Author Topic: Commissions Opening November 3rd 7PM - 10th 2023  (Read 4648 times)


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on: October 02, 2023, 03:19:39 PM
This is advance notification that I will be opening commissions on Friday, November 3rd at approximately 7PM US Central Time and will be closing on Friday, November 10th at approximately 7PM US Central Time

I'll be taking a big batch just like last time!

  • Feel free to apply for as many commissions as you like during this period.
  • No decisions on which commissions I will be taking will be made during the application period. This is not first-come-first-serve, so no need to rush.
  • Sometime between Saturday, November 11th and Monday, November 13th, I will contact you to let you know if I will be taking your commission or not. Cost and scheduling will be determined at this time if your commission has been selected.
  • I don't have a size limit set in stone for this batch, however practicality may limit which ideas I select (as well as how many large commission applications I get).
  • Large commissions will be scheduled after small commissions, so could feasibly get scheduled several months out (payment of course will not be due until the week before I begin work). The last time I opened for a full week and accepted any size commissions, I booked about eight months worth of work, so keep that timescale in mind!
  • Multiple people have asked about group commissions-- this would be the time to apply for those as well! (Since I don't officially have mention of group commissions on my page-- from my POV, these are just giant group pictures ordered and paid for by a single point of contact-- I don't do any of the organizing when it comes to a group commission.) I don't need full details in your application for these in the initial application-- just a general idea of what I'm drawing and how many characters you expect there to be. If accepted, we will agree on a date that gives you ample time to coordinate participants and collect payment.
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