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September 03, 2015, 06:24:04 PM *
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 on: September 02, 2015, 11:08:24 PM 
Started by Snow - Last post by Stormkit
When ninjas attack/
there is but one path to take.
Summon the pirates!

Oh wait, damn that's right.
Pirates have a thing for gold.
They've stolen your crown!

 on: September 02, 2015, 10:14:35 PM 
Started by Medik Jackal - Last post by Virmir
(Heeeey now, kiddo, that last post was just fluff because I had nothing to do.  I didn't think any sort of response was required since you pretty much said our turn was over!  Also when I was in college I had a very strict once per night forum RP post schedule. Gray Fox Wink)

"Nooo, Karl!  He only had 14 more levels left too..."

I untangle myself from Yilin and bicker with him in an imaginative, amusing fashion before finally dusting myself off and HARUMPHing.  I don't really have anything to get ready except for the magical item in my cape, which I forgot exactly what it was because that was months ago and I'd have to hit back a few times to find it, but will surely look it up before a critical moment arises.

"Right then, let's just go and get this over with."

 on: September 02, 2015, 09:26:28 PM 
Started by ChaseTheSkunk - Last post by ChaseTheSkunk
I'm considering updating my triggers as I continue to mess with how Chase's magic works. What do you all think?

 - Triggers alter Chase's current form instead of turning him into a skunk version of the form.
 - Triggers can stack. Certain combos can yield unexpected results. Red Fox Wink
 - No time restriction on how long they last, but Chase has trouble changing back after triggered.
 - Planning on adding two new ones as well. XD

 on: September 02, 2015, 08:58:54 PM 
Started by Medik Jackal - Last post by Medik Jackal
Yilin literally bumps into Virmir and knocks him over, which is very hard to do underwater but is somehow accomplished by the two bumbling idiots. In the process the leash Virmir was holding onto comes free from his grip and the fish swims off. While the two of them attempt to untangle their many fins and assorted underwater appendages, Attor comes upon them. Maybe giving the pair of them weapons and items is a poor idea...

But now you've spent all your money and time, and it's time to get going. Allocate your stuff before you head back to the ruins... then you'll go right to something. Fighting, presumably, unless you can somehow talk your way through. Considering your luck so far, probably not.

(And I have college so don't even tell me I was late when Vir took just as much time as me to post)

 on: September 02, 2015, 12:00:01 AM 
Started by Radioactive_Toast - Last post by Virmir
* Virmir thumbs up

 on: September 01, 2015, 12:12:13 AM 
Started by Fragmaster01 - Last post by Fragmaster01
Greet! As many of you are roleplaying/fantasy sorts, I beseech thee for your silly ideas. I am working on a bunch of rather unique classes for Pathfinder, which hopefully will be put in a book when all done. But we can make them BETTER.

This here is the Trapmeister! Its fundamental flaw at the moment? NOT ENOUGH TRAPS. Suggest ideas for trap spells for it! You don't have to be familiar with Pathfinder, just tell me about all your crazy zany trap ideas and I'll be like "Oh that's so cool I'll have to make stats for it."

If you're interested in other classes, I have more.
The Deckmaster - Magical Throwing weapon specialist. Gambit, Twisted Fate, or That Dude with the Pies.
The Monster - Create your own Monster class, growing more twisted and cool over time. This could also use ideas, like "You forgot a tentacle ability!"
The Artificer - Yes it is! Rather than the dorky 3e crafty guy, this is a MAD SCIENTIST who makes toys to use as spell items. And crafts stuff, I guess. Butbutbut... lightning guns!
The Larcenist - My personal favorite, this is a magical thief that steals concepts and intangibles. It also gains a bunch of flavor abilities to instill a sense of petty maliciousness. Steal the covers at night!
The Shifter(INCOMPLETE) - Druids are mages that happen to shapeshift. Shifters are shapeshifters that happen to mage. Three paths: a warshifter, an animal shifter, and a face/person shifter.
The Dancer - A dance battler, who makes up for his lack of damage by being very accurate and mobile in combat. Has an ability called Twerkasaurus Rex, so you know it's good.
The Astral Knight(INCOMPLETE) - A proper tank class for pathfinder, these focus on one of five ways to protect your squishy: being an ass, healing, being unkillable, status effects, or repositioning.

 on: August 31, 2015, 11:57:11 PM 
Started by Virmir - Last post by Virmir
This month's arm annoyance factors below! Again, keep in mind the right arm is nearly constantly at rest in the left arm in use. (Standard deviations in parentheses.)

February 3.1 (1.4) 4.1 (1.8)
March 2.4 (0.9) 3.2 (1.3)
April 2.3 (0.9) 2.9 (1.0)
May 2.4 (0.9) 2.3 (0.9)
June 1.6 (0.6) 2.2 (0.8)
July  1.8 (0.9) 1.5 (0.7)
August 1.2 (0.6) 1.4 (0.7)

Right arm--slightly better and overall doing well so long as it gets rest.  Sometimes the 90 minute sessions give it a bit of trouble, so I'm not going to change anything for September.

Left arm--significant improvement this month.  I no longer see a need to monitor drawing sessions as closely as I've been with the left arm.  Therefore, for September I'm going to try not worrying about timing sessions and simply draw as long as it feels fine three days per week, plus I am going to add a short session on Wednesday.  I will still keep the right handed drawing days as a break for the left hand for now.  This actually won't be as huge of a jump as it sounds. As people have seen, the 3 1/2 hour Sunday session really drags on to 6+ hours since I stop the timer for every little break and pause, so it ends up taking a pretty decent chunk of the day.  And the 2 hour CF sessions during weekdays are pretty close to how much time I would invest on the comic normally after working for 8 hours anyway.

For the past month I've been able to complete one Crimson Flag page per week using the Monday through Saturday sessions, leaving the Sunday session for drawing other things.  At this rate if there are no further setbacks, CF is looking to get back on track mid-October once the buffer reaches 10 pages.  Starting this Saturday, CF will move up to an update every other week until this point is reached.

That would be RECOVERY MILESTONE NUMBER ONE, which I've been working towards since December.

This month with the extra left-handed drawing time I will be working towards completing CF pages Monday through Friday and opening up that Saturday session for other things.  I want to do the Halloween sketch-a-thon in October, so if I can open up some right handed drawing time for that, that would be great (although not entirely necessary).  We'll see how it goes!

Extra Complex Fun Allotment Schedule:

Sunday - L (unmonitored)
Monday - R 1h
Tuesday - L (unmonitored)
Wednesday - L 30-60 min
Thursday - R 1h
Friday - L (unmonitored)
Saturday - R 1.5h

 on: August 31, 2015, 02:19:54 PM 
Started by Radioactive_Toast - Last post by Radioactive_Toast
   There was no song anymore.  Its light chipper lyrics absented themselves from the stage, abandoning the surroundings to a display of violence and depravity that repainted the walls in brightly colored smears.  Children no longer danced, hopped, and skipped around to a lighthearted beat; no longer was there any joy to be had.

   The poor victim hadn't had a chance.  His attackers had descended upon him like wolves with nary a second thought.  It had been so sudden and so brutal that there had barely been a second of warning, just the attack that descended and laid waste to the life that had once been so cheerfully going along its way in singsong.

   Happiness had reverberated with abundance, before suffocated and squelched with hunger.  Ravenous, all consuming hunger had assaulted reason, beaten it into submission, pummeled and ground it into the ground until only the irrepressible desire to devour remained, alone and fully in charge.

   The smears on the wall brightly shone in their colors, alternating between their deep, penetrating reds and the splattered yellows.  Those had begun after the feeding had begun, sprayed about with reckless abandon upon the victim.  To “give him flavor,” they had said as they busily stuffed their faces.

   His clothing hadn't survived the changes unscathed; few garments could have withstood the changing shape that the boy had undergone, the thickening plumpness that had encapsulated him from his loins to his head, swelling it all into a single round shape.  The collar of his shirt seemed to have ripped apart first,  though on the whole that garment was merely stretched and untorn; at least until the hungering mob had descended upon him like wolves, leaving it shredded and and in split rags strewn across the floor.  The pants on the other hand, were destroyed from the word go, their bottoms torn out by the expanding fleshy form of the boy before his demise.

   The scene of the crime was littered with pieces of him, at least those that hadn't been outright devoured before police arrived on the scene.  There was barely anything left; the arms and legs that had been the only things to survive shape-wise from his original form had been utterly ravaged; not a piece remained that was bigger than an inch or two.  Not a trace remained of anything resembling a person anymore.

   And it had all started because the boy had wished.  He had wished for everyone to be in love with him.  Such a grisly demise and tragedy could have been entirely avoided.

   If only.

   If only he hadn't wished to be an Oscar Mayer Wiener.

 on: August 31, 2015, 01:59:29 AM 
Started by Caprice - Last post by Arroavantho
Thanks to these dice, I became a 15-foot tall Ghostlike Living-Liquid Anthro Luxray.  The "Giant Ghostwater Luxray", as I termed it, is basically a triple-type Pokemon.  Best. Roll. Ever.

As a side note, it wasn't that good of a die roll when I first rolled living liquid since I am severely hydrophobic, but the ghost turned the horror into quite the useful combo.

 on: August 31, 2015, 12:26:00 AM 
Started by Virmir - Last post by VirBot

The mandatory every-three-years reference!  I kind of wanted to draw this with the right hand, but ended up doing it mostly left-handed due to current drawing restrictions (and thus am not entirely satisfied with some things like the first pose face, but it gets the idea across).

Designated hair reference:

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