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Author Topic: The Slot Machine (And it's Evil Twin)  (Read 80 times)
« on: March 02, 2017, 04:13:44 PM »

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One cool feature of the forums is the ability roll dice. You can use the rolls to add a sense of decision and randomness to wherever the dice fall. However, even though these look like dice, they're more of a slot machine. Here's how it works:

To test your luckiness, you will roll a 3d7. The number of sevens you get in the result is how lucky you are and determines what happens next.

0 sevens - not lucky (nothing happens, try the 3d6)
1 seven - a little lucky (something good might happen)
2 sevens - a little more lucky (something better will happen)
3 sevens - jackpot! (the best possible thing happens)

Spinning the slots is good for whenever you eat a suspicious food, or play around with magic. You might be safe, you might get lucky or you might get cursed!

The slot machine has an evil counterpart that determines your unluckiness, this is represented by the 3d6. The rules are the same, your sixes determine the severity of your misfortune.

0 sixes - safe (nothing happens, roll a 3d7 if you used the 666 first)
1 six - bad luck (something bad could happen)
2 sixes - very bad luck (something pretty bad will happen)
3 sixes - a reverse jackpot... not good... (something terrible will happen)

There you have it, some silly rules that I came up with, feel free to try them out. Gambling is always a way to pass the time. X3
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