About the Comic: Cast
Gray Reyn
Lucian Urocyon

Son of Lord Julian Urocyon, Lucian is a Level 3 Mage of Caerreyn, a moderately high ranking of respect within the mostly Red city-state. Rarely seeing eye-to-eye with his father, he has chosen to live his life far away from his home forests of the Auberwood, where most of the other Grays live. As a Level 3 Mage, he is often put in charge of training neophyte Level 1's when he is not a trusted member of scouting or special ops units. Lucian specializes in fire-type, projectile, and other offensive spells.

Julian Urocyon

Julian is lord of the Auberwood, a Gray-dominated forest that used to be independent long before Caerreyn united nearby colonies under its flag. Now it is one of the many territories that pay tribute to the Red city-state. The war between the Red and the Gray is long past, but old sentiments remain.

Julian is a mage of considerable power, though his abilities are unknown compared to Caerreyn Mage Guild rankings since he exists outside their circle of influence.

Emiline Urocyon

The young daughter of Julian and half-sister of Lucian.

But something's not right...


Edmund is the primary representative for the Auberwood in Caerreyn's council meetings when Julian is not present himself.
Red Reyn
Bryce Vangault

An enchanted weapons expert, Bryce does not use magic himself, but specializes in weapons with magical effects. An extremely versatile warrior with a temper, he serves as the personal bodyguard of the Queen of Caerreyn.

Sierra Woderose

Having recently acquired a Level 2 ranking, Sierra is just beginning to make a name for herself as a Mage of Caerreyn. She specializes in enchantments, but still has a lot to learn.

Queen Avelina

Queen by birthright, Avelina rules the city-state Caerreyn and all its tributaries. She is unwed, and doesn't seem satisfied with any potential suitors within her domain.


Chancellor of Caerreyn, Giles directs the Caerreyn Council. Meek and subservient in appearance, he actually holds a considerable amount of power.


A magically-strengthened warrior from a fanatical group that tried to coup the Caerreyn throne, Rastalfo was killed by Lucian years ago.


A former squad-mate of Lucian's, Kyle the archer was tragically killed when the two young Reyn got separated from their group while scouting a base of operations for a fanatical group trying to unsurp the Queen.

Snow Reyn

An extremely upbeat and cheerful merchant, Voltar has absolutely everything you need! Often blinded by his own sales pitch, deep down he has a big heart, along with secret dreams of becoming an airship gunner, engineer, or something more exciting in life.


Voltar's trusted assistant, he is often assigned challenging tasks such as laughing at Voltar's quips or choosing which hat is to be worn for the day.