Page 542 | September 14th, 2019
Cast Page
posted by Virmir on September 7th, 2019 for Comic 541
I have added a new, more useful cast page! Let me know if I missed any pages the listed characters appear on.
@LunarKeys It is a Discomfort Inn. [In reply to...]Sep 16, 11:27PM
This Hotel is Garbage: 16, 10:07PM
The Large Legend of Melbucon, page 42: #virmirworld #comics – Sep 15, 10:20PM
The Large Legend of Melbucon, page 41: #virmirworld #comics – Sep 15, 10:17PM
Streaming: Finishing up L.L. Melbucon, page 41-42 -- stream.virmir.comSep 15, 8:10PM
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