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Art Gallery / Re: Monster House
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Destroying everything with one-hit-tackle Eevee in Explorers of Sky.

(Kind of tempted to do a Mystery Dungeon comic at some point.)

The badge that Virmir have on look like the badges in Aezae's Tales and Hope In Friends comics on DA
Crimson Flag Comic / Re: Comic 538
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How do you make sure that yours is harder than the opponents? By headbutting them? X3
Role Play Theater / Re: Random effect potion
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97: Double your height!
Crimson Flag Comic / Re: Comic 538
« Last post by Generic Meatbag #14 on August 16, 2019, 09:01:28 PM »
When headbutting an opponent, always ensure your head is actually harder than theirs. This avoids embarrassing concussions.
Crimson Flag Comic / Comic 538
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Art Gallery / Monster House
« Last post by VirBot on August 16, 2019, 05:04:28 PM »

Destroying everything with one-hit-tackle Eevee in Explorers of Sky.

(Kind of tempted to do a Mystery Dungeon comic at some point.)
Writer's Guild / Dragon Warrior TF
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You guys didn't think I gave up on writing transformation stories, did you?

Yes, this is a brand new story that has transformation within, and what couldn't be better than turning into a dragon? Outside of a fox, that is. XP

In this case, this is a commission story as given by EisenManfred who wished to be transformed into his character, Gakyon, while playing a game of DnD with his friends Caleb_Lloyd, Arroavantho, Cecilia, and Stark (also known as Generic Meatbag #14). I believe that I did a pretty good job with it,

In any case, enjoy!

I wonder how many readers here will recall Luke. ;)


A brown-haired man wrote down the last few notes and stats for his new Dungeons and Dragon character. This character, he believed, will be a great and over-the-top warrior who will take on any monster in his path with his handy ax. A giant, at eight and a half feet tall with massive, bulging muscles that break the sturdiest wagon by just sitting on it. Even without his scales, little would pierce through the muscle layers.

Of course, it wasn’t a typical DnD game, with this one ran by furries like that man. To his friends in the DnD group, the brown-haired man called himself Eisen. A man with big ideas and a will to fulfill them as much as possible. Eisen planned for the new character, a wingless dragon by the name Gakyon, to be his primary from that point onward.

Though he also said something of the sort with the last twenty characters he planned with only five completed.

He lifted his pencil and his light blue eyes shined bright as he looked at his new, completed character sheet. Tonight’s game, he hoped, will amaze the others with the crazy yet awesome Gakyon. In any case, he should start to pack up and get ready for the night, despite it only a few hours off.

His hand reached out to his left and grasped-


The dice bag wasn’t there.

Eisen blinked as he turned his head towards where his hand grasped, and he saw no dice bag, despite it being the usual spot for it.

“Where is it?” Eisen said to himself as he got up and looked around. His eyes skimmed through every hiding spot and places where he could’ve placed the bag from inside every drawer to under the bed and behind the desk. Yet, the dice bag remained missing as his heart beats faster in a panic. “Are you kidding me? Today of all days where I have a DnD game when it goes missing.”

Eisen glanced at the clock on the desk, which just turned 2:00 PM. “I have plenty of time and just enough gas to go to the usual shop to buy a replacement. Just that it’s so freaking annoying.”

Eisen, with a quick grab at the car keys laying on a shelf and with light feet on the ground, ran outside to his car. Though the vehicle is on its last gallon due to being short on funds, the drive to the game shop happened to be a few minutes away and so plenty of mileage left. With a slight grin, he opened the car door and hopped in, wallet in hand.


“What do you mean it went out of business?”

Eisen let out a low, angry hiss as he glared at sign planted on the window. He already read it several times in denial and anger, but he read it one last time.

Sorry, we’re closed due to poor sales. We apologized for the inconvenience.

“Good. Good.”

Eisen looked around the shops around this one, though most had closed as well for similar reasons. The economic environment around this shopping center, or rather former shopping center, had suffered a downward spiral for years since the main store, once a large grocery store belonging to a massive chain of stores across the continent, closed. When it closed, the little stores folded one by one with this game store being one of the remaining ones until now. He hoped that it remained that way just a bit longer, but reality said otherwise. While he does know another store that has DnD, it was several miles away.

“And at this rate, I’ll need gas for the car,” Eisen said in a low voice. “That will chew up any remaining savings I have, including the ones needed for the new dice. What to do?”

Eisen looked through the windows of the former game shop, hoping that some of their stuff was left behind. But not even a worn-out poster remained.

“Would’ve been illegal anyway. I hoped that the others are willing to let me borrow their dice.” Eisen shook his head and turned.

Halfway between the turn from the closed shop and the car, his light blue eyes saw that a store that opened a few steps away. He paused and tilted his head, wondering how he missed it since he swore it wasn’t there a few minutes ago, before he walked towards it. As the store window become more explicit to see, his eyes widened a bit, and he gave out a big grin.

Another game store opened here.

“Why is my luck so stupid today?” Eisen asked himself as he reached to the door handle and, with a twist, swung it opened.

His light blue eyes looked around the inside of the shop as his footsteps echoed down below. The shop looked spacious, too spacious for that matter since it seemed like it encompassed the entire store block and beyond. Must be some sort of clever illusion with some mirrors, Eisen thought.

The store’s products, from what he could see, seemed like its every gaming stuff, from tabletop RPGs and board games to video games and computer games. Heck, even toys, plastic and stuffed, based off of those games were here with a few he recognized such as that one with the plumber.

“Hello there,” a voice from Eisen’s left said.

Eisen stopped mid-step, and he turned his head towards the source before he gave out a gasp. There stood one of the most realistic fursuit he ever saw, with the animal based from a jackal and with green eyes that looked too real. His tail, at least doubled the size of his body, swayed behind him with every step of his exotic designed digitigrade paws. The claws on said paws clicked against the wooden ground as a hand pressed against his belt, tight around his blue jeans and cyan shirt.

“Oh wow,” Eisen said as he walked around the jackal, which Eisen believed to be the owner of this shop. “I didn’t think anyone would be as bold like you to show off your furry side.”

“Thanks, I guess,” the jackal responded as he flicked his ear, causing Eisen to take a stand back in awe. The jackal also turned his head so that Eisen never left his sight. “It’s not like I had a choice in the matter. I do, but I also don’t. Is there anything I can help you with?”

“Oh, I need new dice for a DnD game I have tonight,” Eisen answered as he stood behind the shopkeeper, resisting the urge to even touch that massive tail. He wanted to ask the shopkeeper for permission, but he felt that even asking was too rude. Anyone with such a glorious tail would value it over winning ten thousand dollars.

“Ah, sure. Just give me one moment for me to get them,” the shopkeeper said before, to Eisen surprised, he sprinted down what looked like endless shelves. Eisen raised his hand, not wishing to tire out the fursuit-wearing guy by searching something he could find for himself, but the shopkeeper had already left his sight.

Eisen, alone again, looked around the general entrance to the shop and his eye caught a plush toy on a shelf. He approached the toy, with its sleek fake-fur and its nine tails with it red, sharp eyes. Eisen felt the temptation to touch it, to cuddle it, and gave it its own name. But he doubted that he would ever let go of such a toy and he doesn’t wish to spend more money than needed at this moment.

“Got them,” a voice behind Eisen said with a loud voice. Eisen jumped a bit before he spun around and saw the jackal with a bag that rang when shook. “Sorry for scaring you.”

“I wasn’t scared at all,” Eisen responded as he stepped forward. “I was just admiring your products. Though I haven’t touched them, I swear.”

“I know you didn’t. If you did, I would’ve known,” the shopkeeper jackal said with a grin. Eisen tilted his head in confusion from that grin. What kind of animatronics does that head have?

Eisen shrugged as he stepped towards the cash register, old fashion and with a golden finished. “If you say so. Though it’s just the dice for me today. I need to save money.”

The shopkeeper nodded, and he jumped over the desk to the other side with such incredible grace for someone wearing a suit. He pressed a few keys on the cash register, and a few numbers popped up. “$10.57 is your total for today.”

Eisen pulled out his wallet and opened it, but no cash remained within. So, with hesitation, he removed a card and handed it to the jackal. “Do you accept cards, Mr.-”

“Oh yes, it does,” the shopkeeper answered with a grin before he swiped the card and slid it through. “And you can call me Luke.” The numbers slid down, and paper rolled out from a printer. He ripped out the receipt and handed it and the card to Eisen. “Here you go. Have a magical time in DnD.”

“Thank you very much, Luke,” Eisen said as he tucked in his card and pocketed in the receipt. He picked up the dice bag, turned towards the door, and opened it as his happy mood increased. “Great costume, by the way.”

Eisen grinned before he turned back for a bit and waved at Luke, not noticing the confusion written all over the jackal’s body. He then stepped out from the shop and headed towards the car.


Night came as if night completed its shift and wanted to leave as quick as possible, with a golden haze over the horizon and a few stars peaking out. Eisen drove his car, with its fuel light on, towards the DM’s house with his brand-new dice and character sheet. When he got to the house, he saw that a couple of cars were already there, with one being sleek and brand new.

Eisen parked behind that brand-new car and hopped out with his supplies. He walked up to the door, fist raised to knock it before swinging, but it instead hit thin air.

“Hello, Eisen,” the sandy-haired man said, standing behind the opened door and got out of the way from the knock.

“Hello, Caleb,” Eisen said back in a surprised tone. “Saw me coming?”

“Yup. You aren’t very subtle, Eisen,” Caleb replied as he placed his hand on Eisen’s shoulder and pulled him in.

The living room Eisen stepped in had a table with a few chairs within a spacious place, enough to fit two cars within. Three others sat around the table, one who’s hair as black as a smartphone screen. From what Eisen heard when entering, the black-haired man boasted to a silvery-blond lady about his sweet new ride that he drove here. Though even Eisen noted that she was humoring him. Another black-haired guy sat beside the other, though not as dark, with him leaning back as he read some medical papers though his glasses.

They all looked up at Eisen, and the darker black-haired one stood up with a hand raised. “Hey there, Eisen.”

“Hello, Stark,” Eisen said in return, shaking the hand. “And hello, Arro and Cecilia.”

Arro put away his medical papers away and smiled. “All good for game night?”

“Barely,” Eisen replied as he sat down at the table with Caleb joining by his side. “Lost my dice bag and the closest store for new ones closed. It’s a good thing another store opened up practically in the same area.”

Arro’s eyebrows rose. “You mean the one at-”

“Oh,” Cecilia said in a loud voice as everyone turned to her. She pulled out her purse and dug through it. “I just remembered. At that last game, you left them behind. I grabbed them for safekeeping, but I completely forgot to tell you about them. Here they are.”

She pulled out Eisen dice bag with a sheepish expression as she gave out a light blush.

Eisen, along with the others, laughed. “Oh, Cecilia. Dependable as always. I mean it,” he added when he saw the blush deepened. “After all, if I had called any of you to see if I can borrow you guy’s dice, I would’ve found out about it, and I wouldn’t need to drive out to the store. Now I really hoped that the paycheck comes in tomorrow.”

“There’s nothing wrong with having two,” Caleb said as he pulled out several sheets of notes and a DnD book with a grin. “After all, now you have a backup in case you lost them again.”

“Fair point,” Eisen said as he took back his original dice bag and placed them aside. Instead, he pulled out his new dice bag and pulled them out, each looked blue with white dots that resembled stars. “For tonight, I’ll use these new ones.”

“Very well then,” Arro said as he and the others pulled out their character sheets. Sark with his character Kyliana, a fat yet agile vixen fighter; Arro with his character Shade, a rouge cat; and Cecilia with her character Coosle, a mouse mage. “And did you actually complete your new character, Eisen?”

“Of course, I did,” Eisen answered as he placed his character sheet of Gakyon, the dragon warrior, on the table. “What makes you think I wouldn’t?”

Outside of Cecilia giggling and Stark rolling his eyes, no one answered.

“In any case,” Caleb said after several seconds passed, “care to make your first roll so you can make your dramatic entrance to the group?”

“Sure,” Eisen replied, and he rolled his twenty-sided dice, while landed on a twenty-

The dice exploded in a burst of blue flames all over Gakyon sheet with a firecracker sound.

“Gah,” Eisen said in a loud voice as he fell off from the chair and onto his back.

“What the Hell?” Stark stood up, his eyes wide as he got to Eisen, his eyes wide and unfocused.

“Is he OK?” Caleb asked as he also got up and jumped to Eisen’s side.

The other two joined, and they all leaned down around Eisen, who doesn’t notice them. The sheet that Eisen spent so much time writing kept on burning with a blue blaze, though nothing else caught on fire. The last of Gakyon’s character sheet burned up, not leaving by any ashes, and Eisen's eyes became focused again.

He looked around at his friends before his mouth curled into a grin that is too wide to be natural. His fingernails, clipped short, grew long and sharp as blue scales formed at the back of his hands. Paddings form on the palm of his hands as a pair of fangs grew out as long and sharp as his now claws. The blue scales, blue in color, traveled up his arms, forming thick plates at the back-hand side of his forearms, as he sat up, the others jumped back.

“What the- This is impossible,” Arro said in a loud voice as his green eyes observed the spreading scales. “What is happening to you, Eisen?”

“What are you talking about?” Eisen asked back in a voice far bolder and thunderous than his usual voice as claws ripped through his shoes. “Who is this ‘Eisen’ you speak of?”

Eisen stood up, his feet ripping through the shoes as they stretched out into digitigrade, with blue scales covering them and traveling up his legs. The thick scales kept on spreading through his body, reaching his chest, stomach, and back, with it turning gray in the torso area. His mouth and nose stretched themselves forward into a snout, with his nose flattening into just a pair of holes, as his brown hair landed near his digitigrade paws as if shedding them.

“Oh, now I think I understand,” Eisen said, looking at the four with a disturbing grin, more so because of a lack of scales. “We were all under some sort of evil enchantment. That’s why you all look so odd and don’t recall me, the great Gakyon.”

“What? But you’re just-” Cecilia looked back at the table, and her green eyes widened at the lack of character sheet of Gakyon.

“Jesus.” Stark grabbed a chair as he looked onto his transforming friend, not trusting that he’s still friendly.

Gakyon’s scales spread up his head as his muscles, once lanky, bulks up against the shirt and pants, with it rolling up and his pants button popping out. The fabric that formed the shirt gave way to the expanding muscles and ripped apart as the floor groaned against his increasing weight. His chest widened up, soon doubling in width, as his legs bulge out, as thick as tree trunks, through his pants.

Gakyon grew more in height in mass, with his feet-paws crunching the floor beneath him with a loud sound as a mane, gray on color, fluffed up around his neck and a pair of spikes poked out through the sides. His head, covered in blue scales, formed three more spikes on the back of it as a golden energy wave flowed around his body. What’s left of his clothes disappeared and got replaced by a large, leather sash across his shoulder and hip that carried a massive ax and a brown kilt slung on by a belt.

All four of the humans looked up at the enormous, wingless dragon before them, standing at eight and a half feet tall as three of them widened their eyes in horror. Stark, the exception to that, swung his chair at Gakyon, which shattered into pieces against the broad chest.

“There’s no need to harm a member of a party, friend,” Gakyon said in a bold voice, not feeling any pain from that strike at all. He raised his light blue eyes at Stark and laughed. “Instead, we should head out into a brand-new quest.”

“Um, what kind of quest is that?” Caleb asked, standing back as he gripped against the table.

“Why, it’s to find a cure to your enchantment. That’s what our quest should be about.” Gakyon pulled out his ax, ripping through the ceiling. “Come, my friends. Adventure awaits!”

Before any of them say anything, Gakyon ran towards the wall and smashed through it like thin cardboard. They heard a hearty laugh, a smash, and a few loud car horns blaring into the house.

“Um, did he just-”

“I’m freaking done. I’m freaking done!” Stark said while screaming out towards the hole in the wall. “This is BS! When I got here, I was expecting a peaceful time with my friends, and instead, I lost one who just smashed my car into my bits!” He picked up what remained of Eisen’s dice. “When I got here, I asked myself, ‘What should I do for this campaign?’ NOT! FREAKING! THIS!”

Stark stormed out and threw out the dice bag as the others stared.

“Where did he got them anyway?” Cecilia asked.


The dice bag fell down across the street as a figure in a dark cloak stepped out from the shadows and kneeled down at the dice bag. His canid muzzle poked out from under the cover as he picked up the bag and looked inside, making sure that only one had been used.

“This has worked too well,” Luke said as he pocketed the dice bag and looked at the other side of the street, seeing the carnage caused by the dragon. “I’ll do the best I can to help them with the damages and the dragon.”


The sun rose from the horizon as Caleb woke up from his sleep, his mind burning with thoughts of how to pay for the damages. The other three remained in his home, stranded due to their loss of vehicles since Gakyon destroyed them beyond any hope of repair on the way out. They don’t blame him for what happened, but he hoped that there must be a way to fix this.

He put on his robes as he heard a knock on the front door. “Oh jeez, I hope it’s not the landlord or the police.”

He walked up to the front door, stomach tight, and opened it and there stood a couple of men.

One took off his hat and said, “Hello. Are you the owner of this house?”

“Rented, really. But what-”

“We got a call that you needed some house repairs.” The man looked at the wall of bed sheets with a slight grin.

“That would be nice, but I don’t think, with the damages that occurred-”

“Don’t worry. It’s already been paid for.”

Caleb blinked, and the other man stepped forward.

“Hello, dear sir. I also got a call regarding destroyed vehicles that needed towing out and replaced. That had also been paid for. By the end of the day, you or your friends and family will have replacement cars, brand new.”

Caleb blinked some more. “Who did?”

“The person, Luke, did and he left you a package for you, which he wanted us to deliver.”

Caleb looked at the two men as one of them handed over a package. “Who are you?”

“We’re from a company, Vulpis Lignum, that deals with incidents such as yours,” the first man answered as he stepped inside, observing the damages within.

“I doubt that what happened here is typical of your job,” Caleb said with a slight sarcastic tone to it as he opened up the box.

Caleb heard the two men laughed as he emptied out the contents of the box, which had a collar, a necklace with a blue gem, and a letter.

It read:

Dear sir,

I do apologize for what happened to your house and your friends’ vehicles due to my product. While my products are always meant to change the buyer, I never saw one that also transform the mental state to such a degree. I fear that your friend will get into serious trouble in time if he continues like that.

The collar within this package will change his mental state back to normal as long as he wears it, though his form will remain. The necklace will, also as long as he wears it, transform him back to human. I would restore him myself with them, but I fear that he’ll see me as an enemy if I approach.

On the back of this letter is my current location. When you come, I will take you all to him. It doesn’t matter where he is, even if he went to the other side of the planet, because I can and will find him.

I hope to see you soon.



“Seems like we’re going on an adventure after all,” Caleb said as he stepped inside, his stomach no longer tight and his red eyes filled with determination.
Role Play Theater / Re: Random effect potion
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be sure to read the current list.
as some suggestions have already been written in it
Jake BTW thanks for the creative suggestion
sorry but 43 already exists.
Art Gallery / Re: Is it just me, or do I like Lucile fat!
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I like Lucil and VIRMIR FAT TOO
Art Gallery / Re: Is it just me, or do I like Lucile fat!
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Boredom is unhealthy for cartoon foxes.