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on: July 29, 2019, 12:04:10 PM
I need to explain this to anyone not following me on Twitter.

What happened was that, a few days ago, a meme was born by Bethesda's incompetence again. A glitch for their classic Doom rerelease has players forced to log in to their Bethesda account to play it. And yes, it is a glitch which Bethesda is trying to patch out.

As a result, I decided to play into the meme in my way, which is to post  a joke story that cuts short due to Bethesda's login requirement. I admit that I find it to be funny and a bunch of people who I shared it with found it to be funny. But, by the end of the day, I decided to rewrite the story a bit more serious. It's still a silly story, but there's no cut out by Bethesda. I wrote it down, and posted it on Twitter the next day. And now, I'm sharing it with you all here. Especially since it's a lot longer than I expected (I was planning it to be 500 words, and it's more than doubled that).

I have one last thing to note here.

The story itself is a Schrödinger canon to The Pokémon Prometheus, which is to say that it's both in canon and not. The reason why is because this story takes place in a different world than the one The Pokémon Prometheus takes place. But because the later stories (and, to an extent, the first one) will establish the idea of a multiverse, I cannot say that this story couldn't happen. Just that it's too far out to put in a solid plan. XP


I sat down by the edge of a field a few miles out of town, looking out into the distance. It happened to be a beautiful, bright day. Perhaps too sunny, with the temperature reaching up to 108F already. Just one of those problems to live in the middle of a desert as I always say.

Then, right out in the distance a few feet ahead, I saw what looked like to be some kind of orange fox, but it seemed odd. While it had a red-brown pelt, it also had not one, but six tails all curled up at the end. Not to mention that it also had an unusual set of fur on its head that looked like a curled locks and ending with a turf. What kind of fox was it?

Even weirder is that the fox saw me and, after a few seconds of watching with those baby blue eyes, decided to approach me with those white paws it has. What kind of fox chose to contact a human like me? A tame one? That would explain the lime bow its wearing.

But then, to my shock, the fox seemed to have been growing larger. Wait. How could it be? The fox was just average size for one a few moments ago.

Then it hit me. I was looking at the fox a mile away from me, not a few feet.

The fox soon approached me, the ground shaking as it walked, and looked down at me from a hundred feet tall. I felt my heart beats faster, yet I didn’t run away. I’m not sure why I didn’t run. Perhaps I was just at awe over how huge this fox really is.

The fox then bent down towards me and, um, gave me a nuzzle? What? Is this a gentle giant?

“Hey there,” the fox said with a feminine voice. “I’m Faith the Vulpix. Who are you?”

O. K. I must be sick at the moment and suffering from some sort of dream. Because of this fox, well, vixen really, just talked to me and said that she’s a Pokémon.

“Um, can you understand me?” Faith asked me.

“I, yes I can,” I finally answered, dumbstruck. Even if this is a dream, I thought, at least it isn’t a disappointing one. “My name is Daren.”

“That’s a nice name, Daren,” Faith said, raising one of her paw against her maw and gave out a giggle. “I was wondering if you know where there’s a lake here. For drinking and cleaning, clearly.”

“We have a lake here at the heart of town,” I answered before she lowered her paw next to me, which caused the ground nearby to shook. I jumped up a bit, feeling the vibration through my body.

“That’s great to hear,” the Vulpix said with an excited tone. “It’s incredible how walking for miles, even as a giant, wears you down. Now, if you can tell me where it is, I’ll be even more grateful.”

“Um, at your current size,” I said as I stood up from the ground, “I doubt that you’ll reach it without causing some significant damages to the town. Heck, looking behind you, you left some large footprints. Unless you wish to cause some destruction along the way.” I gave out a blush. “No offense intended if you don’t.”

Faith gave out a giggle again. “That’s a fair point. But don’t worry, Daren. Despite my footprints, I’m reasonably lightfooted even at this size. I doubt that any road damages I cause will be patched up by the end of the week.”

“Even if that was the case,” I leaned back against one of Faith’s forepaws, with it is surprisingly soft for its colossal size, “there are still loads of people with just as many vehicles along the way.”

Faith nodded before lowering her head towards me, enough that I could, in part, see my reflection against her eye. “If that’s the case, then I like for you to come with me so that I know where there are the least people around.”

“Um, you wish for me to come with you?” I asked as my eyes widened. “How so?”

“Easy.” Faith lifted the paw I happened to leaned against and used it to catch me. Then she lifted me up to her head. “You relax up on my head and direct me from there.”

I blinked as I soon found myself on the giant Vulpix’s head. Yeesh, for a day I planned to spend nothing on, it sure had turned into the strange. If it happened to be real and not a dream.

“Sure, sure. Why not?” I said as I leaned back against the curls on her head. “This is one dream that I don’t wish to wake from anytime soon.”

Faith lifted up her body as she laughed. “What makes you think this is a dream?”

I steady myself at the sudden jolt from her movement. “To be blunt, I’m on what should be a fictional creature from a video game that’s also many times larger than one should be. How could it not be a dream?”

Faith giggled as she walked forward towards the town ahead. “I’ll be sure to give you something you won’t forget.”


It didn’t take long for us to get to the town lake. Despite my fears, Faith managed to, with an enormous level of skill if I may add, avoid any vehicle and pedestrian below us. It helped that they, for the most part, stopped and galked at the giant Vulpix much like I had.

Faith swam in the lake as I sat near the edge, watching her. I admit that, for such a large Pokémon, she happened to be a graceful creature of size. It amazed me to see how, with great care, she groomed her fur and her six tails. Indeed, the six tails swayed into the air with a gentleness I didn’t think came from a giant.

But, all too soon, the fire-type Pokémon stepped out of the lake and sat down against me with a ground-shaking thud, which caused me to jump. “You need to work on that.”

Faith looked down at me and grinned. “It’s kinda tricky when you’re a giant like me. It’s like everything is made out of sand or paper after a certain height.”

“I can bet so,” I said, looking at her white paws. “In any case, where are you off to now?”

“Now?” Faith looked up into the sky. “I’m only halfway through my journey. It had been a long one. Though you cannot come, I’m afraid.”

“Wasn’t asking to,” I said, though my voice couldn’t hide the disappointment. “Besides, nothing here convinced me that it wasn’t a dream.”

“Still thinking that it’s a dream, eh?” Faith winked at me as I blinked. “So, paws or tails?”

“Um, what?”

“What’s your favorite? Paws or tails?”

I thought about it for a few seconds. “Tails, to be honest.”

Faith grinned and, before I knew it, her six tailed pressed down against me. The sweet scent flew out from her tails as they squashed me down. I blushed enough that my entire face turned red as my arms spread out against the tails. I soon found myself to be hugging the closest one against me, enjoying every minute of it despite the sore feeling though every bone in my body.

I heard Faith giggled again, this time pretty loud, and the tails lifted themselves off of me. “Darn. I was having so much fun.”

“I can tell,” Faith said before she turned around towards me, the ground shaking with every movement she made. “In any case, I hope that you’ll have an excellent rest of the day.”

Before I could say anything else, the giant Vulpix walked away, with her head held high and with a grin on her face. I got up on my feet, but Faith got too far away from me by that point, being fast for someone so huge. From an already far distance, I saw her tails swaying behind her and yet I wondered if she turned back and gave one last wink.

Even if it was a dream, it was the best dream I ever had.

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Reply #1 on: July 29, 2019, 01:25:16 PM
Good story. I would have said the same thing about the paw or tails question. [:P
You know what's funny, that I have the same eye color that Daren has. And I live in a city that's in the desert, though we don't have a lake smack dap in the center like the one in the story, ours is a half hour to and hour east pending on what side of town you live. I don't know why but it kind of makes me think that it's a reference to my town, but I don't think that you intended on that. Unless the town is a gambling town like my city.  ???

Sincerely Aurum Lupus