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Author Topic: Weird Dreams  (Read 21308 times)
« Reply #135 on: December 02, 2015, 03:24:16 PM »

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So, It started in a science facility, which seemed to be a mall, somewhere in U.S. I wanted to go on a concert/festival but had no idea where i was or where it was, at first. After taking a look around I walked out of the mall science place and looked around for a phone, and found a phone boot which looked like a soda can the size of a garage holding up against a tree, I wanted to call my dad to give me a lift home, so then i started recalling his number slowly~~, at first i remembered the last six digits then the first three, but every time i tried to put them in and  looked away for a second  the numbers on the booth just thought that  it'll be funny to change position.. so it took me a while to get the numbers right because i had to look away for a second every time because reasons  >.>  ...     Anyway, when i finally got it right nobody answered the phone.  Then out of nowhere someone i knew appeared, an Otter but i knew him somehow and he knew me, we talked for a few seconds, I told him what i was trying to do and suddenly he grabbed me by the shoulder and dragged me up stream a nearby river.

 I closed my eyes for a minute and when i opened them we appeared to be on a rice field in China..My shoes were gone and the rest of my clothes were ragged. I asked him:

"Why China?"     

He replied saying:

"Look you have no shoes, now you can walk around the field and pick up rice!".

The way he said that made it sound like if he just gave me a new ability to walk on rice fields and gather rice..

We stood on the field for a little bit, probably getting the pun out of our heads, and then started walking along a short path up the field. After taking a few steps, In the middle of the path we met a guy who seemed to look like an agent from the IMF and his young daughter. Suddenly it was night and we were having dinner outside in the middle of the field with one light and a small overhead tent like cover, it was also pretty windy. The table was filled with chicken salads and rice, i was sitting beside the Otter, in front of us was the IMF guy with his daughter and to the right edge of the table their grandfather (i think). Some time passed and as we had the meal half done the grandfather stroke the table with a fork and said:

"You better leave before their parents wake up! And we have to tell them that you came!".

We quickly got up from the table and without question walked back towards the fence(s), suddenly (BANG!) a gunshot fired up into the air and we could hear the grandfathers voice from far back saying:

"Rice thieves!"

We started running towards the two fences whom each was about four meters high, but pretty bendable. When we looked back we saw two HUGE nearly A-Ninetails Macro sized black figures with hollow eyes and snouts reaching high into the sky and bending over  toward us as the black sky behind them turned into a mixture with crimson red flames. After seeing whats behind us we just ran what strength we had left, jumped over, crawled under the fences and ran through the forest on the other side, glide a slope and jumped nearly not making it over a rapidly flowing river then got into a bus that brought us over to a lake, which we crossed on a small piece of straight land (like a path) through the middle of it.

(From night it turned into the type of dark which comes before night, dark but not pitch black dark  Red Fox Grin . )

We arrived at the festival, somewhere in Europe.. somehow from China to Europe..  The festival was held in between a bunch of large lakes or stripes of land with forests, you could see the festival lights and the main stage from a far distance, the now black sky was filled with yellow and green colors floating overhead, it was pretty fun to watch.

As we got to the main gate, to the left of it we saw a pyramid made out of minecraft TNT in the a corner of one of the lakes, the TNT then exploded, obviously it did no damage because... water.. As we entered through the main gate we've seen a couple of my friends standing by a car, so we said all the Hai's and I asked where can we put our tents. As i put my bags, which appeared from nowhere, down i lost site of the Otter.  Then the who, where, what questions got answered. I started telling my friends what just happened in which i said that i traveled from America to China (because i didn't know until then), and when i said Selden instead of Otter I remembered calling him calling me Howler and me him Selden when we were talking at first. (that's how i figured what was what, who was who).

After the talk i checked my pockets for money and realized i had non.. But i knew i needed a good bit of money for a three day festival..  I asked my friends to check on his phone when the next bus leaves for my town ,
I felt like the journey was only half done. It was 7p.m. when i asked for the bus check.
Then i woke up.

« Reply #136 on: December 18, 2015, 08:25:48 PM »

Resident paw-fanatic
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I had two weird dreams recently.

The first one started with me taking an English test consisting entirely of two essay questions.  I then asked my principal if I could do something outside, which he let me.  This turned out to be going to a convention across the street, going into the library, then hunting down Arroavantho (one of the chat members) with a TG ray gun.  I found two identical feral Arros and zapped both of them.  That's all I remember.

The second one (last night) started out with me biking halfway across the state to some town I'd been to before.  There seemed to be some conspiracy going on, which led to a bunch of people merged into one creature and chasing me (while trying to merge me in).  Then I wound up back in my town, where I learned that my school was doing a play about it.  The play was going to be in two days, and I was in it (with four lines).

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« Reply #137 on: February 05, 2016, 09:20:41 AM »

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Selena Hallore
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I had a weird dream several days ago about Virmir.

I was taking a holiday at some seaside resort and I was staying in my uncles villa. I decided after unpacking to do some tourist-y stuff so I went out to the resort and happened upon a hotel. The hotel was strange, it bore into the rock of a great cliff, and it had its entrance at its base. There, I saw a group of strange people entering the hotel, and so I decided to follow them. After a time, I discovered that they were actual real mages with real magical powers, and I thought this to be my one and only golden opportunity to learn real magic; so I approached them and attempted to befriend them.

However, the mages were currently dealing with a problem. Someone was hunting them down, taking them out one by one, and they were understandably suspicious of me, but I persevered in getting close to them. The mages tried to get rid of their hunter, however. They, at one point, managed to capture the essence of their hunter, and they, with it, created a spectre of their hunter; which would be used to hunt down their hunter in turn. It didn't work, of course. Eventually, only one of the mages were left, the others had either decided to face this hunter once and for all or were already gone, but the last mage believed that they too would soon be next. He decided that I was to return to their base and deliver word regarding what was going on at the hotel. He thought that I would be able to return because I was not one of the original mages of this group, and that I would be able to get back to their base while their hunter was busy eliminating the last of them. The mage gave me a teleportation device, and he told me that this was the only way to find their base.

Unfortunately, the hunter burst into the room at that moment, and the hunter turned out to be Virmir. Virmir matched right up to the mage, grabbed hold of him, and used some sort of magic to change one of his own eyes green and the other red. As Virmir stared down at him, the mage simply froze and started having spasms while his voice crackled like he was choking; it was horrible. When Virmir entered the room, he threw to me something resembling a teapot, and, moving along its surface, was a small grey dot. As I stared at it, the dot grew into an eye, and I knew that Virmir had somewhat captured his spectre in this teapot. I quickly looked away and threw it from me before its magic could be used on me. While Virmir was busy with the mage, I seized upon that moment to snatch the device from Virmir, and I made a hasty exit through the window. Luckily, we where on the ground floor, and the window opened out onto a beach.

I ran as fast as I could to get away from Virmir, panic-stricken as I tried desperately to activate the device as I could hear Virmir chasing me, and, just at that moment when it started to work, Virmir leapt and grabbed hold of me, and he was pulled through the teleportation portal with me onto the other side. We found ourselves on another beach, and Virmir let go of me at that point. I kept running, catching site of the base, which was a huge facility that stood tall out of the sea close to a vegetation-covered cliff overlooking the beach, and it looked like a modified oil rig. I knew instantly that this facility was the mages base, and I knew I had to get to it before Virmir could. On the beach, somewhat near the cliff, were a group of three mages. I ran to them and shouted, "Virmir it here! Quickly, kill him while you have the chance!"

Of course, Virmir was not far behind me, and be dispatched the mages quickly and efficiently. They were no match for him, and he was damn fast when he needed to be.

That is all I can remember, and I think I woke up after that. I don't know whether Virmir killed me or did something to be like he did the mage in the hotel room, but I don't think his attacks, or indeed the mages attacks, 'kill' anyone at all but rather... banish them, perhaps? I guess it doesn't matter.

Ultimately, I failed in my mission and I never got to learn magic. I don't know for sure if I knew it was Virmir that was hunting us, I may have seen the spectre that the mages made before they released it to hunt down Virmir, and I may have recognised him then. I cannot say. But, yeah, weird dream, and I was honestly disappointed that it ended so abruptly.

ADDED: Oh! I just remembered something. After Virmir dealt with the three mages right at the end of the dream, I turned to him and shouted, "Why are you doing this to me! You have ruined everything!" And then I woke up. By that, I assume I mean that I never did come to learn magic since that is something that I really wanted, and he ruined that opportunity for me. Damn you, Virmir! Red Fox Wink
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Though my avatar may look mean, I am not, so feel free to chat if you like. Happy Red Fox

I wish I had a fox to cuddle. Red Fox Wink

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« Reply #138 on: February 05, 2016, 07:41:39 PM »

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Ha ha, oooooops.  Sorry. Gray Fox Wink

Gray Fox Virmir
« Reply #139 on: March 24, 2016, 02:31:36 PM »

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Had a weird dream during my way-too-long nap around noon yesterday....

The dream started out with a family (in which I switched viewpoints between a brother & sister) going to check out our new house, which was on a rather... unique property.  On it was a former naval fort (think like Fort Screven on Tybee Island, GA) that had been renovated into living space and a small cute house that was probably circa-1910.  The house was very small frankly, maybe around 1200 square feet, but the fort was a good bit bigger.  There randomly was also a trailer on the property Bro went in briefly filled with tiny rooms & doors... Bro tried scooting through one door into a library with a gnome reading in it, but it was a tight fit & I decided I'd rather not get stuck in there, so I left.

After moving in, it went back & forth between following the the bro & sis as Bro explored the small house & discovered a portal to hell, while the Sis explored the fort & found a portal to heaven.  (note, not like a biblical heaven & hell more than two worlds with attributes of heaven & hell, there were still good people in "hell" and bad people in "heaven".)  Then it followed them exploring each side... eventually they found a way to open a portal to each other, switched sides, then the brother became a kidn of angel-wolf while the sister became a succubus or something, but the pair were working to prevent a war... everything was kind of mixed up after that & I'm not sure what happened. X3

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« Reply #140 on: June 30, 2016, 06:08:00 PM »

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I sure had a strange dream and even though it was rather short I couldn't forget it for the rest of the day.

So its basically started with me unable to move sitting on a chair. I guess I was tied down. I cant recall that. Anyway the room was fairly empty with pretty much bright white colour all around. The light bulb hanging from the ceiling flickering. (The basics for a bad horrorfilm).

So as I was sitting there with the flickering light which left me in pitch black every so often, suddenly something appears on the other end of the room. It was small, had fur all over its body and was standing on his legs. I dint know what exactly it was, but I am pretty sure it was some kind of mammal, maybe an otter or something like that. It was just standing there, staring at the ground, not moving an inch. Some few times the lights went off. Longer now as before. As they went back on I noticed that the head of the little mammal was now looking at me directly. Those eyes were colourless as in dead I would say.

The flickering continues. And everytime the lights went out and back on, the mammal twitches a little. Some nearly visible motion-followings as it starts moving towards me everytime the room goes black.

And then (I think because of dream logic) 2 other mammals appear just besides the first one in the middle. Same features and moving towards me. At this point I am freaking out. I am struggling to move but wont let me. Just my eyes could shift ad they flail in to all directions. I was helpless.

More and more mammals appear all around the first one. Twitching differently like they fight for getting to me first. A couple of seconds later the mammals were all around me sitting on my legs or like that. Every single one of them still staring into my eyes like deathglares. Then nothing happened for a couple of minutes. Then, and that's the freakiest part for me, they started to closing down on me. With those shiftless and colourless eyes. I was just accepting it, watching it like my death is coming. They were merely a few inches away from my face as the light slowly drained. And then the next thing I remember is sitting upright in my bed sweating a little.

It was nearly 3 am at this point and after that I just watched videos about soccer and stuff to keep me distracted.
Not like other nightmares I had this one was scary in a bizarre way.

I want a good dream in exchange for that torture.

*thumbs up*
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