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 on: Today at 02:02:21 AM 
Started by VirBot - Last post by Aira Fox
1) Remove 2 lbs from Virmir.
2) Transfer 2 lbs from Virmir to Sierra.

 on: Today at 02:02:12 AM 
Started by VirBot - Last post by Generic Meatbag #14
Add 2 pounds to Lucile, transfer 1 pound from Virmir to Sierra, then 1 pound from Virmir to Lucile.

 on: Today at 01:48:59 AM 
Started by VirBot - Last post by VirBot

I always wanted to do one of those "growth drive" type things, except I don't really want to accept donations for something like this, so everyone gets a vote!  It works like this:


Your horde has been trespassed upon by cartoon foxes.  In retaliation, your singular effect may be small, but combined with your fairy kin masses...

You can cast BOTH of two spells:

1) ADD or REMOVE 2 pounds total from any of the characters
2) TRANSFER 2 pounds amongst the characters

This will have EFFECTS, which will be drawn approximately a week from now:

- If characters gain weight above their normal weights, listed here, they will round out and fatten up.

- HOWEVER, if they go below their normal weight, they will begin to fill with HELIUM, and as they get closer to zero, gradually transform into inflatable pooltoys or balloons (I will mix it up if there is more than one).

- Below 0 pounds, they will begin to puff up and inflate as they gain lift.

You are totally capable of nullifying the spells of other people in a crazy battle to see which method of roundness wins on which characters.  Extremely curious to see if people work together to obtain maximum effect, or if this turns into a crazy mess and by virtue of pure chaos, everyone ends up the same weight.

To vote, you may:

1) Reply to this topic on the Crimson Flag forums
2) Reply to the tweet that links here on twitter
3) Reply to any or all of the places I post this elsewhere

So essentially you can vote many times if you follow me everywhere.

I will tally up the TOTAL effect across all websites and draw the result next weekend!

Why only 2 pounds?  Virmir and company are little foxes-- Virmir at 100 pounds is nearly double his normal weight.  Plus I have no idea how crazy this is going to get, ha ha

Some example spells:

Add 2 pounds to Virmir, then transfer 2 pounds from Sierra to Virmir
Remove 2 pounds from Lucile, then transfer 1 pound from Lucile to Virmir, and 1 pound from Lucile to Sierra
Add 1 pound to Lucile and Sierra, then transfer 2 pounds from Virmir to Lucile

 on: July 30, 2016, 11:53:51 PM 
Started by Caleb_Lloyd - Last post by plazmastorm
Oh no! Those poor desserts!

 on: July 30, 2016, 10:55:48 PM 
Started by Caleb_Lloyd - Last post by Caleb_Lloyd

 on: July 30, 2016, 06:08:31 PM 
Started by Virmir - Last post by VirBot

 on: July 30, 2016, 06:06:12 PM 
Started by Virmir - Last post by VirBot

 on: July 30, 2016, 07:35:01 AM 
Started by JunkieXL - Last post by JunkieXL
This is my first story, so constructive criticism is greatly appreciated
Part 1
Fluffy's face was blank as he poured the liquid into another test tube, his breaths calm and steady.
Just as he finished pouring it, a loud beeping sounded throughout the room. Fluffy flung the test tube in surprise, and his eyes were fearful as it flew towards one of his cages.
 The liquid splashed all over the cage and its occupant, a single rat. Fluffy watched as said creature lost all features, becoming an unremarkable grey-furred blob... which was slowly expanding.
Fluffy fumbled with his wrist device as the flesh-blob-thing grew to the size of its cage.
The fox finally pushed enough buttons and fiddled with enough knobs, as a robotic arm descended down from the ceiling. The arm acted as if it was as fearful as it's master, and quickly flung the cage into the incinerator.
Fluffy sighed as the crisis was averted, and was about to give himself a pat on the back before he realised that there was still a beeping going off. He growled and brought up his wrist device once more.
“This better be good!” he exclaimed out loud “I lost a sample and a test subject because of you!”
His wrist computer's screen showed an anthro figure standing in the middle of a dark tundra, its features were unidentifiable between the darkness and the ongoing snowstorm.
Fluffy scowled and stormed out of the room.
“ 'Fix the outer camera' my schedule said. 'It would be good to see right outside your front door' the note said. What did I do? Procrastinate. Because I'm an IDIOT!!”

A weasel stood in the middle of the blizzard, an icicle hanging comically from his nose, and his light clothing doing almost nothing in the wind and snow, the letter in his hand was completely unscathed.

“P-ple-ase f-for t-the lov-ve of e-ev-ve-ry-th-thing d-divine, d-don't-t m-ake m-me t-turn b-back f-for n-nothing!”

The weasel continued to shiver, and was about to turn around before the air in front of him shimmered and a hatch appeared on the ground. It was opened with the metallic squeak by unseen forces, and an angry red fox poked it's head out of the hole.
“Who goes there!?” the fox yelled at him from the hatch.

The weasel just continued to shiver in the cold, and now also fear. He braved the cold to be killed by a mad hermit!? All his friends and family would be stuck in a strange mixture of sadness and amusement at his funeral!

Fluffy frowned at the freezing courier, who seemed to have been woefully under-prepared to face the tundras of northern Canada. He ushered the innocent creature over to the hatch, and the courier complied. Fluffy brought his guest down the hatch, and he went back down like a Whack-a-Mole.
The hatch closed with a metallic 'thunk' behind them, and the hatch shimmered and disappeared as the cloaking device re-activated.

Fluffy grabbed his heaviest parka off of the rack and put it on the weasel. He gently grabbed his guest by the shoulders and started walking him towards his dining room. Fluffy finally noticed the letter grasped firmly in the cat-snake's frozen paw, but kept quiet about it.

Fluffy sat the shivering weasel down on a chair in his dining room.
“Can I get you any hot drink or food?”

The weasel was taken aback as he dripped water on his perceived captor's carpet.

“J-just some hot ch-chocolate is f-fine, I'm n-not hungry” the courier then added a quick “Thank you”
not wanting to anger the fox.
Fluffy nodded and snapped his fingers. An anthro robot with a platter for a head shuffled out of the nearby kitchen, on its platter was a white mug with something steaming inside.
The automaton shuffled over to the two, and carefully handed the mug to its master, Fluffy handed it to his guest.
"Drink, we talk after you've warmed up" Fluffy sat back and rested his paws on his thighs.
The weasel drank his hot chocolate, and although it may have been poison, it was delicious and warmed his core.
The mailman put the coat on the back of the chair and stayed silent.
Fluffy gestured to the envelope in his paw.
“Not a lot of people out here, who's that letter for?”
The weasel suddenly jumped up and glared at Fluffy, Fluffy tipped his chair backwards in surprise.
“You've bullied and hurt me enough already madman! You wanna fight!?!?”
The panicked weasel put up his fists in a sloppy combat stance.
“Come get it!!”
Fluffy's chair sprang up to its prior position, Fluffy himself eerily calm. The weasel was put off by this action and sat back down in surprise.
"If I wanted you dead or captured, I would've done so by now. Before you could say 'Oops, wrong turn'
I'd either have your body disposed of or you in a cage”
Fluffy scowled
“Take a few minutes, calm down and think about things. Then talk to me.”
The weasel was silent and fearful of the power he saw the fox command, and so complied.
The mailman gradually looked more and more guilty, before he looked back up at his host.
“I guess I jumped to conclusions, huh?”
Fluffy nodded his head, not showing his exasperation. The weasel sighed.
“I'm sorry”
Fluffy sighed and nodded
“That's good enough”
The fox gestured to the envelope
“Now, who's that for?”
The mail-weasel looked down at the envelope
“Oh, some guy named Fluffy”
“I'm Fluffy”
The weasel was about to snidely say 'yes you are' before he realised what the fox was trying to tell him.
“Oh, here you are then!”
Fluffy was handed the letter
"I'll be off then" the weasel started walking out of the room before Fluffy cleared his throat. The courier turned and looked.
“Let me show you the way out.”
Fluffy left his entrance area as the hatch clunked shut behind him, haven given the poor fur a parka in pity.
Fluffy looked at the letter in his paw
"How important is a message that someone uses snail-mail to send to me?" He wondered out loud

He ripped open the envelope with a claw.
To my friend Fluffy

I need you to meet me at the
old mine near you as soon as
you can



Fluffy worriedly re-read the letter
“How long has he been waiting?  And why couldn't he have emailed me this?”

 on: July 30, 2016, 12:08:18 AM 
Started by VirBot - Last post by VirBot
The next installment of Virmir-World begins now!  Starting on this about, erm, two years later than I originally intended due to the whole losing arm functionality thing.  But we should be good to go now!

The script calls for 66 pages, although I may make some adjustments as I go along as it is two years old and 2016 Virmir is even snarkier than 2014 Virmir.  This is too big of a project to do alongside of Crimson Flag and also continue to take commissions and various other projects (must do more animations), so I'll be doing this story in chunks of about eight pages each, then setting it aside to do other things for a few months.

Trying some experimental shading on this page which may or may not continue throughout this story.

 on: July 29, 2016, 09:01:24 PM 
Started by VirBot - Last post by Generic Meatbag #14
Just one step shy of full Leeroy.

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