Author Topic: Next commission opening is a year or more away  (Read 3515 times)


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on: September 04, 2022, 10:30:41 AM

Thank you for the (very many) commission inquiries!

At the time of posting I still have about two months of work left on the commission batch I took in February 2022, so I expect to be finishing those up by November 2022. After that, I will be starting the next Virmir-World story, which has a rough estimate of 90 pages. So at two pages per weekend, that project will take approximately 45 weeks. Since I work on Rain Burn during the week (Tues-Fri) and like to leave at least one free day (Monday), I won't be considering commissions until after the next Virmir-World story is complete. (This does not guarantee I will be opening commissions at that time-- it's the next time I'm available to start thinking about scheduling another project.)

Thanks for your interest!

[fox] Virmir