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Author Topic: Gadzooks! Baleful Tail Tales  (Read 74 times)
« on: February 24, 2017, 08:58:23 PM »

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Mage of Caerreyn, Level 2

It was a good day. The optimists were pleased, the cynics were horrified, and those jerks who always read ahead were placing illegal bets. You, or some avatar of yourself, found yourself on the Good Ship [REDACTED]. The Good Ship Lollipop had long since been scuttled, ever since its brother the Good Ship Shotapop joined the fleet and made the whole thing terribly awkward. Not to worry though, as the [REDACTED] is a ship that Cannot Possibly Go Wrong. Due to budget cuts, everything outside the [REDACTED] will have to make up the balance, and indeed was 3.2 minutes away from a kerfluffle(1).

You live for these sorts of things, though. If you didn't, that would be awkward and messy, so try to be consistent here. Your brochure promised travel insurance, and you're reasonably certain that even if your luggage was stolen, the thief left you a different suitcase who's contents were not entirely useless. Glancing up at the status bar, you note that you have earned 0 out of 450 points. Ah. One of those games. You hoped you remembered how Save Scumming(2) worked.

Your journey will begin immediately after you forge your passport. While you may add as much descriptive wordspew as you wish, please give the bored ticket clerk the following information:
Name: Real, Nick, Fake, Imaginary, or Pie.
Gender: Male, Female, Both, Neither, or Other
Age: Precocious, Fun-Sized, Rebellious, Grown, Crumpity, Ancient, or Undead
3 Items: These are still on you. Examples: Kitten, Sticky Hand, Team-Skull Cap, Decoder Ring, Heelies, Hint Guide, Comfy Blanket, Video Game, Inner Pizza. Gain +1 Swag if you take less than 3 items. You will always have CLOTHES, because we are decent here. They will not be very interesting if you don't declare them as one of your items, though.
Secret Conspiracy: Do not tell your enemies travel companions about this. Examples: Moon Lizard, Hypnotic Pony, Minion, Illuminaughty, etc. +1 Swag if you are an uninformed Sheeple.
Basic Power: A level 1 spell or cool talent sort of thing, like a Fire Bolt, or a Perfect Sense of Time, or a Nose for Adventure.
Dream: If you had a SCHOOL of the above powers, like "All the Fire", "Teleportation", "Modern Art" or "Lasers", what would it be? You don't have it yet, but one day. One day...

Finally, we love mad-libs. At least, the audience does. Wave to the audience! Give us: 1 Proper Noun, 1 Uncommon Animal, 1 Delicious Food Type, 3 Adjectives, 1 Verb, and 1 Time Period.(3)

(1): Not quite higgledy-piggledy, but certainly worse than a furor or a rumpus.
(2): Then you remembered that you'd been banned from Save Scumming ever since you decided Goatmom wasn't your friend anymore.
(3): Elizabethan, Age of Pirates, 1950's Sci-fi, etc.

This tale will involve a lot of tails, and thus transformation galore. You will not be building lots of numbers, this is a roleplay. Rather, sometimes I might roll a d20, and higher means better. Just for the sake of chaos.
If people agree on a time, it can totes happen in the chatroom. For now, though, once someone fills out the passport above, they will be subjected to PLOT in the very next post! Poor, poor souls.
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« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2017, 09:37:08 PM »

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Mage of Caerreyn, Level 2

An example character. Will probably explode in three manners of fluffiness during the introduction, as a warning to the non-non-player-characters. The Real Ones, as they were.
Name: Ezekiel Batsworth
Gender: Male
Age: Crumpity
3 Items: Monocle, Old-Man (Sword)Cane, Comfy Blanket
Secret Conspiracy: Uninformed Sheeple(+1 Swag). Were he not a sheeple, he would PM an actual conspiracy, like Cultist of Trask or something.
Basic Power: Monocle Eye Laser
Dream: Aristocracy. Magically Compelling kids to get off his lawn, having random Rich-Person things without needing a job, going 'Do-ho-ho!' unironically for intimidation, and so forth.

Mad Libs: THE MOON, Wombat, Fancy Salad, Pernicious//Bumbling//Doomed, Gallumph, and Long Before the Alarm Clock Rings.

A strange chap, who is essentially a working-man's idea of a rich Dickensian benefactor. His preferred slippers(the nice bunny-eared ones) have not made it on the ship, causing him to be sorely vexed. He trusts no one under 32, because he is 33 and by goat he earned it. He has +1 Swag, but as he is not a Player Character, he won't get to spend it. The FOOL. As mentioned before, probably doomed.

Now go make a character, so we can subject them to [Your Preferred Term of Character Abuse FUN]
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