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Author Topic: Tallyn's Form Dice  (Read 212 times)
« on: September 23, 2016, 10:04:45 PM »

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So, I know you guys have been wondering why I roll dice, then become something random and probably not too well-thought-out. Or overdone by now. I'm actually rolling because I have a list of Tallyn's abilities in a .txt document so that I can keep things consistent. The number increases as Tallyn gains new forms, and as I remember old ones that I missed. For those wondering further, there are four different dice I use. There's a dY, which increases each time a form is acquired. I usually roll it as 1dY+4, because the text document starts this roll 4 lines in, and it just helps me find which line I'm on.
This, is my Species die. It also contains some hybrids, if any stand out.
The second is my Materials die, which is just a fancy way of saying: "Am I a toy? If so, what kind?"
The third determines whether I choose feral, anthro/Morph, 'taur, naga, or mercritter. I call it Leggedness for lack of a better term.
The fourth is just a d2, which I use to determine yes/no questions, one of which determines gender.

Species die:
1:   Umbragryfyn
2:   Digbat
3:   lynx
4:   Fennec fox
5:   peregrine falcon
6:   Vaporeon
7:   Quilava
8:   Galvantula
9:   Articuno
10: Lopunny
11: Chocobo
12: Pony
13: snow leopard
14: skunk
15: raccoon
16: red panda
17: deer
18: kangaroo
19: sea otter
20: rabbit
21: beech marten
22: mongoose
23: pangolin
24: Eastern dragon
25: European dragon
26: GSA Defender-class Starfighter
27: Gründer Industries ADF-01 FALKEN advanced fighter
28: Flarebreon
29: Umbreon
30: Eevee
31: Braixen
32: Arcanine
33: Lycanroc

Material die:
1:   normal (organic)
2:   plush
3:   pooltoy
4:   poolplush
5:   balloonie
6:   costume

"Leggedness" die:
1:   anthro/Pokemorph
2:   feral/full Pokemon
3:   'taur
4:   naga
5:   mercritter

Gender die/decision die:
1:   Female (yes)
2:   Male     (no)

I hope this clears things up for you guys. I'll be adding further forms to the dice, but they'll be listed below where "normal" is now. Maybe I'll rearrange it once I get my tails in gear.
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