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1  Other Realms / Random Topics / Re: Arm updates on: January 29, 2015, 10:34:56 PM
Seems to mostly be info I've found already, but I'll give this a read and see if there's anything new here.  Happy Gray Fox
2  Other Realms / Art Gallery / Re: Crimson Flag Super Smash Bros. (Closed) on: January 28, 2015, 10:36:22 PM
YAAAAAAAY, late addition permission.

Virmir attacking with hammer.  Of the above selection, I'd rather hammer Featherfall the most, but I'm not terribly particular.
3  Other Realms / Art Gallery / Re: Crimson Flag Super Smash Bros. (Closed) on: January 28, 2015, 12:02:40 AM
BLAST.  This is what I get for taking a weekend off.  I'll be sure to jump into the next one. Gray Fox Wink
4  Other Realms / Art Gallery / Re: Halloween-Sketch-a-thon 5 on: January 28, 2015, 12:00:22 AM
Five?  I think you are on number one!


Virmir undergoing a transformation into a were-fox-fox under the light of the half Moon.  That is to say, half fox and half even more fox-- or buff, hunched over snarly thing with extra big claws and cape that has ripped for no reason. (I don't really like my old drawings of this and plan to revisit some time, he he he)
5  Other Realms / Random Topics / Re: Arm updates on: January 27, 2015, 11:05:19 PM
Anti-inflammatories possibly help a little.  I've been taking some prescription stuff for the past couple of months.
6  Other Realms / Random Topics / Re: Arm updates on: January 24, 2015, 11:50:03 PM
No pain in the shoulder or neck.  More of a dull pain when its in the elbow.  Can be tingly in the fingers.

Have been wearing braces on both elbows for nearly the whole time now.  They do help a little.  Unfortunately I'm now dependent on them as the pain gets much worse if I leave them off for a period of time.  Fortunately they are not a big deal to wear.

Going to get some robotic tentacles too while I'm at it.
7  Other Realms / Random Topics / Re: Arm updates on: January 23, 2015, 12:30:59 AM
I figure I should make a fact post to cover all the things I went over in chat the other day and elaborate some more.

What I definitely have

I've always had radioulnar synostosis, which means my radius and ulna are fused.  This means I can't rotate my wrists from palm down to palm up.  This has never really caused any pain or problems for me before besides it being awkward accepting change.

My current symptoms

Right arm-- This is my drawing arm and where it started.  Primarily pain in the elbow on the inside, occasionally moving up the arm to the wrist (although the wrist has not been bothering me lately) and very often the middle and ring fingers.  Doing pretty much anything at all with these fingers, sometimes also involving the pointer finger, causes pain in these fingers and/or the elbow.  Elbow and wrist movement also aggravate it.  Pain also comes and goes randomly.  I've taken to taping my pointer, middle, and ring fingers together often to avoid provoking them.  Fortunately the thumb does not seem to be affected, so I can still grasp things somewhat.

Left arm-- Not as bad as the right, but gives me trouble as well.  This one has pain randomly on both the outside and inside of the elbow.  I'm sure the pain on the outside is from straining it back in July overcompensating for the right.  Unfortunately it's pretty much impossible to completely rest this arm since I have to live somehow.  Recently it started showing symptoms similar to the right, including the finger pain, which is when I decided to put the full stop on drawing.  If you don't see me in chat on any particular day, it's because the left arm is bothering me too much despite the foot pedals and voice recognition, since I don't touch the computer with the right hand at all.

What the specialist thinks

Most doctors that I've seen admit to having no clue what is going on.  MRIs and EMG (nerve tests) have come up normal.  The specialist I most recently saw thinks that the pain is from gradual wear because of the synostosis and is something I'm going to have to live with.  I'm not terribly convinced by this because doing some research on this does not suggest pain is a common thing.  Plus he was doing things like grabbing my right arm and saying "I'll bet this has been causing you pain on the outside of your elbow" and I was like "noooooo, that one is the inside."

What I think

Except for the finger pain, the right arm displays a lot of characteristics similar to what I've read about medial epicondylitis, or "golfer's elbow".  The left arm additionally seems like both this and lateral epicondylitis, or "tennis elbow".  Reading accounts of these, it's not uncommon for these conditions to take up to 12 to 18 months to heal.  I also see some similar reports of doctors not knowing what to do when confronted by these symptoms.  There is probably something additional going on with the fingers, especially since many videos of stretching exercises I've seen involve a wrist stretch where the wrist is pulled back by grabbing the fingers with the other hand.  Trying this caused significant pain for me way back in June, so definitely won't be trying this again.  It's possible that because of the synostosis, some tendons are weaker than normal or something.  Another problem is that many of the exercises out there to help treat these elbow problems require rotating the wrist, which I can't do.

The current plan

It has been seven months since I was first afflicted with these problems.  I've taken a few several week long breaks, but have been mostly continuing to lightly draw during that time.  I've stopped drawing completely for the past month, however, and to be honest have not been pleased with the results (although to be fair, the recent bump in the road was probably caused by stepping up the drawing too quickly in December).  However, I plan on taking at least another full month off before making any decisions.  In the worst case scenario, I'm going to just grin and bear it and draw anyway, but that would be several months of no improvement first.

Really, I just need one arm to completely heal and I'll be fine!
8  Comic Discussion / Crimson Flag Comic / Re: Looking to hire some ink/colorists on: January 12, 2015, 11:59:10 PM
I'm canceling this since as mentioned in the other post, I plan on resting my arms totally for a while.  There is a chance that if several months from now I'm still not recovered, my may give this some more consideration though.
9  Comic Discussion / Crimson Flag Comic / Crimson Flag will be taking a break soon on: January 12, 2015, 11:53:01 PM

So no one is surprised, Crimson Flag will be taking a several month break starting Saturday, January 24th (after the final two buffered pages are posted) to allow me an extended opportunity to rest my injured arms.  Over the past six months, the longest continuous intervals I've gone without drawing have been three weeks at a time, and seeing how they are not healed yet, I figure I should probably try an extended period.

The tentative plan is to try to make it to at least March without drawing (I've already done three weeks-- it's very hard!) Depending on how things go, I will then start slowly working on building a 10 page buffer.  If I'm able to draw 10 pages in a row without trouble, then I will resume posting.  I am shooting for June as a return a date as a personal goal, however it may take longer.  I don't really want to commission any more pages because the stuff coming up depends on a lot of Virmirish expressions and is a lot of fun stuff I've been looking forward to drawing for a long time now.

Thanks for reading!  Can't wait to get back into action!
10  Other Realms / Writer's Guild / Re: Digimon Scanners on: January 08, 2015, 11:04:26 PM
Enjoyed this chapter.  Especially wanting to see the reason why he transformed.  Looking forward to next part!
11  Other Realms / Writer's Guild / Re: The Perfect Ending on: January 08, 2015, 10:43:13 PM
Ha ha, that was unexpected and pretty crazy!  Enjoying this so far.  Looking forward to the next part!
12  Other Realms / Art Gallery / Re: The Lieutenant's art on: December 30, 2014, 09:48:03 PM
I approve of military fennecs.
13  Other Realms / Writer's Guild / Re: Selena's Short Stories on: December 25, 2014, 11:34:22 PM
Health Check is interesting because it's one of those vignettes where you wonder what happened previously to cause this situation to arise.  Those are always fun to read.

I think I can see where you were getting at with Dracon, although it's more subtle than I expected-- essentially Rupert winning the respect of the king and the hand of the princess only because he defeated Dracon.  Although, this situation arises with a lot of villains, so really the factor here is that he's the main character.  I was a bit confused why Rupert called him a good guy at the end, since it wasn't really clear to him that he would hate that.

I think you could do a bit more showing than telling towards the beginning of this story.  Also you flop between present and past tense a few times towards the beginning.  I do like the concept you have going here, though.  Looking forward to reading more!
14  Other Realms / Writer's Guild / Re: Aurasiru: The Legend & Ancient Sune on: December 25, 2014, 10:17:59 PM
Cool stuff!  The mix of magic and mystique makes this a really compelling setting.
15  Other Realms / Game Room / Re: Free promo codes for games that look terrible on: December 25, 2014, 09:39:14 PM
Arm Cannon Girl is still available.  The others have been taken.
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