Regularly scheduled updates
posted by Virmir on December 12th, 2015 for Comic 346

Crimson Flag now returns to its regularly scheduled updates every Saturday!

Because I was not happy with the pace that my arms were healing, I have decided to learn to draw with my mouth. Therefore I am now able to output one page per week in addition to other art on the weekends while still resting the arms enough so they are not overworked (that is, two days with the right hand, two days with the left hand, three days with the mouth). This schedule, plus a buffer of 12 pages, should ensure this sort of thing never happens again.

I start using my mouth on upcoming page 350. Page 351 is actually drawn entirely with my mouth and from there I start using my right hand a little more each week until 355 or so where most of the line work is right handed and then I finish all the coloring, shading, effects with my mouth. (Meanwhile, I'm using my left hand to draw other stuff on the weekend.) This is where I'm at now and it's a pretty good schedule that's not bothering any body part significantly and is also allowing me to satiate my deep rooted need to spend every conceivable moment drawing. Hoorray!

12 pages is a pretty crazy huge buffer for a weekly comic, however I'm going to maintain it as long as both my arms are still not up to speed. If they ever do heal 100% (that would put me at something like 300% drawing capacity), then maybe I'll consider burning off some of the buffer with some bonus updates or something.