Page 338 | August 1st, 2015
Monthly updates
posted by Virmir on August 1st, 2015 for Comic 338

Crimson Flag now begins its slow return over the next several months as my arms recover further. For now, Crimson Flag will update on the first Saturday of every month. The frequency will increase as I slowly build up to my former speed (and construct a large buffer), which will take some time still. Monthly updates are of course painfully slow, but better than no updates at all!

If you would like to follow my status or just read the full story on what in blazes is wrong with my arms, follow the designated forum thread!
@Anpumon *froooowns* [In reply to...]Sep 1, 10:42AM
@PheagleAdler It will probably be a few more months as I still limit total weekly drawing time, but I'm slowly increasing it month by month. [In reply to...]Aug 31, 9:32AM
@PheagleAdler I'm actually practicing with my left hand, getting it up to speed first. Also working on building a large CF buffer. [In reply to...]Aug 31, 9:32AM
Virmir Reference 2015: #art #cartoons #drawings – Aug 31, 12:26AM
@MatrimSetsineau Thank you! [In reply to...]Aug 30, 5:21PM
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