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Random Topics / Virmir rap
« on: January 25, 2024, 07:40:20 AM »
Wrote a parody of the DK rap about the Virmir gang.

Here- here- here we go!
So they're finally together, to put on a show, and this time, it's all systems go! Pull out your drawing pens, and other art things, as we reunite with the Vir-mir gang! Huh! V.I., R.M.I.R.
He's the leader of the crew, you know his art style, he's writing new comics to get mainstream for a while! He can shoot fireballs, and boy can they fly! If one hits you, you'll probably die! He's taller, faster, and less cute as well! Ge's the first fox in the Virmir gang! Huh!
V.I., R.M.I.R. Vir-mir, the Virmir gang's together!
This fox is no joke, so listen up now, she can spilt from Virmir to unleash her power! She's smart and sassy when she wants to be, she has a staff and can stab who she pleases! If you stick with her, you'll see how much she rocks, with with a coat and a hat, she's one cool fox! Huh!
V.I., R.M.I.R.
He has no magic, he has no fur, thi- thi- thi- this fox has big brains so beware! He can answer questions, if he wants to, and stretch his robot limbes, just for you. He won't dissapoint, if you stick with him, this robo-fox just goes with the music! Huh!
V.I., R.M.I.R, Vir-mir, the Virmir gang is here!
He's back in Virmir-world, and about time to, and this time, he's ready to go! He can jump real high with his anime powers, wields a Katana, and waters flowers! He'll bring the action with his three tails, but reindeer beware, 'cause he'll make you wail! Huh!
M.K, Vir-mir gang! Huh!
Finally, he's here to stay, it's the last fox of the Vir-mir gang! This fox is so powerful, it's simply maddening! Can make a reindeer cry out for its daddy! Can summon level 4 spells, with relative ease, makes killing beasts, seem such a breeze! He may have a bad attitude, and he can't fly (mostly), but this fox, would punch the sky!

Come on Mara, take it to the trees!
Why- why are they drawing foxes, no one can tell, they love gold, magic, and beating Santa down! Why are they drawing foxes, no one can tell, they love gold, magic, and beating Santa down!

Art Gallery / Country Dogs
« on: October 08, 2023, 10:31:45 PM »
After making the Virmir bluey design, I got carried away with the website and I'm really into countryballs, so I decided to make a bunch of country flags into dogs, and here's my place to show them off.
Please comment if you want me to make something in bluey style.

Everyone skip to page 3!

Game Room / Virmir Tower Escape
« on: June 25, 2023, 07:15:09 PM »
You play as different virmir-world characters. You use arrow keys (sorry for mobile device users) to guide the character through a maze (be careful not to touch the walls, or you'll get teleported back to where you started the level!) while avoiding enemies. Once you reach level 4, you face the final boss. Only in this level, you can press space to jump, F to throw a fire ball, and use the left and right keys to move back and forth to defeat the final boss. Good luck, and have fun!

Art Gallery / Virmir Minecraft Skin
« on: June 23, 2023, 07:56:27 PM »
If your you're wondering, yes, I made it myself.
You can download it too (bottom image)

Art Gallery / Virmir as a bluey character
« on: June 13, 2023, 12:38:02 AM »
I used Cartoon Dog OC Maker on Picrew as best as I could.

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