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on: July 30, 2016, 12:08:18 AM
The next installment of Virmir-World begins now!  Starting on this about, erm, two years later than I originally intended due to the whole losing arm functionality thing.  But we should be good to go now!

The script calls for 66 pages, although I may make some adjustments as I go along as it is two years old and 2016 Virmir is even snarkier than 2014 Virmir.  This is too big of a project to do alongside of Crimson Flag and also continue to take commissions and various other projects (must do more animations), so I'll be doing this story in chunks of about eight pages each, then setting it aside to do other things for a few months.

Trying some experimental shading on this page which may or may not continue throughout this story.

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