Author Topic: Commissions opening Feburary 19th-25th  (Read 3401 times)


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on: January 03, 2022, 02:51:13 PM
As I generally like to take a batch of commissions in between Virmir-World stories, the next batch is coming up soon! I will be taking a larger batch this time since the last story went on for quite a while.
  • Commission applications will open on Saturday, February 19th and close on Friday, February 25th.
  • Feel free to apply for as many commissions as you like during this period.
  • No decisions on which commissions I will be taking will be made during the application period. This is not first-come-first-serve, so no need to rush.
  • Sometime between Saturday, February 26th and Monday, February 28th, I will contact you to let you know if I will be taking your commission or not. Cost and scheduling will be determined at this time if your commission has been selected.
  • I don't have a size limit set in stone for this batch, however practicality may limit which ideas I select (as well as how many large commission applications I get).
  • Large commissions will be scheduled after small commissions, so could feasibly get scheduled a couple of months out (payment of course will not be due until the week before I begin work).
  • Multiple people have asked about group commissions-- this would be the time to apply for those as well! (Since I don't officially have mention of group commissions on my page-- from my POV, these are just giant group pictures ordered and paid for by a single point of contact-- I don't do any of the organizing when it comes to a group commission.) I don't need full details in your application for these in the initial application-- just a general idea of what I'm drawing and how many characters you expect there to be. If accepted, we will agree on a date that gives you ample time to coordinate participants and collect payment.

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