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Random Topics / FHL CF Player Status: Season 6 First Quarter
« on: November 25, 2017, 10:30:07 PM »
Hey all,

As I mentioned in chat, I figured it would be cool to post updates on how forum members who have skaters in the league are doing, so he's a First Quarter Update as the season reaches game night 10!

William Swiftfoot(LEX): 4 Goals, 5 Assists, 2 Game Stars
Selden(BAL): 6 Goals, 2 Assists, 5 Game Night Stars
Dmitriy Fedorov(BAL): 2 Goals, 4 Assists, 3 Game Stars
Tech(BAL): 3 Goals, 3 Assists, +2, 2 Game Stars
Trask Kyuro(ERE): 4 Goals, 2 Assists, 4 Game Stars
Pheagle Adler(TBP): 4 Goals, 5 Assists, 6 Game Stars
Billy Mays(SEA): 1 Goal, 7 Assists, 2 Game Stars
Talcott(SEA): 1 Goal, 2 Assists, 2 Game Stars
Caleb Lloyd(OMA): 8 Goals, 2 Assists, 5 Game Stars
Ezekiel Moon(OMA): 3-1-1, 3.59 GAA, .906 SV%

With that, good luck to everyone in the season, and may the pucks go in your favor(except agianst the Herons XP)

Hey all,

Caleb was talking about wanting to do another big pick, and well in talking I came up with an idea of a pic I've been wanting to do: A regular afternoon at William Store. While I don't have exact ideas I could see people doing things like:

-Checking the various drink wares
-Talking to Kenku about purchases
-Chatting with others over a light snack
-Trying a sample(and getting transformed!)
-Chatting after some drinks (and having been transformed!)
-Accidentally knocking over a potion(and being transformed!)
-Just reacting to a transformation!
-Working the floor(and possibly transformed...this area though is limited to a couple people who are in world working in the store)

So yah, a lot of good possibilities. Also my full drink menu is available for use! I can link it if anyone needs it.

Caleb's pricing btw is $10/hr, though he said it would probably equal out to $25/person. I can cover the diff, but I will likely be unable to cover a person's slot as I likely am already committed to one.

So yeah, anyone interested?

Game Room / Friend Armello Round?
« on: January 01, 2017, 08:25:21 PM »
Hey all,

So I was derping through steam and the CF group and saw that there are several players with Armello. So I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a friends game sometime?


Writer's Guild / Random Notes on Kenku's Worldscape
« on: January 20, 2016, 08:33:00 PM »
So, I decided to try to write up some notes on the Worldscape Kenku lives in, and some stuff about him, just in case I decided to worldbuild later. To make it easy to organize, I am linking all the entries here. Any questions and comments are welcome on the Worldscape.

Kenku's Worldscape - Magic:

Kenku's Worldscape - Governmental Structure:

Kenku's Shop, Lab and House:

Random Topics / FHL: Teams for the CF Players
« on: August 24, 2014, 12:29:08 AM »
Hey All! As noted, and as to give a little bit of status on the Crimson Flaggers in the Furry Hockey League, here are the Crimson Flag Players for Season 4 and where they are playing!

Baltimore: Kenku(GM), Selden, Dmitriy
Omaha: Lyah, Caleb, Ezekiel Moon
Lexington: Tech
Salt Lake City: Kenku(Player)
Thunder Bay: Trask
Saskatoon(Formerly Helena): Ty Vulpintaur

Random Topics / Attention all FHL CFers! Plz read!
« on: June 10, 2014, 07:31:05 PM »
Heyo to the Crimson Flag Fuzzy's that are part of the Furry Hockey League! This is Kenku, Commissioner, GM, and nutty head, leaving you a post to let you know that as it is now offseason, you guys have EXP to spend to improve yourselves in the coming season.

How much EXP you have can be found here by searching by your name:

As for spending it, you can do it in one or two ways:

a) Increasing base stats through growth points(500 XP for the first 4, 1000 XP there after)
b) Buying perks for various functions as listed here:

Here is a player sheet listing for looking over what your stats are for improving:

So ya, people spend dem EXP. If anyone has questions just poke me here or on chat, and Ill do what I can to help out.

If you know how you want to spend your EXP note me or the FHL with it and we will update as soon as we can.

Writer's Guild / A Magnificently Piedful Change
« on: June 28, 2013, 09:38:57 PM »
A couple months ago, me and Pineapple decided to do a story-art trade, and after some writing, proofing and editing, here we are.


A Magnificently Piedful Change
        A Chill wind blew as Jay walked down the street, beginning his short jaunt home from work. Work had been as rushed as usual, and right now on his mind was a want to get home and relax a bit. The day has been mostly quiet, with customers going in and out and buying stuff they needed. All in all it had been a good day, but still his mind wandered into what was up with that one customer that got on his case, and why he had yelled at him over one little hole.
         Lost in such thoughts, Jay didn't see the weakness in the pavement in front of him, and with a sudden "CRACK" the pavement broke out from under him, and with a sudden "AUGH!" he fell forward into the rapidly growing sink hole. As he fell, he watched the light of the sky grow dim and slip away above him, before it was slowly replaced by a similar light from below. Slowly that light enveloped him, and he felt his fall start to slow, and the area around him began to fade into a strange looking landscape.

   Landing softly onto the new ground, Jay looked about rather confused. While the landscape was still much like the urban setting he had left, it just looked strange. Where simple brick and shingle town houses lined the street before, the town houses now were made of various colored materials. He also noticed where the road was simple and flat, now and it swerved along the newly rock laden hills that seemed to cut through the city.

   Getting up, Jay looked about for somewhere he could ask for help.  He found  himself standing in front of a large store with a brightly lit sign. The sign read: "William's Wonder Drinks Sodas, drinks, and teas for the unusual sort." As it looked populated and was the only noticeable building in sight, he headed inside.

   What he found inside the store was curiously strange. For a place he presumed would be some sort of convenience store or fast food, he instead found something that looked much stranger. Lining the walls are two long wooden shelves with various flasks that read things like "Lizard's tail" and "Cow Farts" and soda cans with labels like "Volp!" and "White Hare Cola!". The store itself looked like a mix of fantastical and modern, with hard wood floors and old style shelves, and computerized register at the desk. He saw no one standing there at first,   Then a moment later a fur covered head pop up from behind the desk.

   "Hello there" The creature said as he noticed Jay, who looked shocked. Than asked “May I help you?" In front of him now stood a fox the height of a small human, its face covered in furs of grey, orange and brown.  It seemed to be very humanly dressed, as it stood there in a shirt and sash, and a frilly hat. The fox looked at Jay waiting with an answer with a curious smile.

   "Yes...Um..." Jay said as he tried to compose himself. "Where are we?"

   "Where are we?" The fox repeated confused before coming to a proper realization. "Oh, so you're not from Aquos are you?" The fox asked.

   "Aquos?" Jay asks even more confused.

   "Why yes, from the look on your face, your very much not from his world. Must have fallen through one of the rifts the portals caused." He said. "Well, let me be the first to welcome you to our little planet of mystery." the fox said with a smile.

   "Uh, thank you..." Jay replied, a look of deep confusion on his face.

   "I'm guessing from your look, you're trying to get home."

   "Yeah pretty much." Jay said in reply.

   "Alrighty." The fox then returned. "I can help you there, but first..." he said before diving under the desk. "Would you like a free soda?" He held a black and white colored can in his hand. The can read "Magnificent Cherry Pie."

   "It's a new product I plan to put out soon, and was looking for someone to take a taste test for it. You interested?" He asked with a smile.

   Jay looked at the can curiously. On the side where the title of the soda is, he saw a silhouette of a bird, enjoying a slice of pie. Feeling rather thirsty, he looked to the fox. "I guess I'll try it." He responded before being given the can by the fox. As he drank the soda, the fox begins to explain what's needed to do to use the portal to get back to his home realm, to which he nodded slowly. The soda was rather delicious, tasting like he had been eating a slice of cherry pie. The soda also had a strange tingling to it, but for the most part he let it go.

   Upon finishing it, he began to grimace as his body suddenly felt like it was being prickled all over, as if he was being poked with hundreds of tiny sticks. The prickling went on for a minute or so, before it slowly flowed away. Shaking his head, Jay felt strange, as it felt as if there is a strange buffer between his clothes and his skin. Opening his eyes, he looked over himself and his expression changed from curious to confused surprise. All along his arms, he now saw feathers of blue, black and white, as his hands look like they have been dipped in black paint.

   The fox stopped as he saw Jay's look of scared surprise. "Oh, I see its starting to take effect." He said with a sly grin. As he did, there was the sound of cracking, and Jays feet came out from under him. The fall caused him to hit the counter, making it rattle and shake and causing a small bottle to roll off of it. The fox tried to stop it from falling to the floor, but he was only able to let out an "EEEP!" as it exploded in a flash of light, and the fox suddenly disappeared.

   Meanwhile, a confused Jay looked toward his feet, and could see that his feet had been warped into thick bird like talons with sharp claws, and with some sudden cracking, his hands prickled and began to follow suit, as his palms thickened to became leathery in texture, and his nails became short claws.  In short time and with a slight fusing, the shift ended, leaving him hands with a more avian look.

   Getting up after a bit of struggling, he began looking over himself, a look of confusion and amazement on his face, as he looked at the sort of avian like amalgulation of human he looked like right now. Before he can really react to it , a sharp pain shot through his back, as with a loud "RRRRRIIIIPPPP" his shirt is shredded away. From where it ripped, two bony limbs flow out of his shoulders and quickly fill in with several layers of black and shimmering blue feathers, suited  for flight.

   The wings finished, the shifting begins to affect his face. Jay's jaw clinched as it and the skin of his mouth begin to push forward, and form a dark colored beak, his eyes and other facial feathers adjusting as if being moved by clay, before the changes stop and complete.

   Confused and flustered, he looks at himself. "What the heck happened to me?" He muttered.

   "The soda turned you into a Magpie" Jay heard from behind the counter, as with a bit of struggle, he watched as a little grey fox climbed up onto top of it. "My sodas tend to do that."

   Jay raised an eye as he saw the little feral fox that had replace the more human one from before. "What happened to you?" He asked.

   "Oh , this? Just a Feralization Potion I forgot to put away. Nothing I can't adjust later. So what do you think of my soda?"

    "Well" Jay said as he looked over himself, beginning to admire his new look. "I have to say it's pretty cool." He replied with his best bird smile.

   "Ah good then!" the Fox says. "You can stay that way as long as you like. If you need room and board by the way, I do have a couple beds in the back. By the way, William is the name, although most people call me Kenku." he says, putting a paw out.

   "Nice to meet you." Jay replied before shaking his paw. This was the beginning of a long   conversation about Aquos, and what might be a couple adventurous days.

Game Room / Looking for People for LoL Twisted Treeline team
« on: December 02, 2012, 09:35:42 PM »
Hey People,

This is Kenku, and well...Im looking for people to build a ranked Twisted Treeline team, or maybe to at least buddy up with on games. Basically I'm getting tired of having teams where 1 if not both of my team mates are going carries, and leaving me stuck in a tanky role, and was hoping to maybe get people to tag team up with.

If anyone is interested, gimme a buzz here, or at WilliamSwiftfoot on Lol

Random Topics / I need a fighter!
« on: July 29, 2012, 07:43:13 PM »
Hey People,

As you may have known I have been participating in a battle comic called "Open Battle", seen here:, and in doing so I put some money down for this battle.

Well, as part of the rules of the battle, the top two payers become the next competitors in the next battle comic. However, a competitor can't fight twice.

This is what I need help with. Currently I am looking for a backup fighter to sponsor for the next battle. Would anyone be interested in being that fighter? Do note that your opponent for next battle will be foxgamer.

Game Room / World of Tanks Tank Company Event?
« on: July 12, 2012, 02:28:03 PM »
Theres been so much discussion of World of Tanks and of play in them over the past couple days that I was wondering if people would be interested in setting up an Event in which the group as a whole joined the game together as a Tank Company for a few rounds.

The group would probably be either Junior or Medium in company build(depending on who comes and what tanks are available.), and would probably have to happen on a would anyone be interested in trying to doing it?

(Tank Company info for who needs it:

Random Topics / Cheer Me On!
« on: June 27, 2012, 06:44:30 PM »
Well I figured Id post this, and see what happens.

Due to being the sole donator currently in the open battle comic ( I will be fighting in the next round!

However, I need you guys help! If I'm going to win this battle, Im going to need comments each page cheering me on! If people could do that cool and thank you, and hopefully I'll win :).

So yea, cmon and cheer me on!

Role Play Theater / Arena Grandstand
« on: June 11, 2012, 02:04:32 PM »
Out in the grandstand, there are several spectators listening to the fights. Among them there is also calls for drinks, food, remedies, and potions.

Writer's Guild / A Rooish Tune
« on: June 08, 2012, 07:28:56 PM »
This is a trade story done with Cyander of FA, who had requested a Kangaroo TF, and I ran with

Thanks goes out to Fax for help editing :)

A Rooish Tune.

   Kevin wiped his brow as he returned home. It had been a balmy day outside, and having to work out in the heavy humidity tending plants didn't do much to keep him cool. Working for a vegetable farmer was a cool job for him, but it didn't stop him from feeling tired from the heat wave. This didn't stop him from having a bit of a bounce in his step when he came home, as he knew his latest paycheck waited for him, and with it air conditioning and cool drinks with that.

   The bounce in his step did last long, as he stopped and looked at the door curiously. In front of him was a rather large box. Stepping up to it, Kevin looked at the label and smiled. It was addressed from his Uncle Clark, who had decided to go on a trip around the world a year ago, and being that he had been on good terms with him before he left, was known to send him little gifts from the countries he visited. The size of this gift however was rather unusual, and made Kevin ever curious of what was inside. Unlocking the door, he brought the box in and set it on the floor.

   Getting a crowbar, Kevin popped the box open and looked inside to find a very large musical instrument. Laying in a pile of packaging peanuts was a very long horn. Almost a meter and a half in length and twisting as it expanded in diameter from one end to another, the horn had an almost wild feel to it.

   Kevin picked up the horn to inspect it, and as he did a small slip of paper slid out and fell on the floor. Picking the paper up he slowly read it:

   “Dear Nephew,

           I hope everything is going well for you in the states, both at work and at home. My journey
   around the world has landed me in Australia, and while I was journeying through the outback,
   I came upon this spectacular find, a Didgeridoo, an musical instrument of the native people of the land.         It is a spectacular find if I may say so myself, and is fun to play. Remembering how fond you are of       wind instruments, I decided to send it to you. Instructions to play it are on the back.”

   with much love,
   Your Uncle Clark”

   With a smile, Kevin turned the paper over and began reading the back. Reading the instructions and bringing the horn towards his lips, he attempted to blow out a low drone. The resulting blow, sounded nothing more like someone blowing air through a tube. Grumbling, Kevin looked back at the paper and read it again. Setting his mouth loosely against the end of the horn, he blew out the low drone that it needed to play, and holds the note for a minute or so.

   Happy with his accomplishment, he looked back at the paper, and checked over the music selection. His brow raised a little as he read the tunes, with names such as “The Dingo Howl” and the “Kangaroo Hop”. Intrigued by this, Kevin started attempting to play the “Kangaroo Hop”.

   The first attempts at playing it came out horrible. Not only did he feel like he was playing at the wrong key, his rhythm was all over the place. Sighing, he attempted to play it again, but still couldn't play the bounce of the song. Grumbling he turning back to the paper and read how to do it again, before pressing his leaps up to the edge of the horn and try it.

   With slow movements along the horn he started the song, and was able to play the first bounce, when he suddenly sneezed. Bumping his nose against the end of the Didgeridoo, Kevin grimaced, and began to rub the bridge of his nose, when something felt odd. Moving his hand over his nose, it felt thicker and if it had a strange fuzz over it.

   Confusion slowly changed to a feeling of uneasiness, as Kevin started to hear a familiar sound, a sound much like that would come out of his Didgeridoo. The noise followed the familiar drone, with sudden periods of spring like bounces of rhythm to it. Thinking that the instrument has some sort of prerecorded song player within it, he was about to look inside, when he jammed his nose against the end of it. Shaking his head, his expression changed to shock, as he realized his face had grown outward into a long thin snout with a thick leathery nose.

   This must be some sort of strange dream...Kevin thought, before he grimaced in pain. His skin began to tear and grow anew as his ears ballooned in size, the droning song increasing in pitch and volume as they did. Shaking his head, he felt his ears and have found that they had grown long and elliptical. This really must be a dream...he though to himself, as he began to curiously touch his new ears. The small furs felt sensitive to the touch, and he could tell his hearing had amplified, as his fingers made a slight thumping sound. The curiosity with his ears got the best of him although, as with a sudden pop and snap hes legs warp out from under him and he falls face first into the floor.

   “OWWWW....” Kevin says as he grimaced and holds a hand to his face. As he does he realizes his hands had begun to warp as well, as his hands now had four fingered claws. “Or maybe this isn't...” he said as he looked down at his feet a little horrified, finding them having stretched out to almost 3 times in length and twice in size, with three large toes on each foot.  His lower body began to adjust to the change in center of balance and it was adjusted even more, as with a painful yell he felt his tailbone stretching, and a large bump form from the leading edge of what remained of his pants. The bump rapidly grew outward until he had a long and broad tail. As the tail finished forming, his upper body was slowly covered in a course fur, much like that of his ears, and his body became more triangular, to better fit the shape of his changed base. With the changing of his lower half completed, the music fell still, and Kevin could see that he had been turned into a kangaroo.

   Slowly getting up, Kevin looked around confused at what happened, before something on the  letter caught his eye, before they grew wide as he read it:

   “PS. I found out the hard way that the horn has a strange sort of magic to it, that causes the player to change into the animal be be careful playing those sort of songs. There is a human song on the sheet although.”

   Having read that, Kevin puts a hand to his face. He knew his Uncle had been eccentric, but how he wished his Uncle had been more clear. Turning the paper over he looked over the song, and set the Didgeridoo back up to play. Unfortunately, it was a lot harder to play the horn with his new muzzle, with it being a stuggle to lay his mouth flat agianst it. Discourgaged by this, he sighed, but decided its better to struggle, and began to attempt to play, knowing that while it is fun to be a kangaroo, he cannot stay, as such a life would be a hard one to live in this world.

Random Topics / Height comparison
« on: June 05, 2012, 11:13:33 PM »
I figured I may as well post this so its easier to garner. What is everyone's character heights?

150'(47.8m) Ty Vulpintaur(On Average)
15'(450cm)  Zaithriel(Dragon Form), Kyle(Luminari)
8' (244cm) from forepaws to shoulders BlueDragon/Kouryuu
7' 2" (218cm) Airking (With ears)
6' 10" (208cm) Ash
6' 7"(201cm) Geary
6' 6"(198cm) Airking(Not counting ears)
6' 5"(196cm) Tvorsk, Meatbag/Francis
6' 4"(193cm) Fen
6' 2"(188cm) DigitalPotato, Hunter
6' 1"(185cm) Foxgamer
6'(182cm) Pontos, Tallyn(Anthro), Emperor DJ, Chase Renard, Mira
5' 11"(180cm) Jay
5' 10 3/4"(~180 cm) Ezekiel Moon
5' 10" (178 cm) Shadow, Huffzie(Morning), Howler(When tall)
5' 9"(175cm) Creator_Unreal, Huffzie(Evening)
5' 8"(173cm) Zavier, Digital Vulpine
5' 7"(170cm) Kenku, Nel'zios, Zaithriel(Human Form)
5' 6"(168cm) Mathgrant, Juubi, Kyle(Fox)
5' 5"(165cm) Kai
5' 4" (163cm) Cecilia, Kyle(Crux)
5' 2"(158cm) Plazmastorm
5' 1"(155cm) Kira
5'(152cm) Flufy, Starfurydog(Usually)
4' 11"(150cm) CZM
4' 9" (145cm) Kyla
4' 8"(142cm) Selden, Nik
4' 7"(140cm) Howler(When Short)
4' 6"(138cm) Aleph(Wolf Form), Trubbol
4' 2"(127cm) Darrath
4'(122cm) Arro
3' 9"(114 Caprice, Talcott
3' 8"(112cm) Regret
3' 6"(107cm) Virmir, Trask
3' 4.5" (102.87cm) Wolfe
3' 3.375" (100 cm) Risu
3'(91cm) Tech, Frosted Lights, Kyle(Kobold)
2' 6"(76cm) Medik,
2' 4"(71cm) PineappleofScience, Donnie
2' 1"(65cm) Sebastos
2' (61cm) Dmitriy Fox
1' 11"(58cm) Lt. Fennec
1' 10"(56cm) Draykin
1' 4"(43cm) Jonas
1' 2"(37cm) Keldor
3" (8cm) James

Random Topics / Wanted: Soda Volunteers
« on: April 27, 2012, 11:13:36 PM »
Hey People,

After a bit of stumbiling at a stream I think its time I make a potential "backup volunteer" list. Basically, if a person wants in on a possible later on Soda TF pic, just post a ref, and a soda, and maybe later on youll see yourself in the sillyness. Priority of course will go to thoes that haven't gotten one yet, but you never know.

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