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Author Topic: Product Review (the story)  (Read 926 times)
« on: August 03, 2017, 09:54:43 PM »

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Product Review
By kylr23

Baised on Product Review by Virmir.


    It was a bright and sunny day outside, the birds are singing. The sun is shining brightly, and what does Virmir do? He glares at the window of his tower and then slams the Shutters closed.
“Blasted birds, they are always so annoying, don't they understand how much work I have to do!”

   Virmir is a Grey fox, What you expect a better description of the worlds greatest, cartoon fox, wizard guy?....Yes? Ok fine I'll give what the blasted audience wants!
He stood roughly 3 feet and six inches tall....Trees he is quite small.
“Say that again and I'll fry you !” Virmir looks straight at you, yes you the guy whose reading this thing! Ahem! Anyways enough distractions, I rather not pay Virmir the absurd amount of gold to be in this story.
“Your not even paying me!” Virmir shouts.
He had light grey fur, with white under his muzzle his belly, hindpaws and hand paws... Black fur on the tip of his ears and running down his tail. His eyes are a light Grey with well dark pupils. While he is a cartoon he didn't really wear any cloths, well besides a ratty cape on his back.

   Virmir growls as he opens the door, where the speaker, aka me was behind the door holding a  box. IM a blue crux and my description is meaningless since its just a cameo!
“Will you shut your trap and get out of my hair!” Virmir nabs the box from my paws as he slams the door closed. Rude!

“People these days they dont understand how important my study are!” Virmir sets the box on his desk as he uses a bit of his fire magic to light a candle. He had a parchment with How to boost ego as a title. He was the one writing it, it was kind of list.
1:Draw more foxs.
4:Make ego bigger due to said profit.
Virmir eyes the box for a moment and sighs, “Fine what's in the box?” He opens it only to find a collar with a strange blue orb attached to it, and a little note.
'Seeking experienced wizards to review strange magical collar, Benefits include charisma boost, Luxurious tail, Glamorous sheen. Thanks for your interest L.K, The fox holds the note over the fire and lets it burn. “Figured it must be junk. I the most important wizard have no times to review trivial things like...Collars.” He eyes the name tag which says Lucy.
“Oh for trees shakes! Its Virmir you stupid scam artiest!” He opens the door again only to find no one there. “Blast the strange lizard thing is gone. Oh well I guess I'll burn the mailman when ever he comes by. Gah! SO much time wasted, when I could of boost my ego one hundred fold by now!” He slams the door closed again and went back to the desk looking at his parchment. He grabs a few new ones and begins to work on drawing.  Time seems to fly by as he worked non stop, soon night came upon him as he yawns.

   “Ah trees, where did the time go?” Virmir asks him self looking at the full moon. He hung his cape on the nearby coat rack He then slowly looks at the collar, and slowly picks it up, The orb was kind of heavy feeling.
“Trees this thing is heavy.” He moves to the nearby mirror and shrugs for a moment, “Well it cants hurt to try it at lest.” He slowly puts the collar on himself and around his neck. 
“I mean what's the worse that could Haaaahhhhhh!” He cringes and doubles over as he felt an electric shock run down his spine and body.
“Holy cow!” He shudders as he felt his body begin to tremble. “Ohhhh~” He groans as his hips begin to Widen up a bit, His torso beginning to slim up slightly, giving his body a more feminine look to it. He felt something strange happen to his chest, He looks down to see, He was becoming a female.
“Hey!” She squeaks as she Felt her ears change shape slowly growing more feathery, a Horn grew between her hair, Her muzzle slowly began to reform into a more dragon like shape.

   “Holy cow!” She squeaks as she watches her fur begin to shrink slowly being replaced by a light blue shiny skin. She used a paw to feel it, it felt almost like rubber.
“Ohhhhh I need ot lay down.” She moves to sit on her bed, Just as she watches her beautiful fluffy fox tail begin to lose its fur, Under it was a reptile like tail with two orbs near the end of it.
“Oh this feels so weird!” She said to her self as she watches as her tail changes into a proper dragonair tail. The new Draonair looks back for a moment as she felt her hair grow longer, She sat up for a moment.
   “Ohhhh!” She pants softly as her tail began to grow longer and longer, smacking into a desk, and a random chair, knocking them over as she looks back.
“Is it done yet?” She asks her self, she looks around the room for a moment, strange why does everything seem smaller? Suddenly her bead breaks almost in half causing her to fall back against the now broken head board.
   “Gah!” She watches as her whole body began to swell up, 3 feet, 4 feet, 9 feet! CRASH! Her head hits the stone roof as she curled her self a bit to save what little space she had, After all her place wasnt that big and she was already filling half the room.

She looks at a small blinking object, it was her crystal ball, She wondered when she left that blasted thing. A image of a Luminari appeared in the ball. “Hello there this Is Keys transformation emprium calling is this Lucy or Vimrir on the other end?”

Lucy sighs, “Yes Im here what do you want?” She huffs as she felt her body grow just a bit.
“Well what do you think about the collar?” Keys asked.
She frowns so this was the guy partly responsible for it.
“Ehhh Not bad a 7 out of 10.” Lucy said calmly.

On the other end my ears Perk up hearing that as I look at Keys, “Really?” I get up and shove my face next's to Keys. “Surly its better than a 7!”
“YOU!” Lucy screams, “When I find you I will flay you alive for this you little thingy...” She frowns she didn't know what a crux was, nor cared.
“Uhhhhh...I was hoping that you would just give it a better score and I'll reverse it for you, but until then enjoy you new body.” I grin.
“Oh for tr-” Lucy was about to say something but her body grew even more causing the roof to fall apart for the umpteenth time, in fact her head went through Luciles Room. The female version of Vimir looks ar Lucy for a moment.
“Ah oh.” She quickly runs out of her room as Lucy grew even more causing her to crash through a wall and on top the ground with a soft squeak!

She slowly got up and wrap her absurdly long tail around her self, “Grrr when I get my hands on them I'll smash their roof, see how they like it!” She pauses, “Lucile Look up where Keys Magical thingy is.” She couldn't remember much of the name because the only important thing to her is Revenge!
“Sure just down the road and to the left.”

Me and Keys where waiting to see if Lucy changed her mind, Untill we both felt a rumble, The rumbling got closer and closer until the roof was torn off and Lucy looked down at them.
“Ah Trees!” They both ran to a magical portal device and magically vanished!
Lucy frowns and narrows her eyes, “Fine a 9 out of 10 Happy!” Poof a blue potion appeared in front of her, But it was so tiny!

Lucy felt another growth coming along, just a s Lucile walked next to her with some climbing gear, “Whelp time to climb Mount Vimir!

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"These sorts of things happen."
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Hate it when this happens.

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Hate it when this happens.

Nah I think you secretly love it.
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