Author Topic: Next commission opening likely in February 2022  (Read 1452 times)


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on: August 20, 2021, 03:21:35 PM
This is advance notice that I will be opening commissions likely in February 2022.

As usual, due to high demand this is the only place I will announce the commission opening. With both email notifications available by signing up through the forums, or an RSS feed available with no sign up required, you have ample notification opportunity at your disposal.

Similar to the last batch, I will be open for a window of time and then pick the applications I like from the entire batch. I will likely also consider larger projects as well (group commissions, comics, etc.) to be scheduled at some point later in the year.

There will be one more announcement giving a more exact date more towards the beginning of the year and then an actual commissions opening announcement after that with application instructions (similar to previous openings). Please do not send me your commission ideas before then! I will review them when I am open.

Thanks for your interest!

[fox] Virmir