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Role Play Theater / Gadzooks! Baleful Tail Tales
« on: February 24, 2017, 08:58:23 PM »
It was a good day. The optimists were pleased, the cynics were horrified, and those jerks who always read ahead were placing illegal bets. You, or some avatar of yourself, found yourself on the Good Ship [REDACTED]. The Good Ship Lollipop had long since been scuttled, ever since its brother the Good Ship Shotapop joined the fleet and made the whole thing terribly awkward. Not to worry though, as the [REDACTED] is a ship that Cannot Possibly Go Wrong. Due to budget cuts, everything outside the [REDACTED] will have to make up the balance, and indeed was 3.2 minutes away from a kerfluffle(1).

You live for these sorts of things, though. If you didn't, that would be awkward and messy, so try to be consistent here. Your brochure promised travel insurance, and you're reasonably certain that even if your luggage was stolen, the thief left you a different suitcase who's contents were not entirely useless. Glancing up at the status bar, you note that you have earned 0 out of 450 points. Ah. One of those games. You hoped you remembered how Save Scumming(2) worked.

Your journey will begin immediately after you forge your passport. While you may add as much descriptive wordspew as you wish, please give the bored ticket clerk the following information:
Name: Real, Nick, Fake, Imaginary, or Pie.
Gender: Male, Female, Both, Neither, or Other
Age: Precocious, Fun-Sized, Rebellious, Grown, Crumpity, Ancient, or Undead
3 Items: These are still on you. Examples: Kitten, Sticky Hand, Team-Skull Cap, Decoder Ring, Heelies, Hint Guide, Comfy Blanket, Video Game, Inner Pizza. Gain +1 Swag if you take less than 3 items. You will always have CLOTHES, because we are decent here. They will not be very interesting if you don't declare them as one of your items, though.
Secret Conspiracy: Do not tell your enemies travel companions about this. Examples: Moon Lizard, Hypnotic Pony, Minion, Illuminaughty, etc. +1 Swag if you are an uninformed Sheeple.
Basic Power: A level 1 spell or cool talent sort of thing, like a Fire Bolt, or a Perfect Sense of Time, or a Nose for Adventure.
Dream: If you had a SCHOOL of the above powers, like "All the Fire", "Teleportation", "Modern Art" or "Lasers", what would it be? You don't have it yet, but one day. One day...

Finally, we love mad-libs. At least, the audience does. Wave to the audience! Give us: 1 Proper Noun, 1 Uncommon Animal, 1 Delicious Food Type, 3 Adjectives, 1 Verb, and 1 Time Period.(3)

(1): Not quite higgledy-piggledy, but certainly worse than a furor or a rumpus.
(2): Then you remembered that you'd been banned from Save Scumming ever since you decided Goatmom wasn't your friend anymore.
(3): Elizabethan, Age of Pirates, 1950's Sci-fi, etc.

This tale will involve a lot of tails, and thus transformation galore. You will not be building lots of numbers, this is a roleplay. Rather, sometimes I might roll a d20, and higher means better. Just for the sake of chaos.
If people agree on a time, it can totes happen in the chatroom. For now, though, once someone fills out the passport above, they will be subjected to PLOT in the very next post! Poor, poor souls.

Role Play Theater / Slightly Fluffier Apocalypse than Expected
« on: November 20, 2016, 09:43:12 AM »
Greet! I present to you a TF-filled RPG. Rather free-form, more about role-play than roll-play, though the dice do peek out every once in a while. If they see their shadow, then you'll have many more Natural 1's in the future.
Today was a bad day to get out of bed.
You knew this to be true, for the traditional *boink* of an Official Document teleporting into your mail(a pile by the door helpfully sorted by gravity). These never meant well, and this one was no exception.
Greetings fellow Whatever You Are.
Due to continuing circumstances beyond our control, we have been forced to take drastic action. See: Heroes go West and Oh Snap, It's the Heroes for details. We, partnered with the International Coalition on Magical Yearning, have tried to get said circumstances under our control.
There may have been a slight oopsy. Nothing to worry about. It's just the last seven prophecied heroes we summoned... well, most of them sucked. Due to your records as being one or more of the following:
  • Resistant to Magical Change
  • Immune to Insanity Effects
  • Next Episode Syndrome
  • Too Foolish to Corrupt
You have been volunteered to set forth to the West, and attempt to make some sort of victory against this boondoggle. If you succeed, the I.C.K.Y. has promised to bequeath you with, but not limited to: Money, Fame, Babes/Hunks, A Pony, A Lifetime Supply of Ice Cream, and many more.

Go forth, and save our world!
Yyyyyep. Back under the covers. The guards would come Fetch you later, for sure, but until then everything was fine in your little cloth burrito.
Le Backstory:
Roughly 8 years ago, a massive pillar of purple night, not unlike an explosion, erupted from the Lands of Undesirable Terrain in the west. Since then, our world has... twisted. People becoming mutants, or monsters, or mutant monsters. Animals talking. Technology regressing, and areas where electronics decide they don't feel like it today. Reports claim that those nearer to the LOUT have suffered worse, though even here on the Scenic Coastline, our world is corrupting.
In hindsight, we probably should Not have sent our best heroes to deal with the situation. Word has it that most of them have gone mad with power, corrupted into giant raid bosses, or just been Frank. We didn't like Frank, and it seems he has taken the opportunity for revenge. Rude.
Thus, we are settling with those who are unlikely to be turned against us. Of course, this means that we're probably going to end up with a team of Complete Goobers, but them's the breaks. We tried telling the Mayor that this new plan was stupid, but then he grew antlers in the middle of the meeting, and that kinda ruined the mood.
The City of Townsville:
When the Badness started, civilization tended to have a few issues. The main thing being that murderwolves would tend to walk on the roads and get hit by cars, or just plain wander into the food courts looking for lunch. Spoiler: The people are also lunch.
Townsville had a unique answer to this: They build a giant wall. It wasn't very good though, so they built it again, this time with 50% more quick-dry cement. It is like a large quarterpipe some 25 feet tall surrounding the town; speculation has decided that this is to watch monsters attempt to run up it, fail, and slide back down hilariously.

The town used to have some 18,000 people. Now it has closer to 6,000, either from attrition, monsterification, or people just driving away screaming that if they're going to die, they want to die on the beach. Bad plan. The sharks walk now. The cool ones, at least. Like Marcus. He's a pal. The town is still quite important though, as the wall means it is generally a safe haven/stopping point for people moving to Greener Pastures or Across the Sea. About 2500 vagrants at the moment, though this fluctuates wildly.

Important Goobers!:
  • Mayor Ansible(slang Ants in Pants, Fancy Pants): A 52 year old career politician who is still mayor because no one decent runs against him. He is inoffensive, though slightly off his nut, and generally reined in by people around him going "No, don't do the thing. You did the thing!! Whyyyy... you had One Job." Prone to zany schemes as to how to fix things. Currently a Moose Person. People use his head as a coat rack, and this offends him significantly.
  • First Sargent Lucky: Head of the local army base, who left here realizing that it was probably not a good place to stay when you have a Fortress Town nearby. Can often be seen on top of his jeep directing local construction projects. Everyone obeys him, because his jeep also has a minigun on it, and he's up to about 43 stickers of Dead Monsters(Large size or larger) on the side. That level of 'experience' tends to inspire subservience, even if he seems a little... enthusiastic. Currently a 6 foot tall honey badger, which only adds to his Intimidate Skill.
  • Consarnit: A rumor of sorts has spread, of a merchant fox(feral) named Consarnit, who only appears to what he calls Interesting People. As you are about to become Interesting whether you like it or not, perhaps he will be your friend.
  • Little Timmy: A small, 6 year old child, who has been 6 years old for quite some time now. He owns the section of Uptown by the toy store, and is fond of teleporting people to unfortunate places if they displease him. Has yet to be dislodged from his nest. Fully 'human' in body, if not in mind. Can do the creepy Multiple Voices at Once thing.

Setting info continues down here, for brevity.

Role Play Theater / We Are the Cartoon Heroes[Pathfinder]
« on: September 26, 2016, 02:03:01 PM »
Clearly, too much Virmir World has been read, for lo I have created something Irredeemably Silly.
Short Version: For reasons best described as "It was funny", you have arrived in a world of Toons, and joined their number as a Main Character. But creepy stuff happens in Toon World. It's up to [Goober] to save his/her/both/neither/other's new home!

Also Short Version: Pathfinder game, staring toon characters, who are frequently abused cartoonishly in the name of gaining XP. They're generally better by Next Episode.

Feast your eyes! Post interest if you have some. Make the worst characters! A donkey who declares 'twaddle' on becoming a real boy. A fox who wishes to learn the art of... art, redrawing other toons for fun and profit. A bard who keeps changing the background music.

Role Play Theater / A Walk from the Wild
« on: November 18, 2015, 03:04:15 PM »
One more for the road! Only Kenku came to the last one(where his stuffed squirrel has settled down with the other critters), but I know there's more of you out there.

Behold! A fun, role-play intensive game full of fae, transformation, and fantasy exploration. Foxes available upon request.
If nothing else, there's lots of cute race pictures. Go look at the bunny!

The world was grey.
He couldn't help but think in such a manner. Grey people, on grey streets, in grey buildings. They pretended to have color, but their faces spoke differently. Not dead inside, for death has a certain odor. No... lost. Dazed. Oblivious. Marching here and there without knowing why, without seeking anything beyond the ordinary.
Martin, for his part, was a slightly yellow shade of green. Prone to acts of cowardice and compassion, with a hint of deeper feelings within. He hated the greys, as he called them, and disdained the chiding he received when he fled from their presence. And so he wandered through the forest at night. No lights except the stars, and the occasional flicker of fireflies. He did not need to see: he Knew this path.
Which was very peculiar, because he had never been down the particular way before. It did not stop him, in any case. The dreariness behind was far worse than any darkness. He liked the dark, one might say. Crawling worms and flying owls, creatures that gave purpose to the world without ever being seen.
And as he walked, he saw. Not with eyes, but with mind. The creatures around him, the absence of light. Everything and everyone, welcoming him further. Martin's footsteps became trudging, shuffling, as if this expanded presence caused him to take more space, to Be more present in the world.
He smiled, and scratched his head. Well, he tried, but only knocked himself in the face with a truly impressive set of molehands. He would ponder this turn of events, but one does not get struck in the face by implements of doom without taking a little nap.
And so the bugbear slept. No one looked for Martin Williams, but that was okay. A world of color awaited him, where he could rest in the darkness and take in the light.
His head was still very sore in the morning though. He would have to avoid that in the future.

Your characters are MODERN HUMAN SORTS, who are reasonably representative of a facet of existence. Alternately, they are Wholly Lacking in a facet, and must learn to become it(hooray antihero). Through strange, dreamlike wanderings, they have managed to enter into a realm some might describe as fae-like. Certainly ethereal and ephemeral, where dreams and whimsy take precedence over tradition and structure. They have also taken on some of its characteristics and powers, as is befitting Main Characters.

Current Race List: Humans, Elves, Satyri, Pooka, Bugbears, Toves, Sphinxes, Gryphons, Sprites, Gremlins, Naga, Kitsune, Spirits.

Role Play Theater / Everybody Loves a Heist
« on: October 18, 2015, 07:08:04 PM »
Here it is! This is the moment! That strange time where you make all the foxes, and have them steal increasingly ludicrous loot.
There is, however, a desperate lack of foxes, and gryphons, and other critters from your end of the internet. This Need Fixing. *tails*

"Send a thief to catch a thief. That way, whomever screws up, you win."
- Constable Merkle, hours before his bacon was stolen in protest.

Welcome to SPIRE, home of THE COOL PEOPLE. Where men are real men(usually), women are real women(unless they're not), and tourists should know better. This interdimensional city has seen all the Strange Things over the years. While most are content to stay on the tourist deck, and get on board their next flight, those that live in Spire know there is all sorts of wonder waiting to be found. Some of it is messier than others.

For indeed, anything can be found in Spire, should you be willing to pay the price. And for those who can't, there are the Thieves. The poor street urchins don't really meet the mark, and those silly pickpockets at the boarding platforms have no sense of scale. No, for a place that has everything, one must be Creative in what one steals.

YOU(yes you) are a member of a glorious band of thieves. Real thieves, mind you. While you usually stick to stealing from the mundane wares, taking the odd job that comes by, the crew seems to be in a bit of a kerfluffle. You see, you've been Noticed. Okay, so you were really drunk that night, but somehow you managed to make off with an extradimensional pocket. These sorts of things are not only kept closely guarded(as they let the mysterious overlords plot out real-estate), but they aren't even really kept physically at all. You seem to have stolen something thoroughly intangible, and this qualifies you to be a MASTER THIEF.

Messages are coming in. Orders, it seems. This person wants you to steal a diplomat's dignity, so he doesn't come back. This person wants you to steal the recipes of a grand restaurant, right out of the chef's head(so they go out of business, you see). This little girl wants you to steal her! She is, of course, a baby dragon who really shouldn't be walking out by herself, but hey! How often do you get to steal one of those?

Whatever you choose, it is clear. Your lives are about to be Interesting. That is the sort of phrase you never want to hear from a narrator, by the way.

Greet! It is time to be exuberant! Everybody loves a heist, you see, and your lives would be greatly enriched by performing all manner of bizarre heists. It is time to assemble THE TEAM. The "best" team. One that will steal all the things, and most importantly: have fun doing it.

You have been a member of your little thief guild, but now you are Main Characters, which carries a heavy burden. You will have to take chances. Make mistakes! Get messy. People expect great things from you, and if you are to disappoint, you should do so spectacularly.

Name: Both a casual name and a codename. You get to pick your own codename. Thus, it's probably silly.
Race: What are you? Spire has a lot of things. Humans! Elves. Space Weasels. Wigglesnakes. Slime people. Note the progression of weirdness. There are so many things you can be, so do not feel limited. I do so love the monstery folks.
Gender: Male/Female/Both/Neither/Other
Age: Most thieves are young! The older ones are relegated to teaching younger thieves and telling you about the olden days of larceny.
Talent: This is your moment! Anyone can learn skills, but THIS. This is you. This is the thing you do, and you do in a way that awes. Are you a fire mage? Can you swipe goodies without anyone noticing? Are you a pinpoint throwing expert? Acrobatic ninja? Extreme whip enthusiast? Give a few words as to what you can do The Best.
Skills: Unlike Talents, these are what you have learned. You may have learned the ninja craft, but will never be as good as the Talented Ninja. Still, it helps. You have THREE of these. Choose wisely.
Ambitions: These are things that you enjoy doing! You may not do them very well. You are, however, knowledgeable about them, which is helpful I guess. Unlike skills, these can often be superfluous. Are you a fashion expert? Do you love to be a Smooth Talker? Skateboard? Card tricks. Pick TWO of these.
Failings: These things you are bad at. You Get Lost Easily. Perhaps you are Immune to Manners. You easily catch diseases. Something of the sort. You have THREE of these. Choose one of them, however, to be a Failing that your character enjoys doing anyway. You love exploring new spaces, even if it gets you lost.

Comical Expanding Race Idea List
Human, Elf, DOGGY, Doggy person, Kitty person!, Satyr, Centaur, Landshark, Cephlapod, Lizard Wizard, Bunny Person, Orc, Minotaur, Harpy, Batling, Tiefling, Slime, Synth, Wigglesnake, Space Weasel, Ratfolk, Lil'Dragon, Eastern Dragon, Featherdragon, BEE PERSON, Mothman, Sprite, Kitsune, Zombie, Skeleton, Pony, Gryphon, Incubus/Succubus, Cookie Monster, Cotton Candy Monster, Humanoid Stuffed Animal, Chimera, Freelance Familiar...

Questions about Spire, Answered!
Tech Level: Steampunk Artificery. Common magic is common. Talent level magic is rare and impressive. If there are laser guns, that is most likely sufficiently applied magic. Spire does not really have cars, because of its large pedestrian nature. Little open-air streetcar things(with hovering enchantment for soothing ride) can be seen in the better levels.
Levels: You are based on the TOURIST level, which is about midway up the spire. This level is open to anyone, regardless of station. That said, it also tends to have more police, so that actual tourists don't get robbed blind. Levels above you fade into nothingness when you look at them, the further up you look. Thus, you can see a few stories up, but things like the ceiling to the level is just the night sky until you get close. Some places, the floors are see through, so you can look down on the indigents and feel pleased.
Level Order(of the ones you know of, there might be more!)

    Apex Level: Spooky. You've never even met someone who's been up here. It might just be a myth.
    Citadel Level: If you have to ask the price for entry, it's not for you. You can't afford it.
    Progress Level: The top artificers, mages, and other paragons of creation work here. It's high up, so you don't touch anything and break it.
    Estates: Where the only moderately rich people live. Giant residential and business section.
    Templestia Level: Religiousity! All the cool shrines are here, and occasionally the odd demigod. The temples tend to police their own. With fire. And public humiliation. But mostly fire.
    Bylbiothica Level: Schools, libraries, museums, repositories of non-forbidden knowledge. Students with illegal school projects can be found here, as can the better hospitals.
    Tourist Level: You are here! Gosh.
    Agora Level: Farming! Foodstuffs that have not yet been packaged for sale.
    Hephaestus Level: Manufacturing and tradework. It's sweaty.
    Croftes Level: Where the poor people live. Be advised that they don't take kindly to you mocking their situation. And why would you anyway? Rude.
    Protuberance Level: It's not really a level. These pipes go everywhere, supporting the structure and funneling stuff. They are heavily guarded against living materials, and most forms of undead and robots. Do not take a joy ride in the pneumatic tubes. That leads to death.

Writer's Guild / Setting Prompt Theater!
« on: September 28, 2015, 05:44:32 PM »
So here's a little creative writing thing I've been doing for a while now, and I figured since you're all such wondrous and strange writers, I'd open it up to you!
The basic idea is to give a short(usually 2-3 sentence) prompt for a setting, and then the next person down fleshes it out and comes up with the details. This generally goes in strange directions that the original poster did not intend, but that's part of the fun! So something like:
Setting Prompt: In the NEAR FUTURE, sweet VR tech allows people to do all sorts of sweet cyberspace stuff.
However, worrying glitches are causing people to suspect that doing this is actually making them start to escape the matrix, rather than the other way around.
And the next person would respond with a silly extrapolation about two worlds that contain each other as a simulation, as part of a larger one, which deeply worries both earthites and aliens.
Then you'd end with a setting prompt for the next person. Alternately, if lots of people like a single one, we could have a vote on who is the bestest, and they win for giving the next prompt.

Sound swanky? Let's start!
Setting Prompt: The world is quite aflutter. People have been approached by strange demigods asking them to join their Team, saying that soon the world will be partitioned up for a game of natural selection.
This is pretty tame if Jesus wants you, but Fenrir insists on everyone on his team becoming fluffy(to survive the coming winter). No one is quite sure what the Flying Spaghetti Monster wants. He kinda wiggles.
Go for it! What is Virmir's team like? Why are there not enough foxes in the apocalypse? (Silly question, there are never enough).

Random Topics / Looking for Grid Art Program
« on: September 22, 2015, 10:00:53 PM »
So! I am looking for a program that lets you basically color or put sprites in a grid, like you would in RPGMaker. Mapmaking! Working on a real-time roguelike, and it would be faboo for crafting maps.

Anyone know of such a thing?

Random Topics / The Trapmeister - Critique Requested
« on: September 01, 2015, 12:12:13 AM »
Greet! As many of you are roleplaying/fantasy sorts, I beseech thee for your silly ideas. I am working on a bunch of rather unique classes for Pathfinder, which hopefully will be put in a book when all done. But we can make them BETTER.

This here is the Trapmeister! Its fundamental flaw at the moment? NOT ENOUGH TRAPS. Suggest ideas for trap spells for it! You don't have to be familiar with Pathfinder, just tell me about all your crazy zany trap ideas and I'll be like "Oh that's so cool I'll have to make stats for it."

If you're interested in other classes, I have more.
The Deckmaster - Magical Throwing weapon specialist. Gambit, Twisted Fate, or That Dude with the Pies.
The Monster - Create your own Monster class, growing more twisted and cool over time. This could also use ideas, like "You forgot a tentacle ability!"
The Artificer - Yes it is! Rather than the dorky 3e crafty guy, this is a MAD SCIENTIST who makes toys to use as spell items. And crafts stuff, I guess. Butbutbut... lightning guns!
The Larcenist - My personal favorite, this is a magical thief that steals concepts and intangibles. It also gains a bunch of flavor abilities to instill a sense of petty maliciousness. Steal the covers at night!
The Shifter(INCOMPLETE) - Druids are mages that happen to shapeshift. Shifters are shapeshifters that happen to mage. Three paths: a warshifter, an animal shifter, and a face/person shifter.
The Dancer - A dance battler, who makes up for his lack of damage by being very accurate and mobile in combat. Has an ability called Twerkasaurus Rex, so you know it's good.
The Astral Knight(INCOMPLETE) - A proper tank class for pathfinder, these focus on one of five ways to protect your squishy: being an ass, healing, being unkillable, status effects, or repositioning.

Writer's Guild / Fraggle's Silly Characters
« on: July 22, 2015, 09:59:05 PM »
This was an application for an irredeemably silly Pathfinder game. Posted here because it involves foxes, and the three tail rule.

Genesis was a well-adjusted, up and coming Astral Kitsune. Indeed, having the genetic fortune to be lava-based(a fire mom, a water dad) and a death glare recorded to have literally melted mountains, she was set on the path to greatness. Even if she had been rejected from fourth-tail positions for holding the heretical belief that it was "Really Hard" to sit down with more than three tails, she was still a highly valued member of society.

Then there was him. "Hey sis! What's up?"
"My, someone's eager. Let me refresh you." A gavel was pounded, not for any real reason, but because she liked the *thwack* noise it made. The courtroom was quite empty save for her, the guard, and sadly... Skieyl.

"Skieyl, when last we left off, you had a reasonably clean record and were off to perform more legitimate tasks. Apparently you did well at them for a good 2 years, until... well, I'll just read these off..."
"Ahem. You were sent on a mission of OBSERVATION to a medieval world, Class C3, to ensure that all was being handled well since their great cataclysm 100 years ago. This continued properly until an ancient evil was released. At which point, you did NOT call the office for a Hero Liason, but rather took matters into your own hands."
"Not my fault the phone was broken. Anyway, clearly I'm cut out for the hero work. Not my fault they won't let me in."
"The heroing is not the concerning part. You did, indeed, vanquish the ancient evil and save that region of the world from a dire fate."
"So no harm done."
Genesis glared, but relented enough to avoid setting him on fire with her mind. "In the process, you committed 23 acts of first and second degree grand arson, many on historical artifact sites..."
"Can't stop a bad guy without setting him on fire, no."
"...had a minor cult set up in your honor..."
"I told them not to!"
"...and consorted with no less than three high ranking leaders of the world in... celebration."
"Public relations is hard!"
Clearly, she thought, though she wasn't about to let him have the pun. "We are trying to NOT make more mortal kitsune, yes? That was discussed at the last meeting? And how you have one of the highest rates of... propogation."
"Gotta leave some little heroes to take care of things in the future! Besides, they asked me!"
"Not even going to go there. Regardless, the court has decided that you are to do community service to make up for your actions."
"Can we at least do some hero work? I did good there."

Genesis opened her mouth, then closed it, then opened it again with no words coming out. "Hmm. You know what? Fine. I have Just The Job for You." Her grin was excellent and practiced, and her ears twitched with delight. "No one wanted to take this job, so I guess it can be All Yours. Class N2, recovery of a terrible artifact." Class N was short for Class NOPE, the sorts of planets and dimensions that no one went to. N2, specifically, was for dimensions where the laws of physics or causality were so bonkers as to be horrifying. "In addition, since you're on trial for misuse of station, no astral powers."
"What?! How am I supposed to be a hero then?"
"Figure it out. And since you love making new mortal kitsune..."
"Haha! Love." Dammit. He caught that one.
"We'll be instituting a forced rule of no relations with the mortals. None."
"F**K!" A bird fell out of its tree outside, but no one really cared except him.
"Yes, that's exactly what you won't be doing. In short, this is a case that even if you screw it up again, you can't make things that much worse. For your sake though, let's do a good job, okay? Not like you've tried it yet."
Skieyl harrumphed. Ah well. How bad could it be?

Oh. That's how bad. More f**k words were thrown around, but by this time, she was planetside where no one of importance would hear her.
Name: Skieyl
Race: [STRIKE]Astral[/STRIKE] Kitsune, 2 tails.
Gender: Fe[STRIKE]male[/STRIKE]
Age: 164, physically 15 or so.
Class: Psion(Kineticist). Fire! Fwoosh...
Status: On probation, community service. Still needs to file Child Support paperwork.

Skieyl is not enjoying herself. No phenomenal cosmic powers, no deathcap, no license to fwoosh, and apparently the best incarnation they could find was a young foxgirl. This was quite possibly intentional. And apparently SOCKS now qualify as hero work. *phhhhbt*. Fine. She'll pal around with these junior mortal heroes, and save the day properly. But darn it if she isn't going to set everything in her way on fire in the process.
  • Skieyl comes from a line of Astral Kitsune(fire type), the progenitors of the normal mundane variety. Where do the mortal ones come from? Well, usually from someone like Skieyl. You see, when a demigod fox and a mortal love each other more than society says they should...
  • After the trial, Genesis went home and got really drunk. Then she played a game similar to, but not entirely unlike, DDR. This continued until she fell over and passed out. All in all, a good night.
  • The 'No Boinking' rule is strictly enforced. Attempts to bypass it result in Skieyl becoming a stuffed kitsune for the time being. This makes her incredibly cuddle-able, but unable to do much with that newfound power.
  • Skieyl is a firm believer in MORE DAKKA. Rather than shoot lasers of fire like any other psion, she fires tons of little 1-2 damage bolts that swarm on his target. Like a cactaur. Except burning.
  • Skieyl eats when she's upset. Due to a celestial metabolism(stomach of holding), this can quickly lead to problems.
  • Despite ostensibly being a higher level astral goober, Skieyl does not have much in the way of knowledge skills. This is because she does not pay attention unless it's Fun, Shiny, or Attractive. All three is a major plus.
  • Skieyl used to set the bed on fire while sleeping as a kid. Awkward.

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