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Art Gallery / Trask Doodles~!
« on: July 02, 2018, 03:30:22 PM »
Hey everyone, finally decided I'll show off some of my mediocre at best art doodles I've done from time to time, first off, gonna reveal a new character born from RP, Lily! I'm new to uploading images on here so hope this comes out looking okay.

Most of these are drawn by me, unless otherwise noted.

And one in color!

Here's one drawn by Donnie of her being a Commoner and GASP! not a toy!

Finally, one by Kipaki!

Hope you enjoy! [:)

Art Gallery / Another group project idea!
« on: May 10, 2014, 05:37:50 PM »
Hey everyone! mostly just curious about how much folks would actually like this idea.

So what this is about, is basically a crane game with a bunch of fuzzies as toys, and someone playing it to possibly win one of them [or fail miserably]! [:P

What is everyone's input? If enough people actually like/want it, I can definitely plan for it sometime down the road, and if not, I got other ideas too, so please tell me what you think. [:)

Game Room / Donnie's Fox race mod
« on: December 17, 2013, 02:29:29 AM »

Donnie has been working on a fun little project, which I am about to reveal to you guys, and I think you'll all love it. [:)

Screenshots here:

Something I wish more folks would include, are FOXES, or fluffy tails, or better yet, both! [:P

Game Room / Starbound CF party!
« on: December 04, 2013, 09:55:15 AM »
Hey everyone! I've got an idea, would any of you guys perhaps like to play Starbound together with me? I had a ton of fun with Minecraft and Terraria in the past with other friends to play with, so I figured I'd ask all of you, having pre-orded the game and all, I always have a blast with parties of fuzzies in a game. [:)

We could probably also use this topic just for Starbound-related things too, because why not? [:P

EDIT: Also, if anyone wants to, my Starbound server is:

Random Topics / Trask's Toy Armory
« on: September 29, 2013, 04:08:49 AM »
Hey everyone! decided I'd compile and post all of the items, abilities, and such that Trask possesses, even including his familiars, Sys'siro and George. [Sys'siro is the original creation of BlueDragon62 aka Kouryuu, credit goes to him, and is used under permission.]

- Trask Nyntyg Kyuro 's Items and companions. -

Scape: The scape, part scarf, part cape, is a useful and versatile garment, which the plain appearance greatly belies It's true power, Trask was created with this at start too. To start off, the scape is Trask's backpack/inventory, keeping all of his items within, everything within looks like a touch screen of little patches sewn on, he grabs a hold of one, and can then bring out the item! anyone who tampers or tries to access it without permission, would find themselves a lot more snugglier, immobile, and adorable. Another feature is the fact it can sprout into a pair of plushy wings of sorts, whether they are feathery, dragony, bat-like, or whatever else, he can freely transform them at will between scape and scape-wings, as well as what they look like, a product of dragon essence and other little quirks in his creation, granting him flight! And finally, the scape itself is quite protective, warding off all sorts of harmful magic and magical effects, yes, even ice will not breach the scape, making it a very good shield, even despite the soft cloth-like appearance, it can even protect against weapons and physical attacks to some degree.

Spirit Needle and Thread: This item, a sword-sized sewing needle, is made of a flexible, magically conductive metal, Nynium, is well-suited for use as an enchanted item and weapon. It has a special glowy crystal of magical energy on the eye's tip, this crystal draws upon some of the mana from the user's body, as well as some of what is inherent in the crystal itself. This crystal emits a special thread, spirit thread, whenever the needle is used, obeying the user's commands, the thread is surprisingly versatile despite what one may think. It is responsible primarily for plushification, and even pooltoyification in some instances, but it can mend toys, be used to make bubbleweave, as a bowstring, and even to make thread arrows for It's secondary function. This mode is used as a bow, firing thready arrows of toyification, or can launch feather darts, and is one of the items used to 'prime' the darts, ready for use! It's a versatile tool and weapon in Trask's arsenal, making it very effective and commonly used, and for good reason! lastly, It's construction makes it suitable for wielding as a rapier.

Bubble Pipe and Magic Bubbles: The bubble pipe is a potent tool, that despite It's appearance, looking like an ordinary pipe for smoking, it is not used for such purposes. Instead, it is made from special materials to fill a special purpose, Trask was created with it, and has always been a part of him, thus, shares some of his traits, which will be explained soon. The pipe itself is not really special however, It's the bubbles that are important, when one blows air through the pipe [and can work in reverse if one blows through the bowl of the pipe too!], it produces bubbles , special bubbles that when popped, cause all sorts of crazy things! mostly toyification, but due to the chaotic nature of Trask's magic and essence, it can easily do what is intended, and more! The bubbles can, and commonly will be used together with Trask's other items for creative uses, such as the other half of the bubble weave with the spirit needle's spirit thread, and easily manipulated in other ways.

Tail Ink: Trask was created with a special ink contained within his tail, which looks like just a fancy pattern of faux fur and fabric, and like everything else Trask possesses, It's not as it seems. How it works, is Trask always has a certain reservoir [also displayed as a handy bar, video game HUD style] contained within the tail, around between the vinyl interior of the tail, and the fluff within. When Trask makes brushstrokes with his tail, it leaves streaks of ink, whatever he draws with it becomes real as part of a mystical link between the one who draws with the ink, and the ink's magic. This ink slowly regenerates at all times and will eventually replenish itself fully given the opportunity, it also visibly shows how much is within the tail by how dark the black markings are, from the deepest black when full, to a darker blueish gray shade compared to the normal blueish gray. It's a handy tool and item with many uses, and also shows some even more fearsome power when the Inkscape is worn!

Master Windup Key: A seemingly ordinary key once belonging to a windup toy, made of a gold-colored metal, and masterfully crafted, this key however can do a couple things, one of which is quite unexpected. One of many other tools Trask acquired on his travels across countless worlds, times, and planes from performing quests for a kingdom of good, it primarily is created for windup toy TFs. Simply stick it into an unsuspecting victim, or any (un)willing participant, and the magic begins It's work, making a windup toy. The other function is simple, and pretty creative, a special button of sorts exists on the key, triggering the secondary mode, when turned clockwise, it will inflate It's target/victim, turning it counterclockwise will deflate instead, how far one turns it in either direction determines the rate of inflation, and setting it in neutral will cease the inflation/deflation. Just one of several items in Trask's toymancy arsenal that serves It's own, fun role.

Emperor Cape: This is JacFox's old prototype robe, an emperor of a powerful empire in another universe, given to Trask for variable reasons, this robe is designed to give a hearty boost to the inherent magical abilities of those who wear it, provided they do have any magical ability to begin with! While it is not responsible for toymancy on It's own, it does make anything else Trask uses, and Trask's own inherent powers much more powerful, making bubbles for instance, affect a larger area, last longer, and/or more durable! It has since been a useful and important addition to the arsenal.

Emperor Crown: A crown designed by Trask to match the cape given to him by JacFox, he thought that It'd make no sense to be an emperor, but be lacking a matching crown. He sat down and got to work, long days of forging and magical enchantments procured a crown fit for any ruler, self-proclaimed or otherwise, in keeping with the cape's magical boosting power, it bestows the wearer much more potent physical might, enhancing strength, endurance, speed, dexterity and agility. In addition, the crown when tossed causes a decoy to pop up,  It reacts to sudden cold by detonating into plushifying/toyifying gas, protecting Trask from immediate cold/ice-based attacks.

Sunnyo-yo: The Sunnyo-yo is at first glance, just a fancy ornate yo-yo with glowy effects and such, but it is actually specially crafted with a combination of two different types of magic. The primary purpose of the sunnyo-yo, is to cause puppetification, anyone hit by it will instantly be infused for a split moment with the sunnyo-yo, as it returns the threads attach to various areas, and the synnyo-yo turns into paddles, allowing one to manipulate their victim/subject by the paddles and spirit threads. The secondary function is that of an anti-evil weapon, it shines with a radiance similar to Trask's mother, Mehlahphuse, particularly devastating to evil and other impure things, and purifying non-evil beings too. It may also soothe and protect good beings and remove the ill-effects they may be suffering, making a great tool to help his friends and family!

Tome of Tooniness: The Tome of Tooniness is an ornate book of mysterious origin, and at first, even more mysterious function! This fancy book has a few neat tricks, firstly, it can capture other fuzzies, and various other sorts of creatures into the pages of the book. Secondly, it can edit them while they're inside it, changing them into toons when within, and they can become just about whatever one could imagine! Thirdly, they can be summoned from the pages wherever Trask is, lastly, it can also recall anyone or anything within the page, back to It's original spot, It has It's use of course, like the other functions, and of course, it provides a boost to Trask's magical stats, and provides a decent shield too!

Magic Feather Hat and Feather Darts: A fancy and pretty eccentric hat of sorts, Trask was created with it like his bubble pipe, and it has two main functions. It's primary function is that of producing special feathers, originating from a Wyvera, the same species as Sys'siro, alone, aside from being easily enchanted and magical, they don't do much. This changes however, when they're applied with some ink and a bubble, this 'primes' the feather darts and allows their true potential to be revealed, as special TFing dart bombs! These can be tossed, or launched from the spirit needle when used as a bow, and can be proximity, timed fuse, or remotely detonated in either an immediate and violent blast, changing or incapacitating all within the radius, or projects a special aura over a wide area which slowly alters everything within. No matter which mode is set, Trask can apply any sort of toy TFs, or any other kind of TF to several targets at once! and of course, the secondary mode is as armor of sorts, surprisingly protective and sturdy like the rest of his outfit.

Inkscape: A fun experiment involving an interesting theory based on the properties of what the scape is made of, the inkscape was created mostly by accident, but nonetheless, is powerful and useful in It's own right. Mostly a copy of the scape, It's not as powerful as the original, but provides Trask with twice the reservoir of ink to use, as well as a fun and simple feature that when flicked, the inkscape 'fires' out a shower of ink droplet bullets that spread almost like a shotgun effect, quite dangerous indeed! It's primary difference, appearance-wise, is that it has fun inky intricate patterns all over, in addition to also a large cartoony stylized symbol of an ink droplet on the back of the scape in the center.

Magic and Psychic powers: Of course, Trask is not without his own inherent powers outside of his gear, he is an accomplished spellcaster, Master Toymancer, and Sage [denoting a generalist magic practitioner] and has also honed his psychic powers, far too numerous to mention of course, but he is far from harmless when found unarmed.

Bubble-Bagpipes: Common musical instrument repurposed for a new job and use, the bubble bagpipes are one of many items acquired in Trask's travels, it can do things similar to Trask's bubblepipe, and is considered a power-up of sorts as per the plot permits or requires, sorta. In addition, it may also provide Trask with some fun imitation of a Bardic Performance, providing many effects that of songs provided by a Bard, in addition to bubbly fun and TFs! considered by many to be a DOOMSDAY DEVICE, but that's sort of unproven, maybe! [:P

Magic Putty: A special enchanted putty given to Trask by Tech via a crazy experiment one day, this item can be used for a special purpose. Simply take a small piece of the putty, and toss/insert it into the item(s)/fuzzy(ies) you wish to alter, and whatever is done to the putty, is also subjected to the target(s) enchanted by the small tracer pieces of the putty, effectively working just like a voodoo doll! to undo, a recall spell is imbued into the "master wad" of sorts which completely cancels further changes, and can even dispel the changes done,

Lantern of Radiant Protection and Truth: This mysterious and unassuming lamp of older design and style has It's origins in a light house, owned by a mysterious keeper of the lighthouse in a far away land. It was the product of many magical experiments taken place on the site throughout the ages, and one day, lost It's use to him then the fire could no longer be doused, called the Eternal Flame. Trask happened across this place when the lighthouse keeper wished to dispose of it, seeing value in such a device, Trask gladly took it off his hands and wore it like a necklace, due to the straps already present on it. This lantern can light any darkness, can also bestow a radiant glow of protection around It's wearer, shielding them from harm through the eternal light which emanates, and of course, grants the wearer the gift of True Sight, allowing Trask to see the truth, see through illusions, invisibility, shapeshifting, and anything else which would shield one's identity and motives, while not a toy-based item, it is quite useful!

Magic Button of the Guardian: A magical button that was given to Trask by Robin Firedrake, when he ran into him one time, mostly a fluke of dimensional magic travel, he happened upon a mysterious tree house of sorts, belonging to the mothdragon. Being a member of a Guild known as the Sapphire Guild, overseeing all things magic for items and services. The two became quick friends, and soon after, Robin became his adoptive brother, to symbolize this momentous occasion, he presented to Trask the Magic Button of the Guardian. A protective amulet of sorts, it was a literal button found on clothes in appearance, colored in various silvers and blues, with an ornate symbol of Robin's emblazoned on the front, with a glowing gem on the center. This item also doubled as a useful shield, providing protection in a similar manner, secondly, it also caused nearby toys to animate and protect and/or fight for Trask and his friends/allies. When not available, instead, it will change enemies or nearby random people into various random toys to provide aid, receiving powerful buffs when done so. A wonderful protective addition to the arsenal, it proved quickly to help even out odds whenever they were unfavorable, and like many toymancy equipment, easily pacified all hostiles one way or another.

Dragon of Destiny Cloak/Staff/Collar One day, an interdimensional mage was doing battle against an unknown shadowy monster of ambiguous origin and massive power, outmatched, they needed a way out, however, this mage messed up with a teleportation spell and fortunately, wound up near Trask. The mage at first wasn't sure if the toy fox was a friend or foe, but weakened, Trask knew that the mage needed aid, and offered it. In gratitude shi would introduce hirself as Ryka, a fluffy white rubbery dragon of sorts, and Trask looked after hir while shi recovered. After shi felt better, Ryka would offer a gift of respect and thanks, the white dragon offered hirself to be a constant ally, shi could melt and reform as Trask needed, aiding in magical power, toymancy, and a useful tool overall [with a hint of dangerous randomness!]. Too many functions to really list, basically, Ryka can be summoned and will help Trask usually in the form of a cloak, staff, or a collar, with a gleaming gem of magic, whenever Trask would use hir powers, it would announce in an almost robotic digital voice.

Appearance-wise, in cloak form, looks like a fluffy looking cloak with a hood shaped like a dragon's head, with a pair of gauntlets and boots, looking soft and fluffy like a fursuit, greatly enhancing power, especially melee with punches and kicks, even allowing Trask to consistently lift large and heavy objects with ease without magical buff spells, the benefits are extremely pronounced when Trask and Sys'siro are fused.

As a staff, it provides a natural focus and amplifier for magical and psychic powers, being an ornate staff with a glowing gem, with a dragon's head grasped around it, granting greater finesse and power with all manner of spells and psionics.

As a collar, nothing too notable aside from passive buffs, and wish granting powers within reason, limited by magical power and mana capacity of course, appearing as a fancy silvery white collar with the gem around a pair of dragon claws engraved into it.

M0N4RCH Monocular Neural Computer: A variant of the high-tech piece of kit used by Spacesune Archaeologists, this version operates a bit differently. It can scan things, even take pictures, and can transmit and receive radio signals like any other Monocular [being standard issue functions], but it wasn't designed to just simply scan and learn about lifeforms, but It focuses more on scanning and diagnosing toys, and granting a boost to Trask's psychic powers, the implants and other algorithms within reinforcing and condition his mental clarity to peak performance, allowing supreme performance with those powers. This comes at the price of not having the specialized sensors and scanning equipment on the ARC-1M3D35 model, but that's a better fit for his Spacesune form and job. Lastly, the M0N4RCH stands for: Monocular number/type 4, Royal Crown Holocomputer. It is also important to note, this is worn with the Emperor cape/robe exclusively, and draws It's name to enforce the regal majesty of It's wearer, just like the cape does.

Armadillo Adaptive Armor Apparatus: A seemingly ordinary pendant fashioned from a gear or cog used in various machines or other clockwork creations, possibly steel, though could be made of something stronger and/or lighter. Trask received this item from a chance meeting with a curious robotic being that looked like an armadillo, hence It's namesake. As the pair became close companions, he gave Trask this pendant as a token of friendship. The item's appearance belies It's true purpose and function, it has a golden yellow gem attached to the center, floating and suspended in place, primarily it gives a constant shield against physical harm and injury. However, it also may change into a wrench, spanner, screwdriver, or other sorts of common tools used to build and repair, through a series of modular modifications that allow it to disassemble momentarily and reform into a different shape, powered by the crystal within it acting like a battery. More a tool for non-toy-based tasks and other various situations.

Quad A Bubble Buster: Further tinkering with the Armadillo Adaptive Armor Apparatus yielded a new inventive function, based on a well known video game character from Earth, double tapping the yellow crystal causes rapid disassembly and reassembly into a literal arm cannon. At the cost of all the advantages a free paw offers, the bubble buster gun fires out plasma bubbles! they can also be magical TFing bubbles just like from the bubble pipe, the shots may be charged, similar to Megaman's buster gun, the charged bubbles are larger with several smaller bubbles contained within. Upon impact, the bubble explodes and showers the area in smaller bubbles, causing more explosions, quite a dangerous mix indeed, it may also store and fire/cast spells, called spellshots. Spellshots like the name implies, launches the spell in the form of a bubble, generally color coded to somewhat denote what it could do. Finally, it can fire thread-like bubbles that mend and repair on impact, though this generally is best done to toys, they also look heart-shaped, for easy identification of their restorative properties.

- Standard bubble shot: Basic bubbles fired from the bubble buster.

- Charged bubble shot: More powerful bubbles that operate like a cluster bomb, causing a large blast.

- Spell shot: Effects vary widely based on spell in particular, but casts magic either stored within, or before finishing casting the spell.

- Bubblethread shot: Healing [toymancy] bubbles that repair a toy on impact, convenient for when unable to reach the target otherwise.

Robe of Spirit Needles: A hooded robe in the colors of blue and silver, found as dungeon loot in a weird quest that took place in Trask's dreams. It has six spirit needles protruding from the loose sleeves, three on each side, they're perfect resplendent replicas of the spirit needle, they function as
throwable/launchable projectiles. When thrown, they seek the closest target, or any target specified, once the projectiles hit their victim, threads wisp out from the gem and begin to weave and thread through them. This causes a rapid toyification, usually plush, and can be retrieved afterwards, or if not able to reach or collect them, the robe can and will respawn extra spirit needles to replace the ones expended after about a day's time.

Katalyst Kaleidoscope: This fancy ornate kaleidoscope with orbiting geometrical shape crystals is the product of Trask seeing Tech's geometrical catalyzer, the item that the UHD uses. Feeling inspired by seeing it in action, and how it works, Trask decided to study and apply what he learned about the UHD into an object that vaguely imitates it. The Katalyst Kaleidoscope as he dubbed it, combines the power of the geometrical catalyzer's mysterious technological powers with the magic of toymancy, in an easy to use interface that is based on an ordinary kaleidoscope. It has seven functions that activate in a somewhat predictable sequence as the kaleidoscope is shifted while viewed through, pixelize, sprite, decompile, modify, recompile/normalize, transfer, and geometric breakdown.

- Pixelize: The target is rapidly converted into data and their matter and state become digitized, shifting them into a different mode of existance, allowing them to be downloaded, uploaded, and exist within computer and computer-like worlds.

- Sprite: Similar to pixelize, Sprite turns the target into a living video game, becoming flat and 2 dimensional, allowing them to act in many ways as paper could!

- Decompile: This function causes the subject to literally fall apart and be reduced to little cubes, spheres, or other simple shapes.

- Modify: Modify allows active editing of anyone affected by the double K, changing the shape(s) they're made of, and allowing custom overrides.

- Recompile/Normalize: Restores the target to normal after any changes or functions used on them.

- Transfer: Transmits the subjects under Sprite or Pixelize from one location to another, or exchanges the effects caused to one target to another.

- Geometrical Breakdown: Functions similarly to decompile, it is randomized and can cause one to be reduced to a pile of randomized shapes!

Plushkerchief: A simple sheet of mostly unassuming cloth, modified from a common bed sheet, a curious experiment Trask felt like conducting on it turned into an interesting effect. Not too unlike the stage magicians who conceal things with sleight of hand and obscuring with sheets and such, anyone who has this item draped over them quickly find themselves plushified! though he has a few kinks to iron out, namely the lack of mouth and the curious shrinkage.

Bubbloons: Created when Trask experimented with a balloon-making device, some bubble fluid accidentally mixed with the formula, and resulted in what was to be called 'bubbloons'. These look and act exactly like a balloon, minus the fact they're transparent and made of bubbles, even with a bubbly string which is durable enough to use. Trask can use these to tie onto himself for higher jumps, or even to hover or fly up, they also allow him to lift other objects or fuzzies too.

Ink Brammer: A special hammer and paint brush fusion created from various magical items laying around, Trask got bored one day and combined them with Tech's assistance, feeling like he could use more ink-based abilities, the result is what he calls the ink brammer! At a glance, it appears to be a hammer with a spherical section on top of the hammer head shaft part, tipped with a big brush, how it works, is the hammer part may do normal hammer things, and of course, can also perform functions of a brush with the brush component. What makes it special is how it interacts together, along with Trask's ink powers! When activated, the hammer may leave inky detonations on impact! causing various effects, and compressing toons with ease, or even turning non-toons into toons! the brush part can also tap into the Inkscape for added potency and shoot out inky globs! It's a very fun tool in Trask's mittenpaws.

Inkjector: While making the Ink Brammer, Trask also decided to create an interesting ability, when his Lantern of Radiant Protection and Truth and Spirit Needle and Thread combine, they can effectively turn into a large syringe-like device, which he called the Inkjector. The lantern part is a reservoir which can be filled with ink via drawing it out of Trask's tail, or can be filled with pure spirit energy from the spirit needle portion, the thread feeding directly within, while it works like any syringe would, this also allows Trask some fun ways to perform experiments!

Tick Tock Toymaker: A product of more tinkering between magic and technology, this timekeeper, fairly "antique" by most modern standards, takes the appearance and function of a pocket watch, complete with chain and lid. The most obvious function it has is keeping time, but less obvious is it can calculate the current time of any location from anywhere, in addition, it can know the age, time, or duration of any object or event as well. In keeping with Trask's ever-increasing mastery of toymancy, it also can create clockwork toys of any sort! The Tick Tock Toymaker lastly possesses a slot on It's casing that can support one magical crystal or orb of any sort, which both amplifies the magical item's effects, but also bestows different abilities on the clock as well, a result of Trask's magitech tinkering.

- George -

George is technically an item of Trask, but is also his own character! a segmented toy snake brought to 'life' of sorts thanks to Trask's toymancy. George is kind of shy, but is nice and likes to have fun! helping his friends however he can, and fond of hanging out with Trask and Sys'siro.

Serpent Snare: George's primary power and ability is the serpent snare! George can expand and contract, not unlike the longshot from the Legend of Zelda series, and also partly inspired by the Rope Snake from Mother 3. George can latch on and pull himself and/or Trask across hazards, or bring friends or foes closer or further away than himself, making it a very useful ability.

Toy Venom: Another special ability of George's, this special venom comes from his fangs, this allows him to inject it into anyone, unsuspecting or otherwise, and causing a toy-based TF!

Hypnotic Gaze: Lastly, George can also use his eyes to perform a hypnotic gaze, everyone observing the gaze enters a strange trance and begins to inflate uncontrollably, something which those under his influence, find very pleasant and fun.

Dig: George's sharp fangs and sturdy construction make him suitable to burrow through terrain, acting like a high-powered drill of sorts.

- Sys'siro -

Sys'siro is a plush Wyvera, a winged serpent dragon-like creature, also animated via Trask's toymancy, extremely magical, Sys'siro is Trask's familiar. Wearing a blue scarf, and possessing big cute toony eyes, and a nice silvery color, Sys'siro looks pretty cute and harmless, which of course, makes many under-estimate his powers and talents. He aids Trask in his magical powers and abilities, while at the same time, learning and being able to use some of what Trask knows or uses, he is his companion, sometimes mount, and invaluable ally.

Feather Spell Darts: Sys'siro can use the feather darts same as Trask, however, unlike Trask's version, it doesn't need to be primed, nor is it restricted to TF or harmless other effects, being even used to cause devastating feather spells and other effects. [Totally WIP.]

Familiar Training: Pretty much encompasses all of his spellcasting and enhanced magical resistance, this training also gives him and Trask a special psionic link, the two can sense each other anywhere and can feel what the other feels, or sees, smells, touches, etc.

Fusion: Sys'siro and Trask through their special link, may also fuse together, combining their powers into a single, more powerful being, under this fusion, they can freely do anything the two could do separately, but with greater effect and efficiency, their magical and psychic powers far more powerful as well. Pretty much just like DBZ's version of the fusion dance.

Spirit Thread Breath: After a while of being with Trask, Sys'siro developed an interesting quirk after an experiment, he eventually gained an ability similar to Trask's needle, allowing plushification/pooltoyification, as well as a convenient way to patch up Trask or George should the two become damaged in someway, also makes a great power to snare enemies, and set traps too!

Flight: Sys'siro also can fly! and can be a wonderful mount for Trask when needed as well, his light and slender frame as well as general shape, makes him pretty aerodynamic and capable of complex aerial maneuvers, he also has a tactic to dive bomb with his feather spell darts and/or other kinds of magic from above.

Sys'siro Satchel: Though he's normally a plush, Sys'siro can also function quite comfortably as a backpack, with detachable straps and removeable zipper on his belly providing hammerspace storage. While worn as a backpack, if his front faces Trask's back, he can flutter his wings to provide a hovering second jump, and lastly he can store Trask inside and transport him safely through areas he cannot pass through or access, even providing safety from the dreaded cold! now that's supreme serpentine storage with a smile.

- Amara -

Amara is a slinky ferret toy, like George, she is an item as well, she was found lying around in an old bin of toys, about to be thrown out, but Trask didn't think very well of that, and rescued her, proceeding to grant her animateness and tinkering away on Amara. She has by default, a quadruped shape, but can also shift to a biped configuration as well, she has paws and arms/legs with metal joints to allow movement, and a long tail, also jointed. She is colored tan with a few brown spots, her slinky part is a nice silver colored metal, she is a magical toy and like any other toy, can toymode at will, and even involuntarily so! she is made very-well like George and Sys'siro and a very close companion to them all.

Slinkify/Slinky TF: Amara can turn others into slinky versions of themselves via hugging, this can complicate things for those who wanna snuggle her, but she can optionally not transform others as well.

Bind: She may also trap and stop someone cold in their tracks, similarly in the same manner as her slinkify power, coiling around and tapping into her magical energies.

Spring Jump: Amara's body can store energy due to her special design, and at will release it suddenly for a powerful leap, making an audible cartoony "BOING!" sound in the process.

Shift: Not really so much a special ability, but Amara can freely swap between biped[anthro], and quadruped[feral] at anytime she chooses, each form with It's own pros and cons.

Fusion Coil: A rather unusual power due to later tinkering done to her, Amara has a power known as the fusion coil, when two individuals grab onto opposite ends of her body, she can trigger a fusion between them when she is stretched out from both sides, acting as a magical conduit.

- Dragon Form -

Thanks to a special dragon ritual done by Mehlahphuse, draconic essences were imbued with Trask to create a proper full amount, granting him a dragon form based off his adoptive mother. He is a golden dragon, with the wishing powers and gem, and even some level of increased mastery and aptitude with light and healing magics. Listed below are the special traits of this form:

Light Magic/Healing Magic mastery: Pretty self-explanatory, Trask is stronger with these spells than normal while in this form.

Wishing Gem: Works just like Mehl's gem in every way, it grants wishes, and can so do linked with Trask's bubbles as well, they can only do whatever the mana supply allows.

Bubble Breath: The same bubbles from his pipe, are present in replacement of a fire breath, Trask breathes bubbles! and have the same effect as the bubblepipe bubbles as well.

Elemental Bubbles: Trask's dragon form can also breathe bubbles imbued with an elemental property.

Natural Flight: One of the most obvious and useful features of this form, is the ability to fly, which is pretty self-explanatory in itself, Trask doesn't need his scape to fly as a dragon, granting a pretty big advantage.

Enhanced Psychic Powers: Exactly what it says, Trask's dragon form empowers his psychic powers.

The Plush Resistance: No, not an organization to conquer fleshly types, this lets Traskgon/Tragon share some of his natural strengths with nearby allies.  Spontaneous toyification, dragonifaction and/or growth may result, in addition, this also bestows elemental resistances, a fair amount of enhanced strength and durability, and a small-ish regeneration bonus as well.

- Angel Form -

Some consider Trask to be a 'god of toys' of some sort, and they'd be essentially correct! This form embodies some of the toymancer's most mysterious and potent powers and abilities. It is however, a fair bit more fragile and not suitable for combat, playing a more supportive role.

Enchanted Harp: This form grants Trask a special harp, entirely unique to this form alone and can only be used while an angel plush.

Angelic Arrangement: A special song is played through the enchanted harp, the soothing melody and strings produce a lightening feeling, quite literally! All within range of it begin to turn into pooltoys and become very happy, almost even hypnotized one could say, brightening up from the vinyl reflections they see within themselves.

Phase: Trask in this form can willingly become immaterial and shift his body into a different plane of existence, turning invisible and essentially becoming a ghost, just without being dead of course. This ability can allow Trask to phase other toys with him too! it just requires greater effort for every additional toy.

Squeaky Stardust: Trask can flap his wings, showering the target(s) in special stardust that can cause them to change into plushies, it even can affect fuzzies through solid objects and surfaces.

Radial Toy Pulse: In emergencies, Trask can stretch his wings out, emitting a special light all around him, causing randomized toyification, this tends to use a lot of mana, and can only be used maybe a few times at most per day. The most important note, is that the subject(s) have to be directly bathed in light to be affected!

Bloating Beacon: While similar to the Radial Toy Pulse, this is a different light both in appearance and function, it specifically only inflates toys, and the area and effect begins rather small and slow, but slowly builds up and grows more powerful and increases in size, building up to cause rapid, wide-area inflation! The most important note, is that the subject(s) have to be directly bathed in light to be affected, just like the Radial Toy Burst, and any part of the toy(s) not being hit by light won't be affected either, which can cause humorous results of lop-sided toys with one side far more inflated than the other!

Halo: Trask's halo can be tossed to spawn a decoy, this explodes and causes the area to be showered in sparkly star fragments that turn the victims into random toys, it also causes a very disorienting blinding flash and stun effect, it respawns after use. It also can be changed into a hose [also known as a halose], to inflate a single target, there's a special trick to removing the hose too, but that's disclosed as needed.  [;)

Natural Flight: One of the most obvious and useful features of this form, just like the dragon form. is the ability to fly, which is pretty self-explanatory.

Golden Ink: Instead of standard black ink, Trask gets a special golden ink, when passive it is a light blue tail stripe+tip, when it is active, it changes to gold. This is used to inscribe angelic script that when read, causes the effect desired at the time of inscription.

- Behemoth Form -

When Trask encounters injustice, sees innocents and toys in danger, or fills his limit break meter, he becomes Trask-hemoth! A super powered form which provides huge buffs to all his stats, it lasts only a short time, long enough to dispense justice and revenge on those who are wronged, and to save the day!

Behemoth Boost: When undergoing this transformation, Trask receives a massive bonus to all his stats and abilities, even his tools and items become more powerful.

Dynamic Bubbles: Trask-hemoth performs anime-styled bubble attacks, this can include crazy colorful backgrounds with fast motion lines, dramatic poses, action-y power-up music, and possibly charging sequences among other things.

- Merottoy/Ottoy Form - [AKA Mermaid + Otter + Toy]

Lacking a form that can handle aquatic environments beyond helplessly floating on water like a toy, this form fixes that problem, as an ottery mermaid toy, he can swim quickly, and even dive! something Trask cannot do due to his very light weight. It also possesses many unique qualities that offer interesting utility as well. Appearance-wise, he is a gray-ish otter with a teal-colored lower half that resembles a generic species of fish when he is a merotter toy, or simply a gray colored otter when not, and for both forms, fins on the arms, and legs [as an ottoy]. In addition he wears shell armor of sorts on the upper half around the torso made of one large shell on the front, and a smaller one acting as a clasp on the back to keep mobility, with straps that appear as aquatic foliage as well, with the scape also resembling underwater foliage in appearance [like kelp or something] complete with aquatic designs. The circlet crown would also have a watery motif to go along with the theme, as well as on Trask himself, he would have watery patterning that appears when he is soaked with water.

Merpendant: This item is what allows the otter toy form of Trask's to become a mermaid and back at will, it also gives passive benefits as well, including an immunity to water magic and attacks of any sort, and increased power with water magic and attacks. It appears as a water drop-shaped Aquamarine stone, with some magical shells on the pendant next to it on either side, the 'chain' itself was a silvery gold color.

Tidal Toymancer's Trident: Taking the place of the spirit needle in this form, this item serves as a staff and a weapon, and covers most of the spirit needles duties [largely the toymaking ones anyway!] while also having a few unique abilities itself. Firstly, it carries about 5 sockets along the shaft to which to insert magical gems into, these add different extra spells depending on the order in which they are placed, or even in what quantity. Secondly, it can be thrown as a javelin despite the size, and it will always magically return to Trask afterward in his mittenpaws, serving as a handy ranged weapon for when spells just won't do.

Bubble Shield: A literal bubble shield, this is unique to this form, a bubble blown from his pipe can be attached on someone, or himself to surround them in a protective bubble from many kinds of harm.

Aquatic Sys'siro Summon: While in this form, Trask can summon an aquatic sea serpent variant of Sys'siro, which gains a number of different water-themed abilities in addition to his own he normally has.

Sea Squeaker Squirt: Another interesting power in this form, is that when Trask squeaks, he can also spurt out water like a tub toy of sorts [or a Pokemon [;)]. When someone is hit by this jet of magic water, they will be transformed into a random water-themed toy on impact.

Enhanced Swimming and Diving: The most obvious advantage this form grants, is the ability to swim very quickly and easily, and to dive, allowing unrivaled aquatic mobility compared to every other form.

More shall be added as things are developed, also some stuff may have been forgotten, so as soon as possible, this will be updated as needed. [:)

Art Gallery / CF Kart/Fuzzy Kart Group Pic Idea thing!
« on: September 03, 2013, 08:42:38 PM »
Hey everyone! remember when I organized the huge pic of TOYS [I still love that one!] with several CFers in it? well guess what? I decided for fun, that we should have another one! yaaay! [:P

So here's the deal, same as before, this is gonna be a team effort to get this thing finished and whatnot, the theme of course is a parody of Mario Kart, with all the fun chaos, kart racing fun, and silliness we've loved from the series. Everyone who pitches in will get a place in the pic! no real limit or object to the number of characters currently, but this is being posted to organize and flesh out the details as it happens, so who would like to join in? [:)

Random Topics / A friend in need of help!
« on: August 28, 2013, 11:12:00 PM »
Creator Unreal really needs a new hard drive, his is failing currently, and could possibly be without a computer soon without something done about it. I don't want to come off as begging or anything and apologize if so, but if you seriously have any extra money to help him buy a new hard disk drive, that would be super appreciated and very kind, even just something small like a few dollars, anything would help at all.

Thank you all for your time, and for those who can/will help! [:)

Art Gallery / TF war art raffle! POKE IT!
« on: May 12, 2013, 10:43:18 PM »
Okay, so me and Kenku are teaming up for a small group of TF war fun time goodness! four lucky winners will be chosen RANDOMLY to win a spot and be a victim, yay! [:P

Now, the four choices, species/form wise, are:

A Fennec Fox plush.
A crow wind-up toy.
A tiger marionette/puppet.
And an armadillo pooltoy.

The first winner gets first choice! second winner chooses after, etc. The closing date is this Wednesday Evening! so better hurry if you're interested! you've got nothing to lose. [;)

EDIT: Provide ref links please! so we know what you look like. [:)

Random Topics / Toy topic
« on: January 14, 2013, 08:03:17 PM »
What do you enjoy most about being a toy? what made you become a toy? [:)

For me, I pretty much like every aspect of being one, of being squeaky, snuggly, puffy, and so on, pretty simple how it made me wanna be a toy. [:P

Game Room / Trask's Tekkit Server
« on: November 23, 2012, 12:08:32 PM »
I made one of those too after playing it, after like, over a dozen people POKING ME TO PLAY IT for basically a year, so yeah... figured I would do that. [:P

So I figure if anyone wants to join it, feel free to reply! should be the same IP as my Minecraft server,

As usual, it's white listed, if you want to join, ask please, and tell me your username. [:)

Art Gallery / Toy party! (pic idea)
« on: November 01, 2012, 11:57:43 PM »
This was discussed before a few times in the chat, but I figured lets see who would be interested in this...

Alrighty! so first things first, this is like the giant foxtaur party, a collab commission between multiple fuzzies who would like to pitch in to get a pic together, only this time, the theme is of everyone as toys!
I would commission Virmir this big ol' pic, and everyone else adds in their cost of including themselves, just like the other pic. [;)

So I ask you guys, who would like to be in a group pic as some sort of toy? anyone fancy this idea? [:)

Game Room / New Minecraft Server
« on: August 15, 2012, 06:33:27 AM »
Hey everyone, I have a Minecraft server that I host, anyone may join, so feel free to check it out, and remember the usual rules apply...
And um... yeah, whatever other rules I can think of will be tossed up there.
So here is the IP in case you guys are interested:
Have fun, and if you need help, just ask. [:)

EDIT: Forgot to mention, this server is whitelisted, so ask me to join first, this is in everyone's best interest. [;)

Game Room / Anyone interested in a World of Tanks clan?
« on: July 12, 2012, 10:09:07 PM »
Me and my friend (mostly him) have created a clan on World of Tanks, I am the co-founder and leader of it, and any fuzzy is absolutely free to join. It might help us to keep a bit more organized, we can form companies to play against others, join tournaments and win cash prizes (if we qualify) and so on.

So, as the title says, is there any fuzzy out there who would like to join up? [:)

Random Topics / Random question!
« on: June 26, 2012, 12:59:58 PM »
Hey everyone, I am just curious mostly, but, I'd like an opinion, do you folks think I look better with bubble pipe? without it, or both looks are equally good? again, just curious on what you guys think. [;)

Random Topics / Backstory of Trask
« on: October 30, 2011, 08:58:27 AM »
Wasn't sure if this was applicable to that story thread, so I just threw it over here. Been meaning to write up a bit of a backstory [:)

Trask is a gray fox toon, primarily a mage, but has many other skills. He is a wanderer, his travels have greatly expanded his abilities and experiences far beyond his 'home' realm of the Eastern Sarichan domains where he was created. A world much like Final Fantasy and other such fantasy universes, it was there that Trask was able to hone and develop his natural talents in psychic powers, magic, and quickly took up weapons training, archery, and many trades, becoming well-versed in nearly everything there.

Not your typical creature you will find just anywhere, Trask consists of ink, and mana, which serve as his life force, but also can be used as tools. He can be found wandering the dream worlds, toon domains, and any other reality, although he has been to places with high technology, he is still more familiar with what he was brought up in. His personality can be simply described as friendly, outgoing, random, and charmingly silly, he has vowed to always help others, spread happiness, and prosperity where ever the wind takes him. He has been called a hero for his kind and selfless deeds, but he believes he is just a simple gray fox serving those in need and whom are friends, putting their needs before his, for those who have earned his trust, he even goes as far as a personal sacrifice for their own safety, benefit, and well-being, deep down, he wishes for their happiness and prosperity.

There are many unique traits to this fox, his tail stripe is not merely a simple fur pattern, but a special toon ink that enables him to transform whatever he may draw with it, into a real object, but has limited uses and must be given time to replenish. Also unique to him is his ability to copy the powers/abilities/skills of another being, he also uses a spirit needle, a fantastic object that acts as a universal sewing needle, binding anything together as if it were natural, seperate anything from each other, and even change properties of the object(s) that the needle is being used on. And of course, his outfit, made of an ultra light fiber of unknown origin, it wards harmful magics and energies of all sorts, and is enchanted naturally to be protective like armor, but most important of them all is his scape.

Serving as a cool accessory, and a useful tool, the scape is a hybrid cape and scarf, acting as a flying device, protective shield, and a storage for all of his items. Trask may not be a master of any one particular skill or profession, what makes up for it is his myriad of innate and learned abilities, his biggest talent is his capacity to mix what he knows together to cover his weaknesses. If he is lacking in physical power, he can add more punch behind his attack with magic, or enchantments.

In combat he can rely on his experiences and training with most any weapon, from swords, polearms, axes, and staffs, hammers and so on, to bows, crossbows, and he even picked up a thing or two on firearms as well. Lastly he also knows paw-to-paw martial arts, although somewhat rudimentary, it's a special school that blends fancy, graceful, and tricky moves with magic, illusion, and crippling assaults to the pressure points on one's body, not aiming to overpower or damage, but to incapacitate and eliminate the ability for further aggression.

Over his travels he has accumulated many allies, some of which he has learned new things and even obtained new items from them, and shared his knowledge and experience in return, he currently finds himself here, in Crimson Flag.

Edit: He is also a part-time living plushtoy and pooltoy, doesn't need food, water, or sleep to live, and even has some alternate outfits too, each with their own effects. (He apparently is also flavored like Rocky Road Ice Cream.)

He has five spirit foxes, obtained through a special fox guardianship pact, where in, they provide protection for Trask, in exchange they live inside his spirit, each are a different color, can be feral or anthro, and are not known to have a gender, or names. They can be summoned at will, but each spirit fox requires an upkeep of mana to remain outside his body.

He has been known also to perform ink transfusions, surgery, and all manner of experimental procedures on other toon fuzzies, making him sort of a doctor by experience. And lastly, he has even taken up playing magical instruments, turning music into a powerful weapon, causing effects that aid himself or his allies/friends, or sapping the enemy's willpower, morale, and even inflicting dangerous effects and harm to them as well.

Mini little bio too:

Name: Trask Kyuro
Age: Never ages. [;)
Height: 3' 6.5"
Weight: He is very light.
Species: Gray Fox Toon.
Profession: All-purpose mage, and fox of many trades.

Tell me what you think, I probably will add more, but this is a rough outline/idea of sorts. [;)

Extra info  for the Spirit needle and thread.

A large sewing needle, roughly the size of a dagger or shortsword of sorts, with a glowing crystal just above where you feed the thread through the loop. It's quite simple to use, but one must have aptitude in both sewing and magic in order to use it properly, mostly magic.

The spirit needle's thread is actually raw mana in a semi-solid thread form, which is of course, powered by the mana in your body. It does have technically infinite capacity for the thread, but it uses you (or another source of mana) as the power source, which the glowing crystal on the needle allows to be possible.

The primary purpose and ability of the spirit needle, is to transform living beings of any sort, into plush toys, pooltoys/inflatables and such, it does so by a special magic weaved into the creature via stitching of the seams into the skin, it is entirely painless, and even stabbing someone with it will produce no wound, or bleeding. It's secondary, but equally important function, is the ability to bond anything, or seperate anything from anything else, no matter what it might be.

Alas, without proper mastery of magic, it's quite useless for most anyone else, granted you can still use it as an ordinary sewing needle, but it wouldn't have any of it's unique abilities to the one using it. In which case, it would just look like a fancy larger sewing needle.

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