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Random Topics / Would you do with a Death Note?
« on: October 19, 2017, 02:31:13 AM »
I am bored and have no idea what to do since my long absence, so I just chose a random topic to post and like to hear your thoughts. (Sorry if this is not appropriate, if not I'll take it down ASAP.) So what would you use it for?

Random Topics / Life gives you lemons
« on: February 15, 2017, 07:02:49 PM »
What would you do?

Random Topics / Favorite song
« on: February 15, 2017, 12:29:57 AM »
Here is a random question, what is everyone's favorite song/artist?

Art Gallery / Fursona Artwork
« on: January 09, 2017, 11:43:44 PM »
Face expression: Arrogant

Writer's Guild / May the Best Thief Win
« on: February 11, 2016, 11:46:08 PM »
May the Best Thief Win


   Hi, my name is Miles Prower, but you may know me as Tails. I do not how, but I am in this Medieval place with other fox races. I have already been here for awhile now but, I am not a hero here, I am a thief. This is the only way to survive this place, the foxes here are not kind people, they think I am an evil demon due to my two tails. They also don't have any respect to Fennec Foxes, I am not a Fennec. I can't get a job because they don't trust me, I need to steal to survive. I am an Elite Thief, I am really good at stealing, but not at the highest rank yet.

   So today I am with my fence, you know, people who buy stolen items from you. I stole some jewelry, diamonds, rubies, emeralds. The fence name is Kate, she is a gray fox, and is wearing a black cloak with a belt strapped around her shoulders to waist, it has pouches and a dagger. "How much will you pay for these" I asked, "$200, take it or leave it" she replied. "I will take them thanks for the money." As I was about to turn Kate immediately yelled, "Wait! I forgot to give you this letter, don't know is from but it says this is really important."

          "Thanks I wonder who it's from?" I tore open the letter and was surprised as I read this,

Miles "Tails" Prower,

                      I am very impressed from the reports I got from your fellow thieves, I have nominated you to compete against all of the greatest ELITE Thieves, the winner will be granted my place and title of LEGENDARY Thief.
                                                                                                                                             The Shadow Fox

          "THE SHADOW FOX!" I got every thief in the room attention as everyone asked about the letter. "You are meeting the Shadow Fox, that is unbelievable," yelled Kate in excitement. "I can't believe it either, I am meeting him." "Well don't stand there, go meet him." There is a map on the letter I should get there as soon as possible.    

   As I followed the map on this mysterious letter, I was lead to a cave. Inside was dark but saw light just ahead, as I walk through, there were thousands and thousands of the greatest ELITE Thieves in the land cheering, as a shadow walks on a perch, as this mysterious shadow was heading closer, I began to recognize the figure. It was him, the Legendary Thief himself, Shadow Fox. He looked exactly as I pictured, black fur with one eye blue and other red, black cloak, everything. "Our final guest have arrived," shadow yelled in a deep voice, "Everyone, meet Miles "Tails" Prower." Everyone was clapping and cheering and I was glad to be liked, but also disappointed, being the bad guy. I looked at my lucky gold coin Sonic gave to me, one side is Sonic's face, and the other is my two tails, hard to think what Sonic would do if he saw me like this.

        Then everyone was laughing, talking, having a time of their lives right now. Me, I just got a drink and sat at a table and enjoyed my time, the the Shadow fox came up to me. "Having a wonderful time I'm hoping," Shadow Fox asking politely. "Surviving," I replied, "Good to meet you Shadow Fox." "Please, just call me Shadow, so……… why did you become a thief, a criminal that is hated by society?" I just simply reply with…… "They do not deserve wealth, everyday I just come to the market to get what I need, only just to be shunned and disrespected due to my race." "Nobles, thinking they can just take what they want, when they want, have all the fancy parties, clothing, and food, while the rest of us just rot in the streets, caring for themselves and money."

        As I look at Shadow and he was gone. I must have been talking to his shade, I saw him on the stage ready to announce the competition. "It is time ELITE Thieves of the competition to begin!" It was a roar of crowds, cheering to the Shadow Fox. "The task is real simple, who ever brings me the most valuable, something worth more than money, it can be like thousands of money and you can win, but I do not recommend it. If your stolen good is the most valuable item like diamonds, emeralds, ect. You shall take my very power and the title of Legendary Thief!"

        Then everything went black as if I just passed out. I reawaken in the Thieves' Den, then everyone just stared at me. Then they all just ran to me asking questions, then Kate pushed everyone aside trying to get them to leave me alone. We met in my quarters and talk about the "party." She said that I had another letter from the Shadow Fox, not very surprised if you ask me. The letter tells about the rules and here is what he listed.

1. Never kill anyone on the job

2. Don't steal from your fellow thief

3. If you get in prison, you are out (but you can get away from the guards)

You only have a week starting tomorrow, once the week is over, we will meet at the same place at 23:00. GOOD LUCK!

       The next day I walked around town looking for rumors and juicy topics. I found a newspaper with some good items to steal. A fox won a game competition and was rewarded with a diamond trophy with emeralds and gold attached to it.
A museum had an exibit open with the worlds largest ruby, but something caught my attention. A story about a break in attempt at the most strongest Mage in the world, Kendo Virmir's stronghold. The intruder was a fox of the name Caleb Lloyd, who was trying to steal a pen, but it wasn't any pen. A pen that can create and rewrite history, a pen that can get rid of a person within a scribble, a pen that can match the gods themselves, but then a group of guards were marching around a person, and it was him………… Kendo Virmir.
        I walked to the local jail where Caleb is located, I did come across the guard and asked for a visit to a prisoner. He became very aggressive and yelled, "No visiting prisoners, especially a two tailed freak!" "Not even for 10k?" That got his attention and let me through. I got in the prison and finally met Caleb. "Are you here to gawk at me, or is this a social call," he questioned. "You look like you lost some weight after last time you messed with Virmir, did the guards make you go on a diet?" He ran to the bars to intimate me, "Your lucky I'm behind this cell, now what do you want from me?" "I want you to help me on a heist, and I will reward you for your freedom and I will give you 10g for life."

         "Deal, what do you want to borrow," he asked sarcastically. "I want Virmir's Drawing Pen, remember it?" "Are you crazy boy, or did you have real guts, or are you just plain stupid?" I looked at him aggressively, "You are serious." I walked away and he was yelling at me asking where was I going, I went to the guard and paid Caleb fines, I also left him a letter to meet me at the den and bring supplies.

          "You know ditching me like that was not funny!" Caleb is plain mad, "I wasn't trying to be funny, do you have supplies for the heist tomorrow?" "Yes I do, but first I need to tell you his major defenses. First off, he usually have this dragon flying around, I heard it's got a crazy mind (yes I mean you toast), he also have a robot named, well…… Virbot." "Well isn't he creative with names," I added. "Ya right, and well we know about the magic and whatever you do, never give him a splitting headache!" "Ok got it."

          "Here are the supplies, first I have this enchanted ring to stop you to ending up like me, we both know how that went. Second, I have this shield to stop any magic or energy coming towards you. But if the shield isn't enough, this other ring with give you 100% magic absorption." "Ok, we will start the heist tomorrow at 23:00, see you then, you lead me there and we'll start." I am all set, this will be the greatest heist ever known.

           Day 2, got plenty of time, and I am being lead to the fort where Virmir lives. "Ok Miles, the dragon is above, but you can go through that trap door that leads to the sewers, while you're in there I left shadow marks for danger and escape routes, so keep an eye open." "Wait, your not coming?" "Trees no! I will not go through that again, your on your own!" "Fine," I walked down avoiding the dragon. I followed the shadow marks until I reach another trap door. I saw nothing until I heard stomping, a robot was patrolling the room.

           "That must be the Virbot," I whispered to myself. I will try to sneak pass it, but as soon I head close to the door that leads to the Grand Hall, I got caught. "Stop right there criminal scum, you violated the law, pay your fines or it's off to jail than." "Resist Arrest!" "I will give you one more chance, repeat will you comply?" "Will you comply," I repeated, the he asked again than I repeat the same thing again, 3 times until he broke down, sorry.

             I walked into the Grand Hall to find a bunch of people around including Virmir. It must be a party, it is a neutral zone, but if I got caught by Virmir, it's over. I saw a bunch of people going inside the theater room, so I can blend in and head up one more level into Vir's Office. I got passed the theater as planed, but I was followed by Virmir, I walked in only to find Virmir in the middle with the dragon. It was over for me.

            The dragon instantly breathe fire at me, I quickly grabbed my shield and deflect the fire straight back. "That's what I call backfire." Virmir shifts his eyes over the bad pun. He quickly uses his fire magic at me, and the shield fallen to ashes. Frazz, now he shot one directly at my chest, but I was unharmed, healed in fact. The ring allowed me to absorb the magic.

            "How did you do that," Vir yelled confused. My reply was simple, "Magic." I shot an entire stream of electricity at him, causing him to pass out. I grabbed his body and took the pen off of him, then I put him on his bed. All of a sudden, he split into two, another personality, but a female. She was about to introduce herself, but I knocked her out before she could.

            I left through the sewers, still disturbed by the random female fox, is that was Virmir's "splitting headache?" As soon as I set foot outside, Caleb was here waiting. "I am guessing you succeed, where's my 10g?" I gave him the 10g, but then he quickly snatched the pen and try to run off, but I got him. I left him in the fort right next to the dragon.
Now all I have to do is play the waiting game.
            The week is over, I made it back to the cave at 20:53, just on time. I saw a lot of loot, like huge jewelry, maybe from a rich guy, then I saw a random fox trying to take another's one hard gotten item. I called him out then a shade kicked him out. Then the Shadow Fox appeared and then he starts calling us off one by one. Soon it was my turn.

            "So Miles, what do you have for us today?" "It's hard to explain but this paper should tell you." I handed him a torn newspaper with the story of Caleb and Virmir's Magic Pen. "I…… I can't believe it, not only you took down Virmir, but you stole his very pen that creates and remove places, people, and gods!" Everyone was shocked as I pull it out, I knew this was the day, I become the legendary thief. That was until the Shadow Fox snatches the pen from me.

             "With this pen, I shall have all the power I want, I shall live forever, and the gods will kneel before me!" "What about me?" "About that………" he zaps me with lightning falling off the stage. I grabbed my dagger and threw it at the pen, knocking it out my hands as people begin to start yelling as if this was an arena match. As we began to battle racing to reach the pen, I managed to grab it. I kicked him away from me as I begin to grab a piece of paper and write. He slowly begins fo fade into nothing and gone.

               It all went silent, and I hear a whisper of the Shadow Fox, "I'm still here." That's it, it's over, I won. The Shadow Fox is gone, and I have all the power in my hand.

ENDING 1 (Evil): With all the power in my hand I could do anything. And now because of me, this town has been taken down notch by notch and it's never coming back up again. This pen has given me powers and you thought I was going to use it for good, ha! This pen gave me the freedom to take what I want, when I want. In a city with no law, the strong takes what they want and the weak is their slaves. And no one is stronger than me.

Ending 2 (Good): With all this power I can do anything, but what I did was destroy it. No power like this can end up in the wrong hands, but as I destroyed it, a shock wave occurred, but not lethal. I continued on normally, even for being a Legendary Thief, nothing changed. But a few weeks passed and their were rumors of a new hero arriving. They couldn't make out what it is, they only describe it as a blue blur.


            As you know I was making a story called Beast among us, it may not get any progress. Sadly I can't think of any ideas of how the story will go, so it will take a long time to get ideas or it will just never get made. Hard to quit the story especially if the Admin himself wants me to write more. So I am going to make a new story to replace that and I have so many ideas to write about it. This new story is named "May the Best Thief Win" and it is about when I got to this world of Crimson Flag and how I was a ELITE Thief witch is one of the titles of the highest rank of the guild, and was chosen to a contest by the Legendary Thief the Shadow Fox to compete against the greatest of thieves to take his place of Legendary Thief.


As I followed the map on this mysterious letter, I was lead to a cave. Inside was dark but saw light just ahead, as I walk through, there were thousands and thousands of the greatest ELITE Thieves in the land cheering, as a shadow walks on a perch, as this mysterious shadow was heading closer, I began to recognize the figure. It was him, the Legendary Thief himself, Shadow Fox.

             I hoped you enjoyed the preview, I am working on this story, hopefully it will be done soon. Bye.  |fox|

Writer's Guild / The Beast Among Us (Preview)
« on: May 27, 2015, 12:43:17 AM »
June 5Th, 2019
             Somewhere in the Arctic District in Gray Fox City was a old brick house, inside was dark but with a man wearing a white Hood and a scar on his right hand, but could only see his back. Then he went to a phone next to him on a table and started putting in a phone number. A person named Isaac, who worked as a Bike Courier answered the phone, "Hello this is Isaac, may I help you?" The mysterious man in the Hood replied, "I would like to deliver a package to someone," and was holding a strange silver sphere with red glowing lines in the middle.

              15mins later, Isaac arrived at the house and was given the package. Before he ask who to deliver it to, the man in the Hood was gone. When Isaac looked at the package and found his name on it. As he was heading home, he decided to open the package, once he opened it he got a silver sphere with a red glowing line. When he push it together, the object blew up the entire Arctic District of the city.

              30Mins Later, "We got another person that injured from the blast," yelled a doctor carrying Isaac, "His heart is still beating and is breathing hard, but still alive!" "ISAAC," a woman's voice yelled out and running to see him. "Is he okay?" "Yes mam, you know him?" "Yes, he is my boyfriend, where was he in the blast?" "The center," and she was shocked to hear this.  "What's your name miss," "Emily, I work here as a doctor." "Very well, I will leave him to you to take care of." "Thank you, I going to call a friend of his over, to watch over him when I am gone." Emily calls a person named James, a friend of Isaac, almost like a brother to each other, by the time James got there Isaac, was awake. But something went wrong.

               Isaac was hurting badly, and was yelling, "I FEEL LI…… LIKE I'M BURNING UP FR, FROM THE INSIDE, WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME!!!!!!!!!" "Isaac, you will be fine," said James, "You just need to calm dow…" Isaac was screaming in pain, he closed his eyes and when he open it up, his eyes turn from green to blue and the transformation began.

                                                    Chapter 2 Coming Soon.  |fox|

Writer's Guild / My story, TF MOD PART 1
« on: April 22, 2015, 11:55:45 PM »

   One day Miles was play some COD 5 aka Call of Duty World at War, it was his favorite game. He also wanted to get mods but he had trouble getting them. On one match a random gamer asked "Hey (keeping my profile hidden), do you want mods?" Miles replied "Yes, I have been trying to get mods." "Then add me and my friend and we will get you mods, first we will invite you."

   Miles got the invite and friend request and join the lobby. "Ok (my profile), we will give you these steps and you must follow them." "Ok, what do I need to do?" "First you must got to split screen, start a match, and send us a message to tell us to invite you." Miles followed every step and once he reentered the lobby, he was ranked back to 1, he got hacked.

   Miles was very upset. The other day he was on a website on how to get revenge on WaW hackers. Then he countered something called the TF Mod. He read the the description and said:  when the mod activated, you will shoot a player in the game witch will send a virus through the network, and once it makes to the players system, their controller will give a little zap on them, and they will become the jerks they are.

            Part 2 coming soon.  

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