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on: May 27, 2018, 12:20:33 PM

I promised to share some of my creative process after completing this comic to a few people. I attached the complete Dragon Problems script to this post to give people an idea of how I plan out a comic. As you can see, it's pretty spartan! Basically I'm just writing the dialogue so I can copy and paste that into Photoshop and giving basic stage directions.

The next step is to draw layout diagrams for each page, which you can see here:

I only have up to page 43 in there since the pages after that I just kept them inside the SAI file without saving separately, but that should be plenty to give you an idea. Drawing layouts is an important part of the script and sometimes through drawing these I go back and change the page divisions and panel counts in the script itself. It's usually a good idea to make a handful of these ahead of the current page I'm on so I have a good sense of how pages flow together before I start actually drawing.

After I got the script and a few layouts done, I'm ready to actually start drawing pages! The next step is to add the text onto the layout so that I know where to position the characters and no one is covered by speech bubbles, etc.  You can see how this looks at the beginning of any stream like this one: and from there I start drawing!

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