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Author Topic: Cecilia: A Character Bio  (Read 153 times)
« on: April 16, 2017, 12:16:01 PM »

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Hello CF furs, this place has helped me develop Cecilia's character a lot. Before all of this I had little to no description of her, I didn't know her likes, her dislikes, her talents, her weaknesses, but now I think I have what I need to make her into a real character. :3

Name: Cecilia Jacobs

Age: 19

Height: 5' 4"

Weight: 115 lbs

Species: Mouse (traditional white lab mouse)

Gender: Female

Description: Cecilia's fur mostly white with purple highlights around her ears, wrists, and ankles. Her torso contains a purple oval that extends from her waist to her collarbone. Her eyes are green and her skin is a light pink. Her hands and feet are fuzzy unlike traditional mice, and she has stubby little mouse claws.

Characteristics: Cecilia is a happy-go-lucky kind of mouse. She loves to play around and interact with the furs around her. She enjoys asking questions and learning new things. Unfortunately her kind nature makes her gullible and susceptible to tricks. She is in no way a fighter, and always prefers the alternative to violence. Despite this, she has been known to get physical if she needs to, but it only results in comical flailing and bapping. Cecilia loves sweets and food in general. Cecilia is a very independent mouse. She likes to be able to do things by herself, and admires people with special talents or skills.

Attributes: As a mouse, Cecilia has the odd skill to get to wherever her little heart desires. She can wriggle through tight spaces (despite her size) and exhibits high agility and flexibility. Crawling up surfaces and balancing on thin ledges are second nature to her. Doing these things takes virtually no effort at all. She moves quickly and quietly, without really trying.

Background: Cecilia was just a normal mouse living her normal life until she stumbled upon the magical place known as CF. In this new world where toasts were dragons, foxes wore capes, and otters ran rampant, she felt right at home. Although she wasn't as talented or magical as the rest of the furs in CF, they welcomed her with open arms anyway. Since then she has made many friends, as well as acquired new skills of her own. Recently she's been studying witchcraft, and has managed to add a sugary twist to the archaic form of magic.

Well, that's about it, I'm not sure if it's enough, or if I'm leaving out important details, but writing this was very fun, and I hope you guys enjoy it and find it useful. Until next time. ;3

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