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Art Gallery / Re: Kyles Art Dump thing....
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Writer's Guild / Re: Wayward souls: Arcadia
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Chapter 4:The choices we make
~Its been two years since The Arcia Army unsuccessful invasion on Einhimer. The group spent those
years\in a quiet secluded area. While Hebi and I continued training. Though we had honestly
forgotten our original quest to find the lost city. Im not sure why but I think Hebi is giving us a run
about. I perso- ~
Kyle pauses as he was writing in side of the tent his mom set up for him.
“Hebi its been two years living off of raw meat, Berry and stolen bread.” Kyle whines as he can hear
the snake in the tent next to him.
“Look we cant just go to the port out of the blue and with out any coin either, they are a greedy bunch
they are., they charge a entrance fee into the port!” Hebi blew out his lamp while Kyle dimed his.
“Kyle you also smell kinda bad!” Shouted Gervak.
~Personaly I think Gervak can be an ass hole At times...And Hebi is hiding something. Regardless,
after those events apparently The silver tears and the Arcia are at war. I'm sure the Crusaders will
interject somewhere.~
Kyle blew his lamp out as he sighs and puts away his journal, just as he herd someone whisper his
name. He blinks softly and slowly went out of his tent...Again he herd a whisper near the tree line so
he summoned a ball of light as he walks into the forest.
He eye rolls thinking some one was out there at night, he turns around to only be met by a Grey furred
Fox about his hight. “Hellooooo there.” His glowing green eyes stared at him.
Kyle screams as he jumps back, “Who the hell are you and where you whispering my name?”
The fox chuckles, “Aye I've been watching you for quite some time.” He raises his paws as Kyle pulls
out a dagger form his night clothing.
“Now now no need of the dagger, after all I am you're old man.” He explains.
“Ok woe woe woe woe!” Kyle threw his hands in the air.
“For starters Its a bit.” Kyle gets cut off by the fox.
“I know, I know, but listen to me. Look I brought you back alive because I love you. I'm not a bad
person, yes it cost me dearly. But I'm not evil! you're made to do great things, this includes Hunting
de-” Kyle interjects the fox.
“Shut the hell up. You should of let me go, and there no way you can be alive. From what mom told
me you died.” Kyle grips the dagger tightly.
“Well every choice you make will have some giant consequences, you're my son I want whats best for
you. My name is Johnathan, if you think you're dreaming. Ask you're mother!” John said.
Kyle sighs deeply, “what else have you done to me other then raising me from the dead?” Kyle looks
up to see a bright star in the sky as he bellows in pain. He Felt something change inside of him, Bones
“Uhhh about that....” John walks closer his hood lowering his face was half rotten. The Pain kyle Felt
was so raw, he gotten dizzy and blacked out.
The next morning he found him self covered by his own blanket as He try's to uncover him
self...Something felt wrong.
“Kyle wake up its almost noon! We need to head to Isomer.” Sarah grabs the blanket and threw it off
Kyle. Only to be met with a three foot tall, blue scaled Kobold lighter blue on his belly and under the
tail along with the webbing between each spike on his ear and back. Kobolds are basicly small lizard
like creatures, though there muzzles are a tad longer. Along his back where Frills, and one the side of
his head. Making him some what aquatic Looking. His light blue eyes looked up at Sarah.
“AH KOBOLD!” She jumps back as Kyle blinks.
“Its Me mom! ” Kyle said in a Higher pitched and very yappy voice.
“Eh?” She looks at those deep blue eyes and the clothing under the blanket. She suddenly begins to
“Well My son is now suddenly adorable!” She grabs Kyle as she carrys him out!
Every one looked at Sarrah holding the changed fox as they all began to Laugh to!
“Hey I thought it was a dream, I woke up like this. I felt pain and dizzyness when I was speaking to
Johnithan!” Kyle wiggles just as Sarrah drops him.
“Did..You just say you're fathers name?” She eyes Kyle. Not minding he was nude...He was after all a
“SO wait you're telling me he is..real?” Kyle asks. “Not a dream?”
“Did he say anything?” She asks sternly.
“Um...Why he raised me but then I was jolted into allot of Fracking pain and woke up as
a...TIny...Lizard...thing...” Kyle frowns.
“'re a Kobold.” Hebi snickers.
“Not any kind I have seen befor, why does he look like a blueberry?” Devon asks.
“Oh, Oh use that on him, reference him to food instead of me!” Gervak grins! “To be serious, You
haven't seen a River Kobold?”
“Not a chance Fish dinner! Also no...” Devon jabs Gervak in the arm as he rubs it. As the human
begins to shift into his wolf form.
Gervak looks at him slowly and Pales. “Not scaring me!” He proclaims.
“Hey Naked Kobold here!” Kyle waves his little arms as he looks at them in a grumpy manor. Every
one sighs all at once.
“Cant you like...Change back?” Hebi asks, but then the obvious hit him.
“Wait I haven't taught you how to use transformation magic have I? How did you?” Hebi looks at Kyle
“Saw a bright star and then the next thing I know, I'm a Kobold!” Kyle explains.
“A werebold?” Devon raises a eye spot. “Ive seen stranger, hell Mike seen a were cow!” Devon said
nodding to his Scyth.
“Either way I need clothing and we need to get back to finding port Liamore. Two years is to long!”
Kyle says moving to one of the back packs they carried as he climbs in it.
“Ill stay in here until you can find me something...I want my coat to stay with me though!” He finishes.
“Great he keeping the drafty old thing.” Sarrah mutters as she stuff his coat in with Kyle.
It took a few hours to get To the village Kyle hear pops out of the flap as he sighs, Obviously Sarrah
was carrying him.
 “ His face was decaying Or look like it was... “ Kyle breaks the ice after hours of silence.
“Lynch, Undead creatures of horrible dark magic.” Hebi explains, “I assume what ever your father did.
Cursed him with that eternal torment. Or serving some kind of demon Lord.”
“A demon Lord? Isnt John a Demon lord?” Kyle asks.
“Noooo, He is a Necromancer Or worse serving a Demon lord possibly against his own will. I
understand he wanted you back but he done so hasty. He should of let you go...Now I assume there
something more to you now due to what ever dark magics used to raise you.” Sarrah looks away.
“Lets stop talking about you're old man and lets focus on you're new're kinda taking it
rather to well. Are you ok Kyle?” She asks.
“Well being pint sized and colored like a blueberry isn't the best thing...How ever it feel sort of natural.
You've mentioned there was dragon blood in me..Maybe that's why I'm a werebold, since they are
slightly dragon in nature. Right?” Kyle questioned.
“Yeah...” Sarrah simply said.
“Sarrah off topic may I ask why the Elven rangers? I'm a ranger my self.” Gervak asks but was
“Rangers protect the wild, you keep track of movement you're more akin to a scout than anything.”
Sarrah corrects the shark.
“Dan wasn't good at names anyways.” Gervak shrugs as he looks at Sarrah for a moment.
“Anyways as I've explained sometime ago, I've found the tribe I was taken prisoner..How ever I hate
cages and I tend to escape easily..This apparently impressed the chief.” She said pausing for a
“So he decided to let me stay and train there, I don't know why he never explain to me before he died.
But in his will he named me as next of kin to take his position.” She sighs, “So I kind of ran off.”
Kyle blinks, “Wait you where going to be the leader and you've left? Why?”
“A Silverfall never become a leader bad Crap happens.” She explains, “its a choice I've made, I have
to deal with it.”
Hebi stops in his tracks, “I've made a horrible choice to. It involves lying to all of you. When I was
younger I was a demon hunter. I was trained by the master of all masters. My brother trained me well.
Everything I've been teaching Kyle was to actually become a demon hunter. But by the looks of you're
weaponry guys I think you've all had some demonic encounter once or twice.”
Kyle looks at every one as they look down, “You all fraught against demons, I was almost choked by
one. I don't think all demons are evil, take Devon for example...Sure he is crazy but he isn't bad.”
Devon nods silently, “Kill if Attacked First rule one.”
“Rule two: Always try to use words instead of Steel sometimes The situation isn't as it seems.” Hebi
“Rule three: Only goes after the ones who break laws, There are only three Types that are exempt and
are Kill on sight. Feral, Legionares and... The King of hell himself. Satan.”
Kyle nods in agreement, “That doesn’t sound so hard, though the last rule sounds to religious for my
tastes. Besides two years with out action and with it being very uneventful...I'm yearning for something
They looked at the town as it was slightly...Smaller then they thought. Literately almost all the houses
where about four or five feet tall completely made of wood. Buzzing about on the dirt roads where
Mostly brown scaled Kobolds.
“you're Kidding Isomer is a Kobold town?” Kyle jumps out and runs to the closest Kobold!
“Scuse me I...was robed recently can you point me to a tailor?” He asks
The Kobold looks away and points to a near by hut. Kyle quickly moves into it!
“Great Kyle made us out to be Muggers.” Sarrah snorts softly. But thankfully the others didn't notice to
distracted by Kyles lack of dignity!
Gervack looks around slowly and then says.
“Um what do we do we cant fit in those houses!”
Just then anyone on the streets stop and eyes the rest as they all grin, “Fuzzy ones, visitors! We
haven't had outsiders in long time. Besides mean steel people. We throw fest!”One proclamations!
“And fishy one!” Another one shouts as they all scuttle around quickly. Tugs Sarrahs pants as they
lead them to the town center.
“Im guessing we are the first fuzzy ones and scaled one in a long time huh?” Sarrah smirks, “Im so
going to love this!”
Kyle enters the shop as he sighs, “Hello I'm looking for some cloths?”
A female Kobold she was strangely colored with red scales all over her body with black running down
her muzzle and belly as well at the bottom of the tail, her eyes where simply Brown in color. She had
long black har a rare thing for a kobold to sport Blue Coloring was striped down the back of it. There
wasn't much else to note when she pops up the only way he can tell her gender is by the scent and
the long one piece dress.
“Can this one help you?” She asks.
Maybe she didn't hear him, “Yeahs I was robed I was hoping you could give me something, anything
you can spare.” Kyle explains.
“Mmm but what do you have in return?” She slowly walks around him, inspecting him.
“Something tells this one, you're not true Kobold but one that can change?” The female asks.
“Sadly yes, Im sorry if it offends you.” Kyle watches her as she nods silently. He didn't want to Lie
“Kobolds not known to have lycan like things, This one can tell you lie bout Cloths. You not mugged.
This one sugest not lying its unbecoming of one with Glowy magic. Sides Kobolds like interesting
things, shinys, people they rarely see. Like fuzzy friends you got.” She rolls her paws.
“So you're bartering?” He sighs, “I dont have much on me.” He squeeks as he felt her paw touch is
“Um paws off!” Kyle flails as she jerks her hand back.
“This one is sorry! Any ways this one can give you cloths with out exchange. She thinks fuzzy ones
are good enough. It honors us to have visitors And you have glow magic. This one things it seven
more honor to have one bless by golden dragon. This one knows we throw feast for visits like these.
Rare any one comes here, Specialty fuzzy less apes. Though they try to kill us. Shiny people are
jerks.” She nods as she went out back as Kyle covered him self crudely.
“I swear at any moment this will turn into something erotic filled with ropes...and lots of....Ugh kyle
you're starting to get a dirty mind!” Kyle slaps him self! Sure he is twenty one now but that doesn't
change anything!
The female comes out as she hands him A Green shirt and brown pants. Along with a leather armor
“This one name is Azure.” She lets Kyle dress him self.
“Kyle Silverfall and Im a Demon Hunter Apperently. ” He replys a bit unsure of himself.
“Demon Hunter, well this one thinks you could be useful then. We have fest in day but night we hear
shadow things move in village. Every night another kin die.” Azure explains, “This one doesn't mean to
boast but I killed three!” She grins holding up a spear with a silver, yet glittery tip.
“You know this brings up a interesting question, where is there a paladin when you need one
anyways?” Kyle asks.
“White knights are egotistical, always hero, away after lady, once even...Violated one of us...SO we
roasted him following day!” She said.
“Besides No Kobold been blessed By gold dragon so No kobold Palidin.” She adds.
“You...ate a human...what does human even taste like?” Kyle inquires.
“Like chicken.” She stuck her tongue out as Kyle laughed.
Azure grabs Kyle by the arm and lead him to the fest as he smiles.
And quite the fest it was, roasted Deer, With potato, beets and some Kobold brand Meed!
Kyle doesnt normaly drink meed but this brand tasted good, Sweet but not to bitter. How ever Kyle
Limited him self to one. As the sun sets and every one goes in. He climbs atop one of the buildings ot
keep watch. He knew the others set camp up not to far from her...Mostly since they where a little drunk
anyways. Except Sarrah since she decided to babysit a drunken werewolf and shark.
How ever Azure stayed with him. He didnt ask her why, it kind of helped when she provided him a
smaller sword made with the same material.
“Thanks for the cloths and the sword Azure I kind of Owe you big time.” Kyle broke the silence.
“This one thinks its ok. This one thinks you're kind of interesting for be a semi Kobold. We to prideful
and picky. But I like Different.” She looks to Kyle.
“You mentioned a Golden Dragon. I dont think I have a blessing of any golden anything.” Kyle frowns.
“Dont be silly this one things you are blessed by Toénaalithinó Fos. Or ToÉnaalithinó liontári” She
“The dragon has many names he is god of Light and good. TO us at lest.” Azure gets up and points to
several moving shadows as they form into dog like creatures.
“Shadowing...Lesser demons...” She said.
Azure slowly moved to the edge of the roof as one of the shadowing sniff at a near by door.
Kyle how ever was seeing allot of simmers, you know when you see a heat spot on a hot day? Well
this was similar yet it was coming from a single house.
“I don't know why I see what I see but I think there is a sorce. Or something is attracting them” He
points to the house as they hear something from behind.
Suddenly a ear piercing screech erupted...Though technically Azure didnt have visible ears and Kyle
did the two of them covered the sides of there heads as they turned to see a larger looking shadowing
as it lunged at Azure.
Azure swing her spear at the thing as the head of it made a deep gash across its chest as it turned
into dust.
“Lead!” She shouted as Kyle Jumps down as he lands on top of a rather stupid Shadowing as he
stabs the sword into its head.
“I seriously hate doing this” Kyle shouted.
“Again stab first complain later!” Azure said throwing her spear at a lunging shadowing as it flys back
and some how manage to hit a wall. She takes her spear back as they reach the house. Kyle swung
his sword wildly as Shadowing after shadowing tried to get at him, he got the feeling thise creatures
are stupid. And where rather easy to Kill. He managed to slay the last of them as Azure kicks open the
Inside was a black robed Kobold holding a book as he blinks.
“Crap.” He held his paw out as a Beam of dark Energy fires out of his paw as Kyle and Azure doged it.
The Kobold ran out as he grabs his staff as he turns to Kyle who got up and swung his sword at him.
Causing the wood to chip slightly as the metal sword struck it hard. The Kobold sweep kicks Kyle off of
his feet and strikes him right in the face with the staff. He ducks suddenly as he felt Azures Spear miss
him completely.
“you're to Late.” He said as a Burst of dark energy erupts form him. His form suddenly changing
growing larger with every second. What used to be a Kobold stood a dog like creature it had three
heads , yet his legs where hooves and where also on fire, the tail has a reptilian look to it but the end
had a few deadly spikes. It didn't have any hair but well obviously had horns.
“Ahhh its good to be out...” He eyes the two for a moment as a fire ball formed in his three clawed
“You monster you made your self a demon!” Azure twitchs as Kyle slowly got up.
“you're kidding me right?” Kyle Saw the ball of fire go right at him as he held both of his paws out as a
Shield of light forms infront of him. The fire engulfed the sides but lucky he managed to block the
spell. It took allot out of him though.
“AH you're pathedic, I know you're going to try and kill me. How ever lets make a deal.”He tosses a
fire ball at Azure as she rolls out of the way. It left a good sized ball of fire.
The Demon suddenly round kicks Kyle as he falls to his side, but suddenly he feels like he is being
lifter only to feel those sharp claws rake his chest, and rip his coat.
“Bastard!” Azure threw her spear as the demon caught it. How ever he instantly drops it as smoke
came form his hand.
“Demon bane?” The demon looks at Azure as she threw a bottle at him. The glass smashes right on
his legs as the liquid got all over him causing him to burn even more. He screamed in agony as Kyle
slowly got up.
He was bleeding badly But he took His sword as he slowly begins to change, growing taller.
His tail growing more bushy as he furs regrow and his muzzle reforms back to a foxs... How ever in
the process managed to destory his new clothing He ran at the demon and Stabbed him right in the
chest as the sword Impales him all the way. Blood gushing out of the wound. The demon falls forward
as it slowly begins to rapidly decay. Kyle cringes as he put a paw over his bleeding wound.
“What was that?” Kyle asks.
“The Kobold changed into Night mare demon. Lower Legion demon...I think.” Azure frowns. “Lower
Legion Trechory. Im sure guy wanted power need to investigate. But first you hurt Azure help.”
Azure frowns as she quickly gets some help. The fox fell down on his knees as he face met the
dirt ground. How ever he slowly rolls on his back as a few Kobolds gather around him. The few red
scaled ones begin to help Patch him up and get him in his regular clothing. They bandage the wound
up as they finished stitching it up as They escort Kyle to the small camp ground Sarrah sat up. Kyle
lays down in the tent but oddly Azure didn't leave his side. It wouldn't take long for him to drift into a
very short nap.
It would of been nice long one if he didn't hear Gervak yell.
“Oh MY GODS!” Kyle got up as he saw Gervak Ran out of his tent using the little sheet as his cover.
“I cant be-leave I'm nude where are my cloths Hebi I know you done something to me while I was
deep in meed!” The shark yelled.
Hebi slowly walks out putting his robe as he smirks, “Aw we had such a great time, last night and you
enjoyed it!” Hebi smirks.
Gervak flails, “Oh gods I don't roll that way Dang it!” He points to the Snake, “You you!”
Hebi held his paws out, “Relax you lost a bet against a drunk Kobold, nothing happened between you
and me. It was a prank, I have you're cloths.” He said slowly and calmly. He turns andgoes into the
tent and threw him a small sac.
The shark quickly puts on his cloths looking calm now as he relized the joke. Kyle looks at him self for
a moment as he groans, Sarrah opens the tent and spots Azure.
“Whos the lady?” She asks.
Kyle looks at Azure, “Oh Azure. We ran into a Lower Legion last night or some one who became one.”
Hebi blinks, “How long did it take to kill it with the two of you?” He asks.
Kyle muses, “Um...We fought a bunch of Shadowings, and the demon it self...Ugh Five minutes
maybe more?”
Hebi Nods, “Very good, Your training serves you well then.”
“you're a fox again?” Hebi narrows his eyes as he frowns, in his eyes he sees some kind of dark
shadows coming form his body. He looks on the ground as he spys a long rope of shadow heading
way way into the distance.
“Something inst right here. Some one is using a dark spell to..Mess with you...” Hebi begins to follow
the shadow as the group follows Slowly... Even Azure.
“So you have a girl following you, and she hasnt die yet I see.” Gervak said.
Kyle rolls his eyes as he quickly eyes Sarrah. The Vixen shrugs abit as she forms her crystal Katana,
she began to look a bit nervus. “Mom...Will you be ok?” He whispers.
“No...We are heading close to the forest...” She shudders as they got close as a flock of Crows fly out,
giving that feel to it. By the looks of the thick forest, You could sware things where moving, weirds
creatures start making sounds. In terms, it could be haunted!
“NOPE lets turns around maybe its nothing!” Sarrah suddenly turns around as Kyle Grabs her by the
“To late we've been spotted.” He points as a few dark colored Elves slowly walk out of the forest as
Sarrah sighs loudly. She steps in front of the group and raises a paw up.
That's when they all kneeled down.
“I need to speak with these guys Ill be back...In a few hours. Why don't you go back to you're camp.”
Sarrah sighs deeply.
 Hebi narrows his eyes as he looks at one of the hooded Elves one that wasn't kneeling as it slunk
back into the forest.
“It cant be him...Not now.” Hebi mutters as they head back to camp.
As soon as they came back Azure went back to town to gather a few things, The rest just sat down in
silence. Kyle eyes Hebi for a moment.
“Why have we delayed? We should of found Liamore by now. Hell we will be lucky if we find it still
standing by the time we get to it.” Kyle speaks.
“Ive told you, no mater what, finding a flying creature will cost us greatly. Dragons, Griffions you name
it... They cost allot...” Hebi sighs.
“Besides We have other issues now.” The snake grumps.
Gervak sighs deeply, “I didnt sign up for this. But I'm here and I guess I will stick around.” He says
tilting his head to the side as a audible pop is herd.
“Question how do you have bones anyways?” Kyle asks.
Gervak blinks, “ something I rather not talk about. But Ill just say Us land sharks are born
that way!”
Kyle blink as He feels a poke on his back as he eyes Azure who was holding him a white flower.
“We've only just met and you're already giving me a flower?” Kyle asks.
“Thank you flower, also this one wants to join.” She nods, “this one not losing much” Azure nods curtly.
Kyle looks at every one else, something about Azure didnt sit right with Kyle.
“Just don't kill this one ok.” Gervak smirks.
“Our Chiftess returned!” Shouted a male elf as Every one parted ways and bowed befor Sarrah.
“Guys Guys I am not you're Chiftess I don't know why Chief Ceven named me as his successor in his
will. But a leader I am not, an elf I am not. I'm happy you guys accepted me but still. The fact remains.
According to the Ancient code Only elves are allowed to lead the rangers. So I will name his actual
son as the rightful ruler!” Sarrah looks to a Bald elf who was where a long green robe. His eyes where
pure white as he walks to Sarrah,
“Yet Im only a Druid.” He spoke in a Thick Elvan Accent. Think of it as close to French, maybe
“As a druid of the Rangers I cant assume the role...But its my father who wished you to be chieftess.
Im blind and unable to lead” The Elf continues.
“Druid Tonchon I think you should asume the role. I cant...Its not right and I am unfit for the role.” She
“I know I know My Elder thinks the same way. But As I stated earlier No.” Tonchon replyed.
Just as he mentioned the word a Pale looking elf walks with his Golden staff. It turns out this guy had
the longest grey hair. It required two younger elves to carry it around.
“Hello Elder Ulund.” Sarrha gently bows. The guy raises his hand as he nods but then looks around.
“Sarrah any news about the Burning Legion?” Ulund asks,
“its been two maybe even more years since you've ran away from being crowned saying there is a
urgent situation.. I'm assuming its about that.” He gently leans near her.
“Or are you defiling the chiefs wishes. If so you know what the punishment for that is.. You lose you're
gift of Longevity, and become an exile.” Ulund says sternly. His breath smelled of rotten eggs, It didn’t
help Sarrah in any way what so ever.
Sarrah sighs as she shook her head, “Elder....I want to be with My son whom I've found... I want to be
with my new friends to. This isn't me. I cant take any seat of power because...I cant explain it but I feel
it wont lead into anything good.” She twitchs as she hears a voice speak to her.
“But it isss. It issss... My love, You know you are ment to lead but but into war they will go either way.”
It sounded like Johnathan.
Sarrah ignored the voice in her head as she looks at the Elder.
“If it shuts you guys up Fine Ill be your Chieftess how ever the Legion is my Priority. So I leave Ton In
charge in my wake until I return. Is that fair?” Sarrah Crossed her arms eyeing Ullund.
The elder turns around silently as he walks away, “You herd the Cheiftess!” He couldn't arqure with
that! Sarrah lets out a deep sigh as she nods to the druid. Her odl friend shudders, Watching Ullund
the guy gave every one the creeps.
Kyle sighs as Azure sits on his lap since she was so darn small!
“Can I ask something is your home some kind of Spinter town?, Sorry if I am assuming but dont
Kobolds live in the mountains?” He asks
“Hmm Kind of, town was made since most do not like how mountains run by smelly skined ones.”
Azure shrugs, “So we migrated through scary tree place...By the ways.”
She points to one of the Kobolds handing a large pack.
“My belongings and shinys this one thinks if we find missing place, if we need dragon, this one speaks
to dragon.” She grins.
“Um are you sure?” Kyle asks.
“Yes this one is sure.” Azure looks at the town for a moment.
They stayed quite for some time until Sarrah came back as she sighs, “Well...Im back.” She eyes
“Alright um...Lets go then!” He gets up as they head to there horses and mount up. Azure rode on
Kyles shoulder as they began to ride around the dark forest. I mean serious does every single solitary
adventure have to deal with a Fracking haunted forest?
Mean while at Hammer Fell
The Holy see of Hammer fell was a large places the wall spanned about 100 ft or so, or well easy
enough to fill 10,000 people in the area. The castle it self looked like a large church! The King was
walking down to his thrown. He looked in his fiftys with short silver hair, and Dark brown eyes. His
clothing was that of a grey fur coat, under it a long white robe, with a cape constantly dragging behind
me. He stops as he eyes A Black armored person standing infront of his throne. Flames spewing out
of the eyes the helm was that of a Human face frozen with anger and agony.
“What the Frack do you want?” King Edmund asks.
“To warn you.” Its deep echoing voice boomed.
“you're time is almost up, you're kingdom will fall as soon as the city you tried to take is found.” It Said
“What do I pay you for, sacrifice for you for if you arnt going to prevent my kingdoms down fall!” The
King asked Angry.
“You sacrifice of one new born babe is not enough. Not once per month, You must get more. More
blood is needed Besides. You intend of Backing out of our deal..” The Armored creature said
Suddenly a beam of Light shot through the demons head as it fell over during into smoke. It wasn't
dead not by a long shot. The person with a musket stepped into view as another walked aside it. A regal
looking man ina red suit with golden thread and a white powdered wig.
“Your consorting with the Legion is see? Im sorry to interrupt this meeting between you and that fiend.
But I think I may have a idea to keep your kingdom form falling. An alliance with the Glorious
Illuminatis Empire?” The man spoke his voice sounded British and smooth.
“And I say again to you rude man No. How did you get in anyways?” Ed Shouted, “GUARDS!”
“Shhhhhhh, no need to shout.” Said the Powdered wigged Man. “You will obey me. You have a job oh
King Edmond, you see there are a group of annoying Demon hunters out there. I know eventaly they
will come here and Kill you. Not is if you have the Legion kill them first.”
The King Blinks to a empty room and him on his throne. He fell asleep, the sky outside dark.
“GUARDS! I have orders!”

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Lyra Clearwater

Being turned into a over inflated pool toy from a candy apple.

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Chapter 3:Open For Bussness

   Enihimer was a giant city surrounded by a forty foot stone wall. From the looks of it the City houses over ten thousand civilians at once. According to what Hebi said, the towns sounding the city where absorbed into it by the construction of the stone wall. Hence, why the houses where mixed, somewhere completely made of stoon, while somewhere made of wood, the quaity was all over the place in the city to. Some houses look poorly built while some could be a log cabin!
   The group arrives at the gates as it slowly opens up and three heavy armed guards stood in the way,
   “State you're Business Demi humans.” The guard shouted.
“We traveled for two days, to look at the bounty Board, we are looking to take a few jobs and maybe grab some Ale...” Hebi said,
   The guards all eye Kyle for some reason, “And why does he look like some kind of vampire? Seriously that coat looks drafty as hell. Anyways, Go ahead on in, the board isn't to far from here.”
   Kyle face palms, “I don't get it, what's wrong with my coat? Does it me look more,Older?”
   Sarrah Snickers, “Well It does but in a bad way, Hmm do any of us have any coin to maybe grab a few rounds and some food?” Every one emptied there pockets except for Gervak who pulled out an pouch he roughly had 90 silver....
   “Let me guess I'm buying arnt I?” He sighs as Devon Grins, “Well we could simply tie you down, roast you over a fire and have some shark tonight! Inst that right Mike?” He turns his head to his weapon as he chuckles, “Mike said He will feast on you're soul to!”
   Gervak Groans, “Fine but you all owe me!” He says heading to the nearest tavern. It was a two floor wooden building with a chimney, there was a sign hanging by the door that said. The Full cup Tavern. What is it with humans and strange Tavern names?
   Every one chuckled at Gervaks antics as they found a table for them to sit at.
   “So Kyle since you're the youngest here tell us about you're Family Life.” Gervak said sitting down leaning his chair back a bit, while the others sat down normally, except Hebi who leaned forward.
   “Well Honestly, there isn't much to say. My mother went missing  years ago,  I was self raised. I had to learn everything the hard way. Other than that everything was a blur until that guard knocked my out and burned down my farm.”
   Sarrah Leans forward, “Do you remember what your mother looked like?”
   Kyle sighs, “The image of her is very fuzzy so sadly no, how hard did the guard hit me?” He wonders aloud.
   The server which was a Somewhat Busty Female came to their table, Her uniform was mostly a maids outfit with a apron on top, Two of her teeth stuck out of her mouth, though her skin color was Greenish, Orc most likely.
   “What can I get Ye?” She said in a Somewhat deep voice...Had a very weird sound to it as well. In earthy tones she had a Irish Accent.
   “Since Im buying, A round of Meed for every one at my table and the Chief special.” Gervak nods as the Orc lady raises a eye brow.
   “Ye realize de special is roasted shark right?” Gervak head slams into the table as he Huffs, “Fine roasted pig instead!” He wasn't amused about this in joke not going away.
   “How about You and Devon, you two seem to know each other...” Sarrah said towards Gervak, she eyes Hebi who was looking at Gervak as she nudges him.
   “Don't you space out on us now!” She smirks.
   Hebi shook his head, “Um I'm not doing anything wrong!” He rubs the back of his head as he tail coils around the chair leg.
   “Oh Me and Devon...We met sometime back, years.....ago...”

Five years ago
   Gervak slowly climbs down a tree as he sighs deeply, More of the same, little movement nothing exciting. There where reports of strange wolf men Prowling near Liamore how ever he found nothing. The shark was about to head home as a wolf man ironically jumped from behind the tree as he grins sadistically at the shark.
   “Well, well, well, looks like we got a walking talkin fish boys!” The wolf said, Just then five more came into view. One were wolf was one thing but a whole Fracking pack? Well Lets put it in terms Gervak was Fracked.... And he didn't particular planed to become someones Raw fish for tonight. He Pulled out his dagger as he glares.
   “Yeah Not happening Buddy who are you? I had reports of wolfmen running around and a few're hear by under are-” Just then a wolf tackled him as Gevak summoning a blast of water to knock the wolf off of him.
   Just then one of the wolves head got cut off as Devon runs into the area as he stands in front of Gervak,
   “I knew it...You all can beat it, this isn't you're Territory!” He spins his scythe around as a blast of wind sent three of the wolves back... They all yelped in fear and ran away, though one is left standing.
   “Yeah go ahead and cry to you're wolf Mom!” Devon shouted and eyed the Only wolf left...
   “We are hungry for fish!” The wolf points to the shark, “and flesh.”
   “Well This is my fish on a silver platter now! This can go two ways, I can feed my scythe hunger for souls by killing you...Or You can be a good mutt and run.” Devon smirks his red eyes glowing.
   “Go Frack you're self!” The other wolf say as Devon jumps up his scythe catching on fire as he got sliced in half form the head down... On top of that the whole body bursts into flames, leaving nothing but a pile of ash.
   “You ok Kid?” Devon moves ot help the shark up, “Im Devon...Im asuming you're the new Ranger I been hearing about huh?”
   Gervak nods as he got up, “Yeah....Gervak...Is the name...And I am not dinner Dang it!” He shouted.
   Every one burst-ed out into laughter at Gervaks story most of them spitting out some meed in the process.
   “Really that's how you became friends? Because you're his dinner when you die of old age!” Hebi slammed his paws multiple times!
   “I'm Not his dinner, Nor am I food stop making the same joke over and over snake boy!” Gervak points at Hebi.
   Kyle shook his head as Sarrah Pokes him, “Kyle correct?”
   Kyle nods, “Yes? What is it Sarrah?” He asks as she brushed his cheek fur to reveal a small scar on it.
   “This scar...You got it from falling on some rocks in the river.” She looks at him in the eyes, “I've wanted to confirm it my self...”
   Kyle head tilts for a moment, “How do you know about that?”
   Sarrah whispers in his ear, “Because I am you're mother. I didn't want to be so quick about it...But I am alive, nor did I want to burden you with my story on to how or why I left you. Come with me Ill explain the whole thing, if you want I understand if you need time.”
Kyle nods as They move to a more secluded table. “So explain away Mom...”

Eight Years ago
   “Sarrah!” A grey Fox bursts into the door carrying a lifeless body as he placed it on the desk.
“Its all my fault he, slipped...he isnt breathing!” Said the fox.
Sarrah ran over as he saw a nasty gash mark on the left cheek as she placed an ear on the small kits chest.
“Our son is dead!” She cryed out, “How did this happen?”
The grey fox looks down, “I was looking for wood when he sliped in the river the current was to storng took me an hour to get him out of the river...”
Sarrah eyes the fox, “go find a doctor...Maybe he will know what to do next...”
The fox placed a blanket over the lifeless kit as he sniffs a bit.
It was a night full of tears for Sarrah as she couldn't stop crying, it was even worse due to the fact the body was in view of the bed... Her baby was gone... But all of those tears she tired herself out and cried her self to sleep...

The next morning she herd...Crying? She got up to see the Grey fox holding the five year old kit, “What?”

“He is going to do great things our son Kyle will do great things...How ever in order to...Keep him form dying again I need the mothers blood...” The grey fox turns around... His left paw as almost skeletal in appearance, his face seemed to be decaying away.
“You...You used Necromancy on our son...” The grey decaying fox pulled out a Knife as Sarrah suddenly jumps out of the near by window, thankfully it had no glass.
   “You're telling me that one day he was normal and next becoming a undead corpse?” Kyle rubs his head, “I don't remember anything form Five years to ten honestly... But I remember some one always tutoring me in reading and writing...You know the basic Crap I need to learn.”
   “He became a monster I dont know honestly he must of used some dark pact to bring you back, how ever it costed him his body and his life... I don't know if he is alive or not. His heart was in the right place but he should of let The one true light do his thing..”
   Kyle blinks, “The one true Light?”
   Sarrah nods, “Yeah The one light, the alpha, omega...The big man in the sky?”
   Kyle head tilts, “Yeah if there is even a god or gods, I doupt they give a Crap about us.”
   Sarrah shrugs, “You believe in anything you want you're my son but I can force you to believe anything!”
   Kyle sighs abit, “So is there anything else I should know about my old man? Hell what is his name?”
   Sarrah snorts, “His name shall not be mentioned, however he was also Half dragon... So you may have some dragons blood in you.”
   Another server came to their table this time a Orange fur, black spotted cheeta, her eyes where a nice shade of green, with long black hair... She eyes Kyle for a moment, “Is there anything I can get you?”
   Sarrah jabs a thumb to Gervak, “its on his tab the orc Lady took our order...”
   The cheetah sighs, “I'm Alicia and well you're friend there” She points to Gervak who is holding a now empty pouch. His face beat red.
   “Just blew all of his silver on the other meals and now owes us.” They did order a lot so it made sense..
   Kyle gets up, “Ill help clean dishes I guess. If you can give them a room, Ill work off the debt.”
   Alicia sighs as she leads kyle to the kitchen and explains to the owners as to what happened. The owner was just a Bald old human with a long grey bead, and very ratty clothing. But with a nod he let Kyle do the dishes to help pay the debt. Three Hours worth of dishes.

   Though Alicia helped him out thankfully, “so I'm assuming you're traveling?” She asks.
   “Yeah you can say that why?” Kyle ask.
   “Oh its the drafty coat you're wearing, it looks like you've been riding a carriage carrying a coffin!” Alicia said bluntly.
   “Hey don't diss the coat!” Kyle said in a grumpy tone.
   The cheeta chuckles a bit, “I'm only joking Sir...” She turns to him.
   “Kyle Silverfall.” The fox introduced him self.
   “Sir Kyle Silverfall? Funny last name...” She raised a eye spot.
   Kyle sighs, “There isn't a sir in front..Its just Kyle...Silverfall.”
   “Sorry sir!” She looks away as she cleans her side of the dish pile.
   “Again with the modesty, let me guess we are treated as lesser creatures here to?” He asks.
   “N...No Its just the way I was raised.” She said.
   Kyle smiles, “Heh Well you seem like a nice person maybe we should get to know each other mo.” Just as he was about to say that the window near by them broke as a arrow struck her in the head as he slumps down into the sink causing the dishes to fall down.
   Kyle went to the window as he looks around only to see a shadowy figruew its gflowing red eyes Looks at him as it points a cross bow at him. He saw a Arrow head right him.
   Kyle suddenly jolts up in his head, his head throbbing form the night of drinking. This is what they called a hangover.
   Gervak sat up as he eyes guy, “Are you awake there?” He said groaning in pain.
   “Yeah Bad dream I suppose.” Kyle rubs his eyes for a moment.
   “A dream huh? What about?” Gervak looks to Kyle his voice low as to not wake every one in the room. They decided to share a two bed room. Devon and Sarrah where both on small piles of hay.
   “Um something about dishes a girl dying and then I die.” He rubs his head again.
   “Dont drink to much next time.” Gervak rolls in his bed and Falls back asleep.
   Kyle turns to see Hebi Looking out his window. Muttering something in a odd language. He didn't pay any mind to it as he drifted off to sleep again.
Hebi was missing in the morning when everyone woke up, but it didn't take long for him to open the door holding a paper.
    “I found a job thats in the Stone fall district in this fair city. There is a quote on quote rat infestation.” He said in a monotone voice.
   Every one just groaned at once... How ever readied up and headed to the district. While traveling Kyle looked around. The city was bustling with people buying form carts, moving stuff around.
   “Let me ask you this, does this place look, a you've seen before?” Hebi asks while eyeing Kyle. A question towards him.
   “No why should it be?” Kyle .
   “Just curious that's all. I've listened to your little dream before I've, met some one who had death dreams a lot. Some say a dream is just another reality.”
   “Yeah.” Kyle rolls his eyes, “that sounds stupid and crazy. Are you high?”
   Hebi whips his head at kyle and glares, “No I am not!” He shouts.
   “Boys we are here.” Sarrah spoke, “and this doesn't look, right.”
   Soon they came into the Stone fall district, but the scenery rapidly changed into a more decrepit area, with houses boarded up, the roads where unkempt. It was as if the area was slowly rotting away, it didn't help a bunch of Homeless where sitting near the buildings begging for any coin... How ever the group was just as poor. But soon they reached the Red Flaggon Inn, Hebi looks at the paper and then every one.
   “Um Lets ask some one in here before we go further.” Hebi looks around keeping an eye on the beggars.
   Kyle sighs, “It doesnt look like anyone is home. I mean look at this place” He snorts as they enter the Inn only to see it covered in a heavy layor of dust with out a single soul inside. The door closes behind them leaving little light with in...
   “Hebi I think you got the wrong address give me that paper!” Sarrah barked at the snake.
   In the mean time Devon lit up a lap and held it infornt of them casting a dim light around the group.
The beggars took noticed and began to run into the shadows. Devon thought that as strange.
   “Hmm I dont like this place either Mike.” Devon said to his weapon.
   “I have to wolf out? Not now...If I wolf out in this city I think I would be chased by torches and pick forks!” He replied to thin air...
   Every one look at Devon being a bit delusional and talking to him self.
   “Remind me...Why do we allow a crazy guy to join us?” Sarrah grabbed the paper from Hebi as she reads it.
   “The paper is Blank there isnt a single word on it. Hebi what the heck?” Yelled Sarrah.
   Hebi chuckles nervously, “I have no clue!”
    Just then the something in the shadows moved. Then another...Soon the whole group was surround by very pale looking humanoids. Each where a different height but mostly all of them are male, Bald, Missing ear there or a nose. Though those sharp pointy fangs simply said...Vampires!

   “Ugh....Guys...” Hebi drew his staff out, “Kyle I know its soon but time to put you're training to the t-”
   He was cut off as Kyle opens the door letting some sun light in as several of the vampires began to sparkle...Then explode into a big fire ball.
   Sarrah summons a Crystal sword, as Devon took his scyth and swung at several of the Vampires running to him causing them to fall on the floor, But then reform. Gervak took out his dagers and starrted to stab at one of them hitting him in the arms and chest area.
   Kyle sighs deeply, “Really?” He took his sword as he ran at the one Gervak was fighting as he ducks out of the way, His sword impales the things right in the heart as it began to burn up.
   “Aim for the heart or head, come on I learned about this stuff when I was ten!” Kyle shouted.
   Gervak blinks and quickly threw a dagger at another head as it falls on its back the same things happened it bursts into flames causing some of the surrounding wood to catch on fire. Every one high tailed it out of the places as they ran out onto the street those homeless people where standing looking at them with hungry eyes.
“What kind of book did you read anyways?” Gervak shouted as he looks at the Beggars.
   “You got to be Kidding me!” Hebi summoned several Vines as they wrapped around about five of them and held them down. The rest of the group ran towards where they came from, Hebi soon followed.
   “Dang it I knew I should of...” He suddenly sees the whole area glow, A dark cloud began to cover the area. Black tentacles wiggled out from the could.
   “Illusion magic?” He mutters as they made a 30 minute trip to the are a 15 min...Adrenalin is quite a helpful thing!
   Every one knelt down as they tried to catch there breath, just as a few guards move over to them... being lead by a White Robed human, he has a long gray beard and was holding a golden staff.
   “You're not the kind to run from nothing Head of the mage tower... Hebi I presume? Its nice to meet you in the flesh, or scales.” Said the man.
   “Ugh...What do you want?” He asks as the snake looks up.
   “Now now thats no way to talk to the Arch Magius of the Silver tear. I assume you went into the old district form the looks of it.” Said the Arch Magius.
   “Yes Jackup.” Hebis sighs, though the Arch Mage looks annoyed.
   “Dont call me that, call me something else!” Jackup said as he sighs deeply.
   “Um No...Im not calling you the great and powerful Long beard!” Hebi retorted as every one else laughed at the name.
   Every one turns around to see smoke rising in the distance Jackup sighs deeply.
   “There is a reason we don't go there, those homeless people are using an illusion to lure people. Then those ugly Frackers we call Vampires pop up. You know I kind of like seeing them sparkle in the sunlight to only explode in a fire ball, but not indoors for obvious reasons.” Said the Mage while gesturing to the rising smoke. Probably the former inn they they just came from. The black magic dissipating as well.
   Hebi sighs, “Lets make it quick. It wont be long guys I promise!”
   Every one nodded as they sat down on a near by bench.
   Gervak gave a heavy sigh. “That felt kind of good to actually fight something that isn't human. Though it was a bit quick to be honest.”
   Devon snorts, “Mike says he wants more souls....and some boiled fish.”
   Gervak turns sharply to Devon and punches him right in the crotch as the poor guy bellows over hitting the ground head first.
   “That joke is getting really old!” Gervak said in a annoyed tone
   “Rude!” Devon slowly got up as he was in a hunched position.
   “That was actually uncalled for Gervak, he is you're crazy friend after all.” Sarrah points out.
   Kyle rubs his head, “Look we actually need to get along guys. Just be thankful we aren't some ones dinner for tonight. With the side of Garlic and blood...” Every one looks at Kyle for a moment.
   “If that was a joke, it wasn’t funny, if you're being serious...Dully noted.” Gervak sighs as he rubs his gills. “One second.” He gets up and walks over to the near by fountain as he proceeds to stick his head under the water.
   Every one looked at him in a strange fashion brows raised.
“Dry gills I suppose makes it hard for him to breath sometimes... Expressly after fighting, and being near fire.” Devon Explains.
   “Says the guy who got his balls punched and also happens to be crazy.” Kyle smirks as Sarrah slaps him up side of the head.
   “Dont be rude!” She shakes her head.

   Mean while Hebi And Jakup where walking down the road, the Arch Magius goes into the liblary and took a scroll out of his robes as he lays it across the nearest table.
“I'm glad I was able to meet you. I've gotten word Liamore is gone correct?” he points ot the area circled in red ink. “Ont top of that the Crusaders been marching that way to.” He says taking a quill and some red in as he colors a large portion of the map red.
“Yes Jakup thats what I know so far. Look if you think me and my group are going to side with the Silver tear Colination...Not happening, I know how Demi humans can be treated here. Not to metion there is a assassin in the midist of the city.” Hebi Explains.
“Oh Ive herd about that. We are looking into it, but I have a better question wha brings you here? you're not simply taking bountys now hmm?” Jakup eyes the snake as he rubs his head.
“No Im trying to find leads on a larger threat, I thought maybe if I could find one demon to interrogate I can find some more information of this Burning Legion I herd about.” Hebi Explains.
“There are many legionds surrounding them, from being a Omens of war or the end of the word. No one knows not even a Demon.” Jakup explains.
“How ever you can find a nice contract, it just so happens the Assassin that killed The bar maid happens to be a demon.” The Mage smirks.
“How on Earth do you know that?” Hebi asks.
“Because I saw him discard his bow but kept quiet, I sense you where in town and being the most knowagble about demonology I fiqured I will put it in you're hands.” The Mage turned around.
“And how do you know that?” Hebi questions him.
“Really Silver swords, mixed with sea salts and cooled in holy water? I know you hunted demons when you where younger. Why are you going back to it?” Jakup asks.
“Because Ive met a guy, who I think can make a difference in this never ending war between good and evil.” Hebi moves ot the door.
“If there isnt anything else and you're done wasting my time. Ill look for this demon, any idea where he hides?” He asks.
Jakup shrugs, “Well he isnt going to hide for long...” Just then there was a loud crash in the distance as the both of them ran out the door.

Gervak, Kyle and Sarrah all dived for cover as a large chunk of wall fell down by a bolder, all the while a bunch of guards start storming the square, some climbing to the wall as the group stood up.
“what the Frack is going on?” Kyle asks as another chunk of wall explodes this time at the base.
“This city is under attack...But this isn't Crusader...Tactics.” From the hole that just blowing a bunch of arrows flew through killing any one who was near it. A bunch of Lightly armored Med rush through welding axes, swords and Spears as they started fighting the Silver tears.
“Dang it didn't we just finished one fight?” Kyle got up just as a Arrow wizzs past his shoulder as he gets tackled to the ground by a Shadowy figure.
“Gervak, Devon You try to clear a path for our escape.. I'm going to try and deal with this my self.” Sarrah Kicks the figure off Kyle as it rolls around the hood revealing a Black scaled dragon, Its face was all right only ment to represent a dragon.
“You're inexperienced She said letting her crystal sword form again.
“Fine but let me at lest try!” Kyle eyes the Black dragon as its Black scaled tail slowly slides against the stone road.
“you're rather hard to kill even in you're dreams, normally I like killing people through them dreams.” He said in a deep voice.
   Sarrah suddenly had a big shiver sent down her spine. That voice was rather scary but also she flet she herd it before. One moment she saw the demon, then the next Kyles Sword meeting with twin daggers.
   “Eep!” She Launchs a crystal spike as the demon that suddenly appeared next to her as it impaled him pretty good, and to top it of sent him back a few feet.

   The dragon flapped its wings and charged at Kyle but he feels something tie his legs up and slam him on the ground. He quickly jumps up as Kyle's sword impales the dragon in the chest, the sound of the sword sinking deep into its heart. Kyle looks to see vines wrapped around his feet Hebi obviously trying to get him out of the way only to accidentally make a better plan.
   “Frack!” The demon screamed as he uses his tail to knock a rushing Hebi off his feet. Just as a Beam of Holy light hits the guy in the head.
   Kyle had his paws held out as he concentrates on the beam as he felt his energy slowly draining, “Gah!” He stops the spell as his paws smoked slightly.
   The dragon slowly burns away as Kyle got up, feeling weak. Despite the training he wasn't at his full potential. Either that it was something else.  Kyle nods to Hebi silently thanking him for the assistance. Right now they needed an out. They cant take on a group of invaders, nor is this war really there problem.
In the Mean time a wave of water knocked a few of the Invaders away form the hole as Gevrak shouts, “Come we are leaving!” Kyle grabs Hebi as he helps him and his Mom out.
   It wasn't easy trying to get out as He had to stop and kick some of the invaders out of the way. He used his sword with one paw to stab or parry any incoming blows. How ever this Army was to focused on invading the giant city then worrying about four people leaving.
Kyle caught a Glimpse of what caused the explosion on a small four wheeled rack in a similar way to a battering ram was half of a mana crystal. But that didn't keep his attention for long as they spotted four horses just standing there with out a rider.. The Generals where to busy rushing in theme selves.
So they stole the horses and rode as far away as they could.

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Chapter 2:The Brewing war
   The Crimson Crusaders made there march towards Port Liamor. Over 1000 men marched to those stone walls protecting the port. Several ships moved to block the harbor. Gervak and Devon trained a bit more its been a few days since Gervak left Kyle and his so called mother. However, his new friend was proving more useful anyways
One day they decided to fish on the docks however they noticed the blocked off port... About five large ships carrying flag they never seen before, it was solid red but with a Crescent moon in black in the middle.
   There king called them into the keep, the keep itself was barren...Not because of the incoming attack, mainly Dan didn't like the fancy stuff... He gathered his meager army as he sighs, 300 men, 200 Women, and several 20 Citizens willing to fight on his behalf. Most of them where in heavy army while the women where mix. “Buckner, and Savage sea-witches.... You may have noticed the large army coming to our door. They are after us because we allow Demihumans to have freedom. The will siege us at any moment so I don't have much time, I need the sea witches at the docks, While the Buccaneers will guard the walls, Civilians... I suggest you hiding somewhere, I know you wish to fight... But you're real fight is to survive NOT to die in battle. If you still wish to fight, I can't stop you...But let me tell you, The Crimson crusaders are a fear some force.” Dan pauses, “Heavy armor, heavier weaponry, if you die they will burn you... you're soul may not be able to rest after such brutality...”
every one just looks at him silently. “Good lord that speech sucked!” Shouted one! “We are all going to die!!! all because we allowed some stupid sailor to become a king!” Shouted one of the woman. “SILENT!” Dan shouted in a loud booming voice, every one was silently. “SO if you guys want to so willy dilly toss me out I am more than happy to sneak out of this place and go back to my former life, Oh wait I've could have done so any time I wanted. Look I won't allow this city to be taken, even if it means... Using the sky-forge crystal.” Dan eyes every one, “Either way I won't allow them to kill us...” He moves forward through the ground and headed to the gates. Every one stood there silently, Gervak and Devon just looked shocked. “What do we do anyways?” Devon asks, “Well...” Gervak frowns, “We need to get out of here... Now I know what he means by using the sky crystal.” The wolf head tilts, “How can the sky be some sort of crystal, and how will we sneak out of here. My claws yearn for blood...” He said as he held his paw in the air as a scythe appears out of thin air as he grins. “Hell even Mike yearns for blood.”
   Dan forgot to mention to Gervak that Devon was...Kind of crazy always talking to his weapon thinking of it like some kind of person! Hell naming it Mike wasn’t the worst thing. Taking to it was! “No we can't draw to much attention.” He whispers as the group began to walk out the door to get in line. Gervak and Devon moved towards the docks. Only to look at the ships blocking the port. “I don't like the look of the ships there, those don't look like Crusaders.. And I know they are not known for having Alies....” The wolf shrugs as he moves to lift off the cover that lead to the sewers. “Well this will lead us away... But I don't get why are we running...” Gervak hops down, “WHO said anything about running we will flank them.” He said quickly dashing towards the sewage exit... He didn't mind the smell, he was able to dull his senses when ever he wanted. However Devon held his nose as he gagged a bit “Ugh I can't be-leave the amount of filth we have in this city! UGH!”
Meanwhile, at the Gates Dan moved towards the wall the edge of the top wall as he eyed the Rows of men, and siege weaponry 3 trench buckets, two baristas but no towers or rams... Something didn't seem right... About ten of his arched lined on the wall as the Crusader General moves with in yelling distance.
“Ah I see you have a bit of a lack luster defense there Dan, now this can go down two ways... The first way is surrender. Now all you have to do is bring out any Demi humans you have in you're ranks, or you're Silly city and just bring them out. We will be sure there death is swift.” Said the commander.
“By whose orders do you have to come and break our piece treaty! And why on earth are you only targeting me due to my friendly nature of Demi humans?” Dan shouts back, “AH this treaty of you'res is nothing but a trade agreement! These inhuman monstrosity are against GODS will, and are the work of satin himself to eradicate the human race, though disease.” The commander explains. “Disease? What the Frack are you talking about I had Many in-humans live here and there hasn't been an outbreak ever!”

“Those Demi humans are riddled with a deadly disease that is similar to Rabies, However it makes them more cannibalistic AND turns them Undead! We had to burn our own villages to eradicate this place. Now bring out you're in-humans or in the name of God and by GODS commands you will fall!” Several of the men caught some ballistic arrows on fire as some archers began to take aim. Dan slowly took off his mask revealing the hidden part of his face was different slightly hairier, his one eyes was a golden hue with wolf like eyes, several fangs sticking out of his left side only. His ears slightly pointed. It looks like his left side was stuck in some sort of half transformed wolf state.

“Ah its true you're King is a Lycanthrope, I've bet you killed you're previous king just to take power!” He scouted, Dan men began to murmur as The “King looks back, “you're other king was a mad man I had no choice!.” Just then a barista arrow was fired however it missed Dans head by inches Just then bunch of Large Booms can be herd from the ships blocking the port. A bunch of steel balls crashed into the wooden shaft bouncing against the ground as Dan turns back, “No..way...This is a double sided Siege!” Just then they fired one of the trench buckets as one of the rocks hits the wall causing some of it to crumble, Dan jumps off the wall and into the streets as he heads to the keep. “What is he doing!” Shouted a random civilian” BOOM! Another chunk of wall fell as several archers where sent tumbling off the wall, unable to single a fire shot. There were only five as they started firing off at any of the men, they haven't moved yet, so they were able to take only a few out. The Men scramble to loosen the formation, The men at arms, where more or less there in case the wall or gate was breached. Another loud boom was herd as they ducked as something whizzed past them and crashed into the gate causing it to forcefully open. “THE GATE!” They saw the Crusaders began to charges to the gates using there shields to block any incoming arrows. While several arrows managed to go through the metal. They simply didn't have enough archers to hit the men charging at them.....
   Just at they reached closed to the get a Huge wave of water Hits about fifty of them sweeping them form there feat just as a wave of fire covered them burning them alive as Gervak and Devon stood near the gate. “Come on we got a battle to win!” Gervak twirls his daggers as Demon did the same to his scythe. Every one pulled back a bit as they let the Crusaders pull into the city. The clash of swords and armor could be herd as several of them died from being either stabbed or bashed in the head. The whole battle was confusing with Dans men in dissaray as to who is whole, several of them accidentally killed their own. Devon growls, “They are confused, oh by the ways you're a magic user?” He said swing his scythe as it sliced through a crusader's midsection. He looked shocked by this face as his upper half fell backwards. “Yes why do you think I've let my friend go with his so called mother?”
   They begin to move forward trying to push the crusaders back, who ever was left in Dans ranks done the same. Just as several more Booms where herd as pieces of the wall on there end began to shatter. “Crap how are these guys doing this? Are they some kind of powerful earth mages?” Shouted some men. “Come on guys we can do it!” Gervak shouted.

   Just as Devon and Gervak reached the gate there was a loud Rumble as a large portion of the ground began to crack. “What the?” Devon and Gervak Fell forward as a bright light emitted from the crack as they felt a very powerful Arcadian energy burst from the ground, Who ever was about the charge into the city as a second wave began to retreat, Gervak and Demon gave chase to them but the others stayed back. The two managed to get far enough to see the city become enveloped in light... IN a cruel twist of fate the two herd screaming as they saw a group of 100 or so crusaders converge on there position.. Obviously as a way to insure they didn't follow. However, luck would have it a powerful shock wave sent them all flying, including Gervak and Devon.
   The two where knocked out for quite some time, but when they woke up all they saw where the body's of there would be attackers, and Port Liamor...Gone all that was left there was now water filling up a crater.... “Now what?” Asks Devon, “We...GO to the mage tower... My home...What..” Gervak just sits down for a moment. “OK first off how well did you know you're king anyways?” He asks, “Oh... I've saved him from drowning as a kid..When we were kids...I've hadn't sen him for years until the rumors of him becoming a king...Of sorts... We talked, and somehow he decided that I would make a good Ranger, his version of a scout or messenger.” “Well is there another allied city with a leader of commander?” He asks, The shark shook his head, “There is Port Drekihithem But that's a five week trip from here and is no where close.. We need a group, that means having to find Kyle, ...” Devon raises an eye spot. “Why?”
The shark shrugs, “My gut tells me it would be a good idea, I don't question my instincts...”
Crash, Kyle blade met with Hebis wooden staff, “Come on is that all you got, three days and I'm seeing you're potential farmer boy!” Kyle jumps back however a green vine grabs him by his feet and threw him to the ground, “Wow you got a little cocky there...” The snake helps Kyle up as he pants slightly, they were training outside in the open field as Hebi spy's a faint glow in the distance, “.....Hmm this doesn’t feel right. “ He pauses, “something happened...” Kyle eyes the snake as he held hiss Great sword against the ground, “Comfersia to Hebi...Um I can't help but notice we are the only two here in the past few days..” Hebi shook his head, “Huh...Oh sorry I've notice something the distance. However, it seems to be a bit of a walk to get there... Ahem...Yeah my students...Truth is... All the other mages left here to join a allegiance. We gather once in a while to talk about what's going on. You got the Arch Magius of the Silver tear, The Managu of the Lion Traders.” Kyle snickers a bit, “what kind of name is that?” Hebi eye rolls slightly, “The king inst good at naming things, The Druid of the Elvin tribes, The Geographer of the Dark Mountains... And last The Mage of The Crimson dawn.” He nods, “The only Military that doesn't have a Mage are of course the crusaders, And The Archia's” He said, “They prefer brawn to well Magical wounder.
   Suddenly he sees the tip of the sword near his Neck as Hebi eyes Kyle pointing it at him, “wasn’t the first rule you mentioned be don’t let you're enemy distract you?” Hebi blinks, “Got me there...” Kyle tisks, “Also the human I've met and yelled for you how about him?” He asks, “Oh...Him?” Hebi sighs, “He is actually my servant..Of sorts... However, it's his week off.” Hebi steps back as a Green vine shoots out of the ground and hits Kyle Square in the chest knocking him back a few feet. The poor fox landed on his back hard as he coughs loudly, “Ugh... Got me there..”
“Yep, you really should consider plain clothing rather than a coat fit for a dead corpse!” Hebi Blurts out his insult.” Kyle eye rolls, “Every day you were making some quite rude remarks about my coat, I like it...I'm keeping it.. It feels so right.” Kyle charged at Hebi as there weapons crashed again, They began to get into a motion where no mater what direction Kyle swung at, Hebi blocked it with Perfection. “Now focus on you're energy Kyle and direct it towards me.” Kyle Narrows his eyes his blade glowing slightly, he could feel this burning energy coursing through his arm, and through the blade he was holding.
   Kyle Jumps back as he sends a long line of light towards Hebi as he puts up a vine and ducks out of the way... Kyle watches the vine slowly slide to the left as it fell...The holy light actually cut through it. “Holy Crap that some strong magic there!” Hebi chuckles a bit, “And actually this surprises me....Three days in, and you're able to...” Kyle suddenly falls down face first as the snake blinks. “On second thought never mind...” He would lift Kyle over his shoulder and carry him to his room.
   He moves to lock the door and head up to his own room, as he opened the door he was greeted by a Pale looking elf sitting there his face wrinkled like a bed sheet that hasn't been washed for months, a Golden staff laying across his lap.
“Ugh Really old man can't you send a magical letter before arriving into my room?” Hebi asks.
The elf shrugs, “Unless its urgent, Look The crusaders attacked Liamore today, however during the invasion a secondary force also attacked, carrying weaponry that really...Out power our own primitive means.”
Hebi frowns, “Like...Something stronger than a catapult, or a Trench bucket?” He asks.
“I know not....Of what it is. Im only passing on the message. I'm sure you sense a strong city...Is no more...” The Old elf said
Hebi head tilts, “.....Let me guess you need me to look at it?”
The Elf nods silently. “Yes.... But also we need to arrange a counsel, it seems these Crusaders are getting more and more violent these days...”
Hebi Sighs, “So you think this is going to lead into a major War?” He asks.
“Yes but there even more danger, you're well aware of the Burning Legion correct?” The elf asks,
“Other than the legends? Not really....Wait you're not going to say that they are...Becoming more and more common?” Hebi narrows his eyes for a moment.
“You may be an Arch Mage Hebi however when you came to this tower what did you tell me when I asked why you wanted to join?” The snake rubs his eyes for a moment, “to retire from Demon hunting... Yes I know my first duty was a demon hunter, but that's was when I was of age...I'm almost in my fourtys now...I'm to old for this Crap.” Hebi said making wild gestures with his hands, “And yet you're training someone to become a demon hunter...Yes I've been spying on you...” The Elf said
“Ulund!What did I say about using the old dusty Crystal ball to spy on me?” Hebi yelled, “don't because I pride my privacy...”
Ulund eye rolls, “I didn't spy on you that much... Hebi but it's a necessary as you're mentor.”
Hebi would cut him off in mid sentience, “I don't care.. Yes you where my mentor teaching me more about my magic but for the love of the gods!” Hebi looks down, “you're worried that demons might attack me again?”
Ulund nods silently, “Yes and with the Legion becoming more active due to the threat of war... This worry’s me greatly. “
Hebi turns for a moment, “Very well...” He turns back to see his bed empty again... He in turn would throw him self onto the bed and lay down.
“Ugh I think we are a wee bit lost!” Gervak grunts as a branch smacks him across the nose. Him and Devon been traveling through the forest as opposed to the roads.
“We need to find the Mage tower and report about our city vanishing. We were lucky to survive the blast...Yet those men who tried to charge at us...All of them are dead, severely burned.” Gervak sounded confused, “Hmm.” The wolf grunts, “Mana burns, probably non-magic users. Too much magic could literally burn em to death...SO chances are that’s what we saw.” Gervak blinks, “the burst of energy also made the city disappear...What ever Dan done...I don't like it. I don’t like it at all.” They only been traveling for four hours that's when they got into the clearing the both sat down a little exhausted. “Finally...We are here...” Ironically Sarrah came into the clearing at the other end as she blinks, “Huh....” She shrugs for a second as she walks over to the two, “You two need help to set up a camp?” She asks and then grins a bit. As she drops a leather bag down as she eyes Devon, “SO why is there a Lycanthrope here?” The wolf raises an eye spot as he slowly begins shift. His human form was well thin, He looked like he hasn't eaten for days. His skin was rather darker than most humans in the world, sadly he was completely nude, luckily he had a pack with him as he got dressed really, His long coat covered the lower half of his face. It was a once piece, So he dindt need ot put anything on under it. He wasn't anything special. Just a Thin Red eyes human who looks no older than 18. With Brown hair, And a heavily scared face his lower half hidden by the coat.
“Port Liamore vanished I'm assuming Dan done something...He did explain of a plan B...If all goes south... We were attacked on both ends, however the other attackers seems to have magic or something else beyond our own. As they fired some very strong projectiles into several of our building and into the gate...” Devon sighs, “also I'm not one of Those werewolves, despite what legends say... We can change when we feel like it...The full moon doesn't really effect us. However, silver and Wolf bane are deadly....However, so long we are not directly holding anything silver No harm no foul...” Sarrah blinks, “Wow that is stupid... Either way call me Sarrah, I'm a part of the Elvin rangers.”
“You don't look like an Elf?” Devon said as Sarrah began to collect some wood.” Gervak sighs, “It's a long story apparently..” Sarrah nods, “Yes indeed...” Devon shook his head, “Well I suppose I should help with something...” He sniffs the air, “I'll be back and bring some food...” He gets up..And heads into the forest. Sarrah blinks, “But I got plenty of me...Oh wait...DO wolves pride int hem self for hunting their own prey?” She asks, “Yeah I think so.” Gervak Answered, as he lays down in a lazy fashion, letting Sarrah set camp. “You think so? And Hey You better Pitch a tent or something Sharky or you're not getting any food.” She warns The shark as he eye rolls, “Oh Ill Pitch a tent alright...” He Grumbles a bit. “Yeah what am I going to do with this while you're friend goes hunting...In...Human form?” Gerak shrugs as he gathers some materials and he begins to set up a tent, “We can eat it maybe he only getting food for him self. Honestly I'm not sure, I've been with him for only a bit of time...Quickly became friends with him... I don't know why..Its just a feeling I get....
   The Vixen looks back to the tower silently as she sighs...”Hopefully when Kyle wakes up we can try to figure out what happened to the port, and then maybe travel to The Dark forest...” Gervak blinks, “Its not haunted right?” Sarrah eye rolls, “for the love of the gods, what is this a Dang fancy fairy tail with monsters, dragons and haunted forests? NO of course not, its called that to scare anyone dumb enough to believe its haunted, the elves are more or less.. Isolated and wish to remain as such.”
“Pffff as the way I see it this is already a Dang fairy tail...But a bit more darker...” Gervak chuckles... The two set up camp and make dinner, Devon returned a bit later as he sat by the fire and grabed a bowl of stew. “Ive smelled some fresh blood in the distance....You wont beleave what Ive found.” Devon clears his voice.
   Devon slowly sneaks through the forest using the trees as cover, as the scent of blood got stronger. He peeks out to see about ten Bloodied, yet heavily armored men Lean on one another or on the near by trees. The only uninjured one looks at them sternly, “Dang it what the hell happened?” Asked the Uninjured one, “Captin Mecob The city...vanished... But who where the others attacking or assisting?” asked the solider. “That's none of you're business our duty wasn't to take over the city but to wipe it off the map...Apparently what ever this, event...This cataclysm done the job for us... Now... We need to regoup in the ruins of Twinriver... How ever any of you to Injured to go on, take a dagger and kill you're selves...” He turns away as two of the men actually done what the captain ordered.
“Ok this is getting rather silly.” Sarrah interupts Devon, “First off they just willingly killed them selves because they where to Injured? That doesnt make sense no one even the loyalist of the loyal wouldnt do something as stupid as that.” Sarrah rubs her head for a ent, “I think there more to this Mecob then what meets the eye.... I've looked at the body's...The eyes Look...Pale....” Devon eyes the two, “So you're saying...The Crusaders has a Guy whole can control minds? Look Lets wait until we speak to this Old mage in the morning..” Gervak moves to go into the tent as Sarrah turns to Devon, “Get some rest Wolf Boy...Ill stay here and keep watch....”Sarrah said to the still human Devon.
   The Following Morning Hebi and Kyle moved over to the recently made camp, a bit weary at the fact some one even done such a thing. The others woke up and came out of the tents as Kyle head tilts, “Why didnt you guys camp out in the forest where you could get more cover and stay hidden?” He asks.
   Sarrah shrugs silently, “Well We arnt trying to hide in the first place. She noticed the sword strapped to Kyle's back as she smirks, “Let me guess Long sword right?” Kyle nods a bit, “Me and Hebi are going on a trip....Um...Can they Join us?” He asks, Hebi rubs his head silently, “I guess so...!” Once they all packed up they made there way back to the Area where the city disappeared. They all looked at the giant cove where the city used to be, as Hebi looks down into the water silently...This area had a faint glow to it he looks around as he saw a bit of a brighter glow in the middle of the area. “Any one a good swimmer?” Gervak would slap the snake upside of the head, “Hey don't ask such a silly question...What are you pointing at anyways?” to every one else how ever the water looked completely normal, “Middle of the lake I see a brighter glow... I can kind of see Mana Residue.....” He looks around as he saw some of the areas around them where faintly growing, form the grass to the trees.
“This looks like some kind of mana explosion, As I can see it goes about five maybe more feet in a perfect dome shape. The force was strong enough to obliterate about two feet of tree line, and majory damage the rest...” He rubs his muzzle as He hears Gervak Dive into the water. He turns around and looks at the pile of cloths on the ground... He Blushed slightly at the though he went skinny dipping. “Now I know how he swims most of the time...” He mutters, Devon raises a eye spot as he turns to Kyle, “Im Devon By the ways.” Kyle nods silently, “The name is kyle, Um why are you're eyes blood red?” Devon sighs, “Im really tired of that question, Ahem Im part demon...NO Im not evil, No I cant grow horns or a spaded tail, No I wasn't born in the under world. Just that My mother was a whore, and decided to drunkenly to go at a demon...” He took a deep breath, “Years later I was also bitten by a werewolf to... How ever some how retained my humanity thanks to...The former king of the now non existent City.” Kyle raises a eye spot, “Okkkkk I still don't get this whole demonic thing. I’m still learning to harness magic and swordsmanship.”
The skinny human shrugs as Gervak surfaced from the water and swam back, He was quite a fast swimmer to. “I don't see anything other then a few Crystal shards, and I dare not to touch them...” He shakes his head.... “I’m assuming those are Mana crystals, Hitting one can cause a giant chain reaction...But there no trace of the city what so ever? It simply...Banished?”
Gervak shrugs as he got out and glares at Hebi who was still looking at him, “Turn around!” Hebi Make a Slight hissing sound as he turns and looks away as Gervak dressed up again. “This isn't time to ogle at a sharks body... Now if the city disappeared where did it go?” He ask as a Bottle fell onto the ground seemingly out of no where. They all looks at the ground and then slowly look up. “you're kidding right?” Kyle asks the group, Hebi sighs deeply. “Well Anything is possible when you screw with mana crystals... How ever we have no way of proving that the city now resides in the sky, a floating city..” Hebi muses, “Sounds absolute positively dumb as hell!” Devon shouted, “Yeah how on earth are we even going to prove that?” Sarrah asks, “Well...Not a clue we need ot find a dragon, maybe large flying creature to get us there...” Kyle then interjects, “How about teleportation us master mage!” Hebi face palms, “Magic doesn't work like that the whole teleportation deal is just an illusion, in reality the caster is in a deep trance... The whole portal appearing is just to make it look intimidating!” Hebi explains, “Now we need to go find a creature willing to give us a lift.”
Every one seemed to face palm all at once, “Again how are we going to do that?” Every one except hebi of course all said at once, “We travel to Enhimer to see if we can catch a ship to Port Drekihithem, form there we travel into the dark Mountains, where we will find what we seek...” Every one looks at Hebi for a ent, “How about we go to the Dark mountains form here instead of using all that pointless traveling?” Sarrah asks, “Because we also need coin...I mean how many of us are actually loaded with coin?” He asks, every one look down. “Look We need to find some kind of job something no one is willing to do...”
“Are we going to clean up waste? if so Im out!” Kyle cringes slightly as Hebi shakes his head, “Nope...We are going to take some bounty's.” Every one looks at him, “What kind of Bounty's?” Devon asks, “I hear hunting and arresting demons is actually profitable... Keep in mind though we aren't to kill them unless they fight us..” He crosses his arms as Kyle stood up, “Fine lets take a look at this silly Demon hunting thing, if this doesn't pan out we are living off of deer for a month and walking to the mountains!” Sarrah blinks, “Huh you can fiqure out travel time now?” Kyle pauses as he shook his head, “I..Guess so...” Hebi looks at Kyle for a moment as he smirks slightly, “So every one lets get a move on!”

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Demihumans:Anything considered none human (elves dwaves ext. This includes anthropomorphic creature)

Chapter 1: An unexpected trip
   Before we can begin, allow me to set up things and give you a warning. I live in a country called Arcadia. It's a rather large island of about 268,000.  square miles, give or take I was never good with this kind of thing. The continent is home to a bunch of kingdoms whose names I really don't give a Crud to talk about right now, you may ask right now what planet are you from? We call it Comfersia……
   Kyle pauses for a moment this whole time he was writing, or practicing writing in a lonely log cabin, Kyle wasn’t Human he was an anthropomorphic fox, He had dark shade of orange for the main part of his fur, with black fur from his paws to elbows, Feet to knees and it tipped his ears, White fur ran from under his chin down towards...well waist…. and it tipped his tail like it was a paintbrush. Like a human he had hair.
   Though it was a more dirty blond color than anything else, his eyes were deep blue. If someone would look at them, they could probably get lost in them, he was currently wearing a few simple pieces of clothing a raggedy shirt and somewhat more raggedy pants, both pieces of clothing where dirty, had holes, rips and so on. The fox dipped his quill in the ink well as he sighs,Travel on the seas is nearly impossible about 30 miles outward, due to a thick heavy blanket of fog, I wonder if we are alone on this planet.

    There was a knock on the door, the fox got up and sighs, his cabin wasn't large. He could walk across it with in ten steps, it only held the necessaries a bed which he constantly has to change the hay for, a stone oven, for heat and for food. And of course the desk which nicely crafted. And was the only thing that doesn't spell out this man was poor as Crap. Kyle was indeed well poor, but he was only 18 years old, he couldn't really find work in any other city nor does farming bring in a living wage most of the time. Kyle opened the door as it fell off the hinges and landed sideways.
   In Front of him stood a tall man, however he was clad in full knight's armor. On his back looked like a claymore, the fox looked at the uniform portion in the middle was a simple Red cross, he never seen any symbol like that before.“Good sir you are a farmer aye?” Asked the man his voice echoed in the armor itself, Kyle is just trying to figure out why he wouldn't lift the visor.
   “Yes? If you're here to see if I am selling anything, I'm sorry this year every single crop died due to some Fracking irrigation project a nearby village is doing!” He explained in a somewhat annoyed tone.

   “I'm not here for that, you're land is being Possessed by King Edward the fourth.” He grabs the fox as he quickly tossed him away from the house.
   “Hey what the hell!” That was when Kyle saw the metal boot meet with his head, the poor guy was instantly knocked out.

   Kyle held his head as he slowly woke up a few hours later, He smelt...smoke… The fox slowly got up as he looked at his burning farm land, The fox could only stare and watch, he doesn’t know if he wanted to cry. What happened, why did it happen? That when he heard some one clear his voice, the fox turned around to see a Shark demi human standing there, the shark stood around five feet tall even...Maybe. His scales or skin so to say. Was bright orange, tough… he had no hair or anything noticeable, he was a shark...If it had arm and legs and a fin for a tail….

   Though the guy looked more or less like some Ranger, he had a brown leather vest with a green under Crap, his pants were also made of leather. On his back was a hunting bow and a quiver with about ten arrows, on his belt like had about five daggers and a short sword. The fox suddenly pounces the other as he try's to weekly punch him, The shark just took the sucker punch but it didn't phase him that much as he used his weight to throw the fox off and jump back, “Easy there.” He said in a somewhat calm voice, He had a somewhat deep voice. But it had a high pitch added into it. His dark green eyes look at Kyle calmly.
“That was my home you Jerk!” Kyle shouted, he would jump up and charged the shark but he simply side stepped and stuck his leg out causing Kyle to fall on his face. “Stop and use you're head kid, look we need to get out of here before we choke on the smoke or worse get ran down." The shark eyes Kyle as the smoke slowly crept across the ground. He got up and sighs, he didn't have much choice he could either trust the stranger, choke to death or wander in the wilds and well who knows what could happen.

   So Kyle and the shark began to walk away from the burning farm lands, it was roughly an hour of silence before either of them said anything
   ” I’m Gervak Rivers, I'm a ranger as you can tell, I'm in service to the town of Twinroad. It's about half a day from here.” Gervak said calmly. “I have no idea what a ranger is, or why I'm following you. Hell why should I trust you?"

   Gervak twitched his left eye as he stops and turns to Kyle. “I'm not putting a dagger to you're back kid, I am not forcing you to follow me. you're more than welcome to go back to what remains of you're land, but doing so you might end up being arrested or shot at. The people who burned you're farm. Are not good people, I will explain it when we get to Twin, and get you some cloths. Also, to answer a earlier question I protect the forest from poachers." Kyle blinks for a moment thinking there had to be more,"that's it? Sound quite dull if you ask me." Gervak shrugs, "I also play guard, hunter so on and so forth if needed.
   The town isn't that guarded. The king dose not want to give the neighboring faction a reason to go to war against them.” Gervak explains, “Let me guess not enough man power? And this neighboring faction is easily provoked?" Kyle asked, Gervak shook his head, "no they are pacifists." Gervak sighs, "no idea what that word means." The shark looked at Kyle a bit dumbfounded,"they don't like fighting." Kyle nods silently, "I am not as educated as I want to be." Kyle looks back silently as the path the two been traveling. "Yeah no Crap, farmers normally don't go to school. Do you at lest know how to read and write?" Gervak stops and knelt over as a few pops and cracks can be heard as he starts to stretch his back. "OK that's sort of gross seeing someone else do it, but yes I can but a lot of words go over my head." Kyle cringed just as the shark straitened himself.

   “I see,” was the only thing Gervak uttered. “Who taught you to read and write?" Kyle looks up for a moment, "my dad did Before he disappeared." Kyle said as they begin to climb a steep incline on the path. “Let me guess he said he was going somewhere and never returned?" Gervak said, Kyle nods his head silently. “ I was too young to remember either so my memory of my parents are very foggy.”
   "I know how it is the same thing that happened to me." Soon they reached the top of the hill down below was a large wooden wall and in it was a small village. The village had several houses majorly made out of wood with a hay thatched roof.

   They entered through the gates as they walked down the dirt path. Gervak went straight to the only building with a sign on it. Kyle looks up, 'General traders and tailors' Kyle shook his head honestly he thought It was a horrible name for a shop. “The owner should be here. He owes me a favor.” The shark enters the dusty store, the store smelt like cinnamon and a bit of dust, Kyle notice some areas where dusty, as if the store wasn't well kept or had much business anyways.
   "Ah pardon the mess I've been busy with other things," as a sudden high pitched voice came from behind the counter as a small feral Raccoon climbs up. It looked like a typical Raccoon. Grey fur brown markings making it the tail rings and the mask. The Raccoon stood up on its hind legs and crosses his arms. Of course Kyle looks at him in a bit of shock he wasn't expecting the Raccoon to be the keep. "Oh Mischief, again? Why didn't you tell me so I can help you out for the time it takes for you to shift to normal?"
   The shark drags his webbed paws over his Long snout. "I would if the village wasn't being hounded by the deuces who wear Red Crosses." Mischief explained, "the Crimson crusaders are tying to push us into a war. Why I don't know, I've been tracking them. It seems there activity is getting more and more violent." Gervak starts explaining, "The crusaders are a human faction who Carry some kind of holy order, they claim to do everything under the name of their God. And they are the ones who burned down you're farm Kyle.” Gervak looks around to see the fox shifting through the cloths. “So you're going to you're king to warn him of something?” Kyle asks, “don't be making a mess kid.....wait don't tell me you're redeeming a favor. Look if you want to give him cloths fine but not for free, the Crimson dicks also been extorting me for tax.” He said sarcastically, “
   Gervak sighs, “hopefully the king will be able to do something.” Just the. Kyle found a few things and tried them on. It was a pair of black paints with a black and red Crap over it was a large coat it had a red under side but once again black. "Ah those items, mostly made up of lien, though that looks very old, hell it makes you look old!" Mischief said, "but that been around for to long so consider it as a gift." He the. Sighs,” Gervak can you go and fetch a few daggers, I am assuming you're going to take him to Port Liamor." Gervak nods, "only if he wants to." Just as Gervak said that an orange glow erupted near the window as not only the glass but the whole wall bursts towards them, as the shock wave sent them all back.
   Kyle coughs a bit as he slowly got up, the fox coughing as the whole store or what left with it was on fire. He could see the flames burning up the wooden hole, and the roof of the place. He moves towards the hole but he felt his foot hit something hard. He bent over and picked up the heavy item...It felt like a sword, it he felt not blade... What ever he was holding he was going to need it, From with in the smoke he could head screeching... The smoke suddenly began to shift as he felt something move past him, Kyle turns to try to face it but his eyes where burning up from all the smoke. He felt something tacking him, its claws racking against his arm. “Gervak HELP!” He shouted as he threw the creature off of him, he took the object and swung it. It connected with the foul creature as he heads it lands with a thud.
   Suddenly a clawed hand grabs him He drops the sword and grabbed the somewhat hot armor. The smoke gives way to a Black steel helmet, Those eye sockets where on fire, the smell of death and smoke cane from those sockets as he Growled a bit. “You'll be a good sacrifice for the Legion!” Kyle starts kicking at the heavy armor...Suddenly he felt a serge of energy form with in his body, it started to glow brightly as the armored creature lets him go and screams in pain. “AHHHHH” Kyle screams as he sent a beam of light from his paws...Sending the creature back... But with this came a wave of dizziness. He suddenly falls over and lets the world fade into darkness...
   Kyle groans softly as he felt his head on some kind of soft grass... He opens his eyes to see Gervak looking over him, “Man I had a horrible nightmare...” He gets up and winces... He was bandaged up...Some of his fur was slightly burned, there was a bandage on his arm obviously from what ever attacked him. “I don't know who those guys where.” He says tossing Kyle 'drafty old coat', “But they are not normal... I've tried killing several of those...Things but they wouldn’t die... Then again I couldn’t tell due to all the smoke... Sorry it took me awhile to get you....” Gervak looked really bad, he was bandaged on his chest and his skin was somewhat burned... He kept rubbing water over those spots.
   “Mischief didn’t make it, I’ve couldn’t find the poor Raccoon...” He frowns, “If he is alive most likely he heading to Port Liamor... It shouldn’t be to long before we get there...” He herd some rustling in the bushes as a Very good looking Vixen a red fox though her fur was dull in color, she was wearing a Long green vest but wearing some brown leather pants... She was pointed a Bow at them... Kyle looks at her a bit more, the long flowing Silver hair... Her...well... Chest was quite decently sized but showed she was...Old... Her eyes where a shade of green similar to that of a leaf... She then spoke in some kind of strange language.... Shouting at them!
Gervak raised his paws, “Do you speak English? I don't understand what we are doing wrong!” He said.
   Kyle looks at the mysterious fox again... She...Looks like something he lost long ago.
“   Who are you? Do you know what happened to Twinriver?” She asks.
   “Gervak...” The shark introduced hims self,“And burned by some Black armored creatures...”
   Gervak frowns, “I saw one attack you before I saw you use some kind of...Magic...”

   Kyle Blinks, “I've used what?” puts a paw on his head as he felt a wave of Nausea hit him.
   “That would be a reactionary magic by a Non magic user... Meaning it was sudden...And it drained him badly...” Sarrah eyes Kyle and kneels down to him as he felt his head...
   “You look like a child I’ve lost long ago...Before my husband tried to kil;-...Sacrifice me....” She frowns deeply.
   “Kyle, I'm Kyle Silverfall...” Kyle said, The Vixen sighs deeply. “Sarrah, Just Sarrah....” Kyle nods silently,
   “Please to meet you? Um, how old are you?” Sarrah gave Kyle a very annoyed look then Slapped him up side the head,
   “Never ask a lady her age! Though, I'm old enough to be you're mother! I'm forty years old, thank you very much!” She smirks sarcastically.
   Gervak just looks in shock for a moment, “doesn't this kind of thing come later in our adventures...I swear...Life is a bit odder now.”The shark shook his head for a moment and then puts the fire out.
   The Vixen took a deep breath.”I'm the leader of the Elvin rangers though, I'm the only none Elf in the tribe...That because I was adopted into it... And really proved my self to em... I've been trying to track down these Black armored creatures, due to a recently burned outpost.... We dubbed them THE Burning Legion.... And what they are....I'm guessing something demonic if light magic hurt one.”She says as they begin to walk.
   “There are storys surrounding these things, but only the mages hold onto them, they are what you call the neutral group. Yet who ever gives them enough gold...They will support. So in turn they are greedy Neutral mages.” The Vixen grins!

   “If they join a side because one side gave them more coin they are not Neutral!” Gervak shouted. “You need to straighten you're head up I think you are a few -”
   Just as Gervak was about in insult her...a Dagger threw past his head and embedded itself into a tree.
   “I wouldn’t be using those words so lightly Fish bate.” The Vixen said taking the dagger back and puts it away in its sheath.
   “I know this is moving all to quickly. If you wish to go to you're silly little kingdom. By all means Go alone...I can take care of my self....” She said as she wrapped her arm around one of Kyle as he yips in surprise.

   “I have to agree with this Sir Gervak, if you want to go to you're King and warn him about those Crimson. Guys...” He scratches his head for a moment.
   “I will go with Sarrah and learn about what happened in Twinriver...” Kyle looks down for a moment, the poor fox only met the guy...But deep down something felt....Like he was connected with him, Or he was a part of what ever is going on in his life. And with that Gervak moved to the right as Kyle and Sarrah move straight.
   “So you're Farm burned down and you didn't think to try to save a thing? You just went with this stranger?” Sarrah asked, Kyle sighs deeply. “Well I wasn't losing much, the farm hasn't grown things in a few years due to the little river drying up...someone decided to redirect the water to a nearby kingdom.” Kyle said as he walked aside the stranger. “But you keep avoiding my question...Why did you're husband try to kill you?” He asked, The Vixen sighs for a moment. “Because He wanted me dead when I found out what he done... I'm not going into detail you're...How old now?”
   Kyle blinks, “Nineteen years old...” He said
   “And how long have you been alone?” Sarrah Plied,
   “Three years now...” Kyle rubs his head, “Why won't you tell me what this guy done?” Kyle Asks,
   “I don't know you nor do you know me Duh!.” Sarrah scoffs
   Kyle snorts, “Oh so this is an issue of trust then....Great” He said sarcastically,
   “There was no need for that Kyle... Look I want to tell you but looking at you you're the kind of person who would rush into a problem without knowing the facts.” She clenches her fist for a moment,
   “...Did He have an affair.” Kyle was by no means a dumb kid like the stranger would've thought,
   “N.Not in the way you think....He didn't cheat on me...Or was with another girl... He had an affair with...some dark arts...” She stops for a second and sighs, “We are almost to the tower... My Husband raised...Someone from the dead....That's why I Ran because Afterward he went mad... Saying that....” She pauses, “The person whom he resurrected will do great things, will lead to a better world...Where Good nor evil exist only perfection will be in its place.”
   Kyle raised an eye spot as he shook his head, “that sounds stupid.” He said as they move out into a small clearing... Right in the middle of the clearing was a small tower. It looked like it would belong to a castle keep, however there was nothing around it nor near it. It was just the little tower. “You were not kidding about this being a mage tower .” He said moving closer, “Will I learn just magic or more?” He asks, “Lets not forget using weaponry as well.” Said a mysterious male voice it had an odd hiss to it. Kyle turns to the sound but saw nothing. Then he saw a shimmer in mid air as a face of dark colored Human manifested. His eyes where a deep yellow though his pupils where slited like snake eyes. “Don't be afraid I'm Junior Magicus Lucifer, Normally I would fire off a spell for trespassing. However, I over herd about you wishing to learn something?” He eyes Sarrah for a second, “He is here to learn magic and well what ever you can teach him. He apparently used some kind of magic as a Reaction...”

   The human dispelled what ever spell he was using, Of course typical of a mage he was wearing nothing but a giant ugly colored brown robe. There was a wooden staff strapped to his back, and a few dagger son the belt. “Before you ask I'm a human, Yes...My eyes are a part of a spell I've botched up...” He shakes his head as he gestures to Kyle. “you're welcome to join us YOU!” He points at Sarrah, “Can join us as well... is he you're....Boy friend?” Giving the fact that Sarrah was rather young looking it was easy to assume it. “NO I've just met him!.” She eye rolls and heads back to the forest.
“But no....I’m heading To find someone...” She says, “Keep a good eye on the kid...”
   Kyle pauses, “Wait...Will I see you again?” He asks.
   Sarrah shrugs, “Duh I will return eventually...However, I'm here on my own mission...” She turns to Kyle and pats him on the shoulder,
   “You do look like my son....A son I've abandoned long ago to a monster...” She turns around and runs off without a word.
   “...And here she goes.” Kyle said


   Liamore was a Large city close to the ocean, There were about five large sail boats docked at the moment, each bearing a solid blue flag with two swords crossed with each other. Gervak was walking with a somewhat tall human wearing a long brown trench coat the collar of it though covered his lower mouth and he wore a mask covering the left side of his face. Under that you could sweat he was a captain of a boat. A red shirt with a brown leather strap crossed in front of it, All of that holding several daggers... On his actual belt he had a cutlass...Not normal even for the apparent time period. “I see...Thank you Ranger Gervak for the report... I hate to say it but it does mean that they are preparing for war...However, you're encounter with these demons is alarming...You don't even have the proper weapons.” The human said. “My lord... I don't know what kind of weapon could even kill a demon... You think there is a way?”

The king chuckles, “Please its Danel, Or Dan Mulligan... I don't like formal titles.... And yes... Can you go find Devon...He currently resides in the old fishing shack about...” He points in the direction as he frowns, “It's in that direction....” Gervak couldn't help but snicker for a moment, “And you want to captain a boat, you can't even give directions!” He chuckles, “Quiet Ranger before I kick that shark tail of you'res and have fish for dinner!” Of course, he was only joking...”I wouldn't piss him off though, Like me We can get angry quickly...And anger is bad...” Gervak nods and heads in the direction of the shack. “I know...”
Devon paces around the small shack as he growled...He was a large limbering wolf with dark Blue fur, but blood red eyes. IN the floor of his shack was a hole....Currently he had a line in it. “COME ON AND BITE OR ILL COME DOWN AND CATCH YOU MY SELF!” He barks at the fishing hole as if it would yield any results. But in reality it didn't do a thing. Though a knock came at the door, the wolf opens it to only have to look down at Gervak. “Yes May I help you....Food....?” He licks his lips as he grins, “Well then I guess dinner has walked right up to my door!” He rubs his paws as Gervak eye rolls,
“You've used that joke before Devon.” He blinks for a moment,
“I know old friend, I know, what can I do for you...Err actually before we talk and catch up, can you...Help...catch dinner...Please?”
   Kyle sat down in the chair as he looked at the weapon rack, each holding a different type of sword made of silver, “So silver harms demons?” He asks, “The human shrugs, “No It's the holy water and sea salt that is put in during the smelting process. Look it sounds completely stupid but its true... I think a two handed sword would do you good...” He eyes Kyle, “After we work on you're arms... “Um what does this have to do with magic?” Kyle asks, “Oh Magic...Yeah...I'm not authorized to teach that only the Arch Magious can work with you on that...Anyone who has Zero experience in magic deals with him...”He looks at Kyle, “However I can sense that you're magic is better used while holding a focus object in this case a Sword...” He said, “And yes that is why I carry a staff....It's a focus, Magic users can't use there magic unless they have a focus. Using magic without it normally yields in some bad luck.” Kyle blinks, “SO I got lucky then?” He asks, “HA I wished, probably who ever was about to ax you was you're focus for a Second, trust me I doubt you'll have you're arms still if you somehow managed to use any kind of magic without touching a thing!” Kyle eyes the human for a Moment, “I did...” The fox says bluntly....
 The human goes silently and then shouts, “ARCH MAGE GET DOWN HERE NOW!” Suddenly a tree branch sprouts form the floor of where they were standing and opens up. Walking out was...snake like creature, It had a face of a green snake, a long tail, the only issue Kyle had...where the fact it had legs...And its was completely nude! . “What is it Now Snake eye?” The snake said as his Golden eyes look to the human.
“What did I say about yelling for me when I'm in the middle of meditation?” HE said, in one swift poof of smoke he was wearing a long blue robe.
The snake pauses and eyes Kyle as he then turns to the human, “Leave...” The human nods and closes the door behind him. “Sadly its just me and him here.... All the others are off...Some where... My name is Arch Mage Hebi...Or Hebi Otaku for you...I can sense you recently used magic without a focus...Hmm Holy magic nonetheless...” The snake placed his scaled hand on Kyle Fore head, he was about to speak but he put a finger over his muzzle, “Silent please....Let me ask you something...DO you remember anything...” He asks, “From the battle?” He asks, “No..way before the battle...” Hebi responded, “When I was a kid?” He asks again, “No...Anything...OK this will go no where.” The snake sighs deeply, “Look I sense something...Else to...Like you're..something is wrong with you're...soul....Just like mine...Yet I know not of what it is...” He rubs his head, “Anyways... You probably have a Crap tun of questions so please fire away....”
   Kyle blinks at the forwardness of the snake, “Who are the Crimson Crusaders?” He asks first off, “A major human alliance, hell bent on dominating all of Arcadia. They fear our kind due to an outbreak of a Rabies like disease many years ago. Anyone who deals with them or if you happen to leave near them, They will be sure to cleanse you, The thing all in-humans carry a horrible disease.” He pauses, “However the illness was man made... I know this because I've treated one person who came to me...It was poison...Someone tried to poising the human population...Why I don’t know..” Kyle nods silently, “OK so These silver weapons why are they the only things able to harm demons?” He asks, “Like Snake eye said, due to several holy items, Sea salt arms evil spirits, or demons as I like to call them... Silver is just a base to hold it all together. However, its not the only way...Though I would prefer not to kill them the other way...It requires cutting and eating a demon heart...” He shudders, “Tastes like dirt.” The fox looks at the snake as if saying did you really eat a demon heart?
“As for the next possible question no I don’t know much about the armored being you might have encountered. Only rumors, apparently these demons can be summoned to help win a war. Though sometimes the case is they wish to provoke a war and destroy the lands.” Kyle slowly nods, “OK so...Hebi...You're going to show me how to...focus what ever magic I have?” The snake nods, “Yes I will teach you holy magic, as I taught others there skills to.. Kind of upset that you're mother didn't stay...” He clears his voice, “So first thing first is swordsmanship, Then Magic....Got it?” Kyle nods slowly as he gets up, “Shall we begin?” Hebi Asks.... Kyle blinks slowly as he shook his head wildly. “NO!” He gets up and sighs.
“NO! OK Look Mr, Hebi For one I'm a Fracking Farmer, I've lost my home because some human ran city wanted more land for no reason. I was whisked away by a stranger whom oddly I've trusted so far, LEARNED my parents are alive thinking they were dead ALL IN the span of three days by the ways.” He took a deep breath, “NOW you're telling me I'm one of the few people who can wield magic to kill demons...Are you seriously telling me I'm some kind of demon slayer, a person destined to be an Adventurer?” Hebi looks shocked at the fox's sudden outburst. “Calm down kid, look obviously life is pushing you into a different direction....Look you're stuck here anyways, where would you go, back home? Most likely they would convert it to a training ground, or a camp for Demi humans... Or well a mass grave in this case.” Hebi turns around.
“Listen why don't you rest for a while OK? Then we will see what happens... Just...take some time to clear you're head... I can't force you to stay but as I said. Where will you go?” Hebi moves to the door.
   Kyle just sat on the cold floor, “I would prefer if was here though... Fine I'll rest...Maybe....BUT DONT EXPECT me to stay!” He shouts! Hebi shook his head, “She is more than welcome to stay but I assume she has business to attend to. Kyle threw his hands in the air. “Then why cant I go and find her?” Kyle asks this was the first thing on his mind he had answers but now he wants out!
“Well for one again let me ask you this, if those Darkly armored creatures' comeback and find you, are you going to Rely on you're mother to defend you? No Time to man up kid and quit blubbering over something you've lost. Yes I am a bit harsh, how ever you need to learn to fight. you're a magic user sadly...People who use magic have to under go training other wise you might be classified as a....Partitive.” Hebi explains, “A what now?”Kyle asks, “It means a Untrained Magic user in my language. You would be considered highly dangerous.. If you even survive using you're next spell. “ Hebi Sighs, “Beds are up stair, take a rest for a while, But if you leave do know there are consequences to doing so. “
Kyle gets up as he sighs, “Fine...You've made you're point Hebi, Just show me what you want so I can get out of here....Like I said I've just learned my mother is Alive I want to be with her.... And if I'm lucky...I don't know what she meant my father being alive but not in a sense of I'm thinking.”The snake nods silently and closes the door, “I'll find her.”

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Art Gallery / Kyles Art Dump thing....
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Dumb fox doesn't know how to respect some ones privet property but also doesn't know how signs work

Also Hi!

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Rooting in place

The smell of pine and fresh dew in the air. It was nice outside as the leaves where changing colors and falling on the ground. The sound of leaves crunching under kyles paws was an annoying sound but he didn’t mind it. Kyle is a blue crux, dark blue fur with cyan markings and stripes, dirty blond hair and deep blue eyes. He was simply hiking down a small trail that was close by. Of course he wasn’t wearing traditional clothing. He was wearing tan pants. With a Heavy shirt, a pair of hiking boots for his paws and a somewhat heft hiking pack,which contained everything he needed for an extended trip.  He enjoyed the peace and quiet his tail swayed slightly for a moment.

It’s been a crazy few months for Kyle hence he decided to go on vacation and go hiking before it got cold. Kyle found a nice clearing as he unpacks and sets everything up. A few books a few things to cook over a fire apple? He didn’t remember packing an apple but he shrugs and took a bite out of it. He looks around for a moment and tosses it behind him.

“To sour.” He shudders as he moves into the tree line to gather wood. He wasn’t a fan of sour tasting items at all it took him awhile to gather an arm full of dry branches. He threw them in a pile as he wipes his forehead he felt the back side of his head brush up against a twig stuck in his hair.
“Oh for goodness sakes.” He grabs the small twig and yanks hard as it pulled on his hair. He eventually got it free but it hurt.
“Ouch!” He rubs his head and felt several more of them all tangled in his hair.

“Seriously?” He asks as he frowns, this was absurd but something felt off his boots where feeling oddly tight. He felt the bottom of his hind paws but it felt, off for some reason. He looks to his tend as he continues to tug on another twig, wincing in pain as he tried to lift his right foot to start walking but it didn’t leave the ground. He flails wildly as he falls on his face his paws pulling free from whatever he was stuck in.  He shook his head as he rubs his paws how ever he sat up and crossed on of his legs. How ever he saw a bunch of branches poking out of the bottom of his expensive boots.
The dark brown wood looks gnarled, he looks at the other foot and same deal.
“There goes fifty dollars.” He said and yes fifty dollars is considered expensive in Kyles eyes.

He wasn't pleased with the fact he must have stepped on some sharp branches but odd how it didn’t hurt.  He pokes the offending object as he felt it tug on the bottom of his paws.
“What gaaahh!” He felt his feet get righty as something pushed out the front of his boots. A larger thicker wooden tenderel bursts of of his shoe. Essentially ripping it apart. He grabs the boots and tore them off his feet looked like well roots. The roots on the bottom of his feet where thinner looking but where his toes where thick roots as he rolls on his belly. His tail now feeling off as he pulls on it and frees it from the ground. His tail tip was splitting into several more roots.
This was kind of messed up what was he turning into a tree or something? He frowns considering the wooden appearance of what was growing from his body it made sense.

Kyle grabs the growing and started to pull himself across it slowly the roots didn’t continue To grow or anything, he needed to look into his backpack, or maybe avoid having his tail or feet dig into the ground. He felt something push out of his head those twigs were not even twigs, they where branches growing out of his head! 
“Good trees I’m becoming a tree.” Kyle frowns as he didn’t like how he said that,”turning into a tree?” He frowns even more as he continues the grab and drag. His tail becoming heavier as the tip starts to change into a wood like texture. He could head the creaking and ground of the wood as he looked forward, he was still quite the distance. And he was getting extremely dizzy.
“Come on.” He falls on his face those branches somewhat pushing his head up abit. He suddenly get a sharp yank on his tail as the roots from his tail shot into the ground and dig it self in!
“Oh no you don’t!” He got up and grabs his tail as he yanked it free again, he then grabs on let and pulls up as he slowly frees the roots from the ground. He keeps trying to walk each time it got harder and harder to free himself.

It got to the point where he was completely stuck in his place he could feel his roots dig down into the cool soil below, going deeper and deeper. Making it impossible to move. He could hear the creaking from below as his hips began to widen up his pants ripping as he felt his legs began to merge into one large mass or trunk. He was so close to his back he slowly knelt down as the room only fused his feet and ankles, his tail only merged as much as where the bark was.
Kyle frowns softly as he looks to his backpack, it was barely within arms reach, he slowly kneels down, noting the bark was still spreading upwards, How ever he was still able to crawl along the ground, he stretches out his right arm his fingers barely reaching the backpack strap. 
“Just a little more, Come on.” He strains himself but as soon as his fingers brushed against the straps he felt a sharp pain in his fingertips.
“Ow what the?” He looks at his hands as he felt something push out his claws becoming longer and browner as they began to grow. Each finger tip slowly morphing into a Tree branch.
“No,no,no!” He tries to flex his fingers but the bark grew over his knuckles as the branches stopped about three feet longer than his fingers. Each branch then proceeded to grow some dark green leaves. 

Kyle tries to shake his arm hoping it would snag his bag how ever he felt another sharp pain as he felt his own tail pull on his own body forcing him to stand up right. He winces as he looks down the bark was quickly traveling up his legs and tail. Soon it reached his hip as he places his partly branched paw onto his hips and rubs at the bark. He couldn't feel anything obviously, it being wood and all. Kyle wiggle a bit as he hits at the wood his arms feeling stiff from this odd transformation. He felt the top of his head began to grow larger as leaves began to sprout everywhere on the top of those branches.
“Crap,crap,crap.” Kyle whines softly as he looks down seeing some leaves fall from his branches above him. He tries to move his fingers into his shirt but they gotten way to stiff. The wood continues to climb up his body slowly bulking up becoming more round and tree like. 
He felt his shirt becoming tight as he felt it began to rip from the front as the bark was close to his chest. His arms becoming stiff as they were forced to be held in an y like position. His arms becoming all wooden as several branches began to grow from his ams. His fingers growing as well as more and more leaves grew from each branch making a nice canopy 

Kyle was freaking out as the wood reached his neck. His arms were completely treeified. Kyle closed his eyes as he felt his face became more solid and wooden, disabling his ability to speak, to warn anyone as he felt those branches become heavy as apples began to spontaneously grow from the branches.  All he could do was slowly think, he knew there was a way to undo all of this. How ever he couldn't remember much, his mind becoming a haze.

A grey wolf walks up to the lone apple tree as he spotted the deserted camp. The wolf was a park ranger and was trying to figure out how an apple tree gotten way up here. How ever he was hungry, he plucks an apple from a low hanging branch and took a bite out of it. He shudders violently as he tossed it away.

“To sour.” He noted. And thrust the cycle begins.

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A gooey issue

His name was kyle Silverfall a dark blue crux with cyan markings, you know stripes, eye markings the works. With large ears, canine like muzzle and a lizard like tail. He is what you call standard. With the exception of his rather poor sense of fashion, wearing a black heavy coat over a red shirt and a pair of black jeans. One would swear he was a vampire or something, how ever that wasn’t even close.

You see this whole ordeal started like any other day and by that I mean on a buss. Kyle doesn’t favor public transportation to get to his home or how he likes to call it Demon hunter central. The crux was standing up because of how packed it was, just as someone sneezed right behind him, he felt the others mucus splat the back of his head. With an annoyed grunt he took out a tissue and wiped it off, “Bless you and cover your mouth.” He turns to the one behind him he was somewhat drooling The gunk from him, he shook his head and as soon as the buss stopped he got off. And immediately took a shower!

Day 1

Kyle was sitting in front of the tv, his other partners were out on some mission, yeah Kyle has roommates, Gervak a orange shark, Sarah’s a white fox and his mother,Devon a muscular blue wolf, then azure a light blue wingless dragoness and his girlfriend. Kyle sneezes and sniffles for a moment. The crux fell ill and honestly he wanted to curse the sick guy out for that. “Dumb buss person.” He reaches for his phone as it goes off some of the slime he was sneezing out drips onto it. “Ew.” He huffs and answers it as he can hear fighting in the background.
“Hey Kyle How are you feeling eating plenty...GET OFF ME!” A female voice called out on the phone.
“Uh are you really on the phone mortal?” An evil dark voice said, “Huh oh hello there.” The creature said.

Kyle rolls his eyes, “My nose is like a faucet of green crud.” He said trying to shake off some that got on his free hand.
Sarrah who was on the other side sighs, “Kyle is sick maybe another time?” She looks to the Shadowy demon.
“Uhhhhh no ...We kill now” The demon go in for another attack.
“Ok see you around in a week or so!” The phone is disconnected. 
With a big sigh the crux gets off the couch there was more translucent green goo on the back of the couch as the crux frowns.. “What the hell?” He groans as he moves to the shower. Sadly there will be a bit of a clean up afterwards.

Day 2

Kyle sighed deeply as he was able to vacuum up the rest of the crud that he was somehow leaving everywhere.  How ever the gunk that was coming from here has slowed down, But the new annoying part some of the goo stuck to his chick and won't go away.  He stops the back and reels for a moment as he felt a sneeze coming on. “Ah...AH CHUUUUUU!” He sneeze sending the vacuum flying into the nearby wall making quite the hole. Though, that wasn't normal considering its all plastic and such. It was as if he didn't know his own strength.
   Kyle grabs the back and frees it from the wall, he drops it again as he looks down at his feet. Some pale purple goo was covering his left foot, well it was a small spot.  Kyle leans down and begins to rub it trying to get rid of it but it wouldn't go away. It felt, smooth and sensitive he almost started laughing because of how ticklish he was down there. He stops quickly, “Ok ok gotta stop befor i do something AAACHU!” He goes flying onto his back The goo/skin was slwoly spreading over his left hind paw, covering it.
“Guh?” Kyle gets up as he shook his head for a moment. Maybe he needs some rest, yeah thats it… But before he could even bother his phone rang again.
“What!?” Kyle yelled.
“Hey kyle this si Gervak, I have a question for you? Did you see the ne-” Gervak was cut off.
“Hello?” He blinks he looks at his phone, no service? Odd, what could of caused this?
The crux looks down at his pale purple paws as the same stuff covers his other foot. He felt another surge this time in his belly as it gurgles. His pants feeling a little tighter but not much. Kyle sighs as the strange changes stop.
“How much longer?” He groans

Day 5

Kyle groans softly for a moment, somethi felt off about his head. His lower half felt constrained against his pants as he slowly got up and turned on the light. He rubs his forehead for a moment and get his head brush against something extremely sensitive,he shudders and falls off the bed falling with a squish. The crux shook head head as he wobbled a bit. Everything felt off as he moves to the rest room. He looks at him self in the mirror the tightness in his pants and coat was bugging him. But the worse part was the pale purple pair of antennae on his fore head the crux groans softly his ears looked different as well.
“What the fluff?” He rubs his ears as they drooped behind his head getting longer as the pale purple skin took over his ears. He looks down as his pants got unbearably tight, parts of his lower half was bulging out he could see a dark purple under side as he tears back and falls on his back. His tail feeling heavy as it grow thicker and stiffer as three green orbs popped out as soon as the pale skin took over. His pants begin to strain as it began to rip, Kyle places his still crux paws on the bathroom tiles as his pants rip them selves. He slowly got up and looks at his wide lower half. He turns around to look at him self, not only was he in a way thick on the bottom half of his goodra like body. But the transformation stoped almost half way his upper half was still him.
“Gooodra I’m becoming a fracking goodra!” Kyle sighs as waffles over to the living room to turn on the tv. However no matter what channel he tried he got nothing.
The half breed shudders as he felt his lower half begin to swell abit more. “Where is everyone and how the heck can I stop this?”

Day 25

Turns out there wasn’t a way to stop anything the transformation slowed to a crawl he had more energy but his body was slowly being turned into a goodra. His lower half growing larger slowly sucking in his legs making it quite hard to walk. His whole torso and arms where converted into a goodra, how ever his head was still the same. Kyle was waddling to the front door as he smashes it open with his tail he was only greeted by a pink eye goodra. The voice sounded female how ever it only said “goooo”.
“Ah sh-“ Kyle rears back as he fell on his behind the goodra slowly trying to force its way in. It’s hips too large to fit though. The frame strains against its form as the goodra flops face first into his house. Kyle drags himself back as the goodra got closer and closer as it pressed against him and leaned over him.
“Draaaaaa.” The female voice said as goo drip all over him. Just as he felt his neck elongated. His face changing his muzzle growing rounder and blunter.

The now goodra pushes the other back as he got up, “ugh what no-“ He is cut off by several more goodras pouring into his house there belly’s swelling so ever slightly. Kyles own did as well as it pressed against the pink eyed one.
“Ugh no make it stop.” He pressed down on his thick belly as he looks at the female.
“It won’t stop.” The female sounded like Azure.
She was right, his belly continued to swell his legs belong pushed to the side sinking into his bottom. It stopped just as it made him no longer able to move at all. He looks his whole team was like him they were all squished together with little wiggle room. Kyle pushes down on his larger half as he wiggles slightly.

Day 35

Each day that pass was spent in agony his body was filling so ever slightly, slowly the room getting tighter with each passing day, everyone's lower half was bloated the roundness slowly making it way up Kyle's head was close to the roof of the house his arms where hard to move. He felt the others press against him as they filled the room with their gooey body’s. Kyle could do bother as he felt another surge in growth as his arms where slowly sucked into his body. The house beginning to crack under the pressure.

Soon the whole place blew open from their body’s as Kyle could see somehow the whole town was infected. He could see large round goodras in the distance as he continues to inflate with the others. Their body’s rapidly growing past the size of the house. Their arms completely immobile, it looks like there was no sign of the virus stopping anytime soon.  Kyle and the others could only close their eyes and just hope somehow this madness all ended. Everything seems stop stop at skyscraper sized. Kyle simply closed his eyes and just hoped for the best.

Day 100

They spent days as a round goodra how ever the inflation soon dissipated and they returned to normal it not a bit thicker goodras. It seems that not every symptom went away as it appears there wasn’t a way to reverse the goodra change, even worse ever month for a few weeks they would inflate but luckily to a smaller Size but still enough to become imoble. There where talks of finding a cure but for now the world try’s its best to be normal despite it being populated by spontaneously inflating goodras.

Art Gallery / Re: Halloween Sketch-a-Thon 9 (Open!)
« on: October 18, 2019, 08:16:21 PM »
 Kyle being turned into a fat goodra via eating from a candy bowl

Art Gallery / Re: Cartoony Drawings
« on: November 27, 2018, 10:14:20 AM »
Muggers:hey there little girl give us your coins and maybe some-

Lucile:*shift eyes*Kadoom!

Mugger:never mind I’ll go else where *passes out

Art Gallery / Re: Cartoony Drawings
« on: October 28, 2018, 06:20:54 AM »
Possession is bad, but when it gives you a tail maw it’s the worse

Art Gallery / Re: Halloween Sketch-a-Thon 8 (Open!)
« on: October 13, 2018, 04:34:24 PM »
Kyle and Virmir being inflated into pumpkins

Random Insanity / Re: Continue the Story Type Thingie
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Virmir was knocks off his feet by the blasted portal. After saying how much he hates it when that happens he looks at the random people and glares. "Who in the blazes are you?" He asks. The adventures and (pet rock) say:

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