posted by Virmir on August 30th, 2009 for Comic 54
I'm delighted to announce Crimson Flag's partnership with yet another of Tod's comics, Ekwara! This story is just starting out, but it updates every Saturday just like CF, so head on down and check it out.
Voltar the Magnificent
posted by Virmir on August 29th, 2009 for Comic 54
Most of the credit for Voltar goes to Tod. I'm usually very specific about how the characters look, many of them based off of designs I drew first, then passed along to Tod so he can adapt them to his style. Then every once in a while there will be some throwaway character that will only be in a page or two and I'll just say "draw whatever". So when he came along and drew one of those random guys in page 29 that kicked the tail of anyone I ever designed myself, we both went "wow", had a little brainstorming session, and... well now, he's back for more.
Story and color by Virmir. Pencils of this page provided by Tod Wills.