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Author Topic: RP ridiculousness.  (Read 1644 times)
« on: May 01, 2011, 06:25:46 PM »

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earlier today, me, Zavier, and Draykin had an RP going on, as Askr, Seraph, and Maverick respectively.
This happened.

(19:19:22) (Maverick): (The room is a square one, many shelves and cabinets line the walls, all holding the items of the inmates. Anything of importance will have to be searched for among the masses of weapons, armor, metal, and other various things. There is a single sleeping guard on a chair in the middle of the room.)
(19:19:32) (Maverick): (Bleh, first time doing that.)
 (19:19:56) (Askr): [it's good, we don't need anything fancy.]
 (19:20:53) * (Askr) gets rid of his bar and grabs the sword that was dropped on the floor (for corpses are not known for holding things very well) and sneaks into the confiscation room, closing the door behind him as quietly as possible.
(19:20:56) VirBot: (Askr) rolls 1d20 and gets 1 (1).
 (19:21:02) (Askr): [._.]
(19:21:05) (Seraph): [XD]
(19:21:23) (Seraph): [You basically just slammed the door very loudly.]
(19:21:25) (Maverick): (Whaa-whaa-whaaaaaaaa)
(19:21:36) VirBot: (Maverick) rolls 1d20 and gets 2 (2).
 (19:21:38) (Askr): {I shoudl have just climbed in upside-down through the doorway for the +5 bonus.]
(19:21:45) (Seraph): [XD]
(19:21:45) (Maverick): (The guard remains asleep.)
 (19:21:52) (Askr): XD
(19:21:56) (Seraph): [This is hilarious.]
 (19:22:27) * (Askr) tiptoes across the room with the sword over to the guard.
(19:22:32) VirBot: (Askr) rolls 1d20 and gets 1 (1).
(19:22:40) (Seraph): [XDDD]
 (19:22:43) (Askr): [...BWHAHAHAHAHA]
(19:22:47) (Maverick): (XDXDXDXDXD!!!)
(19:22:47) (Seraph): [The die is cursed.]
(19:22:52) VirBot: (Maverick) rolls 1d20 and gets 1 (1).
 (19:22:53) (Askr): [CRITICAL FAILURE]
 (19:22:56) (Askr): XD
(19:23:02) (Maverick): (The guard is fast asleep)
(19:23:11) (Seraph): [The die does not like any of you.]
 (19:23:16) (Askr): [oh gourd that's so amazing]
 (19:23:36) (Askr): [so I basically ran in, slamed the door, and stomped over to him without waking him up.]
(19:23:37) (Maverick): (Someone please post this in the forums later! XD)

When was the last time you hugged your sammich?
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