Page 455 | January 13th, 2018
Bigger Pages
posted by Virmir on April 1st, 2017 for Comic 414
I've been experimenting with making pages properly sized for printing lately, so enjoy some bigger pages for at least the next several months.
@ChaseTheRedFox @Anpumon At least I don't smell. [In reply to...]Jan 16, 12:36PM
Streaming: Inking/coloring Product Review, page 3 (will post once all 6 are done) -- stream.virmir.comJan 15, 2:40PM
Streaming: Inking Product Review, page 3 -- stream.virmir.comJan 14, 9:46PM
Dragon Problems, page 46: #virmirworld #comics – Jan 13, 6:39PM
Streaming: Inking Dragon Problems, page 46 -- stream.virmir.comJan 13, 2:19PM
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