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Author Topic: Foxgamer01: A Camping TF - A V8 Request Story  (Read 1684 times)
« on: April 10, 2012, 04:46:33 PM »

Solid Fox, Daren Crevan
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This is a story which I made for V8Arwing67 as a request. I only posted it on FA because he was going to post it on DA crediting me for the story. Though he has yet to actually do it. I don't know why he hasn't, but oh well.


EDIT: I forgot to put this in. Sorry

Edited by Dracondo

The alarm clock beeped loudly as a hand rose up and slammed down on the clock, turning it off. A young adult lifted himself up with his arms while his eyes skimmed his bedside. After a few seconds he found his square shaped glasses sitting there and he quickly put them on. His eyes then turned to the clock as it shone the numbers 5:00 AM.

“Way too early for me to get up,” he muttered as his hand reached to turn on the light above him. “But I have to today.”

The light shined in the room as his eyes observed his two backpacks, both completely full of stuff. His gaze went to the drawers at the other side of the room and saw his blue jeans and light blue shirt folded on top of it. Beside them was a printed out email he received a week ago. He quickly remembered the contents of the email as he pulled off the bed sheets off of him.

It said:

Dear Ryan,

I am planning to go camping this weekend and I wonder if you’ll come. I’m also inviting a couple of friends, too, so it can be even more fun. Make sure to bring enough food and clothes for the trip if you can come. Though, knowing you, you’ll have everything set the hour you read this. Still, send me a reply when you got your parents’ permission.


Ryan smiled widely as he got off his bed, remembering how little effort it took to get his parents’ permission after he sent Kyo his answer. He picked up his clothes and he quickly put them on while he hummed a tuneless song. He held the backpacks with one hand as he exitted his room.

Ryan walked into the living room, grinning in a wild sort of way. He placed his backpacks on the couch and he left that room with a skip. He came back with a pack filled with food made the previous night. He placed it next to the other two backpacks as he sat down, looking at this watch.

His foot tapped on the ground impatiently as he kept looking at his watch, seeing the minutes run by. His eyes gazed at the shaded window and observed it getting brighter. Then he heard a honk outside, causing him to smile.

Ryan picked up all three packs and was barely able to open the door and close it as he grinned.

He looked at the van there as he walked around the bushes in front of the door and observed a couple of people in it. Ryan recognized then as Kyo and his girlfriend Larissa. They saw Ryan and, seeing the amount of stuff he was carrying, they stepped out of the van and went to him.

“Do you need some help?” Kyo asked as soon as he reached Ryan side.

“No need,” Ryan replied, shrugging off Larissa attempts at carrying his stuff. “Where’s Colin?”

“Oh,” Larissa spoke up. “He had a serious case of the flu when we went to his house. He said that he was sorry and hoped that we’d have fun without him.”

“That’s too bad,” Ryan said sadly as they went to the back of the van. “So it’s just the three of us for this trip, eh?”

“I’m afraid so,” Kyo answered as he opened the trunk of the van. “Still, it could be worse. It could be you who’s sick in his place.”

Ryan laughed as he placed his packs in the back. When he looked back at Kyo, his smile changed into confusion. He tilted his head a bit and blinked.

“What’s wrong?” Kyo asked, noticing Ryan expression and rubbing the top of his head.

“Oh! Um, nothing,” Ryan hastily answered as his hand opened one of his backpacks and pulled out a notebook with the symbol ‘V8’ on it and a pencil. “I just thought I’ll draw on the way there. Anyways, shall we go?”

“Sure,” Kyo replied, looking as Larissa and back at Ryan.

Kyo closed the trunk and the three entered the van, with Ryan jumping in the back of the van, Kyo getting on the driver seat, and Larissa taking the shotgun seat.

“Do you think it’s going to rain tonight, like all the other times we went camping?” Ryan heard Kyo asked when he entered the van.

“No,” Larissa replied. “I have a feeling that this night will be different.”

Ryan then thought about what he thought he saw earlier. Though he knew that what he saw earlier was just his crazy imagination like all the other times, he shrugged and opened his notebook.

In it, he wrote:

Once again, for a few seconds, Kyo's head changed into a fox head.


It was late at night in the middle of the woods, at least 70 miles away from civilization. A campfire burns brightly, keeping the three figures, Ryan, Kyo, and Larissa warm, though Ryan noticed he was the closest to the fire. Kyo threw in small sticks into the blaze as Ryan drew in his notebook.

“How’s your drawing?” Larissa asked when she saw Ryan wrote something down and put down the notebook.

“It’s doing OK,” Ryan replied, looking up to the uncountable stars in the sky. “Want to see it?”

“Sure,” Larissa answered, smiling. Ryan picked up the notebook, turned a few pages, and handed it to her. She studied the picture for several seconds before handing it back to Ryan. “Another werewolf, I see.”

“Yeah,” Ryan said, grinning as he closed the notebook and placed it down. “Werewolves are cool.”

“Then you better look for some,” Kyo remarked, grinning. “It’s the full moon tonight.”

“Yeah, if they exist,” Ryan noted before he took a drink of water. Both Kyo and Larissa grinned at each other before Ryan put his drink down. “Still, they’re beautiful creatures.”

“Yeah, but I prefer kitsunes and dragons,” Kyo teased.

Ryan chuckled a bit. “Yeah.”

Ryan stood up, pulling out a flashlight. "I think I’ll go for a late night stroll. Anyone want to come with me?”

“No thanks,” Kyo replied, throwing in more twigs into the flame. “I’m too tired from our last hike. How about you Larissa?”

“Same here,” Larissa responded.

“OK. See you later,” Ryan said as he cast a final look at Kyo and Larissa, when he saw something behind her. He quickly turned around and walked away, muttering, “I did not see three fox tails on Larissa. I did not.”

After a fair distance from the campfire light, Ryan pulled out a flashlight and turned it on. A beam of light shined from it and hit several of the plants and trees around him. He walked along the forest, looking with his flashlight and memorizing unique trees so he can find his way back. He heard some movement around him and he shined the light at those direction, but was unable to see any animals. He could only see the trees and plants and could only hear the animals.

The owls hooted around Ryan as he went up a hill. He looked upwards for them in the trees, but was unable to see them. When he reached the top of the hill, he heard a wolf howl. He quickly skimmed the surrounding area, but he saw no wolves. He sighed as he went down the hill, slipping on the loose rock.

“Whoa!” Ryan uttered as he moved quickly to regain his balance, traveling down the hill in the progress. He finally reached the bottom as soon as he regained his steadiness, his flashlight shining at a dark opening ahead of him.

Ryan mouth slightly opened as he looked at the opening of a cave, his flashlight shining at the sides of it. They looked . . . smooth, like someone dug it carefully. He looked at the walls of the cave itself and they too looked smooth. The floor of it looked, Ryan noticed, like no living thing had entered this cave for a long time. To Ryan, it looked like a group of people dug this cave and abandoned it, with everything that can move pretending that this never existed.

Ryan felt chills running under his skin, yet he felt a burning sense of curiosity in his heart that grew. He felt an urge to go on into the cave to explore it and ignored his nervousness on how nothing seems to pay even a single attention to this cave. His feet then carried him into the cave, ignoring the screaming protest in his head.

After Ryan walked several feet into the cave, the moonlight was no longer hitting him, leaving him with the only source of light in his hands. He shivered a bit as his flashlight shot a beam of light at the quiet cave walls. The walls closed in, making him shiver even more though he kept walking forward even when the walls were too close to extend his arms to the side. By then Ryan has seen the other side of the cave with moonlight at the end. He quickened his pace as he reached the other side and, when he reached the exit, his eyes widened with wonder.

Ryan eyes observed what seems to be a statue made of stone in the middle of what appears to be a huge room. Lights looked plentiful in here, with a bright beam of light shining at the middle of this room, though he noticed that other lights didn’t seem to be reflecting off of anything. Ryan turned off his flashlight and put it in his pocket as he looked around, noticing that what seemed to be houses for what people lived here were dug out of stone in the walls. The roof of one level of houses was a platform for another set of houses and repeated eight more times, creating nine levels of houses for this abandoned village.

The statue itself looked like two figures standing back to back to each other. From Ryan's angle, he saw only one of them clearly while the other one was blocked. The first one looked like a man holding what looked like a gear in its right hand. Ryan moved around the statue, looking at it, until he could see the other figure clearly too and his mouth dropped when he saw it. The second figure looks virtually like the first one right down to the gear being held by its right hand, but with one clear difference. This one looked like a wolf standing upright on its paws.

Ryan took a step closer and felt something under his foot. He looked down and noticed a stab of stone laying there and, right next to it, a broken sword. His eyes then skimmed across the floor and saw that the place was littered with weapons, many of them broken. Some of them were swords, some were axes, some were bows, and many more he couldn’t name, though he thought he saw a gun or two.

Ryan eyes then skimmed back to the stab of wood and, without thinking, picked it up. He looked at the surface and noticed what may be writing for this lost civilization. The markings on it looked like diamond shapes with lines cutting through them and, in a couple of cases, under them. He turned his head to his side as he walked to the beam of moonlight, hoping that it can help him see the markings clearer.

When the moonlight hit the stone, the markings on it started to glow in a bluish color. Ryan, seeing the glowing markings, dropped the stone stab as he took a step back. It hits the ground as mist began to form around him. He looked at the hand that held the stone and, to his utter shock, there were the same marking glowing there. The mist started to cloud up his glasses and he began to remove them to clear them up.

“What th-”


Ryan other hand grabbed his glowing one as he screamed loudly. He collapsed to his knees, his body began to sweat, as he clutched his hand. The pain faded and he took a deep breath as he picked up his glasses and cleaned them-


The hand shot down, flinging Ryan glasses away from him, as he screamed in pain again. He fell to his side as his glowing hand rubbed his other hand. He felt his hands were feeling . . . thicker? His body shivered as he felt his skin on his palms were becoming thicker and tougher and the rest of his hand were getting . . . hairy?

Ryan strained his eyes, trying to see what was growing on his hands, as he felt his arms were feeling sore. He rubbed his arms as he barely felt that they were getting prickly. He looked at his arms and hands closely and . . . something was growing there. Something hair-like . . . like fur!

Ryan eyes snapped wide as he pulled his arms closer. His mouth was opened wide when he realized that fur was growing there! His mind-


Ryan curled up, his hands gripping his shirt, as he gritted his teeth. He felt his back twisting and turning in there under his skin, like someone put a wrench in there, connected it to his back, and twisted it. He gave a low growl when he felt something in the seat of his pants was growing. Instinctively, he moved his hands to take off his pants before it was-


. . . Too late.

Ryan rolled around, hitting the weapons nearby and groaning, as his hand moved to touch where his pants ripped. His hand felt something long and furry like . . . a tail? He tug it a little and, feeling the pain from the tug, his eyes widen with realization that it was his tail.

“Wh-what in t-the world is h-happening t-to me?” Ryan muttered as he slowly rolled to his side again.

Ryan felt that his chest was feeling numb and, following that, itchy. He looked at his hands and, seeing claws that weren’t there earlier, decided against scratching his chest and instead rubbed it. He felt the fur growing underneath his shirt and moaned as he felt itchy on his back and upper legs. He rolled onto his back and-


Ryan let out a scream as he arched his back and felt extreme pain in his feet. He brought his hand close to his foot and rubbed it, but he couldn’t feel his feet even though he knew he was touching it. His hand felt his foot was thickening and lengthening under his shoe as he panted.


Ryan felt his feet were ripping through his shoe as he struggled to see through this mist. He moaned again as the throbbing on his feet continued. He rolled himself up to sitting position and, feeling his feet with his hands, he felt, to his terror, fur patches that were spreading, his toenails getting thicker and longer, and his feet getting much bigger and longer. The pain finally subsided as he felt his thick pads on the bottom of his feet and his little toes moving upwards.

Ryan then felt his neck getting stiff. His hands went up and rubbed his neck as they felt the fur growing there. He moaned as he-


Ryan turned upward to the moon shining above as he screamed loudly. He then fell back to the ground as he began to cough. He rolled and coughed to the ground, spitting out blood and a few of his teeth. His eyes had barely seen the teeth and, impulsively, placed his hand in his mouth and felt his teeth. He felt that, in the missing teeth's place, there were longer and sharper fangs. His hands rubbed the sides of his face and, to his dismay, he felt the lower half of his face was moving forward. His eyes crossed at his nose and saw it moving forward too and getting darker. His eyes shut tightly as his hands felt the fur growing on his face, his ears were moving upwards and changing shape, and his mouth and nose were continuing to move forward.

Then it stopped.

Ryan eyes opened and got up to his knees to look at the moon as the mist cleared up.

He howled to it.

Ryan eyes then went down to his hand that was glowing and noticed that the markings were gone, with no trace at all. He skimmed the ground with his eyes and found his glasses. He crawled on his knees towards them and picked them up. They slipped down the side of his face when he tried to put them on. His hands rubbed the side of his face and, realizing that his ears were now on the top of his head and in a triangular shape, he positioned his glasses until they stay up. He tried to stand up, but stumbled down to his knees when he lost his balance. He looked at what was his feet while he stood up again, positioning them until he could stand up again without trouble.

Well, as little trouble as there could be like a major headache, weak limbs, sore body, and the taste of blood in his mouth.

Ryan wobbled forward to the exit, taking out his flashlight, while what was now his paws were position like he was standing on his toes. His sights darkened as he kneeled down again and, absentmindedly, picked up a stab of stone. He went back up and, staring at the exit, wobbled towards it. He turned on his flashlight as he walked through the tunnel, his panting getting heavier with every step along with his eyes, until he saw the moonlight at the end of the tunnel. The light hit his fur as he exited the tunnel before it disappeared when a cloud covered it up. His vision faded as he collapsed and, before the darkness overtook him, he thought he saw two figures running towards them and they don’t look like humans.


Ryan eyes opened up as he groaned in a low voice. It took him awhile before he realized that he was looking up to the cloudy sky and felt warm, despite the fact that he wasn’t covered in his sleeping bag. He then noticed a orange light and shifted his head to where it was coming from. His eyes squinted when he saw a campfire, the source of the light.

“Ah. Good. You’re awake,” a voice Ryan recognized said as sticks were thrown into the bright flames. “I was wondering if you were going to sleep for the rest of the night.”

“Heh. You know me, Kyo,” Ryan said as he lifted himself up. “I’m a late sle-”

Ryan stopped, his eyes widen when they saw a strange furry creature sitting nearby. The creature grinned at Ryan, perhaps even wider when he saw Ryan slowly sliding away.

“Don’t be afraid,” the creature said as he got up and throw more twigs into the fire.

“Huh?” Ryan remarked when he heard that voice. “Kyo!? Is that you?”

“Yes,” Kyo answered as he walked to Ryan side. “So you can finally see me in full.”

Ryan eyes skimmed at the grinning Kyo and lifted his head to its side. Kyo was covered in brown fur mainly with a acute muzzle and black triangular ears. His eyes skimmed down and noticed four tails, two covered in bushy fur and two covered in scales, and a pair of huge wings.

“How did that happen to you?” Ryan asked as Kyo kneeled to his side. “I mean, you weren’t . . . what you are now when I last left you.”

“Oh. This?” Kyo responded, gesturing his entire body. “I’ve been what we called a dracotsune for more than a year already. You just wouldn’t see Larissa, who is really a kitsune, and I as we really are, though I noticed you catching glimpses from time to time. Oh yes, we noticed your reactions and we grinned a little at your confusion every time."

“But before I answer your questions, since I can see it in your face that you’re overflowing with questions, let me ask you one of my own. What happened to you?”

It was then that Ryan remembered the cave, the lost village, the mist, and the painful changes. He looked at his hands and noticed them to be paw-like now, with claws and pads. Ryan felt his fur, which is mostly grey except for some parts like the lighter color grey on his torso.

“Well,” Ryan began, but hesitated. He looked at Kyo's grinning face, sighed, and continued. “I walked around these woods until I encountered a cave. I entered it and, once I’d reached the other side, I saw what remained of a village there. I picked up what I thought was writing in a piece of stone and then it started glowing when it touched the moonlight from the opening above. A mist then covered me followed by pain and I became this. I did managed to exit the place before I passed out. I’m guessing that you found me?”

“Yes. Larissa and I heard some screaming followed by a howl and we tracked down the source. We found you laying there, though,” Kyo hesitated, biting his lip, before continuing, “when we found you, there was no cave.”

“What?!” Ryan yelled, standing up. “There was a cave there! I swear it-”

“Calm down!” Kyo yelled, grabbing Ryan shoulders and made his head face Kyo. “I believe you. Larissa is still there, trying to find what change you. I can bet you that she’ll find the cave you went in-”

“Then it’ll be a bet that you’ll lose,” a female voice said and both Kyo and Ryan turned to her.

Larissa was standing there, though Ryan noted that, as Kyo said earlier, she was different. She was covered in brown fur mainly, like Kyo, though she didn’t have any of the dragon wings and she got three bushy tails, all curled up.

“I could hear you two yelling and talking about a cave and I’m sad to say that I found no cave there. However,” Larissa put in when she saw Ryan opening his mouth, “I did sense a magical barrier nearby. It’s very subtle to the point that it took me several tries to actually sense that there was one there. I also sense that it’s very strong. So strong that an army of dragons, with all of their magic and power combined, wouldn’t be able to break it. The people who built it obviously wanted to hide. From what or who, I can’t tell.”

“Whatever it is, it found them. The floor of that village was covered with destroyed weapons,” Ryan told Larissa, who nodded.

“I guess it found out how, or when, and where it opens,” Larissa said. “You just happened to have found it open at the time. As for how and when it opens, well, I don’t know. There’s only so much I can do in one night.”

Larissa flattened her ears as Kyo went to her side and patted her shoulder. “You did your best,” Kyo told her.

“Hold on,” Ryan said, his eyes brightened. Larissa ears perked up as Ryan searched his pockets and pulled out a stab of stone. “I picked this up as I was leaving. Let me see here. . . . Yes! This is the piece of stone that changed me!”

“Huh?” Larissa remarked, disbelieving. She snatched it from Ryan hand and examined it closely, rubbing her fingers on the marking. She then formed a glowing red orb and put it in the stab of stone and, after a few seconds, a green orb came out and entered her body. Her eyes were closed for several seconds, thinking and sensing. She then opened her eyes. “It does have transformation powers! But how? . . . It’s so simple, yet I feel that it’s powerful magic in there. I don’t think I, or anyone I know, can match that level. In fact, I’m not even sure if I can remove that spell on you, even with lots of help. Whatever that village was who knows how many years ago, they have incredible levels of magic. If they still exist . . . frankly, I don’t even want to imagine how powerful they once were and how much more powerful they could be if they exist.”

“Yeah,” Kyo said. He then grinned as he turned to Ryan. “So, how do you like being a werewolf so far?”

“Me?” Ryan answered as a million thoughts entered his head. “I-I don’t know. I mean, yes, I love werewolves and I even imagined being one sometimes, but I don’t know. Is there a way for me to change back? How will my friends and family react when they see me like this? Will I be kicked out of my home? How will I adjust to living like that? . . . Maybe being a werewolf isn’t cut out like I thought it’d be. Sure, I won’t mind being one for a few days, but I would like to change back as soon as I can. OK?”

Kyo ears flattened, but he happily said, “Sure we’ll help you. Right Larissa?”

“Yes,” Larissa responded, though with a hint of sadness in her voice. “With this, I can advance my knowledge on transforming. While I can’t promise you that I can be able to undo that magic, even with what I can find out on that magic, I can send you to someone who can.”

“Thanks,” Ryan said, sensing their sadness. “But when this . . . curse is removed, maybe you can show me more of this magic you have. Maybe even changing me into a dragon.”

Kyo and Larissa both perked up and grinned wildly. “Oh boy, you don’t know what you just signed up for,” Kyo remarked.

“Maybe,” Ryan said, sitting down. “I think that’s enough about me. Can you explain about what you really are and why I couldn’t see you?”

Kyo and Larissa looked at each other and both said, “Will do.”



All three looked up at the cloudy sky as another lighting flashed.

“But I don’t think this is the right time to explain it,” Kyo remarked.

“Yeah,” Ryan said, getting up.

All three ran to their separate tents, with Ryan grabbing his notebook and flashlight and tucking then under his shirt, as the rain started to pour down. Ryan felt the raindrops hitting his fur as he zipped open his own tent, leapt into it, and zipped it close. He shook off the rain as he growled, feeling that he has been cheated out of his answers to his questions by bad luck. He then lied on his sleeping bag, already feeling too warm to sleep in it, as he pulled out his notebook and flashlight. He turned on the light as he opened it to the page where he drew a werewolf earlier that night.

His eyes then gazed at his signature of his nickname for himself right below the werewolf drawing. He smiled as he remembered how Kyo, when he first heard of it, called it the ‘world's silliest nickname’ and that, if any child were given that name by their parents, he would declared them to be relatives of the father of Major Major Major Major.

His nickname was "V8".

The End
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« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2012, 08:15:44 PM »

Chaotic Neutral Cartoon Gray Fox Mage
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This is a fun story!  If you were making some joke with the name at the end, I did not get it. Plot was nice and cheesy. I like!

One recurring error I see in your writing is you tend to forget the 's at the end of a lot of possessive nouns (e.g. you write "Eric" when you mean "Eric's" in a lot of places).  I think you slipped into present tense in a few spots, but other than that, the writing wasn't too bad.

Looking forward to reading more of your stuff. Happy Gray Fox

Gray Fox Virmir
« Reply #2 on: April 17, 2012, 07:20:50 PM »

Solid Fox, Daren Crevan
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Thanks. The 'hidden joke' was about how V8Arwing67, when I asked for his character name for the story, said that it was V8. So I said in reply that I'll put in that his father has a sense of humor related to the father of Major Major Major (from the book Catch-22 which I suggest to you to not read since it's not your type of story). So he finally reveal the name to be Ryan Stillings.

I admit that grammar is not my strongest when I'm writing and I tend to mix past tense with present tense. But I'm taking a class that will help me with my problems and, hopefully, I'll get better.

I hope so too. Happy Red Fox

(19:14:28) Virmir: All of Foxgamer's pics are either super happy or BATTLE.
(19:14:53) Virmir: Except that one roo one.
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