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on: May 10, 2023, 04:10:07 PM
Thought I might make a separate post for all the non 1,000 stories I made, heh.
Cody's Treasure Hunt

This story is to accompany my recent drawing of Cody finding sunken treasure from May 2023! ^w^

So there Cody was, standing on the docks looking onto the sea. the sunlight reflects its yellow glow onto the teenage lycanthrope fellow as today is very hot, not only perfect for a swim but also perfect for a treasure dive & search.

For today, he prepared himself as he looks at a heavy rock his paws are holding. The rock is held by a long rope that is tied to both his feet separately in each end of it, this allows him to sink further however he has to untie them once he reaches the bottom. Luckily, he has a strap tied to his leg with a scuba knife equipped.

All of that may seem like a very dangerous stunt to most non-aquatic furs, to Cody however this is no issue for him as he smiles slighty & infact nofur has done this before.

The brown-colored werewolf took a deep breath as he takes a step back and then runs with rock in hand as he jumps, lets go of the rock that is connected to his feet and splashes into the sea. A large swarm of small bubbles cover his entire fur as he sinks down further while he hold his breath, his hair and black cape being lifted & drifting around.

As soon as he falls into the water, he clutched his sun pedant necklace, turning it into a crescent moon & beginning his aquatic transformation. He stops holding his breath as gills open on his chest & neck, although letting some infinite bubbles out from his mouth & snout. Fish-like fins grow around himself along with his tail having transparent ones.

Another fin, this time reminiscent of a shark, also grows on his back. Otter-like membrabe or webbing grows around his four paws & armpit, allowing him to glide underwater.

Finally, the transformation is complete as his paw feet starts to flop, they elongate along with his toes, which are fusing with the webbing as they flattened, sprouting himself some flippers.

After some sinking later, The rock Cody is tied to hits the sandy floor as he lands on it second with his flippery paws, crouching while raising his arm. He looks around the sea around him, coral & fish residing here peacefully. The temperature has been adjusted to Cody to be as lukewarm as possible.

The now aquatic wolf takes out his scuba knife from his leg strap as he proceeds to cut the rope that are tied to his flippers. His feet fins manage to free themselves from the rope as Cody then hops off the rock and starts swimming around the sea towards some hidden treaure waiting to be found, kicking his flopping webbed paws & fish tail altogether like a dolphin or merfur.

Cody explores around the sea underwater, looking for treasure to find while a school of fish follow him like he's one of them. Cody smiles a little as he takes a can of fish food from his leather bag, pours it onto his webbed paws and feeds the fishes as they surround him like curious pets. After that, Cody continues on swimming, passing through an forest of kelp without trying to get tangled by it.

Throughout the journey, Cody almost forgot that still leftover cut rope on his flippers. The fish-wolf sits on the sandy floor & unties them, leaving the leftover rope behind as he hops & kicks his flippery feet altogether once again.

That's when Cody spots something wooden near 2 rocks peeking his curiosity as his kicks his flattened paw fins faster. The object was a sunken chest, a treasure chest for sure. Cody goes excited as the happy wolf creature spews out a lot of bubbles from his snout & mouth, sitting on his knees as he picks the treasure chest with his webbed furry paws. All that swimming & searching really have payed off.

Cody hovers off a little from the ground. He opened the treasure chest in curiosity, hoping it wasn't yet another faux treasure chest. And to his surprise, there was lovely gold inside! Jewelry, coins, etc, its glow shining around the chest. Cody was so excitedly happy that he let out a lot of huge bubbles escape from his muzzle as he flaps his fins, ears & tail, there were also fishes around him who were curious. The now happy aquatic werewolf look up into the surface, ripples waving through the water, he felt it was time to emerge from the sea & back into land.

So, Cody closed the treasure chest to not let any gold escape as he kicks his feet flippers & fluffy fish-finned tail altogether like a merfur, launching himself towards the surface with the chest. While resurfacing, the bubbles escape even more through his muzzle as they form an bubble respirator around it. Cody manages to splash back into the surface, leaning himself like a mermaid & taking a gasp of fresh air. He sees the beach as he swims towards it.

When Cody reached the beach, he stands up & puts down the treasure chest as he dries his fur by shaking around like a dog after swimming. He clutches his necklace again as it turns back into a sun. He then turns back into a regular wolf person as his fins & webbing regress back into his skin hidden beneath the fur, his gills closes as his fin feet shrinks back into just paws, allowing himself to walk again without wobbling on land.

Even though he now stinks after being in the water (as all canines do), he wonders what he can do with the treasure chest (but first he has to get rid of the stench).
More to come! :3

Just keep swimming~