Page 434 | August 19th, 2017
Bigger Pages
posted by Virmir on April 1st, 2017 for Comic 414
I've been experimenting with making pages properly sized for printing lately, so enjoy some bigger pages for at least the next several months.
Crimson Flag, Page 434 is up! -- #crimsonflagcomic #webcomics – Aug 18, 9:00PM
@DestinyZekrom @BreadrawingThng Dark deed decision problems. [In reply to...]Aug 16, 11:51AM
@DestinyZekrom @BreadrawingThng Your dark deeds checklist. [In reply to...]Aug 16, 11:41AM
@ChaseTheRedFox Hate it when this happens. [In reply to...]Aug 15, 10:01PM
@Sky_Hoper @TraskFox Probably was a bad idea in retrospect. [In reply to...]Aug 15, 9:01AM
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