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Title: The Chat!
Post by: Virmir on September 07, 2009, 12:41:13 PM

If the forums seem a bit bare, don't fret-- 90% of our activity occurs in the chat (  Stop in and say hello!  I'm there on a nightly basis and often during the day on weekends (very often working on a comic or drawing other things).  Once you sign up for a forum account, you automatically get a chat account too.  It's easy!

Dracula and Ekwara fans feel free to stop in too.  The chat is for everyone!

Some tips:

  • Change your nickname with /nick NewName
  • Whisper a private message to someone with /msg UserName Private message text here!
  • The logs ( are visible to anyone with a forum account at any time.  Keep that in mind!
  • You can see who is in the chat at any time by looking at the bottom of the forum index.
  • No one in the chat?  Come in and hang out for a bit anyway.  Lots of times passers-by will see that someone's logged in and join. (Can NOT count the number of times I've missed someone by 30 seconds because they joined and immediately left. [;))
  • Careful when poking or throwing stuff at Virbot... he doesn't like that much. [;)
  • The green light in the upper right corner means you're connected.  If it stays orange for a period of time, you've been disconnected. Try refreshing the page.
  • We get server hiccups sometimes.  If the chat goes down, try again in 5-10 minutes.
  • No joke/multiple accounts please. [;)

Have fun!

Any chat vets care to add their own tips? [;)

Edit: Chat logs are available here!

Title: Re: The Chat!
Post by: KaiAdin on September 07, 2009, 02:39:51 PM
Oh I have one that many people tend to ask for a lot when they join:

Volume Control:

  • You can totally mute the chat sounds by going down to the bottom right hand corner and clicking on the Icon of a speaker.
  • Alternativeily if you like the beeps and chimes of Virbot, you can just reduce the volume by: Clicking on the Wrench and Screwdriver Icon (Settings) > Sound Volume where then you can choose a value from 10% too 100%. 

Other things:

  • Its really really fun to poke Virbot, I suggest you all try it at least once. Especially after a server hiccup.
  • Poking something soft and squishy (like Virmir) is also quite effective.
  • Pi! Kai Likes Pi! Show Kai how much you like pi with the /pi <integer> command!  ];)
  • I had been Bugging Virmir for a d0 for ages now (the laws of physics and bite my tail ];) )... but behold! use /roll 1d0 and see what happens!

Title: Re: The Chat!
Post by: Virmir on September 13, 2009, 05:18:44 PM
New commands!

  • Use /info <Username> to see forum profile info for anyone in the chat. (Useful for those crazies who constantly change their nickname. [;))
  • Use /describeself <description here> to add a custom description that people will see when they use /info on you.

Title: Re: The Chat!
Post by: KaiAdin on February 26, 2010, 03:26:29 PM
Hey Fuzzies! We've made few changes to the way the dice coll command on the Chat works!

The command now uses the format:
/roll XdY+Z

  • X is the number of dice you want to roll.
  • Y is the Number of sides you want the dice to have.
  • +Z or -Z is the Modifier you want to add to the final sum of the results. You can leave this part out if you wish.

The Results are given in the format now
VirBot: USERNAME rolls XdY+Z and gets A,B (A+B+Z).

The main thing to note here is that the number in the (Parenthesis) is the sum of all the random numbers generated plus or minus the Z value.

Quote from: VirBot
VirBot: Niro rolls 1d1+9000 and gets 1 (9001).
Quote from: Virbot
KaiAdin rolls 3d20-200 and gets 1,12,15 (-172).

Hehe this should be useful for all you DnD Folk! Have fun! ]:)

Title: Re: The Chat!
Post by: KaiAdin on February 26, 2010, 03:47:10 PM
Oh just a random note since people don't seem to know this:

The /me command works the same as the /action command! ]:)

Title: Re: The Chat!
Post by: KaiAdin on February 27, 2010, 01:13:50 PM
Hey again Fuzzies!

When using the /me and /info commands, you now can use the users default nickname even if they've changed it! ]:)

Just as a note: this works with any command that accepts usernames!

Title: Re: The Chat!
Post by: KaiAdin on March 03, 2010, 05:31:18 AM
Yay! More new commands:

On the side bar on the right, under your username, is new button you can use to see who is in the other channel

Users in other channel

Instead of rapidly changing between rooms! ]:)

Quote from: Virbot

    • Logout
    • List online users
    • List ignored users
    • List available channels
    • Describe action
    • Roll dice
    • Describe self
    • Change username
    • Enter private room
    • List banned users
    • Users in other channel

    Edit: Said command has now been removed! you should use the

    command in the chat! Which lists everyone whos in the chat and in which channel!