring my partner suggested we go up, so I teleported him up a floor and then proceeded to use my newfound gravity powers to walk up a nearby wall. When I got to where I wanted, I looked at my target and changed gravity in that direction and jumped! Let me tell you, gravity flying is kind of difficult. From what I figured out in the dream, I have to be able to focus on a target in order to accelerate that way which is difficult with the sky in the dark. Also you can't anti-accelerate or decelerate. This means I'd often find myself shooting past my targets, or sometimes even into them. But regardless...

Skipping past the mishaps and dead ends, I found myself in a room with a spiraling (square spiral) staircase suspended in midair. It started shaking so I instantly threw up the 'ignore me' spell and threw myself into a corner against a wall. A woman in a catsuit landed in the middle of the room and shouted, "Don't Move!" and proceeded to throw ninja stars into the wall I was leaning against. I threw up a shield (another spontaneously acquired power) and closed my eyes hoping she wouldn't notice me or hit me by accident. I felt a few collide with the edges of my shield and slide sideways, but I'm not sure a direct impact would have held. When she stopped I opened my eyes and she looked at me and said, "He moved," and then walked out the door we came in.

When I looked over at my partner, he was quite definitely dead. I'd be sadder if I knew who he was :/. Anyway, apparently she overkilled him and the extra damage had to go somewhere cause when I looked down I saw a GBA with a picture of a unicorn on it and a rainbow health bar that was slowly decreasing. I tried to give myself the power to heal by turning MYSELF into a unicorn (digital so I could 'heal' the machine) but it didn't work and neither did my attempt to outright heal the unicorn. I was then struck with the brilliant idea of savepoints so I turned off the machine and tried to turn it on again, but it required the unicorn's cellphone to input a password. I abruptly remembered (don't ask me how, dream logic doesn't really make much sense) him leaving his bag and a cellphone behind a bush outside so I left and flew out on my way, having to dodge an inordinate amount of telephone wires. I managed to find the bag and phone by comparing their location to my car, but it was getting dark so not only did I have trouble finding the complex again, I had trouble actually flying. The dream left off with me asking various people for directions on how to find the complex again.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: AlexShrub on May 22, 2010, 07:28:27 AM
I Finally have something to share it seems. (I copied this almost-directly from my FA journal today, but revised it here a bit more)

You all know those cheap Sci-Fi (guess it's SyFy now) horror specials with huge gators and such?

I had a dream that was a rather vivid and not-so-cheap one with New York City.

 Now, this was one of those dreams that seems like it takes forever, and there was plenty of plot development and shenanigans like silly radio-DJs (and me playing a weird 3-D Zelda game on an NES Inside the same movie-dream). But then, the first main group of characters trudges through a flooded subway or whatever it was. find it creepy, then they leave and the Next group of characters comes into the same one(including myself) and within 5 minutes everyone except me was ripped apart by whatever was in the water. Then there was me, scared [poo]less, on a mini-sewer island, scared out of my flippin mind. Really, my mind envisioned some pretty good gore in that scene. such as feet being ripped off or someone crawling up to me with bloody stumps for legs. Oh, and I didn't say this in my journal, but they killed a sewer-gator as well right before my group-mates.[:O

Anyway, I never figure out what happens to the handsome rouge seeing as how I woke myself up in fright, but being the protagonist I probably survived.

So..., nice to finally be worthy of the weird-dreams thread.  [:)

I've also never been to New York, I guess that since everything else movie/game wise is my mind decided to go there as well.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: PrincessHotcakes on June 05, 2010, 11:14:58 AM
Things started more or less normal when we were all going to go shopping with my mom’s family.  Their living in Louisiana of course meant there were swamps everywhere, so we ended up driving down a freeway bridge straight through a swamp, in the middle of which was this new shopping center that was oddly spread out.  We got out, fan out, and promptly spaced out, in more ways than one.  For suddenly we all forgot about shopping and found ourselves aboard some interstellar colony ship that had all its occupants indoctrinated in some kind of bizarre cult.  We never figured out just what exactly what was bizarre about them as the dream left me only with the impression that if they found us they were going to eviscerate us alive or something we were discovered. 

Turned out they were having some big ritual where they affirmed their indoctrination in a central chamber of the ship, which for some strange reason resembled a department store.  My father informs me that in 15 minutes a bomb would be set off that would destroy the ship, but before that could happen I was informed I had to steal something from their big department store chamber, while they were communing and partaking of their cult stuff.  So I meander around, looking for something to pilfer and all the while not get caught doing so, and the whole time I just can’t make up my mind about what I want to steal.  I look for a video game section of the “store” but find no such thing; I end up wandering between a carpet section and a section where they sell cups and stuff.  Despite my instructions, I feel there isn’t anything here I actually want to steal, plus I’m getting increasingly nervous  that the cultists are going to ask me why I keep wandering about the same spot every two minutes. 

I promptly exit “the store” and go looking for my family so we can skedaddle off the ship and blow it to kingdom come.  There are few people in the huge corridors, but when I spot my dad he begins inexplicably shouting at the top of his lungs that everything is ready and we can blow the ship up now.  I make frantic cutting notions and hiss through my teeth trying to get him to shut up.  Quickly I decide that I have to bolt immediately and I end up turning a corridor and ending up in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory (the Johnny Depp version).

Willy isn’t in a very talkative mood and directs me away, but not long after I’m accosted by several men who not so subtly instruct me to surrender and get into a car with them.  They mention something about some new fillings in my molars (fillings that I suddenly miraculously have).  An element of genre savviness leads me to instead bolt and I run across a college campus, running over students carrying books, and somehow I end up losing my pursuers.  By now the dream has adopted a very Sixth Day ( sort of feel, going so far that I’m thinking that this is the sequel to said movie, and the antagonist (despite the fact that they all the bad guys… well, died in that movie) is out to get me and his sending his cloned goons, yet I have no idea why.  For some reason Willy Wonka is the best person to ask and I find him not in his factory but behind the desk of a fairly well off candy shop in a mall.  He mentions offhand my dental fillings and says that they have extraordinary and proprietary secrets in their manufacture, and that the bad guys therefore want them.  Unfortunately, in perhaps the most bizarre rape of logic my dreams have every produced, the laws of physics have changed so that the fillings can’t be removed, not without killing me, so in order for the bad guys to obtain them I have to be removed from the picture. 

Somewhat shaken, I leave though not without purchasing a huge lollipop, and I sneak off trying to think of some way to save my hide.  Then, it hits me in the form of bizarre clairvoyance that informs me that the bad guys’ corporate headquarters doesn’t have flood insurance.  Excellent!  I can just burst the giant Hoover-esque Dam that sits upriver, flood them out and whoever isn't killed will see the company go completely bankrupt!.  Nevermind the fact that it’s in the middle of a city with millions of people in it, I have antagonists to drown!  However as I’m driving up to the dam I meet a road block in the form of a Borg invasion that’s springing from the middle of the highway.  And then I wake up.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Stormkit on June 05, 2010, 11:10:15 PM
*awards Radioactive Toast with the crazy dream of the month award*

I mean wow... just... wow. That's even worse than most of MY dreams. At least they generally have a coherent plot line O_o
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Stormkit on June 08, 2010, 08:16:01 PM
Anndddd.... I just had my own crazy to follow dream ^.^;

The dream started in Australia with an airplane flight to New York with three other passengers. The first was in the seat in front of me trying to be involved. I didn't like him much and was trying to ignore him for the most part. Sitting immediately to my left was a girl who seemed to be happy at the idea of going to New York with the guy sitting to HER left, presumably her boyfriend. This was the only one of the three I really cared about, though I cannot recall why. I'm not sure when the plane became a train but we were soon circling around the statue of liberty when guy I cared about started trying to gently break the news that he had been to New York before. The girl next to me was furious at him for going without her and I end up leaving all three of them behind.

(Look! Paragraphs!)

I make it back to home where there's a raging storm (starting with a blizzard and ending with rain) and a family friend, Cinders calls to say that she can't meet me for the day, but can I look after her kids for ten minutes or so while she does something really important. I head over and get stuck at college avenue (where I go to college... it's on the way to her house) because of a very long fence at the edge of a cliff and the only way through is an apartment with a confusing layout. Unsurprisingly (to me) I ended up in an old woman's house. She sees me and calls out to stop me. Realizing my mistake, I embarrassingly turn around with my suit case and start leaving before she intercepts me and directs me through the proper route out. It seems this is a rather common occurance and she's well used to it by now. As I left she muttered something about wanting the government to fix the thing.

I quickly found myself at a bar where I get another call from Cinders saying to hurry up so I hire a girl of pirate persuasion to help me get there (after all, I had to get across the river). While I wait for the time to pass (she told me to meet her at a certain time) I decided to get a drink at the bar (soda if you must know) and overheard a couple a table over talking about their child. I volunteered some advice to them and then they left. At this point I proceeded to mistake my empty soda can for a shoe and try to put it on. Perhaps the most astonishing part about this is that while cramped, I was successful in this endeavor.

So I left the bar at 6:25 (actually that's when I got there as well, I think I might have been late) to meet the pirate girl on a pirate ship. She was very annoyed at me for some reason I cannot recall (but it might have been that I was late), but I do seem to remember it involved a scarf of some sorts. She then directed my attention overboard to a floating plastic duck with two seats on it. After a bit of trouble with the railing, I jumped over first and landed in the front seat, a moment later she jumped on behind me and we were shortly on our way. It was not long before we felt a sudden weight and then we promptly sunk. Looking up I saw that we were being assailed by a very large man. That is to say it was a rather normal looking old teenager and we were suddenly children (I did say 'shortly' didn't I?).

I can only surmise he was trying to interfere with the race so we wouldn't come in first. The pirate girl was stuck, but I flailed at the fellow and was able to strike him in the neck paralyzing him long enough for me to reach the surface and get another breath of air before being dragged back under. This time I struck his neck several times and left him floating vaguely at the bottom as I resurfaced to the concerned faces of a bunch of people who seemed to know the pirate girl. I never did make it across the river by the time I woke up...

Somewhere in all of this (or it may have been another dream) I found myself swinging on invisible monkey bars that I created out of air. There was a lot more to this scene but unfortunately I am unable to remember.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Stormkit on July 22, 2010, 11:00:05 PM
I frequently (maybe once a month or so) have dreams where my teeth are fragile and start breaking apart for no reason at all or dreams where I have class but I've forgotten for a while and I'm in danger of failing because I haven't done any of the assignments or there's a big project/test coming up that I'm not ready for at all. Now from what I know of dreams these are actually pretty frequent and are supposed to mean that a person is stressed. I know I always wake up from these dreams relieved to find that my teeth are perfectly strong or to remember I'm not in school just at the moment, etc, but I still have to wonder what I can possibly be stressed about. As a general rule of thumb I don't stress about anything except maybe for short periods of time when I've got a bunch of stuff to do at once. So why do I keep getting stress dreams?
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Tvorsk on August 12, 2010, 01:34:44 AM
Alright, so... generally, it seems that I was at the same time a protagonist in some really crappy movie or something, and "real me" watching it. "Real me"'s thoughts in italics.

First scene I remember is me asking someone (kind of a servant/assistant to the family) something in lines of "So you stole this <some word, I don't remember, meant food> for us, right?". (Note that I'm most probably quite a bit younger in there than I am usually). He goes "Urm, heh ^.^' why did you thought something like that?" "Well, I tricked mum, asked her <blast, forgot the exact dialogue, but about some new only-for-privileged marketplace, and tricking her to admit food was from there>".
Next scene is unfortunately more blurry. Dad (note, not "real me"'s parents) is bragging about something, his current work/discoveries and such, on top of it "my character" is narrating dad's former career in some kind of army/police something... at some point "I" go "And he still likes the gun" and at the very point he pulls out something looking pseudo-futuristically looking from a side holster... like, whole front is one slightly rounded shape, as high as the barrel and handle would be in a regular pistol, and the grip is a hole in the shape, not sticking down (not entirely unlike FN P90). He plays with it a bit (aiming, putting away and again, no shooting). At one point Mum thinks something in lines of "I like the smaller ones" (and I go "Wait, how do I know she thought that?!") and pulls out a small silver more-like-classic-pistol from behind. Dad's like "I did not knew they put my invention to use!" and a bit later he says he's not sure if he's happy to know it's in production.
And heeeeere goes a scene change.
Something (TV, radio, PA, I just don't know) announces that rationing has been made mandatory, and that everyone is supposed to get the assigned amount (IF ANY) now.
At this point, "real me"'s memory decides to recall quite a large number of old-SF dystopian stories
The me/narrator may or may not mention, not sure, something about how I am now greateful to the guy from first scene for the stolen stuff... because, "without the rationing slips all we can eat is... *we all pick up large packets in red/orange shrinkwrap, labeled "emergency"* GRANDPA'S MAIL-STAMPS COLLECTION."
At this point, I almost took a spittake. o_O wth?!
"We" rip off the plastic, and indeed they're stacks of cardboard folders... open one, and I see a large sheet of absurdally simple stamps (just a few words in a blueish ink). A handwritten note saying "First print, <date>" falls out. Also, from the opened cover hangs a relatively small long lace-tied canvas bag. Something you might use for slightly more expensive sunglasses.
"Real me" just knows there's something really bad with it, and thinks "I sure don't want to open this"...
Of course it gets opened, and a dried butterfly is inside. Something (a label inside? some book? don't know, got only the information itself) tells us it's deadly-dangerous.
One of the parents go "Yeah, it's just like that one... see these gray spots"? (The butterfy looks quite like - weird, as it's not too menacing, and I know way crazier kinds - but has large splotches of gray in center of each wing).
"Real me" goes "What "that one"?! That sounds really like some very crappy horror movie now...
"me" looks where the parents points to, and of course, another one falls down to the floor from somewhere. Then it rolls forward and gets even more unclear... there's a bunch of these butterflies (not a giaaant cloud, just a bunch), everyone's scared, I touch one of the dead ones and note that their wings hook up onto my hand (as in, like they'd have thousands of tiny hooks, and have to be ripped away again)... and I totally feel like it'd be a bad movie.
Okay, another scene change... or two... first, a view of some small hatch with antennae... I actually think the very exact image appeared earlier, with implication it was some kind of an outpost on another planet or something... then, a very bad-movie-ish slow-mo (or was it just looking so slow?) scene with some tentacles breaking from under somethhing transparent (ice, glass, how could I know?)...
"real me" thinks "Okay, it's getting ridiculous. What crappy move it is, anyway?
... and I woke up.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Tvorsk on August 12, 2010, 12:52:58 PM
(2010.08.12 - 07:54:22) Tvorsk: I should pull out my old one about trams from the chatlogs and post there too >.>;

Blatant copypaste, all typos preserved.

VirBot: Tvorsk logs into the Chat.
Tvorsk: Hey!
Stormkit: hey Tvorsk
KaiAdin: oh Tvorsk! hey
Tvorsk: Oh my, how happy I am ti see you two in specific..
KaiAdin: haha
KaiAdin: why is that?
Tvorsk: See, I had a crazy dream, and feel almost forced to talk about it.
Tvorsk: ... you have a minute?
KaiAdin: oh.. cool lets hear it!
Stormkit: I always have a minute for crazy dreams!
KaiAdin: I'm sure kit wont mind
KaiAdin: YAY
Tvorsk: As a bit of preamble, I apparently found a way to get those... stay up late working, then sleep (or nap rather) shallowly till morning (six AM or so), THEN roll to the other side in bed.
Tvorsk: I get sucked almost immediately, and it's the second time in last week I got a crazy dream off it.
KaiAdin: you need to roll?
Stormkit: see I just get them whenever I let myself wake up naturally without an alarm clock
Tvorsk: Well, not everyone can sleep as easily as you, Kai...
KaiAdin: ahhm well I think I sleep too well Tvorsk
Stormkit: nappingkitty just got owned!
KaiAdin: I never seem to remember dreams
KaiAdin: LOL
Tvorsk: So, it was definitely inspired by yesterday; I had a city trip in the dark, I worked on a webpage, which's for a band that plays 20s and 30s style jazz. So a lot of refs to that time.
Tvorsk: Also my city has a lot of bouildings and overall layout left from that time too.
Tvorsk: So.
Tvorsk: I'm standing at a square, surrounded by typical pre-WWII factory-style architecture.
Tvorsk: Implied, "I know"... something in lines of "I just left a theatre."
Tvorsk: I'm waiting for a tram.
Tvorsk: And waiting.
Tvorsk: Time passes, darkness falls around. Streetlights turn on.
Tvorsk: They're also weird, because half of hem has the currently-used orange sodium bulbs, other half's using white (also fluorescent) ones.
KaiAdin: ahh those yucky orange ones
Tvorsk: A light rain is falling.
Tvorsk: At some moment I see a person few dozen meters to the right from me. I think now... not sure, he had a 1930s office clerk's clothes; bowler hat, black suit-vest, white shirt...
Tvorsk: Anyway, I try to approach him, feeling like I'm going up a strong wind... suddenly, I notice I'm way past him... and I totally don't remember what or how, but I'm back at the very point I was standing originally.
Tvorsk: So... apparently I was standing there all night, cause suddently it's already morning.
VirBot: Stormkit has been logged out (Timeout).
* Tvorsk sighs.
KaiAdin: (kits at home and randomly timing out Tvorsk)
KaiAdin: he happend 20mins ago
KaiAdin: it*
KaiAdin: Please continue?
Tvorsk: I notice in the style of "It was always here, but was it always here yesterday" that there's a lot of tram tracks on that square or whatever it was.
Tvorsk: So, one tram goes from behing me and turns, but I want to ride in the other direction.
KaiAdin: ah]\
Tvorsk: Suddenly, someone asks me, "Excuse me, but aren't you waiting for a twelve?"
Tvorsk: "Why, yes..."
VirBot: Stormkit logs into the Chat.
KaiAdin: WB Kit
Tvorsk: Hey Kit!
Stormkit: Hi ^.^;
Tvorsk: Then (s)he, I don't remember the person points further out to the right... and I see a tram there.
KaiAdin: ah the tram you waanted?
Stormkit: and yes, time periods change sporadically in dreams
Tvorsk: Extremely large, but at the same time somewhat old-school. Not 30s old school, but like... you'd combine 30's styling with circa 70s manufacturing abilities.
Stormkit: it's not that you were there all night, but rather that it was suddenly morning
Tvorsk: And yes, it's a line 12... It even shows the same name of end station like the one we have here...
Tvorsk: Also, it's dark green... just as our city's trams were before 1950s...
KaiAdin: oh cools
Tvorsk: So, I run in its direction, jumping over those tracks... and there was a lot of tracks, almost like at a large rail station...
Tvorsk: Two times I hear that something's approacing me from the back and have to jump to the side...
Tvorsk: Oh, and whole the time I see a very old gran'ma also running for it quite a few meters in front of me. {:)
Tvorsk: So, I get into the tram, the back car of it. Feeling dizzy.
Tvorsk: People are actually nice and courteous, someone asks me if I'm all right... I say something about not feeling good.
Tvorsk: I slowly look arouund the insides.
Tvorsk: People are dressed and mannered in the (well, local) 1930s styles, or at least like I "know" 1930s styles from movies and such.
VirBot: Stormkit has been logged out (Timeout).
Tvorsk: Tram itself is definitely oldschool, with manually operated doors, wooden seats, and stuff.
KaiAdin: oh cools
Tvorsk: I decide to stand, just like I prefer in real life.
KaiAdin: (wait.. how is this weird? its sounds like pretty normal dream stuff to me XD)
Tvorsk: It gets weird near the end... we're maybe 1/3rd way.
KaiAdin: ahhh oks!
Tvorsk: So, one of the people inside, a forty-something man in bright suit, fedora, and mustache as it was popular then, gets up, closes the door, then goes to the very end of car and steps on a moving thingamajig extending from the floor to signal the driver. Remember, we're in back car.
* KaiAdin hasnt been on an old tram :P
Tvorsk: Heh, we have a museum here... I visited it last year. The stuff in the dream is somewhat correct in these reagards {:)
KaiAdin: But I think I understand the concept
Tvorsk: Also, during the whole time I "knew" that he was a passenger; not sure why he was performing conductor's (ticker controller's) duty... maybe was volunteering or what...
Tvorsk: Hey, dream logic.
KaiAdin: haha yea
Tvorsk: So, I hear the very recognizable sound of the driver turning the control crank, and off we go.
Tvorsk: And yes, we have a few cars with crank control even today... I know the sound.
KaiAdin: ahhh ok
Tvorsk: (They're ~70s, just made that way for some reason)
Tvorsk: So, off we go!
Tvorsk: I still feel dizzy, so I sit down for a moment.
Tvorsk: Here happens first very weird part.
KaiAdin: ahh
Tvorsk: I notice... somewhere, most probably in the wall, but it could be some kind of wall-mounted box or something...
Tvorsk: Anyway, a few closed horizontal slots/covers... a bit like a mailbox. They all have names and dates on it.
Tvorsk: I have no idea what why and how, but I "know" it's about deaths.
Tvorsk: A woman, ~50s, dressed "rich", fur coat and stuff, notices what I'm looking at and tells me something sad about a relative. I assume related, but I somehow skipped over it in the dream.
Tvorsk: I know she told me something, but not the contents.
KaiAdin: ohh oks
Tvorsk: I look around, and notice a young man of the "you wouldn't like to meet him in the alley" type.
Tvorsk: Here, somehow I make a connection to one of the other names on that... whatever it was.
Tvorsk: He and the "name" were friends, both were working for some gangsters or something...
KaiAdin: ahh
Tvorsk: And I go all like "And so, you thing his death was worth it? How much they're paying you?"
Tvorsk: He's definitely uncomfortable, mutters some amount, and turns away.
Tvorsk: So, we arrive at a stop.
Tvorsk: Speaking of which, I'm pretty sure I recognized some of the places during the whole drive, before and after that point; they're really next to line 12's track.
Tvorsk: *ride
KaiAdin: ahh right
KaiAdin: you ride line 12 IRL?
Tvorsk: Only a few times at all.
Tvorsk: Loooong ago last time.
KaiAdin: ahhh ok
Tvorsk: The "conductor" unlocks and opens the door, lets people out... then he gets outside by the rear door.
Tvorsk: The tram very slowly starts.
Tvorsk: He walks, (not runs!) to the _MIDDLE_ door, gets in thru there, closes them all.
Tvorsk: Just a bit of a weirdness.
KaiAdin: ohh
Tvorsk: I can't really describe it, but a lot of things has this "old-school courtesy" feeling.
KaiAdin: ahhh heh
Tvorsk: At next stop, he gets outside... we're nexet to a cinema.
Tvorsk: He knows what's playing right now as he announces the stop, can you imagine?
Tvorsk: Very 30s-ish.
KaiAdin: oh what?
Tvorsk: The thing where a conductor is almost like a, dunno, a good trip pilot... know's what's going around, is happy to talk about it, stuff...
KaiAdin: tour guide?
Tvorsk: Exactly. Sorry, I'm a bit blurry in my thoughts still.
Tvorsk: Aroud that time, a dog chases a cat into inside.
Tvorsk: Another dog, as (again, "were there since beginning, but why I never noticed them earlier?") we had a dog and two cats on the ride, growls at the newcomer, they're starting to fight.
Tvorsk: Someone, not sure who, throws the new dog away, but lets the cat stay.
Tvorsk: And here... here is a sudden switch.
Tvorsk: I dunnow how, dunno why, but I know that things started gouing wrong and I know the cause.
KaiAdin: thats cool
KaiAdin: @ the blurry thoughts
KaiAdin: but yea,
Tvorsk: Well, I seem to very vaguely recall that I had to analyze, investigate maybe, before I learned that, but that part of the dream is either lost, or never was there in the first place.
Tvorsk: So, I'm running to my home, and scream at my mother (who barely knows how to start one and play solitaire) "Who let you mess with my computer?!" {:O
Tvorsk: Things like "You really thought that was a good idea? Where is it?" and so, as I frantically search.
KaiAdin: haha
Tvorsk: Finally I find a _hacked_ _ages-old_ (yeah, I pointed it out while ranting to her) Wordpress installation that was the source of the problem... not that I know what the problem was in the first place.
Tvorsk: (Old as in old version, I meant.)
Tvorsk: Right then I woke up... went "Howlin'..." and ran to the desk.
KaiAdin: hahah! and here we are now!
Tvorsk: I have half page of very chaotic pencil notes; without them I doubt I could recall that much.
Tvorsk: So, I'm pretty sure that the style comes from the city walk and the page, especially as both are 30s-heavy.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Shifting Sands on August 17, 2010, 08:56:27 AM
Alright... woke up this morning and absolutely KNEW I had to contribute, even if my dream is still a little simple compared to others  |:P

It started off in a relatively strange place when compared to my other dreams (most of which I cannot remember)... I was rolling a giant snowball with my head. Anyway, with my obscured vision, I couldn't see the area around me, but I just sort of "knew" in that dream sense that it was in a small little urban area, and it was relatively early in Winter. I believe there were some kids around, building stuff with the snow and such, because if there weren't, my brain really does like to summon stuff from out of nowhere.

All of a sudden, there are multiple people of all ages tossing snow munitions at me, whether they be the really weak and soggy mush type, or the well-packed and ice-topped weapon. Some kid yells and "explains" to me that we're playing snowball (real clever name, right?) and I'm holding the... snowball. So I take the... snowball and keep pushing it forward with my head, taking hits from all the flying snow and ice. I guess I bring to some sort of goal, and I win, which leads to all of the other kids being disappointed... so they don't stop pelting me with snow and such.

Immediately from that, I cut to a stadium of some sort, where there is musical entertainment brought by... that game, DJ Hero. There are four of those turn-table peripherals (I dunno how they work, but there were four), and relatively new players (I say that since they were playing some sort of tutorial...) are using the turn-tables. So they do that, and apparently I have some friends along, and we're yelling and stuff at how much they suck, playing the tutorial and on Easy mode... The people up there yell back and say they're trying their hardest. We yell back saying that they better start being able to try harder...

So the argument goes on like that, until finally my friends and I are allowed to go up and start using the turn-tables... but then they shut down the game and bring out a cover band, named "Umbrella", I think (Get it? Cover band, Umbrella?... This is why I'm not allowed to have dreams). Sooooo, they start playing Our Truth by Lacuna Coil, which gets a lot of my friends excited and cheerful, but I'm still upset at the "directors of the stadium", I suppose, so I go backstage and go yell at them.

That doesn't work out so well, but they are nice enough to give me a choice between two ladders, "That will lead you somewhere," the directors said. I take their kind offer and go up the one to the left, the blue one.

At the top, it turns out the apocalypse is there, and there's a giant monster of some sort, covered in pure black, tearing down buildings and eating people. Luckily enough, the ladder doesn't disappear like I thought it would, so I immediately climb back down and go yell at the directors again.

So they let me try the other ladder, a red one to the right. Hoping this will end slightly better, I climb this one and have a look at the top.

Now, whether this turned out for better or for worse is anyone's guess. At the top, immediately I notice there's something different about me. Apparently I'm some sort of albino anthropomorph (not sure what species), and one of my friends is up there too, also turned into an albino anthropomorph, looking around in surprise and shock. I try to talk to my friend (let's just call him "Bob"), but a pack of evil fruits, mainly watermelons, come after us and want to eat us. Obviously, I grab a crowbar on a fruit stall nearby, narrowly dodging one of the watermelons, and start hacking away at the PURE EVIL fruit, yelling stupid catchphrases and such. Bob mostly stares and watches me murder the fruit.

Once the ground is coated in red mist (from the watermelons, of course), I drop the crowbar and take a short rest. However, Team Rocket cuts my rest short, and my day is utterly ruined... as they carry a hurt Pokemon to the hospital. I'm about to jump up and whack at one of them with the crowbar, but instead, those Officers (Jenny, right?), along with Ash, Misty, Brock, and Pikachu, come in on a helicopter, yelling at Team Rocket to stop. Jessie and James stare up at the helicopter, frozen and speechless, as Pikachu jumps down from a huge height... shattering his legs.

Ash is screaming and crying for the helicopter to reach the ground faster, and I'm just watching and observing by now. Once the aircraft touches down, Ash runs out and picks up Pikachu, tears landing on the yellow friend.

Bob interrupts the heartbreaking moment by dragging me away. We run for my house, and end my dream by eating Cocoa Puffs and Captain Crunch, watching the apocalypse fold out before our eyes.

And this is why I love my dreams.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Stormkit on August 20, 2010, 12:21:38 AM
I high fived Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. That is all.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Tvorsk on September 16, 2010, 01:38:10 PM

So I had a dream, in which apparently EE has been revived... in an RTS-ish style of camera... and we had to first build stairs, and then later some Rube Goldberg style contraptions to make some kind of magic blob fall from that one place on the ceiling, bounce through all this "ducting" we built, and hit something in the other end (I don't know, I was standing near the beginning where it dropped).
And the dream was totally from the in-game character perspective, not the player's (if any).
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Post by: Stormkit on September 16, 2010, 10:55:26 PM
See this is what happens when you think too much about one thing. This is also the main reason I've been avoiding getting suckered in to Minecraft myself...
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Tvorsk on September 17, 2010, 05:52:30 AM
See, the thing is I don't play, nor even LIKE Minecraft, I just hear about it a lot in the chat >.>;
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Post by: Tvorsk on September 19, 2010, 08:54:27 AM
Okay, seems I'm on a binge... The day before it was some crazy action-movie style of plot with a bunch of schoolkids, some unspecified mafia, and lots of sneaking in warehouses and chasing on a highway...
but this night's was even more chaotic, tho even despite notes I can recall only scraps.

So, it seemed to switch randomly between three or four places, visiting each many times over the course of the dream.

First "location" was a hybrid of my own small, dusty, wood-walled attic, and some other weeeird places. First of all, it seemed to be located above Hogwart(yeah, I know... for fur's sake, I don't even like H.P... whyyyyy?). Well, by one wall there apparently were three falling apart toilet stalls. (no, not the chemical ones, regular toilets. Like in a school bathroom)... by another there were some curtains, and later we found out a TV talk show studio behind one of them. Also, a key part played some really old granny... I don't remember this part, but first we (or I? not sure if I was alone) tried to hide from her, then she came up there to use one of the toilets and in the meantime dropped a cellphone. When we were searching for it we found out about that studio. There was more to it - I have a leftover impression of discussing stuff with the falconer kid there, but I totally don't remember what.

Another, that I don't remember almost nothing of, was some kind of really lousy training to fight in a company/regiment/something like that, of the sabre-and-flintlock-pistol era, under a very peculiar type of a superior... something half way between Thraxas ( and Sergeant Jackrum (

Third, was happening on a courtyard of that pseudo-Hogwartish place; of course, that courtyard for reasons unknown looked very similar to the one I spent my first ten years of life playing at >.>... anyway, there was some kind of attackers pouring inside, and of all the "soldiers" or whatever we were only my company (still under that not-officer as above), and another one stayed, rest immediately ran away. From that, I remember "cuts" of the sergeant-or-whoever going drunkily "We'll show them" and aiming a pistol at my knee,  I delicately persuaded him to move it... of that falconer kid, sending his bird on the attackers, with some kind of rope tied to it(no idea)... of a bunch of the actual magicians having some kind of conflict of their own somewhere high, and falling through the window down to the courtyard we were at... accidentally zapping the falcon with some spell that caused him to stop right there, fall very slowly down to ground, and be confused...

And finally, the fourth, that totally doesn't fit anything else, but popped in between the scenes in other locations... me and my brother, going through some kind of hydro system... that is, each time we climb up a ladder from a tunnel to a location looking alike an INCREDIBLY HUGE underground space, with some kind of tall-to-the-roof concrete wall on one side, a narrow walkway next to it. If you looked over the barrier, you saw that huge space expanding into darkness in all other directions. Walkway's lighted up by industrial lamps, there're pipes and devices all along it. So anyway, most of the time we're always arguing about something with brother, go all the way from the ladder we came in to other end of the walkway, I turn some kind of a ring on a pipe using a wrench (may be a valve, may be a screw-on joint), and we go down the ladder on this end to another tunnel and to another place like this, cue scene change to one of another places. Yes, I'm sure they weren't all the same place, each looked different.
Anyway, different things happened - once I turned the wrong thing causing water to spill from around it, but could fix it back and go further. In the last case, I couldn't screw it back in, told brother "Okay, I give up, it's too dangerous, we're going back" (btw, it all the time has this covert/we-shouldn't-be-here feeling), he's like "All the same way back?" implying we'd have to go through all the whatevers we did the turning thing earlier, I nod... and at this very moment I see two men with flashlights approaching from the far end we came from. I'm scared like heck, we try to hide behind some machinery, realizing we're still quite easy to spot if they're just shine light there... oh yeah, and I'm still arguing with brother... anyway, the men approach, by  the Rule Of Hollywood stop to talk right next to us... and I finally woke up.
Oh yeah, 'sides this all in the dream there also were displays of interstellar travel on very SotS-like map. I'm not sure if it implies that each of the water things were on a different planet and we left via the tunnels to a spaceship or something.

I'm confused at least as much as you are.

PS. I'll be grateful for commentary about how to reformat it for readability.
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Post by: Tvorsk on September 28, 2010, 08:01:12 AM
Okay, sorry for spamming this topic... please say if you had enough.

Well, today was really crazy... as in, it was a school trip... to a shootout in the supermarket. As in, we were killing each other in the store alleys, between all the shelves, and so on. With real guns and ammo.
Sounds absurd already, right? So yeah... among the students were folks I knew from all schools I went to, including that one that I always hated. He's well, not retarded, but really dumb... and well, for some reason always liked to annoy me and not only me.
Thing is, that in that dream, he was having a real fun out of killing my friends... up to pulling a movie villain "stick the gun to his head, give a speech, fire" acts. I personally had two pistols... a P99 behaving as usual, and a M1911 with something crazy done to it that made the trigger absurdally sensitive. As in, push it two millimeters or so and it fires.
Anyway, I managed to wound a few people I don't know, but killed no one... and then I stumble over That Guy going to execute one of my friends. So I'm trying to get him first... fail, friend gets a hole in the head, I get shot in leg above the knee, the guy disppears.
I limp back to the entrance, check myself out... "fun" thing: the check list is a standard "class attendance books" as used by all schools here... and the girl in charge was my classmade from elementary school. Also, she's at this point on the phone explaining to someone that "the second group" for some reason has been told wrong, and brought only 17.00 cash each, while entry fee is 18.00... and unload my guns, that I for some reason kept even tho they were issued in first place.
Really crazy thing is that once I took out all the bullets from the magazine, I then shook out quite a handful of 6mm plastic BB pellets from underneath.

That's it... next thing I know was waking up in late afternoon.
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Post by: Stormkit on September 29, 2010, 12:00:55 AM
The only time I ever had guns in a dream of mine, they didn't work right and only fired nerf shots >.> My grandma couldn't figure out what was wrong with them, but every gun she gave me was the same way..
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Post by: Tvorsk on October 20, 2010, 12:31:28 PM
Darnit... forgot to write it down in the morning when I woke up, then forgot completely, now remembered a bit.

Anyway, I was reading ooold SF last night, and I have an impression the first part of the dream involved space travel and stuff. But what I remember is one scene where "we", whoever that would be, are standing in a park that's near my place arguing about something... and a really crazy fantasy/rpg style scene in some kind of underground dungeon/evil lair... complete with a bridge under an abyss, huge wooden stairs forking and zigzagging a lot, and tons of fighting. Interesing tidbits - I'm pretty sure at least a few times I was "reloading from older save" and coming through the scene again in a different way... and the whole deal with one of the guys in our party being a brother or other relative of the Main Evil, and being lured to switch sides or something... was quite scary, but then I got a phonecall and woke up. At 1pm.
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Post by: PrincessHotcakes on October 22, 2010, 11:03:53 AM
Haven’t had one I could remember in large chunks for several months, but this one… may make up for that…

It started with a war in the jungle, possibly Africa, and the dream's focus was on a group of communists from all over, including one from Finland and ironically very few Africans.  I got the sense that this war was a bit Cold War but also had elements of WWII Yugoslavia for whatever reason.  Anyway they were fighting and relying on this huge bioweapon worm-dragon thing partly made of fire that they would lay down to ambush unsuspecting jeeps and vehicles, only it turned out a concentrated air stike pasted the thing.  So, our determined rebels ordered another of these bio-contructs... from the Klingons. 

Here things start to break down as the weapon drop is suddenly ambushed by the police, and cue dream shift as the police are surrounding a small home where a domestic terrorist is producing homemade explosives.  Except this terrorist is 12 years old.  And has Bullet Time super powers.  The police keep suffering horrendous casualties and now I find myself switching from a 3rd to a 1st person perspective as some random nobody in the back, a nobody who keeps on insisting that someone try and negotiate with her.  After she super speeds and mows down another attempted incursion by a SWAT team, suddenly I find myself the one who tries to approach.  I loudly announce my presence, and try to show that I am completely unarmed, and the girl apparently decides I can be let in.  I find myself entering a house populated by elementary school teachers who are having a sort of baby shower for one of their number.  Oh, and apparently someone decided that in 1 minute of me entering the house I have failed so I find myself and the house the victim of an air strike.

On the scrambling frantic way to the basement I find myself remembering the earlier instance of an airstrike in this dream and comment aloud for no reason Zero Punctuation's appellation for  Mercenaries 2 "Airstrikes 2: Horray for Airstrikes.  Cue another dream shift as I find myself thinking about video games and end up with an argument with someone who insists that the N64 sucked and was totally inferior to the Playstation.  Me, being a person who decided 14 years ago that he hated Sony for no other reason than for dethroning Nintendo in the console market, argue back, leading us to quickly come to the point of blows.  The Sony Fanboy suddenly takes off running, and I end up chasing after through a maze of corridors that are running supposedly through a university campus, a university campus that happens to have a jewelry store and corporate office portion built as part of its hallways.  I end up catching up to my prey in front of the Foreign language department, only by now he is a tiger and I am someone fumbling with a tranq. gun hoping that he'll actually hit his target and not subsequently get eaten. 

The tiger roars a bit and sends students, professors, and random pedestrians screaming as I try and aim the tranquilizer gun, and as I do so the tiger stares at me, almost daring me to shoot it.  Naturally, this is not what happens.  I walk over to the tiger, resolutely poke it in the neck repeatedly and shout "bad tiger!" until it submits (I spend too much time around dogs when I expect a several hundred pound feline to respond as a dog does).  Crisis solved I look around for someone to take the tiger in, and after tying it to an outside lamppost I decide that the veterinary dept. seems the logical place to ask.  I knock on the door and find no response.  I open the door without permission and suddenly find a sent email on screen of someone desperately telling their relative to pay a ransom as they have been kidnapped by Boba Fett.  Cue running upstairs where the dream shifts to the observation deck of a starship, which is observing a space battle between another battleship and a humongous mecha that is attempting to use a double bladed sword, except the other battleship is blocking with forcefields.  Cue someone on MY ship to suggest that the only way to salvage the situation is to ram the mecha.  And then I wake up.
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Post by: Tvorsk on November 01, 2010, 11:04:07 AM
Ugh, again chaotic... sorry... either way, what I remember?

It took place in some large school-ish type place.
I don't remember the beginnings or whether I was a student, staffer, or anything else, but what was happening is that I discovered Weird Things Happening, went to some guy that I knew and that was a staffer (something simple like "one step above janitor" mainenance)... he shows me a secred door in the corridor, leading to a room where, in some kind of boxes on the wall, live damn intelligent bugs. I'm not sure, might be cockroaches, might be something else of the style.

So, they tell me that some kid of alien's around that's stealing other people or such... forgot again... either way, I start up an investigation, with the janitor guy staying there and being my contact, and some midget kid (maybe 12 y.o., but smaller than average) with absurd strength assisting me at the search (and complaining, at one point when we pass next to the football (not handegg) court that they never let him kick).

Anyway, we notice a weird-acting guy in a uniform... you know, "the uniform cut", saucer hat, so on. Dark blue, with stripes along the seams... red and orange I think? Can't recall, but I think I saw such somewhere - maybe it was pre-WW2 railway uniform, or something *shrug*...
Okay, so we "know" that's the guy, we start to run to tell the janitor guy (I recall a moment we run through large door to the courtyard, I look back, and see a plaque saying something like "Headquarters of 473th Division", with different number and probably the type of the unit, but in this "style"), he then leads me to some kind of conference room, I piss off some fat guy with beard (the main boss?) and he throws me out...

Either way, we (me, that little guy, and some others, no idea who) are walking down the stairs, then suddenly see that "alien", out of uniform and in some other clothes, and stop on the landing... each of us is holding something, from an axe to (in my case) a bag of milk... (Right, some time before, no idea how, maybe from the cockroaches, we got the impression we should spray that thing with milk...).
Either way, can't do anything as that hallway below is full of other people. He sees us, orders everyone there to crowd in our direction, stands in front of us and says something is style of "You thought you can do anything, ha ha?"... We're cornered, I'm stressed, squeeze the bag more and more until it explodes... he licks milk off his face, says something with the meaning "It's not harmful, I even like it"...

Aaand no idea if anything happened later, but I woke up in a warm bed and feeling quite a bit well-slept than my usual.
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Post by: Virmir on November 21, 2010, 11:46:20 AM
I actually loaded this topic on my PDA the other day and am just caught up.  Definitely enjoying these folks. [:)  I for one have tons of nonsensical stuff too, and tons of non-interesting ones involving things I'd never do, or things I'm not particularly interested in as well.  So such things are nothing to worry about.  As mentioned before, I'll just share my fuzzy-related ones (probably only 5% of them or less).  Such as... [;)


Apparently I was with a group of fuzzies, and we were going to some human orphanage to either adopt or release the children there to good homes.  I struck up a conversation with a particularly intelligent and mature four-year-old (who was so mature, he had a scruffy beard) when we got word that the princess was abducted.  (One of the kids at the orphanage was a princess.  Go figure.)

Luckily I had the Compass from Minecraft with me, which pointed to the direction of the missing princess.  So I got in my red golf cart/dune buggy thing, and drove around through some fields to my parents' spacious back yard.  I got out when the compass flipped directions, indicating I went too far, and by walking around and circling some dog pens with some friendly, non-yappy dogs inside, I found that it pointed to a well in the middle of one of them (which conveniently did not have any dogs inside it).

At this point I knew Medik Jackal had gone in ahead of me (hero that he was), and was inside the well saving the princess at this moment.  I thought for a moment that I forgot my sword (MK Virmir's short sword, as seen in various pics), but was relieved to find it at my side.  Also in my pocket was Medik's Five of Diamonds Virmir-Card.

Upon closer inspection, the well was a large plastic PVC pipe (white pipes often used for indoor plumbing) stuck into the concrete over in the corner of the pen. (On the other side of the chainlink fence was a dog happily wagging his tail.)  I shouted something like "Hellooooo down there~!" and was greeted with something to the effect of "Get me out of here!" in the princess' voice.  This was quite a quandary, as the well was about 1 and a half feet in diameter, and completely filled with water.

With no other option, I used Medik's card to grant myself super strength (the card began glowing after use), then ripped the pipe straight out of the ground.  Medik and the princess popped out, along with tons of icky water.  Medik happily retrieved his card, which had fallen to the ground. Luckily all the water avoided it, so it didn't get soggy.

Cut to a video-game-esque, credits rolling sequence of Tails the Fox driving the red dunebuggy thing in third person perspective with Dreamcast-era quality 3D graphics.  (Apparently I was Tails the whole time, and did not notice until seeing myself from the outside.  Oh well.)  Tails unfortunately crashes the dunebuggy while driving up a hill in which the incline is arranged like steps you have to jump over. (And he failed to do so.) He flies out of the contraption, lands on his rear, then looks at the camera and shrugs as it does one of those fade-to-black things where a black circle engulfs the image, closing in on his head.
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Post by: Shifting Sands on December 28, 2010, 11:06:36 AM
Well, it has been quite a while since I had a good dream, or one with enough scraps of memories to post, but I suppose this can work?

Anyway, the whole thing had to be Lion King themed (even though I've never seen the movie in its entirety...). It took place in a Savannah-ish kind of place, tan-brown ground and probably grass, a few weirdly shaped trees here and there. I think at some time during the dream I even got to see a map of the whole place, and it looked like a mix of Central America and other random islands.

I'm not sure why, either.

Apparently my whole goal during the dream was an otter of some kind. And, also apparently, I had a crush on her. No idea on this, either, but there were clams in the river nearby, so I piled them up and brought them to her. Afterward she completely ignored me and disappeared.

Everything shifted around, and suddenly there was a huge lion and a rat in some kind of hospital or government building, rushing through the corridors for... giant fights, it seemed. They ran together and pounced animals (the rat didn't do too much), but then a huge iron door SLAMMED down into the ground and separated the two of them. The lion started clawing away at the door, but nothing he did could stop it. Cue emotional mushy stuff.

The last, very vague bit of my dream had to be some kind of lighthouse and windmill. Right next to each other, in the middle of the continent.

Aaaaaaaand that's about it. I want more dreams, dangit!
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Post by: Tvorsk on January 23, 2011, 07:55:36 AM
So, I had a dream today in which I was a pilot in some kind of spacefighter squadron. I don't think there was a conflict happening, we "just" have been suddenly attacked and nearly annihilated by some weird new ships no one heard about. Hrm.

Much, much later, I've been doing another flight alone, and I'm attacked by another of those ships, this time he's transmitting blabber, in style of "Hey, I haven't seen one like this yet... nevermind, I'll kill them all, no one will steal my points" and such.

So, next thing I remember (alas, no memory of the fight) is that I know someone somehow is tricking gamers into thinking they're playing and sending them onto us. So I lie that guy (the one I fought before and shot down?) down... another interesting thing is that I carried him on wing of the ship...?! Anyway, we were near the ground, I dropped him somewhere, and was just slowly backing out (I have this weird impression of taking a turn next to my RL desk, which would say weird things about the size/scale of the ship and people involved {:P) when I learned about a group of hostiles (by hearing them talk on the radio, not by radar or anything... then I looked up and saw them in distance *shakes head*). I think I hid somewhere, they were sniffing around but missed me... but not exactly sure. Anyway, I woke up somewhere around this part.

Not a very original scenario, but... {;)
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Post by: PrincessHotcakes on January 24, 2011, 11:26:00 AM
Starts.... something about a military/private army/freedom fighter SOMETHING group, all I know is we had this base.  And there were these... things, the vague looking spirits that sorta had the shape of men, but almost invisible to the eye.  Anyway there was some earlier part in the dream, something about running and containing the threat.   

Anyway, I swear the dream started trying to develop into a narrative at this point, and I was aware of it.  Started with this one woman who was apparently jealous of my position in this group, and after a bit of 3rd person perspective of her talking with some other higher up, they speak vaguely of me and how to send me to the mysterious spirits.  Then I'm walking along, about to leave the "base" and I'm actually in a conversation with this woman.  I know in a narrative sense what's going to happen, or more accurately I can feel it, but I also play along on a different level, because that's apparently what this dream was all about.

Cue next scene and I'm investigating this residence, and I'm chasing this spirit, which we try to communicate with but there is no way to speak.  Then... chasing, corridors, mysterious elevator, then I get drugged with chloroform, or some kind of drug that's supposed to knock me out.  But this is where the dream's narrative clashes with my physical senses, because I don't feel myself slipping out.  Indeed, after thinking about "why CAN'T you really open you eyes?" I do just that.  There is, of course, a sense of violating the narrative that I can tangibly feel, but then I'm picked up.

Next thing I know I'm strapped to the edge of something, outside, presumably a truck, which starts and goes down the highway.  Nope, not quite.  Apparently I'm tied to a filing cabinet that's attached to a truck from the rear by a forklift device. 

And then I finally wake up in another residence area, and the dream's sense is that this is the exiled part, where I've been basically given to the spirits, and I think I'm no longer supposed to be human.  I explore, knowing that the spirits are nearby, and I go into a washer/dryer room there's drink rack obviously, along with a talking glass of mountain dew.  Apparently it's supposed to be a toddler too, and for some reason I get the feeling I'm supposed to be just like him.  Except... another part where my senses just can't seem to keep up with the dream.  To my eyes the cup seems just like an inanimate glass of mountain dew, and I'm physically normal at least as much as I can feel and how tall I am.  Apparently the spirits are supposed to look after us now like nice parents.  The gist of the narrative now I think is that now I'm exiled, I'm sent to the spirits, I have to make friends with the cup and others, discover the spirits aren't all bad, and then join them all together so we can have revenge on the jealous woman.

I wander back into the living area, genre savvy enough to sort of figure out that now comes the part where I try and act adult still but somehow the paternal spirit has to comfort me or something.  This occurs by me turning on the TV, and being confronted by a scene of a monster worm with a radial tentacle/toothy mouth.  Feeling the tug of the narrative I believe I'm screaming, and try to change the channel.  Except instead of changing a channel I grab another tape from the shelf, which mysteriously seems to be an 8-track tape.  I put that in, and instead of worm monster mouth, it's old black and white spider monster mouth (except lacking mandible oddly, just a big hole, but with all 8 scary eyes above).  I scream, and then behind me I see this green glowing blob, one of the spirits presumably.  It fluctuates and seems to rotate like a plane until perpendicular to me, then forms into an irregular TV like image of an old paternalistic helpful bearded man, with the effect reminiscent of 60's sci-fi of a powerful energy being summoning an image.  Apparently I can see and interact with these things now I'm in this altered form (again, something that my sense completely fail to cooperate with)

Then...stuff, I'm not sure exactly how, and the dream doesn't have much narrative at this point.  Or maybe it did but I can't remember it much.  Something... to do with getting to a facility that's trapped in a spacetime bubble.  We're waiting outside this complex, because there's been some accident, incident or whatever, because the lower levels with all kinds of important people in them have been swallowed up in a space warp and we can't contact them.  Worse, there seems to be a threat, that while the people inside are merely trapped in stasis now, the warp could change in most unfavorable way, and literally reduce the entire earth to a zero dimensional point (ie would destroy it completely and utterly in a limbo fashion).  Well we stand around waiting, but finally there's a breakthrough and we head down stairs and more stairs, until we get to the lower levels which are finally released from stasis.  Apparently the levels we are standing in aren't on Earth anymore, but are in a cosmic void, with only the flimsiest of energy protections and mathematics keeping it from from instantly dissolving it into cosmic nothing.  We find a room filled with surprised VIPs, including oddly enough ex British PM Gorden Brown.  We hustle them out, and I look around, just feeling the moment, feeling how fragile this place is with pure 0 dimensional nothingness that wants nothing more than to eliminate this speck of vibrance and disorder...  And then I wake up.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Donnie on January 26, 2011, 09:12:00 AM
One day in a fairly run down township, or something. There was a boy (me) and his pet cross fox (You know who). The fox chased an animal into an abandoned military base full of run down hastily abandoned portables. In fact the portables were so hastily left that much of the furnishings were still there. Including laminated chairs and computers that were scrambled before leaving. The portables were broken though and the rain water leaked through cracks. I chased my pet through the facility, trying to locate and attract him by whistling loudly. Eventually I found him and had a cute Lassie moment full of cuddling and nuzzling.
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Post by: Stormkit on January 27, 2011, 01:21:49 AM
I was on an island and me and a few other locals were being invaded. Or perhaps it was some sort of tournament, but the new people had to challenge each of us and win in order to succeed in their goal. The girl before me had just been defeated in her challenge which had to do with boats when I stepped up and said, "You may have gotten this far, but I know every inch of this island. I challenge you all to hide and seek."

So the challenge began and instead of them all seeking me, I sought all of them. Of course I had a trick up my sleeve that none of them saw coming and I turned into a wolf and tracked them by scent. I was able to run down most of them easily though one in particular was always a step ahead of me and I couldn't catch her. I soon realized that there was another person I could not find because he had no scent, a vampire.

At this point the dream switched into chibi-cartoon mode and the runner ran over a hill behind the vampire standing in the middle of a clearing and said, "I found the vampire!" with a thumbs up. The vampire sulked and said, "Gee... thanks." and I was able to get him pretty easily. I can't recall if I ever caught the runner and I think the dream ended near this point.


I don't recall the setup, but basically when people had a wish they dearly wanted to come true, a man came by and had them dance while he sang a song about it and then their wish came true. My dream identified this man as 'god' and I had a very insightful talk with him afterwards to which I replied, "Oh god, you just know everything don't you?"

I'm not sure if it was a lord's name in vain thing or if god just hates puns, but he started choking me halfway through the sentence. I actually suspect that when I realized it was a pun halfway through the sentence, momentum would have carried me through it, but I thought it was such a lame pun my dream found a way to interrupt it for me. That's right everyone, I groan at my own puns. There was a bit more after this, but nothing important.


There were tornadoes on my campus and they looked really cool, but when I tried to take a picture with my phone, all the screen showed was pigs and I was very annoyed. I figured it was showing a movie but I couldn't figure out how to shut the movie off.


I was a train (a la Thomas the Tank Engine) going down the tracks when I spotted the Brownies, two brown colored trains that were married to each other and were international spies. I knew they were up to no good so when I arrived at my destination as an ambassador to the locals and was entrusted with a relic of theirs, I was not surprised to be confronted by the Brownies who asked me to join them and/or give them the relic. I ran into a back room (we were all human by this point) and made my escape into the ceiling where I turned into a raccoon for better balance and to be light enough to not fall through.

The Brownies of course also turned into raccoons and followed me, but through a bit of acrobatics I was able to lose them and get away again. They were still after me of course but when they found me in the parlor they didn't recognize me because I had cleverly disguised myself as a girl so I escaped notice and was able to foil their plans and keep the relic safe.


I was some sort of other species (that happened to be human in appearance) and had somehow attracted the ire of a dangerous man. So me and a friend were running from him and realized we had to escape to a different dimension where he could not follow. So we climbed a very steep ramp (which our species could do but his couldn't that well) and at the top began the spell which involved each of us putting a foot in a somewhat wide bucket with green liquid in it.

However the spell wasn't working and our follower had thrown a rope up to the top of the ramp and was quickly ascending. I was able to delay him a bit and had hit him in the head with a can of soda but we could not keep him away for long. So my friend then admitted she knew why the spell wasn't working and it was because we were in the wrong spot.

The correct spot was actually at the top of the ramp but she had been hoping we wouldn't have to be there because where we actually were was farther from the pursuer who was already at the top of the ramp. Realizing we'd have to do everything right, we moved the bucket to there and I dumped a cup of the green liquid (which is apparently very lubricating) on the man who lost his grip on the rope and fell back to the bottom.

As he fell I could see the hate in his eyes and knew he would be back in almost no time at all so we had to hurry. As my friend began to recite the spell, a feeling of pressure began to build and with the man halfway up the ramp, she finished her rushed muttering, sneezed, and disappeared. I realized that since I had not said the spell or sneezed, I had been left behind with someone who dearly wanted me dead and now had static clinging socks that were able to ignore the effects of the lubricant.

Desperately trying to remember what my friend had said just before leaving, I was able to stumble my own way through the spell and finished just as the man pulled himself over the rim. Unfortunately I felt no particular need to sneeze and I was trapped up here with a very angry man. So I found myself fighting for my life, with my foot in a bucket of goo and desperately trying to make myself sneeze. After a few second I felt my nose tingle and as the pressure built I was finally able to force myself to sneeze. What felt sort of like the liquid in the bucket came up through my mouth and the world I was in vanished as I found myself waking up.


I also seem to have written down "lasertag dog" and "japanese island" but I honestly cannot recall the dream that prompted me to write those down. There is another one about a zombie theme park (theme park with zombies in it, not zombie themed theme park) but I don't recall much of it and what I do isn't really worth talking about.
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Post by: PrincessHotcakes on February 04, 2011, 01:27:15 PM
Got another one.  Started kinda slow then got.... very interesting.

Starts in Louisiana near my aunt/uncle's place; the last 20 miles of I-55 that are this one big causeway that runs through a swamp.  For some strange reason, I (and vaguely someone else) am walking its side, wondering if a cop comes how screwed I'm gonna be.  Then I get to the last onramp (which looks nothing like what it actually does) and am surprised to see that there's a couple people here.  There's even a door to a small security shed of sorts, though no one is in it at the moment.  It descends into this old underground dimly lit passage, which oddly has a sort of water slide on it instead of steps.  Grabbing a mat I slide down it, and go back up easily enough seeing that it has a conveyer belt that brings it upwards.

I do this back and forth, several times, even though someone kinda wonders as I prepare to go back up again if we should really be doing this.  I go back up again, but when I get to the security station, I look behind the desk and find a security guard at long last, napping.  He blinks and looks at me as I'm wearing swimtrunks and dripping wet in the middle of his station.  I slink away hoping that he's still too dazed to do anything, heading outside until I find this shack which also happens to have a manhole, and I find myself going underground again. 

Exploration reveals a lab of sorts, and then I walk in and basically see a version of The Fly before my eyes, with a rather Jeff Goldblum looking person slowly morphing into a (slightly less warped than in the film) man-fly.  Of course there is a girl, though not quite the same as the movie, and he's begging her for help as she's stammering fearfully, and we end up with the jaw plopping off scene we had in the film, and then his proboscis forms, all gooie and boneless waving up and down like a giant worm (I think they're supposed to be exoskeletoned, no?), and it starts probing her, rubbing against her like an antennae almost.  This is all done to multiple camera shots, close ups, and dramatic angles just like it's in a horror movie as his face bulges and becomes bug like.  Oddly he's wearing some kind of clown gloves which rip open to these long fingers which almost more resemble bug antennae than anything else.

Then... then the dream gets interesting.  The woman runs away, and we have a cutscene to her as a bipedal mink (more than feral but less than anthro) standing in a grove, with this subdued Terminator 2 esque narration as she explains that the transformation  magic that affected him also affected her like her boyfriend, but more completely and more harmoniously in her case, hence her more complete form.  She starts practicing martial arts in this grove, saying she found a Japanese holy man and he taught her how to defend herself and how she could learn to live with her magic.  Unfortunately, Jeff Goldblum's magic has warped him and he cannot be saved, so in that grim Sarah Conner narration style she says that she must train to deliver the final blow her self as she waves a talisman as she practices her moves.

Then... the dream decides to top itself by keeping these ideas going in the background but now we are in a government lab of some sorts, and we have agents Mulder and Scully walk in to some mysterious pictures that were posted on a facebook account of a half man half fly (Because apparently insect politicians need to have their name get out apparently ];) ).  Included are oddly specific internal organ shots, and the X-File agents discuss what this could possibly be, wondering if this could really be a hybrid gone wrong.  The last photo is apparently a uterus full of growing maggot embryos, because apparently Jeff Goldblum is now Ms. Brundlefly and spontaneously made herself pregnant.  The agents agree they have to find the source and put a stop to it.

So then we have all this dramatic tension and awesome building and of course exactly at that point my body decides it's time to wake up.   Graaaaah, my duuuumb brain.
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Post by: American Otter on February 07, 2011, 03:37:27 PM
Here is a dream I had last night.

 I dreamt I was a peasent in a mediveal world, a farmer I believe.

I went out into the woods and was gathering things. ((Not sure what.))

I meet an old hag, silver hair, bad nose and everything else.

I moved away apologiesing for intruding but she would have none of that, using a feather duster fox tail she moved it over me and I became a fox.

I was then with a cackle told to do a race.
Beat her to a meadow and I can be human again.

I first came across aligators that turned out to be helpful and freidnly, and then a female fox joined in, refusing to leave.

So she helped me along.

((I had a journey, not sure what, but I felt I had gone a ways and a few days.))

I got to the meadow and there was the witch. She revealed that the female I had with me, was really a princess, and
having won I could return myself or the female to humanity.

((Showing selflessness I had the princess returned to normal before attacking the witch.))
perspective jump to the Princess months later, ((She was called the Fox Princess because she had some slight appearances of a fox, more like how she looked at the world and how she acted cunning.))

She made a law to not hunt foxes.
had her trackers trap foxes alive to find me, they didn't find me for a while and so the foxes were released into her forest.

During this time a baron killed a fox and his land and title were given to my parents ((farmers))

They finally found me, sleeping in the remains of a cabin.

it went back to me with me sitting down in frotn of the Princess and I woke up.
the dream didn't stop as I day dreamed about it while getting ready.

In the Day dream the Princess had me taken to the garden to talk to her wizard without me hearing it.

During that time the Prince who wanted to court the Princess and so showed up unnanouced tried again to woe her, she asked him to go into the garden, same one I went into, and talked over with the wizard.

The Courting Prince comes back demanding I be put down because of me beating him.

then the wizard announced that he found a way to break the curse on me, She calls her parents and my parents and stating law that she could marry either the Baron or the son of the Baron to inheerite the title, has the spell broken and we get married
((The day dream fell apart there, I want to make it into a story))
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Post by: PrincessToyTime on March 07, 2011, 10:34:11 AM
It's Trask's dream time! I was my fuzzy self in it. [:) WARNING! Also it's long, really LONG! This was like a dream that I continued like a few times in my 18 hour sleep. it felt like I lived through it for real it was so vivid. Also this has fail grammar! yay!

        This dream starts off as me being in some bedroom, it's a basic bedroom with not much to say about, has a bed, a lamp, some computers, and other random stuff. I was playing on some game which I got no idea what its called, it was like a platformer, RPG, Adventure game. I got to play as a fox guy who did what most video game characters do: fight evil! I played that for a while, and afterwards I got bored and noticed some cool looking headphones, turns out they were busted, so I went on to fix them.

       I was apparently so good at it that I made it somehow run without any power. It could be configured to any frequency, and also could be as loud or quiet as you desired! and as an added bonus it was built with a microphone that also communicates at any frequency and also possessed a visor that had pretty much any type of vision mode. I also for no reason did the Link style lifting the item in the air as it rotated slowly with a: Da da da daaaaa~! I felt pretty accomplished and was looking at them with awe until outside became panic central all of a sudden. There was warning sirens and people running every which way and someone (some fox woman) burst into the room saying that there is a large war occurring near us and a bunch of dangerous tornadoes from a storm were headed our way!

        So I exited the house, and opened the door and realized holy crap! its REALLY windy! and the people trying to escape well they were just blown around mostly. So I decided no way I'm goin out there, thats a good way to basically end my existence! so I decided to just wait in the house, and I went down into some cool lab thing I had in the "basement". So I decided to wait there while messing around with some gadgets, one of them ate my face! I grew a new one somehow so no harm was done. I heard another type of alarm and went back up to the main floor and peered out the window, what I saw was that it was light rain and I saw some townsfolk rushing around looking frantic and stuff, I went outside and despite the slight breeze and rain it was really calm.

   I then decided that since I have no idea whatsoever of what is going on, that to do some scouting around would be wise, so I grabbed my headphone visor thingy, and some other supplies, which included some mega buster clone, beam sword, and some other neat stuff, and so off I went exploring around the small island town, from what I could see, the architecture was Victorian-ish, but yet sort of Italian too. I noticed some random suspicious guards, I had a feeling those were not friendly, so I kept away and instead went into the slightly more downtown area, and someone told me that I had to evacuate the people from the island due to the invasion that was occurring, I asked the dog man about that and he told me that some evil alliance wants our special underground crystals that are not found anywhere else on the planet.

      I was quite surprised and apparently even though I lived here I never knew that. We were also to be the last ones to leave, I looked at him and said: "What do you think I can do? I barely know what's going on!" he told me that I was destined to stop the invasion of this country and all that usual hero stuff. I sighed and accepted it, might as well try to save these guys. He then wasted no time to warn other people and off he went, I then looked around to realize the sky sure is dark! it looked like a typical giant thunderstorm cell with those really dark gray clouds, and nice sunset colored breaks in the clouds. After glaring at them for like what seemed like several minutes I decided it's best if I concentrated on my mission to save the island inhabitants.

       So I went and proceeded warn who ever was left on the island. I was wandering around making sure not to be spotted as I wasn't keen on being seen and possibly swarmed by enemy guards. I noticed that there was an injured dog girl lying on the floor just ahead of me so I gave her immediate healing and off she went to escape at the location I told her. It randomly decided to stopped raining too, and I found a relatively barren beach and I noticed that on the north there was a number of BIG water spouts directly in my direction I was facing! Well I wasn't sure what made those, or why, but I didn't want to eventually get sucked up and probably die.

       So I looked around and from the beach there was what appeared to be a school portable section that has double doors, wooden stairs with railings and a couple lights. The front door looked like typical school doors too, so I decided to enter the building, why not right? was probably a better idea than just being outside in the open. When I entered it looked empty and everything appeared to be off, I crept slowly through the hall and noticed some area ahead that was lit and a bit noisy. I slowly approached it and peered through the window, it was in fact surprisingly crowded and it looked like a bar with TVs and the table and stools and well what you'd think a bar would look like, it looked like it was inhabited by the islanders I was supposed to rescue.

      So I opened the door quietly and slowly walked inside, I glanced around and I found that same dog girl I helped out earlier so I asked her: "Why are you here? arent you supposed to be at the ships in the port?" well she told me that while there was guards watching over the area and evacuating the people into the ships there was some enemy soldiers that had landed via by landing craft, well I kinda figured what with the enemy patrols and such. I told her I was gonna be back, so I proceeded through that bar which was not only just a bar, but it had a mall and arcade and everything! And what I noticed is outside the bar was monsters from various video games (Final Fantasy, Mario bros, Zelda series, Star Fox, Sonic, Dr Mario, Pac-man, Tetris Blocks, and tons of other stuff).

       So I stepped back around the corner and thought: "That's a lot of monsters! How will I take them all out?" I was trying to think of a plan, I noticed one area only had a couple and so I snuck over there to take them by surprise! I pulled out my beam sword-thing and activated it, suddenly it quickly flashed to life with a pretty semi-opaque blade of blue/silver energy. So I Stabbed it into the goomba and it disappeared FF-style! The other mobs heard it and a "Oh crap!" feeling washed over me. So I said to myself: "I have never done anything useful in my life, always been branded an outcast, a failure, and a general wierdo. But at least I can fight valiantly for the freedom of the people I am affiliated with, and if this is the end, I have given it my all for those I care about!

        So in a combat-ready stance I braced for a swarm of monsters, I killed them with various abilities, spells and techniques. I fought with all my strength but still they kept coming, I blasted them, hacked and chopped dozens, I spammed deadly shiny AoE spells, giant explosive ones, I even buffed myself with barriers and healed my wounds while dealing heavy damage all around me. I was growing weak and tired, and was slowly but surely being overwhelmed, the spirit and body were draining with each passing second of constant battling. I was certain it was the end and that I have failed everyone.... But out from nowhere a giant blinding flash and a loud explosion thundered through the building! and I was saved by some shadowy figure wearing a cape, with a noticeably canid outline.

        He said that you must save the day for I am only a mysterious helper! I just stared in shock for a little while as he disappeared suddenly in a plume of black smoke. I then face-pawed and thought: "Wow what kind of universe is this? A movie or something?" So after complete annihilation of enemy monsters I got up and continued through the massive building and went outside after I rested, and noticed there was monsters everywhere in the streets attacking random civilians, I thought: Damn! I better try to save them! So I went and attacked one of the monsters and it BSOD'd me! yes you read this right: A Blue Screen Of Death in my dream! I remember getting angry and growling at it and it eventually went away and I lost consciousness. So I woke up and found myself face to face with.......with........PIKACHU! I wasn't sure how to react to that.

       He pointed to the right and I saw a VERY large Evil face of Yoshi so then I Yelped loudly, and woke up! I was dazed and confused, and I was standing outside like nothing happened, I wondered what was going on. I saw those same monsters and I decided NOT to attack it, but simply teleported it into the water! It was a success and it drowned in the ocean/sea and died a nice FF-esque death! And then I stepped forward and a VERY large goomba poofed out of nowhere and went WOOOOOO! really loudly, and it restarted me back to where I was again! What was with those monsters!? I got a bit frustrated and I decided to try a different approach. I teleported that monster in the water which gave the BSOD and then flew over that spot and landed and proceeded to wipe them all out!

      So I readied myself with my beamsword and focused a powerful spell which totally wrecked all the monsters and sighed in relief. Finally we have delt with those monsters! I asked the civilians whom I saved about what was going on, and apparently it was Bowser, some others, and some dark evil emperor guy. Well that would explain the goombas, but why there was other evil things? I wasn't sure at all and no one seemed to know. I rushed over to the port and it didn't look good, looked like a big portion of the populace was dead, and some dead city guards too. I felt very upset, that it was my fault I wasn't strong enough to save them or something. So I searched around the port area, it had lots of evil guards, robot soldiers, and random video game enemies. I knew that I was probably one of the last remaining who could still fight, but I figured a head on attack would be obviously stupid and suicidal.

        So I crept away from the port to some other area of town and what luck! I found that flying wooden bowser ship from super mario bros. 3! I noticed a lack of guards and decided to sneak up and knock them out! I was slowly sneaking over when a robot soldier thing spotted me! "Blast! this was not gonna end well!" I thought, but then I had a really silly and possibly brilliant idea! I posed the robot a multiple choice question: Are you: A) Evil B) A Robot C) Scrap Metal D) All of the above? Well it somehow had a logical paradox, and that forced himself to go berserk and charge wildly at the large enemy area I came from. I was a bit panic-stricken, what if it drew too much suspicion? I suddenly had a sinking feeling, so I decided not to think of a: Trask gets swarmed and killed/arrested and detained in a dungeon situation. Well amazingly the ship guards did not notice the commotion, I snuck up and destroyed the guards and climbed up the chain which the anchor was attached to.

          I eventually made it inside and it was pretty interesting, it was wooden sure, but it had computerized systems and terminals on the walls, it had a very log cabin look inside the ship. Anyways I snuck around and found a mini-storage room of some sort. There appeared to be some deactivated robots, some weapons, lots of crates, etc. I took a look at the robot nearest to me, and I poked around at it's circuitry for a while. I finally got it to work and I controlled it remotely using my visor thing. So I decided it's probably safer to use a robot than myself to scout this ship, it was MASSIVE inside! There were rooms of goombas and koopa troopas, mess halls, dormatories, everything a large military ship would have.

           After a while of looking very ordinary in my movements and mannerisms piloting the bot, I got a chance to peer out a window. It was a much nicer view here, I could see the large fleet of ships slowly approaching the island in the distance. I found a rather large looking variant of the ship I was on, it had fancy decorations and such, from what I could tell with the robotic optic zoom, I knew I had to reach that ship if I was to end this! I searched more of the ship until I found a hanger filled with various high-tech looking fighter and bomber aircraft. I knew then that reaching the hanger and hijacking a fighter was my ticket off this thing, and to reach the capital ship. So I guided the robot to another storage closet and deactivated it in there when no one looked. So I set out to make my way slowly and stealthily to the hanger, which was relatively uneventful.

         I then arrived inside the hanger and carefully made my way through undetected, I eventually got into a fighter but as spotted as soon as I entered! I hit the ignition and out I went, I hit the boost and went for a mad dash to the flagship in the distance. I could tell I was noticed, the Mario bros 3. cannons were randomly shooting at me and soon 1 by 1 other ships joined in and fired at me too! I didn't like this at all, I dodged and weaved through the shots without much trouble, and shortly fighters were released by the ships in front too. I readied the weapons and prepared to fight my way through!

          I managed to down a few before I was hit and taking severe damage. Damn! there was just too many...I couldn't stay airborne for much longer if this kept up, I proceeded to hit the 2nd stage boost and bee-lined it to the flag ship, I was slowly making it closer and closer as it got slowly larger on the horizon. Luck was not on my side as I was hit by a Bowser ship cannonball and was out of control, I braced for impact on the ship slightly to my right. I crashed into the upper part of the hull and managed to not be too injured, enemy troops swarmed the spot, I grabbed my beam sword and leapt at the nearest ones chopping them down, and using magic to blast the ones in clusters behind me.

          I held my own for a short while but it would all end in a heartbeat, I was shot by stunners by a group of commando-looking snifits while I fought the other troops in front of me, I quickly lost consciousness and blacked out. There was an intermission time! It was a black screen with a dancing fox! yay! it went so fast it went to PLAID! Then after wards I woke up and I couldn't see clearly at first, then I realized: "Oh shoot! I got captured!" as I slowly regained consciousness I looked around, I was trapped in a dungeon. I was chained to the wall made of a magic proof substance so that I would be unable to cast anything. It looked pretty grim, trapped in a ship with no hope in sight of my escape, I was more certain than before that I was doomed.

       It felt like I was there a whole day, before a guard came in and gave me some really disgusting looking gruel or something, I didn't really feel like eating since well, I wasn't hungry. After a few more hours passed, I was laying on the floor, feeling pretty crushed, as the light faded from the window as it turned to night, so too did my hope. I wondered: "why it was all up to me?" I was alone, I can't fight an army by myself, I just sat there mostly motionless as the hours went by. I hoped for the return of that black caped guy who saved me, but figured that to be highly improbable. However just as I thought he couldn't save me, the black caped guy appears again and he frees me by cutting those chains for me and he cloaks me for a short while.

        He told me the spell will last long enough to reach the prison cell storage containment area to obtain my stolen gear and the hanger to retrieve an aircraft to fly. I thanked him and he replied: 'No need, I have always watched over you", or something along those lines. So I merely waited for a chance to escape through the door. I heard footsteps in the distance, "Yes! this must be my chance!" I thought to myself, the door opens and I slip through the door before the guard even noticed I am missing. I make a quiet scurry to the T-intersection, not sure where exactly to go, I decided left was a fair choice and proceeded down the hall. After a long long through the detention area, I finally found the confiscated goods area, it looked like it was gonna be another wait before I get inside.

        After a short while a guard opened the door and I slowly tailed behind it, this was my chance, I used a small lightning spell to temporarily deactivate the robot as I took the key cards. I went and opened the chests, lots of random things where in there, and after a bit of searching I finally got my gear! wasting no time I quickly exited the area to seek out the hangar, however, I was lost...Yeah, being lost in an enemy warship in a fleet of enemy warships was a totally great situation.

        I sighed for a moment and decided random wandering might be my best bet. My random wandering took me through many interesting halls, some had Bowser statues, some had goomba and koopa guards, robot guards, interesting paintings of a fox I couldn't make out, and some were just boringly empty. I was really unsure at this point where I was, and I was certain my limited cloak would be expiring soon, so I followed some guards around quietly from behind, and what luck!

        Finally something fortunate my way! I reached the hanger, wasting no time I quickly made my way to a ship, when my cloak wore off! "No no not now! This is not good!" I was instantly sighted and suddenly I was being attacked by everything from lasers to koopa shells! I quickly got out of the hanger and used a Haste spell to make me go faster. I turned some sharp corners, hiding in little areas to avoid detection. I eventually found the weapons area where they made bob-ombs! "Wait...bob-ombs?" something tells me this was a bad area to find! upon realizing there were bob-ombs next to me it was too late.

       They released a powerful explosion which sent me flying into another compartment of the weapons module, apparently there was a portal there and I got thrown into it! And suddenly I find myself in a Pac-man maze world! the objective? Live for 10 minutes in a massively large maze! I guess in this case I was "Pac-Man" (or pac-fox!) vs about 6 ghosts. There was spams of pellets everywhere to eat and plenty of pills to eat the ghosts with! so off I went after game "started" and I proceeded to "eat" the dots. The ghosts were particularily sneaky, but they failed to realize I had a distinct advantage! where pac-man cannot attack without pellets, I can fight using my abilities and spells!

       So every time I would be cornered I would simply slash the ghosts or destroy them with a magic spell! I collect several points and even grabbed a cherry! Once I would clear out one side of the maze a random object would appear giving lots of points, and alter the maze and remake some random amount of dots and pellets. After a while of dot collecting, fruit collecting, and "eating" ghosts, I finally completed the game! But that was not all! I was warped to super Mario bros. in world 1-1. Which was not long at all, I beat it super quickly.

       I was teleported to a legend of Zelda world, I wandered around in what appeared to be A Link to the past, I was apparently supposed to infiltrate the castle to find the portal out of here. When I was hijacking stuff in people houses I was surprised to learn that they don't really seem to care if you raid their stuff! After random looting for no reason I eventually got to Hyrule castle, I looked around and found a crack in the wall covered by bushes! I snuck in, and dropped down a dimly lit hole, I summoned a light orb to see, It looked like a dungeon with no one inside.

       I made my way out and up the stairs, I found a bunch of metal-clad soldiers with flails and swords. I chuckled as I thought: "Armor is no match for magic!" I simply annihilated them all in the room and pressed on. After much battling and discovering chests full of junk I will never use, I finally got to the throne room. The throne room had the portal behind the king, he didn't look so happy to see me, as he transformed into a giant robot king!

       I thought to myself: "Wow! that is SO not fair!" And then we did battle! I noticed he had a shiny target on his back so I went to go poke it with my sword and it broke! The super smash bros. announcer voice yelled out: BREAK THE TARGETS! I was whisked away to break the targets. However there seemed to be a catch, to "break" the targets, I had to do battle Final Fantasy Style! The targets were needless to say, really tough! they crippled me with so many different attacks, and after what felt like forever, broke all 10 targets!

       I then was awarded with a successful fanfare and the: Awesome Fox! Award. It got very bright suddenly and I was back onto the ship. So I remembered I have to get off this thing before I am captured again or worse. It looked like though everyone forgot I was even here, taking advantage of this calm, I found a robot off to my left from the portal. I went over and knocked him out with a shock of lightning, I had a wierd idea to just take pieces of the robot apart and slap the parts on me, I dunno why but I did! And the best part! as I wandered around, THEY TOTALLY BOUGHT THE CRAPPY DISGUISE! I mean I am a fox! I have my bushy tail sticking out and everything, and yet they think I look no different!

      Anywho, so off I went to get to the hanger (once again) to obtain a means of transport to the Flag ship. I slowly made my way around the ship, saying hey to the odd guard, one of them told me a silly game code which I found very amusing and funny. I then eventually made it to the hangar and spotted the plane I wanted. So off I went to casually pilot it, and I took off again this time with clearance! I flew around and noticed it was still busy in the skies, I just calmly went over to the flagship. Once they asked me about my license and registration, I just told them: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, B, A, start. And I was in! I guess that silly robot henchman turned out to be useful!

      So I landed in the hanger and I got out of the plane and realized: Uh oh! my disguise fell apart! So noticing a large cluster of not so nice enemies in my vicinity, I quickly sprinted on all fours out of there, I took a moment to time an ambush, I saw a small squad of robots and then quickly destroyed them with my beam sword. I made a dash to a terminal down the hall, It asked me what I wanted to do. I tried to tell it something like self-destruct but all it did was yell FORK!! at me. I then thought: "Hmm, surely that code from earlier was useful!" So I input it, and it made a high square tone and I was warped into the prison area.

       I looked around and saw some captured people, and for some reason Klonoa was there too. I freed everyone and we proceeded to the bridge, fighting off enemies, I got to an armory. Everyone was now armed and we were ready to take over this ship! I decided before we stormed in to mess with the mainframe! So I just chucked in a bunch of code and did a bunch of silly things and before long a large SYSTEM ERROR appeared on the screen! from what the error code was telling was that: You really doomed us all! and suddenly the Peanut butter jelly time dancing banana came out of no where and decided to make a wierd laugh-ish screech sound thing and self-destructed! With immense destructive force, it blew a good portion of the ship, and we were thrown to the bridge!

      How convenient! We entered the bridge, with boss theme music playing and what we saw was Bowser, some giant angry robot thing, and an evil 1920's style shady con man! some boss self-gloating phrases uttered by each one, that YOU SHALL PERISH! and what not. So after some threats were made of blowing up that island I lived on, and offering to join them, I obviously refused. I know better than to join the bad guys! they are jerks and they always lose anyways.

     We then started an epic boss battle! round after round of grueling combat! Super special skills being used and random anonymous henchmen being destroyed! (It would be really long and tedious to just type out the whole battle, doubt you guys would want to read it all), So after they were felled we took control of some of their ships somehow and proceeded to do battle with the many monsters invading some nearby city of some sort. It had the same style buildings as the island town, but WAY larger.

     It had cool cannon towers, and some like silly looking steam punk style robots with death beams and tanks fighting that evil army. we swept in and decided to help! I dropped down from a transport ship and fought alongside the random guys there. As usual I caused much mayhem and destruction to the enemy! We fought valiantly and we overcame the invasion for the most part! But once again, another twist! For another flagship flew in, and in a drop pod emerged an absolutely horrid looking shadowy figure!

     He had a Darth Vader style voice, he told me that I was the chosen one, and that I will either join him, or die. Well with a threat like that, not like I will say: "Sure! I will join you! Yay evil!" it doesn't work that way for me! So he then proceeded to fight me 1 on 1! It was a long and destructive battle, but eventually I emerged victorious! however he poofed away in a dark plume of smoke. I stood there a bit shocked, not sure if I had won or not, I guess I did...But it didn't feel like it.

     So some random guy tells me that the air ship above us is what's causing all the trouble and mayhem and that it has a teleporter that brings in enemy troops constantly. Well at least I knew what they were now, but there was no time to waste! I somehow learned that cool black smoke teleport and I warped into the ship and pressed a bunch of buttons on the nearest console. On the PM system it said: "Thank you for using the self-destruct function! You have 3 minutes before ship self destructs!"

    In the chaos all the enemies on board just panicked and flailed around randomly, I teleported to the bridge and set a course to some where FAR AWAY. Then I teleported off the ship to the ground, And off it went, that ship was on a one way ticket to somewhere. Once the ship blew up, it stopped being all stormy and dark, and it was daylight, pretty blue skies, it felt all summertime like etc. I was praised as the hero who against all odds, and plenty of unexpected help, saved the world from evil! My dream afterwards showed little "cutscenes" or something of me enjoying life and battling evil. THE END!
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Tvorsk on April 30, 2011, 07:49:08 AM
So, I don't remember much of today's one... but it was oddly... violent... compared to my usual dreams.

First part I vaguely recall was something that felit quite like being in a point'n'click game - like, I touched a stone, and the whole view changes to "standing on its other side", and the things I "picked up" there appeared in a bar at the bottom. Don't remember nearly anything about that one, except talking to a fox.

Another part (and I feel there was some more things in between) was me driving to some kind of skyscraper, going up in a weeeird elevator that could be moved both horizontally and vertically, then leaning our of it, grinning to some guy at far end of the office (the main villain, or something like that), then quickly taking the elevator back down, jumping off it at unexpected moment, and running away in an expensive Mercedes (most probably belonging to that villain, but not sure).

And well, the third part...
I have no idea what that place was. A closed area, like inside a huuuge building. I mean, kinda like a dome or something - big "open space", but covered from all sides. Inside there was some kind of... village? Random set of small buildings? Something like that... with a perimter part-fence, part-wall, depending on the area. That fence never reached the "ceiling" nowhere. I know it was meant to keep people from outside from getting in, not other way around, too.

Anyway, I sneaked in there, explored around stockpiling in ammo, and climbed one of the roofs. The bad guys arrived, and started trying to get in. Severe fight ensued - beside me, the inhabitants of the area did defend too. Speaking of, I have no idea if all of them were, I plainly "don't remember", but there was a properly-colored gray fox nearby, under heavy fire. I was trying to help him run away, well, at one point he fell down to the ground. Well, I peered down... and I see him unconscious... with a half-full health bar above and "46" next to it. Two other foxes approached, one pulled a big (and looking like a low-polygon computer game object from early 2000s or so) med table out of nowhere, and well, healed that wounded fox back to full. So Yeah.
Anyway, I again don't remember much, there were TONS of dead "bad" commandos, then there was fight with some actual "characters", as opposed to cannon fodder, then I was coming back through a conveyor-filled area which has been "Swweped" before, and of course a ton of new enemies pops up...
Well, I was out of weaponry, nosing around, and then I find a lever in some shed. I'm like "YEAH, that's what I was looking for!", pull it... and, urm, restart level or something? I'm again at the entrance to the compound, it's dark and quiet, so on...
Anyway, I see that supposed-main-villain (older, thin, semi-bald guy with a beard and a smug face) coming in alone... I jump at him from behing, knock to the ground... and repeatedly smash his head into ground trying to kill him. I think I was screaming something at him too, but no idea what. Blood everywhere, but he's still not finished... and well, I woke up somewhere around there. Not sure if he survived or not.

And while, well, I'm quite... shocked by doing something like that, even in a dream... I have to wonder what made me do so.

Sorry for the imagery, folks... *hugs* {:(
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Fen on May 04, 2011, 08:32:50 PM
Recently, I had a dream that I've lost a lot of detail too, but it was very sad. It was definitively set in a sci-fi future, and focused around the minion of a Big Bad dark overlord kind of guy. He was an alien, who could infiltrate people's brains and take them over, and kind of looked like a very squiggly, worm-y sort of brain himself. Through years of work he did what  he was told, but at the end he didn't want to do it anymore because of all the nasty things he'd done to people, and died.

I know I remembered more of it before, but I don't remember a lot know. But that dream still makes me just a little sad.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Kasimir on May 04, 2011, 09:09:04 PM
Sry about the duplicate topic. I couldn't find this one.

Anyhow, this is copypasta'd from that other topic I made, and had since removed.

Quote from: Risu
I had a wonderful dream last nite. Pardon the low-quality of writing. I'm worried I might forget, so I'm just putting it all out there before I forget.

First I was at some sorta picnic feastival. I was in my fuzzy form, so that was cool and I was happy. Suddenly, the picnic was attacked by three extremely powerful enemies. Somehow I was able to determine their HP were over 94000 or something, LoL. Nobody seemed to panic; it was more of an inconvenience than a disaster. So they all walked to their cars out in the parking lot and left. I on the other hand, and a few other fuzzies, stayed to try and fight. We were horribly weak by comparison, at only 400-600 HP. But we had help from some magical relics. Apparently, the enemies shoulda had crippling weakness to them, but all the relics did was annoy them. So there was a short, anticlimatic fight in the parking lot.

Next, the fight ended when my new friends and I had to go to karate practice. I finally asked them their names, and one of them, a golden retriever (?), replied "Adamonjaku". That was good enough for me o.o" So we were at karate practice at this big, fancy rec center. Then the FBI came in and began telling certain people something. Everyone who listened stopped what they were doing and followed. Adam & I noticed the coffee bar guy followed the FBI, so their post was unattanded. Rather than take advantage of the free coffee, I took over their position! I didn't know what to do, and people started ordering coffee. I began panicking, but one of Adam's female friends helped me out.

Then, we were all offered free samples of some sorta energy drink. When we took them, we TF'd into.... More advanced versions of ourselves?

After that, we went to Adam's house. His pet cat ran away, so he had a pet Virmir instead. [:) And then I woke up, and I was sad.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: PrincessToyTime on May 12, 2011, 01:12:11 AM
I shall add another random fuzzy dream I had a couple weeks ago.

This dream starts off with me outside in a small western town at night, which was in a desert, but somehow it was snowing. I saw a saloon about maybe 30 feet in front of myself, I decided it was too cold outside and wanted to escape the snow and entered it, and inside there was vikings instead of the usual pioneers and such you would find inside doing the usual activities like play cards, flaming shield toss for some reason, and enjoying alcoholic beverages and the like. I walked inside and felt very confused and out of place, I wandered around a bit and found a table with Tvorsk sitting there. I poked him and he looked at me with a confused expression, I realized I couldn't talk for some reason, so I made very poor attempts at some kind of paw-signals and such, and he just fell asleep there, I shrugged and decided to just wander around the saloon some more. I came to the realization that this saloon never ended, it looked like it was gigantic inside, endless tables and rooms everywhere, with some silly other things like clothing booths and a restaurant.  I found a peculiar looking viking and I poked him, he turned around and he was actually a traffic cone, he spoke in a text box and made dial-up sounds at me when he "spoke", I wasn't sure what he was saying since the text in the text box was in Swedish.

So I picked up a banana and stared at it for NO reason, and then I threw it behind me, it made a loud, giant blinding explosion but nothing happened, no evidence of an explosion, no one noticed or anything.
I wandered around some more and found a sign that said: "Beware.......asdf." I was confused by the sign and I heard a sound and when I turned around, there was this dog or coyote or something (I couldn't really tell) standing there, dressed in like those western dusters and a hat. He stared at me and I just stared at him nervously in return, and he suddenly vanished, wierded out I decided to visit the washroom nearby. I opened the door and it looked all modern inside but flipped upside down, when I stepped inside I flew up through the roof and fell onto the second floor room above. I was dazed and when I got up to look around, it was a rave party for a split second, and then it was just some random room styled like a pioneer building. I found a door and walked through it and I was in a walkway with a balcony and railings overlooking the first floor, it was a very nice view and it seemed like it was several stories tall. on one of the tables next to the railing had a plate with a waffle on it, I decided to eat it and when I was done Tvorsk walked up to me and told me it was time to go, and that's when I woke up.

Not my usual standards of crazy silliness, but the fact I never dreamed of vikings in a western setting before, Tvorsk being in it for no reason, and the fact this song was playing the entire time I was dreaming made it notable.  [;)
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Shifting Sands on May 13, 2011, 07:46:05 AM
So, I finally had a dream I remember that was SEMI-fuzzy, and thought I might as well post it...

Apparently someone, somewhere, somehow, had made some-anime-series-thingy for everyone in the chat... and even though I've only seen anime about 2 times in my life, I figured I'd order it (BOUGHT IT ONLIIIIIINE). I mean, it would be fuzzy, right? So, somehow I got my copy of it before anyone else, and the first thing I noticed was that there were five volumes, or whatever you wanna call them; seasons, parts, sequences, books. I took the first one, obviously, and "used" (I never put the disc into anywhere, it just turned on the TV) it and started watching.

Now, after that, things were a little hazy, but I do remember that some evil military dudes who had a PLAAAAAAGUE of some sort wanted to use it on some small little town built in a gas station. However, two boys walked out of it, both teenagers, but one older than the other, while the soldiers were sneaking by, ruining their element of surprise. So... they just used the two kids as a tiny group of experiments! They threw some green vial right on top of them, and it exploded over their heads; one kid right away shrank down into a green kitten (I'm guessing Zavier) and the other... kinda just resisted for a moment, I guess. As the soldiers approached them, the kitten ran back into the gas station, while the other kid was too dazed to do anything, and was promptly captured.

From there, the soldiers and the diseased kid went onto a train... but it kinda just... broke down halfway, and the boy escaped. So... he was growing dark brown fur, and ran back toward the gas station (how does someone find that as a shelter?).

Anyway... I definitely want to watch the rest of this series in my dreams |:P
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Draykin on June 08, 2011, 04:32:45 AM
Hmmm.... I see this thread is fitting of this... This a dream I had awhile ago. (AKA like a week ago)

Well... I can't remember much of the dream itself, but I can recall it involved Spiderman, and his powers failing at every point where he tried using them. Almost like a montage of failure. I recall a few "scenes" in particular. One is where Spidey's running from some bad guys (A tactical retreat) and trying climbing a brick wall, only flailing at it, and then getting beat down. The second one, all I saw was him running a roof, him jumping, and then a very comedic scream.

Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Kasimir on June 13, 2011, 11:56:33 PM
I had a dream the other night, that when I went to reply to Silber's "Fuzzy Trade School" thread, it told me, "No Risu, you can't write an entry becos' you aren't awesome enough." {:(
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Tvorsk on June 25, 2011, 06:37:05 AM
I had a really odd dream last night... felt kind of like me reading a story written by someone else, and at the same time being "in" the story as I read it... as in, walking around, watching the characters and all... I'm not sure, but I think I might not be "a character", just some kind of immaterial observer, I'm almost sure no one ever acknowledged my presence.

I don't remember nearly anything... I walked through something that resembled ruined modern city, and entered a weird area... kind of a corridor, I think, ahead of me was something weird... that looked like the continuation of the corridor, but as a low-quality, pixelated, blurred image. It showed different things at different moments, I think always having some kind of extension of the corridor in it.

Anyway, there was a bunch of peeps in front of it. For reasons unknown, only ones I'm sure of were Draykin, Medik (On few occasions as Jacklyn) and for some odd reason, Tal. Most of the others were familiar fuzzies, they "just" (sorry {:() didn't survive the wakeup clearly enough.

There's this atmosphere of being scared but determined... there's something out there, no one's talking, only whispering.
I don't remember much, but it's implied there's some great force against "us".

And there's that one tiny creature, I have no idea if it was this way in the dream for sure, but at this point I'm having the image of Mara (from Reyan Saga), except... urm... purple in color?
It was kind of... seeming to know what this is about, giving advice and half-orders to others...

It was all very, very odd.

One thing I realized after a while of "observing" is that for some reason talking is dangerous, and helping whatever they're hiding from and conspiring against, and they were humming and half-singing instead. Weird enough already? {;)

Anyway, there are three scraps I remember.

First was Dray and Medik coming in from somewhere (I don't know if it was "from that picture", so please don't assume it either), and starting to say something due to forgetting... that purple thing is like "Did you forget every word helps <thing>?!", and they meep and kind of... shrink down a bit?
<thing> was something big, I totally forgot it... not an "own name", a noun, kinda in style of "the evil", or "the darkness", giving that feeling of dreadful looming power... but I totally can't remember what it was. Something long and fancy, but known to me.

Second was that purple thing being asked who it is. I'm like, 4/5 sure she answered "Band of all bands". (Kinda fits the singing vs speech conflict?) "Wait, that means... you are...?!" "Meerka, yes." (No, not meerkat. {;))

And third was Tal going out from the group and wandering off, thinking stuff like "I want to go out of here, but how? We're in the middle of the woods, everything's out to get us...".

So, yeah. Odd.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Draykin on July 10, 2011, 12:37:41 AM

So, it started out with me being a new kid in this city. It was a dark city, kinda like New York, but more like half town, half city. I was with three friends (Tommy, Austin, and Ryan) when we went to investigate this old mansion. When he did, we got locked inside and we met this odd man. He wore all black, had a tophat, and on his face has the most generic french villain mustache I have ever seen. He told us how he collected the "oddities" of the world. He took in the "freaks" and "misfits", and took care of them. He gave us a forceful tour of the place.

He took us to some lab, where this goo got spilled on me and Tommy. Tommy became a ghost somehow, and the man said he would take care of him. The tour continued.

Then we went to a kitchen, and we all sat down to eat. Austin was really hungry, and wouldn't stop eating. He got really fat, then he melted. He could reform, but as a human upper torso, with a blob as a lower body. We wanted to run, but we were locked in. Too bad.

Eventually, we found a tunnel and took it, where it lead to a subway entrance in the city. Tommy came out of nowhere and poured something on Ryan. Ryan then turned into an orange kangaroo and grew five stories tall. I ran away from them.

The next day I woke up at night, and my room was dark except for a computer. Its screen was black and littered with green text. The man was in my room and he told me, "Hurry, we must stop your friend Ryan." I had no clue what he was talking about, but I opened my window and was met by the sight of a giant, green tyrannosaurus breathing fire in the streets. I grabbed a random M16 and jumped out the 6-story tall window with the man and landed in a video store.

Ryan was like a monster in a videogame. He paced up the street breathing fire, then back down it, breathing fire. I had to hide behind various furniture to avoid being burned, but I was burned at one point. Then I came to a mall where I met the cast of L4D and L4D2. We all fought our way to the third story of the mall. (There were zombies) Upon reaching the third floor, the man handed me a syringe and I lept off the building, onto Ryan's head, and stabbed him with it. He turned back into a giant kangaroo and I passed out.

When I woke up, I was shorter, and was in the middle of a ruined street. I was surrounded by police, and they were pointing guns and batons at me. I tried to reason with them but they shot at me. I ran and did much Parkour to escape. Wallruns, vaults, the whole shebang. Eventually I ended up back at the mansion.

The man greeted me and gave me a mirror, where I saw I was a tri-tailed island fox 'sune. I freaked out, and accessed my shapeshifting powers, and turned feral. The man picked me up, promised to take care of me, and took me to a room and put me on a bed. He told me I should get some rest. I fell asleep and the dream ended.

I am somewhat hoping I will eventually dream the next part of this.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: PrincessToyTime on July 10, 2011, 09:03:36 AM
Here's a wierd fuzzy dream for everyone to see. [;)

This dream starts off with some evil guy, who looked a bit like Ganondorf, he was holding some random rat girl I think, or something (the dream was kind of being vague for me there.), and I remember someone poking me to try saving her, so I attempted to find/make some kind of weapon to stop him, and I made some sort of bow that fires pencil crayons.

I attempted to kill him, and failed terribly, when that didn't work, I tried to go near him, and everything went white, suddenly, I was in a stadium with really dark wood floors and walls and looked quite Japanese. I was subject to some kind of mini-Olympics, where I had to do various events, and for some reason, I was wearing a Japanese bathrobe of sorts, and I remember it somehow being one-piece, but you can take off the upper half, which I did for the swimming contest.

I remember telling a few other competitors, when they asked why I was here, and trying to do my best, when everyone else didn't bother, I told them I was trying to save everyone, but failed (Or atleast I thought so.), and just before the swimming event, I told some white dragon wearing the same outfit I was,  that I have no reason to live due to my failure, and that I am only doing this event because I am trapped here. And he said, "It doesn't matter, for you will be redeemed, and that your efforts are ultimately not in vain." I blinked and didn't really understand why I somehow knew, or who he was. So when it got to the swimming contest, it had really shallow water, like, it was probably a foot deep, or maybe less, but you could somehow swim like it was really deep, and I swam really FAST, and eventually won, and I remember being barely able to stay awake while swimming near the last stretch of the race, being so tired, and such, I looked up and thought: "If I can even save this small group of folks.... who are cheering me along in the bleachers... then at least I did something right." and when I won, I just closed my eyes, and kind of...died.

I guess somehow, by winning, and holding out just long enough while pouring all my strength to beat that Ganondorf looking fellow, I somehow saved everyone and unfortunately, pressed myself too hard and died afterwards.

The end. [:)

Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: PrincessToyTime on August 03, 2011, 09:48:44 PM
Here is a pretty interesting fuzzy dream I had.

This dream was like a virtual world of the chatroom, it had different rooms inside a building, with a very inconsistent design (Such as one room might be beige and smallish, another might be red and very large). So anyways there was a number of fuzzies in my dream, I can remember "logging in", but for some reason no one knew I did, or ignored it, not sure which.

So when I logged in I noticed that the grand hall-ish area, which for whatever reason was a giant gymnasium sort of thing, was totally empty, but in my HUD, I noticed on the lower right of my "screen" as I stood there, was a chatbox, and it looked exactly like the Earth Eternal one too.

For some reason Medik_Jackal was constantly spamming in a regular interval: ZAP! in all caps, also Geary was talking in all caps every once in a while, but only if it was TF2 related. Tvorsk and Virmir were having some kind of epic discussion, but the font was too small and thus, I had no clue what they were saying.

Donnie, Radioactive_Toast, Fizzie, and I think KaiAdin (it looked like some random moderator atleast if not), were also discussing random stuff too, I did catch Kai saying something about the salad is not for resale, and warned Fizzie specifically not to touch it, after that I had no idea what anyone else was saying.

I suddenly got flight power out of nowhere after VirBot whispered to me something about muffins, and proceeded to fly around in the large empty room. After I reached the ceiling, slowly everyone started to teleport in the room, and I was hovering above everyone and the room's floor started to change.

A small tropical island chain appeared, and pool water about the depth of 1-2 feet flooded the place, and the walls were painted like the inside of Peach's castle from Super Mario 64. I descended down but no one seemed to notice I was there, I even said hey and waved my paw in their face but no one did anything in response to it.

I decided to play in the water and as soon as I did so, a few fuzzies got angry, and Toast spoke in the third person about how I was a bad fox, and that he had no batteries and needed some. I was sad that no one liked me and I went off to a different "room", I found VirBot there, and we became friends, and I explored this other large room, which was essentially Super Mario Galaxy inside, with large expanse of space, and planets, and such.

After I while I returned to the Grand Hall place again, and everyone was enjoying a nice time on the islands, a few of you were swimming in the water, and I flew through to find my own island. I eventually found one behind a wall and stayed there away from everyone else and just kind of had my own fun, until Virmir warned me about something, but he talked like he was constantly distant and with a muffled voice, I looked at him with a confused expression and headtilted.

Tvorsk came over after and he looked like he was searching for me, I tried to get his attention but failed. So then I started to wonder about things and became very depressed, everyone looked happy, but I wasn't for some reason. I stared at the ceiling of the building and could see blue sky and clouds semi-transparently through it, I asked myself why I was here, and why I was alive.

It kind of zoomed out third person like and focused on the ceiling. A voice told me that I
wasn't ready, and a few other things that I couldn't make out, then it just kind of faded out and I woke up.

I think it was the first time I dreamed of the chat room too. [;)
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Tvorsk on August 04, 2011, 02:40:20 PM
It's cool, but kinda sad, too...
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: PrincessToyTime on August 06, 2011, 09:28:25 PM
It's cool, but kinda sad, too...

Indeed, it was pretty sad I admit, lately been having a lot of depressing dreams, so...don't wanna throw those on here. [:( *hugs back*
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Kasimir on August 09, 2011, 04:37:07 PM
Holy craps, I had another depressingly sad dream too.

All I remember from it was visiting a SimCity version of the bay area with my stepbrother, a rube-goldberg pinball machine, and a raccoon character who died saving the world.

It was weird, dunno how/why it was so sad. But I awoke dehydrated and short on breath.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Evilhumour on August 16, 2011, 07:49:58 AM
Well, I usually get great story ideas from my dreams and this is the idea I got from it.

Several thousand years/(three digits?) ago, a man ran for unknown reason inside a dangerous power plant.

Got mutated and cryogenically frozen for unknown reasons and defrosted for furher reasons. Into a yellow reptile with glasses and seems years younger. Wonders into a classroom filled with mixture of humans and furries. Goes over the accident and explain that turned the world into a floating island (s). Furries are genetically made. First guy gets into fight and shows to be faster then the average genetic furry and a fellow furry gets involved.  The get shoot with nets and as the first guy goes down a message from robots appear. It states it is one of a 144 out of a set of seven and six secret robots and their masters plan for conquest will begin again.

what do you think?
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: PrincessToyTime on August 21, 2011, 11:11:51 AM
Random fuzzy dream again.

Okay here is another relatively interesting dream I had, it starts off as me and a random friend playing games in some old 50's diner designed house, and it was some kind of really wierd Star Wars game, where you take control of either the Rebel Alliance, or Galactic Empire, and you can customize how your troops looked and all that, and your hero. And another wierd game where you need to solve this puzzle of how to escape this room full of wierd objects like a talking statue, and flashing disco room, and etc. I can remember one game where me and my friend laughed really hard at, and for some reason I remember it involving loose change and car seats with explosives and other stuff, I dunno, it was really strange and amusing.

So after we gamed for a while I ended up in a wierd school where everything was backwards and I was sick with a cold somehow, so I explored it, and this teacher gave me a wierd pendant with a fox head and crown (sounds familiar right?). I wondered what it was, so I just kinda went along with it and found this library room but it was locked, so I had to find another way in, and I went into the janitors closet and grabbed a mop and suddenly a secret passage appeared. So I took the passage into the library, where there was a glowing portal, and I stepped inside it, and I was transported to the Chicago area, which I somehow knew, and I found Tirien and he showed me this peculiar book.

It was like a phone book only it had pictures of Virmir for ads and stuff along with normal-ish looking ones, and for some reason, one of them was just the name Virmir and said car removal service under it, so I had a feeling I needed to see him and asked Tirien to come along, and he agreed. So I somehow managed to find a floating disc vehicle that floated about three feet off the ground, and you gripped a handle on each side, and was driven kind of like a motorcycle, where you leaned to turn it or go forward, and if you ducked, you could lower altitude, and raising it was by stretching up.

So we journeyed to find this mysterious fox named Virmir, somewhere, and we ended up finding a few other fuzzies in our traveling adventure, we journeyed far in the city, I was accused of being an alien for flying a floating disc that changed height, but alas, we couldn't find him, and I was sad. So we found this random small park in the suburbs of what I assume was still in Chicago somehow, even though I am sure we had a montage of journeying the world, and we just kinda sat there depressed.

So I looked to the sky and just thought what I was doing wrong? why I couldn't find Virmir, and why we failed, so Tirien got up and said he had to see someone here, so he wandered off somewhere, and I figured me and the remaining other three-ish fuzzies (who I couldn't really tell who they were) would just go off and wander the area. And so we did that until we crashed into a house, and inside was this fox with a black cape, and I apologized for wrecking his house, and after grumbling and looking rather annoyed at the surprise renovation we did, we were forgiven and he welcomed us inside, and it looked really cool in there.

It was all medieval-style and whatnot, with cool glowy gems here and there, and other neat little things that just kind of made the atmosphere simply awesome. I asked him if he was Virmir, and he replied he was, and we were very happy to find him, I told him this ancient phonebook outlined a great hero, who warred against the cars, and other mean stuff, and that for some strange reason, I was meant to find him, and he chuckled and asked how we got it. I told him Tirien did and described how he looked like, and he said his plan worked, and that we were indeed meant to find him, so after we fixed his house we went downstairs into the basement, and inside was a portal he was designing that took us to essentially the Crimson Flag universe, and he said that he wanted to show us this place, and we all agreed and Tirien magically came in the room after and we all walked inside and all just saw white bright nothingness and that's when it ended.

So yeah, that was my interesting dream. [:)
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Post by: PrincessToyTime on October 10, 2011, 06:02:08 AM
Here's another odd fuzzy dream. [;)

   This dream starts off with me in a car ride, with boring random humans going to the down town in a random city, I was supposed to look after them, and we hid out at this random store for a while. So they decided to get food since they were hungry, and I told them to come back to this store, and they were like "Yeah, whatever" in a not listening to a fox kind of attitude. So everyone went off, and it was I suppose noon-ish at the time, so I took the time to trot through town on all fours to check it out.
   I was looking at all these shops with pet cats and foxes napping in the display window of various shops, everything from shoe stores, to clothing stores, dollar stores, etc. And was thinking how cute they were, and I could somehow reach through the glass to pet them with my paw without breaking it or anything. So at this point, I must have lost track of time, and it was about evening time (let's say about 6-7 PM), so I felt kind of hungry randomly, and found this random pizza restaurant with a very vague sort of name (Something like Eatza da Pizza). So I walked in and told they don't serve my kind here, so I was a bit down from that, so I walked through town as it was getting night, getting a bit cool, and was still hungry. On my way towards the up town, I found this odd looking Wal-Mart clone, which was made of stone, it's name was Flor-Stor, it was closed so I couldn't enter it.
   Then I came across this other store, which was arranged in a weird sort of way, inside of it there was 2 vending machines for drinks and various snacks, and had furniture everywhere, and was surprisingly roomy for such a small little store by itself, it was about 3 floors tall. I asked this guy who was running it, he was older, had round-framed glasses, and he looked amazed at me, he asked me who I was, and I told him, and he was impressed to find a fox in a human city. I pretty much told him I was lost, and wish to find a way back to my city (which was in the woods somewhere), but he seemed like he knew some kind of hidden potential inside me and wanted me to take over his store, which was much more complex than it seemed. Firstly he told me to come up to the second floor, which I did and followed him up, then he explained that this store actually is more of a front, for a secret spy organization, that is monitoring the humans here. He showed me this really high-tech version of those automatic remote things for a car, with digital displays, and many many buttons on a touch screen and what not.
        I was told he wasn't actually a human, but cleverly disguised himself, and revealed to me he was a fairly old wolf, with a bit of a goatee, white/silvery gray fur, and still wore the glasses (I guess his vision was impaired). He wanted me to run it for him, as he was getting old, and this would be the perfect chance to, but I declined, telling him instead, I would get a replacement for him, so he nodded a bit dissapointedly and he put back on his disguise and walked across the street after locking up the store to his house. I began to shiver as it was quite a bit later, regretting not taking up the wolf's offer about taking the shop over and staying warm inside it.

         I shrugged and accepted I make some really unwise choices sometimes, so I continued my wandering and came across this dead-end parking lot area down the road I was on, next to this random factory, and I noticed suddenly it was a fair bit darker than it just was, and heard some really weird sounds, i hugged the factory wall, and slowly shimmied my way around the corner. What I saw then was really scary for some reason, I couldn't see all of it, but it was some angry dragon mech head, cleaning the streets at night, by heating garbage and emitting a loud roar (how this doesn't wake the townsfolk, I will never know), and I was only maybe a couple dozen feet from it. So I felt my fur poof in fear from the loud metallic/robot screech and the fact it was many times larger than myself, and slowly approaching near me, needless to say, I was definitely afraid. So I assumed it was going to eat me or something crazy, and proceeded to dart back behind the wall of the factory, and I could still hear the terrible rumbling, the roar of the engines and pneumatic joints and such, and all those terrible machinery sounds.

       I quickly remembered I was a mage, and that, I do indeed have magic, so I quicky cupped my paws together, and began to cast a spell, and mentally targetted a place, hopefully very far away. The spell worked and I was whisked away in an instant, to a rural-ish outskirts area of town, in the middle of a road, near an intersection. I quickly looked around and dropped to all fours again, since it was faster to walk this way, and proceeded a few streets, almost going through them in a zig-zag manner until I was out of town. I kept going and eventually found a dirt road on my right and took it, and kept going until I found in the distance after what felt like an hour, glowing lights in trees. I emitted a soft yip and could feel myself tailwagging as I found it, my home, and quickly ran towards it, and eventually made it back. I was greeted by the gray foxes (they looked like the ones in CF) and told I had been missing for some time, and we hugged and eventually told them my crazy adventure in the human city and we had some tea and such, and slept in a literal tree house (inside of the tree, with windows and everything, just like a few movies I can recall as a kit) and eventually woke up when it was morning in my dream.

The end! [:)
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: PrincessToyTime on October 15, 2011, 09:23:30 PM
Another random short dream forgot to post a while back. [;)

So, the dream started in me in this dark-ish lit house, which was quite large, but same time, was well lit. (maybe like a video game world?) So I was exploring it, in my fuzzy form, and came across this strange pillow, so I hugged it.

And I was turned into a living plushie version of myself.  And I was teleported also, to this giant toy world, and I found a random fuzzy there, and we greeted each other.

I told him I could breathe fire randomly, and he asked for a demonstration, so I complied, and took a deep breathe, but failed in a fairly cute, and silly way, made a weird sound, and all I blew out, was a puuf of black smoke. So I blushed in embrassment, and thought to myself: "I know I can do this!"

So I gave it a second try, and reddish, orange-ish fire with some smoke was exhaled! I was excited and gave it a third try, knowing I can do better, so I tried again, and it was that white/blue super hot flames, and I accidentally torched something with it. So we ran away really quickly into a warp pipe, and we jumped down it.

And I woke up.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Kasimir on October 16, 2011, 02:33:56 AM
I envy your dreaming abilities. {:)
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Donnie on October 16, 2011, 12:47:54 PM
I dreamed that I was still a boy scout and everything I did was a failure and I had no idea why, and no idea why my scout mates somehow raised a million $$$ to a donation thingy... when we're out in the middle of a forest. No idea. *is sad*
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: PrincessToyTime on October 16, 2011, 10:29:31 PM
I envy your dreaming abilities. {:)
Yay! thank you Risu! *hugs tight!* I think I just have an over-active imagination. [:)

I dreamed that I was still a boy scout and everything I did was a failure and I had no idea why, and no idea why my scout mates somehow raised a million $$$ to a donation thingy... when we're out in the middle of a forest. No idea. *is sad*
Awww.... *hugs tight to help you feel better.* sounds like those dreams I get when I worry before sleeping, and it manifests itself into weird dream situations like that.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Jonas on October 18, 2011, 10:17:36 PM
I dreamed I was walking down the street with my Grandma and saw a homeless person eating from a garbage bin. Grandma scolded him and said to go eat his veggies. The homeless guy ran away and started picking broccoli from a tree.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: PrincessToyTime on October 24, 2011, 08:41:06 PM
I dreamed I was walking down the street with my Grandma and saw a homeless person eating from a garbage bin. Grandma scolded him and said to go eat his veggies. The homeless guy ran away and started picking broccoli from a tree.

Hehe, that is a pretty silly, but amusing dream. [:)
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Post by: PrincessToyTime on October 24, 2011, 08:42:59 PM
Here is another random dream, brought to you by Trask.

Okay, so basically, it was an interesting story of me, a fennec, a gray wolf, and some girl who I think was also a fox (she was all blue and watery, and yes, none of them had names). We all lived in this village, where it was all peaceful and almost like something from an RPG game of sorts.

So anyways, me and this fennec were walking out somewhere in the woods, and we heard something rumble, and we head back to the town we lived in, and this elder guy was going on about this dormant power in the planet core, a creature of terrible power if used for evil, etc.

Then apparently, it was up to us two to go and like, see what's going on, so we headed somewhere to this holy city of sorts, and there was the gray wolf's father, who said something about meeting him, and that we should, so we sought him out at this fishing place, it was all foggy and such, and was like a river delta.

We met up, and we headed back, and for some reason, we were like in trouble or something, and the wolf's father said he wasn't true to the faith, and somesuch, and he was taken by him to this volcano. The fennec apparently went ahead of me, I looked around through this building that the town got together in, found this room, and took an ancient artifact thing.

I departed for the volcano, and met up with the fox girl with water powers and healing and stuff, and we both went there, we found the fennec floating unconscious in the water. We got him out and told me this mercenary company, and mining company were apparently deep inside the volcano, and were mining it out for precious minerals.

But what they didn't realize was that they were upsetting the dormant power within the world, and it was getting dangerously close to awakening, and the wolf's father was the guy behind the mining operations, so we went there and went inside the volcano, and we found them, and had to stop them.

We freed the wolf, and we did eventually by fighting them with our special powers, all RPG-like, and we couldn't defeat his father, for he was some evil mastermind with very strong abilities that we didn't stand a chance against, and this creature arose, and it as destroying the world. Turns out he didn't have any control over it.

Then the new plan was to use magic powers to go back in time to stop him from existing, but then these other creatures went back to that time too, and it got really complicated, but somewhere down the line, we erased him from existance, thus, preserving the present and future.

And that's basically the whole thing.

Hope you enjoyed reading it? [:)
Title: Re:- Fuzzy Dreams
Post by: Kasimir on October 30, 2011, 12:43:54 AM
I had one of my infrequent fuzzy dreams last nite.

It picked up off right at a critical point in the middle of a battle. I was in the form of my 'sona, Razzion, and I was pinned down and under fire by some minions. Apparently I had tried infiltraiting someone's basecamp, in search of some valueable information stored on a USB-chip, I guess. Anyhow, I managed to get out of there by using an illusion of myself as a decoy, then turning invisible and running away.

As I ran thru the basecamp corridors, I encountered a lunk/goon type enemy. They wore multi-frequency glasses, so they were able to see me. Then they lifted me by my collar, winding up for a swing that would easily take my head off.... And it did. But fortunately, it was another illusion; I had teleported right behind them. Before they could figure out what was going on, I conjured a wind elemental to suck them in, and I was gone.

Then I woke up. I wanna know what's happened next!
Title: Re:- Fuzzy Dreams
Post by: PrincessToyTime on October 30, 2011, 08:39:04 PM
I had one of my infrequent fuzzy dreams last nite.

It picked up off right at a critical point in the middle of a battle. I was in the form of my 'sona, Razzion, and I was pinned down and under fire by some minions. Apparently I had tried infiltraiting someone's basecamp, in search of some valueable information stored on a USB-chip, I guess. Anyhow, I managed to get out of there by using an illusion of myself as a decoy, then turning invisible and running away.

As I ran thru the basecamp corridors, I encountered a lunk/goon type enemy. They wore multi-frequency glasses, so they were able to see me. Then they lifted me by my collar, winding up for a swing that would easily take my head off.... And it did. But fortunately, it was another illusion; I had teleported right behind them. Before they could figure out what was going on, I conjured a wind elemental to suck them in, and I was gone.

Then I woke up. I wanna know what's happened next!

That sounds like a pretty cool dream. [:)
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: DigitFiredrake on November 01, 2011, 06:54:05 AM
But Trask, I'm a bit confused. But I think you said you went back in time to erase the wolfs evil father... But wouldn't that have made the poor good wolf go away too?
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: DigitFiredrake on November 01, 2011, 07:49:32 AM
Well, here goes, I remember two dreams fairly well, both a LONNNNG time back I a hardly ever dream now indays =p (actually from sleeping more deeply ^^ guess there is a bad side to everything hu?)

First is actually WAY before Tech or any of my coming to fuzzy sites. And Yet it was all about the fact I found I could shape shift into some sort of canidae... I couldn't see myself but I was running on all fours about only a bit more then a foot tall, so yeah every one in my dream was enjoying me showing off this power. (the transformation was completely at will... needless to say I spent almost the whole dream in the Canidae form XD) Mostly running a full speed and jumping walls and such around my house.

The second is actually a sci-fi. I was SHOCKED at how vivid it was AND that sense. It started with a narration from a female voice explaining that the galaxy had been all but taken over by a ruling power, and that the only rebels were lead by a charismatic young woman. (the narrator was her) She started a force in order to try and overthrow the empire over them and had convinced a whole world (and I think a twin world as well) to join the cause. Sadly the empire out numbered the two worlds by MANY times, however the city's on these worlds were equipped with high end shield domes that the attacking empire feet seemed to be having a hard time braking. (it was interesting the dream had a whole set of rules of engagement to the battle) the ships kept hammering away from space while the city sent artillery cannon into the hills outside of the dome to fire back (it blocked fire both ways) . after this had gone on a few years the city's power supplies were running out and it was clear they had no chance to win. HOWEVER the leader realized this and also that the enemy fleet STILL feared here as her charisma COULD start more revolutions.  Because of this, she went to speak with the fleet leader. They met on the hills out side the city (which now come to think of it were surprisingly green for being next to a bombed city and counter attacked because of the artillery =p but oh well). they struck a deal, she would surrender to them in exchange her freedom for the freedom of the citys! She knew they were going to likely kill her or force her to work for them, but she also knew she could resist and that now that the first citys had WON! their freedom, more would fallow. And while it looked bleak for her, she still had hope that even she could live.... and tho she knew it was almost imposable for her to live though this alive and not damaged from the empires "persuasion"... dark as it sound, the end was hopeful. Even she had much hope.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: PrincessToyTime on November 02, 2011, 12:28:54 AM
But Trask, I'm a bit confused. But I think you said you went back in time to erase the wolfs evil father... But wouldn't that have made the poor good wolf go away too?

Technically it would, not sure why my dream said that was a good idea though. [:P
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Post by: PrincessToyTime on November 05, 2011, 04:17:22 AM
Here's a random fuzzy dream I had about a month ago, forgot to post it here, hopefully you enjoy the read. [:)

Here we go! this dream starts off with me in this tree house of sorts, and me, Toast, Medik, and a few other fuzzies who I couldn't see very well due to the poor lighting, were playing random old retro video games at night in this random bedroom of sorts, with a really cool balcony. It all looked like a giant tree that was hollowed out into a house, after a while of playing, Toast turned around and awarded me with some weird TF yogurt or something, claimed it was my birthday, and commanded I go get more from the store. So I nodded and went about my business, I figured everyone was having fun, and should get the supplies, I left the treehouse and it was a nice forest at daytime somehow when I left my house, at night it looked all spooky and Halloweeny when I looked out the window.

Anyways, so I went into the forest to find a random store, which I have no idea where it is, and retrieve the stuff they needed, sometime after wandering down the makeshift dirt road, I found a small little town in the woods, inhabited by humans. However, suddenly from above, a mech much like the one Donnie designed landed before me and claimed it was going to open a file of very unpleasant physical wrath or something on me, so I ran through the mech and poked this guy in a suit near a generic brick house, and told him a giant robot wanted to kill me. So he pointed at the mech and made the THX sound and it was thrown from the force of the soundwaves into space, possibly never to be seen again.

Eternally thankful for his mysterious powers, I bowed before him, and he petted me for being a cute fox, I then inquired him on the whereabouts to obtain the TF yogurt, and he pointed at a random superstore that was a giant Deku Tree of sorts, with the sign "Dekupartment Store". I trotted in and it looked like some weird circus of sorts, and suddenly a giant robot eye whisked into my face and yelled at me that I wasn't a robot, I responded to that most rude behavior by poking it while headtilting in confusement, so it cried and dropped a giant case of TF yogurt and claimed I was a meanie face, or something close enough to.

After that, I made my way back and fell down a pitfall in the dirt road, and Team Rocket said I failed and blasted off, and suddenly the floor below me opened up and I fell down through the roof into my house onto Toast somehow. I blinked, and he picked me up and said "I am the Bed!" in Toad's voice (From the Mario series.) took the case of TF yogurt, turned me into a giant plushie and everyone slept on me.

Just another crazy dream!

(Also this is the link to the sound Toast made before I was TF'd:
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Fen on November 10, 2011, 07:48:10 AM
Two days ago I had a dream I can't express in words, In the past with traces from the future. People there were people then but some were people now. I insulted a man of power and was sent into the night. A person I met was inventive and strong, had things I'd left behind, and dream stopped, myself awake.

No. It doesn't make sense, but I can't ever twist words into anything that will make sense on this particular event. I'm still not sure how I feel about it.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Zavier on November 12, 2011, 10:34:06 AM
This one isn't so much weird, but surprising that I actually remember it. (WARNING: this dream ends in a rather NSFV manner. Though the dream before the very end is quite PG.)

Okay, so the dream started with me as an infantry soldier on a ship. It was a sort of fantasy setting, and the rest of the ship was packed with soldiers. On top of that, there were hundreds of other ships in the fleet. We landed at a beach that led into a large, hilly plain, with mountains lining either side to the left or right. We went off the ships and charged forward, apparently to meet an enemy army over a large hill that went across the plain like a ripple in water.

Then, emerging from over the hill, was a solid line of enemy cavalry, forming a wall. They all set their spears in rest and charged right at us. We didn't have any horses, and were on foot.

So this is when I was surprised: as it turned out, I wasn't just some boring human infantryman. I was actually disguised in that form. So I quikcly transformed into my real form: a dark-green, four-legged dragon the size of a house, with wings on my back. I stayed on foot and folded my wings up behind me, charging right at the cavalry wall.

Then me and a section of the wall hit like freight trains. I could actually feel their spears push against my scales before snapping. (To replicate the feeling, take your fingertip and push it into your forearm. Hard.) I bashed through them, and then another wall of cavalry emerged over the hill. I bashed through them, another wall, bash...then I made it onto the top of the hill.

On the other side, the enemy army waited. It seemed like hundreds upon hundreds of soldiers. And towering above the army was a giant monster. It looked a lot like this guy right here (, only it was pitch black and the size of a small town. On its back were a few buildings, which I for some reason knew housed the commanders and whatnot of the army.

So I spread my wings and took off over the enemy army, my allies beginning to fight them as they flooded over the hill. I flew right up in front of the thing's head and forced my way right into its mouth. I remember it feeling damp and warm in there, was well as feeling saliva dripping on me. I quickly charged to the throat and begin to claw and bite madly. The dream ended there, and the last thing I remember was blood from the monster getting all over me.

So...yeah. There you go.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Donnie on November 17, 2011, 09:11:46 AM
An animated montage appears of highly stylized Revolutionary war soldiers and generals pops on, narrator speaks on the liberation of America and the subsequent expansions out west, and a veteran family generations after the war get caught up in a nasty consiracy. Cut to live action featuring Orlando Bloom as the hot headed hero who jumps into situations and his partner.... err... who looked a bit like me who's handy with a revolver.

Scene starts on a passenger train as the two are guards. Out the window they spot odd individuals preparing something on the rear cargo cars. The two go back to check and the men are gone.... but some kind of rapid moving locomotive is rapidly approaching from behind and rams the train car our heroes are on. The hot headed one jumps onto the locomotive while I pull out a.... very large.... revolver. 1 foot long give or take. Uses rifle rounds. The shaking of the train made it difficult to aim through the driver's armored compartment slit. Of course wielding such an unwieldingly huge weapon made it slow to aim. The driver, who was oddly the sort of 'handsome villain' peeked out and tried to shoot me.

I pulled out a smaller gun and tried to get him back into the locomotive so I can freakin pierce that armor with my BIG pistol and get him inside the coffin. We don't manage to kill the bastard but the train gets to the location safely. We talk, we go to a dinner party being held. And for some reason as we're having fun somebody screams "Killllll themmmm" in a croaky old woman voice. I sigh, considering shooting the old croak but there's a bunch of odd soldiers behind her and begins a shootout. I knock a steel table down and shoot through it with my BIG EFFING REVOLVER, promptly knocking myself in the face with it.

We are victorious and walk through a market to buy..... "Kiiiillllll themmmmmm!" What again!? I groan and kill the croak. Though everyone was rather shocked but I don't think they mind a wrinkly old monster who is sicking men on us for no reason to be dead. Granted it wasn't good for the conscience. Dream ends, I wake up. Half of my pillows had fallen off of my bed and I had a bad hair day.
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Post by: PrincessToyTime on December 08, 2011, 04:05:58 AM
Another interesting fuzzy dream to slap on in here. [:)

Okay, so here we go! this dream starts off with me going to some strange domed stadium of sorts, in the middle of this bustling city at daytime, I have no idea why I am even coming here, since I thought to myself, that I hate sports and such, but felt an odd compulsion to check this area out. Anyways, so I opened the door, and when I entered through into a lobby, everything turned off, and it was nighttime, like I suddenly fast forwarded ahead in time, I shrugged, and wasn't sure what to expect, or make of it, so I looked around and there were a few people, and despite the poor lighting, I was able to see pretty well. I approached this guy at a counter of some admittance booth or something, and I asked him if I could get inside this massive structure, he advised me it would be highly unwise, as there is a strange ring master of sorts that controls a very odd world, of many different places within.

I headtilted as I asked him how it was possible, he replied with not knowing anything about it beyond what he told me, so I scritched my head and decided to venture forth, so I requested a ticket from him, and he gave it to me, free of charge, he felt an odd presence about me, and believed me to be able to stop that madman. I went along with it, not really sure what to expect or anything, and ventured deeper into the darkness, I came across some double doors, and opened one, and there was another set, maybe five meters from the other one? and inside this small mini room of sorts, it was well lit. I heard a noise and looked around as the room shook, this weird looking man appears and he laughs a little like Eggman, Ganondorf, and Bowser all mixed together, he approached me, and I looked at him with caution. He assured me he was not a threat, he welcomed me to his "world", I peered through the glass of the door, and 'lo and behold, it was... an island of sorts, with a giant roller coaster running around it's perimeter, various fair rides placed around it, a circus tent in the middle, strange paintings dotted the landscape, and various types of generic terrain such as mountainy ridges, forests, rivers, etc, were found on it, all under perpetual night time, dimly lit under the light of the moon.

I took a moment to take it in, but he shoved me through the door after giving me some random explanation about it, the only part I remember, is I would be trapped in it forever, unless I solved the puzzle of this world, and set all it's inhabitants free. Anyways, so I tumbled in and landed near a part of the roller coaster, and he was riding on it for a moment, boasting about how gullible and foolish I was, and such, you know, like a sort of villainous "in your face" monologue. He disappeared after a short while, and I just rolled my eyes at him, I didn't really care currently, and knew he was clearly not a nice fellow, seemed like the most logical thing to do was explore the island, so that's what I set out to do. After some time, while going along the perimeter of the roller coaster high up on some cliffs and such, I saw this odd looking wolf in the distance, so I tried to stealthily approach it, but it disappeared, I would spend the next while stalking around the island, I found out there was at least a pair of wolves who inhabit it.  so, after some reconnaissance, I decided to slide down this cliff carefully, and take a nap, as I was for some reason quite sleepy. Alas, my "nap" was very short lived, as I heard this vicious growling and earperked, waking up instantly to find this young wolf girl attacking me from above, diving down straight at me! so I drew out my sword and used my other paw to blast her with a surge of lightning, I deflected her attack with a staff-ish club thing, and she was sent flying back from the lightning spell.

I breathed a sigh of relief, thinking the threat was over, but what I didn't expect to happen, was a second, older wolf girl dashed in at such speeds, as to find myself suddenly lifted off the ground, with a paw gripping and crushing my neck slightly, as if to choke. She told me I would pay for harming her sister, but I tried my best, under difficulty of choking, to clarify that I was in fact, attacked by her and was merely defending myself, but she wasn't buying it. I begged her to allow me to prove I am not a threat, and to prove I am indeed not an enemy either, or she can kill me and I won't even put up a fight to atone for my intrusion. That is when she lessened her grip and stared at me confused with a headtilt, she began to interrogate me, about why I wouldn't just kill them, and that if I knew of a man named only as the "Baron", I shook my head, as I didn't make it a habit of taking lives at random unless threatened with my own life, or a friend's life, or if they were an enemy I must stop, I also explained to her I know no one by that name. She explained it was that guy who owns this place, trapping anyone who enters the cursed stadium, with a massive spell that alters the interior, making a world within a world of sorts, every soul who enters inside apparently, fuels this world, it would eventually at some point, consume this planet, and slowly corrupt the universe.
Clearly this was not a good thing, so I after some time of talking to each other, I learned they are part of a resistance movement against the Baron, and that only animal-ish creatures can resist his spell, as all others are mind controlled to do his bidding on the spot. We all eventually forgave each other and befriended each other too, and they showed me their home in the woods, I eventually met other various "freedom fighters" and what not, then my dream shifted to a over world map of sorts, like from a game, showing off all the areas of the island and such, then it did a montage of sorts, where we went into the paintings, which were themselves, portals to other worlds (Just like Super Mario 64! [:P), what was needed to be done, is fight the masters within to purify the painting worlds, which would seal them off from the island world we were trapped in, saving them from it's tainted energies.

Then pretty much, the dream ended as it was going to show us the circus tents, oh well, at least it showed a decent chunk of the island for me. [;)
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Kasimir on January 05, 2012, 09:18:58 PM
Last nite, I had a sad fuzzy dream. It involved me and Virmir being killed. ]:(
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: PrincessHotcakes on January 29, 2012, 12:01:57 PM
I had a short little dream 5 minutes before I woke up of some foreign scientist or engineer or something in a wheelchair in a public park above several series of stone steps; said guy feels guilty for creating something/being involved in something that was used for nefarious government ends that ended up killing people.  Scientist was with his wife, looked her in the eye and smiled weakly, kissed her, and then revved his (automatic) wheelchair up full speed and propelled himself down the steps.  This succeeded in his apparent aim to hurl himself from the wheelchair and break his spine so as his terrified and surprised wife came running up after him and passerby poured in he was already dead.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: EmperorDJ on February 23, 2012, 02:08:22 AM
I had a dream where I put a dragon in a headlock and we fell down a cliff.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Kasimir on March 28, 2012, 06:18:12 PM
Copypasta'd from Notepad.exe:-

First, I was back at the condo I lived in as I began high school. It was alot how I remembered it in 2007, so I used this opportunity to reclaim some important files from my old computer. I was crushed to discover that they too no longer existed. However, I was approached by none other than Judai Yuki, and he told me of a way I could relive all the fond memories I had failed to cherish. After a quick dinner at Carl's Jr, me and twelve others were aboard a spaceship that was to travel thru a wormhole at the edge of the solar system. It led to some sorta post-war Innistrad, and I set off on anew mission. I passed thru villages with names such as 'Mistveil' or 'Heathenwood', and then I arrived at a picturesque evil-looking castle, which on the inside however was gorgeous. After that, I was introduced to the BLU team which, for some reason, looked like handsome young-adult British actors. Finally I was taken to meet my future self, who was now 81 and on his deathbed -- Then I woke up, and I wept and wept....
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Post by: Tizocoatl on April 04, 2012, 06:19:12 PM
ok so i have this situation where i either forget my dream before i even wake up (most of the time) or i have a rare dream so lucid i usually think it's real life. during one of those rare lucid dreams i dreamed in minecraft. it looked exactly like the real minecraft except for maybe a bit less pixelly. it really felt like minecraft. i looked exactly like my current minecraft skin and everything. i sort of just followed the dream as i walked over to the nearest tree and began punching it. just like any new minecraft world. having collected plenty of wood (despite not really knowing how my flat square hands could hold anything) i built a house. except as soon as i finished it and went inside it was suddenly much larger and more advanced. like i had been playing for a long time. sitting right in the foyer in a throne of diamond blocks was notch, looking like his minecraft skin. he was holding the small plastic creeper model that i have in my room irl which was autographed by the real notch. then he tossed it to me and i tried to catch it but i couldn't walk forward. the creeper model hit the ground and came to life, walking towards me and hissing. i turned to run but then it exploded and a gaping hole opened up in the ground, both notch and i began to fall down this hole, he looked pretty calm about it. i was freaking out until i realized i had some blocks with me. i tried to place a block on the wall and land on it but i ended up placing a bed somehow instead. i landed on the bed and woke up immediately. i still can't get over how real that dream was.
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Post by: PrincessToyTime on May 28, 2012, 09:11:34 PM
Had another dream where I wasn't a part of it, but more like a passive watcher, it doesn't start fuzzy, but turns into it later. [;)

Started off with these two kids, one a boy, and another a girl, who looked quite seemingly average and human-like, with no special powers or anything, (which of course my dream totally revealed they did [;)) and they lived in some random apartment building in a city. The boy, who had red hair, and looked pretty much like a typical hero sort, worked in a KFC (Yep! you heard me, a KFC.) and the girl, who looked like the kind and caring sort, worked in some other sort of non-descript place (dream never revealed it).

So one day, on a seemingly average day in my dream, they were both doing the usual, working and hanging out after working, until this unusual storm of sorts was rolling in, (I have no idea what was so unusual about it, since it looked just like some normal thunderstorm), which caused them both to kind of enter some sort of heroic "we know what we must do" moment. They hop into some kind of random vehicle, and perhaps in some sort of GTA-style crazy driving moment, they not-so calmly and normally drive out of the city (for some reason, it also revealed to me a bunch of KFCs in this one area, why this is important I won't ever know, also, why is my brain thinking of KFC?!), they swiftly and insanely travel down the bridge crossing over this massive river going out to sea, and come to this random cliff-side zone on the other side of this massive gorge thing.

They both get out and stare at the sky, which looks quite stormy, but also odd, with some crystally textures in the sky in the openings between the storm clouds, they begin to talk about why they came out here, but that was cut rather short, as suddenly, these ancient golem creatures with staffs were found, they hid away from them even though they weren't hostile. So after some time of figuring out if they were bad or not, they weren't (at first), and thus, the two begin to search the area after having some sort of vision, obviously in some way, this place is significant. A while later they discover this strange crack in the ground, small enough for them to fit through, and they slide through the shifting mud river below, for some reason, this tunnel is perfect for their unusually small size, they slide around through the winding tunnel, and there are strange mana lights of sorts lighting this path, they conclude someone or something was indeed there.

They find a dead body, of a (possibly) young boy, roughly their age and size, clutching onto some kind of note, I don't quite remember what it said in the dream, but it pretty much told the two what their origins were, and they looked at each other in a shocked kind of way, they couldn't deny what they were. They slide down more in curiosity when suddenly UH OH LAVA PIT! and they scrambled to fight the strange mud river they were sliding down all along, and did fortunately (or it would've been a boring adventure). They made their way back up and suddenly those seemingly docile giant golem things weren't so docile and friendly-ish anymore! they attacked the two and well, not aware of their powers, were quite powerless against them, and ran for a time, until their butts were saved by a random young boy of sorts, who fired lightning at the giant and it was probably dead, or maybe knocked out, who knows, hehe.
More of the beings who looked like the kids came out from hiding and greeted them, and their version of an elder shows up with the fairly large group of children. He calls them by their "real" names, as they were forced to live with humans in humanoid form, and before they reveal their true forms to the two children, they must first pass the trials! since they have to prove their worth and test them if they're who they think they are. [;)
So thus, a montage, in some sort of overworld sprite fun occurs, as they train with the fellow beings they're a part of, after some time of random training and such, they told them they will reveal a great secret, but cannot tell human beings of it, or they will basically kill them, since you know, they're secretive and stuff and humans don't like strange things. So they agreed, and they revealed their true form, which was *dramatic music* not surprisingly, foxes, yep, they were anthro foxes! of all kinds! yay for foxes! and that's when my dream more or less ended, after they were accepted into their tribe or whatever and were discussing what the odd storm meant.

Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Sot on June 08, 2012, 03:55:21 PM

I was at a convention, where apparently an anime convention and a furry convention were happening at the same time. I was stuck in a fursuit of sorts, but no head for it. I then put some fabric around my face and on top of my head to make my head hidden (except for my eyes), so I could look mysterious

Later, Steve Colbert was a bit further away from the convention doing a news report, and I followed him (after I woke up and fell back asleep). We were walking towards the con because there was a fire happening. An explosion had happened earlier. Suddenly, HUGE explosions were happening at the convention, and apparently this was a marketing stunt to promote a new movie coming out called "EMOTIONAL"
Words appeared out of the large flaming clouds of smoke.

And someone was talking over the words with epic orchestra music in the background

Later, I was moving around in hotel halls talking to people. Apparently I was going to be heading off into space in ten minutes.
Some people were saying goodbye, this old guy who looked like The Most Interesting Man in the World was mumbling advice to me, and other people were snarky and mean, jealous I was going into space.

Suddenly, I was in a sewer.
I was fighting a Dementor from those Harry Potter books. I used a spell to keep it at bay. Then, a person with a hollow skull for a face, a raspy voice, and an interesting androgynous garb came in and said that they would never let me enter this one certain place for witchcraft and wizardy. More like a tournament, I think. Small colorful dragons came out of my wand and went back into it, and then I booked it outta there. Suddenly, the situation was like a weird haunted house/hotel.
I passed by a woman speaking about magic stuff like from a textbook to a person getting a bunch of fluids juiced into him. A man was hoping to watch a double feature, but was fast asleep when I came in at the end of the last movie: a werewolf type movie.
I kept going through rooms, running, thinking something was gonna stop me.
I made it near the front door after moving around the same rooms for fifteen minutes. There was a white woman, pale and skull like, with pitch black and hollow eyes. She walked slowly, shouting "OOOO COMMA HOUSE. OOOO COMMA HOUSE"
She laid down on the couch near the front door and fell asleep.
I left the place, then stopped. I forgot my backpack. "… dammit"
So I went back inside, and then I woke up.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Xandalstrokl on June 09, 2012, 02:31:06 AM
so I had a dream that woke me up from laughing too hard, because i knew it was a dream.

so apparently I was at a skate-park for some reason riding a bike and then proceeding to Rollerblade for a little. Later I notice in the distance that some Chinese guy goes past me on a scooter to grind a rail that is about a foot off the ground. Another man decides to do the same thing, but jump the rail from the other side. The first man jumps to grind and passes through the rail as it breaks his scooter. The second guy flips off the first guy and hits the floor with him.I couldn't help but laugh while standing idly by. I was laughing so hard i woke up with tears of joy at 3 am, On a school day.

funniest dream so far. X3
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Post by: Sot on June 09, 2012, 03:18:21 PM

So I was at a school. Wasn't my school, but it was one in general. I was walking around the city after school was over and explored the more downtrodden areas of the big city. I was wearing a collar of sorts, and even in the dream I found this kinda strange.

I found out that putting on the collar made my face bigger. It was more like a brace. I pushed it into a certain position, it would close and lock into that position around my neck. Then, my cheeks would suddenly swell and I looked like I just ate five turkeys.

I went exploring, and ended up at an alleyway where teenagers from school would hang out and lie around. There were so many of them just lying around on the ground in the dust and laying against the walls. They all looked really relaxed, while some were annoyed with me being around. On the other hand, I was just messing with the brace collar, snapping it back into place around my neck and watching my cheeks swell because apparently this was the /coolest/ thing ever for me at that moment.

I went away from them, and then got into a much worse part of the city, and it seemed like the pavement turned to sand, then from sand to sand dunes rolling around between buildings. I was being harassed by three mean looking guys, and then they started chasing me. They wanted to destroy me. Pummel, beat, strike me to the ground!

I was stuck near a corner of concrete curb with the main bully right above me. He was going to take my head and strike it against that corner. I then negotiated something with him, and I don't honestly remember what it was, even though I knew it was a stupid negotiation with a bully in retrospect. He backed off, though, and wanted a real challenge. We would meet on Sunday, for a real battle.

It was around here, after the three bullies left, that I noticed some odd things in my schedule as well as in the dream itself. For one, Sunday was the day of the final rounds of the tournament hosted by Virmir. The days before was fighting one on one against each other normally, but on Sunday, people fought one on one by turning into their own characters and doing whatever they pleased. I thought I could probably turn into something else during the tournament, and then fight that bully /after/ the tournament, since he probably wouldn't be entering.

This went through my mind as I did some different things in the dream. I went by a Mexican place that sold large burritos, and took note that if you buy two different large burritos and eat them consecutively, you would blow up like a balloon automatically once finished with them. I played a new update to Team Fortress 2, which took it to REAL LIFE with the Solider and Demoman. The dream cut from being stuck out near the ocean in a sinking car with Heavy Weapons Guy and my own mother to a party happening in what appeared to be a basketball field. Soliders and Demomen were flying everywhere in this room for the party, fighting and flying around. It was for someone's birthday, and I assumed it was for my best friend, who I saw next in the dream /next door/, away from the party. He looked shy.

Later, I was in a theme park style environment, and with a different friend. We went back into the same basketball court and watched a presentation about the "universe" and "biology" and such things. My friend kept making exclamatory remarks. "This is so cool!" "Nobody understands this stuff anymore!" "What an awesome world we live in, right?"

Later, it was Sunday. I wanted to eat two burritos, but couldn't. I was about to enter into the tournament, but the bully was near. He was watching, surprised!. Everything became sort of hazy around here. I woke up.
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Post by: Vincent on June 11, 2012, 10:39:50 AM
Alright this one was a bit odd...but cool....I think... ._.""

So walking around in this shop that the Mythbusters could only envy I get pulled into a room where two guys, human btw. Were working on this working on a working android version of a poison headcrab. Was pretty cool...until it started acting like the real thing. At first it went after the guy and took him out real easy before darting up into the roof, taking out the lights. I tried to move out of the way as it climbed along one of the fluorescent lights causing it to fall and land on yours truly. When my dream self woke up, I was my character and the entire place was a mess. the two guys who showed me the poison headcrab were gone. [gonna assume they turned zombie] so I got up and left the build, Lo n' behold I was right in the middle of a Arizona city turned into Ravenholm [which is weird since I havent been in Arizona since I was a kit].

My alarm clock woke me up at around 7 but was set for 6 and I had the STRONGEST urge to go buy a crowbar and paint my Blazer black and orange... I need to drink more coffee...
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Post by: Jonas on June 25, 2012, 09:24:25 AM
I dreamed I was watching the Star Wars Christmas Special. For the record, I have never actually seen the real SW Christmas Special, which is probably a good thing from what I've heard/read about it. Anyway, in the dream, the Special was incredibly boring and mind-numbingly dull despite it being about the characters trying to properly dispose of an envelope filled with Ebola virus (no, it doesn't make sense to  me either >>)
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Post by: Tvorsk on August 26, 2012, 07:14:29 AM
Blergh, of course forgot to write things down, and forgot most.

Anyway, "unspecified we" were doing some kind of investigation or stuff, working with (for?) some kind of a stereotypical "professor"-type guy.
At some point we're at front of some home, and he's oddly nervous and trying us to convince to not go in there. Well, we smash a car through the wall, and find... the professor and my brother(?!), locked and all.
So, of course a "who's the doppelganger" style thing surfaces, we tie them all just in case, and rush to my home... which, in perfect dream logic, is now located on the premises of the industrial facility I work in IRL.

So we barricade the door. My brother (the probably fake one) wasn't home, either. There's some group (dressing 20s mafia-style) behind it all, and the point is that we have to somehow avoid them.
There was some shooting back and forth, then they turn on the fire alarm in the facility. I think "Blast, the security knows we're here, so if we won't check out they'll send a party in to search [[would really happen in the facility]], and of course these gangsters will pretend to be firefighters... we need to hide..."

... but I woke up instead.
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Post by: Juubi on August 31, 2012, 08:24:02 AM
I was playing Portal 2 in my mind’s eye, and somehow managed to beat a level without using any white gel. I sprayed orange gel up a tube, and got blue gel at the very top. I then looked out the window, and Xehanort was standing right outside. He looked up to my window, and I quickly hid behind the curtains. I went to the door, and held it shut while charging a Rasengan. The door was forced open, and Xehanort tried to shove a ball of darkness at me, which met my Rasengan.  We fought for a few minuites, and then he left. The dream shifted to a scene that could have come from Portal 2.  Two men were on a boat type vessel on a river of orange gel.  At one point, they got sprayed with water, rode over blue gel, and got hit by some red gel. And then I woke up, and wrote this.
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Post by: foxgamer01 on August 31, 2012, 12:12:36 PM
I remember being on my computer, looking at the hundreds of journals and submissions I've left gaining dust (again) when I saw I got a Note. I look inside it and it tells that, because I haven't left any details on what I want for a picture that's being drawn for me as a request, it would have to be cancelled. Only . . . I don't remember asking that person for a pic. I then spent my time, searching on who that person is and what request I asked of him. Though I keep getting flashes of receiving that Note in the dream before I wake up.
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Post by: Nixuelle on September 12, 2012, 11:29:20 PM
I will keep my synopsis brief as, in this instance, there is not much merit to inclusion of extraneous detail.

In my dream, I awoke in a stadium filled with a number of people I knew from my past, and found my form to be that of a small (perhaps 2' tall) blue dragon.  A scoreboard appeared above us all, and for some reason, everyone in stadium suddenly pulled out snowballs, which they proceeded to throw at me.  I, of course, being a tiny dragon began to fly around, trying to dodge all the white, icy projectiles, with each dodge adding to my score on the board.

After some time, a gigantic (tall as the stadium) version of my graduate adviser busted through the walls of the stadium and began to reach towards me.  I flew out a window, thinking I had escaped the clutches of the macro-sized version of my boss, when his head broke through the stadium wall, propelled after me with a pair of angel wings.  Interesting, he started to spit fireballs out of his mouth at me when...

...I woke up, thinking that I work too much and am clearly afraid of my boss. Ha!
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Post by: Geary on September 16, 2012, 09:09:08 AM
The dream started with me at my grandma's house during a family reuinion, which is fairly common. However, one of my cousins (not sure which, though I think it was a girl,) asked me to come look at something in the far bedroom. I followed her, and when we reached there, she drew a knife on me, but before I could figure out what was going on, I found myself burying a knife into her stomach, and that's where things got weird.

My cousin sort of charred up into a pile of ashes in the shape of a human, then a small gust of wind removed any hint she had ever existed. While she was burning, however, so was the rest of the world around me. Not really like house-fire burning, it more resembled a fire consuming a canvas of paper, revealing behind it a desolate island with a wooden walkway and pillars of rock forming the vague layout of my grandmother's house.

I immediately went to the closest person, among the crowd who still felt like and resembled my relatives, whereupon he congratulated me for winning 'the game' and joining them. I asked him what the game was, and he told me that it was something that new souls always have to do when they reach 'Paradise' or they'll simply fade out. It was then that I noticed a giant, solid, iron gate standing where the doorway should have, with a large orb of swirling green things on the other side, and instinctively knew those were the ones who didn't make it. I got angry at the person whom I once perceived as a cousin, for trivializing something like that by calling it a game, or by simply allowing it to go on without trying to save everybody.

For the most part, he responded in the way somebody would if they had been told the same thing every day of their lives, with a rehearsed response and assurances that it's the 'norm' around here, wherever here was. He led me back towards the bedroom I was previously in, only now it was a wide plain, surrounded by water on every other side, and a large number of couches under a large tarp. I met with people, they showed me around the island, save for the cliffs that delivered their supply of fresh water, as if they didn't even notice it. Time blurred by, but I always had a feeling of resentment that never went away.

Suddenly, a group of three troll things wearing masks appeared on top of the cliffs, and everybody had gathered around to gaze at them in curiosity. A swarm of the trolls attacked our group, and people fought back with weapons and armor they made entirely for recreation, ending with several people being kidnapped and taken to an island connected by an archipelago on which the iron gate sat. We ran two trips to try and save as many people as we could, but only managed to bring one back. Our group began debating whether to take the fight to them or to just stay here and hide, but the former won. Just as we were prepared to charge the troll's encampment, I woke up. Sadface.
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Post by: PrincessHotcakes on September 16, 2012, 01:17:50 PM
Earliest part of it I can remember is some kind of emergency in a Star Trek engineering.  Turns out a black hole was spontaneously emerging in the core and we had to try and "disable" it.  Well, during the course of this repair my brother kept stupidly getting too close to it, and as the room started to buckle of course he ended up getting sucked in and we all ran away screaming, the ship was exploding, etc.

Ran around, till suddenly I was home with THREE dogs, a new chocolate lab puppy suddenly.  Spent time training and cuddling it, but this psycho window washer kept running by and trying to bang around in the upstairs.  We yelled at him several times, before finally ending up in a scuffle that tossed him from what was now a 90 story window and watched him plummet to his death.  And everyone else was suddenly taking bets quick on where he'd land

There was mooore, but it's all fuzzy and hard to describe.  Mostly images and rooms, but I can't remember what was happening in them.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: PrincessHotcakes on September 23, 2012, 09:15:40 PM
Aaaallmost forgot this one, but now remembered to post it. 

The south pole, for some reason, was a lavaland, maybe even halfway Venus-like.  It involved some kind of flying overhead, and then this was the reason the Earth was going to explode and we all needed to evacuate to Mars. 

The Earth stayed in danger of exploding (or whatever), but now the south pole was now somehow an ocean, and the shoreline was a Lousiania like mold ridden area.  I was with my family now, and the world was now going to end by a giant tidal wave that was going to emanate from the South Pole.  But we had the perfect way to escape; our van.  Apparently we could hit a new button and make it fly into space.

Turned out however, we couldn't get to the van in time because of the mad crush of people in the way.  So instead we ran to our Taurus, piling in, only my mother was taking her sweet time TALKING to someone she worked with.  Yelling at her, we finally got her to get in the front seat, but then my brother wasn't in the car.  Scrambling about looking for him I spotted him running over from a distance with a backpack crammed full of stuff at the last minute.  After screaming at him at the top of my lungs to get in the damn car, I woke up.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Digitalpotato on October 16, 2012, 12:02:07 PM
Last night I dreamt that I was at my house playing some kind of really glitchy game (That was sending me to completely different files whenever I would enter rooms) before I heard a bunch of pings from skype. So I check my Skype and find a bunch of my friends telling me stuff like "Dude! The Biomeat chemical plant had an outbreak! You okay?" I instead asnwer "Wait, bio-Meat? That stuff that eats everything?" (There was a manga about that stuff) and they instead tell me it's some kind of chemical plant that exploded and is tainting everyone.

My sister comes in, drops off a pizza, then tells me that she's headed out to check on her students to make sure they weren't affected by the chemical spill at all, either. I turn on the TV to see what's going on and there's a newscaster who looks like some kind of frilled lizard holding a microphone telling that the chemical spill is not causing any damage apart from changing people. In the background someone's turning into an anthro lobster.

I watch this while eating pizza, and then skype a few more times with my friends tellign them that I'm fine and haven't been tainted by these chemicals at all. It seems that I might have to be moved to San Antonio while everything is decontaminated. I go outside to see what the hell is going on and am suddenly getting blown away by ungodly strong winds. Then I wind up landing, and notice a large gated fence of some kind with a pair of anthro giraffes in front of it trying to talk with these people guarding it.

They're asking why the heck they can't get through and are told that they can't let them (the giraffes) through because they're tainted. apparently the giraffes don't notice that they've been TFed by these chemicals. I ask if they can let me through and one of them holds up this device that looks kind of like a large can of something and points the top at me. Then they crack it open and pour it on the ground, and this dark purplish fluid comes out.

Apparently this means that I too have been tainted and have been TFed. But how could this be seeing as I didn't TF. Unless that was I TFed into a pooltoy and wound up getting blown away. All three of us are wondering why the heck we can't get out to our loved ones and then we're told that a few other people are taking a bunch of tainted people off. One of the giraffes suddenly turns into a taur and tells me to hop on because he'll take me to this place.

I'm lead there on the taur and notice a bunch of furries and synthetics are all lined up, with some other anthros trying to keep order. One of them is a rather buff lion in a police officer uniform, along with a german shepherd, a black and purple dragoness of some kind (Who I believe was my friend's character), and some other people I couldn't identify. Like someone who looks like RadioactiveToast.

So then when it's my turn, I'm stopped by this lion and am asked why I'm trying to go past that gate to where hte other chemical'd people are. I told them that they wouldn't let me out because I was contaminated, and he doesn't believe me. He tells me to leave before I get contaminated, and I keep telling him that yes I was. Then he calls the dragoness over and asks her if I really am contaminated.

She looks over me and says that I am, but it's odd that I only seemed to be TFed so minor, but the rest of the changes will probably come in sooner or later. I ask what the heck happened, and she walks over to me and puts her hand on my head, and just now I feel that I appear to have a pair of bear-ears like a kemonomimi. :O

And then I start hearing "Beepbeepbeepbeep" as my alarm goes off.
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Post by: Regret on October 16, 2012, 11:29:08 PM
Okay, this one was just INSANE. I started in what appeared to be a futuristic shopping mall. I was not in human form, but nobody seemed to notice. I looked up, and it seemed to go infinitely upward. I stepped into an elevator, and there were buttons. EVERYWHERE. I stepped on a few, and the elevator shot up without closing the doors. The floor I stopped on was riddled with holes. I suddenly had acrophobia, and could not get out of the elevator, so I pressed another button, and the elevator seemed to go backwards. I ended up somehow in some sort of white void with a blue maze. Just entirely blue. I walked through the maze, somehow knowing where to go, and I ended up in my room. However, I could tell it was not actually my room because I distinctly remember never having a lava lamp full of REAL LAVA. I backed away as the lava melted everything, revealing a black void. My brother opened the door and motioned for me to get out, and I quickly complied. Me and my brother were standing on a grandfather clock, which I don't have, with the lava slowly rising. My brother fell in the lava. The lava burned the last of the grandfather clock, and I fell in.

I then woke up, in my bed, scared to the equivalent of death. The rest of that day, my room felt warmer than usual, and I swear I saw a fiery glow...
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Post by: Virmir on October 31, 2012, 01:38:54 PM
Need to post this one because this is a great seed for a story here. Given the subject matter, it's actually kind of Halloween-ish! Also, I haven't had a decent furry dream in quite some time. Sort of typed this up while working this morning (*shifts eyes*) to try to capture as much as possible while it was fresh.

The whole thing took place around my yard-- which had blasted leaves everywhere because I hadn't had time to get to them yet. It wasn't much a real-life setting though because there was magic here, and there were (mostly human) mages milling around the place like they owned it. At least it wasn't that cold.

There was a small group of-- I'm not sure exactly what to call them, so I'm going to refer to them as "adventurers", but in the dream I thought of them as co-workers-- congregated around the side of my house, performing some sort of religious ceremony because one of them (one that I knew too) had died, presumably in combat or whatever they did. I assume it was general adventuring-related. They were all human, and the one performing the ceremony was an older lady. She might have been a witch.

I wasn't really part of their group-- much like my real-life job, I contracted services out to them. (This probably involved fire magic of some sort.) But I had fought along side them enough to know them well enough as acquaintances, including the fellow who died. So the plan was to silently join them and bow my head respectfully but not do anything else like participate in whatever chanting or scripture reading they did because I did not approve of religion and wasn't really part of their group anyway.

Climbing up the little hill just of the side street along my property was blasted hard because I was Virmir and was short with big toon feet, and from this perspective it seemed a lot steeper.

I was a different Virmir though. A new one for this setting. I was a sort of cross between the standard Virmir and MK Virmir, but had a sort of hooked cape collar like Lucian.  Explaining the nuances of Virmirs to non-Virmirs is difficult, so I'll just say that this is Virmir in this sort-of-modern-day magic-adventure-real-life-world setting.  I think my pants were dark blue.

At the moment I arrived something happened that pulled me away for a few moments, and I'm going to leave this as a footnote here* because it's kind of out of place and ruins the flow of this dreamworld story-telling. When I was returning, one of the younger female adventurers caught up with me hysterically and said, "Hurry! She's brought <fallen comrade> back, and he's only got nine and a half minutes left!"

At this point I went holy frazz as I parsed what she said. The older witch-like woman had resurrected the dead guy, and he had ten minutes in which to say his goodbyes and everyone had a chance to say all the things they wished they could say before he was gone for good. Apparently this is part of their tradition. (In retrospect-- post dream-- this has got to be extremely useful for legal purposes.)

Of course, being Virmir, my reaction-- which I very much kept to myself was blast, that is awkward. With much reluctance, I was lead over to the others. They'd moved inside my backyard-- a reasonably sized fenced in area. Everyone was standing around crying their eyes out, and there sitting on a brick was the dead bunny.

Okay, important detail-- the dead guy was actually a feral rabbit.

I'm not sure what his function was with this group of adventurers was, but this bunny was an important and loved team member.  I had worked along side of him as well. He could talk, but for all other functions he was just a rabbit. He could have been a mage or a brilliant strategist, but the important part was he was part of their group. Here, dead, he was unnaturally gray-toned like a black-and white photograph in a color world (not like the slightly blue-tinted gray of my own fur) and had red eyes. He was crying too.

It was my turn to "say goodbye."

I was annoyed by the stupidity of it all-- everyone standing around moping, making themselves feel even more terrible. They weren't doing anything constructive, just saying "good bye" and crying. I was of course on point which made me feel awkward as heck. I didn't know him terribly well, but of course I naturally distance myself from people so I'd say that about anyone, no matter how they felt about me. We'd fought battles together, probably. So I crouched down, picked him up, and held him, which I knew he liked. There was another girl here that always held and cuddled him when he was alive, but she was too busy frozen and crying at the moment. What a bunch of idiots!

(This is a slight nuance-- real rabbits do not like to be picked up. This guy wasn't really a real bunny though, I suppose.)

The bunny himself was blabbering thank-yous to me through tears, and I found myself tearing up as well because it was so blasted sad. I didn't say anything, because it's best to remain silent when you don't know what to say, especially in emotional situations. I did want to ask him what it was like being dead-- I was very curious-- but figured that would be a rude thing to ask. Despite being dead, he felt warm and soft (I know what a rabbit feels like since my parents have one). I think he may have been a spectre instead of the actual dead body animated. This would explain the unnaturally gray appearance.

One of the team members finally suggested he spend his last moments (he had like seven minutes left) stretching his legs and running around, so I set him down with some relief to run around a bit in my back yard as rabbits like to do. 

I was still choked up and rather annoyed by the whole situation, so had a "screw this" moment. It was easy to discard my clothing there as I shifted to feral form-- big awkward toon feet and inflated head. I knew (and know) I look silly as a feral, but didn't care in front of the crowd. That's the point.

I might have had huge feet, but I was still a fox and fast. I chased the bunny and caught him in a pounce with no problem, then picked him up with my teeth by the scruff of the neck and mock-paraded him around like prey. He kicked and giggled, and soon our tears were gone and we were just romping and playing in the dead leaves, running around, chasing each other. I was pretty relentless on the little guy and never really let him "win." I knew he was the type not to try and pull this trick on and we respected each other for this. We had a lot of fun. And I will tell critics of my paws this-- dried leaves, sticks and grass feel positively wonderful under big toon paws.

It was one of those slow-awakening dreams from this point, where my active imagination slowly took place of the dream world and I was simply daydreaming with my eyes closed after a few moments. And that was the end of it.

Moral: Don't be a depressed loser-- make the most of what you have-- especially if you won't have it for much longer. Also, necromancy is cool.

* And now for the footnote event that pulled me away. There were mages everywhere because my house was apparently some sort of nexus portal point that only mages could use (oh, goooodie...) and there was some sort of exodus going on with my yard as a convenient exit point. There were even some little invisible gnomes running around that you could only tell were there because they were pushing aside dead leaves as the went. These people were not here for the bunny funeral-- they were just passing through.

Most of the mages looked like normal people, except they generally had a non-standard article of clothing or two that marked them as a tad eccentric-- a fedora or a scarf or something, and had this look about them as if they just might have the ability to flay you alive just by blinking at you, but you couldn't tell for sure because you had no way of knowing what their individual powers were or how strong they were.

(I believe there's some influence from Erfworld here-- which I've been reading recently. There is a magic world and portal system that only mages are permitted to enter in this setting.)

Anyway, on to the weird point. One of the attendees to the small ceremony to the fallen bunny was a chicken much like Myrtle from the comic Faux Pas.

The chicken was riding a tricycle. Affixed to the front of the tricycle was a bucket of fried chicken from Kentucky Fried Chicken or somesuch, with the red and white stripes.  I... I... don't even...

She was trying to reach the solemn ceremony for the bunny, but was being accosted by a dog who was very interested in the fried chicken. I found this extremely rude because the poor chicken was just trying to get to the group of adventurers to mourn (and distribute fired chicken, apparently), so knowing dogs very well I went to chase it off by staring at it and approaching it purposely. I'm quite good at giving dogs a good staredown to show them who is boss in real life, and of course being a fellow canid here who also had the ability to explode things with fire, the dog wisely backed off. I followed it a good way out of my yard as it earfolded and whimpered and ran off.

I was followed by two people from the ceremony to help chase the dog away. One of them I did not know, but the other was my real life grandfather who had passed some years back. Except he was much younger here, had his shirt off, was quite buff, and had tattoos on his chest. Now as a side note here, I had tremendous respect for my grandfather (don't confuse him for MK Virmir's fictional grandfather), and he also had quite some adventures in World War II, which is the age he appeared at here.

Now logically since he was part of the adventuring group, that means we had fought together. So the mental image here of Virmir and Buff WWII Gramps teaming up together-- personally in my mind-- is just flippin awesome.

After this, the dream continued as noted above. You can see why this whole tangent is added as a footnote. [;)

(Note to self: Load the rest of topic on PDA. Been like a year since I caught up on this. [;))
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Post by: Anon on October 31, 2012, 06:08:06 PM
Wow, that is so cool. [:P
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Post by: Dragyn on October 31, 2012, 07:31:53 PM
Okay, I've been kind of shying away from this topic, but Vir, that is pretty awesome.
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Post by: Digitalpotato on November 12, 2012, 03:38:09 PM
I wound up in some kind of bizarre fairy tale last night in my dreams.

Apparently I am Prince Ivan or whatever and I have two older sisters - Mallory and Minerva. Minerva is much MUCH older than both of us but I don't have many memories of her, apparently she ran away from home, was kidnapped, or moved away to get married when both me and Mallory were very young.

However, we keep hearing about these strange forces that are attacking the land. I keep hearing about this trouble at the train yard and then I go to investigate it. I notice that there are a line of cabooses big enough for a short fuzzy to sit in and am told to avoid there. Someone walks into the line of cabooses and then they seem to freeze solid. I hear that apparently Jack the Ripper is going after them but when has Jack the Ripper ever frozen anyone solid? Two other guys are there and I try to hide away from them. Then I spot this guy who must have been Jack the Ripper (or at least this version of it.)

I notice that he is trying to deliver captives to some place. and then find that there are two other people there. Their faces turn brown and eyes start glowing a deep red. Apparently Jack the Ripper is working for them and he can't curse either of the two there unless he'll get stoned, so it was a good thing he didn't gaze at them too hard. I then run away before coming back to this strange castle where a bunch of fuzzies are there, screaming that the evil fairy is attacking them. :O (Note that by fuzzies, I mean furs.)

Then I decide to try and lead an assault against this evil fairy only for a bunch of strange creatures that seemed to fly on hang-gliders made out of Bread and land-boats made out of something that looked like wood or tortilla sales coming by and grabbing. They grab me of course, and tell me they had already captured Mallory and that the Evil Fairy will love a full set of royal brats. :O

Im taken to this place called the "Purple Palace" that looks like it's made of clear purple plastic with bits of glitter in it. Jack the Ripper as well as those other two demons start taking other people in there and I'm thrown in the dungeon with the other fuzzies and captives. Some of the guards get a bit irate and then decide to overthrow the Evil Fairy. I don't know what happens to those other two demons or Jack the Ripper but I manage to sneak into the throne room. I hide behind a lamp with a face and then all the guards involved in the rebellions and the furs come in, all holding weird weapons like the end of a wrench or some kind of ring. They start posing playmobil figures to fight against the evil fairy and I jump out. She starts retreating, and I try to chase her away. Only then I notice that she was holding Mallory inside some kind of weird plastic crystal structure. I spin it and she falls out, then starts yelling that Minerva is also in there.

I spin that structure again and then there is Minerva, about the same age as us. Apparently the evil fairy or Jack the Ripper had her in a stasis for a good decade and a half or so. She doesn't believe it's me at first because she remembers me and Mallory as being really young children when she was captured by the Evil Fairy. However we try to convince her how long she was gone, before she joins the final assault on the evil fairy.

We continue to charge through the Purple Palace and free all sorts of other prisoners, which include various species of furs. We manage to completely take the Purple Palace and then the Evil Fairy comes. We all have her completely outnumbered and then someone hands a wand to me. Minerva, Mallory, and I all toss the wand and it turns into a wrench, capturing the Evil Fairy inside a barbie-looking box. Now the kingdom is saved as all three royal children have been saved, including the long-lost princess who should be about 10+ years older than us.

now all of us are leading the furs back to their homes, as well as all the other prisoners, as the Purple Palace collapses behind us and nearly blows away in the wind. Then I trip and fall into a bread-glider but we catch ahold of it and manage to fly home with this strange bread-glider, almost getting my foot trapped inside a giant cupcake along the way when the breeze fails for a tad.
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Post by: Draykin on January 21, 2013, 08:22:47 PM
Ok, this is one of the more vivid dreams I've had lately. So, first off, I'll tell you this. It was based in a world run by two races, humans, and these fuzzy creatures called 'Zykrin'. The latter average about 3-4 feet in height, have ears shaped like a canid's, but with the length of a rabbit's ears, their faces are muzzled and thin, usually with big eyes. Their fur color spectrum varies between yellow, light-to-dark brown, grey, white, black, striped, dotted, and a few more different patterns, but the most distinguishing part about them is their tails, which are anything from like a cat's, or a fox's, or a kangaroo rat's, to even just a rat.

Anyway, I was a Zykrin, at about four foot tall, with dark brown fur and thin tail with a big puft of fur at the end. The setting for this dream was a river, placed between two mountain ranges. On both ranges, there were human settlements, and on a floating platform in the midst of the river was a place called 'Xrbaeon', which was a Zykrin settlement. It was made of wood, with a Celtic feel to it, and was connected to both sides of the river via a hanging rail car, like what people might use to quickly get up a mountain.

I lived in the Western-most human settlement, (The river ran from North to South.) which was a quaint little town called 'Ville'. Yes, just Ville. No humanville, no cityville, no townsville. Just Ville. But anyways, the dream started me with a little introduction of the area, then focused to me on the rail car, headed for Xrbaeon from the West. Said rail car was operated by a pair of Zykrin, one male, black fur, with a cat tail that stood about 3 feet tall, and a female grey, who stood about 4 foot, 5 inches.

When I got to the Zykrin settlement, I walked to this one dock-balcony thing, where I was apparently meeting this one human to discuss something about the river. I don't remember much of the conversation, but I do remember that somewhere in it, we saw a giant goldfish swim up to the surface of teh water, to which we both looked at it in horror and said, "My God.". It was then that we saw a long, scaled body in the water near the goldfish. Before we had any time to react, a giant frickin' snake burst through the floor of the balcony, exposing the river, but still leaving plenty room for us to stand. It lunged at me, trying to bite me, but I somehow managed to jump up and grab ahold of both of its jaws, and shut them, before calmly proceeding to RUN AWAY. Don't recall much after that, but it all ended when I was back in the rail car, hurrdiedly trying to make my way back to shore.

To be continued...?
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Post by: PrincessToyTime on January 22, 2013, 04:25:06 PM
Been slacking WAY TOO LONG on this, so here's a dream for you, folks. [;) [Also don't expect terribly good structure or any elements which make a professional story, I just wanna tell the blasted dream, hehe.]

So this interesting and odd dream all started off with myself being in this mall-plaza world thing, I was given a strange device to allow me entry into a very sprite-like world, I had to solve puzzles in it to cause things in real life to happen, almost like an adventure game! I also had to get this other device from this guy who would refuse you entry into the giant structure world without it, so I had to duel him at calculators, I pressed numbers wildly in the battle, also Earthbound battle music played, I eventually won, and then suddenly, he got angry and disappeared, like a silly video game character death complete with matching sound effects!

Anyways, so I took his device, and started to scan people, I wasn't sure why I did, but I felt like I had to, I found this evil guy somewhere inside the building, who was a rabbit, he detected me, and shot lasers at me, for no reason other than probably being obviously a threat, I ran away. I ran and ran, and I approached this shelf of random possibly important items and stuff, so I planted the device in the store, and an announcer guy said, "BOMB HAS BEEN PLANTED!" I got +500 points and unlocked a Luigi Cap, I opened a menu screen, and I put it on, and became 2D Luigi-capped Trask!

I used this new power-up unlockable thing to slide into this secret area, and hid myself from the evil rabbit guy, I then went into sprite world, had an epic adventure going to several islands to unite this powerful weapon, I fought bosses, killed generic mook enemies, found cool new items and gear, got new powers, defeated the evil big bad guy, saved the princess, who gave me a plushie fox, I equipped it, and got +100 to all stats (yay!), I then escaped out of that dimension of sorts, and with dramatic MGS music, I had a camera motion that showed me the exit.

Suddenly, for unknown reasons unknown to me, the dreamer, who was dreaming of this, I was in third person, so I figured the door has to be my goal, so off I went, to go get to that exit, I had random encounters and fought stuff all RPG like, leveled up a few times, I grabbed some jelly doughnut thing from a nearby table and ate it, In hindsight, finding weird glowing food and eating it was probably a bad idea, but I was desperate, and low on mana and health from TOO MUCH RANDOM ENCOUNTERS.

This 'enchanted' jelly doughnut thing had obvious 'enchanted' powers, and I became Aleph for approximately 30 seconds, with this new found strength and power, and blueness, I went RAWR! and  SMASHED and BROKE things, I decided it was time for brute strength, and made the most of my limited time offer power-up ability.

I plowed my way to the exit, when I arrived there, it was all glowy with an angelic choir, I possibly have found my singular purpose, to reach a vague shining door in some commercial shopping zone where unknown things await behind It's impeccably detailed and superb construction, I poked the door, a bit reluctantly, because who knows right? it could be a trap! but I went ahead and did so, where the Mario Bros theme played, and I returned to normal, regular Trask, some random credits rolled on screen, as everything faded to black, congratulations you defeated the... dream? yeah sure, why not? [:P

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Post by: Virmir on January 22, 2013, 08:17:32 PM
Keep forgetting to post this one here!

Not a terrible amount of detail with this one. I had been turned into one of those aquatic things that Shiro often draws that look vaguely vaporeon-ish with big fishy tails (big cartoony fins and all that), and was floating in an outdoor hotel pool, rather annoyed because I'm not much for aquatic stuff (or hotel pools). However, this turned out to be a good thing indeed because there was some sort of black dragon thing with six wings (and possibly two heads) flying around in the sky, looking for me (possibly stiffly on invisible strings like a Godzilla monster) and blue aquatic-thing that I was, I was fairly well disguised since this wasn't really a likely form for me at all. Disguised as I was, I still felt better to leave to pool and escape into the inner confines of the hotel, where I caught glimpses of the thing from windows. Scary! (Not really. Was coooool... [;))
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Post by: Virmir on February 07, 2013, 04:39:39 PM
I wish I could remember more of this one, as there was a lot of really cool buildup centering around an intrigue/blackmail plot about a false religion and some evil king who was abusing his wife/queen who was trying to keep the kingdom in one piece amidst the corruption.

But at the end there was a epic final battle played out in turn-based style like a menu RPG, except it looked like well animated colorful fantasy cartoon. The player character was a little feral blue dragon who was cursed into some nondescript anthro fuzzy guy (I can't quite remember what he looked like), and because this wasn't his true form, he was limited in his strength and magical power.

On the other side was an evil witch-queen, who was posing as the king above, and who was once human, but then got cursed into a dopy looking feral black poodle-like dog at some point in the past. But she had found a way around this some time ago and had transformed herself into an anthro blue Pony-like form (capital P-- the coloful kind [;)) with a horn and possibly wings. She had this whole menacing cool/cute/menacing super powerful villain thing going on.

The two battled by casting spells at each other formed from magic words. The player character had a small assortment of words, so wasn't much of a match for the evil Pony queen, who put together long strings of menacing words to make powerful spells.  The player would select the words that looked like cards from a menu with weird shapes on them and construct the spells. Some combinations weren't really meant to go together, so would produce something weak. (I'm fairly certain I heard the idea for this type of spell casting somewhere before.)  The words themselves were all arcane gibberish.

Now here's the cool part. Before the battle, there was talk of some ally of the player character, probably a mage, helping to uncover the whole false religion plot mentioned above. At that moment (implying somehow this reveal invokes the off-screen mage's wrath or trickery somehow) the two go into spasms and the words each of them know fly from their mouths and into the other's mouth. They basically get skill-set switched.

Now, as heroic music plays, the player character finds himself with a ton of new spell-words he has no idea how to use, but are nonetheless far more powerful that his old spells, while the evil queen has much weaker spells. The player attacks, hitting the queen for massive damage. (Basically words fly out of their mouth with very flashy special effects and explosions.) As the spell connects, she shrinks a bit, her clothing gets torn, and she starts to resemble the dopy black dog she got turned into before.  She gets weaker. When she attacks, the player character's clothes start ripping and he shrinks a bit, but he starts turning into his old dragon form. He gets stronger, some features even resembling what the queen looked like before.  This progresses with each turn.

A cool idea for either a story or a game. [;)
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Though I have seen this thread, I haven't written anything in here yet but I will from now on.

I haven't had any interesting dreams in some time but I have quite a selection of old dreams I can remember that are... well, you'll see.

This one kind of reminded me of a game. I was using a magic book to help guide me on a mission to find six unique objects... for some reason. When I were to find one of these objects, I had to find out what purpose they were meant for so that I could use them as required so that they would break. I managed to find and break five objects; one was a bow, another a sword, and the last one, the sixth object, was a staff.
I found the staff, protected behind a magically sealed gate, guarded by a massive clockwork guardian with the word "GOD" heavily engraved across its chest-plate. In order to get the staff this guardian had to be destroyed, and though I had the power to overwhelm it, the blasted thing escaped through a portal. I can distinctly remember the book reacting and commenting with, "Not easy to kill a God, is it?"
The staff, a black staff with an oddly shaped head which looked demonic in origin, would continue to be protected as long as the guardian lives, so I chased it through the portal.
I emerged to find that I had been teleported into some kind of challenge dimension, a uniquely constructed prison world that would hold you until you found a way out. In this world there were two kinds of people; academics and prisoners. Knowing that this world valued academics over prisoners, I knew I stood a better chance of escape if I slipped in with the prisoners until the appropriate time. I remember being assigned to clean a lab when I found that an academic was still hard at work while I was cleaning, I watched him with amazement as he used the wondrous machines he had at his disposal as he conducted his experiments, a privilege he allowed me to see because he thought I was too uneducated to comprehend his work, the fool he was.
I eventually found my opportunity to escape, the prisoners were about to play a game of football (a sport I hate above and beyond all others but I had to compete against other prisoners to be part of the team and show some enthusiasm as well... very clever way of trying to keep me caged but it didn't work) when the ball went over the fence, and, because I was a good little prisoner, the guards thought I could be trusted to come back... I ran as fast as a could for the sunset. Ha ha ha.
After escaping that prison, I returned to a reset battle with the clockwork guardian and, this time, I would be sure to destroy that machine, but, to annoy me even further, the clever guardian cast a spell and I woke up. You can imagine my disappointment after everything I went through.
I wonder what would have happened if I did succeed and claimed that staff... but I guess I will never know.
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Post by: Juubi on February 19, 2013, 09:42:09 AM
Last night's dream was more of a dream within a dream, you could say.
I had gone to sleep, and found myself in a red room that looked like it was made out of minecraft wool. When I looked around, I saw two other children, a girl and a boy. As I looked down the connecting hallway, a ominous voice said something along the lines of "You have been called into this dream area to face your fears." The first fear was the boy's, and he had to get into a cat suit. I guess he was afraid of cats, or something like that? The second one belonged to the girl, but I don't really remember it. While she was facing her fear, (with encouragement from us, which is probably why we didn't do it solo), I noticed that the room turned blue. I don't really remember the fear, but the next fear, which was mine, made no sense. There were stacks of blocks on curved slopes, and apparently that's supposed to be a fear of mine. So when I saw the blocks knocked over, I freaked. After the next cycle of fears, which ended with another of mine, the voice told us that there was a hidden gift inside the green room. Looking off to the side of the platform inside the room, I saw another, yellow formation, on which there was a chest. Inside there were three gelatinous blue slabs. Also included was a note, telling that they had transformative properties of some sort. At that point I tried to exploit the dreamsave system to get extra slabs. I never found out if it worked. Shortly before waking up, I talked with the girl, who was named Bowser. She must have had weird parents. I also found out that she lived in the same town as I did, and we resolved to meet up. After waking up, (There was some sort of boss battle involved, the details are a little fuzzy), I ate the slab, and got TF'd into my 'sona. The slab was more potent than that, though, because the wooden replica of my keyblade I had made became real. I don't remember too much after that, other than my cat following me to school.
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Post by: Donnie on March 12, 2013, 09:13:57 PM
A young lad living alone in a village starts to have strange visions and scary compulsions during the night. Nightmares are normal enough until you start to realize that something is iffy and familiar about them. Plus the lad didn't have anything to come back to. He packed his bags and headed to where he thought the dream was set in. It was pretty chilly, so the mountains, maybe.

When he arrived he passed out from the cold breezes and woke to find himself in some kind of old, weathered temple. He made his way down the familiar corridors and came upon a lady glowing a blue light. Said lady from his visions laid it out to him as something like this:

"At last one of the heroes have remembered."

He asked the lady for revelations regarding his vision and what is going on. She shakes her head, lamenting on how the complexities of what had occurred would never be understood by him. She digressed, it involved time travel and multiple interconnected worlds, such as the legend of the tree of Yggdrasil, though it isn't exactly like it.

She explained that all this began when suddenly a young woman appeared in the temple a century ago when it was a full and clean place. Said woman suddenly started to cry and weep, as if one had lost close friends. She tried to sing but her voice choked and sputtered, she wailed and ran off. The lady suspects that woman was possibly her granddaughter given the resemblances.

The boy was rather confused about the meaning behind a 'singing' woman and the connection to time. The Lady tried to explain that she is a Warden of some kind, and something had torn the other worlds from the 'tree' (it's more like a pathway nexus thingy). She honestly isn't sure WHAT happened, but she also received a vision from her granddaughter from the future. But because this 'vision' isn't tuned to her perspective or memories she cannot understand them. She gave them to the boy and his mind relived the memories.

He stands clad in mystic armor in a hallway laced with a bright red carpet, but this isn't really the lad... he 'moves' in his memory and his perspective shifted out of his body, but the armored version of him followed his footsteps. The vision isn't a 'memory' but a re-enactment. He lead his other self down the hallway into a central chamber where a brightly red haired, black dressed man was waiting. The lad's avatar held his blade towards the villain, "You're surrounded!" From several directions, a humanoid cat, fox, and another human converged on the villain.

The redhead chuckled, "This isn't finished until you catch me." He ran into the main chamber of the temple where the singing woman stood, glowing with energy and the 'tree' behind her.
"My lady, we have an arrangement with destiny!" The woman held her ground, appearing determined.. until he did something. The vision became blurry and unclear, but for a moment it showed the singer scream in sadness, the heroes have vanished and the villain falls to his knees. He looks at his hands.
"Where am I...? Who?" before passing out and vanishing. The woman watches as the temple around her withers and fades, she screams, traumatized and flees through the tree.

In the present, the lady finally understood why the singer was distraught. Whatever had happened, whole worlds were cut off from the nexus, and her close friends were cast away. The lad included. She deduced that he was thrown back in time, into another world, and his memories taken from him.

She can only give the lad the names of those he must find to restore the nexus:
Kuriana the Mage
Greg the Darkchild
Harald the Just

For the moment, it can be assumed the villain also lost his memory and is likely harmless... for now. He is, like the others, likely to have memory flashes. The adventure begins.
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Post by: Juubi on March 16, 2013, 10:03:16 AM
 Last night's dream was veeeeeery odd. I woke up in this odd underground, undersea civilization. I say civilization because although it was a bit primitive, we still were pretty well organized. The race of rabbit-meerkat people who lived here were pretty generic, so as a result, individuality and free thought was highly encouraged. It was peaceful, although the rite of passage was quite violent. Twenty or so young children were brought into an arena, given stasis belts, and set to fight.
Today was my day to attempt the trial. I walked into the arena, and from what was given, grabbed a longsword. There were a number of computers scattered about the arena, some sort of side challenge to transfer money... I ignored it. I was focused on not dying. Killing was frowned upon, but some deaths seemed to be inevitable. I did not want to be one of the ones to die today, so when I saw a dropped shortsword, I grabbed it.  Shortly after, I cornered one of the others, and got them to surrender. Of course, the open nature of the arena led me to be set upon by a muscular meerkat with two thick, wooden hockey sticks. He flung iron balls at me  with them, which hurt a lot. I used the short sword as a distraction, then knocked one out of his paw. He then smashed the other on my head. Again, painful.
He and I must have been the last ones there, because after fully disarming him, the Key appeared. The purpose of the Key was to unlock the capsules in which we would be drenched in magical fluids, which felt a lot like clay, in order to complete the rite.  So I got in, was buried in the clay, and then a create a character screen popped up. And then I woke up.

... For some reason, I feel this would make a good origin story for my character.
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Post by: PrincessToyTime on April 16, 2013, 06:02:45 PM
Long weird dream incoming! [Also my dreams seem to always have BGM in them too.] [:P

This was a dream which started out with me investigating this barn which supposedly was infested with some kind of really odd mouse ghosts or something, so I approached the scene carefully, not entirely sure how or what to do, but somehow knowing what to do. The next instant I find this glowing dramatic effect happening and a portal forms, I stepped inside and I fell to the floor, I remember looking at my paws in confusion, then staring around, in some really old derelict temple of sorts.

Setted out to investigate or something, I journeyed to find out what this new place was, or why the heck I even went into some strange barn to begin with. I activated some sort of complicated switch, and hearing all the clicks, notches, cranking, and whatnot going on behind the walls, until.... BAM! I was hit right in the face with a cartoony fist, and was sent flying out through a hole in a roof. This random detour in events caused me to be sent straight into some random game show of some sort, where the loser DIES, and the winner... probably doesn't die, or something, I protested that I did not sign up for it, but the gameshow host assured me that they actually seek their contestants and not the other way around specifically! what manner of evilness goes on?

Seemed I was to be fated to play this barbaric Mario Party of sorts, I was given some panning camera cutscene of sorts, where the game host cheerfully announces like a happy car salesman, the absolutely horrifyingly lethal obstacle course + gauntlet thing that was revealed, starting off with classic spike traps, building up to precariously perched platforms and bottomless pits, and moving platforms, and some lava because why not? I suppose that would work. At first, it was pretty easy, I easily navigated the spike portion, the bottomless pits were a little trickier to handle, because the platforms kept being annoying with distracting pop-up messages, such as, "You've won $10,000 in home renovations!", and they also were like sales people that kept trying to make you buy imaginary useless junk which was USELESS and not at all good.

The moving platforms were extremely unpredictable and erratically sped up or slowed down, and kept singing some kind of A capella Rick Roll or something, after enduring that terrible thing, next up was the moving platforms on rails over deadly lava (like a Mario Bros game)!  The catch was you leaned left or right to guide the platform where you wanted it on the rails, lean too far or fail to lean too far enough, and... you take an early bath in some molten rock, yay! So off I setted out, slightly behind, with strong willpower and determination, shouting, "I will not be defeated by this worm!" (perfectly in the first Star Fox 64's boss voice too, I might add) and proceeded forwards and hopped on the platform. I wobbled uncontrollably as it made all kinds of car alarm noises probably hinting at the obvious dangers of not having ever piloted rail-mounted platforms powered by I-have-no-idea what, I decided to hop off early as it tumbled down with retro game sound effect based death. I latched onto this weird wall of little rectangular shaped virtual reality looking notches on a wall, with lava gently pouring down along the wall, there was enough room, barely so, to put your paws and grip the little outcroppings, and climb up without some kind of lava-based injury.

So nothing much else of interest happened, after some dramatic close-calls and winning only JUST barely for good show, I win and the random generic koopa thing died and turned into a puff of smoke, I was congratulated and my prize was... to be sent to some weird Amish Paradise, with a TWIST! though not revealed yet, it would be soon, veeeeeery soon... So sudden scene change and I was at a seemingly normal farm of sorts, with seemingly normal people, and it all seemed so... BORING, so I took the time to familiarize myself with the locals, got some strange looks, I guess living fox plushes aren't welcome here? Some time later, after exploring, there was some random guy in a corner with a ? above his head, I conversed with him, and in a dramatic echoing voice, he announced himself to me and explained his plight, a terrible curse had befallen this place, one which was very awful and most destructive, which only happened at specific times like lots of curses do, and like some NPCs, he was terribly vague!
I accepted the quest to discover the origins of whatever the heck was going on, and see to it if fixing it was possible, I posed with a dramatic and grand fanfare, glowing letters above me, "QUEST ACCEPTED! In search of the Myrr'zai" (Or something like that, was some fancy crazy fantasy word). Off I went! I travelled all over this massive farm, which was more like a town really, with lots of farm land everywhere around it, and stuff. Asked around and then was challenged for some strange reason, to eating apples, which was pretty normal so far, this random guy went on about how some folks might eat a rotten apple, which is a sign of a curse, since it's not apple until someone eats it.

I thought that was a little odd, but paid not much attention to such, and proceeded to eat the apple, until... OH NO! Turns out the apples were cursed somehow! maybe this was the curse mentioned! I took a bite of this apple, which was all black and moldy inside under the healthy skin, and tasted like plastic, then everything went into some gloomy gray, with weird ambient music, and bass which played like a heartbeat, I was blamed for all the bad happenings in the farm, and suddenly was the bad guy it seemed, I looked around, and every single Amish person was a Poe or Redead from the Legend of Zelda games as well.

I saw through what happened here, it was not that it was a curse, it was a TRAP, I was hopelessly outnumbered, had Sys'siro by my side, and were preparing for like that scene in the Matrix where the protagonist fights what appears to be endless waves. I shined brightly and colorfully against the gloomy darkness and gray, as the legions of evil closed in, and I lashed out with all of my magic, bubbles, and so on, toyifying everything I could see, turning them into various plushes, pooltoys, and so on, of all kinds of random species.

After a long battle against endless waves, I was almost completely exhausted, until some sort of plot-based thing saved me! I was given some ultra power-up by some fox goddess of sorts, and full of renewed strength and resolve, this big evil red face appeared and laughed all evil like, and then, classic RPG style battle time! third person mode and everything, with some catchy battle music as well, as I fought this weird distorted visage which looked vaguely like Andross. So as standard, turns were taken, cool attacks performed, and after a time, I had defeated him and he exploded into springs and confetti, and everything melted and made some comical toilet flush as it all drained away, I fell through space, down I went, as credits rolled for a split second until someone got angry and declared it was boring, and everything just kinda broke like glass and stuff.

THE END! [Gosh I have a crazy weird imagination! also the catchy battle music in question was this: ]
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Post by: DigitFiredrake on April 22, 2013, 09:29:35 AM
Let me first say IRL my brother got married a few days back, so that likely effected this dream.

But I am apparently singed up for some (supposedly) Christian... ritual... that's all I can call it. because its like some super rich person vacation... but you go there with a bunch of guys and girls... and it seemed like we were paired up, I was paired with a girl, I dunno if I had known her before or not (because its not a real person thank heaven) and married to the lady.

Then it gets REALLY odd. Apparently someone threw me a fuzzy theamed birthday party in the middle of this odd goings on. ... But that's not all! Apparently someone got effected by some magic of some kind getting ready for the party... and turned into  a fuzzy lizard dog man. He looked like a tippical fuzzy.

BUT he started kidnapping girl, not killing or hurting or even doing anything really, other then stalking and kidnapping ladies. Not doing anything to them... just kidnaping, like flurting and leting them go.
=P Nothing more.

But apprently I go to catch him, becuse he is my friend and is under the control of whatever turned him into this. =p SO after learning how to ride a motercycly so I can cross a streat that is covered in traffic frogger style... a street that is so filled with cars going at 90MPH its basically a stream of cars and I had to merge in and shift lanes till I was across. The bad fuzzy just went crazy and started laser eyeing the town. So, I cross the streat and avoid the top half a a building that was just sliced off and slid down after me! BUT it was cut in a way it was clear no one was hurt oddly. The cut clean across the floop of one story.

So.. then I choose the only way to beat this guy... Whats that? Take on Techs spirit of course! So... I become Tech. =p Get a device that Tech me made that apprently gives me EPIC bionic strength. So much the other guy runs without a fight.... looking more like Tigger then a bad guy being all "Hehe can't catch me! x3" I go after him, I think the dream ened with me chasing this guy down.

So yeah! I'm nuts.
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Post by: PrincessHotcakes on April 23, 2013, 12:25:06 PM
It started with Yemen, which for some reason I was in to "monitor the situation."  I was watching from a rooftop, watching some anti government protests go around a plaza, when a fellow agent or whatever crumples to the floor, obviously shot.  I run behind cover, and take a shot at the shooter one rooftop over-but now suddenly our weapons are Super Soakers.  I lament the fact that my range is still rather limited, so getting bored with shooting my opponent I deem it appropriate to spray passerbies below.  Then somehow the thought comes to me that a truck nearby is filled with cesium, which of course does not react well to water.  I try and avoid said truck, but now my former shooting opponent has taken to indiscriminately firing his water gun around below, and he of course sprays the cesium filled truck.

I duck for cover as a massive explosion erupts, and peeking up I see that the truck has left a large hole in the ground, one that seems quite blocky.  Minecrafty even.

The dream shifts to me playing Minecraft, and I'm tunneling down until I reach a cave filled with 3 creepers.  I curse myself for having a bow but no arrows in my inventory, and try and pick them off with hit and runs.  But of course the server I'm apparently playing on is laggy so I end up getting kersploded by the last creeper who I hadn't killed yet.  Respawning, I find myself reappearing... in the clouds.  And I fall until I hit the ground and die again.  Sighing I hit respawn again, and sure enough I emerge at the cloud level and begin falling.

Well, that's nuts I decide, but as my character falls he lands on an airship, and the dream is now third person and realistic, following an adventurer who's attempting to follow some murderer who's flying this thing.  He grabs a support wire, slidsing down and down until he slams feet first into the cabin.  Dramatic camera shots and bullet time ensue as he guns down a whole slew of guards before making his way to the cabin.  The hero kicks open the  door to reveal an evil Russian at the controls, attempting to fly the airship over the Super Bowl so it can be bombed. 

Suddenly the dream is first person again, and I'm running below trying to disable the bombs.  I climb onto one and the supports dangle, leaving me hanging precariously.  Suddenly BOOM goes the airship as the hero or the Russian blew something up, and the whole thing starts descending and crashing into a lake.  I leap off at the last minute, landing in a fishing boat now containing my great-uncle and my brother.  My great-uncle is teasing my brother, saying that after fishing they'll go hunting and they can shoot a deer, then my brother can mount the head on the front of his bike and attract ladies with it (and yes, he actually does make jokes like that). 

I of course and terrified about becoming seasick, and am scrambling looking through a bag trying to find motion sickness pills.  I eventually find two, but one of them slips out of my hand and falls into the lake.  For some reason the logical thing to do is dive into the lake after it.  I jump in, now mysteriously in swimming trunks as I yell at my brother to watch his fishing line, cause he's going to snag that hook in my skin.  And that's about when I wake up.
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Post by: Generic Meatbag #14 on May 23, 2013, 03:22:08 AM
I can never remember my full dreams, only fragments of them. This is one such fragment.

I was going from somewhere, and was either walking along on a road of some description, or it was moving by itself, like an airport moving walkway. There were three people I knew talking about me behind me. Suddenly hell broke loose and an innumerable horde of soldiers of the Mason Order from Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (red armor and class-defined as well) began running down the road, sweeping me along with them.
I was on what seemed to be the leading edge of this mad rush, I looked over my right shoulder to see one of the running soldiers get overtaken by another and hit with a jumping quarterstaff strike. I kept running, looking back to my left in time to see another soldier wielding a half-moon axe with a long handle strike at me. He missed, I wrenched the weapon from his hands and attempted to strike him back with it. I missed as well and turned back to the road ahead.
There was a Vanguard crouched in my path wielding a long two-handed sword, as if to either challenge or impede the sprinting mass before him. When I came to him, I leaped over him with no trouble and continued running. There was a grunt from behind me indicating that a following soldier had also made the jump, and then...
Then my alarm went off, and I woke up.
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Post by: PrincessToyTime on June 19, 2013, 03:34:09 AM
Here's a dream I believe which would be suitably weird for here:

This dream was centered around this weird trial of sorts, was also strangely inspired by Harry Potter to a degree, anyways, so it was against a friend of mine, and I was posing as an ordinary student of magic, I had a friend with me and she was also disguised with me, we looked human, but were not. So these older teacher mage/wizard guys in the trial were going along with their usual court stuff, asking about the whereabouts of this fellow and all the usual details.

I remember whispering to what I eventually found out was my sister next to me, as we sometimes included our own facts and whatnot, and I can remember telling her about if she remembers the place we came from, and she did, and we had this crazy flashback, we were some sort of arctic arctic fox/otter things, we could breathe underwater and above air, and we were captured and stuff, but we survived due to magic.

There was a bit of a break and I was told by my sister to go far away from here, she would handle things and free our friend from the clutches of the evil magic school/academy thing, so I nodded and agreed, seemed simple enough, I slipped out and donned some Wintery gear and set out, it was dusk [I think, it wasn't day time and too bright for night], but not cold, which was very nice, clear skies with some cloud, and faint stars, etc. So not too long into the trip, I felt like I was pursued, I go into the village nearby that was just there sorta, and I found a random house and hid inside.

Yep, I was indeed being followed, whatever did I suppose just went away and lost me for the time being, but I was not out of trouble just yet, I crept through the house, and there was other people inside so I went to some child's house and disguised and became a plush toy, no one suspected a thing! After danger was evaded for now, I got up and I almost made it to the back door with no detection at all, when I was startled by someone and then rushed really fast to the door and opened it, dove out and closed it, and just kept running for a while.

Eventually found this perfect place for a shelter, and did so, made some weird igloo thing that also was made of towels, I dunno why, but it worked! it totally looked so blended in with everything and totally not any sort of shelter, or so I thought.... Nope, I was eventually found the next morning, when a group of student people and some teacher mage came along and they blasted down the apparently super thick door thing, and down it went! I was confronted, and outnumbered, as I lay on the snowy floor a bit dazed and fatigued, and they all chanted spells as they aimed at me, I managed to just in time, rise up and dodge, action hero style.

[Now we get to the more silly part!] I then pointed my currently mitten-paws at them and chanted some weird spell, firing silly things like springs and boxes at them and they got knocked out and otherwise incapacitated. I got a 1-up and just in time for the 'boss', we fought for a bit and exchanged a few mighty blows from our magic battle. Then I managed to flee again back to the village, and then pressed on a bit further until an ambush happened, and I immediately charged and punched the ground, teleporting in a blazing hellstorm of fire around me.

Afterwards, I arrive back with my sister in the dream, and I was all fatigued and weak from using too much magic or something, so she along with the other friend, took me away to someplace safe as I slowly passed out.


It was interesting and different anyways. [:P
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Post by: PrincessToyTime on June 19, 2013, 05:39:03 AM
And have another strange one too! two for one! [:P

I had another dream, it was short, involving me being sleepy in some bed in some room, and I woke up to turn on a TV, and I enter this cutscene with Mars, being all retro video game sprite looking and apparently spewing asteroids out randomly, also all retro sprite graphic like. So anyways, I decided that was probably dangerous, and dooming my homeworld, so I opted to do something about it! I hopped into the TV and went to space, and transformed into this dinosaur with a long tail, I am not sure what species it was, surely not a T-Rex, but it was bipedal, and I was surfing in space on a generic wooden door that would belong to a house, yep, no idea why.

So my adventure went all video gamey-like and I was dodging crazy nonsense in space like giant worms that wanted to eat me, and lawnchairs, and traffic cones, random generic political figures, and even chocolate cake, apparently that stuff's dangerous! I controlled myself like I was playing a video game, dodging as I made my way to the first boss, he was a giant taco, and I ate him, super easy, I eventually got to the planet Mars and when I landed on it, It wasn't Mars at all! I wasn't even in space it turns out. Nope, all of this was happening inside Toast's mind all along when it zoomed out and I exited the game, who knew, right? [:P

I suppose It is strongly implied I would reside inside his mind for a while, as the dream ended with me spawning into some lobby, like in Diddy Kong Racing, and was to go to the next map/level/thing navigating my hovering house door surfboard riding generic dinosaur character, who was unnamed, didn't even know what gender even!

THE END! [:)

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Post by: PrincessToyTime on June 19, 2013, 06:00:06 PM
Actually, lets add a third dream too. [:)

So yeah, I dreamed I was watching my friend play a video game, and it was like a strange mix of platformers, especially Super Mario World being the dominant one, but with elements of Megaman and Pokemon, one thing I noticed especially... a Zigzagoon you could ride as a yoshi, and it looked oddly familiar to a friend of mine I knew who it belonged to.

I was living with Wolfe apparently at the time, and I can remember he was playing this game, anyways, in this game I have no idea what the goal was, and it was using Super Mario World 2/Yoshi's Island textures but had like, Megaman enemies, and other enemies from other games in it, and my friend died eventually in the game, and I got really tired and passed out in a very big and sudden pile of BIG FLOOFY BLANKETS, it was so comfy. [It's funny what details you remember so well!]

I woke up to find I was in the game, and I went to this inn in the game, and Tallyn, another friend of mine, and that zigzagoon I mentioned earlier were there and all of them gave me such an unamused face, as if they were all waiting for me. So I just stood there and apologized, for some reason, about this story involving goldfish and bullet bills and they forgave me after I gave them each Oreos.

So we set out onto our adventure and I rode the zigzagoon like a Yoshi, and when poked by enemies, it ran from me, Yoshi style, and well... we spent this entire time chasing it down to catch it. [:P
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Post by: Juubi on July 25, 2013, 07:46:56 PM
So, I dreamed a dream of ages gone by.
I was in the backyard of my house, at some sort of birthday party. I had a wooden sword, and was sword-fighting with a couple of younger kids, one of whom acted like he was my brother. Pretty soon I got bored, then went inside the house, down a hall, and into a bedroom, where... Well, Dave Strider was chilling on a bed, playing some unnamed Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game.
So, I sat down next to him and watched his team, which oddly consisted of a Torchic, a Squirtle/Mudkip, I can't remember which, a Druddigon, and Reshiram, for some reason. At some point, I took the DS and played, and noticed that the party could walk through walls, even though none of them are ghost type. So I looked through the Key Items list, and found, among other things, "HM" (Yes, that's all it's called), some type strengthening rusted cans, and a Bandanna that acted like the Mobile Scarf from previous games, but without the drawbacks. I called hax.
After finding a few more cans, I went to this old soda shop styled like a saloon. There was a gate by the side of a counter showing an open field, and a sign next to it that said "Raikou". So obviously, I decided to go in there. For passage, I had to give this old, seedy guy one of each type of can. I gave him a few of the cans I had, then sold him some unique rocks, one of which looked like it had a hat on, and sat down for a round of soda, "On the house", as he said. At some point during all this, we turned from Pokemon to humans, not quite clear on when.
The man gave us each some old style soda hoses, and instead of giving us glasses, just had us stick them in our mouths and pull the triggers. And we drank. And drank. And got very fat and round. At which point I was woken.
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Post by: Ezekiel Moon on August 21, 2013, 02:49:41 AM
This is how my dream went, and as a note, the young man is who I was throughout the dream; it just varied between first and third person.

A young man in a costume of a humanoid cat person wearing clothes is running through a cafeteria around the line that’s formed there.  He has a fake tail attatched to his pants in the back, a pair of fake ears on top of his head, and a rubber prosthetic mask glued to his face with makeup to look more natural.  He is weaving through pillars in the cafeteria and finally makes it outside, where there are still some pillars dotting the area where he’s running.  He sees his companion, dressed like a cat person as well, and he starts running at full speed, making his previous speed look negligible.  He then slows down a little bit and starts running along the embankment of a slow moving waterway of some kind.  Water is splashing up onto him, and he curves back around to the direction he was running from and is somehow teleported to a different world, but it’s still (seemingly) same place. 

He looks up and into the window of a two story building where he sees a human King and his daughter plotting against the Queen.  He steps into the upstairs room and confronts them.  This is when the Queen comes in and the daughter attacks the young man, who is still in the period clothes, but not wearing the ears, tail, prosthetics, or makeup anymore.  He grabs the knife and holds it by the ring it folds onto, but is too late to save the Queen – the daughter stabs her through the heart while the Queen is trying to protect her upper belly.  The young man then swings the knife in a backhanded gesture and kills the daughter, and the King chases him out and around the corner. 

The young man is now playing darts with blunt darts, and one of them bounces off the dart board and onto the ground.  He then uses a mechanical stand of some sort like a hockey stick, hitting the dart just past the King, ricocheting it off of a pipe that’s going up a wall and into an instant macaroni and cheese bowl that is around where the young man can not see.  He goes around the corner – right past the King – and picks up the dart triumphantly, causing the populous of human people around him to applaud and the King to just grumble under his breathe and walk away. 

The young man the follows the King, and a voice is heard saying, as if it were an announcer in a movie, “But the King has a brother, and that brother hated the King and always wanted his position of power…” as the young man is spinning something like it’s a Yo-yo on a string, which whacks the brother in the side of his face.  The brother turns to the young man and, in a booming voice, declares, “do you know what that is?” as he looks at the thing on a string, which is now a pendant with a chip missing from the bottom of it and half of the hole where the chain originally went was missing, and the chain itself was now on a now link attached right beside the broken one.  The young man starts to say that it was a family heirloom, but only is able to say, “it’s a fam-“ before being cut off by the brother, who says, “It is the last piece of our family jewels, which was stolen by you!”.  The young man tries to say that it wasn’t him, that it was a big misunderstanding, but it all comes out garbled.  The brother continues, “You shall now be punished!” and he starts zapping the young man, who starts to feel himself physically change.  At this point in the dream, my mind starts to wake up and think of what I would become, which in turn wakes me up at exactly 2:30am.
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Post by: Tvorsk on September 01, 2013, 04:39:00 AM
So I was catching up on Wasteland 2 forums yesterday. Read a lot.
And well, in the result I've dreamed of some odd cross-over where the WL2 game UI and rules mostly applied, but the only "Ranger" I had was Elwood Blues, and the world was a kind of a mix between the two.
I remember opening a safe in the middle of the desert that was belonging to some gangster (who drove us there to shoot the player characters, but got killed himself),
and having a Highway Patrol car approach, the officer get out, and having to bluff him (mixed success, he let us free but took the stuff from the safe).
Also, thinking "Too bad there was no budget to include car chases in the game" at one point.
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Post by: Raf_Cian on September 16, 2013, 11:15:10 AM
Player actually had a dream worth relating today.

Kid/teen gets dropped off for a school orientation. Orientation ends up having a lot more hands on aptitude tests than he's used to, but he excels with flying colors. Kid gets to the paperwork portion of the test and hits a snag when he's unable to pay the admission fee... because they're being asked for in gold coin. Befuddled and rejected, the kid walks home alone.

Back at school, after hours, the principle fumes why the most gifted child mage they've seen in years was just allowed walk out the door.

...and that's about the end of it. Really short, right before conscious mind realized it was awake. So many ways you can expand this into an actual story, though, all involving elaborating details that are never really clear in a dream.
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Post by: foxgamer01 on September 18, 2013, 02:21:52 PM
Well, I got a dream to tell. It's rather short and I only remember one part of it, but I think it's worth telling.

Basically what happened is that I was about to mow the lawn when I saw someone with some lawn tractor already mowing it. I got annoyed, mainly because he did it without me asking him to and that I have to pay him when he's done. So I told him to leave, that we don't want his services, and he did, looking very annoyed while driving that tractor away.

Rather short, I admit. The reason why I thought it was worth telling is that, when I was mowing the lawn today, a person drove by in his truck and offered to mow the lawn for me. I declined and he leaved. . . . Are my dreams prophetic? XD

Well, at least he asked first before mowing the lawn and he had a lawn mower instead of a tractor.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Tvorsk on October 05, 2013, 06:49:12 AM
Walking around my old neighborhood, riding a bike around it, and also visiting a couple completely unrecognizable to awake-me places.
Sounds boring, right?
Well... it all was in a fursuit.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: foxgamer01 on March 23, 2014, 02:54:19 PM
Well, this is one I just had this morning. And before you ask, I did played a FPS game before sleeping, but that hours ago. Though I was downloading another FPS game. >.|.>

What happened is that, well, I think I'm traveling with my family to another state, with me searching for another job. Luckily, I found one that would accept me. It seems too good to be true. Well, it is. It turns out that they were furry terrorists who are planning to destroy something big (what I'm not sure. Heck, I'm not sure if terrorists is the right word.  I'm just calling them that because I've found submachine guns and a few grenades in a place that shouldn't have them). I called my dad before I was found out and I held them off with the guns. It was going pretty well until the leader of them turns out to be so tough that bullets bounce right off. Of course, he was too near to use the grenades, so I was about to give up until dad came, distracting him long enough to get away as I set the grenade. It blasted him away, but to make sure he's dead, I put one in his mouth and his chest exploded.

And that's it. Sad part is that I was playing Oblivion before sleeping and I enjoyed that game much more. Why can't I have a dream about that!?
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Raf_Cian on March 24, 2014, 02:07:50 PM
Another dream that could be a story hook hit me last night. Which is kind of the only dreams I remember since I end up spending the entire morning after mulling over them how the plot would progress if developed. Anyway, reducing down to just the dream and not everything that has buzzed around my head in the brainstorms afterwards...

I'm being driven to school by my brother, who for some reason has a big beard like my uncle and doesn't take me to school itself but some friend's house that is kinda sorta within walking distance to school. Not my real bother's behavior, but whatever.

Walk to school, and it's a little unclear whether this is supposed to be walking to high school or college, and I end up at this weird school for go-kart racing gods... like literal Mario Kart style racing with anthropomorphic dog jocks at the wheel. Bit hard to describe how this was someone a school unless you watched any episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh GX, but the only way to describe this school is if for some reason someone at Nascar watched his kids watch an episode of Yu-Gi-Oh GX followed by playing a game of Mario Kart and suddenly got the "brilliant" idea to mash the two ideas together.

Anyway, I'm as confused as to why I'm there as you probably are reading this, but the instructors give me some personality tests and then have me ride shotgun in the "pace car" for one of the student driving tests. There's four racers; three whom are best friends / home room / guild mates something and one who is darker and edgier but not in the lone shark way since there's one larger gang / home room / guild that is dominating the student body and wow do my dreams come with a lot of subtext and overcomplicated details before the conscious parts of my mind get hold of them.

So yeah. The race happens, and there is a crash, and suddenly the leader of the group of friends and the edgier student start fighting using their Mario Kart like powers outside of their race vehicles. There's lightening going everywhere, so I get out of the "pace car", because it isn't really a car at all but some mobile bleachers like some glorified Disney ride, and try and take cover.

"Take cover" is a vague term in this situations involving grassy knolls and flag poles, creating some logic errors for my brain to start to wake up and justify with conscious deliberations so this is about where the dream part ends. There is one final part that is dream though and not pillow head brainstorming. For some reason the leader of the racer good guys crawls over to me where I'm cowering and "tags me in", as if someone getting a zap of good lightening is different from getting a zap of evil lightening.

So yeah. I've been mulling that over all morning and constructing a cosmology around it. And some of you probably wonder what I mean when I say "I HAVE TOO MANY IDEAS IN MY HEAD!" Not even going to get into what those brainstorms are within this thread, since it would be off topic.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: PrincessHotcakes on September 06, 2014, 11:03:58 AM
So on today's bizarro episode I had a dream where I shot my family.
Or at least the dream in implied I did, my brain likes to take dreams and then change the background during the middle and imply that certain things happened when I actually can't remember them.

Started with me and Nagolinc being ourselves and taking long walks around the exterior of a property, just talking about stuff.  At some point we just sort of had guns, and there were other party/social event goers who were just ambling about and chatting, and at some point they also had guns, especially double barreled shotguns for some reason.  Well of course the dream took on an FPS vibe and it soon became "shoot them before they shoot us" and soon me and Nagol were patrolling the entire property shooting the surprised and screaming party goers before one of them could pull out their shotgun (and oddly there was always one person in each cluster who had one).

Well at some point the dream decided that my family was along and that we had already shot them, and Nagol's too.  Though, at this point I also asked him if we were using blanks, and he said yes.  Thusly we realistically shot people with blanks.

Finally we had basically cleared the property of annoying party goers and were patrolling it when two new cars showed up, and despite the whole thing being a prank the dream was inconsistent and we felt like we had witnesses to our crime.  However one of the cars belonged to another friend of ours and we looked at each other and went "Nah, we can't kill him!"  and we walked down to the property's waterfront and threw the guns in the water, hoping to dispose of the evidence.

The dream's inconsistent tone then jumped back to the prank mode, and Nagol said that he had already talked to his dad who was still playing dead and didn't want to get up yet until he could shock someone by playing zombie.  Also he joked that everyone else was going to get us later in a few months, with the implication of a mass amount of water balloons would have our names on them.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: PrincessHotcakes on September 07, 2015, 11:42:40 AM
So my memory of this one is sketchy but involved something involving pokemon that didn't exist, Ash Ketchum, evil spirits/aliens/whatever that were body swapping with everyone and making them invisible ghosts. 

The was one scene I oddly remember where one of the faux pokemon found himself in a dream sequence (INCEPTION!!) stuck on a purple ocean with green skies on an aboandoned boat, right after he had been examining a small strangely acting pokemon sitting on a table.  From the possessed looking sea came the spirit that had been inhabiting the small pokemon, in its true form, and attacked our 1st faux pokemon like a giant flying worm.  Thus began the first possession, which was later joined off screen when Ash Ketchum was possessed, and his spirt torn from his body, leaving him to communicate with people as a ghostly cat.

Then there was some scene where the ghost Ash Ketchum was attempting to communicate with someone flying passenger in a fighter jet by leaving a mysterious purple M on the glass (don't ask why, that's one scene I just remember clearly).

The threat from the mysterious possessing spirits was saved and their maniacal plan, whatever it exactly was, was foiled when we hurried next door to the hospital/retirement home and roused all the handicapped and old people into a righteous frenzy that stormed the bad guys in their convention center.

... I really wish I could remember my dreams better because they are frequently like this and it's awesome.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Howler on December 02, 2015, 03:24:16 PM
So, It started in a science facility, which seemed to be a mall, somewhere in U.S. I wanted to go on a concert/festival but had no idea where i was or where it was, at first. After taking a look around I walked out of the mall science place and looked around for a phone, and found a phone boot which looked like a soda can the size of a garage holding up against a tree, I wanted to call my dad to give me a lift home, so then i started recalling his number slowly~~, at first i remembered the last six digits then the first three, but every time i tried to put them in and  looked away for a second  the numbers on the booth just thought that  it'll be funny to change position.. so it took me a while to get the numbers right because i had to look away for a second every time because reasons  >.>  ...     Anyway, when i finally got it right nobody answered the phone.  Then out of nowhere someone i knew appeared, an Otter but i knew him somehow and he knew me, we talked for a few seconds, I told him what i was trying to do and suddenly he grabbed me by the shoulder and dragged me up stream a nearby river.

 I closed my eyes for a minute and when i opened them we appeared to be on a rice field in China..My shoes were gone and the rest of my clothes were ragged. I asked him:

"Why China?"     

He replied saying:

"Look you have no shoes, now you can walk around the field and pick up rice!".

The way he said that made it sound like if he just gave me a new ability to walk on rice fields and gather rice..

We stood on the field for a little bit, probably getting the pun out of our heads, and then started walking along a short path up the field. After taking a few steps, In the middle of the path we met a guy who seemed to look like an agent from the IMF and his young daughter. Suddenly it was night and we were having dinner outside in the middle of the field with one light and a small overhead tent like cover, it was also pretty windy. The table was filled with chicken salads and rice, i was sitting beside the Otter, in front of us was the IMF guy with his daughter and to the right edge of the table their grandfather (i think). Some time passed and as we had the meal half done the grandfather stroke the table with a fork and said:

"You better leave before their parents wake up! And we have to tell them that you came!".

We quickly got up from the table and without question walked back towards the fence(s), suddenly (BANG!) a gunshot fired up into the air and we could hear the grandfathers voice from far back saying:

"Rice thieves!"

We started running towards the two fences whom each was about four meters high, but pretty bendable. When we looked back we saw two HUGE nearly A-Ninetails Macro sized black figures with hollow eyes and snouts reaching high into the sky and bending over  toward us as the black sky behind them turned into a mixture with crimson red flames. After seeing whats behind us we just ran what strength we had left, jumped over, crawled under the fences and ran through the forest on the other side, glide a slope and jumped nearly not making it over a rapidly flowing river then got into a bus that brought us over to a lake, which we crossed on a small piece of straight land (like a path) through the middle of it.

(From night it turned into the type of dark which comes before night, dark but not pitch black dark  {:P . )

We arrived at the festival, somewhere in Europe.. somehow from China to Europe..  The festival was held in between a bunch of large lakes or stripes of land with forests, you could see the festival lights and the main stage from a far distance, the now black sky was filled with yellow and green colors floating overhead, it was pretty fun to watch.

As we got to the main gate, to the left of it we saw a pyramid made out of minecraft TNT in the a corner of one of the lakes, the TNT then exploded, obviously it did no damage because... water.. As we entered through the main gate we've seen a couple of my friends standing by a car, so we said all the Hai's and I asked where can we put our tents. As i put my bags, which appeared from nowhere, down i lost site of the Otter.  Then the who, where, what questions got answered. I started telling my friends what just happened in which i said that i traveled from America to China (because i didn't know until then), and when i said Selden instead of Otter I remembered calling him calling me Howler and me him Selden when we were talking at first. (that's how i figured what was what, who was who).

After the talk i checked my pockets for money and realized i had non.. But i knew i needed a good bit of money for a three day festival..  I asked my friends to check on his phone when the next bus leaves for my town ,
I felt like the journey was only half done. It was 7p.m. when i asked for the bus check.
Then i woke up.

Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Caprice on December 18, 2015, 08:25:48 PM
I had two weird dreams recently.

The first one started with me taking an English test consisting entirely of two essay questions.  I then asked my principal if I could do something outside, which he let me.  This turned out to be going to a convention across the street, going into the library, then hunting down Arroavantho (one of the chat members) with a TG ray gun.  I found two identical feral Arros and zapped both of them.  That's all I remember.

The second one (last night) started out with me biking halfway across the state to some town I'd been to before.  There seemed to be some conspiracy going on, which led to a bunch of people merged into one creature and chasing me (while trying to merge me in).  Then I wound up back in my town, where I learned that my school was doing a play about it.  The play was going to be in two days, and I was in it (with four lines).
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Selena Hallore on February 05, 2016, 09:20:41 AM
I had a weird dream several days ago about Virmir.

I was taking a holiday at some seaside resort and I was staying in my uncles villa. I decided after unpacking to do some tourist-y stuff so I went out to the resort and happened upon a hotel. The hotel was strange, it bore into the rock of a great cliff, and it had its entrance at its base. There, I saw a group of strange people entering the hotel, and so I decided to follow them. After a time, I discovered that they were actual real mages with real magical powers, and I thought this to be my one and only golden opportunity to learn real magic; so I approached them and attempted to befriend them.

However, the mages were currently dealing with a problem. Someone was hunting them down, taking them out one by one, and they were understandably suspicious of me, but I persevered in getting close to them. The mages tried to get rid of their hunter, however. They, at one point, managed to capture the essence of their hunter, and they, with it, created a spectre of their hunter; which would be used to hunt down their hunter in turn. It didn't work, of course. Eventually, only one of the mages were left, the others had either decided to face this hunter once and for all or were already gone, but the last mage believed that they too would soon be next. He decided that I was to return to their base and deliver word regarding what was going on at the hotel. He thought that I would be able to return because I was not one of the original mages of this group, and that I would be able to get back to their base while their hunter was busy eliminating the last of them. The mage gave me a teleportation device, and he told me that this was the only way to find their base.

Unfortunately, the hunter burst into the room at that moment, and the hunter turned out to be Virmir. Virmir matched right up to the mage, grabbed hold of him, and used some sort of magic to change one of his own eyes green and the other red. As Virmir stared down at him, the mage simply froze and started having spasms while his voice crackled like he was choking; it was horrible. When Virmir entered the room, he threw to me something resembling a teapot, and, moving along its surface, was a small grey dot. As I stared at it, the dot grew into an eye, and I knew that Virmir had somewhat captured his spectre in this teapot. I quickly looked away and threw it from me before its magic could be used on me. While Virmir was busy with the mage, I seized upon that moment to snatch the device from Virmir, and I made a hasty exit through the window. Luckily, we where on the ground floor, and the window opened out onto a beach.

I ran as fast as I could to get away from Virmir, panic-stricken as I tried desperately to activate the device as I could hear Virmir chasing me, and, just at that moment when it started to work, Virmir leapt and grabbed hold of me, and he was pulled through the teleportation portal with me onto the other side. We found ourselves on another beach, and Virmir let go of me at that point. I kept running, catching site of the base, which was a huge facility that stood tall out of the sea close to a vegetation-covered cliff overlooking the beach, and it looked like a modified oil rig. I knew instantly that this facility was the mages base, and I knew I had to get to it before Virmir could. On the beach, somewhat near the cliff, were a group of three mages. I ran to them and shouted, "Virmir it here! Quickly, kill him while you have the chance!"

Of course, Virmir was not far behind me, and be dispatched the mages quickly and efficiently. They were no match for him, and he was damn fast when he needed to be.

That is all I can remember, and I think I woke up after that. I don't know whether Virmir killed me or did something to be like he did the mage in the hotel room, but I don't think his attacks, or indeed the mages attacks, 'kill' anyone at all but rather... banish them, perhaps? I guess it doesn't matter.

Ultimately, I failed in my mission and I never got to learn magic. I don't know for sure if I knew it was Virmir that was hunting us, I may have seen the spectre that the mages made before they released it to hunt down Virmir, and I may have recognised him then. I cannot say. But, yeah, weird dream, and I was honestly disappointed that it ended so abruptly.

ADDED: Oh! I just remembered something. After Virmir dealt with the three mages right at the end of the dream, I turned to him and shouted, "Why are you doing this to me! You have ruined everything!" And then I woke up. By that, I assume I mean that I never did come to learn magic since that is something that I really wanted, and he ruined that opportunity for me. Damn you, Virmir! {;)
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Virmir on February 05, 2016, 07:41:39 PM
Ha ha, oooooops.  Sorry. [;)
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Arroavantho on March 24, 2016, 02:31:36 PM
Had a weird dream during my way-too-long nap around noon yesterday....

The dream started out with a family (in which I switched viewpoints between a brother & sister) going to check out our new house, which was on a rather... unique property.  On it was a former naval fort (think like Fort Screven on Tybee Island, GA) that had been renovated into living space and a small cute house that was probably circa-1910.  The house was very small frankly, maybe around 1200 square feet, but the fort was a good bit bigger.  There randomly was also a trailer on the property Bro went in briefly filled with tiny rooms & doors... Bro tried scooting through one door into a library with a gnome reading in it, but it was a tight fit & I decided I'd rather not get stuck in there, so I left.

After moving in, it went back & forth between following the the bro & sis as Bro explored the small house & discovered a portal to hell, while the Sis explored the fort & found a portal to heaven.  (note, not like a biblical heaven & hell more than two worlds with attributes of heaven & hell, there were still good people in "hell" and bad people in "heaven".)  Then it followed them exploring each side... eventually they found a way to open a portal to each other, switched sides, then the brother became a kidn of angel-wolf while the sister became a succubus or something, but the pair were working to prevent a war... everything was kind of mixed up after that & I'm not sure what happened. X3
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Huffzie on June 30, 2016, 06:08:00 PM
I sure had a strange dream and even though it was rather short I couldn't forget it for the rest of the day.

So its basically started with me unable to move sitting on a chair. I guess I was tied down. I cant recall that. Anyway the room was fairly empty with pretty much bright white colour all around. The light bulb hanging from the ceiling flickering. (The basics for a bad horrorfilm).

So as I was sitting there with the flickering light which left me in pitch black every so often, suddenly something appears on the other end of the room. It was small, had fur all over its body and was standing on his legs. I dint know what exactly it was, but I am pretty sure it was some kind of mammal, maybe an otter or something like that. It was just standing there, staring at the ground, not moving an inch. Some few times the lights went off. Longer now as before. As they went back on I noticed that the head of the little mammal was now looking at me directly. Those eyes were colourless as in dead I would say.

The flickering continues. And everytime the lights went out and back on, the mammal twitches a little. Some nearly visible motion-followings as it starts moving towards me everytime the room goes black.

And then (I think because of dream logic) 2 other mammals appear just besides the first one in the middle. Same features and moving towards me. At this point I am freaking out. I am struggling to move but wont let me. Just my eyes could shift ad they flail in to all directions. I was helpless.

More and more mammals appear all around the first one. Twitching differently like they fight for getting to me first. A couple of seconds later the mammals were all around me sitting on my legs or like that. Every single one of them still staring into my eyes like deathglares. Then nothing happened for a couple of minutes. Then, and that's the freakiest part for me, they started to closing down on me. With those shiftless and colourless eyes. I was just accepting it, watching it like my death is coming. They were merely a few inches away from my face as the light slowly drained. And then the next thing I remember is sitting upright in my bed sweating a little.

It was nearly 3 am at this point and after that I just watched videos about soccer and stuff to keep me distracted.
Not like other nightmares I had this one was scary in a bizarre way.

I want a good dream in exchange for that torture.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: PrincessHotcakes on August 01, 2016, 11:48:12 AM
So the first thing I remember is some kind of panic about an asteroid heading for the earth.  And out of all places it's going to hit right over the east coast.  So for some reason I and some passenger- who  I can't remember -decide it's best that we drive in a new car all the way to D.C. to warn the president (because clearly he needs to be warned by some strange person who's not an astronomer).  So we arrive as everyone else is fleeing the city, get to  bypass anyone else wanting to get in... only to find the white house is suddenly set in a seaside mountainous area.  We climb some cliffsides and corridors as the asteroid menace gradually turns to an alien invasion.  For some reason this involves abducting my brother and dressing him up as a woman, pink highlights in the hair and all. 

So we find it's necessary to make our escape, fortunately Han Solo is nearby so we run to the Millennium Falcon which is conveniently nearby, dramatically fireing up the engines.  Spinning and twisting around dramatically through a mountainside and through a city, unfortunately the enemy locks on and sends us crashing.  Luckily we cascade to the ground nearby a secret military base, which involves climbing more cliffs, and then strange military base ladders that involve an odd amount of jumping and twisted staircases.  Finally we reach the top, only to find a party is going on.  Immediately I deduce it's time to go undercover and look for the aliens, eventually finding one disguised as an old lady.  Clearly being an alien, she can't be allowed to masquerade as a human so the only rational recourse is to discretely dump liquor all over her and light her on fire. 

Having dutifully set an old lady aflame, the dream ended.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Devon on August 19, 2016, 10:45:38 AM
I usually never remember my dreams

I remember Princess Luna was telling me off about something in my basement (not restrained or anything, just both of us standing and her telling me off) then she goes upstairs and then I think to myself sudden realising what I just did "Is this a dream?" So I try and focus on a nearby wall, seeing what 'resolution' if you will the wall was, to see if it was a dream or not.

And then I woke up.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Arroavantho on August 19, 2016, 03:51:33 PM
Last dream, I replayed the opening level of a final-fantasy style game that doesn't exist... several times... over and over.  I have no clue why I was.  Best part was (as I was actually the main character) struggling picking up wooden boards and then the load suddenly lightening as they disappeared while going into my inventory.  XD 
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Devon on January 01, 2017, 07:09:43 AM
Not a full dream, but is really weird.
Woke up from a  nightmare, where I dreamed that a man wearing a white mask with bulging black lensed eyes and a blue stripe over its right eye looking suspiciously like Selden's was in my house
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Generic Meatbag #14 on January 01, 2017, 05:40:51 PM
I had a dream fragment where the moon rose from a blue sky, forming a crescent and then getting more full, and then a second moon rose. The second moon... was no moon. It turned out to be a Death Star, loomed larger in the sky, and then some bald guy straight out One Punched it into oblivion. I can't remember if there was a one-liner or not.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Arroavantho on March 09, 2017, 11:25:00 PM
I had 3 regularly reoccuring dreams when I was a kid. This post is for one of them that was in my mind a lot when I was 4-5, so KEEP THIS IN MIND WHEN I TELL THE FULL HONEST STORY IT'S DUMB AS HELL BUT IT SHOULD MAKE SENSE CONSIDERING THE AGE. It featured a... giant hotdog monster? Sausage? The dream was cyclical... it started with me meeting the sausage in the Hundred Acre Woods, where it attacks me but I feed it then it is my friend. So i take it home and make it my pet. Then I take it to my dad's office, and he goes to the bathroom... while I'm playing with toys the monster goes into the bathroom and yells, my dad comes running out pulling up his pants. Then he gets mad at it. It gets sad & runs back to the Hundred Acre Woods, I go there, find it with the help of Pooh and Tigger, and make it feel better. Then i take it home, then the office again, then it goes back, then I calm it down, then I take it home again ad infinitum until I wake up.

What does it mean? Hell if I know. I guess it was pertinent to 5 year old me to have it play over and over again. That or I really loved Winnie the Pooh. Still do.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Arroavantho on March 13, 2017, 03:39:53 PM
Recurring dream number two. This one was from when I was 7-8 years old, largely replaced the hotdog one.

This was my first... TFy dream I guess. It did not as frequently recur as the hot dog dream but it was still recurring. It started off with my little sis in a ballet at school. However the teachers all turned into monsters due to a curse from an evil witch (best way to describe the monster is the Gangrene Gang from Powerpuff Girls) and I had to save everyone and reverse the curse. I however got turned into a mouse, and had to sneak my way through the cafeteria (the cafeteria separated the auditorium from the rest of the school.) Once I reached the auditorium, I ate a magic bean that made me turn back & attacked the witch with my sword (I know narrative continuity here is kinda crappy but hey, I was 8), but before I got to her one of the teachers attacked me with their tongue, which tingled badly.... I did slay the witch and remove the curse though. Never did figure out what that tongue did to me.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Arroavantho on July 01, 2017, 04:33:06 AM
Weird dream last night.... it was like being in a video game moving three scenarios in the same house... one in like the past where you get stalked by an evil doll, one where you have to catch a fairy, and one where you get shrunk.... I still can't pick out any major plot in it. -shrugs-
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Peanut Dragon on July 11, 2017, 12:08:11 PM
First dreams I've felt deserved to go here. One was on about 4ish nights ago, the second was last night, and the last one was a long time ago.

1. I can't remember most of the begining, but it had something to do with Sirius Black, I think. After all that, there was a zombie/afflicted person. Me and some woman were trying to figure out why they had been turned into a zombie, and we knew it was because of some perscription medication. Our solution was to buy one bottle of every single kind of medication in the local pharmacy and try one of every pill to figure out which one was the cause. However, it turned out that we were in Mexico, and I didn't have any pesos. I ended up finding a gang-type group willing to help, and we started begging on the street. I did standing back flips  (which is something I can actually do) to earn some extra pesos. I think we earned enough, but then that dream ended.

2. I was on a road trip with family plus some others. First, we stopped at a gas station that had lockers and showers. I put over half of my stuff in one of the lockers. The entrance to the showers was a tiny, cramped hallway. It was almost like a square cave made out of ceramic tiles. We entered the showers, but everyone still had clothes on. We left the gas station (without my stuff) and continued driving.

The next stop was at another gas station, but this one was abandoned. Me and two or three other people roamed around, eating junk food and pocketing random things we liked. There were conversations happening, but I don't remember what they were. After an hour and a half, we left that servo and I realized I didn't have my stuff. I asked about it and was told to call the first gas station and ask them to hold it for our return trip, which I never did.

By this point we were driving through a town. Our destination was just ahead, but the road was blocked off. Our driver, who might have been my dad, then gave a bunch of directions that started with driving through three separate graveyards. I honestly don't know how I made up the all the different places, most of which were haunted or otherwise scary. I don't remember any of them now. I thought it was crazy, but we started through the first graveyard, only to immediately realize that it was a BAD IDEA. We turned and booked it the other direction, but from each destination along the path a red light appeared and started chasing the car. Every time one caught up, it would touch the car, disappear, then summon something scary. One was a tree, but that's all I remember.

After we got away, we stopped the car and I got out. There was a house at the bottom of a big slope right off the road, and there was a ton of horses. I started petting one, then left, did something and came back. This time a girl walked out of the house. Through conversation we figured out that she was a different version of me named Anna, which works surprisingly well as a female name for me. Out houses were mostly the same, but her room had been partially converted into a stable. There was hay everywhere. We had most of the same books, and things I remember from forever ago were hanging on the wall. It was pretty cool. Her friends ended up coming over and we messed around for a while. There was even a pool, so we went swimming. When I had to leave to get back in the car, I wrote down my email so we could stay in contact. Around then is when I woke up. Overall I really liked the ending of this dream, because it was really cool. Seeing my house and family but slightly different was awesome. Even my cat, Kevin, had been changed. He was a bat, for no other reason than it sounds like cat.

3. This one is sort of my first TF dream. I had been watching a lot of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. In it there's a bunch of different races of snake people, which being a scalie, I really enjoyed. One of the coolest parts was a staff the leaders hold, which transforms anyone who gets it. They go from having legs to a giant tail - essentially a naga. At this point I hadn't realized that I was a furry/scalie, or that I love transformation, so I had no idea why I liked it so much.

Anyway, in the dream, this happened to me, but skewed around. I had the snake tail, but I also had legs. It was almost like they were both phasing through each other and existed in the same spot. I was trying to slither around, but the only way I could control it was through a keyboard hanging around my neck. I had to push the keys in a certain order to be able to use my tail, but I sucked at it, so not much happened. That's the only part of the dream that I remember.

I don't really count this as a TF dream because it's not entirely transformation, due to having both legs and being a snake taur, somehow. I have yet to have an actual dream with some TF, but I'm looking forward to it.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: PrincessHotcakes on August 07, 2017, 06:58:25 PM
Last one was a bit scattered but one of the few details I remember was a sort of P.I. hunt.  And one of my targets was this zebra that was allegedly going around transforming guys into zebra ladies.  Never got to bump into them unfortunately (actively bumping into anthros in my dreams is something that very rarely happens)

The other detail involved terraforming Mars... for some reason by dropping a crapton of nukes on it from orbit.  Sorry Tvorsk.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Rune on September 27, 2017, 08:40:42 PM
My beautiful dog passed away recently. I went to sleep pretty upset about it, and when I was waking up I could swear I felt her paws against my bed like she was standing up to sniff at me. Phantom pain or spirit saying goodbye? Maybe some kinda mix of the two.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: PrincessToyTime on November 16, 2017, 04:38:08 AM
Here's a bit of an odd one I had moments before typing this out [I literally got up and then reached out for the PC/Laptop.] No doubt, the pains of losing pets paired with... I suppose whatever your brain wants to fart out at the time make for very odd combinations of things! Or it could just be me, really. [:P

So this dream was like this really odd little cartoon that took place in a little secluded [almost suburban] town near nothing really, so it was very grassy and forested around the area. It began initially as this prank on Rarity by hiding these specific pieces of clothes for some reason, why it had ponies I have no idea, but that's what I dreamed of! Rainbow Dash remarked "It'll be the funniest thing, EVER!" So the Mane Six ponies worked to hide these old garments and fabrics and snickered.

Then the scene changes to another part of town, there's these like... Muppets I wanna call them, one of them hears a legend about some old witch or something about a 'missing soul and pieces of a cursed robe'. There was this old mother who lived in a nearby street, and she had this lovely daughter, these random plush fellows, one was a reindeer, another was a fox, were visiting their friend who was a raccoon I think, it looked like one anyway! They were the ones who heard this tale this crazy looking Bernie rip-off was telling the townsfolk, and the reindeer was like, "Hey I wonder if this old legend of seeing the eldritch eye before you are sucked to the cursed dimensional zone is real!"

The trio had the idea of trying to evoke the legend or curse or whatever you wanna call it, it involved gathering these old missing valuables that belonged to the Witch, so what happens is these guys pilfer the clothes and things that the ponies earlier hid around town to "prank Rarity". They remarked how old and tattered they were, one of them spoke for no specific reason in a third person narrative, "Our protagonists stumble upon the first pieces of their quest, old tattered rags that belonged to the Witch who had lost her daughter to a young man, a man smitten by the sheer beauty of forbidden love!" I think it was the reindeer who spoke specifically only like this a lot of the time, the fox and raccoon gave him strange looks almost constantly, but they were friends so it was all good, right?

So things progress smoothly, they found the clothes and then the narrative reindeer plush almost creepily guides them along with his deeply profound and insightful random commentary, I don't recall all of it, but it was cool/strange things like, "The party would know if the legend would hold true, for the love of a maiden virgin was as if pressure pushed down on your foot upon gazing of that eldritch eye she possessed, your heart feeling as if it ran like a cheetah, your body swung in a centrifuge, love... love for the very first time!" So they had to arrange the clothes under a bed for some reason in a specific fashion, this happened and Princess Peach popped out from under the bed, telling our young heroes that it was Peachy, but then a mysterious note was given over from her. "You best stay away from my daughter! she don't need no man stealing her heart! you will endure the curse of a 1000 generations! and the imprisonment of your soul!"

Undeterred they set to work on the next task, they gathered strange gems, from random homes because that's what you do! they had to be specifically those who were owned by rich aristocrats in love or something, so these fabulous gems™ were arranged on the fabrics, this caused a boo to appear and he ate the raccoon plush, the fox plush went off to save him as the reindeer plush just stood there and made his commentary, it was something like, "Ah, another sign that the deeds our heroes accomplished confirmed their suspicions, more traps laid by the Witch!" The fox meanwhile said, "Cut that trash and help me!" as he dangled along by the 'coon's footpaws, luckily though, reindeer fellow was a pro ghostbuster among other things, so we had a montage! where he kicked that boo's butt and they took home a crown to put onto the gems and dress pieces and other stuff.

But the best part is about to come... the ending! also may I also add for no specific reason most of the dream took place at night? and the city was like a mix of Equestria and 1920's New York? for no reason there was like a bit of super populated downtown that was just black and white with poor image quality.

Alrighty, you remember how this all began with a prank right? this took place over a few days in my dream apparently or something along that line, the Mane Six ponies were searching around town as these guys do their eldritch summoning of an old beautiful maiden, these blokes get set underway with special candles and other occult-styled items and whatnot, and begin their dark ritual, or maybe it wasn't dark, but it was hard to see because it was! "The last step along the rock path over the pond was about to be taken, the crossing of the pond of toil and adventure, but this was about to change their lives forever..." The weren't very reassured by how he made it sound, unwittingly the spirit of the Witch's daughter was being drawn by the powerful, swirling energies of raw magic, and after a moment she came to them all ghostly and glowy. "Ah... my heartache eases upon finding you once more, my love... I have missed you dearly." The reindeer looked enchantingly as he spoke, "The missing partner this maiden sought, the pangs of hunger for a rekindled purpose, a light... it was all finally being healed. The reindeer gazed upon the untouched, raw beauty of the Witch's daughter, they were lost soulmates finally reunited."

His friends were being jealous and saying about how they wanted to be her mate, and they all began to fight, the Mane Six busts in and Rarity was just FURIOUS! in the midst of the chaos the Witch also angrily breaks down the wall and sounds like a very upset Godzilla, her left eye glowed like an endless, starry void. "Strange interlopers descend down on our heroes as they fought, no doubt drawn too, by the strange ma-hrrrk!" The reindeer was picked up by an angry Rarity, she basically was like, "No I wasn't! it was SOMEPONY who pulled an insidious prank and lost my beautiful clothes!" or something like that. So what happened? well basically in anger, Rarity throws the reindeer, and then the fox and raccoon through the portal, unfortunately this makes the portal like some SUPER SUCKING VACUUM! so then the ponies are sucked through, and the maiden, and the Witch!

So the portal destabilizes for reasons possibly related to plot-relevance, maybe too much magic, who knows, it breaks anyway like a glass pane, and then the pieces reassemble into... *DRAMATIC FANFARE!* PRINCESS HOTCAKES! no really, apparently combining forbidden love, with the power of muppets, ponies, and a super powerful witch and her daughter = Pony Toast. The more you know!

There you have it, some more Trask brand randomness that I just had to share ASAP, up there with one of the strangest dreams as of late, I'll add more later. [:P
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: PrincessHotcakes on May 02, 2019, 11:33:22 AM
Something about a supernatural force that was devouring an old hotel we were staying at for a family reunion. Except then it wasn't family, but then a few adventurous kids who were trying to solve the mystery of what was happening.

So they race down to the basement, find out it's flooding, and this is somehow supposed to signify the entity slowly eating the house. Except the kids and then myself (as the dream switches back to 1st person) have to struggle to escape and not drown. We climb support pillars trying to stay above the water.

Then somehow we magically realize the evil is coming from this spot in the middle of the ocean? Naturally this prompts me to whip out my radio I suddenly have and call for a nuclear strike against that location.

We (myself and now a bunch of investigators and weirdly my dad who is just tagging along) fly out in a helicopter to survey the ocean blast zone (??) but we get shot down by rockets and land on an island occupied by gangsters and ninjas.

I let the others engage in a fight with the locals while I'm busy trying to find... something important? on my phone.  Then a tiger shows up and I start running, Ina cave, through corridors, until I find a vet shop and then grab a tranquilizer gun to shoot the pursuing feline.  And that's when I wake up.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: PinkPrincessDestiny on February 28, 2022, 08:23:23 PM
So, uhh, was told this thread existed, wheee

as someone who doesnt sleep all that well I have maybe one or two different dreams a night and one of last nights dreams is worthy of being put in this threat though I cant remember all the details of it

From what I remembered Hotcakes was there doing Shenanigans of her sorts, but with a sorta girlification Midas touch where every time she touched someone or somthing, it just suddenly poofed, Girly. so She starts goin on a Rampage making everything Girly, and eventually it hits the news as an Epidemic sweeping the globe as a break neck speed, before the new cast is taken offline by said Midas touch,

I cant remember how exactly the dream ended or, Why this dream even came to be, I just blame Hotcakes. lol
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: PrincessHotcakes on March 12, 2022, 02:05:16 PM
I had one where I clean cut the top three inches of my skull off, brain included, and was washing it all with soap while looking at it all in the mirror and then wondering how I was still mentally able to process everything, found that I could, tried to slide the top of my skull and my brain back on and even though there was all this soap and water mixed in and I was worried if it might interfere with my thinking at all.  It wouldn't stick quite on firmly and I wondered if I'd have to get some superglue to make sure it all fit.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Cody The Werewolf on April 12, 2022, 03:56:03 PM
I too have strange dreams, where should I start?

1. I have one where I was in my city except it's in darkness, it's hard to see things, later, I stumbled upon a marble run contraption thing, all the marbles would end up bouncing off into the seaside and into the water (not too deep though), I have to dive to get them back into the contraption.

2. In this one, i was in a theater playing a boring indiana jones ripoff movie, I then walked out of the theater and into a park & into a quaint old house, inside was like a labyrinth of rooms, some in darkness (kinda like that one strange online tour where there's like a warehouse within someone's house).

3. I was driving on the road to somewhere where I catch a glimpse of a tower (similar to the gray fox's), later I was in a dentist waiting room of sorts, outside the window at night time I spotted what appears to be ruins closed off from my neighbourhood, on the left side of the ruins is pure nothingness, just a giant dark chasm leading to nowhere.

4. I was in a playground at night in the middle of nowhere, I can see in the distance just buildings illuminated by light pollution, I swear there was a square-shaped hole on the floor.

5. Disneyland paris (western somehow), with Phantom Manor located far outside the park, between these locations is a long, long parking lot set in the middle of the ocean.

6.  this one was, I think, two days ago. I was in a train station, something happened, I can't remember, there was a elderly man on the tracks below, then came Mephial (an anthromorphic shark with red & blue stripes & wearing a wetsuit, character belongs to Master Mastel, came from a story where the dragon becomes her after wearing the wetsuit & then into a mershark), she was reaching out her webbed hand to save that poor man from being hit, my perspective shifting from myself onto her's, now the one saving him. Luckily, the man was saved, I then gained back my perspective and i was picking up trash in the tracks (presumably from other people).

I also rarely lucid dream, here are a few instances:

There's one where i tried to summon characters to accompany me on a night walk (including Cody & Virmir), they didn't get along I think...

In another, I tried to grow and gain myself some gills & flippers to swim underwater (it worked somehow?).

In the last one, I was trying to summon a plush version of Cody the werewolf, came out a lot like Freddy Fazbear's.

Dreams really are strange indeed, like wandering in between dimensions & worlds.
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Jake on May 25, 2022, 05:11:32 AM
My favourite weird dream is when Pokémon go only just got big.
In the dream. I wake up as a pikachu and I had to go to school as a pikachu but nobody noticed because they was too busy playing Pokémon go
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Post by: flacoalex on June 14, 2022, 11:12:36 AM
I had we wired dream about that i was being a test subject and using me for a cure for world hugger
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Post by: Cody The Werewolf on July 30, 2022, 10:09:36 AM
One or two weeks ago, I have yet another dream where I was watching an film adaptation of Rainburn which kinda suprised me except instead of the main characters breaking into the Quetz's castle to get Brand's wings back, the trio are going through a strange dark abandoned mall storage corridor(?) in first person (example shown below).

I don't remember what happens next but I will be suprised if Rainburn gets an animated film adaptation for real if possible (not the one with that storage corridor liminal space seen in my dream).
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Terrev on October 04, 2022, 03:21:50 PM
Slightly edited chat logs cause I'm too lazy to retype it:

Terrev — Today at 11:28 AM
Had a dream that Virmir was working on a new big comic like Crimson Flag or Rain Burn except he was taking inspiration from early Homestuck and letting readers make choices and have input
So like 10 people reading the comic were given the chance to "make a wish" for someone or something and those all became comic characters
Except for the ones who, after drawing them, Virmir immediately crossed out and wrote "no" underneath, who were never seen again
But you had everything from weird abominations of living objects to licensed characters in the comic and then Virmir was like "I'm gonna make Homestuck style animations for this too"
Then he had something happen where all the characters/things submitted by readers got merged together into one character of his own design so it's like it never happened
@Parade Balloon Princess
Parade Balloon Princess — Today at 2:25 PM
You should put that on the Weird Dreams thread on his forum
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Cody The Werewolf on October 05, 2022, 09:11:59 AM
Wow, I really want to see that
Title: Re: Weird Dreams
Post by: Virmir on November 29, 2022, 08:51:46 PM
I dreamt I transformed into Princess Twilight Sparkle again.

Had a pretty vivid scene of running down a street with other ponies towards some sort of magical crisis.

Then for some reason I needed to body-swap with Princess Luna.

Then I had to explain to Princess Celestia that I was not in fact her sister, but actually Twilight, and we just body swapped, because this was just a thing we did, apparently.