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on: June 12, 2019, 11:42:00 PM
Here is a story I've written for Caleb Lloyd, which involves muscle growth and fat furs. Enjoy!


Daren Crevan leaps up to the air with a force that caused the ground below him to shatter towards the gray-scaled dragon. The dragon shot out a jet of fire towards the anthropomorphic red fox, but Daren, with a swing of his Spiorad that was in the shape of a longsword, sliced it in half. The dragon’s eyes widened as Daren flew towards it and slammed his sword on his head, flat side.

The strike sent a shockwave with the nearby grass being blown away from the battle between fox and dragon, which had been happening for several long minutes, as Daren flung himself into the air up and behind the dragon’s tail. A few seconds passed, and the dragon collapsed onto the ground with a quake that was heard miles away, exhausted from the long battle. Daren looked back with a confident grin as his sword faded into a flame that flew into his chest.

“Well done, good sir.”

Daren looked at where the voice came from, and his sea blue eyes observed several brown-robed figures with all but one, their leader, with their hoods up, obscuring their heads. The one who wasn’t wearing her veil was a red cat with flowing red hair. She extended her hand, which Daren shook as she gave out a kind smile.

“It’s no problem at all,” Daren said as he gave a slight bow. “I even kept the dragon alive as you requested.”

“That is good,” the red cat said while letting go of Daren’s hand-paw and looked over the grey dragon. “This beast will make a fine creature for our sect’s research on heavier than air flight and trying to replicate it.”

“Very interesting,” Daren said as he followed the she-cat’s gaze. “Though I do fear that you won’t be able to contain him. At least, without seriously harming the creature.”

“Do not worry, our great warrior with flowers,” the cat responded, referring to Daren’s Hawaiian outer shirt. “Our sect had always made sure that the creatures we capture are safely secure and well kept. Then, when we’re done with them, we release them back into the wild far away from any town and city.”

“I sure hope so,” Daren said, observing her people’s tying up the dragon in steel chains. “That big boy gave me a bit of trouble.”

“Have faith in our ability to maintain the dragon as we had also maintained other similar, dangerous creatures,” the red cat said as she beckoned one of her monks to him who held a couple of wooden boxes. “But in any case, we shall reward you greatly as promised.”

The robed one first gave the anthro fox the larger of the two boxes that gave out a jangle when shook.

“500 gold pieces,” the she-cat said while Daren accepted the box and gave out a short bow. He turned around, but halfway through the turn, she continued: “Wait. There is one last gift we shall give to you.”

Daren blinked as he turned back with the robed monk giving the fox the smaller of the two boxes, which was the size of a big, fat fist. Daren’s left ear twitched as he lowered the chests and picked up the smaller one. His nimble fingers opened the chest, and his sea blue eyes met a bright pavilion-shaped jewel. His fingers then rubbed against the side of it, and his eyes widened more.

“How did you make this work of art?” Daren asked as he closed the box.

“I’m impressed that you can tell,” the cat said with a soft giggle. “With years of studying within our sect, we discovered a combination that, with the right mixture and amount of heat, makes something we can mold into our likings. That was just a prototype, but we hope to make more like it with far better use.”

“Thank you very much,” Daren said with a sincere tone while bowing low. “I know a friend who will love it and will especially love how you made it.”

Daren gave out another bow and walked away, not seeing the she-cat and her assistant bowing in return. His black paws walked through the silk-like grass as his big tail swayed in the cool breeze. The yellow sun shined in the sky, giving the area a warm feeling, which the red fox enjoyed since it was winter time in his own planet.

It was the second test with Project Oncoming Storm that allowed Daren to traveled to his world from another universe. The spaces between the universes were filled with almost impregnable darkness that prevented travel within the multiverse. The only way one could travel through was through a piercing light forcing open a path through the darkness. Fortunately, Daren’s group had one such light, Hope, and one that they could control to the degree that allows them to travel through with reasonable accuracy.

Of course, an unwise person would jump in without any way of coming back and, with the perhaps infinite size of the multiverse, it would be impossible to find that person if a path was open through a roulette. Alex, who was the leading creator of this system, did think of that and developed a tracking system that would allow him to track Daren even through another universe. Still, it wasn’t smooth on the first try on the network since Daren lost most of his clothes in that travel and landed in the middle of winter.

After walking for almost an hour, he entered an inn that he rented a room in for a week in advance as a place to rest after exploring and helping the people of this place. Daren walked up to the stairs, both chests in hand, and entered his room with not a sound. He placed the bigger of the two boxes on the table, filled with gold from a week of questing and helping. The red fox then put the smaller chest inside of a drawer and gave it a little pat before shutting it in. Then his fur gave out a cold-less shiver before he sat down in front of the table and begun the rest of the day counting the gold since he lost count yesterday.

Last day here on this world, Daren thought as his fingers picked up each gold piece and placed them inside of the chest, and I’ll be home.


An anthro fox, orange in fur color aside from his tannish torso, leaned back behind the inn with a knife hanging in the open on his waist-belt. His thin body, exposed through a free sleeveless coat, shows ribs underneath the fur. His stomach, flat and without a trace of muscle and fat, relaxed with his belt hanging loose while his kilt flapped against his skinny yet sturdy legs. His dark red eyes skimmed the nearby area as he flipped a gold coin with his fingers, his hands wearing fingerless gloves, which is an unusual feature for a foxy thief.

But then, Caleb always loves a challenge of not leaving behind any evidence of being there.

His brown ears twitched and, with his free hand, gripped against an open-air, which somehow emits a squeak from that action.

“How did you know I was there, Caleb?”

Caleb Lloyd gave out a sly smile. “You were sneaky, but not sneaky enough. Your steps can still be heard, and the grass below you bend against your feet, which looks like they were leaning themselves. For such a mouse like you, you still yet to master the ability to travel without any notice.

“But, in any case, tell me about the red fox you’ve been following for the last two days.”

“Um, from what I saw, I’ll say that you should abort trying to steal from him,” the invisible mouse answered. “That last mission he did he fought a dragon alone and managed to come on top without any serious harm to himself. He also displayed some magical abilities he can do and, from what I can see, that belt he wears allows him to carry a seemingly infinite number of items without any added weight. He’ll be a dangerous foe to fight against.”

Caleb’s smile turned into a smirk. “Sounds like a challenge to me. But enough about how tough that adventurer is. How much money does he get?”

“I cannot tell the exact amount, but in that last mission, he was given 500 gold pieces and something else that impressed him. Something that the sect created that he didn’t think they could’ve made.” The mouse paused. “You still intend to steal from him, aren’t you? I’m telling you that fox is too-”

“Ah, details, details,” Caleb said, putting his arm around the mouse shoulders. It looked odd since it looked like he was hanging out with an imaginary friend or was insane to an outsider. “I believe that I heard enough about him to come up with the perfect plan to steal from him tonight when he’s sleeping; even if he does wake up, the plan will negate any advantages that fox may have.”

“Oh? How so, if I may ask? Especially since, as I told you, he fought a drag-”

“It’s evident that the belt had an enchantment on it that allows the wearer to put the items in the form of compressed space,” Caleb said, ignoring the last sentence. “Useless for something to sell considering how common that is on items outside of the A on the belt. But, by removing it, I can remove pretty much removed most if not all weapons from his hands.

“But the real first thing I shall do is put this collar on him,” Caleb said as his hand entered his coat and pulled out an orange collar. “I brought this from a short fox mage. He assured me that it will suppress the wearer’s magic while wearing it.”

“OK, but what will prevent him-”

“-from taking it off?” Caleb finished for the mouse. “That’s the beauty of this collar. When it locks itself on, only magic can be able to unlock it. A foolproof way of making sure the collar stays on since they cannot use magic while wearing it and needing magic to unlock it.”

“Oh,” the mouse said. “But look at you. You haven’t stolen anything in a while now and, as a result, you’re super thin. One well-placed punch or kick will knock you out cold.”

“Don’t worry about me,” the orange fox said with a confident voice. “Especially since I brought my beefy sandwich for that mission. The one who will be giving that powerful punch or kick will be me.

“But, in any case,” Caleb flicked the coin in the air and watched it disappeared mid-air, “here is your payment. Thank you for your time. The diamond cupcake should last for another hour, so use it well.”

“Very well,” the invisible mouse said, pocketing the gold, with a tone that had given up. “Good luck. You’ll need it with that fox.”

“I’ll take my chances,” Caleb said as he let go of the invisible mouse and watched the grass before he bent against the mouse’s paws. From the spaces between the bent-up grass, the mouse had gone on a sprint.

The thief fox snickered under his breath when he felt that enough time had passed as he pulled out a couple of gold coins from between his hand-paw and glove. An effortless thing to do, despite the mouse being invisible, to pickpocketed him with his other hand.

Plus, Caleb noted as he looked at his once thin stomach, which had gained an extra inch of fat, it would make an attempt on stealing from the red fox more interesting.


The day passed on nighttime, with the sky showing a dark blue with shining stars in the air. Daren had collapsed into sleep while on the wooden chair when he had finished counting the gold pieces. While he doesn’t care about gaining money that much, a little extra doesn’t hurt for funding FOXWOOD. His mind felt numb when he finished counting them all to the level that the idea of slipping out of his clothes and flopping onto the soft bed felt so exhausting, let alone staying awake for an extra minute after counting the gold. The candle on the other drawer at the opposite of the bed burns down until the flame died a couple of hours after the red fox fell asleep.

Caleb saw the light faded away below him while tapping his paws, wearing boots as red as his gloves and exposed as much as his feet-paws. While an impatient thief would just jump in a couple of minutes after the light is gone, the orange fox knew that it would be too risky since the adventurer could still be alert. The minutes passed on since the light died until a half hour had passed when Caleb pulled out his hook with a rope attached to it and threw it up at the top of the three-story tavern’s roof. He gave it a quick tug before climbing the line like a quiet cat.

Once he got up to the second-floor window, he pulled out his knife and, pressing it between the window crack, managed to flick the lock open and threw the window open. His dark red eyes skimmed the room before he gave out a subtle smirk, seeing the red fox on the chair. Sure, him still wearing that belt would be extra tricky to take it off, depriving him of his tools, but it looked like a good challenge. Then, with silent paws, Caleb stepped into the room.

His eyes fell upon the chest on the table as he suppressed a snicker, seeing no lock on it. Did this adventurer think that no one would try to steal from him? The only reason why Caleb didn’t head towards the chest first and take all the gold within is because of his plan, which required him to put the orange collar on him.

Caleb tip-toed towards the sleeping fox as he pulled out the collar. The only real benefit of the adventurer fox sleeping on the chair instead of the bed, Caleb thought, was that it makes things easier to slip the collar on. Then, with silent ease, he wrapped the necklace around the red fox’s neck and heard a quiet click. Stage one complete. Now for step two.

Caleb’s eyes then skimmed down to the red fox’s waist and saw the belt on it with its golden A. He then gave out a grin as his hand touched the belt and slid it from the adventurer fox. The orange fox then slid it onto him, opposite of his own shoulder belt, as he gave out a grin.

Caleb’s excitement swelled within him, much more than stomach which had gained an extra inch of fat, as his paw touched the chest and opened it up. Caleb felt his eyes almost popped out from his skull when he saw just how much the red fox had in gold. He grinned wider as his hand reached out to its contents.

Daren felt disturbed for some reason as his brain got overwhelmed from how sore his body felt due to how awkward he slept on the chair. His hand-paw rose up and rubbed against his side due to instinct before a question flooded his mind due to not feeling something on him. Where was his belt?

His eyes shot open and, despite the darkness of the room, saw a figure standing beside him, who just opened the chest. His eyes fell upon the hand, the figure’s hand reaching out to the gold within, before he grabbed it with his left hand. Then, with a quick motion, he threw the thief against the other side of the room onto the floor.

“Bloody thief!” Daren said in an angry voice because he saw his own belt around the other fox’s shoulder and side. His hand then aimed at the thief, claws extended from his fingers, but nothing happened. He blinked before he realized that something was pressing against his neck. His hand then reached up to it and rubbed against the leather side, feeling a belt. “What is this thing?”

The thief below him, the light from the moon showing the orange fur on him, gave out a laugh. “A collar that suppressed your magic! Now you’re helpless!”

Daren’s eyes widened as he tugged at the collar, with it unyielding as a response. As he does so, the thief ahead of him raised up his knife and threw it at Daren. He ducked down with surprising reflexes as he gritted his teeth like a dog trying to break away from a tight leash. Then, with his left hand, he grabbed the wooden chair he was sleeping on and charged at the orange fox.

The fox ahead of Daren pulled out another knife from one of his many hidden pockets while grinning as he jabbed the blade through the seat of the chair. That proved to be a mistake since the red fox twisted the chair, breaking the thief’s grip on the knife in a quick, efficient manner. His dark red eyes widened as Daren raised up the chair and smashed it over the orange fox’s head, with it shattering to pieces and falling over his shoulder.

Caleb stumbled back, seeing dark splotches before his eyes for a second before he shook his head. He then raised his arm up, blocking the adventurer’s fist, and swung it away before giving out his own punch. His punch connected to the red fox’s stomach, knocking him back, his eyes determined. Even without his tools and magic, he’s still a tough foe, Caleb thought. His eyes then darted down to the ground and saw a steel gleam on the floor through the moon’s light.

“Urk,” Daren said under his breath, feeling the air within him got punched out as he stumbled back. His feet-paws stumbled back before standing firm and looking ahead. His sea blue eyes then saw the orange fox reaching down to the chair remains. Daren, realizing what the thief saw, swung his foot-paw up and connected at the forehead.

“Gah,” Caleb said as his paws flew off from under his feet and he swung back. His back then impacted the wooden floor below him, with it giving out a cracking sound. Despite the pain flowing through his head, his mind was clear. Caleb’s feet-paws, feeling the chair remains, kicked up the seat of the chair where the knife still stuck out from and grabbed it. Then, rolling up as he removed the blade from the chair, he swung the blade at the adventurer.

Daren jumped back, feeling the air shivered as the knife slashed through his shirt and some of his chest fur. He then jumped back more, his sea blue eyes never breaking contact with the dark red eyes, as his hands grabbed for any objects he could use. Then they felt a long, brass object which he gripped onto.

The thief grinned again, seeing how the adventurer lost the advantage before he charged ahead with the knife low. He then thrust it as the red fox swung something he held. His hand then filled his head with pain as he dropped the knife, his hand just met the candlestick the red fox swerved. Caleb gave out a pained yelp as he saw the red fox swung again, the impact at his chubby stomach causing him to stumble back to the other end of the room, tripping over the bed, and falling on top of it.

Daren bent down and picked up the knife as his sea blue eyes watched the orange thief fell onto the bed. He then stood up straight, the candlestick on one hand and knife on the other, and ran towards the other fox. Even with the advantage like this, best to keep up the momentum and not to relax just because the opponent is down since they could always get back up. Best to make sure they stay down.

The foxy thief, despite his dark red eyes seeing stars, still managed to see what the red fox was down and reached down into his pocket. Caleb then gave a quick grin as he rolled off the bed, avoiding a downward stab, and pulled out his beefy sandwich wrapped in paper. He hoped to not use it, but the adventurer gave out a better fight than he expected. His mouth opened up large and ate the sandwich whole even with the paper.

Daren swung the candlestick down to the thief’s head, intending to crack it open. The thief caught it with his hand as the red fox blinked, noting the surprising strength the orange fox showed. His sea blue eyes widened as they saw the thief below him started to grow, with expanding muscles all over his body. His abs, once pudgy, became ripped as his pecks rose bigger and broader. His arms also thicken up with physiques, doubling in size.

The orange fox tightened his grip on the candlestick, causing it to crumble like a thin piece of tin, as he ripped it off the adventurer fox’s grasp. Then Caleb swung his fist from his other arm, hitting the red fox’s chest. His dark red eyes saw the red fox ahead of him, who gave him so much trouble for so much loot, flung off from the floor and at the wall at the other side of the room with a loud crack.

The red fox slid down from the impact area as his back screamed out in pain, and his ears drooped down. Daren’s head leaned back as his instincts screamed in his head to stand up again. Despite the pain and the strong punch he received, his body had taken far worse before and could still fight. Yet he forced himself to be slump back against the wall, his eyes seeing through between his eyelids. He lost the advantage to an unseen circumstance, and it’s best to wait until the thief opened himself to the ‘defeated’ Daren.

Caleb chucked as he got back onto his own feet-paws, his eyes looking at the beaten adventurer. Despite the red fox putting up a far better fight than even he planned for, he managed to claim victory. Yet, because of the loud noise from that impact, Caleb should get the loot before someone got here. As such, with his quick hand- and feet-paws, he went to the chest on the table and picked it up.

Daren’s eyes looked at the thief as he tried to put out the fiery anger burning within his head. This other fox, the other fox who came in, sealed his magic, took his priceless belt, and was now taking all the gold Daren put in a week worth of work in gaining. He fought the urge to stand up and fight again, his reason knowing how the time wasn’t right to go for a round two and trying to find a way to calm himself down.

Yet, he does when he saw Caleb’s stomach expanded not too long after he picked up the chest. He wondered if it was because he was still gaining strength, but then Daren noticed that the thick abs protruding from under that skin and fur faded into a thick layer of fat. The red fox scanned more about this thief from between his eyelids and saw the same was happening all over the orange fox’s body, who seemed to gain an extra two hundred pounds in fat. The fact that the thief’s kilt, rather than snapped off from all the extra mass, stretched out to fit his fat body that could snap a chair by just sitting on it showed that this wasn’t unexpected.

Caleb snickered to himself, patting his now huge belly before his ears twitched as they heard a moan. His paws, already heading towards the open window, paused as his head twisted in a slow-paced matter, with his dark red eyes looking at the sea blue eyes of the adventurer. His eyes widened a bit, wondering how the adventurer could still be awake after such a powerful punch, as the red fox below him struggled to lift his head, looking at the now fat fox in wonder.

“Forgive me for prying,” the red fox asked as he leaned his head back to better look at Caleb, “but why are you getting fatter?”

Caleb looked down at the red fox with a critical eye. He wondered if he should answer that question or not. On one hand-paw, it’s not like the adventurer could still fight back, but on the other, Caleb should get out of there as quick as he could and, having gained a massive amount of weight already, it would be slow progress. After a few seconds, he made his decision.

“I got a gypsy curse on me just because I refused to pay her,” Caleb answered. “Made it so that any valuable objects and money I steal, resulting in me fattening up. It’s a bit of a blessing since it only adds to the challenge.”

“I see,” the red fox responded as his head rolled to the side. “Is it always some specific amount or-”

“It’s proportional to how valuable the treasure is,” Caleb answered, cutting in as he heaved the box over one of his shoulders. “Lesser value means less fat to gain.”

Daren’s right eye looked at his belt slung around the thief’s chest and shoulder as his eyebrow rose. It doesn’t really make sense if it really was proportional to how valuable the treasure is since the Fóntais belt would be considered a priceless relic. It had existed for eons with only one other belt like that, having been made by his ancestors in another planet long ago. If this thief really gets a certain amount of fat depending on how valuable the object is, Daren doubted that the entire field would be vast enough to contain the orange fox’s expanding girth. Yet, it doesn’t seem like that thief gained that much fat from it.

Unless it also works in how valuable he thought it is.

“In any case,” Caleb said as he stepped towards the window, “this has been a massive amount of fun. I’m only disappointed in how quick it ended up being. But I must go and plot on how to spend my loot. Tootles.”

Caleb’s grabbed the underside of the window and was lowering his head under it before his ears heard from the red fox: “At least he didn’t steal my diamond.”

“Oh-ho,” Caleb said, pausing as he turned back to the red fox, who was looking at the shelf next to the bed. “You said that you have a diamond? Inside of that shelf you’re looking at?”

“Please don’t take it,” Daren said in a pleading tone. “It was a gift from the sect for helping them out on that dragon. Carefully carved in a brilliant cut and clear as the air. It was the last thing I expected to see when I came to this place.”

Caleb gave out a laugh as he lumbered back from the window and towards the shelf. Despite the extra mass he gained, he wanted the diamond for himself. He pulled it open and, seeing a small brown box, picked it up and opened it up. His eyes widened as they shined as bright as stars, seeing what the red fox described within. He pulled it out from the box, the diamond the size of his fist.

“Yes!” Caleb said in a loud voice. “I’m so rich-”

Caleb’s stomach gave out a louder growl before it surges with fat. His own waist and shoulder belt felt tight and squawks out against the sudden income of fat across his chest as his kilt stretched out from his expanding waistline. The wooden floor groaned when his belly crashed against it and his arms and legs, already humongous from the muscles and fat, tripled in size from the newfound fat.

Caleb’s cheeks fatten up, pressing against his coat’s collar, while his neck disappeared underneath the foot of fat. His rear expanded, filling up so that it could engulf the bed behind him when sitting down, while his own belt snapped off from his chest. He gritted his teeth as he felt himself swelling up more and more with fat, still gripping onto the diamond tight until even his height had grown an extra three feet. Just when he feared that he wouldn’t stop becoming fatter, he stopped, having gained an additional three thousand pounds with his waist as broad as seven feet.

“Huh. I didn’t expect it to work this well, but I’m not disappointed at all.”

Caleb blinked as he struggled to turn his head or even move at all, his newfound fat and muscles fighting against every movement he tried. He gritted his teeth more as his fingers clutched the diamond closer, trying to make sure he doesn’t drop it despite his hand growing an inch of fat. His dark eyes widened when they saw the adventurer fox in front of him, looking well.

“Now then,” Daren said, pressing a finger up against the orange fox’s chest, “time to put you down.”

The thief tried to move forward, hoping to crush the adventurer with his mass, but his stomach fought against it from the floor. Instead, the finger on his chest pressed harder with Caleb’s eyes widening, realizing what the other fox was doing. He fell back, his body jiggling from the impact of the bed, as a loud crunch emitted from under it. The stuffing within the mattress ripped out through the sides as the wooden support snapped into splinters if not dust. Caleb gave out a yelp as the diamond fell off from his hand-paw.

“How convenient that you don’t start slimming down when you lost what you stole,” Daren said as he gave out a chuckled. “Make things even easier.”

Daren, with a quick hand, picked up the seethrough treasure before he placed it back in its rightful place. His eyes then turned to the thief, who’s grunting and making motions with his arms that looked like flailing. The red fox then bent down against the orange fox’s side and went through his pocket, the A on his belt giving out a glimmer.

“If you’re trying to find a key, forget it,” Caleb said in an arrogant tone. “Magic is the only thing that can unlock it, which you can’t use.”

“I wasn’t looking for a key, but thanks for the tip,” Daren replied with a foxy grin as he pulled out a long, metal rod with a light at the end of it. The orange fox blinked and tried to tilt his head as Daren pressed a button and light and buzzing sound emitted from it. A couple of seconds passed before a hard ding sound echoed in the room, the collar slammed against the ground.

“W-what? That’s impossible,” Caleb said through grunts. “You shouldn’t be able to use magic.”

“It’s a good thing there was an external magical power source in the TF Scriúire,” Daren said as he, in one singular motion, removed his belt off of the thief’s chest and waist. “Just in case.”

Caleb’s ears twitched. “A TF wha-”

The door swung opened, and an orange cat, the owner of the inn, stepped in. His mouth hung opened as he stared at the strangeness within the room; in particular, the world’s fattest fox. Before long, he found the words to speak: “What happened here?!”


“That sounded like an awkward moment,” a silver vixen said, sitting beside Daren, who was laying on some sort of bed-like contraption. “What happened next.”

“There wasn’t much to tell, to be honest with you,” Daren said, feeling the bed rubbing his backbone from top to bottom and back again. The white room, painted bright, hurts anyone’s eyes by just staring into the wall, so Daren looked up at the ceiling where variations like a darker shade of white with black splotches painted on hurt less.

“To put it simply, Zelda, I managed to explain what happened to the inn owner and he called in several strong soldiers to carried the troublesome thief away. Caleb Lloyd, they told me, was wanted for stealing all over the country, and they paid me a massive amount for assisting in his capture. I admit that I gave most of it to the inn owner as an apology to the mess over his protests. Then I waited at the designated spot, and Ash came to pick me up.”

“Glad to see things went well, despite the last night there,” Zelda said, smiling as she nuzzled Daren’s ear. Daren blushed as the machinery below him stopped humming and rubbing his back. “Also, I’m glad to see that you’re not as ticklish when your back is touched. In any case, I suggest that you lie down on this for one half-hour every day this week.”

“Very well,” Daren said as he rolled himself up and sat at the side. “Just glad that the gift that sect me proved to be more valuable than I expected.”

“It’s a diamond, so of course it’s valuable,” the silver vixen said, her bright blue eyes looking at the sea blue eyes. She paused for a few seconds, waiting.

“There’s one thing I neglected to tell you about it and what I deliberately hid from that thief,” Dared said after a few seconds.

“What do you mea-”

The door swung opened, and an anthro coyote stepped into the room, his grin as wide as his jawline. “Hello D-Man and Z. Sorry for the interruption, but I finished checking over the goods you brought with you. I must say, that piece of plastic is so incredibly well made that it took me a few seconds to realize that it’s not a diamond.”

“WHAT?!?!” Zelda said in a loud voice that Daren winced. “That was just a piece of plastic?!”

“Yes, Z. Rather impressive, especially since Daren told me that it’s roughly around low middle-ages tech with some high middle-ages. But, all the same, a piece of well-crafted plastic.”

Zelda gave out a stare at Daren, who gave out a shrug in response. “Other than as a piece of curiosity, it’s completely worthless. But then, Caleb didn’t know that.”

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Reply #1 on: June 14, 2019, 08:31:48 AM
I really liking this are you doing more of this one or is this it?

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Reply #2 on: June 25, 2019, 05:27:10 PM
Nice story! There's some inconsistencies with some of the wording and a couple misspellings. But overall, it's good. Valuebility is only good for those who perceive what is valuable.

Sincerely Aurum Lupus