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Author Topic: Trubbol and Tonbo's Potion War  (Read 1688 times)
« on: April 17, 2012, 07:03:38 PM »

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Here's the result of my latest trade, in which Trubbol and his buddy get into a bit of a fight in a certain fox's potion closet.


   Trubbol and Tonbo had been having fun today. Kenku had invited the two of them over to his potion store, and had been showing them a couple alchemy tricks. Currently he was showing them a simple shrinking serum.

   “You see, a little shriveled willow, and mini poppy is all you need to fit the potions material requirements” he said as the Grey Fox stands there in front of him with the ingredient in one hand, and a flask full of red liquid in the other. Pouring the ingredients into the liquid, it slowly turns clear. “Now then” he says “All you have to do is drink it,” and drinks the mixed potion down.

   A moment later, the two of them watch, as with some light sounds of bone cracking, Kenku rapidly shrank to about half his original size, his clothing seemingly keeping up with him and staying in a way to fit. The two of them look at him with a look of slight wonder, and give him a clap.

   “So then, that’s shrinking” he said with a smile, and dived into his pocket in search for something. “Uh...uh oh.” He sayed and rifled through his pockets a bit more. “ seems I left my blue potions in my other coat, could you be so kind and get me one from the storage closet.”

   “Sure we can do that” Trubbol said.

   “Alright then” Kenku replies and began to climb up a chair to sit. “The closet is just down the hall, and to the right.” He said pointing it out.

   “Ok!” Tonbo said, as the two of them headed down the hallway, with Kenku yelling to just be careful with the other potions as they leave.

   Opening the door to the closet, the Dragon and the Canine looked over the many glittering shelves of potions with a small bit of awe. The shelves showed a great glow with various colors of lighted liquid, and different bottles of different sizes. Some bottles were etched with the symbol of a Pokemon ball, and others with a simple wave. One shelf however did stand out in the back of the closet. Set about 4 rows up on the back wall, there set a simple set of flasks with blue potions in them, to which the sign on the shelf read “Reversion”.

   Seeing what was needed, Trubbol and Tonbo raced over to the shelf, the Dragon getting there first. Flying up to the shelf after the bottle, the dragon accidentally bumped a brown colored potion, which teetered off the shelf and smashes on the floor, releasing a plume of gas that blasts into Trubbol's face.

   Coughing and reeling back, Trubbol started to feel the potion affecting him, and stumbled over as his feet as they grow longer and his toes form into three thick claws. The canine then felt his legs shift and grow in such a way that would make bouncing the easiest style of locomotion. His ears ballooned as well, and his muzzle grew long and Triangular, and he was turned into a Kangaroo.

   Changes complete, Trubbol slowly got up, and it greeted by laughter. Looking over to his buddy he saw Tonbo rolling on the floor. “Whats so funny?” Trubbol asked as he looks annoyed down at the little dragon.

   “I dunno its just, your face as you changed, ears...” Tonbo said, as he keeps laughing.

   The kangaroo, looked rather annoyed at Tonbo, and then looked around, before smiling with a grin. Pulling a potion off a shelf, he hopped over to Tonbo and grabbbed him. The dragon struggling, Trubbol uncorked it and poured the potion over him, before setting the dragon back down.

   The potion absorbing into him, Tonbo grimaced as his wings slowly pull into his back. His scales lightened and faded to almost an ash grey, as small hairs formed out from the edge of his softening skin. Tonbo's ears rounded a small bit, and his legs and arms shortened, as his paws become bigger and his claws better formed in a way that would be adapted for climbing trees. As Tonbo's horns receded in, his nose flattened and grew into a roundish shape, as Tonbo is turned into a Koala.

   Seeing the fate of his buddy, Trubbol burst into laughter. His laughter was short however, as he watched Tonbo picked up a potion off the shelf, and throw it at the Kangaroo. Grabbing a potion himself in a panic haste, he quickly threw it at the Koala, and by accident hit the potion Tonbo had thrown. The two bottle crash together and explode in a large cloud of smoke, covering both of them in the gas. As the two choke on the fumes, they can feel their bodies growing rapidly. Scales form over them, and sharp teeth grow in, as the two feel themselves growing to colossal sizes. As the smoke clears, each can see that the other has become some sort of reptilian dinosaur, and are about to remark on it, when their head's hit the ceiling, and with a rattling of the shelves, two more potions exploded onto the floor, covering each in a cloud dust a shade of brown.

   As Tonbo felt his newly formed scales shift into fluffy tan striped fur, Trubbol could feel his tail becoming long and leathery. As Trubbol's front molars grew long, and Tonbo felt his claws pop and become retractable. Tonbo's eyes then grew large and round, as Trubbol's became teardrop shaped with slit irises. The changes continued with Tonbo's legs then bending into a short digitgrade shape with padded paws, and Trubbol finding himself walking on his long clawed toes. As Trubbols ears rounded and Tonbo's point, the smoke clears, and each can see what happened to the other, as Trubbol is now a field mouse, and Tonbo, a fluffy cat.

   Sheepishly looking at Tonbo, Trubbol starts to creep away from the cats grinning face. The creeping becomes a full on run, as the two start their own game of “chase”. Bouncing about the shelves and ricocheting off a potion or two, the start making a loud racket, but Trubbol is able to keep a step ahead of Tonbo and on his toes. As with any chase however, this does not last for long, as Tonbo corners Trubbol in a corner. A Paw coming towards him, the mouse looked rather scared, when there was the sound of a small door opening and a squeaky yell rang out.

   “Alright you two that enough” A shrunk Kenku said, as he stood in the door. The two of looked at him, and understood his stern look. “I told you guys to go look for my reversal potions...and what do you guys do but mess up the place!” the fox said in a raised voice, to which the two of them look at this apologetically. Seeing their faces, he sighs, “well at this point, all I am going to ask of you guys is to help me run the shop for a few days, but right now, we need to get back to normal. That fine with you guys?” He asked, to which they nod. “Alright then, help me up to the shelf,” and so they did, Trubbol sitting on Tonbo, and Kenku sitting on him, as they collected the potions to return themselves to normal.

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He he he, amusing potion fight. Happy Gray Fox

Gray Fox Virmir
« Reply #2 on: April 19, 2012, 09:42:46 PM »

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He he he, amusing potion fight. Happy Gray Fox

Hehe, thanks. Was actually less bottle slinging than I had originally planned out, but I'm happy with how it flowed :).
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