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Author Topic: Into the Fray. (OCT) Sign-Up and Rules.  (Read 440 times)
« on: June 10, 2014, 03:09:28 AM »

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The hall is dark, with what little light there is filtering in from the windows of stained glass, long since broken, shattered, and faded. Miniscule beams of light stream down from above through the bastion of fog outside, allowing only barely for one to see the markings on the floor of rock, obscured by dust, debris, and shadow. A figure sits upon an age-worn throne of tarnished gold and burned iron, elbow on knee and chin on hand. He cares neither for the torn tapestry behind him, nor the scent of decay.

He sends out a message, to all who will hear. It is a simple invitation, to those who will fight, or wish to seek the rewards he will offer. Wealth more than any one soul should have. A weapon made to bring peace at its brandishing. A tool to craft the finest creations unlike any others. Knowledge of that which is unknown. Perhaps even more.

As he sits there, stoic and still, he wonders who will answer. He grins with teeth bared.

Here's a little thing I thought of running, and I finally decided to follow through, mostly to see who would respond and take up the challenge. I would offer a drawing for the winner, but:
A) I'm not that great at art right now.
B) I feel that's a bit unfair, as it only rewards '1st' place.
This is just a thing for fun, and keep that in mind.

Now, onto important things. Like rules.

This will be a competition where each opponent combats the other through his or her desired art form.
This means that, each round, people will go against each other by writing a short story (or drawing a comic, or otherwise) and then that work will be judged to determine the winner. If you do not wish to do a story, it might to smart to run your idea on what you're going to do through me.

All stories are to be submitted through the attachment of a text file to your post in each round.
This is to save people from having to struggle through having to scroll through giant walls of text. Also, this includes the example required for character sign-up.

There is only one judge.
I determine the rules for this. If you have any questions, ask me. If you are unsure about something, ask me.
And remember, I decide who wins.

Stories are to be written with information and respect.
A duel with no background can be pretty dull. For each round, opponents will be given a certain 'arena' that they will fight in, and they will be informed who they will be fighting (duh). I expect you to use the information you are given wisely, and to treat other characters with respect, as they are going to (probably) be just as competent as you.

Stories will be judged on quality.
I will be judging based on what I think of your story. I will not choose a winner by favoritism. Flashy, excessive moves will get you only cookie points.

Each round has a due date. No extensions. No exceptions.
When a round starts, you will have at least a week to create and post your work in the appropriate round topic. As a reminder, I will have the due date for each round written in each topic. However, and I cannot emphasize this enough, when it is due, your work is due. If you do not produce your work in time, you will forfeit the round. I will not be giving extensions to anyone, for any reason. This is done for the sake of fairness, as you should not get extra time if your opponent does not as well. This is also a reason that I am not offering a prize, as some unfortunate bad luck could very well rob a person of victory due to this rule.

If there is an odd number of opponents, you will still fight.
I will determine whether you fight an NPC or multiple fighters.

Keep the narrative and your character in check.
A back and forth fight where it is nothing but sword-hits-sword is boring, dull, and uninspired. Likewise, a wooden character with no personality is only good for fueling a fire. You will be required to keep in mind the personality of your character, and make them act accordingly, as well as making the fight interesting. Remember the personality of your opponent's character, too.

Your goal is always to make your opponent unable to fight, without killing them.
Be creative, and know that killing a character is bad.

Character Sign-Up

Characters will require the following to join:

1. A name.
2. A description of their personality.
3. A physical description.
4. A list of what equipment (weapons, armor, etc) that they have.
5. A brief summary of how they fight.
6. A short bit of history about your character.
7. An example of the character fighting. (Also acts as a warm up for your story-writing.)
These do not need to be provided in this exact order.

Please, no outright toon or toy characters.
While I understand that some people very much like being overly toony, squeaky, toyish, and the like, I would ask that you please refrain from this if you wish to join. It makes it easier to have a general theme of characters if they're all humans or anthros (or possibly even ferals), and I feel that throwing in ink, vinyl, stuffing, and such really ruins it.

Characters must be reasonable.
Nobody is perfect, and I hate Mary-Sues. You might want to run your character by me, personally, before you post, if you want to be sure that I believe your character is reasonable.

Be ready to explain.
I may deem part of your character questionable, and may ask you about it. In most cases, if you are able to explain it, and I'm okay with it, it's okay.

Be creative.

All Character Sign-Ups are to be submitted by 11:59 PM on June 17th. I would like to have all characters ready by the morning of the 17th, so please, if you want to sign-up, do it early so that I can check your character over and make sure everything checks out okay. However, if you do submit a character on the 17th, I expect you to have everything for them ready.

Please remember that Virmir runs this forum, and likes it PG.

I will try to be available as much as possible.
If you want to contact me, either send me a message through the Crimson Flag Forums, or try to speak to me directly through the online Crimson Flag Chat.

Keep track of this thread, as rules may be added or changed, depending on circumstances.
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I may consider entering, depending on how it ends up looking and if I get an idea for a character.

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