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Art Gallery / Bubble Trouble.. Again?
« on: October 10, 2019, 08:11:04 AM »
So I MAAAAYY or may not have slipped a little bit of Ultra Fizz in some drink... he seems okay with this, right~?

(If image quality is bad I uploaded this from mobile so that might be why oop-)

Game Room / Remakes.
« on: October 05, 2019, 02:27:58 PM »
Remake- Verb. Make (something) again or differently.
Game remakes are becoming very popular nowadays since old games are, well, becoming practically obsolete, almost.

As a result... I've kind of become curious to see what your thoughts are on when it comes to:
-Games that have remakes, and how bad/good they were
-Games that should/shouldn't be remade, and if so, why?

I'm going to put in my own two cents on this.
Megaman X3
This was the first remade game that really popped out at me. Why? Because it actually DID have a remake- more of a port if anything, but it does fit under the definition. I would say it should've stayed a SNES only game, but the PS1 was how Capcom managed to get X4, X5, and the horrible pile that is X6 onto there.
It, in all honesty, was a decent..ish.. remake. The soundtrack is good in some cases, but I highly prefer me some sweet, sweet SNES Overdrive Guitar. At least they made Neon Tiger not suck.
Final Fantasy 4
Final Fantasy 4 is, in all honesty, one of the best Final Fantasies before it fell to bits. The plot was intriguing, the characters were decently written, there was actually fun gameplay, and the music was killer. When FF4 Advance came out for the GBA, it improved on the music HIGHLY, and even with the new Lunar Ruins content, the game was vastly improved because there was more postgame that players could attempt to clear.
And then After Years came out. After Years was a REALLY good continuation of the plot, and the moon phase system made it so you had to plan when you fought certain enemies. The Band system made you experiment which party members felt were the best for you. However, my only main problem with THAT was the difficulty curve. In The Hooded Man, orKain's tale, Mist Cliff was basically almost impossible if you weren't a high enough level. Even around level 26 I was still having trouble!
And then Complete Collection came out alongside Interlude, which.. was basically pointless, really. But CC added a few extra things to After Years, so that was cool.
Megaman X7
Despite how bad this game's reception was, I do feel like it deserves a remake. The new characters were okay, and I honestly REALLY liked the 3D aspect! They messed it up, though. Kind of. And the lock-on... that was pointless. It took all the challenge out of aiming your shots
Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded
As good as this game is, I really don't think it needs a remake. Sure, it was made when the DS was on its last legs, but it was probably the best thing- personally- that it pushed out. For the most part, anyway.
Although at the same time, I'm really salty over how the plot went down.. and how they basically made Sora's Heartless essentially one of the worst shoehorned bosses. Ever. Sure, Data Roxas was the same way, but he at least had some sort of DEVELOPMENT to him throughout the final world. I hate how people say Sora's Heartless is supposed to be the true final boss. HE'S NOT. Sure, it fixed the bugs, but it never wrapped up the story. Data Sora never went to Namine about everything, and nothing was solved.

Sonic Advance 2
This is one of the worst Sonic games in the series, bar none. This is, personally, even worse than 06. Sure, 06 was very flawed and had a horrible of bugs, but at least in that game you could REACT to what you were doing. In Advance 2, the game focuses on nothing but speed and it is SO annoying, especially when you get to Sky Canyon, one of the WORST stages in the entire game. And Cream just breaks an already poor game. SA3 and SA1 deserve to be remade more over this flaming pile of absolute garbage.

What do you guys think? Let me know!

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