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on: July 27, 2018, 09:48:42 PM
Crazy Adventure
Ch:1 Bait and switch

Virmir frowns deeply as Kyle stood outside his door. While he didnt like the idea of the crux being on his doorstep, nor the fact he knows that the guy turned him into undesirable things. The crux was happy being there either, the both of them didn't like each other. For reason unknown, However Kyle spoke first.
“Ok Look I don't want to deal with you, because of last time, But it come to my attention that you have experience in exploring hidden rulens.”
“Oh we do!” Lucile pops out. “Though the last time we destroy the place, failed to get any of the treasure I think I only made way with fifty coins, ANd a Big Dragon.” She eyes Virmir with a coy look. The fox did not look pleased at having to remember that.
“I thought I told you to never speak of that again!” Virmir looks to Kyle, “Ok you got me interested slightly.

Kyle shows him a torn page that contained a map. “IT's said to contain a book. THis book well, needs to be destroyed.”
Lucile blinks, “But is a magic book right why destroy it?” She asks.
“Its known to summon demons.” Kyle said bluntly.
The both of them Look at each other and then shake their heads. “No treasure No deal.” Lucile said.
“There is treasure there. I hope, it's in old castle.” Kyle mentioned.
“Hey maybe we can upgrade from tower to Castle Virmir!” Lucile looks a bit excited.
“I don't know, There may be some weird magical curse or something.” The Grey looks to kyle. “Fine you better be paying us or letting us take 80 percent of that treasure you can keep the rest.”
“Kyle frowns, “Take it all I don't care for treasure myself honestly.” He shrugs, They both look at each other at this and shrug back. 
“Deal.” Virmir nods as he moves to grab a few things. “Oh how was your Halloween candy?” The fox smirks.
“Let's make a deal, let's not talk about the weird magical stuff we done to each other ok?” Kyle opens a portal behind him the both of them looked shocked.
“FOllow me please.”
“How do you do that?” Virmir asks, “I’ve look at every spell in the book and I only found one that works a device that can open portals.”
Kyle blinks as then walked out of the portal and longingly looks at the ruins in front of them.” It’s complicated.”

    They stood outside of a large building covered in vines and trees. They were in a forest, Similar to Virmirs quiet forest, but something didn't look right.
Virmir and Lucile look at the building in front of them it looked modern but it was hard to tell its purpose.
“War.” Kyle explained.
“Hate it when that happens.” Virmir shugs
Lucile frowns for a moment as she looks around at looked like a abandoned museum. She then eyes a grey fox display that was half decayed.
“What kind of sick person would do this to any creature?”
Kyle sighs, “people who don’t give a fluff about nature.”
Virmir nods silently, “it does creep me out.” He shudders as the treo went further in.
They all stop as they noticed a large room which what used to be a display or some sort, THe background completely crashed with the rest of the blace, As they stared at Brown brick work that was covered in vines, A pedestal, ANd one golden shark idol.
“Treasure!” Lucile and Virmir both said as their eyes sparkle with the thoughts of riches.  Kyle moved into the room as his eyes glew slightly as he noticed a dark aura past the wall. Virmir Followed after. How ever they heard a Mechanical Clunk as Lucile steps on a pressure plate sending a Glass Shield slamming down trapping fox and Crux together.

“Gah Lucile what did you do?” Virmir glares at her as she looks back as she speaks but Virmir couldn't hear her!
Suddenly some dark thing grabs her as she screams and was dragged into the darkness. “LUCILE!” He took out his hammer and slams it against the glass, however it bounced back and the glass was unharmed.
“Kyle we need to get to Luicle, we need to get out of here!” Virmir looks around as Kyle eyes the statue closely.
Virmir no longer trusted it, trapped treasure had a tendency of being cursed.
  Kyle eyes Virmir as he points to the wall, “to tall to climb up, and the dark energy is seeping through it. So either there is a special brick or this may open the passage.” He gestured to the statue.
Virmir glares at it as he sniffs it. “It smells cursed, there has to be another way.”
Kyle frowns,”curses smell?”
Virmir nods,”yes they tend to prevent me from my one true calling which by the ways your preventing me from fulfilling so if we can find a solution to this puzzle.” He gestures
Kyle sighs as he eye rolls, “All you do is sit in your tower and draw all day. Where is your social life?”
Virmir shift eyes at Kyle for a moment, “People bug me to much. Now…” He starts using his hammer on the wall. Trying to smash through it, however well...IT wasn't working. 
“Oh for tree’s sake!” Kyle grabs the statue as it glowed softly.
Suddenly water started gushing into the tank as Virmir frowns, “Kyle what did I blasted tell you about taking cursed objects?”
Kyle sighs, “don't worry it won't be permanent.” The statue shatters as he claps his paws. His tial getting slightly longer a sa grew fin begins to slowly form at the tip. The same was going on with Virmir.
Virmir got a bit angry, “Look my blasted clone gone and got herself caught. It's very inconvenient if she dies as it makes me sick for weeks. And also you don't blasted listen how in the world do you know it's not permanent?”
Kyle blinks, “I thought Lucile was your sister...You know what never mind you need to trust me. I use holy magic and this is a demon tainted artifact the two quite literally cancel out. So long we are in water we…” He looks behind him as his tail grew fatter, In Fact it was half way a shark tail. His pants ripped apart as the crux sighs for a moment his legs getting smaller as well.
Virmir crosses his arms as he looks at the water slowly filling up as he falls face first. His legs shirking down Into smaller fins as his own tail grew larger. As his upper body shifted The water quickly got to half way in the tank and the two dived underwater as their gills grew in.  Vimir swam around impatiently getting a bit grumpyer, (If that was even possible). By the moment Once the water filled the tank Kyle pushed on the wall as it opened up. Virmir looked quite surprised by this.
“It was filled on the other end the pressure made it impossible to open.” Kyle explained as he swam into the dark passage heading down into the depths of the Ruins. 

    Kyle lit up the passage as Virmir followed close, he wasn't the biggest fan of being in pitch blackness alone. Especially if he is under water where his magic is null, Kyle Swam upward and grabbed onto a ledge as soon as his left the water he was completely normal, Minus his pants. He held his paw out and helped Virmir out of the water. Kyle quickly opened a smaller portal as a spare pair of pants popped out. “There we go.” They looked around As Lucile came out of the darkness holding a ball of fire. Followed by a armored creature. Kyle grabs his sword as he glares.
Luciles stair was quite blank as she looks at Virmir. THe demon nods as she took out her sword and lunged at Virmir.
“Not again!” He took out his Hammer however Lucile was Blasted into a Stalagmite by a beam of holy magic essensa stabbing her. Her body quickly turning into goo, and plopping onto Virmir as it absorbs into him. 
“Good trees a little overkill don't you think?” Virmir Threw his hammer at the demon as it knocked him into the wall.
“We can't deal with a possessed creature right now.” He Ran at the demon, grabbed him by the legs as He threw him up into the roof. Leaving quite the mark as he landed face first into the ground.
Again Virmir was surprised he could even lift the guy. Kyle Put the sword on the demons back as he glares, “WHere is it?” He demanded.
The demon Pulled out a book as Kyle grabs it and Surrounded it in his magic as the demon faded away. Sadly this isn't the end of their troubled as a nearby wall smashed open as a flood of Shadow like creatures bursted through. “To many.” Kyle Opened the portal and grabs Virmir as he was dragged into it. Not before creating quite the explosion with a fireball. THe portal closed as Virmir sniffed the air, salty, yet fresh. He turns around to see a White Vixen, FOllowed by a red Vixen whom seemed old as dirt. A orange scaled shark, and a Big bulky Blue furred wolf guy.
“Good trees this isnt HOME!” Virmir Shouted as it pans out to show a Boat in the middle of the ocean.

==========end of chapter================


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