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46  Other Realms / Role Play Theater / Re: Transformation Theater on: August 16, 2015, 11:03:00 PM
Throwing up his claws into the air, Yilin grumblebubbles, an annoying feature of his form that only irritates him more with the passage of time.  "I don't suppose anyone in this underwater backwater could possibly understand the secrets behind shifting morphic armor..." he mutters, looking around.  He tries swimming upward to the top of the district, to get a better view of what's around.

Somehow, despite being UNDERWATER, they have some equivilent of smokestacks down here, or something anyway that sends up black waste floating up to the surface, very much obscuring Yilin's view of his surroundings!

[edit: that was an INT roll]
47  Other Realms / Role Play Theater / Re: Transformation Theater on: August 13, 2015, 09:47:41 PM
At other times Yilin might find the sea horse's demeanor so offputting that he'd just refuse to deal with him, but right now moving on so that he can get out of this *disgusting* form is the priority above all other priorities.  "Fine fine, let's just get on with it," as he swims downstairs, discomforted by just how naturally swimming in this body is starting to feel.  He certainly hopes he isn't getting used to this!

Hurrying down, barely waiting for the others to catch up, Yilin immediately begins scanning the "streets" of the city, darting his altered gaze up and down searching for shops of relevance.
48  Other Realms / Role Play Theater / Re: Transformation Theater on: August 09, 2015, 01:46:54 PM
This is an extended RP that Medik set up months ago.  Some people put their names forward on the first page, and Medik picked them, so we've been engaged in a private RP where he is a sort of GM who guides us along.
49  Other Realms / Art Gallery / Re: Sunday Stream Request Raffle - 8/9 (closed) on: August 08, 2015, 02:01:55 AM
Just when I was thinking "It's 1/31 odds, you may as well not even bother thinking something up"

Well at least what I want is fairly obvious!  I want to join the ranks of your Magical Girl team

My refs:

Description: This time though I'd like an outfit much more like your guys; heck you could make it matching!  Though I do like the pauldrons that TGW gave me, so we can keep that.  Oh and some kind of leg bracers/upper boots/whatever you can make work to throw down on the legs, again like in the refs.
As for coloration... I love red, but I'm already rather reddish, so purple if possible.  
And for the magical coloration... for that I'm debating more purple... or pink.  Could see how both look and decide.
50  Other Realms / Role Play Theater / Re: Transformation Theater on: August 08, 2015, 01:50:53 AM
Fiddling with the bracelet he had picked up (though not at all certain how he's supposed to wield the dang thing), Yilin ponders.  "Well, they said they couldn't provide us with custom armor, so likely we're going to have to find some kind of forger"
51  Other Realms / Art Gallery / Re: Sunday Stream Request Raffle - 8/9 (Open!) on: August 07, 2015, 10:03:44 PM
52  Other Realms / Role Play Theater / Re: Transformation Theater on: August 07, 2015, 05:09:51 PM
For the most part, Yilin started out rather enthusiastic about the meal.  Then came the part where they kept trying to serve him live... squirming things.  He had long ago given up the thought of hot, cooked food, ever since he left the surface, but there were standards that he had as far as his underwater food went!  That including making sure that it was *dead*.  No squirming, wiggling, and preferably not very slimy...

The worst part though was when he tried to eat more "normal" food.  Apparently it kept getting caught in his throat causing him to cough it up; having lost most of his teeth and having his digestion system rearranged made it nearly impossible to eat like he could before.  He practically couldn't eat anything unless it was fresh and slid down his throat. 

Needless to say, the man turned eel didn't actually get around to eating very much.  Mostly he just sat in the corner, folding his arms, bubblemumbling to himself.  In fact he was rather eager once the whole thing ended.  Also a plus that strange, creepy otter critter was no longer accompaniying them, so that made things a little more tolerable.  Now if only the seahorse could get eaten...

"Well, what else could we buy that we haven't already been provided with?  Unless we could maybe find some alchemical ingredients for Undying Fire..." (OOC: thing Greek Fire).
53  Other Realms / Art Gallery / Re: Sunday Stream Request Raffle - 8/2 (Open!) on: July 31, 2015, 11:07:24 PM
54  Comic Discussion / Crimson Flag Comic / Re: Comic 338 on: July 31, 2015, 09:01:41 PM
Clearly it's only a matter of time before Virmir draws himself as such a monster
55  Other Realms / Art Gallery / Re: Chase's July Pairings on: July 24, 2015, 05:46:48 PM
  • Chase and a friend take a hike in the woods. They see something off the trail and decide to go investigate. Once they step off the path, however, they start turning into woodland critters. A sign off to the side says "Nature Preserve - Please stay on the trail!" (carrying this over from last year since no one took it)
  • Chase and a friend go to try some new Dragonís Breath buffalo wings being advertised by a local restaurant. When they eat them, they literally start breathing fire while turning into dragons.
  • Someone gets sleepy and grabs a pillow and blanket to use Chaseís tail as a bed. Incidentally, his tail can be grown for this pic or he can be turned into an inflatable to make his tail an air mattress.
  • Chase and a friend get transported to a colorful new world and get to experience their own epic buddy platforming adventure. Possibility here of one or both characters being transformed, of course.
  • Ruby takes someone on an adventure with her, during which they find an ancient shrine to the goddess of beauty. Little do they know that it is cursed, however. Ruby's companion becomes TG'd (or TFTG'd) while the roo looks on at the change with an expression of confusion.

Any of those sound interesting, though I find the last one most intriguing.
56  Other Realms / Art Gallery / Re: Sunday Stream Raffle - 7/26 (Open!) on: July 24, 2015, 03:58:12 PM
57  Other Realms / Role Play Theater / Re: Transformation Theater on: July 20, 2015, 09:09:57 PM
Yilin makes a strange expression of some kind; he wanted the mind fryer!

"I suppose he'll take the bracelet," he bubblemutters, taking it slowly but firmly.  "Banquet, you say?  That's something I could sink my teeth into.  I can't actually remember the last time I ate!" he starts trying to walk off, though he just ends up swimming awkwardly about.  He refuses to indulge in swimming the proper way, that his form is meant to swim like, as that would just be giving in!  Besides, he's too busy thinking about dinner!
58  Other Realms / Role Play Theater / Re: Transformation Theater on: July 13, 2015, 11:42:35 PM
Yilin fidgits, unable to stop from poking at himself and squiirming in his disconcertingly fleshy and squishy form.  "I'm not traumatized!!" he screams almost hysterically, before huffing... or the underwater equivilent anyway.   

His mood is immediately brightened at Mike's procurement of coin.  "That.  We need more of that, right there!" He grins-or tries to, as the otter-like creature swims off.  "Armor, weapons, food... er... wait," he says, pondering the fact that his diet may have just changed now.  Come to think of it, he's been looking at the smaller fish flowing around and his stomach has been churning oddly... the changed wizard tries not to think of these things!  "I don't suppose custom armor for our different shapes would be easy to come by, would it?"
59  Other Realms / Role Play Theater / Re: Transformation Theater on: July 04, 2015, 09:21:19 PM
The explanation that they are subsequently given is almost a bit more than Yilin can process in his current state.  Almost.  He *is* a genius after all.

Any opportunity to ask any questions is cut short when the annoying former fox opens his mouth.  "Can we go back to him being a mute seahorse?  He was a lot more tolerable.  Why are we even bothering listening to him?" Spining around, Yilin faces the group.  "Alright we need cash, and we need it now.  I'm not going back in there without some form of armor against those blasted spikes and water jets.  We need to find someone willing to give it... or someone not paying attention..."
60  Other Realms / Role Play Theater / Re: Transformation Theater on: July 03, 2015, 02:01:25 AM
"You looked pretty dead to me back in that arena!" Yilin gurgles with his too-wide mouth, before shuddering at how odd his slimy body feels.  "Just... ugh!  Why do this?" he turns back to face the mer-person behind the desk.  "Do you even know who it was who did this to us?"
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