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1  Other Realms / Role Play Theater / Re: A Change Of Plans on: February 14, 2016, 08:25:42 PM
(Sorry, fuzzles... my weekend has been shot, declared dead, buried, exhumated, cloned multiple times, then all clones have been shot again.)

  • I try to recall how much money I have on my credstick.  If I can check it directly on the stick, I do that instead
  • I check my flight pass for any relevant information.
  • I wait for the barkeep for several minutes, and if he isn't noticing me I wave him over.  If that doesn't work, I call.

You touch the end of your credstick.
The electric charge of your finger is plenty enough, and a number "53804" lights up until you break the circuit again.
Next you take a look at your flight pass.
It's a variation of the typical datacard, elongated pentagon of plastic with a thicker handle on the narrow flat side.
The card displays your photo, ID number, a live status of the flight, and a safety message that changes once in a while.
Estimated time of boarding for flight is 9.82 standard hours from now. Airlock will be assigned one standard hour before boarding.
Be aware that your luggage will be transported in vacuum and should be properly packaged for this environment.
A hologram on the reverse encodes machine readable data.

After staring at the chatty bartender for another couple of minutes you decide to wave at him.
He immediately raises a hand in acknowledgement, finishes the conversation within a few seconds, and approaches you.

"Another cup of brew, sir?"

Another section of the countertop's lights changes color to blue.

>Attempt to hail the bartender and ask what he has to offer. If there is a root beer, buy that using crit chip. Else look over the menu. If Hailing fails, move to a close stool.

You wave at the bartender, and he (well, as far the word applies to Chrikt) quickly breaks off the conversation and rushes to you.
After a quick exchange you find out that while they serve a drink with this name, it's probably not something you'd enjoy, as it's a favourite of invertebrates.
However, the bar stocks a few dozen kinds of neutral drinks that would be safe for your species, and quite a lot more of effect-inducing ones.
You can just get water, choose something at random, pester the narrator to write a list of drinks, or ask the bartender for a recommendation.

>Rummage through backpack, taking stock of supplies for the trip
>Examine menu if one is in evidence, otherwise ask for one
>Order a glass of something nonalcoholic, likely water, and food suitable for eating on the move if necessary.  Add a closed package of pretzels, nuts or whatever might be available in a small bar if I don't have enough food for the trip.
>Pretend to be absorbed in my food, but keep one ear open for anything interesting being discussed.

You touch the scanner, unlocking your backpack.
The main compartment still contains everything you put in it - two sets of spare clothes, your data unit, and a headset.
The front pocket has a credstick and a flight pass.

You close it back and put down next to your seat, then reach for the menu, and switch categories to find something that you can actually eat.
As far as dinner goes, you don't have much choice - you can get a steak tartare made from K'tchara meat, or, for the vegetable option, a salad from sea plants, straight from the planet down below. You wonder if that sea has fish.
There's a full page of snacks that are supposed to be edible, however - both familiar and completely foreign.
The bar being a bar, list of drinks that won't kill you immediately is quite long. Some of them are supposed to be neutral in terms of effect, too.

You then wave at the bartender, interrupting his conversation with the insect-like Hsian.
He approaches you and asks if you're ready to order. Your request for water and peanuts doesn't make him too excited, but he delivers what you wanted and leaves to continue talking in a language that reminds you of faulty hydraulics.

As you wait, you realize that the backlight of the bar section you're sitting at changes from white to blue.

>I sit down and join the group
>I check to make sure my supplies are in order, I have a few energy bars backed so I decide to forgo food for the moment.
>Feeling a tad parched I decide to order something sweet at the bar.
>I wait, glancing around to get a feel for how everyone else is doing.

You change seats to the one right next to the lone patron, a large arthropod who you believe is a Hsian.
Both him and the bartender stop their chat and look at you. After a couple of seconds, the bartender, a Chrikt, asks what can he serve you.
Asked for "something sweet" he verifies that you want a drink that won't cause major side effects, and offers you a couple of types of soda, with a recommendation of alisdan.

(Um... I kind of read the second fragment as you yourself deciding that your baggage is alright and includes the food, so don't want a review of its contents?)
2  Other Realms / Role Play Theater / Re: A Change Of Plans on: February 11, 2016, 05:56:25 PM

>Check my backpack, if there is money in it, find a stool further down the bar, if there isn't, figure out a way to check if I have money or something I can charge my meal to.

You pick up your backpack off the ground and give it a good look.
It's holding on surprisingly well, considering you've been carrying it everyday for nearly a decade by now.
The colors have faded a bit, and one of the zippers is missing the pull tab, but otherwise the duracanvas has no rips in it, the padding is holding on shape and is comfortable, and the liquid proofing holds tight.
Best flea market purchase ever... okay, maybe just as good as that blender.

You touch the front pocket's seal, letting it verify your fingerprint. You then pull out a credstick and close it again.
On a second thought, you also move a couple seats towards the center of the bar, leaving just one barstool empty between you and the chatty pair. Hopefully that will be an obvious enough hint for the barkeep.


  • I firstly look at me and what I'm wearing.
  • I look around the bar for any other noteworthy details and other people.
  • I check the contents of my backpack.
  • I try to discern what genre of music is playing.
  • I take a look at the other patron.
  • I take a look at the barman.
  • Then I take a look at any menu near me.
  • I quietly eavesdrop on their conversation, keeping my visual focus on the menu.

(Also how're you running inventory in this game?  The backpack? Gray Fox Grin )

You twitch, feeling the caffeine rush kicking in.
A couple of seconds later, you once again find yourself completely unable to sit in place quietly.
Your eyes start to dart around, from one momentary distraction to another.

You wonder if maybe it wasn't so great of an idea to wear business casual for the flight.

You try to estimate how many bottles are on the shelves behind the bar, but can't stop yourself from guessing "five thousand" while there're only three rows of maybe a couple dozen each.

You twitch an ear when the unmistakable tones of a Hammond organ join the soundscape next to the guitars.

Then you wonder if this place ever got crowded, or did you just doubled the previous top amount of simultaneous customers.

Driven by a sudden worry, you put thumb on your backpack's reader, then open it and make sure your data unit, headset and spare clothes are in the main compartment.
Just before re-sealing you remember you have stashed your credstick together with the flight pass into the front pocket in a hurry, and retrieve them from among the clutter.

A sudden movement catches your attention - one of the segments of bar's countertop changed backlight color from white to blue, disturbing the previous half/half balance.

You shoot a glance at the bartender, who just finished pouring a stein of purple fizzy... something for the other customer, and resumed chatting with him.
At a transit node like here it is obviously useful for a bartender to know languages - but it sure was impressive to see a Chrikt like him make all the screeches and gurgles of the Hsian patron's native language without mandibles... you wish you'd understand what he was saying.

After your heart rate slowly returns to double digits again, you swear you'll never touch Cetian espresso again... just like you did every other week.
... And of course now you're hungry.

You reach for the menu, make sure it's still switched to filter by the right species, and tab over to foods.
Hm... looks like your choices are limited to steak tartare from fresh K'tchara meat, or a salad from the local planet's sea plants.
This makes you realize you actually don't know the name of this waterworld's name. All of your travel preparation mentioned only the station itself.

(You have pockets, you have the backpack, you may have other things to haul stuff in... Also, happy barfday! Red Fox Grin)


Dang didn't realize this was a thing, it's not too late right?

♫ It's not too late, it's never too late ♫
3  Other Realms / Role Play Theater / Re: A Change Of Plans on: February 10, 2016, 02:01:46 PM
... oh dear! Interest! *tailwags!*

Um, I mean.

I thought we'd just keep it all in this forum thread - it might be a bit harder for an "outsider" read interwoven personal threads top to bottom, but it shouldn't be too hard for you players to keep track of your bits... I can put a big bold username on top of every reply of mine if the standard quote-tag credit isn't enough.

And no signup - just jump in and go.

How the hell did I miss it yesterd... oh, right. I'll get better, I swear.
4  Other Realms / Role Play Theater / A Change Of Plans on: February 07, 2016, 11:42:53 AM
Hey, fuzzles.

I'm toying with the idea of running an interactive story in style of the classic Infocom games and all the similar creations from before and after.

If you're not familiar with the classics like Adventure or Zork, it is quite different from a typical RP because it's primarily single-player, there's no stats, rolls, or similar, and the focus is on pushing a story forward with your actions.
If you think "adventure game" by now, well, that's where the genre name came from, I believe. Happy Red Fox

The main difference here is that instead of a pre-created game, I'm going to wing it with not much more than a basic outline. Happy Red Fox

For the other big change, I plan to replace the classic "one command at a time, and examine everything because all information is hidden until you look for it" approach, with more of a tabletop (forumtop?) style, where you describe more of your planned actions ahead. With my sleep and work hours being what they are, waiting for me to answer after every single move would make it unpleasantly slow.

So, instead of "open drawer. <wait for reply>. Search drawer's contents. <wait for reply with list of them>. Pick up book. <wait for reply>. Read book.", you'd go like "Open the drawer, check what's inside. If there's a book, read it, also check out if there aren't any batteries for the flashlight".

I'd then respond with answers to all this, plus mention whatever else's interesting. And don't worry about rushing into a trap by doing this - you will be told the book's glowing with strange runes, and asked if you're sure you want to open it. :)

It still won't be super fast paced, but hopefully I can do well enough for you to enjoy.
I apologize up front to any of the professional writers visiting our forum.

As far as multiple people playing, I expect the storyline to fork and go down various routes for each of you - same as if one person would replay the game many times and make different choices each time.

Aaaand if you'd rather try the classics on your own pace instead, here's one site that allows you to play them online.

A Change Of Plans
An Interactive Improvisation
Release 1 / Serial number 160207 / Foxform v0.00; Library from around the corner

At the Progress Bar

You have found this cozy little bar the previous time you've been changing flights here on the Orvac Station.
Its off-the-main-path location makes most of the crowd miss it, leading to plenty of free seats and a pleasant atmosphere.

You're sitting by the far end of the counter, just about ready to order.
The bartender's leaning on the counter couple of feet away, chatting with another patron.
Deeply textured, powerful music is playing from speakers concealed along the walls.
Your backpack is on the floor next to you.

5  Other Realms / Random Topics / Re: Dragyn's most recent absence on: November 29, 2015, 12:51:11 PM
... ... ... ... ... *blinks* Um, I think my brain just crashed there.

I know it's kind of... the expected thing to say, but I seriously and very hard wish you for them all to arrive safe, happy, and in good health... and for your whole family to hold up well despite the increased burden.

Congratulations, Dragyn... and I hope you will not kill me for calling them beastlings. Red Fox Grin
6  Other Realms / Writer's Guild / Re: Short Story Contest thingy on: November 07, 2015, 01:38:36 PM
WW2. A soldier lies alone in a trench, paralyzed due to having his back cracked (or shot at), waiting for the pain to end.
A lone wolf approaches him, explains he wants to take a revenge on his cubs killed by soldiers, and gives him an offer...

Yeah, I'm not good about original ideas.
7  Other Realms / Writer's Guild / Re: Choose Your Own Adventure Short Story Day on: September 13, 2015, 05:27:41 PM
8  Other Realms / Writer's Guild / Re: Choose Your Own Adventure Short Story Day on: September 13, 2015, 04:05:45 PM
1. Water Supply Guard
2. Ankh-Morpork Thandren Night Watch
9  Other Realms / Writer's Guild / Re: Choose Your Own Adventure Short Story Day on: September 13, 2015, 02:44:01 PM
Anyone surprised I'd vote sci fi despite having no chance of it winning? :p
10  Comic Discussion / Crimson Flag Comic / Re: Comic 325 on: November 09, 2014, 07:24:08 AM
I vote for "picture will see through the cloak".
11  Comic Discussion / Crimson Flag Comic / Re: Comic 321 on: October 12, 2014, 04:54:48 PM
That exactly was my point... Greys usually have the red fur visible on places like neck and limbs.

Lucian doesn't, because IIRC Virmir shown him some old MK Virmir (so 100% gray) pictures to Tod as something to base Lucian on.
Then the fact he was never before seen without clothes has been used by Virmir to add at least some red on the main body.
12  Comic Discussion / Crimson Flag Comic / Re: Comic 321 on: October 12, 2014, 05:29:47 AM
Why does Lucian have so little red fur anyways, inbreeding?

Fur dye, trying to be polite to Reds when among them?
Note that he does have red fur on the sides and such places which are usually covered by clothing.

Also, to maintain consistency with the color design that happened in the earliest strips by accident.
13  Comic Discussion / Crimson Flag Comic / Re: Comic 321 on: October 11, 2014, 05:58:05 AM
True origins of Virmir right there?
14  Other Realms / Art Gallery / Re: Cartoony Drawings on: September 30, 2014, 01:02:03 PM
Doesn't look like the Mara we remember...
15  Other Realms / Writer's Guild / Re: F.O.Y. on: September 13, 2014, 05:27:41 PM
Medik, I may not be fan of TF/TG and similar stuff.
But this one made me laugh because of everything aside of this point. Red Fox Grin

You're very good at writing Virmir's thoughts and acts to be Virmirish, to feel "natural" to him.
Well, aside of one or two necessary plot devices, like having him agree to the trip here. Red Fox Grin

You strike a very nice balance with your descriptions. They're detailed just enough to give food to imagination, to make everything not feel like it's happening on empty canvas (that little mention of the rodent made me chuckle), but not overly verbose and focusing on the exact pattern of the moss on the stone like some Great Classic Writers we're taught in literature classes liked to do. Happy Red Fox

If I'd have to criticize one thing, I'd say "Toast and weird cults" is redundant... one tends to imply the other. Red Fox Grin

So, urm.
What did you mean by "harassed"?
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