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on: January 06, 2019, 04:44:50 PM
Due to popular demand, and because it's been like 10 years, here is what my game room looks like today!

Not hugely different from 10 years ago except a lot more games and more furniture.  Old CRT TV works just fine and I don't have anything newer than a PS2 and RCA output looks like garbage on modern TVs anyway.

Primary bookshelf.

Top row. SNES, N64, Super Famicom (Japanese SNES-- plays just fine in US verision if you break of the tabs preventing them from sliding in), and Gameboy games in the binder.

I have most every game in a clear plastic case. The vast majority of these games will not be touched except maybe once every 10 years, and it turns out they collect a lot of dust during that time, even if you keep the outside clean. In 2017 I spent like 6 months obsessively cleaning everything and getting it all to work first time so now I have the policy NEVER AGAIN. While SNES games do have a standard dust cover on the bottom, it makes them unstackable so I went with these instead.

For the imfamous N64 games without their spine labels, I printed my own and stuck them on the cases so I can pick them out easily. Went with the sides instead of the tops for increased stacking efficiency. I did not spend much time on these labels-- they are just a cut out of something from the official box art printed on label paper with clear packing tape stuck over the top to give them a nice shine and increase durability.

Super Famicom games get the same treatment.

I just store Gameboy games in a three ring binder using standard trading card sleeves.

Same for GBA games.

Second shelf -- Genesis games (plus garbage 32x games) and storage for handhelds.

Inside the Video Matic-- some Gameboys (including the Arizona Goodwill one) some casino-themed handhelds from family trips to Las Vegas in the 90s, and various misc items.

Gamecube games! Not a whole lot just yet. Thanks to Caleb trading half of these in and doubling my collection.

DS games! I picked most of these up for cheap on ebay a year or so ago because when I finally get around to them in like 5 years they will probably be more pricey. Thanks to Caleb and Medik for trading in the two components separately to complete that Solatorobo.

Third shelf-- empty boxes! I don't keep games in the boxes because then I would need to open them to get to them and that would put wear on the cardboard.

Like with the games, I keep boxes in these handy protectors as well.

On the far right are the Atari 2600 games which I have deemed being worthy enough to be on the shelf (plus one 7800 game I can actually play due to not having proper controller for the others). I am not into Atari much and consider this stack "good enough."

Bottom shelf-- here we have some disc games that do not work, some that are garbage, and some for systems I don't have but they were super cheap at Goodwill so why not. Also a tub of really lame GBA games that I'm not going to put in my binder.

Part of my Nintendo Power collection. Turns out that having these stacked upwards in standard bookshelf position for 10 years really bends them up-- ooooops. I turned them on their backs a year ago with the most bent ones on the bottom and they seem to have pretty much straightened back up. Might think about a different way to store these.

Moving to the right on the CD shelf-- PS1 games! I printed my own labels for a third of these that don't have their original case because pulling these out to see what games they were was beginning to drive me mad.

Below those -- 3DS games (the only thing I have approaching "modern"), very few Dreamcast games, and PS2 games. Recent Goodwill finds at the bottom right.

On to the display case! I got this for free from my parents who bought it by accident (it came with something else they bought). It has it's own light and everything. Yeah, sure, I have the perfect things to put in there--

Top shelf-- Famicom games, along with adaptor so I can play them on my NES. These are just some RPGs which aren't that playable at all in Japanese, but Japanese RPGs are so ridiculously cheap (like $1-$2) and I enjoy the english versions (be it official or fan translated) so I picked them up for novelty's sake. Also, Super Gameboy (how I play most Gameboy games) and some NES boxes.

This thing had another shelf, but I took it out for the giant stack of NES games.

Bottom cabinet is more storage and a VCR that is hooked up the the CRTV (this is requirement, even though I don't really use it).

Miscellaneous items in the top box. This is actually for NES games, but my collection outgrew this box in like 2005.

The case on the VCR contains Game Gear! Thanks to Krysto for trading this in. I never really had intentions to collect game gear, but after playing around with it I actually like it more than I thought I would. I'm sort of waiting to see if some technology becomes available to play Game Gear games on the TV at some point in the future before officially adding some of these games to my to-play list (the Sonic ones in particular).

Moving further to the right, a closer look at the consoles and television.

Super Nintendo, Dreamcast, Playstation 2, Gamecube, and Sega Genesis. I'm kind of iffy on the Genesis model 1 because the sound output has a bit of a hiss. It looks so much cooler than my model 2 though and I haven't really been playing Genesis games lately to make a final decision.

This is a little bit of a mess and I may re-do this at some point. At the top is the top-loader NES with AV modded output, so that I uses RCA jacks instead of the very lame RF connector. I got this modded on ebay like this.

Then we have an amplifier for the bookshelf speakers, one of which you can see on the right. The SNES sounds amazing on these. Behind that is two A/V switches daisy-chained together so every single console is hooked up to the TV at the same time.

Below that is my NES Advantage, which I used heavily the past two years playing with my pinky and ring finger knuckles because my thumb was still messed up from the 2014 you-know-what. Actually just starting to use a regular controller again now.

At the bottom is what would be a fire hazard, except this is always switched off except when I am playing, and only one of those plugs is active at a time because it doesn't make sense to play two video game consoles at once on one TV, and also I don't have the time to play video games for more than an hour at a time anyway.

Moving to the right still, we have the N64 kind of out of place up top, the two aforementioned bookshelf speakers with the Atari 7800 in between (ironically the only thing that cannot use the speakers due to RF output), and the rest of the Nintendo Power magazines, turned flat so they don't get all bent.

Above this I got a brilliant idea-- I will stack this random bookshelf on top of this one to make a better bookshelf. There are a few misc items here and a bunch of binders containing my instruction manual collection.

They are all alphabetized and Twilight-esque organized. I have a lot more manuals than actual games and need to put these on Snupps some day because I collect them like Pokemon cards. Also have a few random items in there. I posted more pictures of these in other threads.

Moooving further right, the big bin of controllers!

I put every one inside a ziploc bag, because it turns out that even though I dust these once per week, they still get dirty over the course of 10 years and it's occasionally that long in between the times I play certain consoles. This also helps tremendously keeping the cords together and finding which one I want easily.

Above that, some console boxes! Was super excited to find that N64 box in my attic just two years ago along with pristine Mario 64 box inside it (pictured on the game shelf above).

Finally-- we can't go right any further-- the first treasure chest full of more controllers. Several nice ones from Goodwill in here along with some broken ones built up over the years. The SNES advantage works fine-- just don't want to get it dusty.

The other treasure chest next to the sofa contains some more misc consoles, some not working, and some console parts.

The junk Ipad originally ebayed for the purpose of testing websites works great for taking pictures of passwords so I don't have to write them down.

Finally, the two drawers on the TV stand slide open to reveal the GARBAGE GAMES. These are the games that don't deserve to go on the shelves or get added as part of my collection on Snupps. Handy to steal screws from or use the cases for flash cartridges.

And that's it! If you'd like to browse my collection in an organized fashion, you may do so here:

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Reply #1 on: April 07, 2022, 07:12:49 PM
Will/are these going to be on pictures of virmirish things?



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Reply #2 on: April 07, 2022, 08:03:13 PM
These are kind of outdated! But the images are pulled from here anyway. A handful of newer images are there too.

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