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on: October 30, 2019, 08:19:44 PM
The night was cold damp and dark and yet there was a fire, the flames engulfed the house leaving nothing but ash where once stop a mighty castle for a family of wealth and fame. No one really knew the residence other than the fact that they were researchers of ancient ruins in near by lands Archine, they found books, bones, swords and even odd money, but no matter what you do or what you are death will always knock on your door one day and it is your choice what to do when he comes. They told me these things but it is not what I remember. What do I remember? Nothing, but the sound of the screaming sirens and screaming sound of voices, and the echoing voice of a man saying "Sam, the change is up to you now." and now I leave it up to you, the reader to chose what makes a man good and where do you draw the line?



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Looks good!
Dunno how to answer that last question, though.


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Chapter 1 The Unused Method Part One

Sam woke up in a flash his memories thinking on what he dreamed of, what was it? It was warm and loud, really loud. It was also bright and it hurt, the pain all he remembered was the pain now. Sam groaned, it probably had something to do with the fact that his ears were still ringing, maybe when they stopped. Sam got up to walk around the room and looked into the mirror to see one of the only thing he remembered, his hair was orange with one blue spike at the top, his eyes were teal and glowed like gems in the night, his snout, his smile were still a little red and covered with ash, he would clean it off tomorrow, and then there was the little light shining around him due to the placement of the light and the mirror.

The ringing was slowing down and his thoughts were flooding back to him, the fire he had little else to dream about besides this, but he was nearly out of school and the last week would start tomorrow and he would be free no more pain and no more bullies. it would all be over soon.

The alarm went off at six A.M. but Sam was all ready up and dressed in his blue sweatshirt with a hood and teal gloves and shoes that were found on him when the fire was being put out. Most kids arrived to school at his age on the hover board usually the Comet version 3.0, Comet stood for C.razy O.pen M.omentum E.conomy T.ransport. Sam arrived on the bus every single day, still wishing that he could do reach the school the way every one else does. He shrunk in his sit as the bus reached the high school, Judgment High (The high school of Archine) was a big three story building and had a cafeteria on the side in a different building, the colors of the school where representing the Archine flag purple, blue, and red, the flag would usually fly at sport events. The school mascot was a knight in a cloak and hood, represented the coming of death because that is the pain high school brings, but Sam did not like any of it being found in the fire made he a high topic of decisions. he found people daring each other to talk to him or bug him one person gave him matches on his fourth day saying it would make him feel at home.

Sam didn't want the bus to stop, but he knew the judge that was trying to find him a suitable home for him would not do so, then the bus began to slow down tell it came to a halt. Sam put his hood on and walked out of the bus feeling almost automatically eyes feel on him like stone in the sea and like the sea rippling around him was the topic of who he was. Sam didn't know what was worse the fact that people talked about him like this or that he himself did not know either. He began heading towards his first class, it was all about history of the world and how it changed when a demon from the world killed all life on it and then brought it all back but changed the body of man, while some escaped this fate using technology most were doomed.

"Hey, Sam" a voice from behind piped up.

Sam wheeled around to see the one face he did not want to see.

"Thomas," Sam said "it is nice of you to greet me with warm salutations, but I must be making quick motions to my class to hold a decision with my teacher on a subject I find most important." Sam said this like it is placed due to the fact that it confuse people so they would not bother him.

"Sam, your words will not slow me down," Thomas said "you know we only meet a week ago and you are the only kid who does not fight back to the bullies." Thomas was a tall kid who played sports and bullied those with good grades to force them to help him with his home work, when Thomas heard about Sam's knowledge of history and science he automatically targeted Sam. Thomas then grabbed Sam's tufy of orange fur below the blue tuff of fur and threw Sam down. "You should fight back at this point, because no one will ever adopt you, Sam." and with this said Thomas kicked him in the ribs and stomped his tail and walked away. At this point Sam saw a shadow over him in the shape of a figure he thought he knew, but then it was gone.

The bell rang and Sam walked into his class, the class was blur the whole day was a blur and he kept seeing shadows moving on the walls, the doctors say this is because of the odd make up of his D.N.A. being the last one of his kind the think that his brain cells stimulate visions of figures to help trigger the fight of flight response. While Sam was thinking he bumped into his teacher who used to work at Science World the company responsible for the creation The Comet and other inventions.

"Sorry professor," Sam said "I was thinking about my stimulation problems."

"No Sam, the fault falls in my carelessness," Professor Walkman said forgivingly. she began picking up blue pints for a design that looked like a new Comet, but Sam knew it was so she could get her old job back, so he walked away right into Thomas and two other big kids.

"Well, well, well," Thomas said with a evil smile. "boys I think we found someone to throw in the dump, grab his arms and legs and take him with me." They picked him up and carried him away to the cities junk yard and throw him over the seven foot fence and left him in junk pile of metal. he sat up as they walked away but before he could curse their names he saw that there was a Comet right over in the other pile near by. Sam climbed up the pile to grab it and when he pulled out he saw why it was thrown away it engine was missing and he  saw that it need newer batteries, but Sam knew that with ever little bit of scrap he could make one that could move faster than another board made. He never made it back to school but by five,o clock it was time to test out the H.A.C. he turned it on and it emitted a low hum and warm air, and he on it and began making it exelerate and the he click a lever with his foot twice and cleared the fence with extra twelve feet he the began to go to the orphanage where his H.A.C. would be safe he could easily see himself winning a race due to the fact that the way he built it, it could reach the speed of light easily. He was ready, for the first time ever, to go back to that school of demons.
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Unused Method part two

The confusion on the face of Mr Mollegan was priceless he stared Sam up and down with bewilderment on his face, Stunned but not confused Mr Mollegan open his mouth to talk. "Sam, my dear boy you have always been so clever, but Where have you been for the last to hours?"

Sam thought for a moment knowing that anything he said would be disregarded almost instantly, he looked into Mr Mollegan's kind face, he did not want to lie to him, he was a kind wolf and kept an eye on him and seem to know when every he was in trouble, but could usually do nothing about it. Sam looked down at his feet no longer wanting to look at Mr Mollegan's face.

"Well," Sam started with a clear voice but then he saw it clearer than ever the shadow was standing right behind Mr Mollegan, Sam quickly cleared his throat, "The bullies got a hold of me at lunch and hurled me into the a place of unwanting." Sam looked away and began to walk towards his room.

"Ah, ah, ah, not so fast," Mr Mollegan said as quick as he could, "there was a teacher looking for you and wanted to reward you for be such a smart fox."

"Who" Sam asked "I am interested to know who?" Sam knew that none of the teachers would treat other students better just because of how much they know.

"Would not give me a name," Mr Mollegan said a he rubbed the bottom of his chin in thought. "but they gave me the gift saying it came from the house that you were found in." Mr Mollegan said bring out a glass box with a red circuit cloak placed in it with a button on top that when pushed it opened the glass box. Mr Mollegan placed the box in Sam's hands.

"How?" Sam asked, "I mean was it not placed in the evidence storage unit?" Sam was stunned and clueless this still should be being studied to find out what started the fire and where it came from.

"I don't know," Mr Mollegan said deep thought, "I am confused as well but the police also showed up giving me the okay to let you keep it, after all it is the one of the only things that survived the fire beside you and what you were wearing."

Sam stared down at the box, the cloak was rare and pretty mush indestructible it could charge up energy and was immune to fire and lightning, it was water proof and was smooth as silk and soft as fluff. He did not even remember it Sam could still remember nothing, when he saw it for the first time he thought if he held it in his hands he would remember everything to his real last name to if he really started the fire. Nothing came and Sam felt a pull deep in his chest he was upset and when he looked up the shadow was gone again, maybe it knew who he really was but from what Sam could tell it was only a shadow. Sam turned away and went up the stairs, down the hall on the second room on the left.

Sam placed down the box and sat down and thought hard trying to really remember the fire, the room around him shifted away he saw the flames and heard the screams and the room came back into focus. Sam did not understand, was that the only thing he could remember? or was he too scared. His ears drooped as he felt his sadness and fear enter his head.

"Why," he asked "What did I do?"

He looked at the walls they were blue like the sky and then his eyes feel on the window, he looked out and could not believe what he saw, It was Thomas but he was being picked on. Sam though about going out to help him, but deep down he did not want to help him, why should he help he was a "stand up and fight me" sort of person maybe he could handle himself he turned way from the window and hit the button on the box to get a better look at the cloak. But then he heard Thomas scream for help and when Sam looked out the window again he saw him on the ground and was being kicked in the ribs. Sam's stomach gave a sharp jolt of pain as he remembered being kicked in the ribs earlier. He looked at the cloak and chose what to do, he took of his hoodie and put on the cloak and than ran down the hall, he jumped over the balcony of the stairs and ran out the front door.

Hey!" Sam shouted so he got their attention, they turned and looked at Sam four tall kids bigger than Sam lurched towards him

"Look who it is guys," One of them piped up "it is the pyro boy." Thomas who was still on the ground ears perked up as he turned to look at Sam, Sam know he could not fight but he could keep them distracted long enough so Thomas could leave and Mr Mollegan could deal with them. The boys were wearing dark hoods to cover their face as they got closer and closer, Sam braced for impact as he was given a swift punch to the face that made his head feel like ti was ripped of his neck. Sam feel to the ground as a numbing sensation, which was part of his survival part of his DNA, spread all over his body as he was kick over and over again but it did not hurt at all.

"Hey, you pups!" It was Mr Mollegan voice the split the fighting up for a moment, he felt the kicking stop for a moment, "Leave the Pup alone he has..." Mr Mollegan's voice was cut off by the sound of fur hitting fur and a loud thud followed.

"Nice hit Toby," one of the voices said, more talking followed, but Sam felt a rush of emotions, Mr Mollegan did nothing wrong, he thought, having a new feeling take him over as he got up the voice coming back listening to the talk about where they will go next.

"With a right like the Tob, you could beat up that Peterson boy," one of them said.

"Hey you four," Sam said in a voice that was quite voice.

"Look Toby, he is up hit him and show him who is boss," the one that was talking before said as the tallest kid step forward and knocked him to the ground with a solid punch to the face, Sam was knocked down but felt nothing as he got back up slowly.

"He is getting back up Tob, kick him down," one of the other boys shouted, the tall kid swung his foot but Sam rolled out of the way and got on to his feet. Toby charged him in a rush of anger as he swung with a huge amount of force, but Sam just step to the side grabbed him by the arm mid swing and swung his arm around him and positioned it in and odd way Toby' screams filled the air. Sam kicked down at the joint in Toby's right leg as a swift crunching noise filled the air followed by more screams. The other three started fowadr and then back off deciding to leave Sam be, as the ran away Toby's crying could be heard.

"Monster" Toby said though the wailing.

"What you got you deserved," Sam said in a voice that was not really his, "Know not next time to do thing of the Devil." Sam looked at the kid and took of his hood seeing two sky blue eyes and a voice distorter on the white fox's mouth but the thing about the fox that surprised Sam the most was that is was not any old fox, it was a vixen that just collapsed due to the amount of pain searing up her arm, as Sam saw what he had done, he picked her up carefully carried her into the house to treat her wounds.


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Sam was growing tired as he took the wounded vixen inside the orphanage trying his best not to move her arm in fear of her alearting the kids who were playing outside. She was groaning and moaning as she closed her eyes. The couch was broken and old and had an oil stain on it but was still very soft and warm, as he placed her down on the couch he felt something warm trickle down his spin and then placed his hand on the back of his head and felt a warm thick liquid soak through his glove, he was bleeding. He went outside to gather Mr Mollegan and took him a placed him on the couch as well for he was still out cold. When placed down on the couch Sam checked him for wound but found no major ones but then talking came from behind him.

“You're going to get in so much trouble fighting with me.” The Vixen said in a strained voice clearly holding back tears.

“Well I was not the one looking for a fight.” Sam said calmly, “you came to me looking for that.”

“You never fought with Thomas,” she said with a tone of knowledge, how did she know, she has never been to his school.

“Well he never crossed the line” Sam said anger rising “What you did should never be forgiven, beating up someone so innocent.”

She stared at him with a evil smirk, “Well there will be charges and they will be pressed you won’t stand a chance on ever being adopted.”

But Sam was no longer listening, the room was spinning and fading in and out was it supposed to be doing this? What was going on? The shadow appeared and was walking toward him and the room was going black.

“Great Scarlets…” He heard the vixen say, “blood... your bleeding, Stars that is a lot of…” and then there was a scream a great scream came out as the shadow reached him and the room grew completely black.

“You lost out memories and what you are doing is not helping our case,” the shadow said with anger in his tone, “don’t you want to know who we are?”

Sam opened his mouth and felt like he was floating, is this what it felt like to be dead?

“You wanted to talk to me now we talk.” The shadow was being covered with blood, his blood…

“Who are you?” Sam asked

The shadow chuckled, “I don’t know just like you don’t, how did you know how to take out the vixen?”

Sam had no response, His ears dropped he felt sad and misunderstood, “I don’t know, there is nothing to know right? We are nothing, we are dead, right?

The Shadow looked him into his eyes or so it seemed, “Not yet we aren't.”

“You are not real right?” Sam asked with fear. “You are just my desperation, right?”

“ I feel real, and I know I am real, but the questions we ask can be answered if you search hard enough.” The Shadow paused. “The vixen, she has access to the knowledge but does not know it, find it and use it and we will know.”

“She knows nothing.” Sam argued, “not even my name.”

“She takes knowledge for granted ture, and beside you know that you lie to me, she knows your school, she knows your name, she knows where you live know as well.” The shadow had a point like it or not he won.

“Why are you here now and not earlier?” Sam asked, “Why did you wait for now?”

“Do you want to look insane?” The Shadow asked, “I thought you wanted to be adopted, not alone and jobless all your life, guess I was wrong.” The shadow walked toward the darkness, “You know how crazy you would look if you talked to me when no one else can see me it would scare others and make you look crazy.”

Sam looked around, stunned he did not know what to say

“You are a fool for thinking that I am a fool,” the Shadow said “ I am you I know what you know and know what they know, but I also know your deepest feelings that you don’t understand and understand them.” The Shadow anger rises, “you take me for a fool, but the fool here is you, so forgive me if I don’t talk to you for I only care about wants and needs, you dreams and desires, your life and your future,” The Shadow stared Sam down. “I hope we understand more about who we are, I do but right now you have to understand this.” The Shadow moved back toward Sam slowly, “We are not what we seem and we have the right to know.”

Sam got up, “I know we need to know,” Sam shouted to the shadow “But I have no idea how to get close to her, if we survive we go to jail.”

“Ye of little faith…” the Shadow said, “I know what will happen next so do not worry.” The Shadow moved over and helped Sam up, “if we play are cards right we will have the same amount of access to the knowledge she has.”

The Shadow looked at Sam and caused fire to appear out of his hands, “Your a mage…” Sam said excitedly. “I have read about them reshaping the planet, can you teach me?”

The Shadow laughed, “Sam you already know, just dig down deep and we will learn more.”
Sam sat back down and saw the flame and felt the heat, the fire he thought, “did we…?”

The Shadow looked at Sam, “You know I don’t know,” the Shadow sighed. “But until we do use the ifer as a last resort, do you understand why?”

Sam nodded, he knew if someone saw him use it they would blame him for the fire and that his hopes of being adopted would be ruined. Light was coming back the shadow began leaving voices were coming saying things like numbers and then Sam felt a jolt to his heart, they were trying to bring him back…

The Shadow laughed as he saw Sam’s face, “they can’t bring you back I can though… give me a moment.” The Shadow left and then Sam saw the lights as a room came into view.

“Oh, thank the Stars we thought we lost you for good…” one voice said.

“Quiet, quiet give him some room,” another said.

Then the vixen’s face could be seen and the doctors were gone he must have passed out…

“Well I got good news and bad news,” The vixen said, “the bad new is I can no longer press charges.”

Sam chuckled, “That is the bad news?” Sam said looking at her

“The good news,” the vixen continued “is that my parents have now made you my royal guard.”

“Royal?” Sam asked confused.”

“Oh yeah you don’t know do you?” She said, “I Sam am royalty, but please just call me Tony.”

“What is your full name?” Sam asked,  “And title?”

“Oh,” The vixen said “Annemarie Tony Crater, princess of Archine City.”

“Of course you are,” Sam said sarcastically.

“Oh don’t worry you took the oath, and now that school is over 7 to 5 when you get better you must protect me,” Tony said “ my parents were so happy to grab you and made some odd claims.”

“Like what?”

“That you were the God that reshaped the planet.”


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Chapter two part one training and pain

Sam was better in about a week and was a miracle to the doctors, he had lost way too much blood and they only could give him about two pints of blood due to the fact that his blood could not hand other kind of blood just another perk of being him. The doctors also had been digging around with his genetics to see if they could find something but found nothing besides what they knew. The week in the hospital went by slowly he got no visitors and the person who shared the room with him got in a car accident and lost his ability to use his left hand, but at least he had family to visit him. The thoughts of what he was told were floating through his head, him? A God? What a joke he nearly died why on earth would someone think that about him.

   At the end of the week the doctors gave Sam the same talk they gave him when the found him, “stay out of trouble,” “call if you feel sick,” “don’t die,” Sam was sick of it, he was asleep for most of his stay again, why did it matter that he call if he was feeling unwell? Knowing his luck he would be asleep the whole time he was there. When he was told he to leave he got off of the white hospital bed he was told almost in a second  after getting up to sit back down.

“Why,” Sam asked as he raised his eyebrow “do you need another test?”

The doctor gave him a stern but kind look, “No, there is someone here to see you before you leave,”

“Can’t they wait till I get home?” Sam asked.

“Wish I could say yes kid,” the doctor said “but they out rank my authority.”

“Who can out rank you in this hospital?”

The King and Queen entered the room and everything went quiet as Sam for  the first time he could remember saw the King and Queen. They stared at each other not sure who should start first Sam opened his mouth but found no words would come out of his throat.

“You can close your mouth you know, we are just here to talk to you not here for you to respond.” The King said knowing what Sam was thinking. Sam closed his mouth, “We want you to know not a lot of people have managed to hurt a daughter,” the Queen told Sam, “we trained her like an assassin, she is one Oblivion of a fighter, and you with no training kick her tail.” The Queen explained, “How on earth did you manage that?”

Sam was confused, but responded with a witty remark, “I'm sorry,” he said “I thought you did not want me to respond.” the King smiled, clearly liking the joke, turned to his wife and whispered something that Sam could not hear.

The King turned to Sam and looked him in the eye, “Did you know that we know about your power?” Sam was stunned he didn’t even know about it until he had the coma, the King continued, “We brought in our high arch mage to see if you had pontital, and he could not get a good read so we have a deal for you.” Sam moved towards the edge of the bed creaking the metal springs, “You protect our daughter, and we hire professionals to train you, not a bad deal eh?”

Sam scratched behind his ears and thought out what he would say next carefully, this could get him into the vast library that the kingdom had. “On two condtions,” Sam said thinking carefully, “one I get access to the library, and two I get a steady income.” Sam looked into the King's eyes, “do we have a deal?”

The King thought about it, “sure you can have both but only if when you need to kill you will, got that kid,” the King's eyes glowed with sparks he was not joking is was honestly scary.

Sam thought about this would he kill to know who he was, then again it would not be likely that he would kill anyone, “Sure, deal” Sam said reaching out his hand to shake but the King just turned and look to the Queen as the walked away,

“See you when you are ready,” the king said.

“We will be moving your stuff to your new room in the castle.” the Queen added

Sam was still stunned, he was moving to a castle? He would be trained to fight and use magic? What was going on? Did they forget that he nearly broke the girl's arm? Sam thought again about what he should do. “There is no going back now,” he said looking at the door. He stood up took one last look at what was his past and stepped out the door, the world was at his feet now, but it would never be the same.


   Sam arrived at the castle late that night carrying his bags and his hover board, he looked around at the castle stone walls and brightly lit entrance. The walls of sonet were warm and seemed to be alive they way the torches played of the walls seemed to create the shadows that could dance, the pictures that were hung up on the wall were nicely painted showing a little girl doing things you would not expect a vixen around 5 doing, fencing, karate, and a bunch of other sports some were hard and other like swimming were easier than the ones before.

   Sam walked farther and farther down the hall a scent of warm food being cooked hit his snout like a hammer. It smelled homely and nice, as he walked towards the light of the kitchen and saw Annamarine cooking food, and was cutting up a carrot and putting it in a pot full of a warm thick stew substance.

   “Shouldn’t the servants be doing that?” Sam asked, smiling slightly.

   “Oh stereotyping,” She said after jumping slightly, “don’t you think you are funny?”

   Sam walked into the kitchen looking around at the cabinets and walls and then said, “You are full of surprises aren't you?” he walked around and picked up a knife and studied it, it seemed to be made of pure silver.
“Well I have been trained in almost everything from fighting,” she said with a pause as she cut up another carrot, “to cooking and writing, I had quite a busy schedule growing up as most royal kids do.” She said grabbing another carrot and turning around flipping her hair, “You are going to help aren't you?”

Sam stayed where he was, cooking him? He never learned how. “So do I just cut up carrots and put them in the pot?”

“No, grab some seasonings and add them to the stew,” she said getting back to cutting up vegetables. “You only need herbs, salt, and red pepper, I already added the rest of the seasonionings.”

Sam walked around the kitchen pick up the three seasonings and then sees and mesh of mushrooms and grab one smelled it and know that he needed to add it to the pot and then poured the three seasoning in, in equal amounts and then grabbed a knife and cut up the mushrooms and added them into the pot as well. Annemarie watched him add the mushroom.

“What do you think you doing, you moron!” the Vixen screamed, “you are not supposed to add mushrooms to this stew!”

Sam looked at her, “don’t you have the recipes on paper?” Sam asked with an odd look in his eyes

“No, I am still an apprentice cook and need to make a meal without looking at the recipe,” She said calming down. “There were no mushrooms in the stew they gave me and I need to make it perfectly.”

Sam knew what she was talking about, but also knew that the mushroom would dissolve making the stew thicker and creamer. “Well I guess we will see if you can become a better cook then.”

“What do you mean by that?” she asked, but just then the Queen came in and grabbed the pot and walked away without saying a word. “It was not even the right thickness, wait, mom!” the vixen ran out to chase her mother around in the hall and then came back.

“Well thanks a lot,” she said with spite in her voice.

“Anytime,” Sam said smiling knowing that he just helped more than she would ever know and was already off to a great start at the castle.

End of Part One


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Sam thought he would sleep easy that night knowing that Annamarie would easily succeed at passing her apprentice’s chef test. He relaxed in his bed as sleep crept up on him like a cat in a thick field stalking its prey. He laid down on the bed and looked up at the dark blue ceiling which reflected the moon from outside perfectly, making the room have a warm white glow. As he laid in the bed he felt uncomfortable even though the sheets and mattress were soft, the blanket was warm and fluffy, and the room had a cool breeze that made the temperature perfect for sleeping. Why could he not close his eyes and wake up to see tomorrow’s sun? What was throwing him off?
He tossed and turned and kept trying to close his eyes to sleep, but his tossing did not help it made him more awake in the unfamiliar room. He sighed and got up, pushed the blue blanket and walked up to sit on the tile floor which was white and pearly. Sam crossed his leg and sat down to meditate, but the moon light was brighter than normal, or was it? Sam opened his eyes and looked at the moon, he never really knew how pretty it was, the moon was close due to being in a higher tower in the castle, it seemed to have a bluish glow that made it all there more beautiful. The blue curtains were being blown by the slight breeze that was pushing his whiskers back and blowing the cool night air that had a warm sent of the sea in the room. Sam breathed in the cool air he almost could hear the waves splashing though he does not remember ever being at the sea he thought, but only for a moment, he was there with the waves splashing around him on a small island, with a warm sun on his back. Sam sat up and knew what he wanted to do while he was awake, to the library to learn more about the religious history of the planet, hoping to find something about this creator of worlds to see if he could find something about his family heritage.
He creeped the oak door open slowly as he tipped toed his paws across making sure  not to hit in loose floorboards, making sure none of the floorboards creak, he made his way slowly down the wooden staircase, down a hall, pass three doors nd enter on the left into a huge room full of books of different colors shapes and sizes. It was vast, more books were in the room than Sam could have dreamed of, fiction to nonfiction, they seemed to have every book in the world in the vast library. Sam grabbed a candle and tried to light it using magic, but didn’t know how. Sam felt a rush of warmth that seemed to fill in between the spaces of his fingers and it began to get warmer and warmer, Sam focused the heat at the palm of his hand as a flame emerged and the size of the flame increased every so slowly as he focused the heat as the wick of the candle. As Sam shot the fire he pushed the heat from his hand the the candle but the flame was too big for the candle, this gave a bright flash that lit up the whole room, but only for a moment, as the fire died down causing the candle to be the only light source in the room.
Sam crepted on the floor and grabbed the candle, and snuck around the room and looked for a book that he could read, at this point he couldn’t care about what the book was about any book would do. He grabbed a book of a shelf on the third one up second book from the right, a book on the power of starlight. Sam pulled the book out it was heavier than he thought, but light enough to carry with one hand, as Sam opened the book he thought he heard someone from behind him breathing softly, Sam turned around only to see no one was there. Sam turned back around listening carefully to see if he could hear the breathing again, but heard nothing. Sam opened the book and turned through the pages and began reading interesting facts about a thing called starlight fluid, starlight fluid is extremely important when making potions stronger, one drop could make a normal poison as deadly as the world's most deadliest snake, but at the same time one drop could also cure any poison or disease. The book also claims the starlight fluid is very rare and only can be made but strong mages who have mastered space magic.
Then Sam heard the breathing again but this time it blew out his candle, Sam suddenly could see the whole room like it was lit up by sunlight, he also could see a figure in a dark cloak. Sam looked towards it and saw it’s black ears poking from the hood and slick tail swishing behind him. Sam also saw emerald green eyes glowing from the darkest part of the figures hooded cloak.
“I know you can see me,” A voice echoed throughout, Sam’s head, the figure was using magic to speak with him without talking but how? “You keep scanning me up in down, I find this kind of amusing,” The figure walked slowly towards Sam, eyes glowing and searching Sam, looking for something. “So tell me child, what level mage are you? Do you mainly study elemental magic? But most importantly…” the figure was close enough to grab him, the figure must have been using his speech as a distraction. With the figures hand on his shoulder Sam talked without using his mouth, and made the figure jump back in surprise. ”What did you say kid?”
“I am a kid, the king and queen wanted me to study up on magic and other things, they say I have…” Sam was cut off abruptly by the figure, his voice entering Sam’s head “I know they say you have unlimited amounts of power inside you,” The figure looked around the room, “Here I thought you were a common thief and I could have some fun…” the figure stopped for a moment eyes settling back on Sam, “insead I can be the first teacher to introduce myself,” He smiled, and looked at Sam with a deep stare, “My name is Alt, or that is what they call me, and you are not at all bad at stealth, but here’s a lesson.” Alt paused ears ticking to the left, “flashing of light can give away more than your position.” Sam stared back looking into the world of night and silence, he sensed danger around Alt. “You should go to bed kid” Alt said looking at Sam with the light in his eyes fading, “it is late and you need your sleep.”
Alt turned Sam around and lead him towards the door, “don’t worry about the book kid I will take care of it, you have nothing to worry about.” The next thing Sam knew he was in the hallway again walking towards the stairs to go to the room. Who is Alt really? He wondered as he walked to his room to sleep, why did he seem to have a dark aura around him? Sma entered his room as quietly as possible sneaking into the room and closing the door behind him the moon light entering the room again the slight breeze on his face pushing back his whiskers. Sam ears dropped and tail too, he did know why, but he felt sad , life the world was not going alright, he felt hurt, but he also felt vengeance. Sam hoped that all he needed to rest was one good thought to go to sleep, but as silently as he came in the roo he silently fell asleep, the moonlight shining in the room making all the things better the moon would not hurt him. The light seemed to peaceful rest on the tile floor as Sam opened his mouth and yawned as the warmth settled down around him the image of the moon perfectly placed in his mind.

Sam woke up at the sound of a bell ringing throughout the castle, he still wanted to sleep, but knew he would not sleep again until night comes again. He turned out of his bed putting on his clothing his shirt and pants were placed on him, as he was slipping his shoes and gloves on and placing on his hoodie at the same time. The room was full of light and color now as you could see the different shades of blue all around the room the light blue curtains were no longer moving as the sea breeze died down from the night, Sam ran down the stairs with little to any thought down to the kitchen where he would be able to pick up his list of things to do throughout the day, as he turned the corner he smashed right into Annemarie snouts meeting and knocking them both down.
“Sorry I was not looking where I was heading...” Annemarie started, but then saw Sam and hugged him tight.
“Uh...What did I do?” Sam asked, unsure about what he should do in the situation.
“Hope I am not interrupting something.” A figure in a blue cloak said right behind them. “Oh look I am, who cares” his silver eyes and white fur were shining like the moon.
“Archmage…” Annemarie said standing up and giving a slight bow. “Forgive me for being in your way”
“You, boy!” The man in the blue cloak shouted as Sam jumped to his feet. “Do you know who I am!? You should respect those of higher power learn that and respect that!” The Archmage pushed by them and walked away.
“You should know something about the high mage…”Annemarie said turning to look at Sam, “when his eyes are like that, call him Archmage, for as much power he has his dead brother's soul still leaves a mark…”
“What do you mean?” Sam asked in a hushed whisper, looked at the mage’s tail swishing back and forth.
“When his brother died a couple months ago, he left a mark of power in his head, if he has a bad night or moment his brother’s soul shines through him, and he becomes the Archmage one of the most powerful in the history of this kingdom, but at a cost, he believes himself to be higher than high and that only the creator of the stars above us should bow.” Annamarie said with sorrow in her voice.
“Who killed his brother?” Sam asked with fear in his voice.
“I am not at league to say because if he knew he would spend every hour of everyday trying to find him and kill him, but he had to be a powerful mage, practically unstoppable.” She said with fear and worry in her voice.
“So, have you found the one who did it?” Sam asked worried that they could have a murder on the lose.
“Father said he might have found him and has locked up the person and will never let them out of his sight.” She said looking at the tiles on the ceiling, “I wonder how he did it, he knows no magic, but he might have had a trick up his sleeve and locked him up.”
“I hope he stays in the dungeon.” Sam said with hope in his voice
“Yeah me too,” Annemarie said walking over and grabbing a paper. “Here is you list of classes that you have to attend,” She said handing Sam the piece of paper, “I will see you in three class, and don’t grab food from the fridge the cook is very easy to upset.”
“Thanks for the tip,” Sam said then looked behind him to see if the Archmage was still there. “So how long does that last or should I be worried if I have to deal with him in my studies?” Sam asked in a hushed whisper
“The Archmage will not harm you, even if you edge him on to do so.” Annemarie said looking at Sam’s eyes her eyes shining blue, “He may think highly of himself and will get angry but he usually is level headed and calm, even while in his Archmage mode.”
“So I have nothing to worry about right?” Sam asked fearfully.
“Yes, but I do suggest arriving to his class on time at 11, he is not a wolf who like to be left waiting,” She said. “He thinks many things can happen faster than the do unless they are magic and take a process, like art magic can not be rushed.”
Sam looked down at his feet and took a deep breath, “well then I guess I better go get ready for the study of arms,” he said looking at the paper.
“Yes you should,” she said running off to the library. Sam turned around and opened the door the world seemed to be ready for him and he was going to be ready for it.
End of part two.


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Part three
Sam raced down the grassy field to a hut near the wall of the castle where the armory was, he never thought he would forge his own weapons. Sam walked into the forgery where a wolf with grey fur was pounding away he had thick paws and big bulging muscles as he pounded thick red glowing iron into thin sheet metal that was beginning to look like a long blade. The wolf used some tongs and placed the blade into cold water to cool the metal before placing it on the table and grabbed some left over iron to craft the handle.
“Excuse me,” Sam asked in a soft voice, “are you the forging teacher?” The wolf had no reply as he covered the iron with leather and began to shape the handle magicly.
“Do you really expect him to respond, he talks to no one,” A voice from behind of Sam said. “Sorry I am late I am only awake right now to teach you how to make swords.” Sam turned around to see a smaller grey wolf walking through the door.
“Then who is this?” Sam asked pointing at the bigger gray wolf who was still hard at work with his hammer.
“Oh, him?” the small grey wolf said calmly, “I don’t call him anything, he is my heavy hands who helps me complete my designs.” the wolf gestured at the bigger wolf, “he also can not talk so don’t bother trying to talk to him.” the wolf placed down a brown backpack on the table and then saw Sam watching him. “I have my designs in this bag, nothing too major, unless you are a fellow designer…” the small wolf paused as he opened his bag and dug around a bit.
“So am I learning anything important today or is this a meet and greet?” Sam asked, unsure of what to do. The small grey wolf brought out a book that was bound in leather and he placed it on the table. Sam, now more unsure what to do, reached for the book and then paused, looked at the grey wolf’s face as he nodded, and then took the book and opened it and began to read.
“So today you will be learning the basics of making a bladed weapon and to save on the material we will start with a knife or maybe a short sword, depending on how ready you think you are.” the wolf paused as he brought a black board and a piece of chalk and began to draw pictures and measurements. “There are different kinds of weapons as there are magic, you got your long swords, short swords, daggers, knifes,(make sure you learn the difference) spears, staffs,(magic or quarter) bows, you can even use your shield as a blunt heavy object like, maces, ball and chain, and crossbows are another range weapon, but we will not build any of that until we get done with everything else.” the wolf began to draw a basic looking blade with heavy detail on the blade and handle and then said, “do you know what kind of knife this is?”
Sam was not paying attention and raised his hand and asked a question, “Can I have a pen?” the wolf sighed and reached though the bag and brought out a pen and handed it to Sam who thanked him and looked up at the board and looked confused.
“Are you stumped? The wolf asked, “I knew you would be, I would not know on…”
“Is those line crescents or divots?” Sam asked pointing at the heavily detailed lines, the wolf stopped and looked up at the board seeing the lines and looked at Sam again and said, “divots.”
“Oh, so then that is a retaction knife.” Sam said and then looked at the book.
“Yeah it is,” the wolf said with a grin on his face, “not many first timers would know that I am glad I finally got a pupil that knows his or her blades. The princess knew a couple, but didn’t know this one,” The wolf’s ears perked up as he grabbed Sam’s paw and began to shake it vigorously, “Name’s Hunter, I am the kingdom's magical balde smith, though I do not always make magic blades, and I already know your name Sam King told me he has high hopes for you and I can see why…” Hunter looked up and saw Sam writing in the book. “Be glad that it is a copy of the original and not the original itself otherwise I would be very made of you drawing in that book that I have worked on for years making.” Hunter looked in the book to see what Sam was drawing and saw him adding notes on the type of material and other notes on how to make the sword better.
“Kid what the heck are you thinking on adding a double point right there?” Hunter said pointing at a line that Sam had just drawn, “You know that will make the bald more clumsy and kind of pointless when you miss your swing.”
Sam looked him in the eyes and began to speak, “Yes, but the way he double point will be designed will make it cut through armor like it's butter, and…”
“Well…” the wolf said, “As much as that would work it would not be able to cut through a tank.” the wolf rubbed his chin, “You would have to make the blade perfectly and mister no name here still makes swords with blemishes.” Hunter took the book from Sam and pointed at the board. “Alright I will give this back to you when this class is over.” Hunter said and then began to walk towards the board. Tail swishing side to side as a small short handed blade was made visible as his tail moved, his shirt was bigger than his upper body concealing his blade perfectly.
Sam sat down in a seat as the pounding of the hammer seemed less harsh to his ears and grabbed a piece of paper to take notes and looked up at the board. Hunter grabbed the chalk and began to draw measurements and began to explain the materials they used for certain blades on the board as well drawing lines circles and began to write words and symbols that Sam recognised and raised his hand to ask a question that was boiling deep inside him.
“Hunter?” Sam asked hand in the air waiting for him to respond
“Hai?” Hunter asked, turning around to look at Sam, stunned, Sam put down his hand and thought his next word carefully
“You know of the ancient texts?” Sam asked, looking at the board and pointing at the symbols.
Hunter looked at Sam and smiled kindly, “I was raised on the island of the rising sun where there is many ancient ruins of man and was scholar until I found my true calling,” Hunter gestured to the swords in the room that were being worked on, “But yes I do know the words of one group of the ancients and know how to speak it as well.”
Sam looked around the room seeing all the weapons that were being built and then asked another question, “Why do we speak the language of people who have fallen to a high power they angered?”
Hunter looked back, “I do not truly know much beside the fact that the higher power also gave man another chance and let them escape to another world,” Hunter began drawing with chalk, symbols, and then spoke again “We found these symbols everywhere that talks of the end of life and new creation, and most people only know that they were given a chance but there were also given a date,” he wrote down symbols, “I do not know what they mean yet so don’t ask.” he said turning back to Sam, “so now can we get back to the lesson?”
Hunter talk about blades for the next 30 minutes explain how the blades could be made and showed how to sketch them out on paper, but something was throwing Sam off, Hunter was acting strange, one minute he was happy the next he was near anger, and when the toiling came Sam ran out and saw Annamarie sitting in the grass read a book about ancient artifacts and how they lack to what we have now…
“Annemarie!” Sam called as he ran towards her as she stared him down.
“For the last time it is Tony,” Annemarie said, “and you need to hurry to your next class anyway, remember for a mage he is pretty impatient.”
“I have some questions,” Sam said painting with his paws on his knees “about Hunter and you and…”
“Alright, alright” she said putting down the book “what do you want to know?”
“Hunter was acting strange, do you know what is wrong with him?” Sam asked, looking into the blue eyes of Annemarie.
“He often drinks coffee, which often gets him as high as a kiet,” she said, placing down her book, rubbing her chin. “After all he had no idea when you were coming in and only is sober when he knows he has to teach, so it will take him a week, but he will act normal soon enough.”
“How old is he? I mean he was about the same size as me.”
“22, when he was able to drink coffee at 18 he has not really stopped, now hurry to your next class,” she said pointing to a tree house in the distance, “It is up there and he is not going to wait for you forever”
“Oh, alright see you then,” Sam waved goodbye and ran off but Annemaire already had her snout in her book and was reading, as Sam ran off he felt as he was being watched as he saw a shadowy figure in the distance near the castle and waved at it, when it waved back he knew it was Alt just watching the perimeter.
Sam raced down to the tree and climbed up the ladder where he saw the last thing he expected to see, the mage was asleep on the desk with his snout also in a book.