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Author Topic: Virmirs Sluggy Revenge  (Read 817 times)
« on: September 12, 2017, 10:04:15 PM »

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Virmirs Sluggy Revenge

It was a nice sunny day on a small little beach, nearby was a small little sea side Cabin. It was nice and peaceful until a Column of Green energy suddenly appeared. Out of that Portal steps out a Grey fox, He stood roughly 3 feet and six inches tall. He had light grey fur, with white under his muzzle his belly, hind paws and hand paws... Black fur on the tip of his ears and running down his tail. His eyes are a light Grey with well dark pupils. While he is a cartoon he didn't really wear any cloths, well besides a long black cape on his back. This fox was the one and kinda only Virmir. And he looked angery.
He held a little ray gun and had a potion strapped to a belt around his waist.
“OK are we going through?” Said a female voice in his ear.

“Gah good trees not so loud!” He turns the ear piece volume down a tad, “Yes Lucile I can hear you.” Lucile was female look alive of him self. He was a wizard and strange things apparently happen to wizzards.

“Kay, the target you're looking for is in that small cabin I think. Vir bot couldn't get a lot of data on this side but it's a start.”
Virmir would storm up to the door and then try to open it only to find it was locked. There was a sign on the door. It read the following:Gone shoping for the day be back later. Take your demons problems else where.
The grey fox raises a brow, “Are you sure he was the real source of that Thing that changed me?And not that weird looking Vaporion?” Virmir asked.

“Luminari Virmir, Come on stay caught up. And Yes The crux was the source, I detected no Magic from anyone else except for him.” Lucile said.

“That is confirmed even my program couldnt detect anything else.” Vir bot chimed in.

“When did I do that?” Virmir wonders.

“When you where taking a bath sir.” The robot spoke.

“Huh, I really must be a genius if Ive done that and not shocked my self.”

“Correction you ac-” Befor the bot said anything Lucile would knock him into pieces. “He spoke to much.” She grumps.

You're building a new one.” Virmir violently shakes the door.

“Dont worry he will fix him self...remember?” Lucile frowns, “Virmir if the door is locked why not use a Plot hole you got?”

Virmir stops, “Lucile you didn't sneak some weird Magical stuff into my cape again right?”

“Maaaybe.” Lucile whistles innocently. Virmir not able to trust her when it comes to weird magical stuff.

“It betters work!” Virmir shouted as he unfurls his cape and searchs into one of its pockets. Only to find a large black circle. He slaps it on the door and walks through it only to find him self on the other side. He shrugs and plys it off the door. He moves it place the potion bottle on the kitchen counter as he finds a chair, and faces it towards the door. He then sits down and waits.

“You in?” Lucile asks.

“Gah yes for trees sakes I am in the stupid house of the stupid...Blue guy! Can you shut up and let me look cool while taking my revenge?” Virmir shouted.

“Oh your still sour that I climed on you like I was climbing a mountain, I thought it was funny to place a flag in your hair.

“And a camp.” Virmir added.

Lucile giggles. “Hey I was tired form climbing!”

Virmir rolls his eyes, “I shouldn't have to face such humiliation! That's my reputation on the line!”

Hours and hours passed by, The fox just eyeing the door, waiting. Eventaly the door opens and Kyle turns on the light. He soot allot taller than Virmir, he was five foor six inches tall, with dark blue fur, With cyan colroed stripes. His muzzle was that of a cyotes, Ears large with a sprial at the end his tail was reptile like And striped. He was a crux...Who wasnt wearing anything, then again this is a pg story. He drops his grocery bags as he eyes Virmir.
“Ah Sh-” Virmir pulls out his ray gun as it sprayed green goo at the crus as it only sprayed a small portion of him.

“Hey language!” Virmir hops up as he walks towards the Crux ray gun pointed at him. “You know how humiliating it was for me to burst out of my tower as a girl? You know how humiliating it was to have Lucile climb me like a mountain huh?”

Kyle would try to whipe the goo off his chest as it only stuck to his paws, “Ewww what the f-” He was cut again.

“Does this world not have a filter or something?” He looks around, “Try again.”

“What the fudge?” Kyle eyes Virmir as the goo slowly spreads down his chest, “Gah this feels so weird what the heck did you spray me with?”
The grey fox points to the potion bottle. “Its my turn to humiliate you, you, ...Err what ever the trees you are!”

Crux.” Kyle said as he makes his ay to the potion on the counter however he was feeling a little slow...Like his legs wouldn't move like they normally would.

“Mlahahahahaha!” Virmir Crackles, “If you don't reach that Potion soon youll be stuck as a Slugtaur for a month. Curtsy of My expertise in potion brewing. And experiences.” He coughs. Kyle stops and moves to grab the fox as he pins him to the wall.

“No one messes with me Virmir. If you want to play this game we will pl...” He felt the tip of his tail feel a bit heavier as he lets go of the fox and eyes his fur slowly getting consumed by green slime The tail slowly fattening up. “Crud!”

“Kyle slowly makes his way towards the Potion, The slime slowly consuming his tail.

“That's right you better run as fast as you can because soon the potion will take full effect and youll be stuck. I wan tot see you struggle. Mr...What ever your name is, and no I dont care what your name is. Your not important enough to really know!”

“Shut up you stupid egomaniac!” Kyle Grunts his tail growing a bit longer till the slug like tail portions touched the ground. He shivers slightly His belly growing a bit more pudgy.

“No I wont shut up, I am infact enjoying seeing you struggle. Getting more, sluggish.” He spins the ray gun around one of his fingers as he smirks. “As much as I would love to see you change fully I must be off. See around Loser!” He crackles! Then he walks out.

“Ah crud.” Kyle pants softly as he falsl flat on his face his legs sticking ot his goot tail as it was fattening up. The goo slowly absorbing his paws and legs. The tail gotten a tad longer and a bit more fat. He slowly shifts his upper body up as he looks down. “Crap!” He frowns as he slowly slides his body slowly. The goo wasnt quite done his belly still growing a bit fatter, he was almost there. He reaches for the bottle as soon as he touched it, it fell on the other side with a crash!

“AH for the love of!” And the cussing commences! The goo would stop halfway up his torso a pair of gooey sluggy antenna grew between his ears as they wiggle around. “How on earth am I going to do what I need ot do now?” He sighs as he slowly makes his way to the phone.

Which took about half an hour longer then he wanted. He grabs the phone, though his paws was slightly emitting the sluggy go. “Ewww.” he dies a number as he huffs.
Keys picks up his phone as soon as it Rung. “Err Kyle? Why you call this late?” He eyes his clock which read midnight, Keys still had his bed gown and a night cap.
“Virmir turned me into a dang slug taur.” Kyle replied.
“Ha! Thats what you get for making weird magical stuff. And then having me as a consultant!” Keys retorted.
“No Keys This means war!” Kyle growls.
“Well, Feesh isn't interested in parodying Batman vs superman or anything similar like that. You wanna fight Vimrir do so without having me as a Cameo.” He hangs up.

Kyle drops the phone though due to the goo it slowly made its way to the ground. “Crap...”

So kyle now has to deal with being some sort of Slug taur for a few weeks or month...But when he changes back. Virmir is in for a good beating.

Wizards are strange, yet when two magic users go at war with each other. Well...Lets just say the dawn of insanity comes. Heh heh heh. I didn't expect one wizard and a demon hunter to hate each other just by transforming each other. How ever two worlds are in danger, will they put each others differences aside and face this threat. Or will they end up hating each other for ever?
If It happens stay tuned for

Kyle Silverfall Vs Kendo Virmir
Dawn of Insanity
A movie by: Snacklighter.
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2017, 07:24:53 PM »

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Hehe, I love it. Though I'm noticing a few mispelled words. Don't feel bad, even Vir's speech program screws up. :P

Indiana is my new favorite state. :3
« Reply #2 on: September 27, 2017, 12:00:14 AM »

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Ah, yep, that blue guy probably deserved it.

Gray Fox Virmir
« Reply #3 on: October 21, 2017, 09:59:12 PM »

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Ah, yep, that blue guy probably deserved it.

You should probably keep an eye out when he changes back lol
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